Teams battle it out at Australian 24-hour national championships

Teams of two, four, six and eight do battle

Full Results

Men duo teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Super Mad21 pts
2Low Line Racing20 
3Pair Of Fugitives19 
4Kd Cycles19 
5Team Mud18 
6The Twins18 
72 Broken Spokes17 
8Mainline Cycles15 
9Everett Bros14 
10Team Bro14 
11Two Up12 
12Wheel Power12 
13Team Steve8 
14Toyota Team 17 
15Vaughn N Co6 
16Toyota Team 35 
17Toyota Team 25 
18Toyota Team 55 
DNFFlex On Monday  
DNFWhat Are We Thinking  
DNFToyota Team 4  
DNSThe Incredibles  
DNSTrailer Trash  
DNSPetes Pair  
Mixed duo teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Outward Bound Australia20 pts
2Bron And Tim19 
3Lake Cargelligo Mtb Association17 
4I Like Chocolate17 
5Rocky Trail Entertainment14 
6Cal N Ursula12 
8Rocks Around The Clock8 
9Nat And Tim6 
DNFRad Duo  
DNFTeam Vinnie  
DNSBike Culture Pairfit  
DNSTeam Stinky  
Men trio teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Onya Belco N Civic 324 pts
2Torc Four23 
3Titanium Turkeys21 
4El Trio Sucio20 
5The Dhbc Triple Ds20 
6Team Powertraveller19 
7The Three Idiots19 
8Aviation Rescue Fire18 
9Gone To The Dogs18 
10Trail Furniture18 
11Southbound On Epo18 
16Mountain Men16 
18Thursday Road Rage15 
19Sigra Rollingstock Components15 
20Broken Down Riders14 
21Wild Turkeys13 
22The Dam Busters12 
24The Tri Hards11 
26Team Powerthirst8 
DNFGold Pass  
DNFRantilliant Riders  
DNFOnya Bike Phillip Musketeers  
DNFThree More Gears  
DNFHerding Cats  
DNSThree Crownies  
DNSRudolphs Racers  
Women trio teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Classy Cleats18 pts
2Ambc Chix Development Race Team10 
Mixed trio teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sydney Cycling Club21 pts
2Up The Track Without Any Pedals18 
3Hypnotic Dulwich Hill12 
4The Bottom Brackets12 
5Dynamic Dulwich Hill7 
Men four person teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gu Elite28 pts
2Rockstar Racing28 
3Torq-Anytime Fitness27 
4Onya Belco N Civic 425 
5Hoax Racing Australia25 
6Firebrand Infrared Racing25 
7Trek Bicycle Fours24 
8Kom Funky Buddhas24 
9Lumicycle Lights24 
10Onthego Racing 223 
12Team Mediocre22 
13Team Lake Mountain22 
14Wana Be Rockstars22 
16Get Over It22 
17Bernard Riders22 
18Julian Dent Fan Club22 
21Concrete Pill21 
2221 Gels Plus A Deep Fried Turkey21 
23Rubber Side Down21 
24Team Simms21 
25Team Kingston21 
26Shake And Bake21 
27Slappa Da Bass21 
29The Mountain Goats21 
30Los Cojones Grandes V2.021 
31Blues Brothers20 
32Karmea Racing Boys20 
33Ats 220 
35Ed Racing20 
384 Foreigners20 
39Team Focus20 
40Two Wheeled Unicyclists20 
41Sale Night Riders 120 
43Just 2420 
44Gu Southerners19 
45Fully Sick19 
46Four Bent Spokes19 
47Wtsflc Booners19 
48Team Vmware19 
49Knights Of Ni19 
50Outrider Swan Song19 
51Pwc Team 119 
52Monkey Boys19 
53Psyclepaths 519 
54Awt Morrisons19 
55Evolution Mountain Biking19 
56Team Powermat18 
57Cunning Stunts18 
58Asg Svelte Yaks18 
59Pwc Team318 
60Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch18 
61Drifting Back End Bandits18 
62Norfolk And Good18 
63Moonstruck Maniacs18 
65The Wobbly Wheelers18 
66Yankin The Chain18 
67Team Skidmarks18 
68The Ruffies18 
69Browns Bulls18 
70Sale Night Riders18 
71Ride Canberra18 
72Really Over The Hill18 
73Onthego Racing 118 
74The Sparkys17 
75Gu Timbers17 
78Odds & Sods17 
79Slow Motion17 
80Tooheys Old Penguins17 
81Cobbled Together16 
82The Muffs16 
83Just Riding Along16 
84Crank Yankers16 
854 Some16 
86Fit Guys16 
