Multivan Merida dominate stage six

Hannes Genze led a Multivan Merida Biking Team one, two, three on stage six.

Hannes Genze led a Multivan Merida Biking Team one, two, three on stage six. (Image credit: Trans Germany)

Hannes Genze won the sixth stage from Schoeneck to Oberwiesenthal. The 2005 European Champion was able to decisively break away from his competitors on the last downhill from the Fichtelberg, thus celebrating his third stage win. Andreas Kugler and Jochen Kaess rounded out the total podium sweep for the Multivan Merida Biking Team.

While his combatants for the yellow jersey were satisfied with their team performance, Thomas Dietsch was glad that he didn’t lose his leadership due to misfortune as the Team Bulls athlete suffered from flat tyres twice in the climb up to the roof of the tour, the Ichtelberg (1,214 m). While he was able to handle the first one through exchanging front wheels with his teammate Stefan Sahm, the second one turned out into a serious problem as effort to fix it didn't work out.  Thus, the French National Champion risked not only his overall lead, but also his health as he raced downhill with a rear tyre that was consistently loosing air.  

"I really had to be very careful on the downhill but also had to give everything as I was the leader of the field. I was hoping that I wouldn’t lose my jersey because of some flat tyres. It really was blessing in disguise,” he said.

Due to his recklessness and a time of 2:53:11.8 hours, the 34-year-old successfully defended his lead in the ranking finishing fifth. After he lost about 30 seconds of his lead today, Dietsch is still 1:05 ahead of today’s winner Hannes Genze.

Genze had a much better day.  He launched an attack that helped him move up in the overall ranking by one spot from third to second.

“My plan was to benefit from my downhill abilities. This worked out perfectly. We attacked Thomas (Dietsch) all the way up to Fichtelberg. On top, I was the fastest to react and pedalled away,” said Genze.

Genze, the two time German Champion, now has the most 2009 stage victories to his credit.

It will be an enthralling final day at the Trans Germany tomorrow as the technical demanding course offers several chances to attack the Yellow Jersey. “The lead is not that big that we could make peace. Maybe we get our chance. We will see,” said the 27-year-old.

Grah claimes first stage win

The winning streak of Johann Grasegger in the Master category is over: Branko Grah from RC Sereno brought home his first stage win. The Austrian crossed the finish line after 3:15:04. According to this, the Vienna resident was all smiles. “I pedalled like crazy and gave everything I had,” he said.

However, he also had to handle gear problems. “I was racing about 40 kilometres losing air the whole time so I had to refill and refill. Finally it was OK. But now, I’m done,” he added.

Peter Paelinck ( came in second, making it on the podium for the first time. Denmark’s Bogi Kristiansen followed as third also having his first top-three result this week.

Grasegger, who remains the undisputed Master competition leader, said “I’m no machine!” after finally losing a stage.

Suess on top again

It seems as if the plan of winning all stages could work out as Wheeler Pro Team racer Esther Suess was able to clinch also the sixth out of seven Trans Germany stages. The Swiss Champion rolled into the finish after 3:15:51 having collected a lead of about five minutes over Sally Bigham, who came in pretty ravaged.

The Topeak-Ergon Racing rider directly pedalled to the first aid tent with a blood-smeared thigh - apparently after crashing. Switzerland’s Milena Landtwing from Rothaus Cube placed third.

Spolc with sixth consecutive triumphs

The story keeps on repeating: Milan Spolc from Sachsen. Land von Welt brought home victory on the sixth stage. The leader in the Super Master category also bears the Green Jersey.  He mastered the 85 kilometres of the stage and was followed by Rudi Geentjens as well as Bernhard Spieler from race worx.

