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UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships past winners

OOSTENDE BELGIUM JANUARY 30 Podium Annemarie Worst of The Netherlands Silver medal Lucinda Brand of The Netherlands World Champion Jersey Gold medal and Denise Betsema of The Netherlands Bronze medal Celebration Rainbow Jersey Mask Covid safety measures during the 72nd UCI CycloCross World Championships Oostende 2021 Women Elite a 146km UCICX CXWorldCup Ostend2021 CX on January 30 2021 in Oostende Belgium Photo by Luc ClaessenGetty Images
The U23 Women's Podium at the 2021 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships (Image credit: Getty Images Sport)

Elite Women
2000Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany)Louise Robinson (Great Britain)Daphny van den Brand (Netherlands)
2001Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany)Corine Dorland (Netherlands)Daphny van den Brand (Netherlands)
2002Laurence Leboucher (France)Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany)Daphny van den Brand (Netherlands)
2003Daphny van den Brand (Netherlands)Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany)Laurence Leboucher (France)
2004Laurence Leboucher (France)Maryline Salvetat (France)Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany)
2005Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany)Sabine Spitz (Germany)Mirjam Melchers (Netherlands)
2006Marianne Vos (Netherlands)Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany)Daphny van den Brand (Netherlands)
2007Maryline Salvetat (France)Katie Compton (United States Of America)Laurence Leboucher (France)
2008Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany)Marianne Vos (Netherlands)Laurence Leboucher (France)
2009Marianne Vos (Netherlands)Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany)Katie Compton (United States Of America)
2010Marianne Vos (Netherlands)Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany)Daphny van den Brand (Netherlands)
2011Marianne Vos (Netherlands)Katie Compton (United States Of America)Kateřina Nash (Czech Republic)
2012Marianne Vos (Netherlands)Daphny Van Den Brand (Netherlands)Sanne Cant (Belgium)
2013Marianne Vos (Netherlands)Katie Compton (United States Of America)Lucie Chainel-Lefèvre (France)
2014Marianne Vos (Netherlands)Eva Lechner (Italy)Helen Wyman (Great Britain)
2015Pauline Ferrand-Prévot (France)Sanne Cant (Belgium)Marianne Vos (Netherlands)
2016Thalita de Jong (Netherlands)Caroline Mani (France)Sanne Cant (Belgium)
2017Sanne Cant (Belgium)Marianne Vos (Netherlands)Kateřina Nash (Czech Republic)
2018Sanne Cant (Belgium)Katie Compton (United States Of America)Lucinda Brand (Netherlands)
2019Sanne Cant (Belgium)Lucinda Brand (Netherlands)Marianne Vos (Netherlands)
2020Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado (Netherlands)Annemarie Worst (Netherlands)Lucinda Brand (Netherlands)
2021Lucinda Brand (Netherlands)Annemarie Worst (Netherlands)Denise Betsema (Netherlands)

Elite Men
1950Jean Robic (France)Roger Rondeaux (France)Pierre Jodet (France)
