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Lalonde and Sable win Reforestation Ramble

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The Cat 1 men start at WORS Reforestation Ramble.

The Cat 1 men start at WORS Reforestation Ramble. (Image credit: Heather Lau)
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Jesse Lalonde (Gary Fisher 29 / T6 / BKB) is followed through the singletrack by brother Mark (Planet Bike / GT / T6), Brian Matter (Gear Grinder) and Travis Woodruff (Adventure 212 / Specialized).

Jesse Lalonde (Gary Fisher 29 / T6 / BKB) is followed through the singletrack by brother Mark (Planet Bike / GT / T6), Brian Matter (Gear Grinder) and Travis Woodruff (Adventure 212 / Specialized). (Image credit: Extreme Photography)
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Lori Sable (Twin Six) raced to her first WORS Pro / Cat 1 win at the Reforestation Ramble.

Lori Sable (Twin Six) raced to her first WORS Pro / Cat 1 win at the Reforestation Ramble. (Image credit: Karen Reich)
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WORS Series director and NORBA Trustee Don Edberg (#811) took to the course at the Ramble in the 50+ Open division.

WORS Series director and NORBA Trustee Don Edberg (#811) took to the course at the Ramble in the 50+ Open division. (Image credit: Thomas Harron)

The Reforestation Ramble, the ninth race in the 2009 Wisconsin Off Road Series, was held Sunday, August 30, outside Green Bay, Wisconsin. Steady rainfall on Saturday afternoon caused race officials to close the course to preview, but Sunday dawned with sunny skies and perfect conditions on the sandy trails. At the end of the 36-mile race, WORS 2008 Overall Series winner Jesse Lalonde (Gary Fisher 29 / T6 / BKB) took home the victory in the men's field and Lori Sable (Twin Six) enjoyed her first visit to the top of the WORS ladies podium.

The distance at the Ramble's marathon format course was longer than the average WORS race, though greater inclusion of doubletrack and open sections meant that finishing times were comparable. Many top finishers used the race as a preview of the upcoming Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival on September 19, and the race attracted several top riders from outside the series, including former WORS champion Rebecca Cleveland (Bike Hub) and cyclo-cross racer Kristin Wentworth (Planet Bike).

"Yesterday was a great race to prepare for Chequamegon," said 2009 Triple Crown contender Brian Matter. The Triple Crown has been passed to those few who win three celebrated upper Midwest point-to-point events during a single season, the Ore to Shore, the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival, and the Iceman Cometh. Matter took home the honors after the 2007 Iceman, when he launched a solo attack to hold off national stars Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and Ned Overend as well as Midwest favorites Michael Simonsen, Jesse Lalonde and Tristan Schouten.

On Sunday at the Ramble, it was Jesse Lalonde who held Matter's wheel during a final attack and came around for the win.

"It wasn't until midway through the final lap that the moves started flying with Brian Matter looking to be the strong man," said Lalonde after the race. "I latched on to a strong uphill surge as we gapped the other riders enough to sneak away. I road Brian's wheel until we were half a mile out and punched it for the victory."

Despite riding away from a tightly-packed and fast-moving field, neither Lalonde nor Matter felt they were in their top form for the Ramble.

Matter, who is a strong contender for the WORS Overall series win in 2009, said, "I was happy with my result after a couple weeks off the bike, and now it's time to start ramping up for the second half of the season!"

Lalonde, who was undefeated last season for the WORS Overall series win, was likewise modest. "This season has been full of transitions with a job and buying a new house. My priority of pedaling a bike has taken a back seat many times so my intent is to salvage what I can out of the season, and what better way to start than at the Ramble."

A tight race until the final moments

With the top five podium spots in the Belgioioso Men's Pro / Cat 1 race coming across the line within a minute of Jesse Lalonde, the races for third and fourth place were even tighter. Younger brother Mark Lalonde (Planet Bike / GT / T6) outsprinted Adventure 212 / Specialized teammates Chris Peariso and Travis (TJ) Woodruff by tenths of a second.

"The race allowed a large group of seven to eight riders to stay together until late in the race," said race winner Jesse Lalonde. "During the first tow laps I spent a lot of time on the front trying to stretch the elastic without luck."

"It was very important to be patient in the lead group at the front of the race," said Matter. "The singletrack was smooth, and when you got in the right rhythm you would make guys chase coming out into the open sections. When I made my move with a half lap to go, it worked to drop five of the guys in the lead group. However Jesse suffered up to my wheel and raced smart at the end to just beat me at the finish."

"I chose to ride my rigid single with a larger gear ratio than in the past as an experiment for the upcoming Chequamegon race, which worked in my favor," said Lalonde. "This style of course suited me well despite the wide open stretches and the longer distance. The course was near perfect in terms of conditions and the mix of single track and double track was superb. I'm hoping this will be the slingshot I needed to get back into the swing of things."

