Sam Bennett wins Clásica de Almería

Netapp rider takes first professional win

23-year-old Irishman Sam Bennett (Team NetApp – Endura) claimed his first professional win by out sprinting Juan Jose Lobato (Movistar) and Davide Vigano (Caja Rural) at the Clásica de Almería. The 29th edition of the race at 178 kilometres saw a break of seven riders get away but their advantage never went above 2:30 minutes. The break was caught with 50km to race and with 20km to race the winning break, which included four NetApp Endura riders, went away and built a one minute on the chasing peloton.

"The guys got me perfectly to about 600m to go. I was well position in the last corner. I had to go at 250m because the pace dropped. I came around everyone and took the inside line. At 100m to go my legs started to buckle and I thought I wasn't going to make it. But luckily I did," Sam Bennett said after his first professional win.

"I am so happy to have taken my first win as a pro with Team NetApp – Endura. It was a very nice race today great weather and great roads. Movistar set a nice hard tempo on the climbs and split it in the final with cross winds. It was good for me because it tired everyone else out and got rid of other sprinters. I want to thank all of my team mates who helped me every single chance they got. They really made my job easier and for sure this result came as a result of great team work", Bennett said

"I am very happy with today's results. An early win is so important for motivating the team. Our guys put in a great team performance yesterday, and today they even managed to surpass that effort. Iker Camano, Tiago Machado, and Erick Rowsell aren't usually Sam's lead-out riders," said Alex Sans Vega, Sport Director of Team NetApp – Endura.

"That is why I am all the more pleased that everything worked so perfectly today and that Sam is able to rely on all of his teammates. I hope that we will be able to maintain this level, the atmosphere in the team and this racing style for our upcoming races," Vega said.

Once the gun was fired, riders were launching multiple attacks at the start of the race which formed the main break of seven after 15 kilometres. The peloton never lost control and after the final climb, 50 kilometres before the finish line, the field all came back together.

