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Miller, Huff toughest in Tulsa

Brad Huff won the Blue Dome Criterium, round one of the Tulsa Tough, for a second consecutive year on Friday night. The twilight criterium came down to a bunch sprint where Huff out-paced Chris DeMarchi (Amgen/Giant Masters) and his own teammates Sean Mazich.

"It's so hot here," Huff said. "I'm very excited and ecstatic to be able to pull this off for the team. I've had a slow start and happy that I'm able to get a win for the team at such a great race."

"I'm so impressed with my team because we only have four guys here and we took the front with 15 laps to go to control it all the way to the end," he added. "We had help from Hotel San Jose and coming out of the last corner we were over taken by Amgen/Giant Masters, and the guy who got second. But, we all pulled through and Jeremy Powers was so strong, the three of us were trying to keep up to his pace."

Some 100 Pro men lined up to take on the lively Blue Dome Criterium held in the entertainment district on a crowded Friday night. The course was highly technical in the shape of a figure-8 and caused the crowds to roar as the men zipped their way around each corner. The finish line was located at the historical Blue Dome building where many of the spectators gathered to catch a glimpse of the action.

This year's Tulsa Tough is held on the same weekend as the TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championships. For the first time in the history of the Jelly Belly team, Directeur Sportif Danny van Haute split the squad to compete in two events.

"Realistically, back in the beginning, I wasn't going to send a team to Philly because I wanted to do something a little different and last year Tulsa was on a different weekend," Van Haute said. "Philly is a great race with great crowds but I wanted to bring a full team to Tulsa because it is a great race too. It is held in a great town and the fans are awesome, 25,000 people with live television and jumbotrons, it's a great race. Our team has to support all the races in America that are good to cycling."

Hotel San Jose-Mellow Johnny's took the reins at the start of the men's 80-minute criterium. Several small attacks caused the speeds of the race to increase but no riders manage to stay off the front for longer than a few laps.

Jelly Belly took control of the race with twenty minutes remaining to likely protect its sprinter Brad Huff. It may have been a little early to start a full lead-out but it served to ward off further attacks during the closing laps of the race.

There was a strong battle between the two top teams Jelly Belly and Hotel San Jose in the last five laps. Jelly Belly proved to have the strongest lead-out bringing its sprinter Brad Huff to the line with a victory.

Miller wins Tulsa opener

Amanda Miller (Tibco) launched a cagey attack with three laps to go and held on for a solo victory at the Blue Dome Criterium, round one of the Tulsa Tough on Friday, June 4. Jennifer Purcell won the bunch sprint for second place ahead of Laura van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom) in third.

"There was a lull in the field after she attacked, there had previously been a lot of attacks so I think everyone thought she would just dangle," Van Gilder said. "I thought there were other teams that were keen to have a field sprint and that their sprinters would finish it off, but that didn't happen. That's the risk you take as a solo rider without a team. You anticipate what the other teams are going to do and hope that they do the work for you but that didn't really happen."

The three-day Tulsa Tough is a valuable member of the National Racing Calendar (NRC) for the women's field. This year the race overlaps with the UCI-registered Liberty Classic held in Philadelphia on Sunday.

"It is great to have the opportunity to race here in Tulsa," said Van Gilder who has over 300 career victories. "I really enjoyed the race last year, it finally came onto my radar. This year, I wasn't certain how my form would be prior to Philly because I began my season later than usual and I don't have a lot of financial support this year so it is important for me to be trying to make as much money as I can so I can race and entire season.

"I love Philly and am very sad not to be a part of that because it has always been a part of my history to start that race but it is what I had to do," she added. "I don't regret my decision because Tulsa is a great race and they do a great job. They offer great courses, there are a lot of spectators and a good prize list so it is important to support a race like that."

The Tulsa Tough weekend includes three fast-paced criteriums that began with the Blue Dome Criterium, a 50-minute race held on a technical figure-8 circuit.

Some 50 riders registered to compete in the opening event and Team Type 1 and Vera Bradley Foundation wound up the fist half with a series of attacks.

Lasasso (Tibco) made the first move that resulted in a brief breakaway with three riders. Tibco continued to race aggressively by sending one rider off the front after another. Amanda Miller (Tibco) was the next to go but was countered by Kori Seehafer (Team Type 1). The two riders were quickly pulled back into the peloton.

Seehafer's teammate, Jacquelyn Crowell initiated the next attack with Purcell, Laura van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom) and the junior phenom Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12). Jen Reither (Vanderkitten) got off the front and Kenda took responsibility to bring that back.

After an animated event, the field came back together with 10 laps to go and conceded to a field sprint, or so they thought. Miller caught everyone off guard when she launched her winning attack with three laps to go.