A hard-fought battle for a first overall in the ladies' race

Heading into the first section of singletrack, Rebecca Cleveland took the holeshot and charged to an early lead. "Most of my riding this year has been long endurance riding to prepare for the Leadville 100," said Cleveland. "It's now time to 'kick it up a notch' and work on building some top end speed before Chequamegon. This race was definitely the hardest thing I've done all year!

Cleveland, who finished the Leadville Trail 100 in just 11:08:33, didn't mind the marathon format. "After finishing at Leadville two weeks ago, the 'longer' format at the Ramble was a breeze! It was very fun being able to race on my hometown course. I grew up in Suamico and have skied, hiked, and biked out there for almost 30 years."

Riding to close the early gap was Lori Sable (Twin Six). The petite Sable recently took delivery of a new bike, and is enjoying a great season with the custom fit. A consistent top-five finisher in the WORS series, Sable had yet to step onto the top of the ladies podium, but the Ramble was her day.

"I am a fan of the longer races, as I tend to be a slow starter," said Sable after her victory. "I am not a sprinter, so the longer courses actually suit me because it seems that I get 'into my zone' as the race goes on. I didn't know what to expect going into the race and, for whatever reason, was extremely nervous. Of course, as soon as race director Shawn Hauser said 'Go', that all changed and I settled in and started racing. Rebecca got away initially and I just though to myself, 'I need to ride my own race and not make any mistakes'. Of course, shortly after that, I crashed on a slippery root!"

Sable and Cleveland ultimately crossed the line over five minutes ahead of the third place finisher, Kristin Wentworth. However, the battle between the two women in the lead was close until the very end.

"I knew I had a solid second place going into the second lap, and I also knew that I was feeling pretty good so, when Twin Six teammate Rick Walls came by halfway through the second lap, I sucked his wheel and, basically, he pulled me until we caught Rebecca towards the beginning of the third lap. At that point, I thought to myself 'no need to blow myself up', and let Rick go. After the last portion of singletrack, Rebecca was slightly ahead of me, maybe 15 seconds, and, at that point, another male rider, Dan Schaefer, not only bridged us up to Rebecca, but passed her. I sat on his wheel knowing it was now or never and it paid off! When I turned and looked back, just prior to the finish, Rebecca was not in sight!"

Cleveland rolled across the line just 23 seconds behind Sable. "Knowing the singletrack definitely gave me an advantage over the other women," said Cleveland, "but unfortunately, we ended on a mile of wide open trail and I just couldn't hold off Lori, who tactically rode a very smart race and had energy left when it counted.

Both women commented on the great condition of the course, and improvements in the layout of the race this year made by the local organizer, Shawn Hauser of the TitleTown Flyers.

"The course conditions were perfect! Trust me, I am not one to pray for rain because I like racing in the dry conditions but knowing that Ramble tends to be very sandy and absorbs the rain so well, I knew rain would only help the course. And that it did," said Sable. "The singletrack flows so well and is a blast to ride and with the rain the previous evening, the ski trails, although usually very sandy, were like concrete."

Cleveland agreed. "Shawn did a great job mixing up the sections of singletrack, running some of it backwards and including the hilly maples ski trail which got steeper and steeper each lap. The rain kept the sand packed down nicely, but it also made the many tree roots deserving of respect on the corners."

WORS Series still in contention

With only three races to go in the series, the race for the overall spot in the Belgioioso Pro / Cat 1 men's field is still wide open, with top contenders Brian Matter, Mark Lalonde, and current series leader Nathan Guerra in close competition with several others. In the women's series, 2008 winner Abigail Strigel (Mafia Racing / Pabst / Felt) is defending her title well, though some serious shuffling could still occur with Holly Liske (Hayes Disc Brakes), Lisa Krayer (Wildside Velo Club), and Twin Six teammates Meghan Korol and Lori Sable in the mix.

The next race in the series will be held on September 13 outside Lake Geneva, Wisconsin at Treadfest.


Elite and Cat. 1 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lori Sable (Twin Six)2:26:55
2Rebecca Cleveland (Bike Hub)0:00:24
3Kristin Wentworth (Planet Bike)0:05:26
4Meghan Korol (Twin Six)0:05:50
5Lisa Krayer (Wildside Velo Club)0:06:01
6Claire Cannon (Team WORS)0:07:21
7Andrea Matter (Gear Grinder)0:10:51
8April Dombrowski (Team Pedal Moraine)0:11:55
9Renee Bach (Chain Smokers)0:17:09
10Regina Campbell (Alterra/TwinSix/SixSixOne)0:17:24
11Christine Czarnecki (Alterra Coffee MTB Team)0:23:50
12Brenda Zimmermann Thorpe (Dude Girl/Fat Tire Guides/RMC)0:26:52
13Elizabeth Baumgardt (Ellsworth)0:27:43
14Hannah Zlomke (Mr. Tree Racing)0:28:03
DNSAbigail Strigel (Mafia Racing/Pabst/Felt)

