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USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships 2013

Date range:
January 9-13, 2013

January 12, Junior:

Antonneau wins collegiate division I title

Cycling News
January 12, 2013, 20:03 GMT,
January 14, 2013, 16:28 GMT

Zaveta tops women's division II results

Kaitlin Antonneau (Marian) won the women's D1 collegiate 'cross title

Kaitlin Antonneau (Marian) won the women's D1 collegiate 'cross title

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Full Results

Collegiate women division 1
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Kaitlin Antonneau (Marian University) 0:44:49  
2 Kimberly Flynn (University Of North Carolina At Greensboro) 0:02:28  
3 Sarah Sturm (Fort Lewis College) 0:03:07  
4 Sofia Gomez Villafane (Fort Lewis College) 0:03:11  
5 Coryn Rivera (Marian University) 0:04:12  
6 Kaylan Comer (Virginia Polytechnic University) 0:04:25  
7 Jessica Kutz (Pennsylvania State University) 0:04:55  
8 Katherine Shields (Lees-Mcrae College) 0:06:08  
9 Jacqueline Kurth (Marian University) 0:06:23  
10 Emily Shields (Lees-Mcrae College) 0:06:39  
11 Allie Dragoo (Marian University) 0:06:54  
12 Brittany Clawson (Fort Lewis College) 0:07:08  
13 Erin Donohue (Lees-Mcrae College) 0:07:13  
14 Lauren Catlin (Fort Lewis College) 0:08:42  
15 Nathalie Krantz (Fort Lewis College) 0:10:35  
16 Corrie Karas (Marian University) 0:11:00  
17 Mollie Brewer (University Of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) 0:11:21  
18 Sarah Lukas (Lindenwood University) 0:12:22  
19 Cinthia Lehner (Lees-Mcrae College) 0:14:10  
20 Matilda Field (Fort Lewis College) 0:14:59  
21 Julie Hunter (Virginia Commonwealth University) 0:15:12  
22 Sarah Hill (Lees-Mcrae College) 0:15:13  
-1lap Kaitlyn Lawrence (Lees-Mcrae College)    
-1lap Suzie Livingston (Colorado State University)    
-1lap Emily Elbers (Marian University)    
-1lap Lindsey Durst (Lindenwood University)    
-1lap Mckenzie Melcher (San Diego State University)    
-1lap Jordan Dube (Northeastern University)    
-1lap Margaret Robinson (University Of Wisconsin-Madison)    
-1lap Grace Chappell (University Of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)    
-1lap Morganne Endicott (Cumberland University)    
-1lap Hailey Sarausky (Lees-Mcrae College)    
-1lap Catherine Hollibaugh (Marian University)    
-1lap Ashley Rethemeyer (Lindenwood University)    
-1lap Riley Missel (Marian University)    
-1lap Cassey Lynn (University Of Wisconsin-Madison)    
-2laps Cathleen Hamilton (Cumberland University)    
DNS Eva Wilson (Colorado State University)    
DNS Mackenzie Filippi (Lees-Mcrae College)    
Collegiate women division 2
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Erica Zaveta (Brevard College) 0:44:57  
2 Christina Birch (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology) 0:01:17  
3 Rebecca Gross (University Of Denver) 0:02:09  
4 Allison Arensman (Mars Hill College) 0:06:08  
5 Bailey Semian (Kutztown University Of Pennsylvania) 0:06:09  
6 Katy Applin (Wake Forest University) 0:13:07  
-1lap Addyson Albershardt (Mars Hill College)    
-1lap Ariana Dittmer (Colorado Mesa University)    
-1lap Laura Rice (Mars Hill College)    
-1lap Catherine Watkins (Loyola University-Chicago)    
-1lap Nicole Miranda (Brevard College)    
-1lap Stacy Norris (Colorado Mesa University)    
-1lap Lexie Millard (Colorado Mesa University)    
-1lap Sarah Felpel (Mars Hill College)    
-1lap Kara Uhl (Union College-Ky)    
-1lap Allyson Beach (Case Western Reserve University)    
-1lap Mary Martinez (Union College-Ky)    
-1lap Jana Eilermann (Brevard College)    
-2laps Sarah Huber (Mars Hill College)    
DNF Lindsay Knight (University Of Chicago)