Buchli & Stoll extend overall lead with second stage win

A second stage win underscored the ambition of Switzerland's Lukas Buchli and Thomas Stoll to bring home the TransAlp crown. The leaders from the BiXS iXS Pro Team mastered the 74.6 kilometres from Kaltern to Andalo in 3:31:05. Hannes Genze and Andreas Kugler finished second, and thus, the Multivan Merida Biking Team remains the only other serious contender in the battle for the title. Carsten Bresser and Volker Ordowski (Rocky Mountain) finished third, their first podium of the week, in 3:36:56.

The final climb up to Andalo - the 2009 Transalp's only summit finish - decided the victory and mirrored the battle for the overall. At the beginning Buchli and Stoll broke away and gained a lead of more than one minute on Genze and Kugler.

It was a planned attack, which Buchli had announced the evening before. "It's a very good feeling that we were able to achieve what we had in mind for today. That's amazing." However, the 30-year-old first time TransAlp racer knows the race isn't over yet.

"A mechanical can always happen. So, it's important to choose the right equipment for tomorrow. But we hope that we will be able to bring home the lead and celebrate in Riva del Garda."

Compliments from competitors

Despite a bitter defeat which enlarged their deficit, Multivan Merida Biking Team member Kugler showed some class by giving out props for the winners. The 2005 European Championships runner-up said, "At the moment, both are simply the best on the climbs. In addition, they had some very good support along the flat parts of the course on this very hot day. I think this was the decisive factor."

However, the 29-year-old doesn't think that it's over and done with. "We will see what happens tomorrow. But if you have a technical problem you can lose a lot of time. A lot of things can happen."

Team KTM with another stage win

Ekkehard Doerschlag and Heinz Zoerweg dominated the seventh day for the masters. The three-time overall winners secured their fifth stage win in 3:47:00. Shortly behind, current race leaders from Team KTM Italy's Silvano Janes and Stephan Unterthurner from Petrovilla Bergner Bau RTTR followed in second (3:48:21). About 50 seconds later, Walter Platzgummer and Johann Grasegger from Scott-Adidas were third.

Injuries and capitulations mix up mixed classification

The sixth consecutive stage win of team Rocky Mountain's Alison Sydor and Daniel Gathof was darkened by the fact that Anita Steiner had to be taken to the hospital due to an injury which she suffered in a crash. Besides the Swiss rider from Stoeckli Craft/Fischli Bikes, who was sitting in second position of the mixed ranking together with her partner Sepp Fischli, Steffi Hadraschek of the fourth-ranked duo Sebamed team also had to withdraw due to a cold. Her teammate Martin Jochem said, "I simply can't ride anymore. It doesn't make any sense."

The two prominent drop-outs meant that Daniela Storch and Alexander Stark (Scott Genius-Generation) and Margrit Joerg and Roland Abaecherli (Giant-Swiss-Mixed) are now in the top three of the mixed classification.

Rothaus-Cube women stay strong

The women's leaders continued smooth sailing toward an overall win. Milena Landtwing and her partner Kristine Noorgard needed 4:29:01 for the second to last stage. 6:45 minutes later, Peggy Klose and Claudia Till from Zwillingscraft 1 followed in second. Kerstin Brachtendorf and Danièle Troesch (Fiat-Rotwild) rounded the podium in third (4:44:40).

Ganser & Niggl first senior masters to the finish

As in previous days, Ferdinand Ganser and Georg Niggl (Jeantex RSC Logwin Kempten) extended their winning streak, this time to six in a row. The pair crossed the finish line in 4:22:49. About 15 minutes behind, Ueli Schuermann and Hanspeter Hunziker (Long Time Bikers V-sport.ch) came in second (4:37:48). Australia's Craig Peacock and Hans Dielacher from Merida Flight Centre secured the third spot on the podium (4:42:23).

Stage 8: Andalo - Riva del Garda

The final stage is short. It'll be the 10th time the TransAlp finishes like this, with 60.6km and only 1,451m of climbing. After a section to the Molveno Lake, the last climb greets racers at the Passo San Giovanni.