1951Roger Rondeaux (France)André Dufraisse (France)Pierre Jodet (France)
1952Roger Rondeaux (France)André Dufraisse (France)Albert Meier (Switzerland)
1953Roger Rondeaux (France)Gilbert Bauvin (France)André Dufraisse (France)
1954André Dufraisse (France)Pierre Jodet (France)Hans Bieri (Switzerland)
1955André Dufraisse (France)Hans Bieri (Switzerland)Amerigo Severini (Italy)
1956André Dufraisse (France)Georges Meunier (France)Emile Plattner (Switzerland)
1957André Dufraisse (France)Firmin Van Kerrebroek (Belgium)Georges Meunier (France)
1958André Dufraisse (France)Amerigo Severini (Italy)Rolf Wolfshohl (Germany)
1959Renato Longo (Italy)Rolf Wolfshohl (Germany)Amerigo Severini (Italy)
1960Rolf Wolfshohl (Germany)Arnold Hungerbuhler (Switzerland)Robert Aubry (France)
1961Rolf Wolfshohl (Germany)Renato Longo (Italy)André Dufraisse (France)
1962Renato Longo (Italy)Maurice Gandolfo (France)André Dufraisse (France)
1963Rolf Wolfshohl (Germany)Renato Longo (Italy)André Dufraisse (France)
1964Renato Longo (Italy)Roger De Clercq (Belgium)Joseph Mahe (France)
1965Renato Longo (Italy)Rolf Wolfshohl (Germany)Amerigo Severini (Italy)
1966Eric De Vlaeminck (Belgium)Herman Gretener (Switzerland)Rolf Wolfshohl (Germany)
1967Renato Longo (Italy)Rolf Wolfshohl (Germany)Herman Gretener (Switzerland)
1968Eric De Vlaeminck (Belgium)Herman Gretener (Switzerland)Michel Pelchat (France)
1969Eric De Vlaeminck (Belgium)Rolf Wolfshohl (Germany)Renato Longo (Italy)
1970Eric De Vlaeminck (Belgium)Albert Van Damme (Belgium)Rolf Wolfshohl (Germany)
1971Eric De Vlaeminck (Belgium)Albert Van Damme (Belgium)René De Clercq (Belgium)
1972Eric De Vlaeminck (Belgium)Rolf Wolfshohl (Germany)Herman Gretener (Switzerland)
1973Eric De Vlaeminck (Belgium)André Wilhelm (France)Rolf Wolfshohl (Germany)
1974Albert Van Damme (Belgium)Roger De Vlaeminck (Belgium)Peter Frischknecht (Switzerland)
1975Roger De Vlaeminck (Belgium)Albert Zweifel (Switzerland)Peter Frischknecht (Switzerland)
1976Albert Zweifel (Switzerland)Peter Frischknecht (Switzerland)André Wilhelm (France)
1977Albert Zweifel (Switzerland)Peter Frischknecht (Switzerland)Eric De Vlaeminck (Belgium)
1978Albert Zweifel (Switzerland)Peter Frischknecht (Switzerland)Klaus-Peter Thaler (Germany)
1979Albert Zweifel (Switzerland)Gilles Blaser (Switzerland)Robert Vermeire (Belgium)
1980Roland Liboton (Belgium)Klaus-Peter Thaler (Germany)Hennie Stamsnijder (Netherlands)
1981Hennie Stamsnijder (Netherlands)Roland Liboton (Belgium)Albert Zweifel (Switzerland)
1982Roland Liboton (Belgium)Albert Zweifel (Switzerland)Hennie Stamsnijder (Netherlands)
1983Roland Liboton (Belgium)Albert Zweifel (Switzerland)Klaus-Peter Thaler (Germany)
1984Roland Liboton (Belgium)Hennie Stamsnijder (Netherlands)Albert Zweifel (Switzerland)
1985Klaus-Peter Thaler (Germany)Adri van der Poel (Netherlands)Claude Michely (Luxembourg)
1986Albert Zweifel (Switzerland)Pascal Richard (Switzerland)Hennie Stamsnijder (Netherlands)
1987Klaus-Peter Thaler (Germany)Danny De Bie (Belgium)Christophe Lavainne (France)
1988Pascal Richard (Switzerland)Adri van der Poel (Netherlands)Beat Breu (Switzerland)
