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Botman wins treacherous stage

The Netherlands’ Wim Botman outsprinted Burkina Faso’s Oumarou Minougou at the end of a brutal dirt road course on the Tour du Faso's penultimate stage. Yellow jersey Julien Schick led the peloton just a few seconds behind to hold onto the race lead on the Tour's queen stage.

Although stage nine covered only 112km, stage 9 loomed ominously on the peloton’s mind. Finishing with 26km of dirt track, this stage presented a treacherous climax to Africa’s largest stage race.

Before the race, team mechanics prepared for the rough road by doubling their tires. Meanwhile, directors anxiously discussed strategies to keep their top riders out of trouble. The European teams hinted that the Burkina riders may hold an advantage on the rough roads, while African teams worried more about the state of their equipment than the European competition.

The peloton stayed mostly intact for the first 86km of pothole-ridden highway. Team Reine Blanche continued their control of the peloton, protecting Julien Schick’s yellow jersey as flat tires and small crashes thinned the pack.

Etienne Tarbagdo of the Burkina Faso Central Regional Team made the first significant move of the day, gaining nearly four minutes before the dirt track. Riding solo, Tarbagdo benefited from clear sight lines while dust caused confusion in the chasing peloton.

Unwilling to take chances, Team Reine Blanche set a furious pace to keep Julien Schick out of trouble. The peloton kicked up a cloud of dust, splitting into dozens of smaller groups as the sharp stones took their toll. Numerous riders were spotted riding on flat tires as the team cars struggled to service their racers who were scattered up and down the dirt road.

With 10k remaining the Reine Blanche paceline absorbed Tarbagdo. A counter-attack immediately followed, with the Netherland’s Wim Botman and Burkina Faso’s Oumarou Minougou launching together. The two rolled just a few hundred meters ahead of 15 riders who remained in the yellow jersey group.

Crowds lined the dusty path as Botman and Minougou entered Koudougou just seconds ahead of the chasers. In a hair-raising sprint, the two leaders jumped onto pavement and traversed railroad tracks with 50 meters remaining. The more experienced Botman bested his counterpart to claim victory five seconds ahead of the field sprint. Benefitting from his teammates' hard work, Julien Schick led the peloton home for third place, coming one stage closer to overall victory in the Tour du Faso.

Once again, Rasmané Ouedraogo retains the jersey of Best African Rider while Belgium’s Laurent Mars strengthened his lead on the green sprinters jersey.

Sunday’s final stage of the 2010 Tour du Faso will cover 115.9km, from Korsimoro to Ouagadougou, culminating in 10 laps of 5km through downtown Ouagadougou. Well over 100,000 spectators are expected to turn out in the capital of the most bicycle-loving country in Africa.

Full Results
1Wim Botman (Ned) Netherlands2:54:26
2Oumarou Minoungou (Bur)
3Julien Schick (Fra)0:00:05
4Becaye Traore (Sen) Senegal
5Laurent Mars (Bel) Belgium
6Peter Van Agtmaal (Ned) Netherlands
7Damien Leguay (Fra)
8Mamadou Coulibaly (CIv) Ivory Coast
9Martinien Tega (Cmr) Cameroon
10Géoffrey Decarvalho (Fra)
11Tidiani Sanogo (Mli) Mali
12Abdoul Aziz Nikiema (Bur)
13Guillaume Soula (Fra)
14Ngock Yves Ngue (Cmr) Cameroon
15Rasmane Ouedraogo (Bur) Burkina Faso
16Benjamin Trouche (Fra)
17Bassirou Kante (CIv) Ivory Coast0:00:10
18Bolodigui Ouattara (CIv) Ivory Coast0:01:09
19Boukare Kagambega (Bur)0:01:20
20Clovis Guewa (Cmr) Cameroon0:01:33
21Nkama Kouamé (CIv) Ivory Coast0:01:54
22Christophe Premont (Bel) Belgium0:02:51
23Joris De Boer (Ned) Netherlands
24Zbigniew Gucwa (Pol)0:02:54
25Joseph Sanda (Cmr) Cameroon
26Gueswende Sawadogo (Bur) Burkina Faso
27Leander Schreurs (Ned) Netherlands
28Hamidou Yameogo (Bur) Burkina Faso
29Harouna Ilboudo (Bur)0:04:08
30Flaubert Douanla (Cmr) Cameroon0:04:46
31Abdul Wahab Sawadogo (Bur)0:05:28
32Mbaye Mor Diop (Sen) Senegal
33Etienne Tarbagdo (Bur)
34Aubiege Soglo (Ben) Benin0:06:02
35Guillaume Tourret (Fra)0:06:03
36Laurent Zongo (Bur)
37Yacouba Yameogo (Bur)
38Sébastien Destruel (Fra)
39Saidou Tall (Bur) Burkina Faso0:06:06
40Idrissa SAWADOGO
41Abdou Sokondo (Bur)
42Jérémy Burton (Bel) Belgium
43Damien Tekou (Cmr) Cameroon
44Hamidou Diarra (Mli) Mali0:06:13
45Noufou Minoungou (Bur) Burkina Faso0:06:27
46Massamba Diouf (Sen) Senegal0:08:08
47Idissa Ouedraogo (Bur)0:09:45
48Abdoulaye Roamba (Bur)
49Augustin Amoussouvi (Ben) Benin
50Bram Delie (Bel) Belgium0:10:28
51Chadas Kakpo (Ben) Benin0:13:29
52Rabaki Jeremie Ouedraogo (Bur) Burkina Faso0:13:53
53Saliou N'dour (Sen) Senegal
54Dorian Albouy (Fra)
55Johan Procee (Ned) Netherlands
56Siaka Mariko (Mli) Mali0:14:23
57Oumar Sangaré (Mli) Mali0:15:14
58Kowouvi Dossouvi (Tog) Togo0:15:52
59Moustapha Diaw (Sen) Senegal0:29:49
60Dodji Toulassi (Tog) Togo
61Yacouba Togola (Mli) Mali0:30:45
62Inoussa Guébré (CIv) Ivory Coast0:37:16
63Armand Kossavoun (Ben) Benin0:39:55
64Ben Zakalia Fofana (CIv) Ivory Coast0:40:56
DNFEdem Daku (Tog) Togo