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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1BiXS iXS PRO Team (Lukas Buchli & Thomas Stoll)3:31:05
2Multivan Merida Biking Team (Hannes Genze & Andreas Kugler)0:01:09
3Rocky Mountain (Daniel Gathof & Alison Sydor)0:05:51
4Team Bulls 2 (Thomas Dietsch & Tim Böhme)0:08:15
5Full Dynamics (Mauro Bettin & Massimo Bettin)0:13:50
6Team Vaude Simplon (Andreas Strobel & Markus Kaufmann)0:15:37
7Rothaus-Cube 3 (Frank Lehmann & Uwe Hardter)0:17:12
8Panasonic Costa Rica (Deiber Esquivel Benavides & Marcony Duran Montoya)0:18:44
9Topeak-Ergon Racing Team (Alban Lakata & Dave Wiens)0:19:10
10Team TEXPA-Simplon (Alexander Pscheidl & Jan Schmidt)0:19:21
11Cube Team 1 (Udo Bölts & Silvio Wieltschnig)0:20:31
12Mbr Marathon Wm Graz 09 (Johannes Holas & Bernd Tauderer)0:22:25
13Zwillingscraft (Georg Koch & Michael Schuschardt)0:22:29
14Profi Bike Team (Dario Steinacher & Günther Egger)0:24:10
15Free Mountain-Koba (Ramon Krebs & Damian Perrin)0:24:45
16City-Economy-Blue Costa Rica (Jonathan Carballo Ramirez & Enrique Artavia Cedrino)0:27:23
17Racebrothers (Marc Metzler & Markus Hangartner)0:27:36
18Szik Eska Team (Arkadiusz Cygan & Marcin Piecuch)0:29:56
19Rietumu Banka-Riga (Ivanda Eiduka & Janis Rezins)0:30:23
20Rode Fane Ärhus (Torbjorn Gasbjereg & Erik Skovgaard Knudsen)0:30:34
21Team Piazza (Thomas Piazza & Georg Piazza)0:31:17
22Rc Martins Bike Shop Unken (Hannes Wörgötter & Hermann Dagn)0:33:08
23Zwillingscraft 2 (Christian Eckart & Jürgen Kreibich)0:33:22
24Rietumu Bank-Riga (Dimitriy Sorokin & Allan Oras)0:36:37
25Www.Vogtland-Bike.De (Sven Gerber & Arndt Meschke)0:38:38
26Team Look-A-Like (Gijs Dohmen & Joep Dohmen)0:42:09
27Team Texpa-Simplon (David Voll & Roland Golderer)Row 26 - Cell 2
28Maxxis-Alptraum (Franz-Josef Kisch & Martin Hollerbach)0:44:36
29Team Focus (Hans Hutschenreuter & Rene Hördemann)0:44:59
30Apres Bikers (Kurt Tempst & Kristof Wijckmans)0:46:33
31Team Pester Pac Automation (Bernd Dolpp & Bernhard Kiechle)0:47:20
32Bikeclubklausen (Manfred Sagmeister & Patrick Olivieri)0:48:09
33Twin Tip (Daniel Beck & Sven Bethke)0:49:10
34Band Of Brothers (Oliver Fischer & Philipp Menk)0:49:27
35City-Economy Blue (Michael Rugama & Daniel Castro)0:51:15
36Ciclos Getxo (Unai Paniagua Garcia & Oscar Castro Requena)0:53:16
37Tepelna Cerpadla Ivt (Pavel Michal & Zdenek Tomecek)0:53:59
38Bike Junior Team (Ludwig Döhl & Patrick Titus)0:54:03
39Moooove (Katja Holzer & Harry Stolka)0:54:39
40Balance (Tim Veremans & Bart van Bouwel)0:55:15
41Bbbikers (Beat Kohler & Daniel Schmid)0:58:45
42Rc Neulengbach-Kollar Team (Anton Mörtl & Stefan Hackl)0:59:25
43Kartefenianos Team 1 (Eriz Quintana & Jorge Gonzalez)0:59:41
44Team Aurora Borealis (Erik Steene & Andreas Setting)0:59:47
45Team Werner Heel (Tobias Rauch & Viktor Paris)1:00:07
46Alpcross (Carles Bernat Rallo & Jaume Ribosa de Gracia)1:00:11
47Bachtelbiker-Stöckli (Patrick Zollinger & Matthias Winkler)1:00:30
48Team St. Christina (Werner Malfertheiner & Günter Goller)Row 47 - Cell 2
49Flachlandbiker-Campana (Robin Weber & Marcus Müller)1:01:49
50Murx2gether (Daniel Fankhauser & Peter Mühl)1:02:47
51Zwillingscraft (Georg Koch & Michael Schuschardt)1:04:19
52Commencal Fit (Rynard van Hoven & Charl Keet)1:04:27
53Team Alpbachtal Seenland (Klaus Steiner & Alexander Kostner)1:04:50
54Scr Schnaittach (Andreas Müller & Roman Erler)1:05:03
55Laktatsucht.De (Veit Susallek & Georg Hasselmann)Row 54 - Cell 2
56Bikeklinik.Com (Wolfgang Kendler & Anton Gerdenitsch)1:05:53
57Paul Lange & Co. / Shimano (Dirk Röser & Michael Egner)1:07:33
58Jeantex River-Bike (Slim Gamh-Drid & Michael Lella)1:08:17
59Sportbuck.Com (Swen van Thiel & Erkan Sakallioglu)1:09:22
60Www.Vogtland-Bike.De (Sven Gerber & Arndt Meschke)1:10:33
61Kartefenianos Team 2 (Zigor Urain & Iker Intxausti)1:10:36
62van Den Plas J./Mtb Rudi (Nick Struyfs & Wim Meuris)1:11:18
63Bob De Biker (Bas Bloeming & Wim Kwakkel)1:11:48
64Bikers Malters (Stefan Lustenberger & Tom Mattmann)1:11:49
65Bike & More 4 (Giorgio Marchesan & Manuel Penazzato)1:12:17
66Rothaus-Cube 1 (Werner Wagner & Sam Baeten)Row 65 - Cell 2
67Biking Runners (Manfred Eder & Gottfried Schlager)1:12:34
68Original Hinterwäldler (Eddy Faller & Daniel Eckmann)1:13:06
69Loberen.Dk (Claus Stallknecht & Lasse Pedersen)1:13:20
70Alb-X.De / Radladen-Ulm.De (Jürgen Appenzeller & Markus Eschmann)1:13:27
71Cyklotrenink.Com (Jan Susanka & Petr Dobry)1:13:48
72Team Bike House (Martin Moser & Jens Ludwigs)1:13:53
73Rocky Mountain-Peerkes Biketeam 3 (Frank van Hoof & Corné van der Voort)1:15:03
74Gasthof Seefeld/Vc Pfäffikon (Andreas Guignard & Heinz Posch)1:15:26
75Fullimput Clothing Company (Shane Thomson & David Leiman)1:19:32
76Aha Consulting 1 (Alexander Hauri & Patrick Bürgler)1:19:49
77High 5 (Thorsten Damm & Karsten Meyfarth)1:20:07
78Schwarzfahrer (Karsten Held & Thomas Steimle)1:22:04
79Team Elektro Wolf Meiningen (Fabian Wolf & Thomas Wolf)1:22:46
80Bikx.De (Volker Sickor & Philipp Rogler)1:23:16
81Probike (Marti Anglas Tarrats & Joan Majo Arbo)1:24:35
82Nota-Bikes Stnyk (Ubbo Kuper & Ruud Borst)1:29:00
83Team Wheelbase.Co.Uk (Mike Wardle & James Spilsbury)1:29:02
84Jauntaler (Markus Boschung & Olivier Ruffieux)1:29:56
85Team Aa (Albert Olivier & Alex Otto)1:32:15
86Aa (Arno Daehnke & Rorie Wilson Rorie)1:32:28
