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Stevens, Talansky capture US time trial titles

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Stevens tops the podium

Stevens tops the podium (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Alison Powers (Team Vera Bradley Foundation) finished fifth in the elite women's time trial.

Alison Powers (Team Vera Bradley Foundation) finished fifth in the elite women's time trial. (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Elite women's bronze medalist Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12).

Elite women's bronze medalist Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12). (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12) en route to a third place finish in the elite women's time trial.

Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12) en route to a third place finish in the elite women's time trial. (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Elite men's silver medalist Dan Harm.

Elite men's silver medalist Dan Harm. (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Junior women's 17-18 champion, Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12) is cheered on by Kristin Armstrong.

Junior women's 17-18 champion, Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12) is cheered on by Kristin Armstrong. (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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A Team Holowesko partners rider in action.

A Team Holowesko partners rider in action. (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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The U23 men's podium.

The U23 men's podium. (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Elite men's champion Michael Olheiser (TriStar Cycling Team) rounds a corner.

Elite men's champion Michael Olheiser (TriStar Cycling Team) rounds a corner. (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Michael Olheiser (TriStar Cycling Team) en route to victory in the elite men's event.

Michael Olheiser (TriStar Cycling Team) en route to victory in the elite men's event. (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) pulls on her stars and stripes jersey

Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) pulls on her stars and stripes jersey (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Andrew Talansky (California Giant) and Carter Jones (Jelly Belly Cycling)

Andrew Talansky (California Giant) and Carter Jones (Jelly Belly Cycling) (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Andrew Talansky corners at speed

Andrew Talansky corners at speed (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Andrew Talansky in action

Andrew Talansky in action (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Andrew Talansky (California Giant)

Andrew Talansky (California Giant) (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Andrew Talansky in the stars and stripes

Andrew Talansky in the stars and stripes (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Andrew Talansky (California Giant)

Andrew Talansky (California Giant) (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Trek Livestrong took fourth and sixth

Trek Livestrong took fourth and sixth (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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A Tibco rider powers over a climb

A Tibco rider powers over a climb (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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The Elite women's podium

The Elite women's podium (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) in action

Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) in action (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Congratulations (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Michael Olheiser (TriStar Cycling Team) on the podium

Michael Olheiser (TriStar Cycling Team) on the podium (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Michael Olheiser (TriStar Cycling Team) won the men's Elite title

Michael Olheiser (TriStar Cycling Team) won the men's Elite title (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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The crowds were out for the women's TT

The crowds were out for the women's TT (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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(Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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The championships were held on spectacular roads in Oregon

The championships were held on spectacular roads in Oregon (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Trek Livestrong in action

Trek Livestrong in action (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) was fast

Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) was fast (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia)

Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Hugs all round for HTC-Columbia

Hugs all round for HTC-Columbia (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) talks about her new title

Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) talks about her new title (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) at speed

Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) at speed (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Time trials are painful

Time trials are painful (Image credit: Heidi Swift)

 The USA Cycling National Time Trial Championships for the Elite/Under 23 Women and Under 23 Men categories saw two new faces on the podium with Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) and Andrew Talansky (California Giant Berry Farms) winning their respective elite women and Under 23 men titles on Thursday afternoon in Bend, Oregon.

Stevens is in her second year as a professional athlete and first year racing for the world’s top women’s team HTC-Columbia. She stormed through the 35 km event in a time of 47:38 minutes, more than half a minute ahead of former UCI World Time Trial Champion Amber Neben (Webcor-Builders) while third placed Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12) was a further minute behind.

“I prepared well for this,” Stevens said. “There was a lot of strong competition. It is an honour to be able to wear the national champion jersey. The staff and my team-mates did their best to try to prepare me for this race. It is exciting for everyone who is involved with HTC-Columbia. It means a lot to be able to wear the stars and stripes.”

It’s the second national champion jersey Stevens’ squad picked up on the day, with team-mate Emilia Fahlin winning the Swedish time trial title.

Talansky turned heads this year when he won the opening stage of the National Racing Calendar (NRC) Joe Martin Stage Race, a short uphill time trial. His time trial ability was again on display in the Under 23 men’s championship, where his time of 44:40 minutes outpaced Carter Jones (Jelly Belly-Kenda) while David Williams (Bissell) finished third.

“It’s a great feeling because my whole family is here so for it to come together like this is a great feeling,” Talansky said. “I won collegiate national road race but this is the first one that I’m really proud of because it’s a lot bigger.

“I really like the course,” he added. “We went out and back and then did a little lollypop loop. It was challenging and you had to make sure you had something left for the end. It favored the all-round time trialist.”

The time trial offered a 35 km route, starting with an uphill along Skyliner Rd before descending back toward the start line. The riders veered left to complete one short loop that included a second hill before returning to the finish line.

“It was the same course and last year so it was nice knowing the course,” Stevens said. “I rode the course yesterday and my directeur drove behind me with a radio to help me take the right lines and take the course as fast as possible.

“I think the longer the course the better,” she added. “It was a lot of climbing going out and fast coming back. The circuits had some kickers in it. It was a hard course and I liked it.”

