Women's Tour of California: Twenty16-Ridebiker win team time trial

Kristin Armstrong (Twenty16-RideBiker) drove her team to a convincing victory over race favourite Boels-Dolmans in the team time trial, the second stage of the Women's Tour of California.

Megan Guarnier (Boels Dolmans) retained her lead in the GC by 12 seconds over Armstrong who moved into second place, while Evelyn Stevens (Boels-Dolmans) slotted into third.

With Boels-Dolmans starting two place behind Twenty16 it took several minutes before Armstrong's team were told they had won. Despite the delay Twenty16 knew they had put in a special effort.

"Twenty16 came out on top, we came together as a team and worked really hard for the win," Armstrong said. "We prepared as a team just as I would as an individual."

Good pre-race preparation was helpful on the 20.3 km undulating course. The team event was further complicated by winds that blew steadily through the day at 20-30 kmph.

"We wanted to win and we didn't," Guarnier said immediately after the finish. "It was windy and we saw the course this morning. I know Twenty16 won and they've been out here practicing in the course. Today was the first time we saw it."

Riders lined up at the start on road bikes instead of time trial bikes, a modification intended to help international and small teams manage travel costs. Though the move creates a parity between teams it is greeted with mixed feelings across the peloton.

"We think it's a bit of a shame that we can't show off all of our cool aero equipment we have from our sponsors," TIBCO rider Joanne Kiesanowski said. "We have to bring everything over to Europe when we go. We pay a lot in baggage fees when we go over to Europe with all of the equipment as well."

Despite the attempt to level the playing field several early teams came to the starting gate with aero equipment. A gamble which appeared to contradict race communiques restricting the time trial to mass start legal equipment.

"I know several teams were allowed to start with disc wheels, and deep dish wheels that were in excess of 60 mm, which would not be mass start event," said TIBCO manager Ed Beamon. "I've lodged a protest and discussed it with the chief. I don't know how it's going to play out but it's clearly an incorrect situation."

Canyon-SRAM came in at 28:09 which held as the time to beat until Rabo-Liv crossed the line two seconds faster. UnitedHealthcare, led by Individual World Time Trial champion Linda Villumsen, was the next team to move into the hotseat and would hold the best time of the day until Twenty16 powered in with a winning time of 277:33.

"It was a really good course. The team today rode the best we have together ever," Villumsen said. "So that was a really, really big progression from us and a really good ride."

Rally Cycling suffered a setback 7 km into the race when a touch of wheels brought the team down. GC favourite Sara Poidevin lost several minutes and Kristi Lay was forced to abandon due to injuries.

"It was pretty windy and the girls were going flat out and crossed up wheels – it's just one of those things, just an accident," Rally Team Director Pat McCarty said. "Unfortunately most of the girls went down. Kirsti was the worst off. We are going to get her checked out by the team doctor and see if she needs an X-ray."

Twenty16, who placed fifth at the World Time Trial Championships in Richmond, benefitted from the extra horsepower provided by Armstrong and 19-year-old ingenue, Chloe Dygert.

"They are huge motors so it's nice," Allie Dragoo said. "It's nice when the extra motor is there. It was fun but it was very hard."

Boels-Dolmans director Danny Stam was disappointed to lose the stage by six seconds but was focused on defending Guarnier's yellow jersey in the upcoming stages.

"Tomorrow is an important day. Actually Sunday, the last day, I don't believe anything will happen that day. So tomorrow is the most important day," Stam said. "That is another goal for us, and then we will see how we stand in the GC."

Guarnier leads the race by 12 seconds over Kristin Armstrong as the race heads to stage 3 in Santa Rosa California.