88The Cold Loving Sleep Haters16 
89Mud Fling16 
90Adfa 116 
91Team Elgato16 
93Thats It Thats All15 
94Committed But Casual15 
96Extra Salty14 
97Where Is Elvis14 
98Green Junk Mail Online14 
99Daddies Cool14 
101Team Peroni14 
102Quatro Guapitos14 
103Acsc Fourex13 
104Dangerously Over The Hill13 
106Team Lounge13 
107Adfa 213 
108Onya Belco N Civic 513 
109Swell Noshift13 
110Team Hp12 
111Northrop Engineers12 
112Cordelta Rtfm12 
113So Slow Up Stromlo11 
114The Bromance Doas11 
115Swell 410 
116Aaron Smells9 
117Team Transmoto8 
118Team Supreme7 
DNFOver The Hill  
DNFTeam Scatos  
DNFNewy Cogheads Wgaf2  
DNFBikes Move Us  
DNFAxis Of Awesomeness  
DNFLos Cojonnes Grandes A  
DNFTeam Ramrod 4S  
DNFLost In The Dark  
DNFQ Factor  
DNFIts Scotta Hurt  
DNFThe Agents  
DNFTeam 100% Dioxin Free  
DNFWeve Scott Nothn  
DNFPeddle Harder  
DNFCordelta D  
Women four person teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Torq-Anytime Fitness Girls23 pts
2Lap Hogs17 
3Karmea Racing Ladies15 
4Doin If For Gillard9 
Mixed four person teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gu Brewetts23 pts
2Lonsdale St Cyclery Mixed23 
3Earlybird Marketing & Events22 
5Onya Bike Tuggeranong Senior Moments22 
6Team Ats21 
7Expectation Management21 
8The Cruxc20 
9Chick N Nuts19 
10Kiama Crew18 
11Mountain Ninjas18 
133 Boobs Plus 2 More17 
14The Best Of Both Worlds16 
15Cleveland Steamers15 
16Smee For All14 
17Team Awesome13 
18Tooheys Fast Fellas11 
19Gu Gongs11 
21Team Qacs9 
22Park Rangers8 
23Tooheys Young Fellas4 
DNFZee Or Zed Its All Good  
DNFGood Idea At The Time  
DNFTeam Incipio  
Men 40+ four person teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fist It Hard And Fast24 pts
2Cycle Surgery Patients23 
3Newy Cogheads Fc23 
5Soft Six22 
6Twelve Standards21 
7Gu Scullies21 
9No Brown Dogs21 
10Jesus All About Life20 
11Long Way Round20 
12Grumpy Old Men20 
13Meet At Sakenas20 
14Fac Riders Elite19 
15Coast To Country19 
16Executive Decision19 
17The Defibrillators19 
18Slippery Rabbits19 
19Micmac Paddy Wac18 
20Average Joes18 
21All Fired Up18 
22Johnnie Walkers18 
23How Was School Today Good16 
24Not Without Coffee16 
25Two Laps15 
26Anyone Seen Ruddy14 
27Walking Jonnies13 
28Fac Riders13 
29Flaming Prostates12 
DNFAwesome Foursome  
DNFWeapons Of Self Destruction  
Women 40+ four person teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1The Chicks Can Fly15 pts
Mixed 40+ four person teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Global Acoustics21 pts
2Around The Hill20 
3Hayden Is Dull19 
4Makin Tracks18 
5Two Heads14 
6Flint Tropics14 
7Not Another Night Lap13 
Men six person teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Spearman Cycles27 pts
2Lonsdale St Cyclery26 
4Swell Redshift26 
5Merida Flight Centre Racing26 
6Apollo Bicycles25 
7All Spice25 
9Kom Racing23 
10Fully Built23 
11Cordelta Ratbags23 
12Team High Noon23 
13One Man Down22 
14Socro Racing A22 
15F Troop22 
17Team Duffman21 
19Lab Rats21 
20Four Thirtiers21 
21Team Tentative21 
22Team Gas-Dc521 
23The Spokey Blokes21 
24Bikeculture Sydney Skid Crew21 
25On The Gazz21 
26Newy Cogheads Wgaf21 
27Crankensteins Monsters20 
28The Misfits20 
29Team Two Tyred20 
30The Muffin Men Strike Again20 
32Sily Nivalods19 
33Team Gillies19 
34Nightlightning Australia19 
35The Last Resort19 
36Crankensteins Mutants19 
38The B Team19 
40Drug Pushies19 
41Spindler''s List18 
42Weekend Without Bernies18 
43Guinea Pig Sundays18 
44Cordelta B18 
45Cordelta A18 
46Hung Like Horses Plus Anthony18 
