Lampater claims first track-format Skyscraper Classic

German tops Lea in overall

European track specialist Leif Lampater earned the Omnium victory in the Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic presented by Rockstar Games at Marcus Garvey Park in New York City. The race was a track format for the first time in its 38-year history.

Lampater (Transportation Advocacy/Rockstar), a two-time national champion German racer who owns half a dozen six-day race wins and three World Cup victories, won the first round points race and placed seventh in the second round elimination race. He bested Bobby Lea (Pure Energy Cycling) and Anibal Borrajo (Jamis-Sutter Home) in the Omnium. Lampater earned 44 points on the day.

"I really liked the course," said Lampater, who took second in last year's edition. "The audience was great this year, the weather was very good. I had enough motivation to make it a German race again."

Lampater and German teammate Benjamin Edmüller battled with Argentenian riders Borrajo and Demis Aleman (Jamis-Sutter Home) at the front of the peloton throughout the 30 lap points race.

Lampater and Edmüller finished first and third in the points race, with 30 and 20 points, respectively. Borrajo earned the maximum points by winning the final sprint, which was hotly contested with riders across the road. He took second in the points race, earning 25.

"Argentina versus Germany is a dream scenario for any promoter of any sport," said promoter John Eustice. "The match lived up to expectations with a heated duel that pushed the limits."

American track racing star and 2008 Olympian Bobby Lea beat Gabriel Acaba (CRCA/ in the elimination race — but for second. Australian rider Doug Repacholi attacked 25:30 into the race, and the field never responded. The track rider's aggressive tactic gave him enough of a gap on the battling peloton where he interacted with the crowd by waving his hands, encouraging cheering as he passed by during laps. Repacholi totaled 35 points in the Omnium, finishing fourth.

Following the elimination of Guillaume Nelessen (Van Dessel Factory Team), Acaba and Lea played cat and mouse, chasing each other across the road leading up to the final 300 meters. The riders then waited for the other to jump, and Lea, who placed sixth in the points race with a total of seven points, earned 40 points for the Omnium with his second place elimination race finish on the final sprint.

"The racing fascinated the crowd," Eustice said. "It was fast, dynamic and thrilling. A success."

Franco Marvulli (I Challenge Myself Team/Rockstar) was the pace setter for much of the points race. Marvulli led out his European teammates on every sprint lap until he flicked his elbow to signal exhaustion.

Gavriel Epstein (Garmin-Transitions) attempted to escape several times to earn sprint points against a peloton filled with seasoned track riders. However, the gap never grew to more than a few seconds.

