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Hosking sprints to victory in Drentse 8

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Australian out-paces world champion Bronzini, Vos

An overjoyed Chloe Hosking (Specialized - lululemon) celebrates beating Giorgia Bronzini (Diadora-Pasta Zara) and Marianne Vos (Rabo Women)

An overjoyed Chloe Hosking (Specialized - lululemon) celebrates beating Giorgia Bronzini (Diadora-Pasta Zara) and Marianne Vos (Rabo Women)

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Chloe Hosking (Specialized-lululemon) won Drentse 8 today in a field sprint victory ahead of reigning world champion Giorgia Bronzini (Diadora - Pasta Zara) and 2011 world championship silver medalist Marianne Vos (Stichting Rabo Women Cycling Team).

Hosking's win in the 141.2km Dutch race was the first on European soil for the Specialized-lululemon squad and the 21-year-old Australian was ecstatic with the result.

"The girls were really fantastic today," said Hosking. "I couldn't have asked for more. They were always at the front of the race and covering moves that were going.

"Emilia [Fahlin] and Trixi [Worrack] did such a fantastic job setting me up in the last two kilometres and I'm absolutely stoked to have pulled off the win and delivered after all their hard work."

The world champion and runner-up Giorgia Bronzini's sprint didn't go quite according to plan, but she nonetheless managed to secure a podium finish.

"It was a hectic sprint," said Bronzini. "I was blocked in the crucial moment and then I had to re-start [my sprint]. The team was fantastic, they worked so hard. This is demonstrated by the fact that almost all of us we were in the group that raced to win. It remains a bit of a regret that I could not win, however it was important to demonstrate that the team is highly competitive internationally."

On Saturday, much of the women's peloton that competed in the Drentse 8 will line up for the Ronde van Drenthe, the opening round of the women's World Cup with Marianne Vos returning as the defending champion.

Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Chloe Hosking (Aus) Team Specialized - Lululemon 3:41:15  
2 Giorgia Bronzini (Ita) Diadora - Pasta Zara    
3 Marianne Vos (Ned) Stichting Rabo Women Cycling Team    
4 Monia Baccaille (Ita) MCipollini Giambenini    
5 Emma Johansson (Swe) Hitec Products - Mistral Home Cycling Team    
6 Pascale Jeuland (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope    
7 Belinda Goss (Aus) Abus Nutrixxion    
8 Giada Borgato (Ita) Diadora - Pasta Zara    
9 Sarah Düster (Ger) Stichting Rabo Women Cycling Team    
10 Megan Guarnier (USA) Tibco - To The Top    
11 Trixi Worrack (Ger) Team Specialized - Lululemon    
12 Loes Gunnewijk (Ned) Greenedge - Ais    
13 Audrey Cordon (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope 0:00:10  
14 Romy Kasper (Ger) RusVelo 0:00:11  
15 Daniela Gass (Ger) Abus Nutrixxion    
16 Roxane Knetemann (Ned) Stichting Rabo Women Cycling Team    
17 Julia Martisova (Rus) Be Pink    
18 Sharon Laws (GBr) AA Drink - Cycling Team    
19 Barbara Guarischi (Ita) Fassa Bortolo - Servetto    
20 Inga Cilvinaite (Ltu) Diadora - Pasta Zara    
21 Emilie Moberg (Nor) Hitec Products - Mistral Home Cycling Team    
22 Monique Van De Ree (Ned) Skil 1t4i    
23 Alessandra D'ettorre (Ita) Diadora - Pasta Zara    
24 Alexandra Burchenkova (Rus) S.C. Michela Fanini Rox    
25 Marlen Jöhrend (Ger) Abus Nutrixxion    
26 Jennifer Purcell (USA) Tibco - To The Top    
27 Marta Tagliaferro (Ita) MCipollini Giambenini    
28 Josien Van Wingerden (Ned) SRAM    
29 Tiffany Cromwell (Aus) Greenedge - Ais    
30 Lisa Brennauer (Ger) Team Specialized - Lululemon    
31 Martina Corazza (Ita) Kleo Ladies Team    
32 Judith Arndt (Ger) Greenedge - Ais    
33 Bianca Van Den Hoek (Ned) SRAM 0:00:16  
34 Anna Sanchis Chafer (Spa) Bizkaia - Durango    
35 Mascha Pijnenborg (Ned) Dolmans - Boels Cyclingteam    
36 Willeke Knol (Ned)    
37 Madeleine Sandig (Ger)    
38 Edita Janeliunaite (Ltu) Diadora - Pasta Zara    
39 Jennifer Hohl (Swi) Faren Honda Team    
40 Christel Ferrier-Bruneau (Fra) Hitec Products - Mistral Home Cycling Team    
41 Julia Soek (Ned)    
42 Gloria Presti (Ita) Be Pink    
43 Lise Nöstvold (Nor) Hitec Products - Mistral Home Cycling Team    
44 Charlotte Becker (Ger) Team Specialized - Lululemon    
45 Carmen Mcnellis Small (USA) USA National Team    
46 Madeleine Olsson (Swe) AA Drink - Cycling Team    
47 Marta Bastianelli (Ita) MCipollini Giambenini    
48 Marijn De Vries (Ned) AA Drink - Cycling Team    
49 Kelly Markus (Ned) Skil 1t4i    
50 Julie Beveridge (Can) Vienne Futuroscope    
51 Emilia Fahlin (Swe) Team Specialized - Lululemon    
52 Janneke Kanis (Ned) Skil 1t4i    
53 Iris Slappendel (Ned) Stichting Rabo Women Cycling Team    
54 Sandra Van Veghel (Ned) SRAM    
55 Elisa Longo Borghini (Ita) Hitec Products - Mistral Home Cycling Team    
56 Fröydis Waerstad (Nor) Hitec Products - Mistral Home Cycling Team    
57 Andrea Dvorak (USA) USA National Team    
58 Irina Molicheva (Rus) RusVelo    
59 Tatiana Guderzo (Ita) MCipollini Giambenini    
60 Alessandra Borchi (Ita) MCipollini Giambenini    
61 Valentina Carretta (Ita) MCipollini Giambenini 0:00:36  
62 Theresa Cliff-Ryan (USA) USA National Team 0:01:03  
63 Samantha Schneider (USA) Tibco - To The Top 0:04:42  
64 Agne Silinyte (Ltu) Diadora - Pasta Zara    
65 Ashlynn Van Baarle (Ned)    
66 Anouska Koster (Ned) Dolmans - Boels Cyclingteam    
67 Jessie Daams (Bel) AA Drink - Cycling Team    
68 Ymke Stegink (Ned)    
69 Ilona Hoeksma (Ned)    
70 Sione Jongstra (Ned)    
71 Natalie Van Gogh (Ned) DPD - Pakketservice    
72 Manon Klomp (Ned)    
73 Martina Ruzickova (Cze) S.C. Michela Fanini Rox    
74 Judith Bloem (Ned)    
75 Alina Bondarenko (Rus) RusVelo    
76 Oxana Kozonchuk (Rus) Be Pink    
77 Henriette Woering (Ned)    
78 Silke Kogelman (Ned)    
79 Anne De Wildt (Ned) Skil 1t4i    
80 Elena Utrobina (Rus) Faren Honda Team    
81 Robin Farina (USA) USA National Team    
82 Petra Dijkman (Ned) Kleo Ladies Team    
83 Elena Berlato (Ita) Fassa Bortolo - Servetto    
84 Francesca Cauz (Ita) Fassa Bortolo - Servetto    
85 Jacquelyn Crowell (USA) USA National Team    
86 Mélanie Bravard (Fra) Team GSD Gestion    
87 Jessie Maclean (Aus) Greenedge - Ais    
88 Nathalie Lamborelle (Lux) Kleo Ladies Team    
89 Winanda Spoor (Ned) Dolmans - Boels Cyclingteam    
90 Marissa Otten (Ned) Dolmans - Boels Cyclingteam    
91 Rochelle Gilmore (Aus) Faren Honda Team    
92 Jennifer Wheeler (USA) Tibco - To The Top    
93 Giuseppina Grassi Herrera (Mex) Faren Honda Team    
94 Simona Frapporti (Ita) Be Pink    
95 Giulia Ronchi (Ita) Fassa Bortolo - Servetto    
96 Amélie Rivat (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope    
97 Rowena Fry (Aus) Greenedge - Ais    
98 Lina-Kristin Schink (Ger) Team GSD Gestion    
99 Carlee Taylor (Aus) Vienne Futuroscope    
100 Lauren Hall (USA) Tibco - To The Top    
101 Nathaly Van Wesdonk (Ned)    
102 Amanda Miller (USA) Tibco - To The Top    
103 Annalisa Cucinotta (Ita) Kleo Ladies Team    
104 Valentina Scandolara (Ita) S.C. Michela Fanini Rox    
105 Anne Heijkoop (Ned)    
106 Martina Thomasson (Swe) DPD - Pakketservice    
107 Stephanie Pohl (Ger)    
108 Joanne Hogan (Aus) Bizkaia - Durango    
109 Pauliena Rooijakkers (Ned) Dolmans - Boels Cyclingteam    
110 Marielle Kerste (Ned)    
111 Marie Lindberg (Swe) Kleo Ladies Team    
112 Evgeniya Romanyuta (Rus) RusVelo    
113 Evelyn Arys (Bel) Kleo Ladies Team 0:05:19  
114 Juliette Wigbold (Ned) SRAM    
115 Pauline Ferrand Prevot (Fra) Stichting Rabo Women Cycling Team