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1Hannes Genze (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking Team2:52:39
2Andreas Kugler (Swi) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:00:25
3Jochen Käß (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:00:26
4Thomas Nicke (Ger) Team Fiat RotwildRow 3 - Cell 2
5Thomas Dietsch (Fra) Team Bulls0:00:32
6Ramses Bekkenk (Ned) Nissan0:00:45
7Christian Schneidawind (Ger) Team TEXPA-SIMPLON0:00:47
8Carsten Bresser (Ger) Rocky Mountain0:02:19
9Karsten Volkmann (Ger) Jugendherberge Sachsen/TBR-Bik0:02:25
10Allan Qvortrup Tvilum (Den) Aarhus N0:05:42
11Tim Böhme (Ger) Team Bulls0:05:54
12Stefan Sahm (Ger) Team Bulls0:06:23
13Robert Novotny (Cze) Sachsen Land Von Welt0:06:24
14Wilco Verwegen (Ned) Nissan0:08:35
15Lukas Kubis (Ger) Team Haibike0:09:05
15Frank Lehmann (Ger) Rothaus-CubeRow 15 - Cell 2
17Markus Werner (Ger) Jugendherberge Sachsen/TBR-Bi0:09:11
18Jan Schmidt (Ger) Team TEXPA-SIMPLON0:09:33
19Adrian Jackson (Aus) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:09:35
20Stefan Donner (Ger) Gotha0:10:49
21Uwe Hardter (Ger) Rothaus-Cube0:10:57
22Ad De Brabander (Ned) Nissan0:11:00
23David Voll (Ger) Team TEXPA-SIMPLON0:15:39
24Sebastian Stark (Ger) Jugendherberge Sachsen/TBR-Bi0:17:32
25Daniel Gathof (Ger) Rocky Mountain0:17:50
26Lutz Baumgärtel (Ger) Sachsen Land Von Welt Sachsen0:17:53
27Alexander Miano (Ger) Team Fiat Rotwild0:17:55
28Lucien Peterhans (Swi) Spontanos0:18:12
29Samuel Reichen (Swi) Spontanos0:18:51
30Jochen Coconcelli (Ger) ZwillingsCraft0:19:27
31Roland Golderer (Ger) Team TEXPA-SIMPLON0:21:10
32Frank Ziemann (Ger) Sachsen Land Von Welt0:21:27
33André Ohndorf (Ger) Team Haibike0:22:15
34Jens Böhme (Ger) Team Haibike0:23:12
35Sven Gerber (Ger) Team schöneck0:25:34
36Radoslav Sibl (Swi) Holesov0:25:49
37Jens Klotsche (Ger) Großnaundorf0:27:02
38Jozsef Kiss (Hun) Merida TEAM - CST BikeMag HUN0:27:45
39Arndt Meschke (Ger) Team Schöneck0:28:42
40Bastian Wauschkuhn (Ger) Jugendherberge Sachsen/TBR-Bik0:28:58
41Tiemo Arndt (Ger) Rotor-Rohloff-Madmission0:29:29
42Charlie Eustace (Swi) Ellsworth/Freeborn/Torq0:30:00
43Harald van Gerven (Ned) Rocky Mountain - Peerkes Bike0:30:08
44Jürgen Kreibich (Ger) ZwillingsCraft0:30:09
45Sam Baeten (Ger) Rothaus-Cube0:30:11
46Marco Gottesmann (Ger) Team Bad Steben / Landkreis Ho0:30:14
47Mike Blewitt (Aus) AUS-Sydney0:30:16
48Volker Stegner (Ger) Team Bad Steben / Landkreis Ho0:30:50
49Thomas Heinze (Ger) Outdoor Land-Team0:31:47
50Rico Fahr (Ger) Outdoor Land - Zittauer GebirgRow 49 - Cell 2
51Martin Schuttert (Ned) Nissan0:33:07
52Jens Schuhmann (Ger) Team Bischofsheim/Rhön0:34:43
53Julian Stumpf (Ger) Team Bike World Brand-WSV Ober0:36:13
54Falko Witte (Ger) laufrad racing team0:37:03
55Andreas Müller (Ger) Henfenfeld0:37:06
56Daniel Stanczak (Ger) MODI-Craft0:37:25
57Andreas Dietzsch (Ger) MODI-Craft0:37:26
58Albrecht Hänel (Ger) Sachsen Land Von Welt0:38:44
59Robert Roßmann (Ger) SIRIUS Team Frankenwald0:41:26
60Christian Ebeling (Ger) Rotor-Rohloff-Madmission0:41:54
61Mario Keller (Swi) CH-Aadorf0:44:39
62Alexander Ubland (Ger) IBC DIMB Racing Team0:45:18
63Roland Leuthold (Swi) Montagsbiker Figö0:45:54
64Joerg Trommler (Ger) Esslingen0:47:08
65Ronald Andraczek (Ger) Scott Racing team0:47:33
66Marco Wahl (Ger) MODI-Craft0:48:18
67Nikolaus Hecht (Ger) Toxoholics0:49:00
68Clemens Klug (Ger) Team Bischofsheim/Rhön0:49:13
69Thomas Schmidtke (Nor) N-Skogbygda0:49:31
70Sebastian Porada (Ger) Team Bike World Brand-WSV Ober0:49:48
71Frank Müller (Ger) SIRIUS Team Frankenwald0:50:30
72Carsten Weser (Ger) WTA0:50:32
73Lars Bresche (Ger) Joybike0:50:40
74Mirko Eger (Ger) Team Tourismusverein Seiffen0:50:56
75Sean Noonan (USA) USA-Urbandale, IA0:51:14
76Christopher Prach (Ger) BIKESTORE SV 09 Würzburg0:52:00
77Armin Hohenadler (Ger) Craft and Friends0:52:10
78Martin Voigt (Ger) Team Bike World Brand-WSV Ober0:52:38
79Pierre Forthomme (Lie) L-Wiltz0:52:46
80Philipp König (Ger) Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz0:53:09
81Michael Schürlein (Ger) Team Bischofsheim/Rhön0:53:40
82Michael Opper (Ger) Team Rohloff Rotor Madmission0:53:56
83Ronny Bruynseels (Bel) Mountain Fighters # Bike Cente0:54:20
