Skarnitzl and Morath win in Amathous

Sunshine Cup wraps up with overall victories for Skarnitzl, Leumann

Jan Skarnitzl (Sram Rubena Specialized) and Adelheid Morath (Sabine Spitz-Haibike) grabbed the victories at final round of the Cyprus Sunshine Cup in Amathous. Czech rider Skarnitzl won in front of two Swedes: Emil Lindgren (Giant Pro XC) and Matthias Wengelin (Specialized), while Morath beat fellow German and Olympic champion Sabine Spitz (Sabine Spitz-Haibike) and Swede Alexandra Engen (Ghost).

Skarnitzl and Katrin Leumann won the Cyprus Sunshine Cup overall.


Pre-race favorite Emil Lindgren started fast, taking the lead and obviously chasing a victory amongst the ruins of Amathous. He gained some seconds, but after the 2.9-kilometer start loop and most of the first lap completed, the Scandinavian pro suffered a flat tire.

The flat cost Lindgren about a minute as he dropped back to seventh position. Meanwhile Jan Skarnitzl and Nicola Rohrbach (Goldwurst Power/Stöckli) escaped off the front. The duo extended their lead over Henk-Jaap Moorlag (Giant Pro XC) and Matthias Wengelin, while Lindgren chased together with Anton Sintsov.

In the penultimate lap, Skarnitzl attacked Rohrbach and left him behind, quickly getting 15 seconds. But the Swiss rider lost much more, because he had to stop and refill a flat front front tire with air. The tire held and he was able to keep 40 seconds on Lindgren, who seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. Moorlag had fallen back.

On the last lap, Rohrbach had another flat tire, this time in the rear. There was nothing he could do upon being caught by Lindgren and Wengelin.

The two Swedes had grown up on the same street and it came down to a sprint between the long-time friends. Wengelin thought he could come around, but the finish straight was too short for his attack, and Lindgren took the second spot on the podium instead, 43 seconds behind winner Skarnitzl.

"The first two laps were too fast for me. After I was in the lead I could ride the singletrack safely," said Skarnitzl. "I am really happy with this three weeks of training and racing. I think I never was so strong at this time of the year, my shape is good."

Lindgren's finish earned him second in the overall Sunshine Cup classification, in front of Wengelin. The orange overall winner's jersey went to Jan Skarnitzl.

"In two years, I had one flat tire and now two in two weeks," said Lindgren. "That's not cool. We were riding for one tire brand for five years, and now we made a change. Probably I am not used to it. But it's not only about the material, it's also about me. I was riding too hard. But second place is still good."

Wengelin said, "It was a good day for me. When I realized that Emil was getting closer, I saved my energy and slowed down. I thought I could beat him at the finish straight, but it was too short to take over. This is the best start I ever had to the season. I am happy about my performance."

Rohrbach said, "It was a pity with the flat tires, because I didn't lose a lot after Jan's attack. I still am missing a bit of the high intensity, but at least I am satisfied with all. Would have been good to be on the podium, but that's how it goes."


In women's race, Adelheid Morath (Sabine Spitz-Haibike) celebrated a solid win. She took the lead on the start loop and was able to leave the rest of the bunch behind for a long, solo day. She finished with a gap of 1:58 over her teammate Sabine Spitz.

At the beginning, Alexandra Engen tried to play team tactics for Katrin Leumann (both Ghost Factory Racing), but Morath was too strong for both.

"I am super happy. Today my goal was the victory and finally I made it," said Morath. "Finally it worked out much easier than last week, because now I am here for more than one week. It was a perfect race for me. After the start, I could control the race. Only when Alex and Katrin used team tactics at the beginning was it difficult for a short moment. I am happy to have the first season win for the team."

The most interesting battle of the race was for the runner-up's spot. The lead among the chasers changed four times. When Engen felt back, it was Leumann in the lead. Then Spitz and young teammate Kathrin Stirnemann closed the gap together with Engen, and the game started again.

Leumann deployed further  team tactics, blocking a bit in a singletrack, so that Engen could escape in the penultimate of the four total laps.

Spitz tried to pass Leumann, but the Swiss rider fought back and prevented the German from overtaking her at first. However, Spitz used her next chance and could pass, closing the gap to Engen and giving her team a one-two finish.