1989Danny De Bie (Belgium)Adri van der Poel (Netherlands)Christophe Lavainne (France)
1990Henk Baars (Netherlands)Adri van der Poel (Netherlands)Bruno Lebras (France)
1991Radomír Šimůnek (Czech Republic)Adri van der Poel (Netherlands)Bruno Lebras (France)
1992Mike Kluge (Germany)Karel Camrda (Czech Republic)Adri van der Poel (Netherlands)
1993Dominique Arnould (France)Mike Kluge (Germany)Wim De Vos (Netherlands)
1994Paul Herygers (Belgium)Richard Groenendaal (Netherlands)Erwin Vervecken (Belgium)
1995Dieter Runkel (Switzerland)Richard Groenendaal (Netherlands)Beat Wabel (Switzerland)
1996Adri van der Poel (Netherlands)Daniele Pontoni (Italy)Luca Bramati (Italy)
1997Daniele Pontoni (Italy)Thomas Frischknecht (Switzerland)Luca Bramati (Italy)
1998Mario De Clercq (Belgium)Erwin Vervecken (Belgium)Henrik Djernis (Denmark)
1999Mario De Clercq (Belgium)Erwin Vervecken (Belgium)Adri van der Poel (Netherlands)
2000Richard Groenendaal (Netherlands)Mario De Clercq (Belgium)Sven Nys (Belgium)
2001Erwin Vervecken (Belgium)Petr Dlask (Czech Republic)Mario De Clercq (Belgium)
2002Mario De Clercq (Belgium)Tom Vannoppen (Belgium)Sven Nys (Belgium)
2003Bart Wellens (Belgium)Mario De Clercq (Belgium)Erwin Vervecken (Belgium)
2004Bart Wellens (Belgium)Mario De Clercq (Belgium)Sven Vanthourenhout (Belgium)
2005Sven Nys (Belgium)Erwin Vervecken (Belgium)Sven Vanthourenhout (Belgium)
2006Erwin Vervecken (Belgium)Bart Wellens (Belgium)Francis Mourey (France)
2007Erwin Vervecken (Belgium)Jonathan Page (United States Of America)Enrico Franzoi (Italy)
2008Lars Boom (Netherlands)Zdeněk Štybar (Czech Republic)Sven Nys (Belgium)
2009Niels Albert (Belgium)Zdeněk Štybar (Czech Republic)Sven Nys (Belgium)
2010Zdeněk Štybar (Czech Republic)Klaas Vantornout (Belgium)Sven Nys (Belgium)
2011Zdeněk Štybar (Czech Republic)Sven Nys (Belgium)Kevin Pauwels (Belgium)
2012Niels Albert (Belgium)Rob Peeters (Belgium)Kevin Pauwels (Belgium)
2013Sven Nys (Belgium)Klaas Vantornout (Belgium)Lars van der Haar (Netherlands)
2014Zdeněk Štybar (Czech Republic)Sven Nys (Belgium)Kevin Pauwels (Belgium)
2015Mathieu van der Poel (Netherlands)Wout van Aert (Belgium)Lars van der Haar (Netherlands)
2016Wout van Aert (Belgium)Lars van der Haar (Netherlands)Kevin Pauwels (Belgium)
2017Wout van Aert (Belgium)Mathieu van der Poel (Netherlands)Kevin Pauwels (Belgium)
2018Wout van Aert (Belgium)Michael Vanthourenhout (Belgium)Mathieu van der Poel (Netherlands)
2019Mathieu van der Poel (Netherlands)Wout van Aert (Belgium)Toon Aerts (Belgium)
2020Mathieu van der Poel (Netherlands)Tom Pidcock (Great Britain)Toon Aerts (Belgium)
2021Mathieu van der Poel (Netherlands)Wout van Aert (Belgium)Toon Aerts (Belgium)

U23 Men
1996Miguel Martinez (France)Patrick Blum (Switzerland)Zdenek Mlynar (Czech Republic)
1997Sven Nys (Belgium)Bart Wellens (Belgium)Christophe Morel (France)
1998Sven Nys (Belgium)Bart Wellens (Belgium)Petr Dlask (Czech Republic)
1999Bart Wellens (Belgium)Tom Vannoppen (Belgium)Tim Johnson (United States Of America)
2000Bart Wellens (Belgium)Tom Vannoppen (Belgium)Davy Commeyne (Belgium)