Michael Olheiser (TriStar Cycling Team) won the elite men’s time trial, with a time more than 30 seconds quicker than second placed Daniel Harm. The professional men’s time trial will be run in August at the USPro Championships.


Elite men: 35km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Olheiser (TriStar Cycling Team)0:44:45.4
2Daniel Harm0:00:30.2
3Robert Sweeting (Globalbike Racing/Te)0:00:53.2
4Philip Mooney (Yahoo Cycling Team)0:00:53.6
5Richard Feldman (DC (Durance Cyclewor)0:00:53.8
6Kevin Rowe (Escalera Racing Club)0:00:54.8
7Greg Krause0:00:57.1
8Jesse Moore (California Giant Cyc)0:01:06.2
9Ryan Parnes (Yahoo Cycling Team)0:01:18.0
10Sam Johnson (Lake Washington Velo)0:01:24.6
11Cameron Cogburn (CCB/CCB Racing)0:01:24.9
12Kris Lunning (Above Category Racin)0:01:28.3
13Christopher Parrish (Lake Washington Velo)0:01:28.9
14Quinn Keogh (Landrover-Orbea Cycl)0:01:31.2
15Shane Buysse (
16Timothy Mitchell (CCB/CCB Racing)0:01:49.9
17Zachary Tittensor (VeloCity Cyclists/Ca)0:01:58.9
18Brandon Gritters (Southern California )0:02:00.5
19Ian Stanford (GrandStay Hotels)0:02:01.8
20Michael Mathis (Century Road Club As)0:02:02.6
21David Wenger (Super Squadra/Bicycl)0:02:16.2
22Sam Krieg (Idaho Cycling Enthus)0:02:19.3
23Sean Passage (Lake Washington Velo)0:02:21.1
24David Glick (RIDECLEAN)0:02:29.9
25James Mattis (California Giant Cyc)0:02:45.8
26David Brockbank (VeloCity Cyclists/Ca)0:02:57.5
27Norman Bryner (MiDuole)0:02:59.8
28Bradley Gehrig (Cole Sport/cole spor)0:03:20.4
29Aaron Sander0:03:21.4
30Benjamin Blaugrund (Team Hotel San Jose/)0:03:24.6
31Andrew Boone0:03:30.8
32Paul Thomas (RIDECLEAN)0:03:36.0
33Galen Mitterman0:03:38.9
34Vincent Owens (Yahoo Cycling Team)0:03:39.1
35Chris Aten (Camelback Cycling Cl)0:03:42.7
36Joshua Liberles (Ten Speed Drive Raci)0:03:58.6
37Tyler Dibble (Yahoo Cycling Team)0:04:08.3
38Sergio Hernandez (VRC/NOW-MS Society)0:04:24.3
39Taylor Kneuven (Liquid Cycling Club/)0:05:01.2
40Brian Bosch (Yahoo Cycling Team)0:05:13.5
41Elijah Romer (Team Oregon)0:05:15.1
42Coulton Hartrich (Santo Cycling Team)0:05:19.5
43Connor Spencer (Metromint Cycling)0:05:39.4
44Mark Shimahara (TEAM CLIF BAR Cyclin)
45Gregg Brandt (GrandStay Hotels)0:05:40.0
46Kai Applequist (Escalera Racing Club)0:07:00.1
47Edward Harris (B&L Bikes)0:07:13.1
48Carl Hoefer0:07:57.0
49Benjamin Liu (Alliance Cycling Tea)0:11:23.8
50Phillip Elsasser0:12:27.0
DNFSteve Reaney (California Giant Cyc)
DNFWilliam O'donnell (Westwood Velo/Westwo)
DNFMathew Davis (Team LaS'port)

Elite/U23 women: 35km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Evelyn Stevens (HTC Columbia)0:47:38.7
2Amber Neben (Webcor)0:00:38.6
3Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12)0:01:26.8
4Alison Starnes (Team TIBCO II)0:01:30.1
5Alison Powers (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)0:02:14.5
6Kristin Sanders (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)0:02:44.0
7Kimberly Anderson0:03:01.4
8Meredith Miller (Altoona Bicycle Club)0:03:22.1
9Katharine Carroll (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12 )0:03:39.0
10Amber Rais0:03:42.7
11Ruth Clemence (Specialized Designs )0:03:42.9
12Janel Holcomb (Alto Velo Racing Clu)0:03:44.1
13Rebecca Much (XXX Racing)0:04:10.6
14Jenn Halladay (Bobs Bicycles Cyclin)0:04:29.8
15Robin Farina (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)0:04:36.4
16Sinead Miller (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12)0:04:54.1
17Nicole Evans (Salt Lake City Cycli)0:05:14.2
18Alisha Welsh (Peanut Butter & Co.  TWENTY 12)0:05:53.1
19Tyler Stewart0:05:53.7
20Heather Jackson0:05:56.3
21Jennifer Wheeler (Lake Washington Velo)
22Heather Pryor (Touchstone Climbing)0:06:19.6
23Tayler Wiles (Colavita Racing Inc.)0:06:32.1
24Emily Foxman (Los Gatos Bicycle Ra)0:06:38.0
25Jennifer Gaertner (Coeur d 'Alene Velo )0:06:59.0
26Maura Kinsella (Alto Velo Racing Clu)0:06:59.2
27Andrea Dvorak (COLAVITA/BACI presen)0:07:16.8
28Ashley James (Team Kenda)0:07:33.4
29Lauren Robertson (FCS/ Metro Volkswage)0:07:49.8
30Judy Jenkins (Specialized Designs )0:08:26.2
31Ally Stacher (Veloce Velo/Webcor B)0:09:08.3
32Marlo Stoutenburg (Ranchos Cycling Club)0:09:36.6
33Whitney Schultz (Veloforma)0:09:39.4
34Rachel Warner (NC Cycling)0:10:34.1
35Jane Wolcott (Los Gatos Bicycle Ra)0:10:43.8
36Jacqueline Kurth (Team Kenda)0:12:18.1
37Mary Ross (Multnomah Athletic C)0:15:07.3
38Netana Hotimsky (
DNFArielle Wiles (Specialized Designs )
DNFLindsay Myers (Veloce Velo/Webcor B)
DNFStephanie Cucaz (Frazier Cycling)
DNFHaley Juno-Galdes
DNFJade Wilcoxson
DNFLouise Smyth (FCS/ Metro Volkswage)
DNFShelley Evans (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12 )
DNFCarmen Small (COLAVITA/BACI presen)
DNFKatheryn Curi Mattis (Veloce Velo/Webcor B)
DNFJessica Phillips (COLAVITA/BACI presen)