"Unlike the cross country race at Macheras, I found a good rhythm and the intense efforts went better," said Spitz. "When we were four in the chase, Katrin and Alex worked together. But at the second tech zone, I could pass Katrin."

Engen had decided on Friday evening to race at Amathous, since her knee was free of pain in training. She finished 18 seconds after Spitz and took third spot on the podium in front of Leumann, who kept  the Cyprus Sunshine Cup overall winner's jersey on her shoulders.

"It was fun and it hurt," said Engen of her effort. "I wanted to help Katrin as much as possible for the overall. But I am happy, because after two weeks without racing, it was a confirmation for my shape. I like this course at Amathous, because you have to suffer a lot, and I am able to do that."

Leumann said, "I felt very tired today. The race last weekend took a lot of energy and in the rhythm of a training camp, I was not able to recover. I did my best today. Alex was riding a wonderful, tactical race. She was helping me, wherever she could. Now I am happy to secure my first Cyprus Sunshine Cup overall."

Stirnemann had bad luck with chain suck which cost her a possible top three finish.

Corina Gantenbein (Fischer-BMC) was not able to stay with the top women. "After three weeks of training, I felt tired. But all in all I am very satisfied about my racing," she said after finishing eighth.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jan Skarnitzl (Cze) Sram Rubena Trek1:28:21 
2Emil Lindgren (Swe) Giant Pro XC Team0:00:43 
3Matthias Wengelin (Swe) CK Naten Sater/Specialized Conceptstore0:00:43 
4Nicola Rohrbach (Swi) Goldwurst-Power/Stockli0:01:39 
5Anton Sintsov (Rus) Titici LGL Pro Team0:02:02 
6Sergeii Rysenko (Ukr) Ukraine National Team0:02:27 
7Henk Jaap Moorlag (Ned) Giant Pro XC Team0:03:43 
8David Fletcher (GBr) Orange Monkey Pro Team0:04:38 
9Christian Pfaffle (Ger) German National Team0:05:51 
10Christopher Maletz (Ger) Team Fujibikes Rockets0:06:25 
11Marios Athanasiadis (Cyp) Omonoia0:07:44 
12Christopher Platt (Ger) German National Team0:09:15 
13Ken Onodera (Jpn) Team Specialized0:10:08 
14Mykhaylo Batsutsa (Ukr) Ukraine National Team0:11:23 
15Mark Kuyan (Rus) Team Primorsky District (Saint Petersburg)0:12:15 
16Louis Wolf (Ger) German National Team0:13:05 
17Giorgos Fattas (Cyp) Char. Pettemerides0:15:30 
18Boredskii Ruslan (Rus) Team Primorsky District (Saint Petersburg)0:16:02 
-2 LapsPascal Schmutz (Swi) Goldwurst-Power/Stockli  
-2 LapsKyogo Imoto (Jpn) Miyata-Merida Bikin Team  
-2 LapsAndrey Myshakov (Rus) Team Primorsky District (Saint Petersburg)  
-2 LapsAlexander Polyakov (Rus) Sdyusshor Korenkova  
-2 LapsRyo Saito (Jpn) Miyata-Merida Biking Team  
-3 LapsAndrey Fedotov (Rus) Gau To 'Tssp'  
-3 LapsChristos Loizou (Cyp) Char. Pettemerides  
-3 LapsAxel Lindh (Swe) Harnosands CK  
-3 LapsLoucas Theodorou (Cyp) Irakleitos  
-3 LapsGeorgy Elgin (Rus) Omsky Velotsentr  
-4 LapsEirinaios Koutsiou (Cyp) Irakleitos  
-4 LapsGeorge Ladakis (Gre) Irakleitos  
-4 LapsChristos Koutsiou (Cyp) Irakleitos  