84René Kreibich (Ger) Paul Lange & Co. / Shimano0:57:42
85Patrick Schärer (Swi) Team René's Veloshop/Active 021:00:20
86Benito Pekel (Ger) De Toekomst!1:03:05
87Alexander Weith (Ger) Radsport Dressel-Team Scott1:03:23
88Peter Ahnert (Ger) Zschopau1:04:16
89Alexander Lang (Ger) Team Wölco AG1:05:35
90Martin Berner (Ger) Team Wölco AG1:05:36
91Matthias Hartych (Ger) Germany's next Top-Biker1:06:46
92Toni Vich (Spa) E-Palma1:06:47
93Klaus Gerigk (Ger) Großkrotzenburg1:07:01
94Peter Gramling (Ger) Team Schlappesseppel1:07:08
95Marc Kehl (Ger) Neuss1:07:17
96Matthias Ehler (Ger) RoGi Bike-Keller / baumann-ins1:07:18
97Sebastian Söhnle (Ger) Herbrechtingen1:07:29
98Marco Keller (Ger) Team Schlappesseppel1:09:44
99Horst Deckert (Ger) Konstanz1:09:50
100Stephan Weng (Ger) Potsdam1:10:22
101Christian Plepla (Ger) Pfungstadt1:10:43
102Albert Preinesberger (Ger) MODI-Craft1:11:00
103Daniel Leuthard (Swi) Montagsbiker Figö1:11:15
104Marco Fiedler (Ger) Team Bike World Brand-WSV Ober1:12:06
105Soren Bengtsson (Den) Ringsted1:12:42
106Gabor Mikula (Hun) Merida TEAM - CST BikeMag HUN1:12:49
107Robin Fröhner (Ger) Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal1:14:42
108Jens König (Ger) Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal1:14:43
109Yves Bombeeck (Bel) B-Duffel1:16:27
110Dennie Rombouts (Ned) Joybike!1:17:52
111Arjo Spans (Ned) NL-Zwolle1:17:56
112Marc Op Den Camp (Bel) B-Maasmechelen Boorsem1:18:29
113Jose Terrones (Spa) E-Algaida1:18:44
114Philipp Arnold (Ger) Zschopau1:19:42
115Christian Völker (Ger) AB-Biker1:20:50
116Lothar Tiele-Winckler (Ger) Hollenstedt1:20:53
117David Frehner (Spa) Alpcross Team1:22:39
118Oleksandr Rizun (Ger) Craft & Friends1:22:58
119Ingmar Reich (Ger) WTA1:23:19
120Peter Rüdrich (Ger) RC Diana Leipzig1:23:39
121Markus Seipel (Ger) Team Schlappesseppel1:24:49
122Stephan Neu (Ger) Team Schlappesseppel1:25:05
123Werner Been (Ned) NL-Maarsbergen1:25:18
124Thomas Brand (Ger) Leinfelden-Echterdingen1:25:34
125Martijn Zandvliet (Ned) Vistra Corporate Trust1:25:39
126Sven Fischer (Ger) Oelsnitz1:27:15
127Frank Battenfeld (Ger) Franks Radladen1:27:33
128Fabian Balsiger (Swi) CH-Pieterlen1:27:36
129Jens Küllmer (Ger) Franks Radladen1:27:47
130Paul Crowley (Isr) ISL-Mullingar1:28:49
131Jens Emich (Ger) Team Rotor rohloff madmission1:31:45
132Mathieu Lanting (Ned) De Toekomst!1:32:18
133Jorik Rademaker (Ned) NL-Utrecht1:32:24
134Marco Glaß (Ger) Darmstadt1:33:04
135Kai Diemer (Ger) Ebertsheim1:33:56
136Florian Richter (Ger) team respectbikes.de1:34:19
137Dmitry Lisovyy (Ger) Craft & Friends1:34:32
138Reiner Ploem (Ger) FC Deutsche Post1:34:58
139Michael Kunz (Ger) Nürnberg1:35:11
140Wolfgang Lagler (Ger) Craft and Friends1:35:17
141Martin Podolínsky (Swi) AD Partner CZ1:35:40
142Philipp Hoffmann (Ger) Sachsen Land Von Welt1:38:36
143Alexander Schmidt (Ger) Boxberg1:42:35
144Kendy Melchior (Ger) Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal1:43:16
145Tom Häckel (Ger) Ferienpark OberwiesenthalRow 144 - Cell 2
146Wolfgang Reichert (Ger) Ahorn1:47:10
147Jan Scherrenbacher (Ger) SchwabenAdventure1:47:59
148Marco Fleischer (Ger) Bergstadt Annaberg-Buchholz1:49:26
149Jochen Kreß (Ger) RoGi Bike-Keller / baumann-ins1:49:34
150Jan Ludwig (Ger) München1:52:13
151Dirk Richter (Ger) AB-Biker/Baumann-inside.de1:55:15
152Angel Galindo Muñoz (Spa) E-Barcelona1:55:51
153Michael Staab (Ger) RoGi Bike-Keller / baumann-ins2:01:23
154Lior Sherer (Isr) ISR-Rosh-ha-ayin2:02:52
155Christian Cummins (Aut) A-Wien2:09:50
156Uli Gerber (Ger) Paul Lange & Co. / Shimano2:10:08
157Torsten Lickfeld (Ger) Mülheim an der Ruhr2:12:59
158Ralf Geradts (Ger) Aachen2:18:16
159Manuel Medina Peña (Spa) E-Válor2:20:25
160Antonio Vergara Soriano (Spa) E-Almeria2:20:26
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1Esther Süss (Swi) Wheeler iXs Pro Team3:15:50
2Sally Bigham (Cwi) Topeak-Ergon Racing Team0:05:06
3Milena Landtwing (Swi) Cube0:06:56
4Danièle Troesch (Fra) Team Fiat Rotwild0:15:43
5Nina Gässler (Ned) Kona Norway - Geilo IL powered0:16:12
6Elisabeth Brandau (Ger) Team Haibike0:17:57
7Kerstin Brachtendorf (Ger) Team Fiat Rotwild0:21:07
8Claudia Seidel (Ger) Team Tourismusverein Seiffen0:28:04
9Daniela Storch (Ger) Scott Racing team0:29:48