2001Sven Vanthourenhout (Belgium)Tomas Trunschka (Czech Republic)David Kasek (Czech Republic)
2002Thijs Verhagen (Netherlands)Davy Commeyne (Belgium)Tomas Trunschka (Czech Republic)
2003Enrico Franzoi (Italy)Wesley Van Der Linden (Belgium)Thijs Verhagen (Netherlands)
2004Kevin Pauwels (Belgium)Mariusz Gil (Poland)Martin Zlamalik (Czech Republic)
2005Zdeněk Štybar (Czech Republic)Radomír Šimůnek (Czech Republic)Simon Zahner (Switzerland)
2006Zdeněk Štybar (Czech Republic)Lars Boom (Netherlands)Niels Albert (Belgium)
2007Lars Boom (Netherlands)Niels Albert (Belgium)Romain Villa (France)
2008Niels Albert (Belgium)Aurélien Duval (France)Cristian Cominelli (Italy)
2009Philipp Walsleben (Germany)Christoph Pfingsten (Germany)Pawel Szczepaniak (Poland)
2010Arnaud Jouffroy (France)Tom Meeusen (Belgium)Marek Konwa (Poland)
2011Lars Van der Haar (Netherlands)Mike Teunissen (Netherlands)Karel Hnik (Czech Republic)
2012Lars Van der Haar (Netherlands)Wietse Bosmans (Belgium)Michiel van der Heijden (Netherlands)
2013Mike Teunissen (Netherlands)Wietse Bosmans (Belgium)Wout Van Aert (Belgium)
2014Wout Van Aert (Belgium)Michael Vanthourenhout (Belgium)Mathieu van der Poel (Netherlands)
2015Michael Vanthourenhout (Belgium)Laurens Sweeck (Belgium)Stan Godrie (Netherlands)
2016Eli Iserbyt (Belgium)Adam Toupalik (Czech Republic)Quinten Hermans (Belgium)
2017Joris Nieuwenhuis (Netherlands)Felipe Orts (Spain)Sieben Wouters (Netherlands)
2018Eli Iserbyt (Belgium)Joris Nieuwenhuis (Netherlands)Yan Gras (France)
2019Tom Pidcock (Great Britain)Eli Iserbyt (Belgium)Antoine Benoist (France)
2020Ryan Kamp (Netherlands)Kevin Kuhn (Switzerland)Mees Hendrikx (Netherlands)
2021Pim Ronhaar (Netherlands)Ryan Kamp (Netherlands)Timo Kielich (Belgium)

U23 Women
2016Evie Richards (Great Britain)Nikola Nosková (Czech Republic)Maud Kaptheijns (Netherlands)
2017Annemarie Worst (Netherlands)Ellen Noble (United States Of America)Evie Richards (Great Britain)
2018Evie Richards (Great Britain)Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado (Netherlands)Nadja Heigl (Austria)
2019Inge van der Heijden (Netherlands)Fleur Nagengast (Netherlands)Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado (Netherlands)
2020Marion Norbert Riberolle (France)Kata Blanka Vas (Hungary)Anna Kay (Great Britain)
2021Fem van Empel (Netherlands)Anniek van Alphen (Netherlands)Kata Blanka Vas (Hungary)

Junior Men
1979José Iñaki Vijandi Alvarez (Spain)Bart Musschoolt (Belgium)Heinz Matschke (Germany)
1980Radomír Šimůnek (Czech Republic)Jokin Mujika Aramburu (Spain)Bernard Woodti (Switzerland)
1981Rigobert Matt[1] (Germany)Miroslav Kvasnička (Czech Republic)Konrad Morf (Switzerland)
1982Beat Schumacher (Switzerland)Erwin Nijboer (Netherlands)Radovan Fořt (Czech Republic)
1983Roman Kreuziger (Czech Republic)Martin Hendriks (Netherlands)Peter Hric (Czech Republic)
1984Ondrej Glajza (Czech Republic)Robert Dane (Great Britain)R.Koberna (Czech Republic)
1985Beat Wabel (Switzerland)Jürgen Sprich (Germany)Wim de Vos (Netherlands)
1986Stuart Marshall (Great Britain)Beat Brechbühl (Switzerland)Wim de Vos (Netherlands)