"The lead-out started a little bit with Peanut Butter & Co who kept the momentum going but we just came up a little bit too short at the end," Van Gilder said.


Elite Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amanda Miller (Team TIBCO)0:58:00
2Jennifer Purcell (MSU Cycling)
3Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom)
4Erica Allar (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)
5Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12)
6Christina Gokey-Smith (Veloforma)
7Shontell Gauthier (Colavita/Baci Pro Cycling)
8Ruth Winder (Peanut Butter & Co Twenty 12)
9Amy Mcguire (Wheelworks Racing)
10Jen Mcrae (Chann McRae Coaching)
11Kori Seehafer (Team Type 1)
12Nichole Wangsgard (Roosters p/b Edge Composite Wh)
13Kendall Ryan (NOW-MS Society)
14Emma Petersen
15Anna Lang (Vanderkitten Racing p/b Kenda)
16Samantha Schneider (Team TIBCO)
17Carrie Cash-Wootten (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)
18Megan Guarnier (Team TIBCO)
19Lauren Robertson (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)
20Starla Teddergreen (Vanderkitten p/b Kenda)
21Mary-Ellen Ash (Los Gatos)
22Vanessa Drigo (Touchstone Climbing)
23Sydney Brown (
24Daniella Garcia (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)
25Tiffany Pezzulo (
26Kristen Lasasso (Team TIBCO Pro Cycling)
27Amity Elliot (Team Kenda)
28Devon Haskell (Team TIBCO)
29Carol Irving (Touchstone Climbing)
30Alison Testroete (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)
31Julia Lafranchise (NOW MS-Society)
32Jenny Willhite (Team att&t Brain and Spine Cyc)
33Jacquelyn Crowell (Team Type 1)
34Kim Ciolli (Team Brain and Spine)
35Elis Bradshaw (Touchstone Climbing)
36Rita Klofta (Pista Elite)
37Miranda Long (Team Undiscovered)
38Catherine Walberg (Team Kenda)
39Scotti Wilborne (CARVE)
40Cathryn Merla-Watson (Verve Racing)
41Kristin Wentworth (Team Kenda)
42Priscilla Cazer (Tulsa Tough)
43Jennifer Reither (Vanderkitten Racing)
44Ashley James (Team Kenda)
45Rheannon Cunningham (Team Brain and Spine Cycling)
46Jennifer Wilson (Vanderkitten Racing)
47Alison Starnes (Team TIBCO)
48Cari Higgins (Peanut Butter & Co./TWENTY12)
49Michelle Jensen (Bicycles of Tulsa)
50Morgan Patton (Team Type 1)
51Kendi Thomas (Team Kenda)

