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McConnell's the man as punctures cost AJ another win

Twenty five-year-old Australian Dan McConnell snatched victory over the vicious Bobonaro Mountain Range on Day 2 of the 2010 Tour de Timor Ride for Peace after two punctures ruined the chances of yesterday's stage winner Adrian Jackson (AJ).

And the bad luck didn't stop with AJ. Vicious pot-holes, near-vertical drop-offs, water from overnight rain and - simply - very, very bad tracks tested every rider and their equipment. Many bikes were damaged.

Steele von Hoff, who cramped up minutes from the end yesterday, came off his bike at high speed just 100 metres from the finish today, but still managed second. AJ finished third.

McConnell came in at 3:45:20, with von Hoff one minute and 15 seconds away and AJ at 3:48:44.

"It was pretty much hard from the gun," McConnell said, "it was only 30km or so until you hit the first climb, and it was a pretty fast pace up that hill. It was really hot. There were exposed hills, not much shade and no wind.

"I was cramping up but managed to hang in there."

Von Hoff suffered nasty gravel rash to his forearm and hip from his fall. "One hundred metres to go," he said, "I don't know what happened, I hit a pot hole and went over. I can't believe it."

Straight out of Balibo, riders were challenged with a winding 450-metre descent over a tar road strewn with potholes and wicked drop-offs. The town of Maliana makes for a gentler pace before the inevitable climb begins. The initial 500 metres of roughly-tarred switchback into the spectacular Bobonaro mountains gives way to an extremely rough dirt road passing through mountainside villages climbing to a maximum 1500 metres. The last section of today's demanding ride took in undulating ridgelines leading into a long descent from the high grasslands to the tropical rain-forested lowlands and after a torturous first two days finally ended in Suai.

Rowena Fry again led the women in, finishing 10th in 4:23:05. "The way the hills were, I couldn't really ride with the other girls," said Fry. "It made it a very individual kind of race." She is well ahead of her nearest female rider.

Jacinto da Costa was the first of the Timor-Leste National Team riders home in a time of 4:37:59. His teammate and brother Orlando da Costa finished in 4:38:21. The two brothers train together and work together during the races. Jacinto led the entire peloton into Maliana and the town went berserk.

David da Costa, no relation to the others, but a good friend, rides in the Timor-Leste National Team. He has just turned 15 years of age, is about 1.5 metres high and weighs around 35 kilograms. His bike is nearly bigger than him. Remarkably, he only started riding mountain bikes four months ago. But this amazing little powerhouse is hanging in there with riders two, three and four times his age.

"It (yesterday) wasn't too bad," he said through an interpreter. "It wasn't really that hard. I like riding. It's great fun." David da Costa goes to Sao Jose Balide school. His brother and sister do not have bikes but are keen to start the sport as well.

A UN team member was airlifted to Dili from Balibo last night suffering from severe heat stroke. Another rider broke his collarbone when he had a spectacular spill after hitting a goat. He was taken to Dili by ambulance.

Race note

The church and school on today's finish line hold a significant place in the history of Timor-Leste's independence struggle. In 1999, more than 300 unarmed locals - including priests - were massacred by the occupying forces in the town and in a building at the back of the school. Today, Sister Elsa runs an orphanage for about 60 girls at the school. The magnificent cathedral is expected to be completed next year and most of the artisans working on it are Indonesians.

Full Results for day 2 (all categories combined)