Junior Men 10-12: 12km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gage Hecht (International Christ)0:19:32.4
2Grant Mcelroy (Beaverton Bicycle Cl)0:00:05.9
3Michael Hocking (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:00:37.0
4Matteo Jorgenson (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:00:39.2
5Phillip Truppelli (Colavita Racing Inc.)0:00:56.7
6James Todd (Frazier Cycling)0:01:00.5
7Aditya Gummadi (Frazier Cycling)0:01:09.2
8Duncan Reid (Peninsula Cycle Club)0:01:36.0
9Cade Bickmore (Flatiron Flyers Juni)0:01:36.1
10Daniel Willett (Southern California )0:01:44.8
11Jeremy Lopez (Southern California )0:01:47.6
12Bo Knickman0:01:51.5
13Eric Brunner0:02:01.7
14Prithvi Gummadi (Frazier Cycling)0:02:07.6
15Gianni Kennard0:02:39.1
16Nathan Lebauer (Artemis)0:02:51.4
17Alexander West0:03:00.1
18Maxl Freeman0:03:28.3
19Jacob Drummond (Tieni Duro Junior Cy)0:03:37.5
20James Brookshire (Velosports Racing As)0:03:39.5
21Justin Leong (San Jose Bicycle Clu)0:03:46.3
22Nick Oestreich (International Christ)0:03:49.5
23Tate Harper (Colavita Racing Inc.)0:03:50.5
24Alec Miller (Broken Spoke Cycling)0:04:10.4
25Florian Costa (San Jose Bicycle Clu)0:04:11.5
26David Polley (White Mountain Road )0:04:44.9
27Harry Brelsford0:05:30.0
28Ryan Madis (Project Velo Racing/)0:05:37.6
29Angel Lopez (Major Motion Cycling)0:05:45.7
30Nolan Brunner0:05:50.0
31Jarrett Aregger (Northwest Velo/First)0:05:51.7
32Graydon Anderson (Young Endurance Athl)0:06:26.2
33Kyle Kirby (International Christ)0:06:29.0
34Rishi Teja Mocherla (Frazier Cycling/Fraz)0:06:45.6
35Erik Hammerquist (Beaverton Bicycle Cl)0:07:21.3
36Eric Calder (Les Amis)0:07:41.8
37Nicholas Townes (Les Amis/Les Amis Cy)0:07:54.6
38Andrew Singer (International Christ)0:08:08.5