Elite and Cat. 1 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jesse Lalonde (Gary Fisher 29r / T6 / BKB)2:03:16
2Brian Matter (Gear Grinder)0:00:03
3Mark Lalonde (Planet Bike/GT/ T6)0:00:43
4Chris Peariso (Adventure 212 / Specialized)0:00:43
5Tj Woodruff (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:00:46
6Darrin Braun (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:01:45
7Mike Phillips (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:03:01
8Jeff Melcher (Team Pedal Moraine)0:03:38
9Maciej Nowak (Team Polska)0:03:39
10Ted Hanes (Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:03:41
11Nathan Guerra (Mr. Tree)0:03:43
12Tristan Schouten (Planet Bike/GT)0:04:07
13Scott Cole (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:05:55
14Joe Curtes (Garage 864 / T6 / Bens)0:05:56
15Jordan Roessingh0:05:57
16Trevor Olson (Muddy Cup)0:05:57
17Ronald Stawicki (Team Polska)0:05:57
18Dan Holsen (Lake Area Physical Therapy)0:05:58
19Ryan Krayer (GTDirtCoalition//WildsideVelo)0:05:58
20Adam Swank0:06:00
21Ray Nelson (Treadhead Cycling)0:07:57
22Greg Cullen (wheel and sprocket)0:07:58
23Nikolai Anikin (conti)0:08:57
24John Lirette (Hayes Disc Brakes)0:10:06
25Seth Lenss (Title Town Flyers)0:10:32
26Neil Swanson (Team Wors)0:11:55
27Mike Curtes (Fuel Cafe/Milwaukee Bicycle Co)0:11:57
28Glenn Kirst (Wheel & Sprocket)0:12:03
29J. W. Miller (Mafia Racing/Pabst/Felt)0:13:00
30John Shull (CLIF BAR)0:13:06
31Chad Hildebrandt (Hammer Nutrition)0:13:08
32Mike Budd (Wheel &Sprocket)0:13:20
33Seth Eckert (PYOC)0:13:33
34John Beck0:14:07
35Nate Jasperson (performa cycling)0:14:18
36Jake Begley (Rudy Project/GU/SSS)0:15:20
37Russ Krueger (Muddy Cup / COLC)0:15:49
38Joel Hynes (Titletown Flyer)0:19:24
39Jan Rybar (Team Pedal Moraine)0:19:35
40Jerrod Collier (Muddy Cup Racing)0:20:58
41Jason Gosse (Wors Posse)0:22:32
42Ben Koenig (Rib Mountain Cycles)0:34:54

Cat. 1 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Caleb Lenss (Titletown Flyer)2:19:14
2Justin Michels (Gear N' Up)0:02:34
3Myles Beach (EXPO)0:04:58
4Nathan Labecki (EXPO)0:07:28
5Kyle Warras (EXPO Racing)0:07:48
6Casey Hildebrandt (Hammer Nutritio)0:09:47
7Mitchell Bogardus (Team Expo)0:18:33
8Ryan Voss (Muddy Cup Racin)0:26:25

Men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Poulton (Clif)2:19:58
2John Timm (Team Extreme)0:03:31
3Don Edberg (Team WORS)0:05:59
4Jon Derksen (Wheel and Sprocket)0:08:20
5Brad Tennis (Wildside Velo)0:19:25
6Gary Bender0:20:36
7Mark Bader0:25:23
8Tom Detzner (Rock Cut Trail Crew)0:59:34

Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joe Stephens (Hayes Brakes)2:15:47
2Chad Boyles (BVC / Nomad Cyc)0:00:32
3Jerry Daanen (TWIN SIX / MARS)0:02:58
4Greg Jones (Lake Geneva Cyc)0:04:07
5Joel Coon (T6/BelGioioso/B)0:10:35
6Russell Jobs (Hayes Brakes)0:11:05
7Eric Pompeo (team extreme)0:11:07
8Bret Glembocki0:11:09
9David Thomas (Twin Six)0:12:12
10Mark Burkholz (Extreme Bike)0:14:54
11Tim Montee (muddy cup racin)0:17:00
12Tim Bates (Muddy Cup Racin)0:28:57

