Timmerman repeats in Catamount

Parbo outsprints Dillon for second

Last year Dan Timmerman (Richard Sachs/RGM Watches/Radix) made everyone take notice when he was the only rider to keep in sight of last year’s winner Jamey Driscoll, showing he had the skills needed to be successful in cyclo-cross. One year later the Richard Sachs rider has ascended to the mountain top by sweeping the Green Mountain Cyclo-cross Weekend and taking the overall series lead.

Timmerman took advantage of his front row position to establish a lead, while Joachim Parbo (CCV Leopard Cycles) went after him. Halfway through the battle the victor was still uncertain, but then Timmerman finally got away for good, and got all the help he needed from teammate Josh Dillon, who sat on Parbo’s wheel and made him do all the chasing. Parbo couldn’t catch up without help, but got the best of Dillon in the sprint to take second.

Full results
1Dan Timmerman (USA)1:03:13 
2Joachim Parbo (Den) CCV Cyclo Crosss Team0:00:08 
3Joshua Dillon (USA)  
4Jerome Townsend (USA)0:00:32 
5Justin Spinelli (USA)0:00:55 
6William Dugan (USA)0:01:29 
7Luke Keough (USA)0:01:47 
8Derrick St John (Can) Stevens0:01:55 
9Jacobe Keough (USA)0:02:08 
10Adam Myerson (USA)0:02:44 
11Jonathan Sundt (USA)0:02:50 
12Alec Donahue (USA)0:02:58 
13Tyler Wren (USA)0:03:37 
14Kirt Fitzpatrick (USA)0:04:03 
15Nathaniel Ward (USA)0:04:21 
16Wayne Bray (USA)0:04:47 
17Rickey Visinski (USA)0:04:52 
18Manny Goguen (USA)  
19Peter Smith (USA)0:05:22 
20Simon Lambert-Lemay (Can)0:05:24 
21Josh Bartlett (USA)  
22Ugo Lapierre (Can)0:05:48 
23John Burns (USA)  
24Marc-Andre Daigle (Can)0:06:04 
25Adam Sullivan (USA)0:06:34 
26Todd Wheelden (USA)0:06:53 
27Franklin Macky (USA)  
28Tom Gosselin (USA)0:07:27 
29Thierry Laliberté (Can)0:07:47 
30Michael Rea (USA)  
31Peter Rubijono (USA)0:09:01 
32Osmond Bakker (Can)0:09:20 
33Noah Tautfest (USA)0:09:55 
34Pierre Vanden Borre (USA)0:10:09 
35Hunter Pronovost (USA)  
36Ryan Kelly (USA)  
37Seamus Powell (USA)  


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