DNFVladislav Bondaruk (Rus) Sdyusshor Korenkova  
DNFMartin Frey (Ger) German National Team  
DNFJesper Andersson (Swe) Sigtuna Mastra Arlanda CK  
DNSMarco Schatzing (Ger) Team Fujibikes Rockets  
DNSPantelis Christoforou (Cyp) Ayios Mnason  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Adelheid Morath (Ger) Sabine Spitz - Haibike Pro Team1:23:05 
2Sabine Spitz (Ger) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team0:01:59 
3Alexandra Engen (Swe) Ghost Factory Racing0:02:17 
4Katrin Leumann (Swi) Ghost Factory Racing0:02:22 
5Kathrin Stirnemann (Swi) Sabine Spitz - Haibike Pro Team0:02:49 
6Elizabeth Osl (Aut) Ghost Factory Racing0:03:19 
7Yana Belomoina (Ukr) Superior-Brentjens MTB Racing Team0:03:24 
8Corina Gantenbein (Swi) Fischer BMC0:04:50 
9Lena Putz (Ger) German National Team0:05:13 
10Hanna Klein (Ger) German National Team0:06:08 
11Michelle Hediger (Swi) Fischer BMC0:10:56 
12Antri Christoforou (Cyp) Omonoia0:12:01 
13Iryna Popova (Ukr) Ukraine National Team0:15:24 
14Marta Tereshchuk (Ukr) Ukraine National Team0:17:36 
15Majlen Muller (Ger) German National Team0:20:56 
-2 LapsAsuman Burcu Balci (Tur) Riva Macera A.D.S.K.  
-2 LapsJelena Petrova (Lat) Omonoia  
DNFEkaterina Anoshina (Rus) Team Protek  
DNFVendula Kuntova (Cze) Remerx- Merida Team Kolin  
DNSLinda Indergand (Swi) Struby MTB Kader  
Elite men Sunshine Cup final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jan Skarnitzl (Cze) Sram Rubena Trek265 pts
2Emil Lindgren (Swe) Giant Pro XC Team230 
3Matthias Wengelin (Swe) CK Naten Sater/Specialized Conceptstore227 
4Rohrbach Nicola (Swi) Goldwurst-Power/Stockli220 
5Jaroslav Kulhavy (Cze) Specialized Factory Team190 
6Henk Jaap Moorlag (Ned) Giant Pro XC Team186 
7Fabian Giger (Swi) Giant Pro XC Team185 
8Sergeii Rysenko (Ukr) Ukraine National Team182 
9Anton Sintsov (Rus) Titici LGL Pro Team180 
10David Fletcher (GBr) Orange Monkey Pro Team163 
11Sebastien Carabin (Bel) Merida Wallonie MTB Team138 
12Axel Lindh (Swe) Harnosands CK131 
13Marios Athanasiades (Cyp) Omonoia130 
14Christopher Maletz (Ger) Team Fujibikes Rockets128 
15Mark Kuyan (Rus) Team Primorskiy District (Saint Petersburg)126 
16Ryo Saito (Jpn) Miyata-Merida Bikin Team126 
17Ken Onodera (Jpn) Team Specialized123 
18Giorgos Fattas (Cyp) Char. Pettemerides115 
19Andrey Myshakov (Rus) Team Primorskiy District (Saint Petersburg)110 
20Gregor Raggl (Aut) Otztal Scott Racing Team100 
21Christopher Platt (Ger) German National Team95 
22Daniel Federspiel (Aut) Otztal Scott Racing Team95 
23Gogolev Maxim (Rus) Cc Roma Team / Samara-Shvsm95 
24Manuel Fumic (Ger) Cannondale Factory Racing90 
25Boredskii Ruslan (Rus) Team Primorskiy District (Saint Petersburg)89 
26Brice Scholtes (Bel) Merida Wallonie MTB Team88 
27Artem Shevtsov (Ukr) Ukraine National Team76 
28Eirinaios Koutsiou (Cyp) Hrakleitos73 
29Louis Wolf (Ger) German National Team71 
30Kevin Van Hoovels (Bel) Versluys Pro MTB Team70 
31George Ladakis (Gre) Hrakleitos69 
32Anton Cooper (NZl) Cannondale Factory Racing68 
33Loucas Theodorou (Cyp) Hrakleitos65 