Cat. 2 Men (assorted categories)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matthew Muraski (The Route)2:13:40
2Matt Zak (Continental Ski)0:02:44
3Tyson Schwiesow (Tower Clock Eye)0:04:38
4Justin Piontek (Twin Six)0:06:01
5Jesse Shoemaker (Performa Cycling)0:06:02
6Nick Sabel (Fond du Lac)0:06:39
7Bob Brady0:06:55
8Kurt Schwiesow (Tower Clock Eye)0:06:59
9Jeff Aksland (clif bar)0:07:06
10Dan Schaefer (Team Pedal Moraine)0:07:14
11Don Slickman (Mountain Outfitters)0:07:25
12Ross Lemke (Team Pedal Moraine)0:07:27
13Luke Holtan (Velo Trocadero)0:07:34
14Ben Welnak (Performance Cycling)0:08:27
15Jason Aho0:08:42
16Rick Walls (Muddy Cup / T6)0:08:42
17Wade Loberger (Wheel and Sprocket)0:08:44
18Sean Shields (Team Pedal Moraine)0:09:12
19Jeff Sympson (RVO/ Kegel's)0:09:35
20Brian Petted (Fuel Cafe/Garage 864)0:09:36
21Christopher Tries (South Shore Cycling)0:09:42
22Dave Schulze0:09:45
23Glen Stroik (Wheaton Franciscian Healthcare)0:09:49
24Corey Stelljes (chainsmokers)0:09:52
25Mark Cole (Specialized/Titletown Flyers)0:09:59
26Peter Coenen0:10:24
27Scott Spoo (Wannabee Racing)0:10:26
28Craig Hertz0:10:27
29Brian Hess (WORS)0:11:27
30Ty Gonzalez (Alterra CoffeeMTB Team)0:11:32
31Jeff Seifert (Guinness)0:11:52
32Brett Edgerle0:12:08
33Karl Tillman (LaCrosse Velo Club)0:12:21
34Scott Hietpas (Wors)0:12:22
35Andrew Ohlsson0:12:26
36Ben Neubauer (performa Cycling)0:12:38
37Jeremy Vogels (Performa Cycling)0:13:11
38Dan Tavela (Treadhead)0:13:34
39Mark Olski (Mattioli Cycles)0:13:52
40Jay Labecki (Hayes Brake)0:14:48
41Mark Balkenende (Guinness)0:14:58
42Michael Joachim (Stadium Bike)0:15:24
43Anthony Ferrara (New Moon Bike Shop)0:15:26
44Joseph Sielen (Team Pegasus)0:15:29
45Wally Kunstman (Gear Grinder)0:15:54
46Todd Bischoff (Gary Fisher 29er Crew)0:16:34
47Karl Erbach (Project 5 Racing)0:16:57
48David Bender (JVC/Michael's Cycles)0:17:19
49Todd Bugnacki (Club Tread)0:17:22
50Dan Ellerkamp (Magnus)0:17:43
51Steve Pribek0:18:02
52Nick Christofalos (Clif Bar/T6/Higher Gear)0:18:54
53Patrick Haley (Velo Trocadero)0:19:18
54Chris Gabrielson (Wildside Velo Club)0:19:26
55Jeffrey Gantz (Titletown Flyers)0:20:10
56Norman Paternoster0:20:19
57Todd Derksen0:20:58
58Steve Jeske (Pedal Moraine)0:22:36
59Jason Martini (Titletown Flyers)0:23:11
60Sebastian Corby (Log Eaters)0:23:40
61Matt Block (BIKEMAN.COM)0:23:56
62John Robertson0:24:43
63Scott Janssen0:25:38
64Bob Phelps (Alterra Coffee)0:26:02
65Jeremiah Logemann (Mongoose Juice)0:27:02
66John Kadletz0:28:26
67Casey Masterson (Velo Trocadero)0:29:07
68Bill Schneider (Elliot)0:30:16
69Brian Rummelhart (
70Michael Ziegler (JVC/Michael\'sCycles)0:33:52
71Jonathan Nehring (Peddle Moraine)0:34:16
72Mike Piarulli (Cranked Bike Studio)0:50:54

Cat. 2 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carrieann Kopernik (Nova Cycle Sports)1:49:00
2Melissa Dupke (Trikes 2 Bikes)0:01:11
3Sarah Huang (Hayes)0:03:07
4Angela Theriault (Alterra Coffee)0:03:08
5Terra Nicklas0:03:12
6Kate Heil (Wheel and Sprocket)0:03:18
7Brittany Nigh (Team Pedal Moraine)0:03:19
8Mandy Hagman0:03:50
9Ann Holsen (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)0:05:56
10Lauren Jones0:06:53
11Sara Birdsall (Performa Cycling)0:09:02
12Sondra Klipp (Janesville VeloClub)0:09:03
13Lynne Senkerik (Team Extreme)0:09:30
14Deb Joseph (Muddy Cup Racing)0:09:48
15Jackie Jadin (Trikes 2 Bikes)0:10:29
16Colleen Westphal (Team Pedal Moraine)0:10:31
17Moriah Griesbach (Point PursuitTB Club)0:12:08
18Helmy Tennis (Wildside Velo)0:12:48
19Susie McGinnity (Elliot)0:14:15
20Melissa Putzer (Wheel and Sprocket)0:16:55
21Christine Griesbach (Point Pursuit)0:17:58
22Liz Shull (CLIF BAR)0:25:17
23Melissa Brown0:32:29
24Rebecca Crocker (Team Caboose)0:36:59
25Jessica Helmlinger (Cafe HollanderRDC)0:46:56

