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Assos Mille GT Winter bib tights review

A perfect fit and luxurious materials make for some of the most comfortable bib tights you’ll ever experience, but they're not as deep-winter as they claim

Assos Mille GT Winter Bib Tights
(Image: © Josh Ross)

Our Verdict

The Assos Mille GT winter bib tights are best suited to a narrow range of temperatures. They are an excellent autumn or spring option as long as it's dry


  • - Soft interior
  • - Above-average chamois comfort
  • - Just the right compression


  • - Not enough protection against wind or rain

What is winter riding? Most people probably think of that as a simple question but there's actually a lot of answers. It depends on where you live, how tolerant you are to the cold, and what kind of riding you do. Even within all those qualifiers that narrow it down there's a huge range across a winter plus the shoulder seasons either side. Finding the right clothing can be hard, and when it comes to bib tights, the Assos Mille GT winter bib tights are one option among many. 

The Assos Mille GT cover a narrow range of riding when compared to the bigger picture but it's an important slice. Keep reading to see how we think they work best and how they compare to our list of the best winter bib tights. They don't do everything but they might be exactly what you need.  

Assos Mille GT Winter Bib Tights

At the rear, the iconic Assos branding adorns the lumbar area while reflective strips live across the calf muscles (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Design and aesthetics 

At the heart of it, the Assos Mille GT winter bib tights are a simple design. You've got basically two pieces of fabric for almost the entire pair of bib tights. The entirety of the thigh, groin, kidney area and lower leg is all one piece. It's a complex piece of fabric, which probably adds to waste and therefore price, but it does a good job of limiting seams that might cause discomfort. 

That main cut of fabric used is the Assos-specific RX heavy. It's a warp-knit fabric that gives a good amount of compression but isn't overly tight. The outside face presents a barrier that helps keep wind and water at bay. Don't expect high levels of protection from either but the inherent quality of the fabric, as well as a water-repellant coating, is a help. 

The inside face is a brushed design that is soft against the skin. Brushed fabrics mean more space to hold air. In this case that means more warmth and better wicking. More than anything else though it's just an incredibly comfortable feeling against your body.

Assos Mille GT winter bib tights

The interior face of the RX light and RX heavy fabric are incredibly soft (Image credit: Josh Ross)

The lower rear section of the legs uses a panel of RX light instead of the heavy. While RX heavy comes in at a weight of 290 grams per metre squared, the light drops that down to 205. It's not a huge difference but it's a little bit thinner with more flexibility and better breathability. The seams are thoughtfully arranged so that the entire area of movement at the back of the knee uses the lighter fabric. 

The chamois on the Mille GT bibs is not the best that Assos offers. That's not to say it's bad but, at 8mm, the Mille S7 EVO is thinner than other options from Assos. On the upside, density continues to be top-notch so even with the thinner pad there's still reasonable protection for long rides. You'll also still find the Assos goldenGate design that leaves large sections of the chamois unattached to the rest of the bib. The design allows the chamois to move with your body instead of sliding against the skin. 

The straps on the Mille GT winter bib tights use a Y design. The front is a wide and well-structured strap that will not roll up into a rope. They continue over the shoulders then meet in the mid-back. From the mid-back down it's a wide, low stretch, panel that keeps everything anchored. In some ways that back panel, referred to as the stabiliser v3 by Assos, is the foundation for the whole garment with its low-stretch construction.

Assos Mille GT Winter bib tights

This low-stretch rear panel gives the rest of the garment a stable anchor point  (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Ride experience 

When you pull the Assos Mille GT winter bib-tights on, you'll wish every piece of clothing you owned was this luxurious. The compression is just right and they feel tight but nothing like a high-compression summer bib short. The brushed interior is incredibly soft. 

A real highlight is the design of the RX light panel at the back of the leg. The seam meanders in and out from the ankle up to the back of the mid-thigh. When the design isn't perfect at the back of the knee, it can quickly become a place of irritation but Assos has got it just right. 

Not everything about these are perfect though. Despite the 3/3 climacode designation, these are not a good deep winter option unless your winters are mild. There's also almost no protection against wind or rain. If it's raining, they will soak through pretty quickly and,  hen winter really hits, expect to have to come up with another option. 

I reach for the Mille GT winter bib tights when I know it's going to be chilly but not outright cold and probably not raining. I could use insulated bib shorts paired with leg warmers but all the layers and grippers get uncomfortable as the miles drag on. At times when the weather is above freezing, overcast, and minimal chance of precipitation these are an excellent choice. 

Assos Mille GT Winter bib tights

The open, goldenGate, design of the chamois makes it easy to see the construction. (Image credit: Josh Ross)


Ignore the 3/3 climacode designation unless your winters are dry and mild. Instead consider the Mille GT winter bib tight a spring and autumn solution or the base of a layering system. The chamois is better than most but not the best available for the longest rides. More than anything expect to enjoy a perfect fit and a luxurious next-to-skin feel. Perfect for a more comfortable option when it's mild enough that you could get away with leg warmers and insulated bib shorts.  

Tech Specs: Assos Mille GT Winter bib tights 

  • Price: $219/£165/$388 AUS
  • Materials: Polyamide 81%, Elastane 15%, Polyester 4% / RX heavy main body, RX Light back of lower legs
  • Weight: 273g size small
  • Suggested temperature range: 0 to 12 degrees C
  • Size availability: XS-XLG and TIR (XLG but wider)