Elite Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brad Huff (Jelly Belly P/B KENDA)1:09:29
2Chris Demarchi (Amgen / Giant Masters)
3Sean Mazich (Jelly Belly)
4Jamie Paolinetti
5Jason Waddell (Park Place Dealerships)
6Jeremiah Wiscovitch (Williamscycling p/b SC Velo)
7Bryan Fawley (Park Place Dealerships)
8Emile Abraham (Aerocat Cycling Team)
9Zachary Davies (Groove Subaru Cycling Team)
10Kyle Gritters (Williams Cycling p/b SC Velo)
11Sterling Magnell (California NCNCA)
12Chad Cagle (Park Place)
13Neil Bezdek (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jitte)
14Isaac Howe (Team Mountain Khakis)
15Randy Bramblett (McGuire Cycling Team)
16John Cody (Matrix/RBM)
17Andrew Dahlheim (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)
18Zack Allison (Echelon Energy)
19Stephen Tilford (Tradewind Energy/Trek)
20Cheyne Hoag (Kelly Benefit Strategies)
21Chad Burdzilauskas (Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Geargrin)
22Victor Ayala (Herbalife LaGrange)
23Logan Loader (Kelly Benefit Strategies)
24Carlos Vargas (Hotel San Jose/ Mellow Johnnyâ)
25Adam Bergman (HRRC/ Trek Stores)
26Will Hoffarth
27Danny Kam (Herbalife LaGrange)
28Gavriel Epstein (CRCA/Foundation)
29Mat Ankney (Park Plae Dealerships)
30William Stolte (TradeWind Energy / Trek Stores)
31Alexander Hagman (UCI CT: Bahati Foundation Pro)
32Alejandro Guzman (CRCA/FOUNDATION)
33Jeremy Powers (Jelly Belly P/B KENDA)
34Sean Sullivan (Team Hotel San Jose/Mellow Jon)
35Christopher Hall (TradeWind Energy / Trek Stores)
36Gregg Brandt (GrandStay Hotels)
37Andrew Armstrong (Matrix/RBM)
38Tucker Olander (Team Hotel San Jose/Mellow Jon)
39Nate Deibler (Williams Cycling p/b SC Velo)
40Jason Short (Matrix/RBM)
41Caley Fretz (Echelon Energy)
42Nicholas Coil (TradeWind Energy / Trek Stores)
43Benjamin Zawacki (Team Ion - United Healthcare)
44Barry Lee
45Lisban Quintero (CRCA/ Foundation)
46Jesse Dekrey (Kahala-LaGrange)0:00:08
47Jeff Schroetlin (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team p)
48Joshua Carter (Hotel San Jose/ Mellow Johnnyâ)
49Aron Gadhia (Amgen/UBS Elite Masters)
50Mat Stephens (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)
51Christian Helmig (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)
52Brandon Gritters (Williams Cycling p/b SC Velo)
53Pat Lemieux (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)
54Geoff Godsey (Kenda)
55Leonardo Frayre (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)0:00:11
56Nick Kiernan (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)
57Brian Jensen (HRRC/Trek Stores)
58Steen Rose (Athletes On Track)
59Chad Haga (Super Squadra)
60Stefan Rothe (Hotel San Jose/ Mellow Johnnyâ)
61Randall Coxworth (Amgen / UBS Masters)
62Wade Wolfenbarger (Panther P/G Corp Cycling)
63Prego Garavito (Aeroat Cycling Team)0:00:15
64Victor Riquelme (Trisports Cycling/Eclipse Raci)
65Noah Singer (Panther pb Competitive Cyclist)0:00:17
66Brian Cornelius (Trisports/Eclipse Racing)0:00:20
67Eder Frayre
68Michael Johnson (Amgen/UBS masters elite)
69Alexander Welch (PARK PLACE DEALERSHIPS)0:21:00
70Joseph Schmalz (Mercy)
71Clay Murfet (Kelly Benefit Strategies)
72Joshua Webster (Williams Cycling p/b SC Velo)
73Jonathan Sundt (Kenda Pro Cycling)
74Ian Dille (Super Squadra)
75John David Coppin (Velocity)
76Adam Mills (Mercy)0:00:26
77William Dickeson (JELLY BELLYP/B KENDA)0:00:51
78Guy East
79Zachary Spinhirne-Martin (Panther pb Competitive Cyclist)

Cat 3 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Sniegowski (Bicycle Ranch)0:52:00
2Ryan Halloran (The Wheel Racing)
3Nicholas Rogers (Boston Mountain Cyclists)
4Bryan Duvall (Team Soundpony)
5Jay Hawkins (Specs Racing)
6Chris Miller (The Hub Racing Team)
7Tanner Culbreath (Team Air Assurance)
8Jason Mccombs (Williams Cycling)
9Jacob Lasley (Team Soundpony)
10Craig Fulk (
11Jonathon Schilling (Big Shark Bicycle Co)
12Todd Farrell (
13Zachary Perkins (DNA Racing)
14Christopher Moore (Mercy Cycling Team)
15Kevin Abraham (Blue Sky Velo)
16Jeff Rhodes (Team Nebo Ridge)
17Jordan Nguyen (Team Hotel San Jose)
18Adam Allen (PACC)
19Stephen Smith (Fossil 1 Racing)
20Chad Hodges (DNA Racing)
21Scott Stevens (lincoln Industries)
22Greg Payne
23Pasquale Montanaro Iv (Scott & White Community Cyclin)
24Andrew Kramer (The Hub Bicycle Co.)
25Jacob White (Team Power Train)
26Justin Bowes (SKC Racing)
27Wes Jerman (Hotel San Jose/ Mellow Johnny?)
28Mark Rawlings (GS Tenzing)
29Ben Stalker (Devosyndicate/Renovatio)
30Josh Pruschen (Missouri Elite Development Tea)
31Will Frank (BMC Wal-Mart PB Phat Tire)
32Zach Earnest (Tulsa Wheelmen)
33Charles Parmain (Bicycles of Tulsa)
34Benn Stover (GP Velotek)
35Ben Beger (Momentum Racing)
36Austin Roberts
37Brent Wilson (Team Soundpony)
38Steve Stewart (Colonel's Army)
39Raymond Hall (918xc Bicycles)
40Alan Good (Tulsa Tough Racing)
41Erin Elliott (DNA Racing)
42Steven Cate (CycleSmart, Inc)
43Jason Pratt (Cycle-Smart)
44Marc Montemayor (
45Kyle Anderson (Metro Volkswagon)
46Stephen Borski (mckinney velo)
47Christian Beer
48Brent Hankins (LIVESTRONG Army KC cycling tea)
49Mark Saucedo (GS Tenzing)
50Ronnie Cookson
51Brady Fain (Team Undiscovered)
52Ryan Gabriel (Team Soundpony)
53Jack Funk (Team Power Train)
54Paul Miller (Tulsa Tough Racing)
55Caleb Magee (BMC / Walmart)
56Kyle Freeman (Tulsa Tough Racing)
57Lucas Marshall (The Lucas)
58Kal Farmer (Team Air Assurance)
59Jesus Chaparro (PACC)
60Jacob Koonsman (Front Rangers)
61Jon Landes
62Grahmm Smith (Team Power Train)
63William Sutton (Boston Mountain Cyclists)
64John Moore (Bicycles of Tulsa (BOT))
65Eric Haynes (Boston Mountain Cyclist)
66Thomas Broja (Tyson Racing)
67Derek Hughes (O2 Cycling)
68Joshua Gifford (Team Soundpony)
69Hunter Stewart (GS Tenzing)
70Dan Jordan (The Wheel Racing)
71Dave Enmark (PG-13)
72Dan Morgan (Pearland cycling)
73Tim Silva (
74James Bohanan (Tulsa Tough Racing)