Full Results

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Twenty16 - Ridebiker0:27:33
2Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam0:00:06
4Raboliv Womencyclingteam0:00:34
5Canyon SRAM Racing0:00:36
6Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:00:55
7Wiggle High50:00:58
8Hitec Products0:01:08
9Podium Ambition Pro Cycling0:01:12
10Colavita - Bianchi0:01:51
11Cylance Pro Cycling0:01:52
12USA National Team0:01:57
13Hagens Berman - Supermint0:02:05
15Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling
16Drops Cycling0:02:49
17Weber Shimano Ladies Power0:03:17
18Rally Cycling0:05:50
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General classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Megan Guarnier (USA) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team3:32:36
2Kristin Armstrong (USA) Twenty16 - Ridebiker0:00:12
3Evelyn Stevens (USA) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team0:00:22
4Leah Thomas (USA) Twenty16 - Ridebiker0:00:44
5Coryn Rivera (USA) UnitedHealthcare Women0:00:47
6Katie Hall (USA) UnitedHealthcare Women0:00:49
7Marianne Vos (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:00:50
8Chloe Dygert (USA) Twenty16 - Ridebiker0:00:53
9Shara Gillow (Aus) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:00:58
10Emma Johansson (Swe) Wiggle High50:01:02
11Lauren Stephens (USA) Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:01:19
12Linda Melanie Villumsen (NZl) UnitedHealthcare Women
13Alena Amialiusik (Blr) Canyon-SRAM0:01:20
14Danielle King (GBr) Wiggle High50:01:22
15Mara Abbott (USA) Wiggle High5
16Allie Dragoo (USA) Twenty16 - Ridebiker0:01:28
17Brianna Walle (USA) Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:01:32
18Anouska Koster (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:01:39
19Moniek Tenniglo (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team
20Nikki Harris (GBr) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team0:01:48
21Karol Ann Canuel (Can) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team
22Lisa Brennauer (Ger) Canyon-SRAM0:01:49
23Sharon Laws (GBr) Podium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club La Santa0:01:56
24Amy Pieters (Ned) Wiggle High50:02:01
25Alison Jackson (Can) Twenty16 - Ridebiker0:02:07
26Iris Slappendel (Ned) UnitedHealthcare Women
27Annie Ewart (Can) UnitedHealthcare Women
28Lauren Kitchen (Aus) Hitec Products0:02:08
29Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl) Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank
30Hannah Barnes (GBr) Canyon-SRAM0:02:10
31Audrey Cordon (Fra) Wiggle High50:02:11
32Rossella Ratto (Ita) Cylance Pro Cycling0:02:14
33Nicole Moerig (Aus) Podium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club La Santa0:02:17
34Tayler Wiles (USA) USA National Team0:02:21
35Sara Headley (USA) Podium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club La Santa0:02:25
36Scotti Lechuga (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team0:02:29
37Lauren Hall (USA) Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:02:37
38Katie Donovan (USA) Colavita/Bianchi0:02:40
39Romy Kasper (Ger) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team
40Eri Yonamine (Jpn) Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team0:02:42
41Megan Alderete (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team
42Lucinda Brand (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:02:43
43Tiffany Cromwell (Aus) Canyon-SRAM0:02:45
44Jessica Cutler (USA) Colavita/Bianchi0:02:50
45Charlotte Becker (Ger) Hitec Products
46Tatiana Guderzo (Ita) Hitec Products
47Claire Rose (GBr) Podium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club La Santa0:02:54
48Doris Schweizer (Swi) Cylance Pro Cycling0:02:55
49Chantal Blaak (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team0:02:58
50Lex Albrecht (Can) Bepink0:02:59
51Kelly Catlin (USA) USA National Team0:03:02
52Jeanne Korevaar (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:03:03
53Gretchen Stumhofer (USA) Colavita/Bianchi0:03:14
54Sarah Storey (GBr) Podium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club La Santa0:03:18
55Alison Tetrick (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling0:03:19
56Whitney Allison (USA) Colavita/Bianchi0:03:23