87Merida Hbh Biking Team 2 (Tomas Zapletal & Marek Zapletal)1:33:45
88Speedbuam (Andreas Osterrieder & Andreas Kreichgauer)1:34:09
89Arco (Jose Javier Barrionuevo & Mauro Donati)1:35:05
90Jersey Rough Riders (Robin Ovenden & Adam Wojtkiewicz)1:35:44
91Taunusgazellen/Custommade (Patrik Rummel & Ralf Boxberger)1:36:35
92Rocky Mountain-Peerkes Bike Team 1 (Baart Damen & Walter Vosters)1:36:54
93Jtri.Ch Espoirs-Radbar (Michael Scherrer & Reto Brunner)1:37:02
94Running26/Carite (Jepsen Uhd Jepsen & Kristian Lundgaard Skovhuus)1:39:39
95Team Trainingshulp.Nl (Mark van Ittersum & Bert Prins)1:40:38
96Magura Q-Race Team (Oskar De Graaff & Remco van Bekkum)1:41:03
97Ebbelwei-Expreß (Florian Göltl & Marc Kundert)1:41:59
98Simon Brüder (Christopher Simon & Tobias Simon)1:42:15
99Team Alptraum (Alexander Altmann & Marcus Jäger)1:42:45
100Sba (Peter Obrist & Jörg Eilers)1:43:10
101Tollie Lolloe (Jacob Kiestra & Bart Seebregts)1:43:12
102Team Croatia (Vedran Berkovic & Marko Rajkovic)1:43:51
103Team Cycling Concept (Jimmy Olsen & Mads Appelby)1:44:18
104Ladybiker (Thomas Kretzberg & Bernd Bilek)1:46:11
105De Kudde (Hugo Derks & Ronald Kremers)1:47:29
106Kettenhunde (Andreas Hahn & Oliver Vitt)1:47:48
107Filthy Lucre (William Vetters & Gote De Pillecyn)1:47:54
108Team2experience (Miranda Rui Pedro Da Silva & Carlos Nuno Oliveira)1:47:56
109Bike And Power (Boris Utsch & Andreas Bettschen)1:48:45
110Team Lefty Dk (Jesper Toerslev-Thomsen & Carsten Soerensen)1:49:07
111Rad Und Tat I (Stefan Loehle & Gero Halbgebauer)1:50:43
112Sarus (Johann Reich & Gregor Hengst)1:52:17
113Paraebebes (Jorge Manso & Rui Matias)1:52:34
114M2 Racing (Martin Tucek & Mike Mullen)1:53:23
115The Wuppies Of Mohr (Wim Bastiaens & Andreas Stückler)1:53:55
116Cube Team 4 (Kai Schultz & Jens Pfeiffer)1:54:04
117Vogtland (Steffen Höppner & Holger Neumann)1:54:39
118Butterfly-Trailteam-2010 (Matthias Krug & Davor Kisker)1:55:15
119Team Roelofs (Ronald van den Bos & Kees Neijenhuis)1:56:14
120Team Kaltern (David Facchini & Daniel Andergassen)1:56:33
121Sparkassen Dienstleister Österreich (Christoph Kirchmeier & Mario Ziegler)1:56:45
122Ogilvy U3 Hohemark (Jens Frank & Joerg Schrod)1:56:51
123Grenzbereich (Sebastian Ödamer & Thomas Rückel)1:57:33
124Tsh Team Bergamont 2 (Nis Sienknecht & Lasse Evers)1:58:25
125Ipar Kutxa Team (Pena Gorka Aranguiz & Aitor Goti)1:59:46
126Lezard Boyz (Michel Bujold & Dominique Babin)2:00:04
127Team Berg Sofa (Konrad Pointner & Gerhard Reithmayr)2:00:10
128Rad Und Tat II (Oliver Kurz & Carl Berger)Row 127 - Cell 2
129Die Unterfrranken (Volker Rosenberger & Frank Werm)2:02:02
130Usn (Albe Geldenhuys & Ferdie Potgieter)2:02:58
131Two Brothers Racing (Ruben van der Zanden & Mark van der Zanden)2:03:08
132Btteam (Tiago Rui Morais & Bruno Miguel Sousa)2:03:50
133Fanfiluca Bikestyle (Rainer Mümmler & Holger Steffens)2:04:37
134Bidones Roma Team (Garcia Victor Manuel & Cesar Ramirez)2:05:40
1354est Mountain Bike Team (Alexandru Robert Ujfalvi & Dan vasile Boldi)2:06:19
136Team South Africa-Germany (Marc Meyer & Martial Naehring)2:06:28
137Rsg-Zollernalb Albstadt`82 E.V. / Team Gonso- (Jürgen Domaschky & Michael Schmidt)2:06:35
138Fca Cyling Team (Frank Weijers & Jeroen Arts)2:07:43
139Die Simplon Ritter (Maik Bangert & Marc Leyse)2:07:47
140Petzenbären (Thomas Pototschnig & Josef Skuk)2:08:49
141Modi-Craft (Volker Hess & Michael Fritz)2:09:12
142Mtb Tremalzo (Mateusz Bojarski & Slawomir Marmajewski)2:10:36
143Reutte-Express (Stefan Stuefer & Jörg Färber)2:10:38
144Goal (Patrick Gonzalez & Martijn Alberink)Row 143 - Cell 2
145Mud United (Piet Weeghmans & Joeri Vanderstraeten)2:12:35
146A.C. Milan (Stefano Boffelli & Eric Le Det)2:13:13
147Mtb-Team Eifel (Steffen Gulden & Christian Klaus)2:13:29
148Team Optik Kleinert (Tobias Dorsch & Mathias Gugg)2:14:48
149Wm Haustechnik Mtb (Mario Mayer & Michael Weissensburger)2:15:01
150Rhönräuber (Franz Karner & Tobias Schneider)2:15:32
15126inchcollective.Be (Ives Desmet & Daan Revis)2:16:12
152Zipfiklatscher (Stephan Ottmar & Matthias Schneider)2:16:22
153Jempi-Boskanters (Heikki Segaert & Bart D'Hulster)2:16:31
154Ghost Racing Team/Rm-Bikeparts (Marcel Mettel & René Mettel)2:18:09
155Combat Dento (Alistair Lovell & Stefan Goodwin)Row 154 - Cell 2
156Tona 2 (Pep Serra & Josep Roma)2:18:46
157Rc Wiesinger (Torsten Lenhof & Franz Dobetsberger)2:20:40
158Alpevents (Manuel Schwarzinger & Edgar Heinig)2:22:44
159Bike Paradies Treffen (Bernnhard Kraker & Norbert Fischer)2:24:36
160Lunna/Borgersen (Oyvind Borgersen & Christian Lunna Ole)2:25:53
161Ready To Bike (Nils Gieskes & Daniel Eberhardt)2:26:01
162Team M&m (Nuno Machado & Andre Malha)2:27:38
163Gravity Fuelled (Graham Charman & Rob Blackwell)2:28:15
164Dirty Pilgrims (Christof Hepp & Johannes Knafl)2:29:35
165Fun Riders Tsv Böbingen Sponsored By Motovelo (Wolfgang Kmoch & Martin Brasda)2:31:42
166Kurbelknechte (Christoph Sagmeister & Wolfgang Obernosterer)2:35:02
167Low Performers (Boris Feist & Marco Lezajic)2:35:16
168Nucking Futz 09 (Pierre Debs & Steffen Faust)2:37:57
169Team Rc Diana Leipzig (Steffen Cramer & Peter Rüdrich)2:38:57
170Team Perle (Kilian Perle & Andy Perle)2:39:08
171Blickvang-Kassel (Sven Wilhelm & Mario Leuchter)2:39:50
172Fahrradshop.Li (Marcel Ender & Philipp Gerner)2:39:51
173Polar-Soq.De Bike Team (Daniel Conka & Marko Spätauf)2:40:03