Full Results

Keirin Exhibition
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Godfrey Pollydore (USA)  
2Jackie Simes (USA)  
3Anthony Lowe (USA)  
4Hugo Barrette (Can)  
5Augusto Sanchez (USA)  
6Bobby Lea (USA)  
7Daniel Sullivan  
8Iggy Silva (USA)  
9Colin Prensky (USA)  
10Matt Diefenbach (USA)  
11Barry Miller (USA)  
12Andy Lakatosh  
13Guido Palma (Arg)  
14Guillaume Nelessen (USA)  
15Stalin Quiterio (USA)  
16Leif Lampater (Ger)  
17Benjamin Edmuller (Ger)  
Pro Men's Omnium (Overall) Results
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Leif Lampater (Ger)40 pts
2Bobby Lea (USA)40 
3Anibal Borrajo (Arg)36 
4Douglas Repacholi (Aus)35 
5Stalin Quiterio (USA)32 
6Benjamin Edmuller (Ger)30 
7Gabriel Acaba (PuR)28 
8Iggy Silva (USA)23 
9Demis Aleman (Arg)18 
10Guillaume Nelessen (USA)17 
11Roberto Torres-Aguiar (PuR)17 
12Augusto Sanchez (USA)16 
13Franco Marvulli (Swi)15 
14Edwin Bull (USA)14 
15Maurice Gamanho (USA)14 
16Jackie Simes (USA)14 
17Jermaine Burrowes (USA)13 
18Rodney Santiago (PuR)12 
19Andreas Muller (Aut)12 
20Anthony Taylor (USA)9 
21Lynn Murray (Ant)6 
22Adam Alexander (Tri)5 
23Barry Miller (USA)4 
24John Durso (USA)2 
25Zoltan Tisza (Hun)1 
Pro Men's Elimination Results
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Douglas Repacholi (Aus)  
2Bobby Lea (USA) Pure Energy Cycling-  
3Gabriel Acaba (PuR) CRCA /  
4Guillaume Nelessen (USA) Van Dessel Factory T  
5Stalin Quiterio (USA) James Vincent Racing  
6Franco Marvulli (Swi) I Challenge Myself/R  
7Leif Lampater (Ger) TA/R*  
8Maurice Gamanho (USA) Van Dessel Factory T  
9Iggy Silva (USA) Wonderful Pistachios  
10Anibal Borrajo (Arg) Jamis – Sutter Home  
11Benjamin Edmuller (Ger) TA/R*  
12Andreas Muller (Aut) I Challenge Myself/R  
13Roberto Torres-Aguiar (PuR) Champion System Raci  
14Edwin Bull (USA) Van Dessel Factory T  
15Augusto Sanchez (USA) GS Mengoni  
16Anthony Taylor (USA) CRCA /  
17Barry Miller (USA) Glacial Energy / Pis  
18Adam Alexander (Tri) CRCA/Foundation  
19John Durso (USA) Colavita Racing  
20Zoltan Tisza (Hun) Champion System Raci  
21Paul Burrowes (USA) WS UNITED/MANGO SEED  
22Anthony Lowe (USA) Die Hard – Think Rac  
23Demis Aleman (Arg) Jamis – Sutter Home  
24Jackie Simes (USA) Jamis – Sutter Home  
25Jermaine Burrowes (USA) WS UNITED/MANGO SEED  
26Greg Olsen (USA) CRCA/Jonathan Adler  
28Gavriel Epstein (USA)  
29Nik Reinert (USA) Van Dessel Factory T  
30Guido Palma (Arg) Jamis – Sutter Home  
31Evan Carstens (RSA)  
32Giuseppe Atzeni (Swi) I Challenge Myself/R  
33Zack Noonan (USA) FCS Cycling Team  
34Roosevelt Marte (USA) GS Mengoni  
35Anthony Hall (USA) CRCA/Jonathan Adler  
36Rodney Santiago (PuR) Champion System Raci  
37Wilson Vasquez (USA) GS Mengoni  
38Thomas Ashley (NZl) Team NZ Pro Cycling  
39David Sommerville (USA) WS UNITED/MANGO SEED  
40Jarod Bunde (USA) GS Mengoni  
DNSLynn Murray (Ant) CRCA /  
DNSChad Butts (USA) CRCA-enduranceWERX  
DNSSergio Atocha (USA) Champion System Raci  
DNSRyan Sabga (Tri) Black Dog Profession  
DNSHugo Barrette (Can) Unattached  
DNSKit Karzen (USA) NOW-MS Society  
Pro Men's Points Race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Leif Lampater (Ger)28 pts