10Eva Hupfauer (Ger) Toni`s Radleck0:48:24
11Inga Krause (Ger) germany`s next Top-Biker0:50:42
12Jasmin Erhardt (Ger) SIRIUS Team Frankenwald0:51:10
13Claudia Langer (Den) Craft and Friends0:55:01
14Kerstin Kindler (Ger) Craft and Friends0:57:51
15Silke Pokrop (Ger) Craft and Friends1:12:10
16Eva Carrer Enz (Swi) Kraftwerk Rennteam1:12:19
17Martina Flury (Swi) proformance-nonplusultra1:12:22
18Kathrin Zbinden (Swi) Kraftwerk Rennteam1:15:38
19Sigrid Poullie (Ger) Velofreunde Großwelzheim 051:17:12
20Veerle Deliever (Bel) Mechelen1:23:15
21Stefanie Gehlert (Ger) Bergstadt Annaberg-Buchholz1:26:40
22Jutta Hummel (Ger) AB-Biker1:45:51
23Sissi Pärsch (Ger) Craft and Friends1:45:52
24Irene Lachner (Swi) Ellsworth / Freeborn / Torq1:47:17
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1Branko Grah (Aut) A-Wien3:15:03
2Peter Paelinck (Bel) www.REEVAX.be0:00:18
3Bogi Kristiansen (Den) DK-Vaerloese0:00:55
4Hans Planckaert (Bel) Casa Verde Race Factory0:01:32
5Frederik Zierke (Ger) Team Probike Zypern - Bionicon0:01:43
6Uwe Windmüller (Ger) MODI-Craft0:02:17
7Dietmar Müller (Ger) Herford0:02:53
8Ralf Kropp (Ger) rotor rohloff mad mission0:02:54
9Martin Altermatt (Swi) CH-Kloten0:03:55
10Johann Grasegger (Ger) Scott Racing team0:04:12
11Spidalieri Antonio (Ita) I-Lupsingen0:06:17
12Bernd Weinhold (Ger) Team schöneck0:06:40
13Thomas Heuler (Ger) Paul Lange & Co. / Shimano0:08:25
14Markus Jost (Swi) CH-Steffisburg0:09:11
15Stefan Megele (Ger) Toni`s Radleck0:09:16
16Armin Bonnet (Ger) Paul Lange & Co. / Shimano0:09:39
17Sam Sprunger (Swi) CH-Blauen0:10:39
18Jens Scholze (Ger) Team Schöneck0:13:18
19Peter Wyss (Swi) CH-Kleinlützel0:13:49
20Marco Carrer (Swi) Kraftwerk Rennteam0:16:41
21Walter Hillringhaus (Ger) Toni`s Radleck0:18:45
22Rainer Stadler (Ger) Toni`s Radleck0:18:50
23Gerald Vogel (Ger) Unstrut-Racer0:19:13
24Meik Kottwitz (Ger) team respectbikes.de0:23:51
25Patrick Wouters (Bel) www.REEVAX.be0:27:46
26Martin Hofacker (Ger) Craft and Friends0:28:02
27Walter Aerts (Bel) B-Grobbendonk0:28:17
28Axel Kropp (Ger) Team Tourismusverein Seiffen0:28:31
29Hans-Jürgen Hoven (Ger) BSV Profil0:28:37
30Andreas Stark (Ger) Jugendherberge Sachsen/TBR Bik0:29:50
31Stefan Back (Ger) Team Bischofsheim/Rhön0:30:25
32Torsten Sczarnowski (Ger) Team Tourismusverein SeiffenRow 31 - Cell 2
33Steffen Helbig (Ger) Team Tourismusverein Seiffen0:33:25
34Peter Frei (Ger) Kraftwerk-Rennteam0:39:41
35Albrecht Dietze (Ger) Team Tourismusverein Seiffen0:39:55
36Steffen Domay (Ger) Ilsfeld0:40:08
37Frank Herold (Ger) Bad Homburg0:40:48
38Erwin Schlier (Ger) Mitterskirchen0:42:21
39Alfred Schönemann (Ger) Steinach0:43:58
40Ralf Kühnapfel (Ger) Germany`s next Top-Biker0:44:03
41Markus Eckel (Ger) SSG Bensheim0:44:46
42Ronald Kaulfuß (Ger) Team Tourismusverein Seiffen0:44:49
43Jens-Peter Schulz (Ger) IBC DIMB Racing Team0:45:19
44Udo Blümlein (Ger) High50:45:24
45Oliver Van Baal (Ger) BIKESTORE SV 09 Würzburg0:45:30
46Jörg Groen (Ger) Germany`s next Top-Biker0:46:39
47Guido Kunze (Ger) Craft and FriendsRow 46 - Cell 2
48Michael Schmitt (Ger) Team Bike World Brand-WSV Ober0:47:24
49Werner Wurm (Ger) Toni`s Radleck0:48:33
50Geert Keuppens (Bel) Mountain Fighters # Bike Cente0:48:34
51Jürgen Güther (Ger) Gerichshain0:48:37
52Bent Bengtsson (Den) DK-Taastrup0:49:55
53Peter Erhardt (Ger) SIRIUS Team Frankenwald0:50:02
54Tonny Maak (Den) DK-Vaerloese0:53:43
55Martin Kösters (Ger) Emsdetten0:55:20
56Erik van Hulst (Ned) NL-Vollenhove0:55:33
57Oliver Trefz (Ger) Stuttgart0:56:39
58Richard Lachner (Ger) Ellsworth / Freeborn / Torq0:58:18
59Hans Swaans (Ned) Joybike!0:58:39
60Frank Rautenberg (Ger) Ellsworth / Freeborn / Torq0:58:52
61Thomas Nachtigall (Ger) Greven1:01:33
62Wolfgang Strobel (Ger) Germany`s next Top-Biker1:02:32
63Jürgen Gerbig (Ger) Bobenheim-Roxheim1:03:10
64Albert Rundel (Ger) Team mabitz1:07:35
65Andreas Mattern (Ger) Limburgerhof1:08:33
66Stephan Angerer (Ger) Ellsworth / Freeborn / Torq1:08:39
67Steffen Cramer (Ger) RC Diana Leipzig1:12:18
68Jochen Graubner (Ger) Gelnhausen1:12:49
69Roman Valenta (Swi) AD Partner CZ1:13:20
70Heiko Beutler (Ger) rotwilderer1:15:28
71Gunter Beinhoff (Ger) Celle1:15:36
72Ulf Meyer (Ger) Scheibenberg1:20:41
73Jürgen Dahlke (Ger) Paul Lange & Co. / Shimano1:22:29