174Rrrr (Robin Regener & Rolf Regener)2:41:16
175Team Berg Sofa (Konrad Pointner & Gerhard Reithmayr)2:43:13
176Geo-Explore (Steven Smith & Geoff Bent)2:44:22
177Simply Do It Again (Sean Friedrich & Ricco Friedrich)2:45:33
178Below Zero (Pauk Gough & Graeme Lewis)2:46:48
179Die Marionetten (Patrik Rösch & Stefan Schröder)2:47:45
180Cycling Team Vorselaar (Ivan Verwerft & Gert Eelen)2:48:15
181Team Sf Sports (Franz Simmerl & Robert Ganzer)2:48:17
182Team Look Good (Lars Dahl Oppenheuser & Claus Schmidt Andersen)2:48:45
183Nissan Sports Adventure (Alan Kennedy & Charles Lavington)2:56:14
184Arragon'S Cycles (Jeremy Westgarth & Richard Wood)2:56:20
185Bikecenter-Schager (Christian Trummer & Erich Kager)2:56:30
186Team Kalahari (Adriaan Strauss & Jan Meyer De Villiers)2:59:02
187Die Dachse Des Bösen (Bjoern Kinzenbach & Julian Bodem)2:59:07
188H2 Kaffe (Henrik Frellsen & Henrik Hougaard)2:59:23
189Blubberbande (Christian Weinzierl & Christian Schütz)3:03:10
190Ubina Ventura (Eduardo Cuthbert & Juan Alvarez Delgado)3:03:36
191S'Steh Team (Andreas Gallwitz & Norman Soyka)3:05:41
192Lingier-Versluys (Piet De Maeyer & Davy Vanderostyne)3:06:46
193Riko Bros (Lukasz Bachorz & Marcin Bachorz)3:07:08
194The Kiwi Lads (Hamish Corbett & Michael Aitkenhead)3:09:20
195Die 2 Stuerme (Jörg Sturm & Michael Sturm)3:10:24
196Wedderwill (Wolfgang von Loeper & Kevin Edwin Mcpherson)3:10:26
197Bike & More 5 (Nicola Merighetti & Mauro Vitorielli)3:11:06
198Wheezy Wheelers (Peter Coyle & Martyn Smith)3:12:15
199Team Cape Town (Wayne John Booysen & Nic Grobler)3:15:10
200Die Sturzkandidaten (Peter Bartl & Michael Grun)3:19:25
201Teutwo`S Naturpark Teutoburger Wald (Johannes Beusker & Jürgen Dröge)3:19:31
202Mm (Tamir Reiss & Yosef Portugali)3:19:56
203Bike-Onur Wroclaw (Bartosz Dworak & Tomasz Gazdzik)3:24:23
204Beulenvandeberg (Arno Mosterd & Frank Twigt)3:24:23
205Team Mabitz (Reiner Künzel & Stefanie Hartmaier)3:26:28
206Superflu (Vincent Schümann & Malte Claussen)3:30:02
207Team Tatonka (Michael Stippl & Markus Mayer)3:30:54
208Team Tacx.Nl (Joris Koornneef & Arnout Koornneef)3:31:17
209Hmyz (Jakub Stanek & Roman Polansky)3:31:42
210Musicmonster.Fm (Felix Hötzinger & Florian Herrmann)3:35:47
211Tona1 (Victor Cubina & Jordi Collell)3:39:50
212Team Zweirad-Fuhr (Mario Jung & Alfred Hertweck)3:40:23
213Easy Riders (Henry Geddes & Gustavo Garcia)3:43:21
214Let The Good Times Roll (Andreas Jokisch & Frank Schonath)3:45:11
215Bkk Rwe (Frank Sunder & Ebi Schulte)3:47:38
216Www.Mtb4fun.Ovh.Org (Pawel Markowski & Krzysztof Pniewski)3:53:52
217Joven Titan Team 2 (Bjorn Keyken & Bart Geeringhs)3:54:03
218Team Lupus (Chris van Schaik & Jan Aarnoutse)3:57:07
219Montenietjes (Wim Monteny & Geert Monteny)4:01:23
220Delpacifico Costa Rica (Christian Sibaja & Hans Ramirez)4:02:09
221Pirate (Wilhelm Schaffner & Ingo Dube)4:03:03
222Alp Fiction (Oliver Michalik & Roman Burger)4:04:28
223Die Ärzte (Gerhard Arzt & Sebastian Arzt)4:26:44
224Jeantex Team Sport Eybl (Jürgen Wöss & Reinhold Erlinger)4:32:02
225Burning Wheelz (Christian Putzenlechner & Simon Putzenlechner)4:35:42
226African/Irish (Johan Roos & Michael Creedon)4:35:49
227Dirty Deeds Too (Björn Langmack & Wolfgang Lambertz)4:38:43
228Yes We Can! Vater Und Sohn (Erwin Leppmeier & Nico Leppmeier)4:43:18
229Moooove Racing Team (Hans Hörmann & Wilfried Hofmann)4:45:53
230Sigma Rox Team (Raphael Groh & Marcel Scherf)4:54:39
231Davetom (Dave Casey & Tom Langley)5:17:29
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rothaus-Cube (Milena Landtwing & Kristin Noorgard)4:29:01
2Zwillingscraft 1 (Peggy Klose & Claudia Till)0:06:45
3Team Fiat Rotwild (Kerstin Brachtendorf & Daniele Troesch)0:15:39
4Fi`Zi:k Ti:m (Susann Oehring & Katrin Neumann)0:16:59
5Free Mountain (Catherine Lohri & Nadine Rieder)0:39:00
6Berggeiss By Scott (Christin Kehrli & Susanne Tanner)0:40:13
7Gogirls (Jeanette Mayr & Katrin Haas)0:40:27
8Northlands Medical Clinic (Lisa Pleyer & Cathryn Zeglinski)0:49:36
9Jeantex Team Torshov Sport (Gunn Hilleren & Camilla Hott)0:53:16
10Fusion-World.Ch (Britta Matter & Zoe Haas)1:27:13
11Rv Korbach / Lv Druck (Ellen Vosseberg & Nelia Fuchs)1:31:40
12Team Mika (Katharina Trapmann & Mirjam Schlecht)1:56:32
13Fanfiluca (Gunda Häußler & Bianca Göhler)2:00:48
14Brit Girls Go! (Megan Griffiths & Carrie Carruthers)2:32:01
15Holzapfel Rennsemmeln (Sylvia Auer & Jeannette Jungmann)Row 14 - Cell 2
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rocky Mountain (Daniel Gathof & Alison Sydor)4:22:51
2Scott Genius-Generation (Alexander Stark & Daniela Storch)0:07:26
3Giant-Swiss-Mixed (Roland Abächerli & Margrit Jörg)0:12:59
4Tot Vici En Bici (Enric Ramoneda & Rosanas Lurdes Torrescasana)0:17:53
5Ivans Velosport Davos (Andrea Kuster & Thomas Holtkamp)0:19:03
6Schwarzbarth Velos (Oliver Lehmann & Barbara Merkofer)0:21:06
7Rietumu Banka-Riga (Ivanda Eiduka & Janis Rezins)0:22:57
8Conway Factory Team (Doris Steenfatt & Sascha Piechowski)0:27:28
9Toxoholics (Werner Chelius & Miriam Kettenring)0:30:18
10Lumpaz (Paul Bühler & Sabina Compassi)0:38:08
11Corratec World Team (Silke Keinath & Kai Bodmer)0:41:04
12Moooove Racingteam (Andrea Hiller & Matthias Markl)0:45:13
13Tourismusverein Sarntal (Hansjörg Oberkalmsteiner & Andrea Tasser)0:47:18
14Steppenwolf-Bikes.Com (Walter Marquardt & Conny Marquardt)0:57:01
