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Menzies nets another in Charlotte

Karl Menzies (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis) claimed victory in the Dilworth Criterium in Charlotte, his second of the USA Crits Speed Week, after he opened the series with the win in Athens last week.

Menzies capitalised on a strong lead-out from his teammates to outsprint Hilton Clarke (OUCH-Bahati Foundation) and Alexey Schmidt (Team Type 1).

"I had Johnny [Clarke] and Pinner [Andrew Pinfold] leading me out and Jake [Keough] on my wheel." said Menzies. "Pinner dropped me off and I had good acceleration out of the last turn. The finish is a bit of a power climb. I took off at the right time, maybe a bit earlier than the other guys were expecting."

Menzies' win capped of a strong performance by the UnitedHealthcare squad. Adrian Hegyvary and Matt Crane had launched subsequent late-race attacks, forcing OUCH-Bahati to chase down the moves as they worked to set up Hilton Clarke.

"Everyone has been racing really well this week." Menzies added. "I don't think we've done anything different the last two nights. We've just finished it off a bit better." 

Elite Men
1Karl Menzies (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)1:12:30
2Hilton Clarke (OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling)
3Alexey Schmidt (Team Type 1)
4Luca Damiani (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)
5Jacob Keough (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)
6Lisban Quintero (CRCA/FOUNDATION)0:00:01
7Daniel Holt (Team Type 1)
8Adam Myerson (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)
9Demis Aleman0:00:02
10David Guttenplan (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)
11Austin Carroll (Adageo Enery Pro Cycling)
12Yosvany Falcon (OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling)
13Frank Travieso (Jamis-Sutter Home p/b Colavita)
14Rahsaan Bahati (OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling)0:00:03
15Jonathan Parrish (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)
16Robert Bush (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)0:00:04
17Philip (alder) Martz (Team Globalbike)
18Sebastian Flaskamp (Droessiger)
19Isaac Howe (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)
20Carlos Vargas (Team Hotel San Jose/Mellow Johnny's)
21Tim Henry (Team Type 1 Development)0:00:05
22Daniel Ramsey (Williams Cycling pb SC Velo)
23Matthew Howe (HTR Inside Out Sports)0:00:06
24Gavriel Epstein (CRCA/FOUNDATION)
25Boyd Johnson (Team Globalbike)
26Andrew Pinfold (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)
27A.J. Meyer0:00:07
28Benjamin Zawacki (Team Ion-United Healthcare)
29Benjamin Miller (Team Globalbike)0:00:08
30Alejandro Guzman (CRCA/FOUNDATION)
32Spencer Gaddy (Black Sheep Cartel)0:00:10
33Ronald Strange (Team Hotel San Jose/Mellow Johnny's)0:00:11
34Scottie Weiss (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)
35Karel Sumbal (Lindner Capital Advisors)0:00:12
36Robert Giannini (Locos Grill & Pub)
37Luis Zayas
38Olaf Kerkhof (Team Type 1 Development)0:00:13
39Ty Magner (Locos Grill & Pub)
40Name Name (Aerocat Racing)0:00:18
41Andrew Crater (Aerocat Racing)
42Nicholas Bennette (MetLife p/b groSolar)0:00:22
43Victor Herrera (ZMOTION Racing Team)0:00:23
45Jared Nieters (Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit)
46David Forkner (Team Globalbike)0:00:26
48Edward Adamy (Subaru Fisher)
49Eric Murphy (Team Ion-United Healthcare)0:00:27
50Andrew Gonzales (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)0:00:31
51Neil Bezdek (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)
53Guido Palma (Jamis-Sutter Home p/b Colavita)0:00:32
54Juan Gaspari (ZMOTION Racing Team)
55Martijn Verschoor (Team Type 1)0:00:35
56Benjamin Smith (Locos Grill & Pub)
57Daniel Harm (Doppio Cycling)0:00:53
58Rich Harper (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)0:00:54
59Aldo Ilesic (Team Type 1)0:00:59
60Winston David (Team Ion-United Healthcare)0:01:11
61Calixto Bello (ZMOTION Racing Team)
62Jonathan Clarke (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)0:01:24
63Jonathan Hamblen (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)0:01:27
64Phillip Mann (OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling)0:01:30
65Adrian Hegyvary (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)0:01:33
66Juan Pablo Dotti (Aerocat Racing)0:01:37
67Kevin Attkisson (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)0:02:23
68Evan Fader (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV)0:02:34
69Stefan Rothe (Team Hotel San Jose/Mellow Johnny's)0:02:35
70Chris Schmidt (Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit)0:05:35
71Shane Martin (Subaru/Gary Fisher)0:08:13

Elite Women
1Rushlee Buchanan (Colavita/Baci Pro Cycling)0:50:33
2Liza Rachetto (
3Amanda Watson (Fruit66/Artemis)0:00:02
4Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Colavita/Baci Pro Cycling)0:00:09
5Kate Veronneau (Kutztown Cutters)
6Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom)
7Sarah Caravella (BMW-Bianchi)0:00:10
8Samantha Schneider (Team TIBCO)
9Erica Allar (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)
10Jacquelyn Crowell (Team Type 1)
11Elizabeth Morse Hill (Zmotion)
12Starla Teddergreen (Vanderkitten Racing)0:00:11
13Kacey Manderfield (Cycle Loft)0:00:12
14Tiffany Pezzulo (
15Jennifer Wilson (Vanderkitten Racing)
16Carrie Cash-Wootten (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)0:00:13
17Kori Seehafer (Team Type 1)
18Chris Roettger (Mesa Cycles Racing)
19Lenore Pipes (Fruit 66/Artemis)
20Erika Graves (Herbalife LaGrange)
21Frances Schofield (Zmotion)0:00:14
22Kat Carr (
23Keely Brooks (Subaru/Gary Fisher Cycling Team)0:00:16
24Marianne Holt (Subaru/Gary Fisher Cycling Team)
25Nicole Vincent Jordan (Spokeswomen sydicate Inc.)0:00:17
26Cinthia Lehner (Raleigh Allstars)0:00:18
27Erin Silliman (Fruit66/Artemis)
28Sara Tussey (Subaru-Gary Fisher Elite Road)
29Katherine Bates (Colavita/Baci Pro Cycling)0:00:29
30Shontell Gauthier (Colavita/Baci Pro Cycling)
31Linsey Bradshaw-Sandoval (
32Anna Lang (Vanderkitten Racing)0:00:36
33Kate Mahoney (Performance Bicycle Racing)0:04:44
34Valeria Galeano0:07:17
35Rachel Byus (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)0:07:36
36Evie Boswell-Vilt (Performance Bicycle Racing)0:22:25
36Nancy Jones (Subaru/Gary Fisher Cycling Team)

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