Junior men 13-14: 12km
1Daniel Parks (GS Tenzing)0:17:15.2
2Philip O'Donnell (Frazier Cycling)0:00:15.7
3William Barta (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:00:24.9
4Broderick Hartley (Unattached)0:01:14.3
5Tulio Weber (El Grupo Youth Cycli)0:01:17.1
6Noah Granigan (Somerset Wheelmen)0:01:20.4
7Matthew Valencia (Team Specialized Rac)0:01:25.1
8Diego Binatena (Ironfly)0:01:26.5
9Stephen Ridley (Forest Acres Cycling)0:01:36.7
10Jack Maddux (Team Specialized Rac)0:01:40.1
11Luke Broadwell (Fulton Flyers Cyclin)0:01:44.2
12Samuel Morkal Williams (Century Road Club As)0:01:44.6
13Zachary Edwards (Racelab U-23 Cycling)0:01:55.9
14jordan zhdanov (Encino Velo Cycling)0:01:58.9
15Anders Nystrom (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:01:59.1
16Douglas Hall (Team Velosport Club/)0:01:59.4
17William Guillen (Raleigh Allstars Cyc)0:02:02.1
18Ryan Grant (All Sport-Team Swift)0:02:03.0
19Karch Miller (Davis Bike Club)0:02:09.6
20Griffin Wigert (All Sport-Team Swift)0:02:11.5
21Nathan Hocking (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:02:11.6
22Grayson Brookshire (Velosports Racing As)0:02:13.7
23Dylan Drummond (Tieni Duro Junior Cy)0:02:15.6
24Jonathan Brown (TriStar Cycling Team)0:02:16.6
25Adrien Costa (San Jose Bicycle Clu)0:02:20.1
26Justin Griffin (Unattached)0:02:20.7
27Max Gander (TriStar Cycling Team)0:02:21.5
28Maxx Chance (Unattached)0:02:23.2
29SAMUEL BELL (International Christ)0:02:27.1
30Kenny Polley (White Mountain Road)0:02:33.6
31Everett Jones (Baraboo Sharks)0:02:34.3
32Annan Hildebrand (Southern California)0:02:38.9
33David O'Brien (Rad Racing NW/Hagens)0:02:43.8
34Efren Flores (Adams Avenue Bicycle)0:02:47.9
35Liam Earl (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:02:50.2
36Shaner LeBauer (Artemis)0:02:50.8
37Robbie Farrens (Rocket Sports Racing)0:02:52.7
38Ethan Reynolds (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:02:57.2
39Samuel Rosenberg (Unattached)0:02:59.8
40Brian Wolfe (Corner Cycle Cycling)0:03:04.4
41Quinten Kirby (International Christ)0:03:14.4
42Stanley Goto (All Sport-Team Swift)0:03:17.9
43Reid Smith (Tieni Duro Junior Cy)0:03:26.5
44Lucas Weyand (Unattached)0:03:27.4
45Stephen Israel (CPT/Connie Cycling J)0:03:28.3
46Davis Wilkey (Black Sheep Junior C)0:03:34.4
47Stephen Haas (Black Sheep Junior C)0:03:37.7
48Jonathan Christensen (Rocket Sports Racing)0:03:38.6
49Nathan Rico (Team Velosport Club/)0:03:46.9
50Cooper Simon (Red Zone Cycling)0:03:48.6
51Charles Snead (Velo City Pro Cycle)0:04:02.9
52Luis Guillen (Raleigh Allstars Cyc)0:04:06.8
53Cormac Dunn (Unattached)0:04:12.5
54Troy Strickland (San Jose Bicycle Clu)0:04:27.7
55Jason Saltzman (Morgan Stanley Cycli)0:04:36.6
56Logan Feasline (Coeur d 'Alene Velo)0:04:36.7
57Luke Feasline (Coeur d 'Alene Velo)0:04:37.6
58Liam Dunn (Unattached)0:04:41.9
59Robert Terra (Rocket Sports Racing)0:04:43.2
60Eli Kranefuss (All Sport-Team Swift)0:05:02.5
61Tony Comer (San Diego Bicycle Cl)0:05:04.5
62Glenn Ponath (Unattached)0:05:21.0
63Enzo Flores (Adams Avenue Bicycle)0:06:46.1
64Chase Osborne (Nova Cycle Sports Fo)0:07:03.0
65Nathan Goldberg (GP Velotek)0:08:20.3
DNFMarcelo Cleveland (Southern California)
DNFShane Scoggin (National Capital Vel)
DNFZeke Mostov (San Jose Bicycle Clu)
DNFCarlo Villarreal (Unattached)