47It Is All Beer And Skittles18 
4829Er Try Hards18 
49The Weeping Taints18 
50Dam Crawlers18 
51Saw Too18 
52The Engineers17 
55The Six Stbs17 
56Powered By Stinky Tofu17 
57Team Ramrod17 
58Crankensteins Wookies17 
60Pork Belly16 
61The Tbsm Belters16 
62Team Ladypants16 
64Saddle Club16 
65Second Stringers16 
66Fueled By Freddo16 
67Equipo El Rancho Relaxo16 
68Pit Bulls16 
69This Is Not Roller Derby16 
70Beau And The Amateurs16 
71Pwc Team 215 
72Dalgety Wind Farmers15 
73Pwc Team 415 
74Rough And Ready15 
75Blokes On Spokes15 
76Flaming Prostate Racing Team Too14 
77Four Decades And Counting14 
78Team Stag11 
79Six Six9 
DNFStruggletown Tigers  
DNFGu Daytripers  
DNFTooheys Old Fellas  
DNFWg Team  
DNFRuby On Trails  
Women six person teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Erina Bikeworx19 pts
2Seis Chicas15 
3Just Call 00015 
Mixed six person teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gu Ringins24 pts
2Obc Mixed24 
3Jetblack Cycling24 
4Swell Fish & Chicks 123 
5South Coast United Mountainbikers (Scum)23 
6Mmm Interiors23 
7Team Isis 123 
8Drift Bikes22 
9Tlc Cycles22 
10Team Tri-Hard22 
11Anumc Rmit Squealies21 
12Once Were Crappers21 
13Team Isis 221 
14Dj Vu All Over Again21 
15We're With The Geriatric20 
16Team Blackwolf Ii20 
17Anumc Boneshakers20 
18Socro Racing B20 
19The Incredible Hulks19 
20Msl Mtb19 
21Gentle Giants19 
22Full On, Flat Out19 
23Beware The Sprocket18 
24Hello Kitty & The Flying Skirts18 
25Team Chop18 
26Didnt Face Plant, Just Born This Way18 
27Snowy Chickens18 
28Dirty Riders17 
29Browns Cows17 
30Swell Fish & Chicks 217 
31Wheely Fast Wacers17 
32Stingose Raecing17 
33The Support Crew16 
34Love 4016 
35Judy, Pj And Goose16 
36Mixed Bag16 
37Mann & Friends16 
38Shake N Bake16 
39Team Panda14 
40Biological Bush Bandits14 
42In It For The T-Shirt13 
44Htf Racing11 
45Give It A Go11 
46Shimano 14 
DNFThis Is How We Roll Again  
DNFCrowne Plaza  
Men six person teams 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Newy Cogheads Ph23 pts
4Team Horccules22 
5Gu Guys21 
6Frasers Cycles21 
7Black Rats20 
8Steel Legs20 
9Knobbies 1219 
10Raiders Of The Last Beer19 
11Meat And Two Veg19 
12Last Of The Mohicans19 
13Rides Over Roots18 
14Captain Runamuck18 
15Gu Newbys17 
16Never To Old To Give Up17 
17Audreys Wish17 
19Cordelta Geesers16 
20Grey Wolves15 
Mixed six person teams 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mixed Gu Brew22 pts
2Team Abigroup21 
3O'connor Swingers21 
5Off In The Bush20 
6Cycle Surgery Mixed Six20 
7Red Hot Poker Crew19 
8The Snoring Forties19 
9Mellow Yellow18 
10Gu Allsorts18 
11Blackwolf Old Bastards17 
13Bold Lions16 
DNFLost Tourists  
Men school teams of eight
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Corc Juniors24 pts
2The Highlands Boys23 
3Dara Tweakers22 
5More Corc Juniors21 
6Joe Rogers Wall And Floor Tiling20 
7Knox 120 
8Team Fly19 
9All Knox Boys17 
12Cordelta Schoolies14 
DNFPedalling Not Paddling Pelicans  
DNFTeam Booner  
Women school teams of eight
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Abbotsleigh Team Discovery Iii15 pts
2When All Else Fails Hug Your Teddybear13 
3Clonard College12 
Mixed school teams of eight
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Scum Juniors22 pts
3Waddling Pelicans15 
DNFDaramalan College  
Corporate teams of eight
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Capital Precast21 pts
2Cunning Foxes19 
3Bulk Water Alliance17 
4Trek Bicycle Corporates16 
DNFAsg Phat Yaks  
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