74Béla Waldhauser (Ger) Alle guten Dinge sind 3eich1:23:26
75Raik Illian (Ger) mb scherken1:23:29
76Christian Günsche (Ger) Peine1:24:42
77Thomas Diezel (Ger) Team Bad Steben / Landkreis Ho1:28:37
78Ralf Kolbe (Den) Bikework Berlin1:28:42
79Frank van den Eynde (Bel) B-Lille1:36:04
80Thomas Kempf (Ger) 2TK1:37:36
81Frans van Rijn (Ned) Vistra Corporate Trust1:39:25
82Thomas Kovacs (Ger) Rüsselsheim1:39:51
83Thomas Hennes (Ger) FC Deutsche Post1:44:20
84Rainer Gärtner (Ger) TV Dorf Erbach/ Scott Stellwag1:51:13
85Reinhard Mahr (Ger) Oberschönegg1:51:16
86Jürgen Wimmers (Ger) Selfkant1:57:57
87Volker Winkler (Ger) IBC DIMB Racing Team2:03:10
88Andreas Korhummel (Ger) FC Deutsche Post2:07:13
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Senior master
1Milan Spolc (Cze) Sachsen Land Von Welt3:13:25
2Rudi Geentjens (Bel) B-Herentals0:11:43
3Bernhard Spieler (Ger) race worx0:16:52
4Harald Höhn (Ger) Team Bad Steben / Landkreis Ho0:20:26
5Werner Otto (Ger) Paul Lange & Co. / Shimano0:22:36
6Thomas Kolbe (Ger) proformance-nonplusultra0:37:22
7Luc Smits (Bel) Mountain Fighters # Bike Cente0:39:23
8Helmut Hupfauer (Ger) Toni`s Radleck0:45:54
9Wolfgang Döpper (Ger) Hilden0:46:27
10Horst Wolff (Ger) team respectbikes.de0:46:57
11Frank Raschke (Ger) Müggenburg0:47:54
12Detlef Kaaden (Ger) Grünenplan0:50:51
13Josef Huth (Ger) Seligentadt0:54:51
14Klaus Siedentopf (Ger) Fun-Corner0:56:24
15Holger Hoffmann (Ger) Craft and Friends0:57:11
16Leo Zirkelbach (Ger) Team Bischofsheim/Rhön0:57:17
17Dietmar Henschke (Ger) Toxoholics0:57:22
18Helwig Nöll (Ger) Franks Radladen1:07:04
19Michael Erzberger (Ger) Alle guten Dinge sind 3eich1:14:03
20Michael Thiem (Ger) Mühlheim1:17:13
21Doug Corrie (Irl) IRL-Swords1:19:37
22Peter van der Velden (Ned) NL-Lekkerkerk1:24:45
23Martin Grafmüller (Ger) AC Weinheim/Team Bergstrasse1:32:02
24Gerd Höhna (Ger) Berlin1:33:17
25Jan Nissen (Ger) Alzenau1:49:40
26Peter Seibert (Aut) A-München2:04:00
27Heinz Staub (Ger) Berlin2:05:05
28Alex Mühlbauer (Ger) Hannover2:09:23
29Eberhard Haßkerl (Ger) Unstrut Racer2:10:16
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1Thomas Dietsch (Fra) Team Bulls20:00:59
2Hannes Genze (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:01:05
3Jochen Käß (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:01:27
4Christian Schneidawind (Ger) Team TEXPA-SIMPLON0:08:03
5Andreas Kugler (Swi) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:08:37
6Thomas Nicke (Ger) Team Fiat Rotwild0:15:43
7Ramses Bekkenk (Ned) Nissan0:17:15
8Carsten Bresser (Ger) Rocky Mountain0:26:08
9Stefan Sahm (Ger) Team Bulls0:33:38
10Allan Qvortrup Tvilum (Den) Aarhus N0:40:59
11Tim Böhme (Ger) Team Bulls0:48:14
12Karsten Volkmann (Ger) Jugendherberge Sachsen/TBR-Bik0:54:48
13Frank Lehmann (Ger) Rothaus-Cube1:01:25
14Jan Schmidt (Ger) Team TEXPA-SIMPLON1:13:23
15Wilco Verwegen (Ned) Nissan1:17:58
16Uwe Hardter (Ger) Rothaus-Cube1:23:06
17Roland Golderer (Ger) Team TEXPA-SIMPLON1:25:35
18Lukas Kubis (Ger) Team Haibike1:29:48
19Robert Novotny (Cze) Sachsen Land Von Welt1:30:08
20Daniel Gathof (Ger) Rocky Mountain1:36:25
21Markus Werner (Ger) Jugendherberge Sachsen/TBR-Bi1:39:40
22Adrian Jackson (Aus) Multivan Merida Biking Team1:41:21
23Stefan Donner (Ger) GothaRow 22 - Cell 2
24Lucien Peterhans (Swi) Spontanos1:47:09
25Ad De Brabander (Ned) Nissan1:51:39
26David Voll (Ger) Team TEXPA-SIMPLON1:56:42
27Jochen Coconcelli (Ger) ZwillingsCraft1:59:40
28Jürgen Kreibich (Ger) ZwillingsCraft2:00:16
29Sebastian Stark (Ger) Jugendherberge Sachsen/TBR-Bi2:01:11
30Alexander Miano (Ger) Team Fiat Rotwild2:02:08
31André Ohndorf (Ger) Team Haibike2:09:05
32Samuel Reichen (Swi) Spontanos2:09:21
33Radoslav Sibl (Swi) Holesov2:12:28
34Sam Baeten (Ger) Rothaus-Cube2:28:46
35Frank Ziemann (Ger) Sachsen Land Von Welt2:55:20
36Jens Böhme (Ger) Team Haibike2:56:20
37Bastian Wauschkuhn (Ger) Jugendherberge Sachsen/TBR-Bik3:00:12
38Jens Klotsche (Ger) Großnaundorf3:28:06
39Volker Stegner (Ger) Team Bad Steben / Landkreis Ho3:33:54
40Mike Blewitt (Aus) AUS-Sydney3:43:45
41Marco Gottesmann (Ger) Team Bad Steben / Landkreis Ho3:55:12
42Arndt Meschke (Ger) Team Schöneck3:56:49
43Andreas Dietzsch (Ger) MODI-Craft4:00:18
44Daniel Stanczak (Ger) MODI-Craft4:00:22