Cat 1/2 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sergio Hernandez (Now/MS Society)1:11:00
2Eric Young (Nuvo/Cultural Trail)
3Colton Barrett (Texas Roadhouse)
4Joseph Kukolla (ISCorp)
5Jed Rogers (TOYOTA / Cycling Team p/b GCCA)
6Tucker Gerald (Park Place Dallas)
7Cody Foster (Team Hotel San Jose Mellow Joh)
8Tim Norris (Missouri Elite Development Tea)
9Joshua Carling (Williams Cycling)
10Andre Vandenberg (Team Metro p/b Greenville Cycl)
11Chris Kutach (Matrix/RBM)
12Matthew Brandt (mesa cycles)
13Erik Meier (Baraboo Sharks)
15Troy Owens (GS Tenzing)
16Alex Battles-Wood
17Craig Streit (Carlos OBriens Racing)
18Andrew Gonzales (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)
19Jeremy Stitt (Tulsa Tough Racing)
20Michael Woell (MBRC/Flanders)
21Jesse Moran (PACC)
22Cale Mcaninch
23Austin Stewart (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)
24Gary Glanger (Dallas Racing)
25Elkin Arteaga (Chann McRae Coaching/Velossimo)
26Joseph Lafico (TOYOTA / CYCLING TEAM p/b GCCA)
27Karim Abdelkader (MOB Squad - U Build IT)
28Alexander Grman
29Evan Bybee (Park Place Dealership)
30James Soto (CRRC)
31Alex Wieseler (ISCorp)
32Alex Lewis (Rocky Mounts-Izze)
33Colton Jarisch (TOYOTA / CYCLING TEAM p/b GCCA)
34Steve Dodge (Park Place Lexus - Dallas Raci)
35Robert Lange (Matrix/RBM)
36Billy Jones (IS Corp NOVA)
37Collin Davis (PACC)
38Ryan Lenhart (Team Soundpony)
39Daniel Matheny (Honeystinger/Trek)
40Justin Rempel (Park Place Dealerships)
42Cory Greenberg (NOW-MS Society)
43Ross White (Team Geargrinder)
44Stephen Leece (NOW MS-Society)
45Chris Black (Morgan Stanley Smith Barney/Sp)
46Robert Biard (Hotel San Jose/ Mellow Johnnys)
47Michael Pincus (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)
48Todd Campbell
49John Seehafer (UCI CT: Team Type 1)
50Sean Mcqueary (St Johns Cycling Team)
51Brian Parks (Team Undiscovered)
52Patrick Weddell (Team Metro Reprographics p/b G)
53Rob Bell (Team Undiscovered)
54Luke Lininger (Bicycle Shack Racing)
55Robert Dolman (Bicycle Haus Racing)
56Jon Gallagher (Cole Sport)
57Christopher Hamilton (PARK PLACE DEALERSHIPS)
58Scott Barnes (Tulsa Tough Racing)
59Shane Carter (CTCA/Tulsa Wheelmen)
60Michael Kincaid (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)
61Corey Ray (PACC)
62Jeremy Miller (Team Undiscovered)
63Nathan Leigh (Tulsa Tough Racing)
64Eric Melton (TULSA TOUGH)
65Zach Bergh
66Timothy Cook
67Kevin Schaefer (Austinbikes/Revenant)
68Martin Lang
69David Hassan (GS Tenzing)
70Nicholas Inabinet
71Owen Belton (MOBRA)
72Kit Karzen (NOW-MS Society)


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