The breakaway riders were caught soon thereafter and the field headed towards the finish line as one. The day’s winning break group pulled away 20 kilometres before the finish line with 19 riders and with support from his three teammates, Sam Bennett was able to conserve valuable energy for the final kilometres and win the sprint.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sam Bennett (Irl) Team Netapp - Endura4:21:33 
2Juan Jose Lobato Del Valle (Spa) Movistar Team  
3Davide Vigano (Ita) Caja Rural - Seguros RGA  
4Francisco José Ventoso Alberdi (Spa) Movistar Team  
5Stéphane Poulhies (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits  
6Jose Joaquin Rojas Gil (Spa) Movistar Team0:00:02 
7Bartlomiej Matysiak (Pol) CCC Polsat Polkowice  
8Luis Angel Mate Mardones (Spa) Cofidis, Solutions Credits  
9Tiago Machado (Por) Team Netapp - Endura0:00:06 
10Davide Rebellin (Ita) CCC Polsat Polkowice  
11David Arroyo Duran (Spa) Caja Rural - Seguros RGA  
12Lukasz Bodnar (Pol) Activejet Team  
13Luis Mas Bonet (Spa) Caja Rural - Seguros RGA  
14Jerome Coppel (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits  
15Iker Camano Ortuzar (Spa) Team Netapp - Endura  
16Alejandro Valverde Belmonte (Spa) Movistar Team  
17Erick Rowsell (GBr) Team Netapp - Endura0:00:13 
18Tomasz Marczynski (Pol) CCC Polsat Polkowice0:00:53 
19Pablo Lastras Garcia (Spa) Movistar Team0:01:00 
20Rafael Silva (Por) Efapel - Glassdrive0:02:42 
21Carlos Ivan Oyarzun Guinez (Chi) Efapel - Glassdrive  
22Filipe Duarte Sousa Cardoso (Por) Efapel - Glassdrive  
23Marek Rutkiewicz (Pol) CCC Polsat Polkowice0:02:44 
24Lukasz Owsian (Pol) CCC Polsat Polkowice  
25Raul Alarcon Garcia (Spa) Louletano - Dunas Douradas  
26Pawel Franczak (Pol) Activejet Team  
27Antonio Piedra Perez (Spa) Caja Rural - Seguros RGA  
28Víctor De La Parte (Spa) Efapel - Glassdrive  
29Daniel Navarro Garcia (Spa) Cofidis, Solutions Credits  
30Ibai Salas (Spa) Burgos-BH0:02:58 
31Emanuel Piaskowy (Pol) Activejet Team  
32Michal Podlaski (Pol) Activejet Team0:03:03 
33Salvador Guardiola Tora (Spa) Pinoroad0:03:36 
34Raul Garcia De Mateo Rubio (Spa) Louletano - Dunas Douradas  
35Martin Lestido (Spa)  
36Christophe Laporte (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits  
37Micael Isidoro (Por) Louletano - Dunas Douradas  
38Victor Martin Hernandez (Spa) Burgos-BH  
39Edwig Cammaerts (Bel) Cofidis, Solutions Credits  
40José Joao Pimenta Costa Mendes (Por) Team Netapp - Endura  
41Carlos Barbero Cuesta (Spa) Euskadi  
42Antonio Molina (Spa) Caja Rural - Seguros RGA  
43Vicente Garcia De Mateos Rubio (Spa) Louletano - Dunas Douradas  
44Miguel Minguez Ayala (Spa) Euskadi  
45Cesare Benedetti (Ita) Team Netapp - Endura  
46Frantisek Padour (Cze) Team Netapp - Endura  
47Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas (Col) Movistar Team  
48Higinio Fernandez (Spa) Team Ecuador  
49Bruno Duarte Ferreira Silva (Por) Efapel - Glassdrive  
50Yohan Bagot (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits  
51Branislau Samoilau (Blr) CCC Polsat Polkowice  
52Adrian Honkisz (Pol) CCC Polsat Polkowice  
53Jorge Martin Montenegro (Arg) Louletano - Dunas Douradas  
54Ruben Fernandez (Spa) Caja Rural - Seguros RGA  
55José Herrada Lopez (Spa) Movistar Team  
56Grzegorz Stepniak (Pol) CCC Polsat Polkowice0:05:32 
57Tomasz Mickiewicz (Pol) Activejet Team  
58Samuel Nicolás (Spa)  
59Francisco Javier Moreno Allue (Spa) Louletano - Dunas Douradas  
60Rui Vinhas (Por) Louletano - Dunas Douradas  
61Eugeniu Cozonac (Mda) Louletano - Dunas Douradas  
62Haritz Orbe Urrutia (Spa) Euskadi  
63Jon Aberasturi Izaga (Spa) Euskadi  
64Bayron Guama De La Cruz (Ecu) Team Ecuador  
65Pablo Lechuga Rodriguez (Spa) Euskadi  
66Romain Hardy (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits  
67Mikel Iturria Segurola (Spa) Euskadi  
68Jaume Rovira Pous (Spa) Team Ecuador  
69Mario Gonzalez Salas (Spa) Activejet Team  
70Igor Merino Cortazar (Spa) Burgos-BH  
71Illart Zuazubiskar Gallastegi (Spa) Euskadi0:13:55 
72Ricardo Mestre (Por) Efapel - Glassdrive  
73Federico Butto (Ita) Burgos-BH  
74Marcos Altur Boronat (Spa)  
75Henry Marcelo Velasco Cevallos (Ecu) Team Ecuador  
76Isaac Carbonell Rabat (Spa) Team Ecuador  
77Garikoitz Bravo Oiarbide (Spa) Efapel - Glassdrive  
78Konrad Dabkowski (Pol) Activejet Team  
79Jose Ragonessi (Ecu) Team Ecuador  
80Unai Arranz Alonso (Spa) Burgos-BH  
81Segundo Navarrete (Ecu) Team Ecuador  
82Álvaro Martínez (Spa)  
83Mikel Aristi Gardoki (Spa) Euskadi  
84Imanol Estévez (Spa)0:15:45 
DNFLuis Leon Sanchez Gil (Spa) Caja Rural - Seguros RGA  
DNFRamon Domene Reyes (Spa) Caja Rural - Seguros RGA  
DNFJavier Moreno Bazan (Spa) Movistar Team  
DNFDiego Leon Cuervo Zambraro (Spa) Burgos-BH  
DNFAnder Arranz Alonso (Spa) Burgos-BH  
DNFAlvaro Cuadros Morata (Spa) Etixx  
DNFAntonio Jesus Soto (Spa)  
DNFDiego Rubio (Spa) Efapel - Glassdrive  
DNFPablo Miguel Hidalgo Vega (Ecu) Team Ecuador  
DNFSlawomir Chrzanowski (Pol) Activejet Team  


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