Junior Men 15-16: 24km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Colin Joyce (Idaho Cycling Enthus)0:34:47.7
2Logan Owen (Lake Washington Velo)0:00:13.2
3Gregory Daniel0:00:39.4
4Jordan Cullen (Minneapolis Bicycle )0:00:41.2
5Alexey Vermeulen (Priority Health Cycl)0:00:58.7
6Kyle Torres (Team Velosport Club)0:01:01.4
7Thomas Wrona (Raleigh Allstars Cyc)0:01:06.1
8Tyler Hanson (Tieni Duro Junior Cy)0:01:07.7
9John (Jack) Funk (Team Power Train)0:01:18.6
10Alexander Freund (Davis Bike Club/Davi)0:01:26.1
11Dean Haas (Black Sheep Junior C)0:01:27.7
12Jonathon Schilling (Big Shark Bicycle Co)0:01:30.9
13Alistair Eckmann (Team Specialized Rac)0:01:47.8
14Colby Waitmolyneux0:01:55.4
15Darrell Kohli (TEAM GEARGRINDER/Tea)0:02:14.2
16William Richter (Carolina Junior Deve)0:02:30.4
17Curtis White (Corner Cycle Cycling)0:02:32.3
18Daniel Ward (Forest Acres Cycling)0:02:33.9
19Travis Monroe (CMG Racing Team/Hamm)0:02:40.2
20Andrew Dillman (Red Zone Cycling)0:02:41.2
21Tyler Williams0:02:49.0
22Michael Dessau0:02:50.0
23Nicholas Tarrant (Southern California )0:02:52.3
24Andy Su0:03:01.0
25Justin Mauch (National Capital Vel)0:03:06.8
26Stephen Marcucci (Team DNA Racing/DNA )0:03:09.8
27Zachary Carlson (Matrix Cycling Club/)0:03:23.3
28Ian Moore (All Sport-Team Swift)0:03:28.6
29Noah Williams (GS Tenzing)0:03:29.4
30Andrew Macrae (Frazier Cycling)0:03:35.8
31Taylor (T.J.) Eisenhart (Velosport Racing/FFK)0:03:37.3
32Dag Anderson (Somerset Wheelmen)0:03:40.4
33Erik Volotzky (Cycle World/Cycle Wo)0:03:40.6
34Miguel Bryon0:03:42.9
35Nate Morse (Corner Cycle Cycling)0:03:46.2
36Josef Nygaard (All Sport-Team Swift)0:03:47.9
37Grahmm Smith (Team Power Train)0:03:52.4
38Max Cronyn (El Grupo Youth Cycli)0:03:56.5
39Tyler Schwartz (JET Cycling/JETCycli)0:03:56.9
40Lucas Wardein (Orlando Road Club In)0:03:57.4
41Hunter Stewart0:04:07.2
42Marcus Smith (Team Specialized Rac)0:04:10.2
43John Noonan (WestSide Cycling/RMC)0:04:20.4
44Rudyard Peterson (Priority Health Cycl)0:04:45.7
45Zack Gould (Clif Bar Development)0:04:56.5
46Andrew Hodges (Frazier Cycling/Fraz)0:05:02.4
47Jackson Long (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:05:06.4
48Michael Shein (Team Velosport Club/)0:05:10.1
49Conor Klupar (Rad Racing NW/Hagens)0:05:10.8
50Justin Belcher (Greensboro Velo Club)0:05:25.9
51John Ryan (Team Bicycles Inc./T)0:05:26.6
52Hunter Stephenson (Carolina Junior Deve)0:05:37.1
53Theoren Loo (Des Moines Cycle Clu)0:05:41.5
54Avi Mahan (Rad Racing NW/Hagens)0:05:49.2
55Drew Bercaw (Project Velo Racing/)0:05:53.0
56Andrew Osgood (Valley Spokesmen/VSR)0:05:53.6
57Samuel Caroca (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:06:02.4
58Max Toeldte (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:06:19.9
59Sam Trop (Young Endurance Athl)0:06:33.4
60Christopher Calder (Carolina Junior Deve)0:06:41.4
61Samuel Tomaka (Frazier Cycling/Fraz)0:06:41.6
62Christopher Osborne (Nova Cycle Sports Fo)0:06:41.7
63Paul Price (Forest Acres Cycling)0:06:53.5
64Reese Levine (Tieni Duro Junior Cy)0:07:17.3
65Avery Wilson (National Capital Vel)0:07:21.4
66Weston Coker (Forest Acres Cycling)0:07:27.3
67Cesar Lopez (Major Motion Cycling)0:08:05.3
68Ernesto Santiesteban (Major Motion Cycling)0:08:40.6
69ZANE Torre (JET Cycling/JETCycli)0:11:33.8
DNFAlex Darville (Echelon Santa Barbar)
DNFRichard Newman