15Joven Titan Team (Carl Huygen & Natalie Franken)0:57:15
16Hammelbi (Antje Hammelehle & Marc Bischoff)0:58:36
17Team Bergamont (Thomas Bretting & Silvia Klee-Bretting)0:58:40
18Garmin (Andrea Meier & Sven Meier)0:58:52
19Team Green Valley-Brixen (Verena Kerschbaumer & Andreas Vaja)1:03:32
20Craft And Friends (Lars Bresche & Silke Pokrop)1:04:08
21Carbon Statt Training (Ralf Kühnapfel & Inga Krause)1:05:12
22Alpencruiser (Markus Gisler & Judith Faller-Schmid)1:05:22
23Sportsexperts (Barbara Lebutsch & Anton Lebutsch)1:07:57
24Zweirad Janger Simplon (Peter Potocnik & Hermine Potocnik)1:09:36
25Team Corazon (Thauvette Daniel & Pinard Caroline)1:15:38
26Ac Weinheim (Markus Fabian & Konny Fabian)1:22:01
27Cykelmygg.Se (Kasper Mölgaard-Ibsen & Katarina Mölgaard-Ibsen)1:22:07
28Moooove (Katja Holzer & Harry Stolka)1:23:52
29Team Mabitz (Reiner Künzel & Stefanie Hartmaier)1:26:52
30Schwarzfahrer 2 (Alexandra Kiendl & Hartmut Reuss)1:27:43
31Bike Team Stenger Frankfurt (Georg Heckens & Maike Kulas)1:27:52
32Quest Racing Sm°aland (Joerg Simm & Carina Simm)1:37:27
33Lars Und Maud (Lars van der Eerden & Maud Golsteyn)1:44:11
34Gross & Chli (Martin Feigenwinter & Annette von Mandach)1:48:14
35Elevation Racing (Kim Kreb & Steve Malmberg)1:48:43
36Team Engine-Lab.Com (Jodi Kooijman & Miriam Ter Brake)1:48:51
37Dent-A-Bike (Martin Geyer & Kathy Rapelius)1:49:08
38Bjergkcden (Tim Lorentzen & Anne-Mette Nrrregaard)1:52:43
39Anniken Og Jon (Jon Gravdal & Anniken Jermstad)1:57:32
40Team Extreme Moonrider (Hans-Jürgen Stauber & Martina Dropmann)1:58:37
41Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei (Stefan Schneider & Kerstin Althoff)1:59:12
42Nordisch By Nature (Christine Sommer & Robert van der Steen)2:04:17
43Team Headquarter (Friedrich Kaliciak & Julia Almus)2:04:24
44Magura-Q-Raceteam (Samantha Eikenaar-Hoogewerf & Jasper van de Luytgaarden)2:04:48
45Teamtwist (Solveig Solbraa & Andre Hebnes Dystein)2:08:17
46Norwood Paragon A (Steve Watkins & Kaye Patton)2:09:16
47Tout Terrain-Maverick (Petra Bödder & Tristan Willbrandt)2:14:31
48Katjes (Katja Seyfferth & Thomas Strunz)2:22:20
49Die glühenden Bremsscheiben2:24:01
50Team Cassidy (Helen Cassidy & Stephen Cassidy)2:34:45
51R'N'B Soul Train (Christian Beine & Petra Romberg)2:36:53
52Team Blytt (Halfdan Blytt & Diana Blytt Line)2:37:13
53Pink Is The New White (Matthias Schmidt & Connie Schulz)2:42:18
54Methusalems 109 (Max Richner & Birgit Richner)2:56:02
55Team Vasbyt (Gerhard van Niekerk & Stephne van Niekerk)3:01:23
56Rocky Mountain Mix (Daniel Seipp & Jill Janz)3:09:18
57Blümchenpflücker (Alexandra Dessombes & Jens Witt)3:13:48
58Die Iris will I (Iris Heinzman & Willi Brabender)3:24:59
59Team Kochertal-Kleberle (Martin Schneider & Beate Schneider)3:28:09
60Sport Center Mexico (Luis Pena & Sandra Maron)3:31:55
61Locomotive Breath (Mario Rauch & Sibylle Ullmann)4:13:26
62X-Annos (Steffen Erfle & Anja Erfle)4:26:17
63Bundu Bashers (John Mowat & Nataschka Mowat)4:32:11
64Team Hayland (Nik Ringwood & Hilary Catchpole)4:46:18
65Tochter Und Baart (René Baart & Tina Baart)5:12:52
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Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Ktm (Ekkehard Dörschlag & Heinz Zörweg)3:47:00
2Petrolvilla Bergner Brau Rttr (Silvano Janes & Stephan Unterthurner)0:01:21
3Scott-Adidas (Walter Platzgummer & Hans Grasegger)0:02:10
4Zellweger Architekten Thun (Hansjürg Gerber & Kurt Baggenstoss)0:12:07
5Team Sponser Sport Food (Bärti Bucher & Renato Burch)0:25:41
6Chamizo Sportful (Danny Flies & Johan Peeters)0:33:51
7Happychaine.Net (Roman Eder & Hendrik Bähr)0:34:40
8Team Triathlon Luxembourg (Markus Kneip & Dan Dethier)0:40:45
9Extreme Moonrider (Michael Kutter & Jürgen Lauter)0:41:33
10Alptraum / Team Capic Bikes / Gox (Andi Schatz & Andreas Bühler)0:48:08
11Team Andalo Blu Bike (Rolando Bortolotti & Maurizio Erspan)0:49:26
12Rhönraketen (Marco Hohmann & Peter Scheller)0:51:18
13Master of Desaster (Thomas Leitgeb & Markus Weyrer)0:56:12
14Bikehouse Team (Daniel Probst & Ueli Zimmerli)0:58:03
15Team Storm Biker-Zweirad Lorenz (Manuel Mehlhorn & Enrico Geschwandtner)0:58:34
16Scott-Team Heilenmann (Thomas Seyferle & Andreas Rieke)0:58:52
17Thomax Bike Team (Thomas Rüegg & Max Bertschinger)0:59:34
18Sigma Rox Team Ii (Matthias Heil & Thomas Hädrich)0:59:50
19Black Forest Ultra 1 (Günter Sandmann & Reinhard Schäffer)1:03:26
20Bike-Werf.de / Joe (Joachim Oberfoll & Marcus Werf)1:05:29
21Biketeam Elbtal (Mathias Morawe & Ronald Weser)1:06:22
22Maestre (Ignacio Miravalles Romero & Txema Santiesteban Garma)1:08:58
23Squeezy (Dirk Vloemans & Flor Veraert)1:10:26
24Catalonia Team (Jordi Compta & Joan Vidal)1:10:50
25Green Valley Wipptal (Robert Sparber & Hartmann Stifter)1:11:14
26Mtbwales.Co.Uk (Tony Carter & Grant Steele)1:12:44
27Blackmasters (Stefan Koller & Karlheinz Volkmann)1:13:01
28Form & Function (Mads Wulff & Eric Dengler)1:13:33
29Streckenteam Bik Bike Arco (Luca Turrini & Fabrizio Bertamini)1:20:29
30Fräki Power (Robi Hocher & Stefan La Vigna)1:21:07
31Tnl/Trailcleaner (Johannes Schöllhuber & Oliver Majchrzak)1:21:10
32Les Boys (Marc Ouellet & Jean-Marc Ballard)1:23:10
33Rg Uni Hamburg (Fred Lüdtke & Frank Werner)1:24:40
34Avis Bike Cingoli (Andrea Massaccesi & Fabrizio Tobaldi)1:25:31
35Team Tour De Tirol (Andreas Dollinger & Herbert Thaler)1:33:15