Cat 2. Men (more assorted categories)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Heil (Wheel & Sprocket)1:33:43
2Dan Szczepanski (Title Town Flyers / BelGioioso)0:00:41
3Ben Senkerik (Team Extreme)0:00:42
4Bryan Frazier (Wildside Velo Club)0:00:50
5Andrew Webb0:00:54
6Erin Sikora (Titletown Flyers)0:02:03
7Chad Klaus0:02:07
8Scott Diedrich (Attitude Sports)0:02:13
9Brian Kelley (kelchiro/new auburn builders)0:02:29
10Ben Marchewka (Team Pedal Moraine)0:02:30
11Anthony Dombrowski (Pedal Moraine)0:02:47
12Cameron Schave (Fond Du Lac Cyclery)0:02:50
13Dustin Dale (Riverbrook Momentum)0:02:51
14Greg Krieger (Alterra)0:03:10
15Ryan Kleimenhagen (Chainsmokers)0:03:12
16Noah Marcus (chainsmokers)0:03:29
17Jim Sadauckas (Team Extreme)0:03:33
18Chan Barden (Bike Hub)0:03:36
19Bill Burkholder (Kegel\'s Bike)0:03:41
20Nathan Klump0:03:46
21Andrew Tegge0:04:03
22Brian Christensen (Gear Grinder)0:04:15
23Kenneth Ramm (Wors)0:04:24
24Lance Wall (Treadhead cycle club)0:04:36
25Jeff Bublitz (Gen X / World Bicycle Relief)0:04:37
26Chris Harrison (Titletown flyers)0:04:40
27Joshua Rupnow (Team Extreme)0:04:45
28Brent Palmer (Titletown Flyers)0:04:49
29Cole Jacobsen (Titletown Flyers)0:04:53
30Jesse Sharp (Tower Clock Eye Ctr)0:04:58
31Craig Erbach (Project Five)0:05:04
32Christopher Volbrecht (Treadhead Cycling)0:05:06
33Jeff Weyenberg0:05:09
34Dave Kastellic (Team Surf)0:05:19
35Jamie Prange (Team Cyclopath)0:05:21
36Joshua Bartoszuk (864/Fuel)0:05:33
37Lionel Rocheleau (Kenosha Velosport)0:05:34
38Terry Harron (Cascade Mountain)0:05:36
39Warren Fowler (Titletown flyers)0:05:42
40Scott Palmersheim (Pedal Moraine)0:05:52
41John Gregorski (Expo Racing)0:05:55
42Kelly Skinkis (Titletown Flyers)0:06:04
43Adam Lange (Appleton Bike)0:06:04
44Sean Miller (Michaels Cycles)0:06:14
45Michael Valente0:06:22
46Sage Kokjohn0:06:23
47Jesse Kusserow0:06:23
48Bobby Bemmels0:06:35
49Matt Luger (Team Pedal Moraine)0:06:37
50Bryan Lau0:06:38
51Paul Kekstas (Performa Cycling)0:06:55
52Robert Mautz (Mountain Outfitters)0:06:56
53Curt Demott (Titletown Flyers)0:06:57
54Bob Callaway (Vernon Trails - Bluedog)0:06:58
55Matt Dale (Riverbrook)0:06:59
56Jeremy Lentz0:07:02
57Nick Wierzba (City Bike Works)0:07:06
58David Volm (Alterra)0:07:13
59Joe Alligood (Ellsworth)0:07:36
60Matthew Lanser0:08:10
61Andrew Wiesner (Titletown Flyers)0:08:12
62Chris Hinshaw (Attitude Sportslery)0:08:19
63Jimmy Toombs (Erik's Bikes &Boards)0:08:26
64Jeff Bernaeyge (threadhead cycling)0:08:39
65Leif Hagman0:08:44
66Don Freitag0:08:49
67Michael Quitzon0:09:11
68Andy Witt0:09:15
69John Hughes (Team Pedal Moraine)0:09:37
70Andrew Senderhauf (wheel and sprocket)0:09:45
71Tyler Welnak (Wheel & Sprocket)0:10:07
72Troy Sable0:10:14
73Danny Holtermann (Gen-ex/World Bicycle Relief)0:10:30
74Chris Fellows (Wors)0:10:31
75Brian Brown0:10:31
76Matthew Berg (Titletown Flyers)0:10:32
77Jack Schirpke (Team Extreme)0:10:47
78David De Witt (Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:11:03
79David Mennenoh (off road rfirecracker)0:11:05
80Jeff Steckbauer (
81Dan Schuster (City Bike Works)0:11:29
82Jeff Swanstrom0:11:34
83Adrian Icenogle (Attitude Sportss/BelGioioso)0:11:38
84John Daming (Kranks 2.0)0:11:50
85Eric Gorder0:11:56
86Jacob Johnsrud0:11:58
87Jason Ruesch0:11:59
88Aaron Mix (Spokes N Spines)0:12:07
89Matthew Hattenhauer0:12:08
90Steve Hoppman (Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:12:13
91Jon Moreau0:12:15
92Tim Bouche0:12:16
93Mark Muraski (Riverbrook)0:12:17
94Mark Schindel (Titletown Flyers)0:12:22
95Steven Drecoll0:12:26
96Marcus Steele (Title Town Flyers)0:12:30
97Justin Wheelock0:12:31
98Keith Kaufman (Overdrive Cycling)0:12:33
99Dakota Dale (River Brook)0:12:34
100William Griesbach (Point Pursuit)0:12:34
101Tom Wendland (TEAM EXTREME)0:12:34
102Terry Prewitt (Attitude Sports)0:12:52
103Brian Gill (
104Troy Schaden0:13:02
105Greg Morrow (Team Pedal Moraine)0:13:11
106Andy Borell (Attitude Sports)0:13:19
107Bradley Stankowski0:13:21
108Jesse Jaehnig (Fat Tires n Beer)0:13:29
109Luke Utecht (Performa Cycling)0:13:38
110William Peters (Titletown Flyers)0:13:38
111Mike Morrison0:13:45
112Jeff Greatens0:14:23
113Jacob Becker (GenX/World Bicycle Relief)0:14:24
114ed Schuster0:14:25
115Dustin Vande Zande (Point Pursuit)0:14:31
116Rick-James Hill0:14:33
117Anthony Lagowski0:14:50
118Brett Palm0:15:06
119Rob Hofmann (Team Extreme)0:15:14
120Peter Chiappetta (Team Cyclopath)0:15:43
121Mark Szudrowitz0:15:54
122Nathan Kniss0:15:58
123Wade Flisram (Team Extreme)0:16:00
124Kyle Johnson (Gear N up)0:16:03
125Anton Koenigsmann0:16:03
126Derek Sokoloski0:16:13
127John Senkerik (Team Extreme)0:16:16
128Chad Hoppe (Team Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:16:30
129Mike Sherman0:16:33
130Benjamin Swart (Team Pedal Moraine)0:16:41
131Randy Borst (Titletown Flyers)0:16:47
132Kenny Dretzka (Team Cyclopath)0:16:59
133Dave Dahlman (Team Extreme)0:17:00
134Pat Fry (Titletown Flyers)0:17:02
135Dave Reich (Team Extreme)0:17:21
136Keith Westphal (Team Pedal Moraine)0:17:28
137Rich Mennenoh (TreadHead Cycling)0:17:42
138Stephen Erickson (Bowman Gas Company)0:17:43
139Dale Tease (Rest)0:17:47
140Joel Flory0:17:52
141Bob Ferrara0:18:03
142Darrin Kolka (Deviant Snow Crew)0:18:15
143Edward Piontek0:18:31
144Chris Cooper (Hayes Disc Brakes)0:19:17
145Kenneth Andrews (Spokes N Spines)0:19:33
146Steve Strobel0:19:43
147Timothy Hall0:20:05
148Kevin Lemke (Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:20:05
149Jeff Wren (Team Extreme)0:20:10
150Robert Sorenson (TNT)0:20:29
151Kurt Kargel (Wildside Velo)0:20:40
152Eric Steffen (teamcyclopath)0:20:55
153Travis Johnson0:21:33
154Clayton Parulski (Mountain Outfitters)0:21:39
155Troy Olm (Chainsmokers)0:21:59
156Paul Compton (Compton Bros Racing)0:22:14
157Alexander Adamson (Kenosha Velosports)0:22:18
158Glenn Thomas0:22:36
159Jason Dostal0:22:37
160Tim Bougie0:22:38
161James Mistark0:22:40
162Gary Esko0:22:50
163Paul Ihde ( Titletown Flyers)0:22:54
164Jim Splittgerber0:23:11
165Adam Dowling0:23:39
166Dave Hornung (Team Fonddulac/Oshkosh)0:23:46
167David Augustiniak0:24:05
168Brian Coppock0:24:35
169Michael B Holbrook0:26:40
170Loren Darling (Grainger Bike Club)0:26:44
171Jeremy Jonas0:27:08
172James S. Heinecke (UW-Whitewater / PowerBar)0:27:11
173Thomas Silbernagel (Team Extremei & Bike)0:28:15
174Patrick Johnson (Gear n Up)0:28:20
175Doug Mathieson (Trikes 2 Bikes)0:28:25
176Mike Brauer0:28:53
177Ryan Theel (Team Cyclopath)0:30:08
178Chris Smith (Team Extreme)0:30:09
179Kevin Knutson (Peace Coffee)0:31:50
180Aaron McGinnis (Gen X/World Bicycle)0:32:19
181Jeff Wojcinski0:32:46
182Steve Havlichek0:33:33
183Steve Manthe (Chainsmokers)0:34:40
184Paul Westberg (Title Town Flyers)0:35:07
185Alex Debbouj (Bike hub)0:36:33
186Matthew White0:36:42
187Mike Hoeft (Bike Hub)0:37:21
188Richard Uren0:37:44
189Nick Zoerner (Kenosha Drivers Club)0:38:04
190Samuel Walbrook0:39:31
191Jeffrey Miller0:39:34
192Robert Langlois0:42:41
193Scott Krueger (Muddy Cup)0:43:18
194Randy Feuillerat (Janes Velo Club)0:43:52
195Kevin Schuster (Gen X/World Bicycle Relief)0:47:01
196Wally Sniadajewski (Point Pursuit)1:08:05
197Daniel Tinsley1:17:22