1987Marc Janssens (Belgium)Ralph Berner (Germany)Tomas Port (Czech Republic)
1988Thomas Frischknecht (Switzerland)Maik Müller (Germany)Daniel Rech (Czech Republic)
1989Richard Groenendaal (Netherlands)Emmanuel Magnien (France)Chris.Bertotti (Italy)
1990Eric Boezewinkel (Netherlands)Jérôme Chiotti (France)Niels van der Steen (Netherlands)
1991Ondřej Lukeš (Czech Republic)Jiří Pospíšil (Czech Republic)Dariusz Gil (Poland)
1992Roger Hammond (Great Britain)Vojtech Bachleda (Czech Republic)Jan Faltynek (Czech Republic)
1993Kamil Ausbuher (Czech Republic)Jaromír Friede (Czech Republic)Miguel Martinez (France)
1994Gretienus Gommers (Netherlands)Kamil Ausbuher (Czech Republic)Ben Berden (Belgium)
1995Zdeněk Mlynář (Czech Republic)Guillaume Benoist (France)Stefan Bünter (Switzerland)
1996Roman Peter (Switzerland)Gaizka Lejarreta Martin (Spain)Gregory Lapalud (France)
1997David Rusch (Switzerland)Stefano Toffoletti (Italy)Steffen Weigold (Germany)
1998Michael Baumgartner (Switzerland)Stefano Toffoletti (Italy)Davy Commeyne (Belgium)
1999Matthew Kelly (United States Of America)Sven Vanthourenhout (Belgium)Thijs Verhagen (Netherlands)
2000Bart Aernouts (Belgium)Walker Ferguson (United States Of America)David Kasek (Czech Republic)
2001Martin Bína (Czech Republic)Radomír Šimůnek (Czech Republic)Jan Kunta (Czech Republic)
2002Kevin Pauwels (Belgium)Krysztof Kuzniak (Poland)Zdeněk Štybar (Czech Republic)
2003Lars Boom (Netherlands)Eddy van IJzendoorn (Netherlands)Zdeněk Štybar (Czech Republic)
2004Niels Albert (Belgium)Roman Kreuziger (Czech Republic)Clément Lhotellerie (France)
2005Davide Malacarne (Italy)Julien Taramarcaz (Switzerland)Christoph Pfingsten (Germany)
2006Boy van Poppel (Netherlands)Robert Gavenda (Slovakia)Tom Meeusen (Belgium)
2007Joeri Adams (Belgium)Daniel Summerhill (United States Of America)Jiří Polnicky (Czech Republic)
2008Arnaud Jouffroy (France)Peter Sagan (Slovakia)Lubomir Petrus (Czech Republic)
2009Tijmen Eising (Netherlands)Corné van Kessel (Netherlands)Alexandre Billon (France)
2010Tomas Paprstka (Czech Republic)Julian Alaphilippe (France)Emiel Dolfsma (Netherlands)
2011Clément Venturini (France)Fabien Doubey (France)Loic Doubey (France)
2012Mathieu Van der Poel (Netherlands)Wout Van Aert (Belgium)Quentin Jauregui (France)
2013Mathieu Van der Poel (Netherlands)Martijn Budding (Netherlands)Adam Ťoupalík (Czech Republic)
2014Thijs Aerts (Belgium)Yannick Peeters (Belgium)Jelle Schuermans (Belgium)
2015Simon Andreassen (Denmark)Eli Iserbyt (Belgium)Max Gulickx (Netherlands)
2016Jens Dekker (Netherlands)Mickael Crispin (France)Thomas Bonnet (France)
2017Tom Pidcock (Great Britain)Dan Tulett (Great Britain)Ben Turner (Great Britain)
2018Ben Tulett (Great Britain)Tomáš Kopecký (Czech Republic)Ryan Kamp (Netherlands)
2019Ben Tulett (Great Britain)Witse Meeussen (Belgium)Ryan Cortjens (Belgium)
2020Thibau Nys (Belgium)Lennert Belmans (Belgium)Emiel Verstrynge (Belgium)

Junior Women
2020Shirin van Anrooij (Netherlands)Puck Pieterse (Netherlands)Madigan Munro (United States Of America)
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