Junior Men 17-18: 24km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1G Lawson Craddock (Hot Tubes Developmen)0:32:49.2
2Eamon Franck (Team Specialized Rac)0:02:01.7
3Thomas Jondall (White Mountain Road )0:02:08.4
4Zack Noonan (Young Medalists/Team)0:02:14.4
5Ben Gabardi (Herring Gas Cycling/)0:02:19.9
6Anders Newbury (Hot Tubes Developmen)0:02:24.7
7Torey Philipp (Team Specialized Rac)0:02:27.2
8Jacob Arnold (Carolina Flyers)0:02:30.0
9Neal Forbes (Prochain Cycling)0:02:36.0
10David Kessler0:02:47.9
11Michael Reidenbach (Catoctin Cycling Clu)0:02:59.1
12William Zellmer (CMG Racing Team/Hamm)0:03:10.0
13Davis Bentley (Whole Athlete)0:03:20.6
14Jeffrey Perrin (WestSide Cycling/RMC)0:03:28.2
15Mathew Lipscomb (Greenville Spinners )0:03:29.7
16Ryan Eastman (All Sport-Team Swift)0:03:33.0
17Adam Hodes (Tieni Duro Junior Cy)0:03:35.1
18Taylor Clements (Major Motion Cycling)0:03:39.1
19Andrew Hemesath (Front Rangers Cyclin)0:03:40.4
20Paul Lynch (Corner Cycle Cycling)0:03:44.0
21Kristopher Jorgenson (CMG Racing Team/Hamm)0:03:48.4
22Alex Parks (TriStar Cycling Team)0:03:48.9
23Robert Chorost (RIDECLEAN)0:03:52.7
24Andreas Freund (Davis Bike Club/Davi)0:03:54.0
25David Benkoski (Team Specialized Rac)0:03:54.1
26Peter Taylor (Team Specialized Rac)0:03:54.9
27John Tomlinson (XXX Racing)0:03:58.0
28Wes Holloway (All Sport-Team Swift)0:03:59.2
29Andrew Lanier Jr (Team Specialized Rac)0:03:59.5
30Nathaniel Beams (Prochain Cycling)
31Gabriel Murray (Black Sheep Junior C)0:04:00.6
32Chandler Knop (Front Rangers Cyclin)0:04:00.8
33Michael Pincus (FCS/ Metro Volkswage)0:04:04.0
34Zachary Semian (Chester County Cycli)0:04:04.3
35Ben Bertiger (Major Motion Cycling)0:04:05.9
36William Rader (FCS/ Metro Volkswage)0:04:15.0
37Daniel Tisdell (Team Specialized Rac)0:04:17.7
38Jake Boone (Team Bicycles Inc./T)0:04:24.1
39Tanner Putt (Cole Sport/cole spor)0:04:28.8
40Taylor Warren (Colavita Racing Inc.)
41Nick Newcomb (Whole Athlete)0:04:29.5
42Joe Prettyman (Beaverton Bicycle Cl)0:04:30.0
43Benjamin Salibra (Century Road Club As)
44Jos Chalmers (Colavita Racing Inc.)0:04:32.4
45Andrew Bennett (Team Specialized Rac)0:04:32.6
46Kenny Strickland (San Jose Bicycle Clu)0:04:39.1
47Kevin Mcguire (ACT)0:04:39.3
48Kendal Johnson0:04:40.9
49Taylor Gaines (Prochain Cycling)0:04:43.0
50David Goodman (Frazier Cycling/Fraz)0:04:43.6
51Neal Shepherd (Orlando Road Club In)0:04:47.1
52Michael Dziedzic (Bicycle Ranch)0:04:50.7
53Robin Carpenter (Young Medalists/Team)0:05:07.8
54Ethan Moorhead (Violet Crown Sports )0:05:09.6
55Taylor Birmann (Priority Health Cycl)0:05:09.7
56Joel Acosta (Major Motion Cycling)0:05:13.7
57Jesse Keough (Corner Cycle Cycling)0:05:15.0
58Parker Kyzer (Greenville Spinners )0:05:21.8
59Juan Carmona (Young Medalists/Team)0:05:22.8
60Jonathan Acosta (Major Motion Cycling)0:05:25.3
61Scott Stern (Southern California )0:05:25.7
62Ben Barthel (Echelon Santa Barbar)0:05:31.4
63Trevor Larsen (Tieni Duro Junior Cy)
64Daniel Farinha (San Jose Bicycle Clu)0:05:33.5
65Aj Snovel (Davis Bike Club/Davi)0:05:42.1
66Angelo Roman (CMG Racing Team/Hamm)0:05:44.8
67Vance Fletcher (Des Moines Cycle Clu)0:05:49.8
68Royce Strange (GS Tenzing)0:05:52.2
69Alexander Meyer (St Paul Bicycle Raci)0:05:57.7
70Michael Small (Central Arkansas Vel)0:06:00.5
71Rhys Rathbun0:06:08.0
72Merrill Lutsky (Silver Cycling/Silve)0:06:09.2
73Alex Jensen0:06:09.5
74Spencer Jordan (Fayetteville Wheelme)0:06:23.3
75Colt Peterson (Bike Religion)0:06:28.0
76Wesley Kline (Young Medalists/Team)0:06:39.3
77Jacob White (Team Power Train)0:06:44.6
78Jeffrey Alpert (Young Medalists/Team)0:06:52.0
79Cory Williams (Major Motion Cycling)0:06:52.9
80Samuel Phillips0:07:00.5
81Kevin Burgess (Carolina Junior Deve)0:07:11.8
82Collin Berry (Bike Religion)0:07:16.2
83Alexander Gee (Tieni Duro Junior Cy)0:07:19.2
84Griffin Stone (Stevens Bicycle Raci)0:07:24.8
85Benjamin Monaghan (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:07:26.1
86Phillip Somers (Wheatland Wheelers/L)0:07:31.0
87Ian Sewalt0:07:41.7
88Clinton Anderson (Northwest Velo/First)0:07:45.0
89Maxwell Robb (Velosports Racing As)0:07:49.0
90Russell Tindol (Frazier Cycling)0:07:57.7
91Benjamin Swedberg (Rad Racing NW/Hagens)0:08:02.9
92Cole Sprague0:08:14.2
93Michael Raynor (Velosports Racing As)0:08:14.3
94David Brookes (National Capital Vel)0:08:43.2
95Cesar Simmons (Major Motion Cycling)0:08:53.6
96Redding Shelby (Team Bicycles Inc./T)0:08:54.5
97Tanner Robison (Logan Race Club)0:09:04.7
98Wyatt Briggs (Uwharrie Wheelmen/po)0:09:21.9
99Kyle Anderson (FCS/ Metro Volkswage)0:09:49.5
100Joseph Christensen (San Jose Bicycle Clu)0:10:30.1
101Oliver Hiller (Corner Cycle Cycling)0:11:02.2
102Ian Sullivan (Velosports Racing As)0:13:02.4
DNFLuke Lininger (Bicycle Shack Racing)

