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European Cross Country Championships 2012

Date range:
June 7-10, 2012

June 07, Team relay:

Italy wins gold at European team relay championship

Cycling News
June 11, 2012, 14:29 BST,
June 11, 2012, 18:21 BST

Switzerland earns silver ahead of the Netherlands

Italy won gold in the European championship team relay in Moscow

Italy won gold in the European championship team relay in Moscow

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The team relay was on the schedule for the first day of competition. Teams were composed of one elite man, one junior, one U23 rider and one elite woman. The Italian "Azzurri" won by four seconds ahead of Switzerland and 12 seconds ahead of the Dutch team.

With two strong riders missing from Italy's team, this win came a bit of a surprise. Eva Lechner, who had started as third rider after Michele Casagrande and Gioele Bertolini was seventh fastest in her category and passed on to the last rider Luca Braidot as third. Braidot, the U23 rider, was able to pass Switzerland's Kathrin Stirnemann on the penultimate hill and took the win home for Italy.

Full Results

Team relay
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Italy 1:01:14  
  Michele Casagrande    
  Gioele Bertolini    
  Eva Lechner    
  Luca Braidot    
2 Switzerland 1:01:18  
  Martin Gujan    
  Dominic Zumstein    
  Katrin Leumann    
  Matthias Stirnemann    
3 Netherlands 1:01:26  
  Michiel Van Der Heijden    
  Jesper Slik    
  Anne Terpstra    
  Henk Jaap Moorlag    
4 Poland 1:01:31  
  Marek Konwa    
  Piotr Brzozka    
  Piotr Konwa    
  Maja Wloszczowska    
5 Czech Republic 1:01:55  
  Jan Škarnitzl    
  Tereza Huriková    
  Martin Fusek    
  Ondrej Cink    
6 Germany 1:02:11  
  Julian Schelb    
  Ben Zwiehoff    
  Sabine Spitz    
  Moritz Milatz    
7 Sweden 1:02:16  
  Olof Jonsson    
  Emil Linde    
  Alexandra Engen    
  Emil Lindgren    
8 Russian Federation 1:03:08  
  Vera Andreeva    
  Alexey Lomilov    
  Timofey Ivanov    
  Evgeny Pechenin    
9 France 1:03:17  
  Victor Koretzky    
  Romain Seigle    
  Pauline Ferrand Prevot    
  Stephane Tempier    
10 Spain 1:05:00  
  Pablo Rodriguez Guede    
  Javier Cerdeño Rodrigu    
  Anna Villar Argente    
  Carlos Coloma Nicolas    
11 Ukraine 1:06:02  
  Sergii Rysenko    
  Denys Gromko    
  Iana Belomoina    
  Dmytro Titarenko