Cat. 3 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rachael Jensen0:54:59
2Emily Shull0:01:15
3Pascalle Dumez0:03:46
4Rolleen Kralovec0:03:49
5Niki Frazier0:03:58
6Sarah Gill0:04:02
7Kelli Piotrowski0:04:09
8Melinda Propson0:04:22
9Arin Lemke0:04:37
10Theresa Bender0:04:50
11Kacie Griffin0:05:00
12Andrea Lyman0:05:08
13Diane Callaway0:05:22
14Kira Miller0:05:36
15Wendy Lewin0:06:05
16Becky Rands0:06:28
17Margaret Matuszak0:06:28
18Anne Newhouse0:06:41
19Amy Dykema0:06:42
20Jenni Borell0:06:42
21Kelly Sadauckas0:07:11
22Chelsea Zello0:07:13
23Sue Borchardt0:07:46
24Suzanne Flory0:08:26
25Tina Olm0:08:31
26Heather Utecht0:08:42
27Kerri Swart0:08:42
28Kelly Raber0:09:13
29Maja Holcomb0:10:24
30Becky Carvin0:10:41
31Chasity Gabrielson0:10:41
32Sue Gill0:11:58
33Heather Marty0:12:09
34Katie Kohn0:13:06
35Dana Enz0:13:21
36Sandra Hildebrandt0:14:34
37Katie Mennenoh0:15:24
38Jodi Rummelhart0:15:24
39Lori Baccus0:15:25
40Nicole Weyenberg0:15:33
41Shannon Young0:15:58
42Samantha Kosarzycki0:17:48
43Jennifer Versch0:17:50
44Elizabeth Berg0:23:02
45Danielle Tournier0:23:59
46Barbara Daanen0:28:41
47Marisol Campbell0:31:46
48Emily Welnak0:32:19