45Sven Gerber (Ger) Team schöneck4:00:42
46Andreas Müller (Ger) Henfenfeld4:03:41
47Michael Opper (Ger) Team Rohloff Rotor Madmission4:12:59
48Tiemo Arndt (Ger) Rotor-Rohloff-Madmission4:17:58
49Lutz Baumgärtel (Ger) Sachsen Land Von Welt Sachsen4:20:12
50Nikolaus Hecht (Ger) Toxoholics4:23:18
51Jozsef Kiss (Hun) Merida TEAM - CST BikeMag HUN4:27:30
52Christian Ebeling (Ger) Rotor-Rohloff-Madmission4:30:42
53Martin Schuttert (Ned) Nissan4:31:00
54Robert Roßmann (Ger) SIRIUS Team Frankenwald4:34:59
55Harald van Gerven (Ned) Rocky Mountain - Peerkes Bike4:37:59
56Thomas Heinze (Ger) Outdoor Land-Team4:40:09
57Rico Fahr (Ger) Outdoor Land - Zittauer Gebirg4:40:11
58Jens Schuhmann (Ger) Team Bischofsheim/Rhön4:50:11
59Charlie Eustace (Swi) Ellsworth/Freeborn/Torq5:05:33
60Lars Bresche (Ger) Joybike5:17:47
61Clemens Klug (Ger) Team Bischofsheim/Rhön5:20:27
62Roland Leuthold (Swi) Montagsbiker Figö5:23:20
63Julian Stumpf (Ger) Team Bike World Brand-WSV Ober5:24:37
64Falko Witte (Ger) laufrad racing team5:29:17
65Marco Wahl (Ger) MODI-Craft5:30:07
66Michael Schürlein (Ger) Team Bischofsheim/Rhön5:40:56
67Alexander Ubland (Ger) IBC DIMB Racing Team5:50:36
68Joerg Trommler (Ger) Esslingen5:51:12
69Albrecht Hänel (Ger) Sachsen Land Von Welt5:51:26
70Armin Hohenadler (Ger) Craft and Friends5:55:47
71Mario Keller (Swi) CH-Aadorf6:02:10
72Ronny Bruynseels (Bel) Mountain Fighters # Bike Cente6:08:07
73Martin Voigt (Ger) Team Bike World Brand-WSV Ober6:10:31
74Christopher Prach (Ger) BIKESTORE SV 09 Würzburg6:13:52
75Sean Noonan (USA) USA-Urbandale, IA6:22:28
76Soren Bengtsson (Den) Ringsted6:37:26
77Thomas Schmidtke (Nor) N-Skogbygda6:37:58
78Mirko Eger (Ger) Team Tourismusverein Seiffen6:42:53
79Ronald Andraczek (Ger) Scott Racing team6:47:28
80Carsten Weser (Ger) WTA6:51:55
81Marco Fiedler (Ger) Team Bike World Brand-WSV Ober6:52:28
82Frank Müller (Ger) SIRIUS Team Frankenwald6:53:17
83Martin Berner (Ger) Team Wölco AG6:54:40
84Alexander Lang (Ger) Team Wölco AG6:54:41
85Sebastian Porada (Ger) Team Bike World Brand-WSV Ober6:58:12
86Matthias Hartych (Ger) Germany's next Top-Biker7:14:11
87Klaus Gerigk (Ger) Großkrotzenburg7:15:36
88Pierre Forthomme (Lie) L-Wiltz7:15:54
89Stephan Weng (Ger) Potsdam7:24:03
90Philipp Hoffmann (Ger) Sachsen Land Von Welt7:27:47
91Toni Vich (Spa) E-Palma7:28:48
92Benito Pekel (Ger) De Toekomst!7:42:23
93René Kreibich (Ger) Paul Lange & Co. / Shimano7:54:29
94Philipp König (Ger) Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz7:54:48
95Alexander Weith (Ger) Radsport Dressel-Team Scott7:56:39
96Patrick Schärer (Swi) Team René's Veloshop/Active 027:58:43
97Matthias Ehler (Ger) RoGi Bike-Keller / baumann-ins8:02:41
98Sebastian Söhnle (Ger) Herbrechtingen8:03:36
99Gabor Mikula (Hun) Merida TEAM - CST BikeMag HUN8:06:47
100Werner Been (Ned) NL-Maarsbergen8:08:13
101Yves Bombeeck (Bel) B-Duffel8:09:46
102Albert Preinesberger (Ger) MODI-Craft8:10:14
103Marc Kehl (Ger) Neuss8:27:49
104Marco Keller (Ger) Team Schlappesseppel8:34:15
105Arjo Spans (Ned) NL-Zwolle8:38:00
106Peter Ahnert (Ger) Zschopau8:41:13
107Florian Richter (Ger) team respectbikes.de8:45:33
108Jose Terrones (Spa) E-Algaida8:50:41
109Daniel Leuthard (Swi) Montagsbiker Figö8:52:56
110Ingmar Reich (Ger) WTA8:56:08
111Peter Rüdrich (Ger) RC Diana Leipzig9:11:04
112Horst Deckert (Ger) Konstanz9:17:02
113Lothar Tiele-Winckler (Ger) Hollenstedt9:25:59
114Peter Gramling (Ger) Team Schlappesseppel9:28:47
115Thomas Brand (Ger) Leinfelden-Echterdingen9:34:12
116Philipp Arnold (Ger) Zschopau9:37:30
117Mathieu Lanting (Ned) De Toekomst!9:41:02
118Stephan Neu (Ger) Team Schlappesseppel9:48:49
119Marc Op Den Camp (Bel) B-Maasmechelen Boorsem9:51:42
120Jorik Rademaker (Ned) NL-Utrecht10:05:49
121Robin Fröhner (Ger) Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal10:09:14
122Martin Podolínsky (Swi) AD Partner CZ10:10:15
123Jens König (Ger) Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal10:19:26
124Martijn Zandvliet (Ned) Vistra Corporate Trust10:19:45
125Frank Battenfeld (Ger) Franks Radladen10:22:03
126Oleksandr Rizun (Ger) Craft & Friends10:22:43
127Jens Küllmer (Ger) Franks Radladen10:22:48
128Christian Plepla (Ger) Pfungstadt10:32:07
