Another win for Hyde on NBX GP of Cross 2 day two

Werner takes second, White third

Stephen Hyde (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld) continued to demonstrate that his comeback from injury is nearly complete, taking back-to-back victories in the NBX GP of 'Cross in Warwick, Rhode Island. Hyde topped Kerry Werner (Kona-Maxxis-Shimano) and Curtis White (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld) in the C2 event.

While his Saturday victory was on a fast, dry course, heavy rains soaked Goddard Memorial State Park, making for a slippery, technical race. A switch in directions of the course for the second day added to the level of difficulty, Hyde said.

"Today was a much different course. I'm really proud to see New England holding it down, reversing the courses ... That's just a really big plus for us, as racers. So the course was really heavy. It was very technical, with all the roots, ups, downs. Today's course was more driving, big slow accelerations."

Hyde, the current US national champion, made the early selection after Jeremy Powers took the hole shot, with a group of four riders with Werner, White and Powers.

With Hyde trading blows with Werner, Powers - who is also recovering from an injury - lost contact, and as the pressure continued, it was then White's turn to suffer.

"It was a whittled-down group," Hyde explained. "There were gaps coming off. Kerry would leave me and Curtis. I'd say 'OK, it's cool. Just breathe.' It was one of those days, patience really paid off."

Hyde made his move after the barriers with three laps to go, opening up a gap and then keeping it to the finish.

"When we came through the up-down section after the barriers, which is difficult to ride, I came into it with a little tiny bit of a gap. I just happened to nail it on that ride. No forced acceleration or anything, I just happened to nail it. I got good speed out of it and I was able to hold that gap for, I guess, three laps."

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephen Hyde (USA)0:59:49 
2Kerry Werner (USA)0:00:28 
3Curtis White (USA)0:00:57 
4Spencer Petrov (USA)0:01:13 
5Jeremy Powers (USA)0:01:23 
6Jack Kisseberth (USA)0:02:32 
7Justin Lindine (USA)0:02:56 
8Scott Smith (USA)0:04:13 
9Samuel Kieffer (USA)0:04:15 
10Sam Noel (USA)0:04:37 
11Merwin Davis (USA)0:04:57 
12Allan Schroeder (USA)0:05:04 
13Travis Livermon (USA)0:05:34 
14Daniel Chabanov (USA)0:05:48 
15Nicholas Lando (USA)0:06:05 
16Ben Frederick (USA)0:06:21 
17Kevin Bouchard-Hall (USA)0:06:23 
18Patrick Collins (USA)0:06:28 
19Andrew Borden (USA)0:07:05 
20Adam Myerson (USA)0:07:26 
21Derrick St John (Can)0:07:31 
22Breeze Keller (USA)0:08:05 
23Ian Gielar (USA)0:08:21 
24Jacob Leblanc (USA)0:08:39 
25Kale Wenczel (USA)0:08:59 
26Josh Bauer (USA)0:09:10 
27Matthew Owens (USA)-2 laps 
28Geno Villafano (USA)-2 laps 
29Andrew Nicholas (USA)-2 laps 
30Niles Gagnon (USA)-2 laps 
31Peter Bradshaw (USA)-2 laps 
32Clyde Logue (USA)-2 laps 
33Daniel Vaughn (USA)-2 laps 
34Daniel Fitzgibbons (USA)-2 laps 
35Sean Curran (USA)-2 laps 
36Erik Carlson (USA)-3 laps 
37Trent Blackburn (USA)-3 laps 
38James Norris (USA)-3 laps 
39Addison Minott (USA)-3 laps 
40Daniel McCabe (USA)-3 laps 
41Christian Norvold (USA)-3 laps 
42Michael Owens (USA)-3 laps 
DNFEthan Call (USA)  
DNFMark Hewitt (USA)  
DNSDylan McNicholas (USA)  
DNSAlec Donahue (USA)  
DNSFinnegan O'Connor (USA)  
DNSZachary Curtis (USA)  
DNSRobert Nash (USA)  
DNSChristopher Niesen (USA)  
DNSDoug Thorp (USA)  
DNSNick Weigel (USA)  


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