36Strasswalchen (Walter Vsol & Heimo Doppelreiter)1:37:17
37Vierhout (Gert Luuk Wiersma & Cor Linstra)1:40:36
38Team Riva Del Garda (Rudy Prandi & Luca Trentini)1:41:39
39Bike & More 2 (Stefano Inguscio & Livio Raballo)1:41:50
40Cicloparma (Omar Bertolini & Fabrizio Magnani)1:42:04
41Deam Bratwurscht (Thomas Fischer & Peter Stoll)1:43:25
42Spaß Muss Sein (Jürgen Kohler & Thomas Dusel)1:44:53
43Axa-Team (Günter Amend & Michael Friedel)1:46:02
44Bike & More 3 (Piersandro Magoni & Giuliano Manzoni)1:48:49
45Zitherbäck (Wolfgang Hofstetter & Georg Miller)1:49:20
46Meininger Tornados 2009 (Ulf Köhler & Andreas Beyer)1:55:25
47Cube Team 3 (Claus Wachsmann & Klaus Rübensaal)1:56:16
48Haard Racing Team (Peter Wortmann & Jochen Eiting)1:58:02
49Team Fela Mtb (Valerio Soncini & Massimiliano Donati)1:58:59
50Bike Team Waser (Dietmar Waser & Günther Moser)2:00:54
51De Vuile Vore (Stephan van Holder & Christophe van Lierde)2:02:43
52Bbt Bülibike Tigers 2 (Adrian Gull & Pino Ferrari)2:03:21
53Team Ralph+Rudi (Claus Peikert & Thomas Liebetruth)2:05:22
54Dunracin' (Stuart Campbell & David Winton)2:05:45
55Twoandrews (Andrew Tarling & Andrew Gwatkin)2:08:45
56Impro (Raimonds Romanovskis & Vilnis Klinovics)2:10:16
57Peaplastics (Arthur van Wezel & Carlos van Wanrooy)2:12:14
58Sport-Express (Alexey Kosminsky & Maxim Shishov)2:13:03
59Ltc (Gerhard Wegener & Frank Wilhelm)2:13:49
60Rmk (Niels Laursen & Niels Damkaer)2:14:26
61Drrbak Frogn Sykkelklubb (Erik Solberg & Andrc Mollan)2:16:52
62Team Harry (Christian Kohl & Herbert Hartl)2:16:57
63Ämmitaler (Hanspeter Heiniger & Ernst von Känel)2:19:29
64Dirty Deeds (Noel Magermans & Erwin Rothkrantz)2:20:10
65The Balds (Veraldo Valdre & Giovanni Monduzzi)2:20:15
66Besenwagenflüchlinge (Thomas Zühlke & Bernhard Müller)2:21:11
67Sqr (Egmont Goedeke & Steven Phillips)2:23:24
68Leonberger Hunde (Bernd Menz & Marcus Scheu)2:23:47
69Ritchey/Moots (Jörg Waldmann & Richard Hermanek)2:24:51
70Sk Rueckwind Triathlon (Karl Koller & Gerd Meissl)2:24:58
71Skinfit Bike Team (Uli Hammer & Wolfram Berger)2:25:45
72Moooove Racing Team (Hans Hörmann & Wilfried Hofmann)2:26:12
73Feuerwehr Langstadt (Frank Stoiber & Gerhard Weber)2:26:52
74Berg Sofa Scott (Christian Schwimmer & Gerhard Reithmayr)2:27:18
75Die Gezähmten Widerspenstigen (Adolf Karner & Hardy Götzfried)2:30:09
76Expresso (Robert Mayer & Hans Wöll)2:35:01
77Teamwork Berlin (Robert Gaiswinkler & Ralf Kolbe)2:35:42
78Proactive (Roland Dörfel & Michael Schäfer)Row 77 - Cell 2
79Keizersbos (Han Keizer & Andre Bos)2:37:39
80Botha`S (Jiri Markuci & Radovan Cizek)2:38:32
81Spluga (Piero Gilardino & Walter Bianchi Bazzi)2:38:57
82Irene Neumarkt (Arthur Cappelletti & Ferdinando Baldo)2:40:24
83Dvs (Jan Stegink & Eduard Kraan)2:41:02
84Team B Safe (Carl Demaine & Andy Taylor)2:45:25
85Phasenineclothing.Co.Uk (Gary Cousins & Simon Jepheart)2:49:33
86Bike&run Imst Vater/Sohn (Andreas Bichler & Reinhard Bichler)Row 85 - Cell 2
87Radkappen Maintal Team Ii (Kurt Bernhardt & Andreas Schöpel)2:56:39
8829ers (Ofer Zindorf & Yoram Rozen)2:56:56
89Simply Do It (Claude van Cuyck & Steve Mills)2:59:25
90van Marwicks (Thomas van Marwick & Thomas van Marwick)3:00:05
91Wight Mountain (James Hunt & Sam Hunt)3:01:13
92Cip (Ronald Michl & Volker Mies)3:02:58
93Lift (Rainer Schmitt & Maik Andrae)3:07:42
94Riwotech Racing Team (Horst Wolf & Oliver Liedtke)3:08:38
95Explorer (Andreas Buchmann & Thomas Wagner)3:11:27
96Problembären (Rainer Kopp & Christof Stoll)3:13:17
97Swiss Anzacs (Rodney Scholten & Ian Edwards)3:15:18
98Team Texpa Masters (Frank Schübel & Johannes von Westphalen)3:17:36
99Die Hesselberg-Stürmer (Peter Aust & Thomas Winter)3:23:30
100Sui Generis (Ralph Moog & Holger Sperb)3:28:44
101The Coots (Rob Jackson & Derek Redfern)3:30:27
102Tenyearslater (Dirk John & Björn Boschert)3:31:39
103Old Farts (Harald Krug & Herbert Benedikt)3:33:32
104Nodex (George Xagaras & Panagiotis Dagopoulos)3:38:00
105Ff1 (Theo Punter & Hans Ruesink)3:43:32
106Zahngesundheit (Gerard Preuss & Bernd Bauernschmidt)3:44:35
107Team Billbo (William Jones & Graham Hood)3:50:52
108Kmb (Wolfgang Anderlohr & Thomas Jessberger)3:51:34
109Alpina Austria (Michael Ebner & Herbert Zöchling)3:53:14
110Hans En Martin (Martin Post & Hans Lems)Row 109 - Cell 2
111Visitcostarica.Com (Mavin Hernandez & Roberto Garita)4:00:01
112Appeltje 1 (Cliff Verdaasdonk & Phil Bleijs)4:16:17
113Bauchträger (Günther Fuchshuber & Alfred Benedetto)4:17:37
114African'S (Mark Dahl & Marc De Fondaumiere)4:19:52
115Fun Biker (Joachim Bauske & Jan Faisst)4:22:19
116Rocky Mountain-Bikemax (Klaus Oelschlegel & Heinz Kaiser)4:23:26
117Ubina Ventura 2 (Lorenzo Piquero & Rafael Polonio Perez)4:23:46
118Midlife Magic (Tim Adam & Reinhold Müller)4:40:44
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Senior master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeantex Rsc Logwin Kempten (Georg Niggl & Ferdinand Ganser)4:22:49
2Long Time Bikers V-Sport.Ch (Ueli Schürmann & Hanspeter Hunziker)0:15:00
3Merida Flight Centre (Craig Peacock & Hans Dielacher)0:19:35
4Team Replica (Kristian Greve Per & Bjarne Lien)0:33:20
5Team Tirol (Georg Heugenhauser & Georg Streitberger)0:41:06
6Joybike! Oldies (Hans Swaans & Frank Raschke)0:58:04
7Tecno-Mtb-Rivista (Franco Martini & Ezio Polo)0:59:38