129Jens Emich (Ger) Team Rotor rohloff madmission10:39:32
130Dennie Rombouts (Ned) Joybike!10:39:50
131Reiner Ploem (Ger) FC Deutsche Post10:43:26
132Dmitry Lisovyy (Ger) Craft & Friends10:53:07
133Paul Crowley (Isr) ISL-Mullingar10:53:38
134Alexander Schmidt (Ger) Boxberg10:58:19
135Wolfgang Lagler (Ger) Craft and Friends11:01:03
136Marco Glaß (Ger) Darmstadt11:25:43
137Sven Fischer (Ger) Oelsnitz11:28:38
138Markus Seipel (Ger) Team Schlappesseppel11:43:43
139Fabian Balsiger (Swi) CH-Pieterlen11:44:46
140Marco Fleischer (Ger) Bergstadt Annaberg-Buchholz11:49:15
141Michael Kunz (Ger) Nürnberg11:59:06
142Dirk Richter (Ger) AB-Biker/Baumann-inside.de12:12:25
143Jan Scherrenbacher (Ger) SchwabenAdventure12:13:18
144David Frehner (Spa) Alpcross Team12:17:12
145Kai Diemer (Ger) Ebertsheim12:22:36
146Wolfgang Reichert (Ger) Ahorn12:40:58
147Kendy Melchior (Ger) Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal12:43:51
148Tom Häckel (Ger) Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal12:43:54
149Jochen Kreß (Ger) RoGi Bike-Keller / baumann-ins12:56:10
150Michael Staab (Ger) RoGi Bike-Keller / baumann-ins13:13:59
151Lior Sherer (Isr) ISR-Rosh-ha-ayin13:19:20
152Christian Cummins (Aut) A-WienRow 151 - Cell 2
153Angel Galindo Muñoz (Spa) E-Barcelona13:25:27
154Christian Völker (Ger) AB-Biker13:29:52
155Jan Ludwig (Ger) München14:02:07
156Torsten Lickfeld (Ger) Mülheim an der Ruhr14:24:45
157Uli Gerber (Ger) Paul Lange & Co. / Shimano14:28:16
158Antonio Vergara Soriano (Spa) E-Almeria16:01:37
159Manuel Medina Peña (Spa) E-Válor16:01:45
160Ralf Geradts (Ger) Aachen18:02:03
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1Esther Süss (Swi) Wheeler iXs Pro Team22:27:48
2Sally Bigham (Cwi) Topeak-Ergon Racing Team0:26:15
3Milena Landtwing (Swi) Cube1:04:13
4Elisabeth Brandau (Ger) Team Haibike1:32:59
5Kerstin Brachtendorf (Ger) Team Fiat Rotwild1:34:20
6Claudia Seidel (Ger) Team Tourismusverein Seiffen2:18:24
7Danièle Troesch (Fra) Team Fiat Rotwild2:31:15
8Nina Gässler (Ned) Kona Norway - Geilo IL poweredRow 7 - Cell 2
9Daniela Storch (Ger) Scott Racing team4:34:04
10Eva Hupfauer (Ger) Toni`s Radleck5:43:33
11Jasmin Erhardt (Ger) SIRIUS Team Frankenwald5:54:14
12Inga Krause (Ger) germany`s next Top-Biker6:27:03
13Kerstin Kindler (Ger) Craft and Friends6:54:01
14Claudia Langer (Den) Craft and Friends7:33:44
15Silke Pokrop (Ger) Craft and Friends7:52:11
16Eva Carrer Enz (Swi) Kraftwerk Rennteam7:54:12
17Martina Flury (Swi) proformance-nonplusultra8:11:25
18Kathrin Zbinden (Swi) Kraftwerk Rennteam8:43:57
19Sigrid Poullie (Ger) Velofreunde Großwelzheim 058:55:35
20Stefanie Gehlert (Ger) Bergstadt Annaberg-Buchholz9:24:10
21Veerle Deliever (Bel) Mechelen9:39:18
22Irene Lachner (Swi) Ellsworth / Freeborn / Torq12:23:11
23Jutta Hummel (Ger) AB-Biker12:48:31
24Sissi Pärsch (Ger) Craft and Friends13:25:27
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1Johann Grasegger (Ger) Scott Racing team21:38:31
2Hans Planckaert (Bel) Casa Verde Race Factory1:17:13
3Bernd Weinhold (Ger) Team schöneck1:25:31
4Martin Altermatt (Swi) CH-Kloten1:30:40
5Dietmar Müller (Ger) Herford1:33:33
6Uwe Windmüller (Ger) MODI-Craft1:36:21
7Jens Scholze (Ger) Team Schöneck1:45:05
8Branko Grah (Aut) A-Wien1:58:03
9Ralf Kropp (Ger) rotor rohloff mad mission2:05:25
10Peter Paelinck (Bel) www.REEVAX.be2:05:35
11Stefan Megele (Ger) Toni`s Radleck2:24:30
12Spidalieri Antonio (Ita) I-Lupsingen2:28:32
13Thomas Heuler (Ger) Paul Lange & Co. / Shimano2:29:15
14Sam Sprunger (Swi) CH-Blauen2:40:08
15Peter Wyss (Swi) CH-Kleinlützel2:40:56
16Marco Carrer (Swi) Kraftwerk Rennteam2:49:24
17Markus Jost (Swi) CH-Steffisburg2:59:49
18Armin Bonnet (Ger) Paul Lange & Co. / Shimano3:13:01
19Gerald Vogel (Ger) Unstrut-Racer3:21:08
20Patrick Wouters (Bel) www.REEVAX.be3:22:22
21Frederik Zierke (Ger) Team Probike Zypern - Bionicon3:35:48
22Walter Hillringhaus (Ger) Toni`s Radleck3:41:17
23Markus Eckel (Ger) SSG Bensheim3:53:31
24Bogi Kristiansen (Den) DK-Vaerloese3:59:39
25Steffen Helbig (Ger) Team Tourismusverein Seiffen3:59:53
26Stefan Back (Ger) Team Bischofsheim/Rhön4:12:43
27Hans-Jürgen Hoven (Ger) BSV Profil4:23:03
28Rainer Stadler (Ger) Toni`s Radleck4:24:37
29Frank Herold (Ger) Bad Homburg4:28:43
30Meik Kottwitz (Ger) team respectbikes.de4:37:26