General classification after stage 9
1Julien Schick (Fra)31:29:54
2Rasmane Ouedraogo (Bur) Burkina Faso0:01:17
3Damien Leguay (Fra)0:01:49
4Guillaume Soula (Fra)0:01:59
5Ngock Yves Ngue (Cmr) Cameroon0:03:05
6Laurent Mars (Bel) Belgium0:03:29
7Bassirou Kante (CIv) Ivory Coast0:03:47
8Martinien Tega (Cmr) Cameroon0:05:59
9Hamidou Yameogo (Bur) Burkina Faso0:08:31
10Abdul Wahab Sawadogo (Bur)0:09:29
11Becaye Traore (Sen) Senegal0:10:16
12Joseph Sanda (Cmr) Cameroon0:13:21
13Abdoul Aziz Nikiema (Bur)0:16:00
14Wim Botman (Ned) Netherlands0:23:29
15Peter Van Agtmaal (Ned) Netherlands0:23:45
16Zbigniew Gucwa (Pol)0:26:56
17Christophe Premont (Bel) Belgium0:28:42
18Leander Schreurs (Ned) Netherlands0:29:17
19Oumarou Minoungou (Bur)0:29:38
20Boukare Kagambega (Bur)0:31:48
21Benjamin Trouche (Fra)0:32:17
22Clovis Guewa (Cmr) Cameroon0:33:44
23Jérémy Burton (Bel) Belgium0:40:01
24Idissa Ouedraogo (Bur)0:44:37
25Noufou Minoungou (Bur) Burkina Faso0:49:31
26Etienne Tarbagdo (Bur)
27Damien Tekou (Cmr) Cameroon0:56:20
28Yacouba Yameogo (Bur)0:56:35
29Abdou Sokondo (Bur)0:58:40
30Saidou Tall (Bur) Burkina Faso0:59:48
31Gueswende Sawadogo (Bur) Burkina Faso1:01:37
32Siaka Mariko (Mli) Mali1:02:25
33Laurent Zongo (Bur)1:02:38
34Bolodigui Ouattara (CIv) Ivory Coast1:04:37
35Joris De Boer (Ned) Netherlands1:14:09
36Harouna Ilboudo (Bur)1:15:18
37Rabaki Jeremie Ouedraogo (Bur) Burkina Faso1:16:44
38Guillaume Tourret (Fra)1:17:04
39Massamba Diouf (Sen) Senegal1:18:19
40Mbaye Mor Diop (Sen) Senegal1:19:44
41Bram Delie (Bel) Belgium1:21:09
42Sébastien Destruel (Fra)1:25:23
43Tidiani Sanogo (Mli) Mali1:27:52
44Ben Zakalia Fofana (CIv) Ivory Coast1:32:13
45Aubiege Soglo (Ben) Benin1:42:08
46Moustapha Diaw (Sen) Senegal1:45:55
47Abdoulaye Roamba (Bur)1:50:33
48Idrissa SAWADOGO1:54:39
49Géoffrey Decarvalho (Fra)1:58:57
50Johan Procee (Ned) Netherlands1:59:27
51Hamidou Diarra (Mli) Mali2:01:55
52Nkama Kouamé (CIv) Ivory Coast2:07:09
53Saliou N'dour (Sen) Senegal2:15:11
54Oumar Sangaré (Mli) Mali2:18:46
55Flaubert Douanla (Cmr) Cameroon2:20:59
56Mamadou Coulibaly (CIv) Ivory Coast2:25:42
57Dorian Albouy (Fra)2:26:57
58Augustin Amoussouvi (Ben) Benin2:37:23
59Dodji Toulassi (Tog) Togo2:59:09
60Chadas Kakpo (Ben) Benin3:29:21
61Kowouvi Dossouvi (Tog) Togo3:58:47
62Inoussa Guébré (CIv) Ivory Coast4:00:51
63Yacouba Togola (Mli) Mali5:02:30
64Armand Kossavoun (Ben) Benin5:26:49

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