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Velotoze Toe Covers review

Colourful waterproof and windproof toe covers that keep your toes dry without the bulk and expense of other toe covers

Velotoze Toe Covers
(Image: © David Arthur)

Our Verdict

Effective in mild weather providing a good defence against puddle splashes and cold winds and come in a range of very bright colours if you want to stand out on the road


  • Easy to fit
  • Bright colours
  • Price
  • Lightweight


  • Not so effective against cold temperatures and heavy rain

Velotoze made a name for itself with brightly coloured skin-tight overshoes and the Velotoze Toe Covers are cut down versions made from the same waterproof material. They are ideal for milder weather when you just want to keep light water spray off your shoes without the weight and bulk of a full-size overshoe. 

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Velotoze Toe Covers

The latex rubber is entirely water- and wind proof (Image credit: David Arthur)
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Velotoze Toe Covers

The material is highly stretchy, so they are super simple to fit and remove (Image credit: David Arthur)
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Velotoze Toe Covers

The stretch also means they conform around the shoe's contours securely (Image credit: David Arthur)
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Velotoze Toe Covers

They're available in eight colours which range from inconspicuous black to high-vis yellow, pink or green (Image credit: David Arthur)
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Velotoze Toe Covers

The large cleat opening allows an easy fit and secure hold around Shimano, Look or Time cleats (Image credit: David Arthur)

Design and aesthetics

The VeloToze Toe Covers are designed to cover just the front portion of the shoe and use a very stretchy waterproof and windproof material that isn’t that dissimilar to the rubber gloves that live under your kitchen sink. They have a large cleat opening and are incredibly easy to pull on, due to the high stretch factor of the material. For sure they offer a unique aesthetic with the contour hugging fit that suggests possibly improved aerodynamics, and a wide range of colourful colours that will definitely have you standing out in the group ride.


The VeloToze Toe Covers are constructed from a flexible and lightweight material that is windproof and waterproof. The very stretchy fabric means they have the front of the shoe very tightly offering potentially improved aerodynamics and are secure once fitted. They’re easy to fit, and can be stashed in a jersey pocket before use or when not needed, making them a versatile addition to any cyclists wardrobe. The cleat opening easily stretches around a typical three-bolt road cleat from Time, Look or Shimano. They are one-size-fits-all and offered in eight colours, three of them being high-vis for the safety-conscious.


The ease of putting Velotoze Toe Covers onto your shoes before a ride is a bonus, they simply stretch easily over my size EU45 shoes with ease and conform to all the contours, buckles and other appendages on a typical cycling shoe. They’re also extremely lightweight, and if it weren’t for the dazzling colour, you wouldn’t know you had them on. 

But you know you’re wearing them when you head outside. The stretchy material is waterproof and windproof and works well to keep puddle splashes from the front wheel from saturating the front of your feet. They don’t hold onto water like neoprene toe covers, it simply washes off, so they don’t get heavy during a ride. They noticeably take the edge of the wind chill when it’s blowing a gale as well.

They don’t offer a huge amount of insulation though, and the suggested 10-18°C  temperature range is backed up by my testing. When it’s cold, you’ll want a more robust overshoe, and when it’s really bad outside, I’ve doubled up these Toe Covers under a thicker overshoe to increase my protection against the elements. 


Toe covers are beautifully simple and lend a nice versatility to your outfit, and are best suited to those days when the weather isn’t horrible enough for a heavyweight overshoe, but you still want a bit of protection, especially on well-ventilated road race shoes. The VeloToze Toe Covers fulfil that brief very well. 

They’re simple to use and durable in my testing so far, and the bright colours add a dash of visibility or customisation to match your outfit. If you’re racing you can also add potential aerodynamic claims as well but you might want the full-size overshoes for the best aero effect.

They’re also reasonably cheap as well compared to other toe covers. 

Tech Specs: Velotoze Toe Covers

  • Price: £10.00
  • Colours: White, Red, Black, Pink, Green, Viz-Yellow, Viz-Orange, Viz-Green
  • Material: Windproof and waterproof lightweight material 
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