31Michael Schmitt (Ger) Team Bike World Brand-WSV Ober4:49:13
32Martin Hofacker (Ger) Craft and Friends4:53:35
33Oliver Van Baal (Ger) BIKESTORE SV 09 Würzburg4:53:54
34Peter Erhardt (Ger) SIRIUS Team Frankenwald4:58:45
35Axel Kropp (Ger) Team Tourismusverein Seiffen4:59:08
36Walter Aerts (Bel) B-Grobbendonk4:59:45
37Andreas Stark (Ger) Jugendherberge Sachsen/TBR Bik5:13:25
38Ralf Kühnapfel (Ger) Germany`s next Top-Biker5:14:44
39Ronald Kaulfuß (Ger) Team Tourismusverein Seiffen5:17:04
40Steffen Domay (Ger) Ilsfeld5:20:46
41Udo Blümlein (Ger) High55:39:13
42Peter Frei (Ger) Kraftwerk-Rennteam5:41:51
43Albrecht Dietze (Ger) Team Tourismusverein Seiffen5:57:55
44Werner Wurm (Ger) Toni`s Radleck5:59:00
45Wolfgang Strobel (Ger) Germany`s next Top-Biker6:22:51
46Erwin Schlier (Ger) Mitterskirchen6:40:33
47Albert Rundel (Ger) Team mabitz6:45:50
48Bent Bengtsson (Den) DK-Taastrup6:51:33
49Jens-Peter Schulz (Ger) IBC DIMB Racing Team6:54:04
50Guido Kunze (Ger) Craft and Friends6:56:16
51Alfred Schönemann (Ger) Steinach7:00:21
52Erik van Hulst (Ned) NL-Vollenhove7:01:22
53Geert Keuppens (Bel) Mountain Fighters # Bike Cente7:07:37
54Richard Lachner (Ger) Ellsworth / Freeborn / Torq7:10:19
55Hans Swaans (Ned) Joybike!7:13:38
56Oliver Trefz (Ger) Stuttgart7:15:10
57Martin Kösters (Ger) Emsdetten7:18:47
58Torsten Sczarnowski (Ger) Team Tourismusverein Seiffen7:20:31
59Jörg Groen (Ger) Germany`s next Top-Biker7:20:59
60Jürgen Güther (Ger) Gerichshain7:23:36
61Stephan Angerer (Ger) Ellsworth / Freeborn / Torq7:56:12
62Tonny Maak (Den) DK-Vaerloese8:01:59
63Frank Rautenberg (Ger) Ellsworth / Freeborn / Torq8:17:03
64Jochen Graubner (Ger) Gelnhausen8:17:41
65Thomas Nachtigall (Ger) Greven8:29:40
66Roman Valenta (Swi) AD Partner CZ8:33:00
67Frank van den Eynde (Bel) B-Lille8:59:04
68Frans van Rijn (Ned) Vistra Corporate Trust9:06:20
69Jürgen Gerbig (Ger) Bobenheim-Roxheim9:19:43
70Heiko Beutler (Ger) rotwilderer9:27:38
71Ralf Kolbe (Den) Bikework Berlin9:54:34
72Jürgen Dahlke (Ger) Paul Lange & Co. / Shimano10:00:34
73Ulf Meyer (Ger) Scheibenberg10:19:14
74Andreas Mattern (Ger) Limburgerhof10:30:58
75Gunter Beinhoff (Ger) Celle10:43:59
76Thomas Diezel (Ger) Team Bad Steben / Landkreis Ho10:46:58
77Christian Günsche (Ger) Peine10:55:29
78Béla Waldhauser (Ger) Alle guten Dinge sind 3eich11:12:55
79Raik Illian (Ger) mb scherken11:21:18
80Steffen Cramer (Ger) RC Diana Leipzig11:43:59
81Thomas Kovacs (Ger) Rüsselsheim12:01:21
82Rainer Gärtner (Ger) TV Dorf Erbach/ Scott Stellwag12:06:48
83Thomas Kempf (Ger) 2TK12:27:55
84Reinhard Mahr (Ger) Oberschönegg13:31:33
85Thomas Hennes (Ger) FC Deutsche Post13:43:07
86Volker Winkler (Ger) IBC DIMB Racing Team15:55:46
87Jürgen Wimmers (Ger) Selfkant16:30:58
88Andreas Korhummel (Ger) FC Deutsche Post17:11:07
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Senior master
1Milan Spolc (Cze) Sachsen Land Von Welt22:32:51
2Rudi Geentjens (Bel) B-Herentals1:14:41
3Bernhard Spieler (Ger) race worx1:41:29
4Werner Otto (Ger) Paul Lange & Co. / Shimano1:42:43
5Harald Höhn (Ger) Team Bad Steben / Landkreis Ho2:05:50
6Luc Smits (Bel) Mountain Fighters # Bike Cente3:46:34
7Thomas Kolbe (Ger) proformance-nonplusultra4:21:26
8Detlef Kaaden (Ger) Grünenplan4:25:05
9Horst Wolff (Ger) team respectbikes.de4:27:59
10Josef Huth (Ger) Seligentadt5:35:06
11Klaus Siedentopf (Ger) Fun-Corner5:53:23
12Dietmar Henschke (Ger) Toxoholics5:57:45
13Frank Raschke (Ger) Müggenburg5:57:46
14Helmut Hupfauer (Ger) Toni`s Radleck6:19:01
15Wolfgang Döpper (Ger) Hilden6:46:03
16Michael Erzberger (Ger) Alle guten Dinge sind 3eich7:11:34
17Leo Zirkelbach (Ger) Team Bischofsheim/Rhön7:14:41
18Helwig Nöll (Ger) Franks Radladen7:50:23
19Gerd Höhna (Ger) Berlin8:53:52
20Michael Thiem (Ger) Mühlheim9:01:24
21Doug Corrie (Irl) IRL-Swords9:17:19
22Holger Hoffmann (Ger) Craft and Friends9:56:43
23Martin Grafmüller (Ger) AC Weinheim/Team Bergstrasse10:11:52
24Peter van der Velden (Ned) NL-Lekkerkerk11:37:20
25Alex Mühlbauer (Ger) Hannover12:08:10
26Jan Nissen (Ger) Alzenau12:22:57
27Heinz Staub (Ger) Berlin13:26:04
28Peter Seibert (Aut) A-München13:38:05
29Eberhard Haßkerl (Ger) Unstrut Racer16:29:25

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