57Lindsay Bayer (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team0:03:24
58Emily Collins (NZl) Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:03:29
59Anna Sanders (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling0:03:30
60Laura Massey (GBr) Drops Cycling Team0:03:33
61Amber Neben (USA) Bepink0:03:37
62Ruth Winder (USA) USA National Team0:03:39
63Rocio Parrado Guarnizo (Col) Weber Shimano Ladies Power0:03:47
64Francesca Pattaro (Ita) Bepink0:03:53
65Nina Marie Laughlin (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling0:04:01
66Kirsten Wild (Ned) Hitec Products
67Beth Ann Orton (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling0:04:02
68Ilaria Sanguineti (Ita) Bepink0:04:07
69Alexis Ryan (USA) Canyon-SRAM0:04:10
70Krista Doebel-Hickok (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling0:04:14
71Sophie Coleman (GBr) Drops Cycling Team0:04:23
72Jessenia Meneses (Col) Weber Shimano Ladies Power0:04:24
73Valentina Scandolara (Ita) Cylance Pro Cycling0:04:35
74Kimberley Wells (Aus) Colavita/Bianchi0:04:57
75Maria Fadiga (Arg) Weber Shimano Ladies Power0:04:59
76Amanda Miller (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling
77Liza Rachetto (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team0:05:04
78Silvia Valsecchi (Ita) Bepink0:05:18
79Caterin Elisabeth Previley (Arg) Weber Shimano Ladies Power0:05:19
80Jennifer George (GBr) Drops Cycling Team0:05:21
81Hannah Payton (GBr) Drops Cycling Team0:05:24
82Luciene Ferreira da Silva (Bra) Weber Shimano Ladies Power0:05:49
83Janicke Gunvaldsen (Nor) Hitec Products0:05:55
84Emma White (USA) Rally Cycling0:06:34
85Jasmin Glaesser (Can) Rally Cycling0:06:44
86Jennifer Tetrick (USA) Twenty16 - Ridebiker0:06:50
87Lauren Tamayo (USA) UnitedHealthcare Women0:07:53
88Kathrin Hammes (Ger) Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:08:38
89Elizabeth-Jane Harris (GBr) Podium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club La Santa0:09:00
90Lauretta Hanson (Aus) Colavita/Bianchi0:09:07
91Allison Elizabeth Linnell (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team0:09:20
92Mandy Heintz (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling0:09:30
93Rebeca Durrell (GBr) Drops Cycling Team0:09:55
94Barbara Guarischi (Ita) Canyon-SRAM0:13:10
95Hannah Ross (USA) Rally Cycling0:13:28
96Lucy Shaw (GBr) Drops Cycling Team0:13:46
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Mountains classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Megan Guarnier (USA) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team3pts
2Emma Johansson (Swe) Wiggle High52
3Mara Abbott (USA) Wiggle High52
4Kristin Armstrong (USA) Twenty16 - Ridebiker1
5Tayler Wiles (USA) USA National Team1
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Young rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chloe Dygert (USA) Twenty16 - Ridebiker3:33:29
2Anouska Koster (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:00:46
3Annie Ewart (Can) UnitedHealthcare Women0:01:14
4Hannah Barnes (GBr) Canyon-SRAM0:01:17
5Rossella Ratto (Ita) Cylance Pro Cycling0:01:21
6Kelly Catlin (USA) USA National Team0:02:09
7Jeanne Korevaar (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:02:10
8Ruth Winder (USA) USA National Team0:02:46
9Francesca Pattaro (Ita) Bepink0:03:00
10Ilaria Sanguineti (Ita) Bepink0:03:14
11Alexis Ryan (USA) Canyon-SRAM0:03:17
12Jessenia Meneses (Col) Weber Shimano Ladies Power0:03:31
13Hannah Payton (GBr) Drops Cycling Team0:04:31
14Emma White (USA) Rally Cycling0:05:41
15Lauretta Hanson (Aus) Colavita/Bianchi0:08:14
16Lucy Shaw (GBr) Drops Cycling Team0:12:53
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Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Twenty16 - Ridebiker10:39:25
2Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam0:00:45
4Raboliv Womencyclingteam0:01:50
5Wiggle High50:02:15
6Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:03:22
7Canyon SRAM Racing0:03:42
8Podium Ambition Pro Cycling0:04:59
9Hitec Products0:05:38
10Cylance Pro Cycling0:05:48
11Hagens Berman - Supermint0:06:16
12Colavita - Bianchi0:06:50
13USA National Team0:07:25
15Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling0:09:37
16Drops Cycling0:10:18
17Weber Shimano Ladies Power0:11:33
18Rally Cycling0:18:08

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