34Ulisse Fieschi (Swi) JB Felt Team64 
35Christian Pfaffle (Ger) German National Team62 
36Simon Scheiber (Aut) Otztal Scott Racing Team60 
37Periklis Ilias (Gre) Team Full-Dynamix58 
38Erik Groen (Ned) Feenstra Felt56 
39Nicolas Daniels (Bel) Merida Wallonie MTB Team55 
40Mykhaylo Batsutsa (Ukr) Ukraine National Team52 
41Pascal Meyer (Swi) JB Felt Team52 
42Robby De Bock (Bel) Feenstra Felt52 
43Gogolev Anton (Rus) Impuls47 
44Martin Gluth (Ger) German National Team47 
45Pantelis Christoforou (Cyp) Ayios Mnason47 
46Pascal Schmutz (Swi) Goldwurst-Power/Stockli46 
47Andersson Jesper (Swe)45 
48Kyogo Imoto (Jpn) Miyata-Merida Bikin Team45 
49Pieter Geluykens (Bel) Merida Wallonie MTB Team43 
50Alexander Polyakov (Rus) Sdyusshor Korenkova43 
51Simon Schili (Ger) JB Felt Team41 
52Andrey Fedotov (Rus) Gau To 'Tssp'41 
53Christos Loizou (Cyp) Char. Pettemerides40 
54Bengareth Roff (GBr) Orange Monkey Pro Team37 
55Georgy Elgin (Rus) Omsky Velotsentr37 
56Maximilian Holz (Ger) MTB- Club Munchen36 
57Robert De Nijs (Ned) Feenstra Felt35 
58Christos Koutsiou (Cyp) Irakleitos34 
59Omer Schubi (Isr) Teamisgav-Giant33 
60Swenson Keegan (USA) Cannondale Factory Racing31 
61Marcus Nicolai (Ger) Bdr27 
62Urban Ferencak (Slo) Calcit Bike26 
63Vitus Wagenbauer (Ger) Team Geiger Medius Bike Base21 
Elite women Sunshine Cup final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katrin Leumann (Swi) Ghost Factory Racing260 pts
2Blaza Klemencic (Slo) Calcit Bike168 
3Eva Lechner (Ita) Colnago Sudtirol165 
4Corina Gantenbein (Swi) Fischer BMC215 
5Yana Belomoina (Ukr) Superior-Brentjens MTB Racing Team201 
6Andrea Waldis (Swi) Colnago Sudtirol132 
7Jovana Crnogorac (Srb) Orange Monkey Pro Team114 
8Iryna Popova (Ukr) Ukraine National Team/Cc Roma Team168 
9Ekaterina Anoshina (Rus) Team Protek113 
10Marianne Vos (Ned) Rabobank/Liv Giant100 
11Nicoletta De Jager (Ned)100 
12Elena Gogoleva (Rus) Cc Roma Team / Samara Shvsm100 
13Antri Christoforou (Cyp) Omonoia153 
14Elisabeth Brandau (Ger) Ebe-Racing Team/Rsc-Schoanich92 
15Adelheid Morath (Ger) Sabine Spitz - Haibike Pro Team185 
16Asuman Burcu Balci (Tur) Riva Macera A.D.S.K.133 
17Sabine Spitz (Ger) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team165 
18Jolanda Neff (Swi) Giant Pro XC Team65 
19Sarah Koba (Swi) JB Felt Team62 
20Kathrin Stirnemann (Swi) Sabine Spitz - Haibike Pro Team135 
21Linda Indergand (Swi) Struby MTB Kader56 
22Lena Putz (Ger) German National Team114 
23Jennifer Kupferschmied (Swi) Wheeler_Ixs_Team52 
24Hanna Klein (Ger) German National Team110 
25Jelena Petrova (Lat) Omonoia97 
26Karla Stepanova (Cze) Kona Cycling Point48 
27Jitka Skarnitzlova (Cze) Giant Cycling Point46 
28Vendula Kuntova (Cze) Remerx- Merida Team Kolin43 
29Marta Tereshchuk (Ukr) Ukraine National Team/Cc Roma Team93 
30Majlen Muller (Ger) German National Team90 
31Moran Tel-Paz (Isr) CCC39 
32Ronen Inbar (Isr) CCC37 
33Alexandra Engen (Swe) Ghost Factory Racing85 
34Elizabeth Osl (Aut) Ghost Factory Racing70 
35Michelle Hediger (Swi) Fischer BMC58 



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