Cat. 3 men (assorted categories)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tony Kaatz0:48:17
2Dan Wierzba0:00:04
3Mark Clinton0:00:15
4Derek Sommerfeld0:00:28
5Jason Gibson0:01:01
6Ken Naef0:01:21
7Bo Schinke0:01:33
8Nick Krcma0:01:38
9Erik Freeberg0:02:14
10Marko Gerovac0:02:14
11Christopher Stevens0:02:24
12Eric Stanke0:02:28
13Nate Schoenemann0:02:33
14Derek Jones0:02:48
15Larry Hipps0:03:11
16Patrick Scheibel0:03:27
17Joe Vanderpuy0:03:31
18Jordan Loeck0:03:40
19Christopher Mcgovern0:03:41
20Eli Lipp0:03:51
21Brian Schoenrock0:03:57
22Luke Speer0:03:58
23Scott Foate0:04:03
24Barry Campbell0:04:05
25Matt Karwowski0:04:21
26Matt Paterson0:04:27
27Rennis Delgado0:04:28
28Brian Paterson0:04:32
29Kevin Atkins0:04:37
30David Carignan0:04:39
31Jake Therrien0:04:39
32Nathan Johnson0:04:44
33Reece Oleson0:04:45
34Collin Coleman0:04:52
35Eric Ohlfs0:05:08
36Erik Beckman0:05:12
37Ryan Rehm0:05:21
38Brandon Flisram0:05:22
39Dan Dittrich0:05:22
40Amos Holbrook0:05:41
41Chris Kemble0:05:46
42Michael McClure0:05:48
43Dan Smith0:05:56
44Keith Oleson0:05:57
45Mark Corrigan0:05:58
46Josey Weik0:06:04
47Christopher Schmidt0:06:25
48Jonathan Blanchard0:06:26
49Chris Augustian0:06:35
50Cory Marty0:06:38
51Dean Freeberg0:06:42
52Brian Visintin0:06:44
53Jared Brodjeski0:06:56
54John Sowatsky0:07:00
55Curt Clarke0:07:08
56Joel Stewart0:07:30
57Jeff Batzer0:07:31
58Peter Fetters0:07:37
59Jesse Berg0:07:41
60Jim Baxa0:08:10
61Michael Miller0:08:10
62Kyle Berchem0:08:18
63Jon Miller0:08:27
64Jonathan Mathews0:08:28
65Travis Schirpke0:08:46
66Mike Gorka0:08:59
67Pete Thielen0:09:04
68James Brasuell0:09:05
69Nick Theodoru0:09:07
70David Hack0:09:12
71Bradley Lahner0:09:20
72Paul Wilson0:09:23
73John Ruggles0:09:28
74Kevin Lisowe0:09:31
75Joseph Fischer0:09:34
76Tyler Will0:09:34
77Dan Demott0:09:38
78Joshua Stepka0:10:08
79Chris Hoyme0:10:14
80Jon Holcomb0:10:26
81Larry Horse0:10:47
82Matthew Steele0:10:49
83Gary Frost0:11:00
84Walter White0:11:06
85Gregory Spencer0:11:10
86Eric Grissom0:11:34
87Gary Van Vreede0:11:43
88Chester Krueger0:11:54
89Aaron Gilson0:11:55
90Jordan Watkins0:11:56
91Todd Nutter0:11:59
92Thomas Harron0:12:00
93Allan Hilbert0:12:15
94Christopher Voss0:12:29
95Will Robinson0:12:36
96Joeseph Lytle0:12:48
97Robert Campbell0:12:51
98George Doty0:13:03
99Ryan Steen0:13:15
100Mike Laviolette0:13:38
101Mike Borchardt0:14:03
102Dave Montez0:14:13
103Alex Lipp0:14:45
104John Devroy0:14:48
105Steven Nejedlo0:15:05
106Kent Kohls0:15:09
107Bob Moczynski0:15:12
108John Krutke0:15:28
109Dennis Klinkert0:15:31
110Jim Fetterer0:15:50
111Henry Kosarzycki0:16:01
112Kurt Otto0:16:02
113Danny Winfree0:16:02
114Ron Jansen0:16:13
115Shane Holcomb0:16:34
116Scott Graff0:16:35
117Jacob Glatt0:16:58
118Mark Koenig0:16:58
119Justin Bernen0:18:00
120Eric Klister0:18:23
121Samuel Huang0:19:11
122Brian Olesen0:19:12
123Aaron Steen0:20:05
124William Chiappetta0:20:16
125Dan McGlynn0:21:10
126Joel Berchem0:22:05
127Chris Miller0:22:29
128Richard Wenborne0:22:58
129Mike Middendorf0:23:14
130Jim Lalonde0:23:46
131Scott Barclay0:25:21
132Ted Batzer0:26:03
133Matt Kincade0:26:39
134Dennis Westberg0:33:26

Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jordan Pellett0:27:32
2Anna Poulton0:00:01
3Megan Senderhauf0:03:27
4Cailey Jeske0:03:41
5Jasmine Bouche0:03:44
6Ava Steele0:04:49
7Erin Lenss0:05:38
8Kenzie Otto0:06:22
9Chloe Beach0:07:54
10Amber Bouche0:09:45
11Miranda Lanser0:10:18
12Madisyn Schuster0:11:26
13Monica Gabrielson0:11:46
14Maya Steele0:12:08
15Greta Schwiesow0:13:05
16Leah Fletcher0:13:07
17Claire Stuart0:31:02
18Grace Prewitt0:34:52

Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Davis Mattingly0:24:45
2Riley Kunstman0:00:07
3Austin Sympson0:01:55
4Tate Mattingly0:02:00
5Nick Christensen0:02:09
6Roman Kosarzycki0:02:58
7Aidan Coleman0:04:26
8Cole Bouche0:04:33
9Jimmy Splittgerber0:04:41
10Dan Montez0:05:06
11Aaron Smith0:05:15
12Joey Scalissi0:05:55
13Gabe Barden0:05:58
14Kyle Kargel0:06:13
15Colton Campbell0:06:48
16Bridger Flory0:07:25
17Owen Reich0:07:27
18Participant 62010:07:50
19Bruce Anschutz0:08:20
20William Darling0:08:22
21Max Kohls0:09:11
22Hunter Schmitt0:09:28
23Elliot Schneider0:09:28
24Jackson Jennings0:09:34
25Skyler Schmitt0:11:13
26Henry Schwiesow0:17:11
27Fletcher Arlen0:24:22
28Andrew Schmidt0:24:48
29Andrew Schirpke0:25:11

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