U23 men: 35km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Talansky (California Giant Cyc)0:44:34.3
2Carter Jones (Jelly Belly Cycling)0:00:13.6
3David Williams (Bissell Pro Cycling )0:00:45.0
4Nathan Brown (Trek Livestrong U23)0:00:47.4
5Alister Ratcliff (
6Julian Kyer (Trek Livestrong U23)0:01:22.2
7Travis Burandt (Team Hotel San Jose/)0:01:30.9
8Andrew Barker (Team 5280 Magazine)0:01:34.8
9Walker Savidge (VMG/FELT)0:01:40.2
10Ian Boswell (Bissell Pro Cycling )0:01:43.3
11Alex Howes (Clif Bar Development)0:01:54.7
12Daniel Summerhill (VMG/FELT)0:02:06.1
13Evan Huffman (Yahoo Cycling Team)0:02:23.1
14Chad Haga (Super Squadra)0:02:33.7
15Benjamin King (Trek Livestrong U23)0:02:53.8
16Peter Carey (Bahati Foundation Pr)0:02:54.6
17Peter Salon (VMG/FELT)0:03:01.9
18Chase Pinkham (Trek Livestrong U23)0:03:05.2
19Dave Hackworthy (St Paul Bicycle Raci)0:03:08.4
20Alfredo Cruz (Herbalife LaGrange)0:03:13.0
21Nathaniel Wilson (Lateral Stress Velo )0:03:20.8
22Joseph Schmalz (Mercy Cycling Team)0:03:27.8
23Kevin Gottlieb (Lateral Stress Velo )0:03:29.9
24Gavin Mannion0:03:30.8
25Max Korus (University of Pennsy)0:03:32.0
26Oscar Clark (Mountain Khakis Fuel)0:03:32.5
27Tucker Olander (Team Hotel San Jose/)0:03:37.6
28Travis Mccabe (Camelback Cycling Cl)0:03:41.9
29Andrew Dahlheim (FCS/ Metro Volkswage)0:03:45.5
30Dustin Eskelson (MiDuole)0:03:57.2
31Stephen Leece (VRC/NOW-MS Society)0:03:59.3
32Connor Mccutcheon0:04:10.1
33Chris Stastny (California Giant Cyc)0:04:12.2
34Danny Heeley (VRC/NOW-MS Society)0:04:12.3
35Austin Allison (Dogfish Racing Team)0:04:12.5
36Kolt Bates (FCS/ Metro Volkswage)0:04:27.8
37Emerson Oronte (IF Racing/Team Ora p)0:04:46.4
38Andrew Baker (Team Ion-United Heal)0:04:46.5
39Maxwell Durtschi (CMG Racing Team/Hamm)0:04:50.5
40Stephen Housley (TriStar Cycling Team)0:04:58.6
41Shannon Morgan (
42Josh Yeaton0:05:22.6
43Tyler Karnes (Greenville Spinners )0:05:33.6
44Ryan La Pier (Velosport Racing/FFK)0:05:36.1
45Cory Bruno0:05:43.7
46Corey Farrell (VRC/NOW-MS Society)0:05:45.5
47Cory Greenberg (VRC/NOW-MS Society)0:06:05.2
48Eric Landman (CA Pools Racing/CA P)0:06:20.9
49Michael Stone (Greenville Spinners )0:06:22.9
50Charlie Avis (Trek Livestrong U23 )0:06:35.9
51Elliott Craddock (VMG/FELT)0:06:45.3
52Dylan Jones (Racelab U-23 Cycling)0:07:09.4
53Levi Baker (Fayetteville Wheelme)0:07:13.6
54Charles Cassin0:07:13.8
55Jacob Ashton0:07:35.2
56David Talbott (TriStar Cycling Team)0:07:37.2
57Ian Crane (Lake Washington Velo)0:07:45.6
58Matt Pence (Mesa Cycles Shop and)0:08:13.1
59Marcel Delisser (Team Oregon)0:08:19.0
60Craig Magee0:08:38.7
61Nathanael Christensen (Delta Velo/Williams )0:08:57.6
62Stephen Liguori (Fayetteville Wheelme)0:12:33.1
DNFEthan Lyons
DNFAndrew Llewellyn (Kentucky Flyers Cycl)
DNFJohn Bennett (California Giant Cyc)
DNFRob Squire
DNFJohn Angelatos
DNFJoseph Dombrowski (Haymarket Bicycles)
DNFTucker Gerald (Dallas Racing)
DNFKit Karzen (VRC/NOW-MS Society)
DNFConnor Oleary (Racelab U-23 Cycling)
DNFMorgan Ryan (Bahati Foundation El)
DNFJacob Rathe (Jelly Belly Cycling)
DNFCheyne Hoag (Kelly Benefit Strate)
DNFJustin Williams (Trek Livestrong U23)
DNFCody O'reilly (Bissell Pro Cycling )

Junior Women 10-12: 12km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jenna Gardner (PCIM)0:21:39.0
2Julyn Aguila0:00:58.2
3Mina Anderberg (Flatiron Flyers Juni)0:01:19.0
4Skylar Schneider0:01:57.6
5Rebecca Israel (CPT/Connie Cycling J)0:02:31.9
6Joann Ponath0:02:54.6
7Courtney Comer (San Diego Bicycle Cl)0:03:34.9
8Moriah Swan0:03:37.7
9Sophia Broadwell (Fulton Flyers Cyclin)0:03:38.1
10Macey Grett (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:03:42.7
11Chloe Reeves (Rapid Wheelmen)0:06:29.3
DNFAlexandra Bercaw (Project Velo Racing/)