2Anibal Borrajo (Arg)20 
3Benjamin Edmuller (Ger)18 
4Demis Aleman (Arg)13 
5Stalin Quiterio (USA)10 
6Bobby Lea (USA)7 
7Jackie Simes (USA)6 
8Jermaine Burrowes (USA)5 
9Rodney Santiago (PuR)2 
10Iggy Silva (USA)1 
11Augusto Sanchez (USA)1 
12Roberto Torres-Aguiar (PuR)1 
13Gabriel Acaba (PuR)  
14Edwin Bull (USA)  
15Lynn Murray (Ant)  
16Douglas Repacholi (Aus)  
17Anthony Taylor (USA)  
18Andreas Muller (Aut)  
19Adam Alexander (Tri)  
20Maurice Gamanho (USA)  
21Guillaume Nelessen (USA)  
22John Durso (USA)  
23Jarod Bunde (USA)  
24Anthony Lowe (USA)  
25Evan Carstens (RSA)  
26Horace Burrowes (USA)  
27Anthony Hall (USA)  
28Sergio Atocha (USA)  
29Ryan Sabga (Tri)  
30Gavriel Epstein (USA)  
31Barry Miller (USA)  
32Giuseppe Atzeni (Swi)  
33Greg Olsen (USA)  
34Paul Burrowes (USA)  
35Nik Reinert (USA)  
36Guido Palma (Arg)  
37Franco Marvulli (Swi)  
38Wilson Vasquez (USA)  
39Roosevelt Marte (USA)  
40Thomas Ashley (NZl)  
41Zack Noonan (USA)  
42Chad Butts (USA)  
43Zoltan Tisza (Hun)  
44David Sommerville (USA)  
45Hugo Barrette (Can)  
46Kit Karzen (USA)  
Women's P/1/2/3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kristin Lotito (USA)17 pts
2Kimberly Edwards (USA)12 
3Caryl Gale (USA)10 
4Emily Underwood (USA)9 
5Laura Summers (USA)6 
6Siri Hildonen (USA)1 
7Tracy Wargo (USA)  
8Cheryl Wolf (USA)  
9Amy Cutler (USA)  
10Virginia Solomon (USA)  
11Raquel Miller (USA)  
12Nanci Modica (USA)  
13Frances Morrison (USA)  
14Leah Oppenheimer (USA)  
15Lenore Imhof (USA)  
16Sarah Chubb Sauvayre (USA)  
17Molly Hurford (USA)  
18Peta Takai (USA)  
19Martha Bush (USA)  
20Ellen Moses (USA)  
21Stephanie Busloff (USA)  
22Cindy Ma (USA)  
T23.Anneliese Haines (USA)  
T23.Beth Renner (USA)  
Cat 2/3 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Godfrey Pollydore (USA)15 pts
2Zach Koop (USA)13 
3Scott Savory (USA)8 
4Colin Prensky (USA)7 
5Samuel Frias (USA)4 
6Thomas Hendry (USA)3 
7Mitchell Jacaruso (USA)2 
8Evan Murphy (USA)2 
9Daniel Schmalz (USA)1 
10Daniel Lim (USA)  
11Chris Worden (USA)  
12Jeremy Shirock (USA)  
13Abraham Soler (USA)  
14Michael Prokopec (USA)  
15Glenroy Griffith (USA)  
16Raj Seepersaud (Guy)  
17Steve Hylton (USA)  
18Willie Payton (USA)  
19Chris Samuels (USA)  
20JP Partland (USA)  
21Frank Arroyo (USA)  
22Giancarlo Bianchi (USA)  
23Vinicius Tavares (USA)  
24Brian Wolf (USA)  
25Tom Guimond (USA)  
26Conrad Gomez (USA)  
27Marco Bonelli (USA)  
28Kevin Yarde (USA)  
29Juan Castro (USA)  
30January Micko (USA)  
31Scott Hodder (USA)  
32Matt Sack (USA)  
33Jose Del Rosario (Dom)  
34Rick Prince (USA)  
35Jamual Nichols (USA)  
36Ramphy Colome (USA)  
37Andrew Walsh (USA)  
38Eric Merrill (USA)  
39Vladimir Borovkov (USA)  
40Conrad Gomez (USA)  
41Pascal Sauvayre (USA)  
42Eli Mernit (USA)  
43Alan Buday (USA)  
44Shawn Lightburn (USA)  
45Oso Collado (USA)  
46Jesus Perera (USA)  
47Gregory Lafiura (USA)  
48Scott Glenney (USA)  
49Junior Proverbs (USA)  
50Kyle Smith (USA)  
51Robert Brown (USA)  
52Tadeusz Marszalek (USA)  
53Phil Penman (USA)  
54March Bertucco (USA)  
55Zebulon Nelessen (USA)  
56Christian Venegas (USA)  


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