8Bike & More 10-Team Granzon (Pio Tomasetig & Giuseppe Zanini)1:03:14
9Team Wellmann (Oliver Langer & Peter Santner)1:27:28
10Zweirad Sitzmann (Erich Wallenberger & Klaus Ullrich)1:33:44
11Blackforest Sport&bike Hostel Kirchzarten (Beat Eberhard & Roland Rombach)1:46:10
12Boc Gutane (Arnljot Mehl & Tom Haugland)2:00:59
13Trash Pop Pilots (Uwe Singer & Peter Baldauf)2:05:49
14Team Reset Racing (Emnauel Schönborn & Armin Elpel)2:20:11
15Cube Team 5 (Heinrich Grebner & Andreas Wittmann)2:44:04
16Bike & More 1 (Dave Robinson & Stefano Fratesi)2:49:50
17Grand Master Reha Team (Bernhard Reichenberger & Hans-Martin Haller)2:52:23
18Team Eibenstock (Joachim Colditz & Ulrich Herrmann)3:07:21
19Team Oberbayern (Hans-Michael Krepold & Hartmut Huser)3:34:10
20Team Vail 1 (Chip Woodland & Frank Sandoval)Row 19 - Cell 2
21Radkappen Maintal (Gerhard Hansl & Armin Kuhl)4:56:24
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Men general classification after stage 7
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1BiXS iXS PRO Team (Lukas Buchli & Thomas Stoll)21:09:07
2Multivan Merida Biking Team (Hannes Genze & Andreas Kugler)0:03:05
3Team Bulls 2 (Thomas Dietsch & Tim Böhme)0:23:34
4Team Vaude Simplon (Andreas Strobel & Markus Kaufmann)0:39:34
5Full Dynamics (Mauro Bettin & Massimo Bettin)0:44:52
6Rocky Mountain (Daniel Gathof & Alison Sydor)0:47:04
7Topeak-Ergon Racing Team (Alban Lakata & Dave Wiens)0:53:44
8Cube Team 1 (Udo Bölts & Silvio Wieltschnig)1:13:23
9Rothaus-Cube 3 (Frank Lehmann & Uwe Hardter)1:21:05
10Panasonic Costa Rica (Deiber Esquivel Benavides & Marcony Duran Montoya)1:42:27
11Zwillingscraft (Georg Koch & Michael Schuschardt)1:51:53
12Racebrothers (Marc Metzler & Markus Hangartner)2:09:41
13Team Piazza (Thomas Piazza & Georg Piazza)2:13:31
14Zwillingscraft 2 (Christian Eckart & Jürgen Kreibich)2:13:58
15Profi Bike Team (Dario Steinacher & Günther Egger)2:14:53
16Team TEXPA-Simplon (Alexander Pscheidl & Jan Schmidt)2:14:59
17Mbr Marathon Wm Graz 09 (Johannes Holas & Bernd Tauderer)2:29:18
18Rode Fane Ärhus (Torbjorn Gasbjereg & Erik Skovgaard Knudsen)2:31:52
19City-Economy-Blue Costa Rica (Jonathan Carballo Ramirez & Enrique Artavia Cedrino)2:37:33
20Free Mountain-Koba (Ramon Krebs & Damian Perrin)2:40:02
21Rietumu Bank-Riga (Dimitriy Sorokin & Allan Oras)3:11:20
22Team Texpa-Simplon (David Voll & Roland Golderer)3:22:01
23Rc Martins Bike Shop Unken (Hannes Wörgötter & Hermann Dagn)3:49:57
24Www.Vogtland-Bike.De (Sven Gerber & Arndt Meschke)3:52:00
25Szik Eska Team (Arkadiusz Cygan & Marcin Piecuch)3:53:35
26Team Focus (Hans Hutschenreuter & Rene Hördemann)4:05:30
27Apres Bikers (Kurt Tempst & Kristof Wijckmans)4:07:25
28Rietumu Banka-Riga (Ivanda Eiduka & Janis Rezins)4:10:18
29Rothaus-Cube 1 (Werner Wagner & Sam Baeten)4:21:01
30Maxxis-Alptraum (Franz-Josef Kisch & Martin Hollerbach)4:30:04
31Team Werner Heel (Tobias Rauch & Viktor Paris)4:30:47
32Tepelna Cerpadla Ivt (Pavel Michal & Zdenek Tomecek)4:32:55
33Team Look-A-Like (Gijs Dohmen & Joep Dohmen)4:39:33
34Flachlandbiker-Campana (Robin Weber & Marcus Müller)4:47:18
35Team Pester Pac Automation (Bernd Dolpp & Bernhard Kiechle)4:56:03
36Bike Junior Team (Ludwig Döhl & Patrick Titus)4:56:10
37Twin Tip (Daniel Beck & Sven Bethke)5:08:22
38Band Of Brothers (Oliver Fischer & Philipp Menk)5:12:10
39Bachtelbiker-Stöckli (Patrick Zollinger & Matthias Winkler)5:12:41
40Bbbikers (Beat Kohler & Daniel Schmid)5:17:12
41Moooove (Katja Holzer & Harry Stolka)5:22:48
42Kartefenianos Team 1 (Eriz Quintana & Jorge Gonzalez)5:23:21
43Bikeclubklausen (Manfred Sagmeister & Patrick Olivieri)5:24:18
44Ciclos Getxo (Unai Paniagua Garcia & Oscar Castro Requena)5:26:57
45Alpcross (Carles Bernat Rallo & Jaume Ribosa de Gracia)5:39:22
46Balance (Tim Veremans & Bart van Bouwel)5:40:55
47Bikeklinik.Com (Wolfgang Kendler & Anton Gerdenitsch)5:44:23
48City-Economy Blue (Michael Rugama & Daniel Castro)5:49:17
49Scr Schnaittach (Andreas Müller & Roman Erler)5:59:54
50Team St. Christina (Werner Malfertheiner & Günter Goller)6:04:52
51Sportbuck.Com (Swen van Thiel & Erkan Sakallioglu)6:10:23
52Loberen.Dk (Claus Stallknecht & Lasse Pedersen)6:12:29
53Zwillingscraft (Georg Koch & Michael Schuschardt)6:13:44
54Commencal Fit (Rynard van Hoven & Charl Keet)6:18:37
55Rc Neulengbach-Kollar Team (Anton Mörtl & Stefan Hackl)6:20:01
56Team Alpbachtal Seenland (Klaus Steiner & Alexander Kostner)6:22:29
57Laktatsucht.De (Veit Susallek & Georg Hasselmann)6:24:37
58Kartefenianos Team 2 (Zigor Urain & Iker Intxausti)6:34:37
59Paul Lange & Co. / Shimano (Dirk Röser & Michael Egner)6:44:05
60Jeantex River-Bike (Slim Gamh-Drid & Michael Lella)6:44:53
61Bike & More 4 (Giorgio Marchesan & Manuel Penazzato)6:46:09
62High 5 (Thorsten Damm & Karsten Meyfarth)7:01:10
63Team Aurora Borealis (Erik Steene & Andreas Setting)7:01:41
64Www.Vogtland-Bike.De (Sven Gerber & Arndt Meschke)7:03:03
65Biking Runners (Manfred Eder & Gottfried Schlager)7:04:31
66Bikx.De (Volker Sickor & Philipp Rogler)7:07:40
67Murx2gether (Daniel Fankhauser & Peter Mühl)7:12:32
68Original Hinterwäldler (Eddy Faller & Daniel Eckmann)7:16:40
69Bikers Malters (Stefan Lustenberger & Tom Mattmann)7:30:32
70Fullimput Clothing Company (Shane Thomson & David Leiman)7:34:39
71Probike (Marti Anglas Tarrats & Joan Majo Arbo)7:37:21
72Rocky Mountain-Peerkes Biketeam 3 (Frank van Hoof & Corné van der Voort)7:38:20