Junior Women 15-16: 24km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jacqueline Denny (Team Kenda)0:42:23.3
2Addyson Albershardt (Team Kenda)0:00:09.4
3Zoe Frazier (Frazier Cycling/Fraz)0:00:13.2
4Alexis Ryan (The TEAM SoCalCross/)0:00:27.5
5Bailey Semian (Chester County Cycli)0:01:05.9
6Melissa Garcia (Chester County Cycli)0:01:22.2
7Allyson Beach (Bay City Breakers)0:02:48.3
8Sara Youmans (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:02:49.2
9Page Robertson (Tieni Duro Junior Cy)0:03:22.5
10Niki Reker0:03:23.8
11Sarah Huang (Nova Cycle Sports Fo)0:03:33.5
12Karla Lopez (Major Motion Cycling)0:04:26.3
13Madison Tuggle0:05:15.6
14Tara Mccormick (Helens Racing/Helens)0:05:21.8
15Corrie Osborne (Nova Cycle Sports Fo)0:05:25.1
16Larisa Wade (Rad Racing NW/Hagens)0:05:27.3
17Michelle Blake (Colavita Racing Inc.)0:05:53.8
18Ashley Stpierre (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:06:42.3
19Kaitlyn Lawrence (Vortex Cycling Club/)0:06:49.8
DNFSavannah Blake (BYRDS (Boise Young R)
DNFAvivah Hotimsky (

Junior Women 13-14: 12km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kirsten Williams (Natural Grocers Cycl)0:19:40.8
2Laurel Rathbun0:00:25.0
3Emma White (Capital Bicycle Raci)0:00:32.4
4Zoe Reeves (Priority Health Cycl)0:00:51.6
5Katrina Howard (Vapor Racing)0:01:09.9
6Claire Vanekdom (Artemis)0:01:21.6
7Abigail Aldridge (Frazier Cycling)0:01:23.7
8Andrea Casebolt (Rad Racing NW/Hagens)0:01:31.8
9Dominique Shore (Frazier Cycling)0:01:37.5
10Claire Jensen (Peanut Butter & Co. )0:01:49.9
11Amelia Tanner (JET Cycling/JETCycli)0:01:50.8
12Hannah Swan0:02:08.4
13Olivia Saunders (Somerset Wheelmen)0:02:27.4
14Hannah Mcdade (Beaverton Bicycle Cl)0:03:10.3
15Madeleine Boutet0:03:43.3
16S Fernanda Polanco (Major Motion Cycling)0:04:04.7
17Marta Morris0:04:36.5
18Diana Ramos (Fulton Flyers Cyclin)0:04:41.4
19Salley Reamer (Forest Acres Cycling)0:04:54.5
20Lucia Carreno (Major Motion Cycling)0:05:01.2
DNFKayla Sterling (Plano Athletic Cycli)

Junior Women 17-18: 24km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co. )0:39:24.4
2Jessica Prinner (ABD Cycle Club/ABD C)0:00:18.5
3Kendall Ryan (VRC/NOW-MS Society)0:00:43.5
4Ruth Winder (Peanut Butter & Co. )0:01:51.7
5Kaitlin Antonneau (Team Kenda)0:02:00.4
6Amanda Coker (Raleigh Allstars Cyc)0:03:27.3
7Zoe Reker0:03:32.1
8Kinsey Loan0:03:40.2
9Somersby Jenkins (Echelon Santa Barbar)0:03:56.0
10Megan Baab (FCS/ Metro Volkswage)0:03:58.9
11Margaret Jones (Chico Corsa Cycling )0:04:30.5
12Lauren Catlin (All Sport-Team Swift)0:04:43.3
13Lisha Herold (Minnesota Junior Cyc)0:04:54.8
14Stephanie Cucaz (Frazier Cycling)0:06:25.0
15Kelly Plese (Northwest Velo/First)0:07:09.2
16Nora Bengel (Minnesota Junior Cyc)0:08:19.7
17Antonina Esposto (Chester County Cycli)0:08:20.3
18Elizabeth Horne (BYRDS (Boise Young R)0:10:51.6
19Victoria Broyer0:13:40.1
20Alicia Halpern (Tieni Duro Junior Cy)0:15:42.1
21Liz Cartwright (Beaverton Bicycle Cl)0:25:56.6


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Kirsten Frattini is an honours graduate of Kinesiology and Health Science from York University in Toronto, Canada. She has been involved in bike racing from the grassroots level to professional cycling's WorldTour. She has worked in both print and digital publishing, and started with Cyclingnews as a North American Correspondent in 2006. Moving into a Production Editor's role in 2014, she produces and publishes international race coverage for all cycling disciplines, edits news and writes features. Currently the Women's Editor at Cyclingnews, Kirsten coordinates global coverage of races, news, features and podcasts about women's professional cycling.

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