73Team Bike House (Martin Moser & Jens Ludwigs)7:57:07
74Team Elektro Wolf Meiningen (Fabian Wolf & Thomas Wolf)8:01:45
75Jersey Rough Riders (Robin Ovenden & Adam Wojtkiewicz)8:02:29
76Aha Consulting 1 (Alexander Hauri & Patrick Bürgler)8:04:21
77Cyklotrenink.Com (Jan Susanka & Petr Dobry)8:06:50
78Team Roelofs (Ronald van den Bos & Kees Neijenhuis)8:14:21
79Team Aa (Albert Olivier & Alex Otto)8:17:43
80Bob De Biker (Bas Bloeming & Wim Kwakkel)8:17:57
81Gasthof Seefeld/Vc Pfäffikon (Andreas Guignard & Heinz Posch)8:22:23
82Merida Hbh Biking Team 2 (Tomas Zapletal & Marek Zapletal)8:24:42
83van Den Plas J./Mtb Rudi (Nick Struyfs & Wim Meuris)8:27:05
84Jauntaler (Markus Boschung & Olivier Ruffieux)8:27:15
85Mud United (Piet Weeghmans & Joeri Vanderstraeten)8:32:05
86Tollie Lolloe (Jacob Kiestra & Bart Seebregts)8:34:52
87Alb-X.De / Radladen-Ulm.De (Jürgen Appenzeller & Markus Eschmann)8:36:33
88Schwarzfahrer (Karsten Held & Thomas Steimle)8:52:02
89Taunusgazellen/Custommade (Patrik Rummel & Ralf Boxberger)8:52:11
90Nota-Bikes Stnyk (Ubbo Kuper & Ruud Borst)8:53:39
91Jtri.Ch Espoirs-Radbar (Michael Scherrer & Reto Brunner)9:10:17
92Sba (Peter Obrist & Jörg Eilers)9:13:42
93Team Trainingshulp.Nl (Mark van Ittersum & Bert Prins)9:16:18
94Aa (Arno Daehnke & Rorie Wilson Rorie)9:17:29
95Speedbuam (Andreas Osterrieder & Andreas Kreichgauer)9:33:46
96Team Alptraum (Alexander Altmann & Marcus Jäger)9:35:44
97Team Wheelbase.Co.Uk (Mike Wardle & James Spilsbury)9:38:50
98Team2experience (Miranda Rui Pedro Da Silva & Carlos Nuno Oliveira)9:44:03
99Rocky Mountain-Peerkes Bike Team 1 (Baart Damen & Walter Vosters)9:44:27
100Filthy Lucre (William Vetters & Gote De Pillecyn)9:52:06
101Bike And Power (Boris Utsch & Andreas Bettschen)10:00:08
102Butterfly-Trailteam-2010 (Matthias Krug & Davor Kisker)10:08:13
103Arco (Jose Javier Barrionuevo & Mauro Donati)10:14:11
104Magura Q-Race Team (Oskar De Graaff & Remco van Bekkum)10:14:59
105Team Kaltern (David Facchini & Daniel Andergassen)10:15:38
106Running26/Carite (Jepsen Uhd Jepsen & Kristian Lundgaard Skovhuus)10:17:28
107Team Croatia (Vedran Berkovic & Marko Rajkovic)10:28:00
108Ladybiker (Thomas Kretzberg & Bernd Bilek)10:32:40
109Ipar Kutxa Team (Pena Gorka Aranguiz & Aitor Goti)10:33:43
110Simon Brüder (Christopher Simon & Tobias Simon)10:36:49
111Vogtland (Steffen Höppner & Holger Neumann)10:37:42
112Grenzbereich (Sebastian Ödamer & Thomas Rückel)10:39:01
113Cube Team 4 (Kai Schultz & Jens Pfeiffer)10:39:22
114Lezard Boyz (Michel Bujold & Dominique Babin)10:42:28
115M2 Racing (Martin Tucek & Mike Mullen)10:47:34
116Bidones Roma Team (Garcia Victor Manuel & Cesar Ramirez)10:49:10
117Sarus (Johann Reich & Gregor Hengst)11:02:50
118Team Cycling Concept (Jimmy Olsen & Mads Appelby)11:02:54
119De Kudde (Hugo Derks & Ronald Kremers)11:06:47
120Sparkassen Dienstleister Österreich (Christoph Kirchmeier & Mario Ziegler)11:08:22
121Ebbelwei-Expreß (Florian Göltl & Marc Kundert)11:08:55
122Rsg-Zollernalb Albstadt`82 E.V. / Team Gonso- (Jürgen Domaschky & Michael Schmidt)11:11:09
123Rad Und Tat I (Stefan Loehle & Gero Halbgebauer)11:15:00
124Rad Und Tat II (Oliver Kurz & Carl Berger)11:27:39
125Die Simplon Ritter (Maik Bangert & Marc Leyse)11:29:07
126Kettenhunde (Andreas Hahn & Oliver Vitt)11:31:52
127Rc Wiesinger (Torsten Lenhof & Franz Dobetsberger)11:33:09
128The Wuppies Of Mohr (Wim Bastiaens & Andreas Stückler)11:35:45
129Ogilvy U3 Hohemark (Jens Frank & Joerg Schrod)11:36:27
130Team South Africa-Germany (Marc Meyer & Martial Naehring)11:36:54
131Ghost Racing Team/Rm-Bikeparts (Marcel Mettel & René Mettel)11:39:01
132Die Unterfrranken (Volker Rosenberger & Frank Werm)11:42:08
1334est Mountain Bike Team (Alexandru Robert Ujfalvi & Dan vasile Boldi)11:51:23
134Two Brothers Racing (Ruben van der Zanden & Mark van der Zanden)12:00:27
135Reutte-Express (Stefan Stuefer & Jörg Färber)12:03:36
136Fanfiluca Bikestyle (Rainer Mümmler & Holger Steffens)12:08:13
137A.C. Milan (Stefano Boffelli & Eric Le Det)12:09:01
138Mtb Tremalzo (Mateusz Bojarski & Slawomir Marmajewski)12:18:04
139Usn (Albe Geldenhuys & Ferdie Potgieter)12:23:51
140Rhönräuber (Franz Karner & Tobias Schneider)12:23:56
141Tsh Team Bergamont 2 (Nis Sienknecht & Lasse Evers)12:36:27
142Modi-Craft (Volker Hess & Michael Fritz)12:37:43
143Polar-Soq.De Bike Team (Daniel Conka & Marko Spätauf)12:46:43
144Tona 2 (Pep Serra & Josep Roma)12:47:16
145Team Optik Kleinert (Tobias Dorsch & Mathias Gugg)12:47:58
146Gravity Fuelled (Graham Charman & Rob Blackwell)13:05:07
147Paraebebes (Jorge Manso & Rui Matias)13:11:07
148Team Berg Sofa (Konrad Pointner & Gerhard Reithmayr)13:15:00
149Team Rc Diana Leipzig (Steffen Cramer & Peter Rüdrich)13:16:27
150Wm Haustechnik Mtb (Mario Mayer & Michael Weissensburger)13:26:30
151Hmyz (Jakub Stanek & Roman Polansky)13:26:36
152Petzenbären (Thomas Pototschnig & Josef Skuk)13:31:19
153Team Lefty Dk (Jesper Toerslev-Thomsen & Carsten Soerensen)13:31:21
154Zipfiklatscher (Stephan Ottmar & Matthias Schneider)13:40:41
155Btteam (Tiago Rui Morais & Bruno Miguel Sousa)13:41:59
156Low Performers (Boris Feist & Marco Lezajic)13:44:26
157Geo-Explore (Steven Smith & Geoff Bent)13:59:16
158Mtb-Team Eifel (Steffen Gulden & Christian Klaus)14:00:30
159Combat Dento (Alistair Lovell & Stefan