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel McConnell3:45:20
2Steele von Hoff0:01:15
3Adrian Jackson0:03:24
4Neil van der Ploeg0:10:42
5Scott Liston0:10:48
6Ben Mather0:15:23
7Shahrin Amir0:17:46
8Ashley Hayat0:19:25
9Nor Shahriel Haizat Ahmad Nazali0:27:42
10Rowena Fry0:37:45
11Rohin Adams0:37:46
12Andrew Bell0:40:14
13Yew Meng Lim0:43:03
14Simon Knowles0:44:11
15Alex Denham0:46:54
16John Henderson0:51:55
17Jacinto Da Costa0:52:39
18Orlando Da Costa0:53:01
19Tim Retchford0:58:34
21Naomi Hansen0:58:36
20Ben Randall
22Chris Loynes0:58:37
23Andrew Johnson1:11:19
24Stuart Gee1:14:06
25Andrew Thornton1:14:38
26Samuel McGregor1:15:32
27Nicholos Minol1:17:33
28Tim Nelson1:20:10
29Erick Martin Peterson1:21:57
30Stephen Draper1:23:01
31Murray Brady1:23:02
32Rowan Smith1:23:03
33Libby Adamson1:23:42
34Andreas Hansmann1:26:22
35Antonio Almeda Pereira Martins1:27:05
36Katherine O'Shea1:28:59
37Masziyaton Mohd Radzi1:29:00
38Jenni King1:29:01
39Phillip Brownscombe1:31:08
40Amity McSwan1:32:49
41Campbell Townsend1:32:52
42Feliciano De Araujo1:33:09
43Kelly Bartlett1:36:04
44Russell Whipp1:37:23
45luke tennent1:37:25
46Ryan Butler1:37:34
47Jo Wall1:37:48
48Jo Williams1:37:49
49Daniel Foo1:39:33
50Victor Camus1:41:19
51Ben Kennedy1:42:29
52Mark Mathews1:44:17
53Chris Szpojnarowicz1:44:35
54Alvin Lim1:45:38
55JR Stanly Jalin1:46:19
56Gregory Moore1:46:20
57Fraser Morrison1:46:21
58Alberto Dos Santos1:47:03
59Daniel Uden1:49:36
60Gorge De Carvalho Ramos Da1:51:07
61Achim Hupperts1:52:13
62James Anderson1:59:34
63Murray Thornton2:01:20
64Greg Newton2:01:22
65P'an-Tau Jiricek-Scott2:05:33
66Johnny Andreas2:12:24
67Karl Albrecht2:13:32
68Owen Ronalds2:13:49
69Tome Soares2:14:36
70Robert Meek2:17:37
71Cameron Dalton2:18:03
72Anne Broadbent2:18:13
73Dalen Court2:22:31
74Mark Pink2:22:46
75Robert Andrews2:23:13
76John Oliveri2:23:30
77Nicole Jeffries2:25:08
78Martin Browne2:25:29
79Claire Aubrey2:25:42
80Susan Kleven2:25:43
81Rachel de Zoete2:25:57
82Lachlan George2:26:08
83Alison Wright2:26:31
84Ben Hendy2:27:07
85Sirko Schroeder2:27:40
86Martin Prichard2:27:41
87Phil Blum2:27:42
88Aaron Caden2:27:44
89Andrew Brownscombe2:28:03
90Carlos Alberto Lopes2:28:47
91Pedro Figueiredo2:30:39
92Edmund Gralton2:31:40
93James Fordyce2:32:01
94Cameron McDougall2:32:51
95James Sloan2:34:05
96Andrew Spencer2:35:37
97Paulo Grilo2:36:27
98Melinda Jackson2:37:11
99Grant Morgan2:38:27
100Robert Rutherford2:39:05
101Carlos Da Silva Godinho2:39:26
102Octaviano Costa De Carvalho2:42:20
103Simaeo Fernandes2:42:34
104Leandro Soares2:42:51
105Jose Almeda de Arougo2:43:22
106Eugenio Manuel dos Santos2:46:26
107Scott Horvath2:46:32
108Marcelo De Araujo2:49:14
109Stephen Harries2:53:26
110Joao Ramos Da silva2:57:07
111Brett Reedy2:57:21
112Chris Snell2:57:27
113Domingos Ornai Pereira DV2:57:42
114Andrew Graf2:58:08
115Andrew Cook3:01:33
116Anthony beven3:01:49
117Ian Donnelly3:03:09
118Kurt Proctor-Parker3:03:11
119David Lyons3:03:44
120Alexander Cullen3:05:36
121Neil Dawson3:06:19
122Patrick O'Sullivan3:07:57
123Helge Suhr3:08:56
124Silas Everett3:10:38
125Nathan Dalton3:12:00
126Daniel Rake3:12:19
127Roni Da Costa Nunes3:13:24
128Steve Mckay3:13:53
129Timothy Stats3:14:20
130Kylie Jenkins3:17:32
131Mark Luscomb3:17:34
132Andrew Choma3:17:43
133Leigh Partridge3:17:49
134Agustinho Guterres3:19:09
135Takakazu Ito3:19:30
136Simon Atkinson3:19:40
137Januario Fernandes Soares3:21:59
138Karri Golding3:22:17
139Vanessa Rowell3:22:19
140Turi Berg3:22:20
141Peter Arnott3:22:25
142Paul van Emmerik3:24:15
143Hugh Williams3:25:02
144Steve Cook3:25:04
145Jeff Filip3:25:40
146Stephen Stewart3:28:21
147Peter Mitchell3:28:38
148Tony West3:30:45
149Jesse Shapiro3:32:08
150Jade Forsyth3:34:08
151Cipriano Bere Soares3:34:35
152Kwang Chien Ang3:35:02
153Stephen Malloch3:35:05
154Marcelino Fernandes3:38:24
155Robert Brangwin3:39:04
156Brendon Morrison3:39:09
157Matthew Schmidt3:40:35
158Julian Edwards3:40:54
159Jeremy Logan3:42:40
160Andrew Bell (Singapore)3:43:39
161Mukhtar Asis3:43:45
162Joaeo Matos3:46:46
163Antony Chenhall3:48:08
164Daniel Gilfillan3:49:50
165Domingos Seran3:51:37
166Scott Price3:51:38
167Michael Polis3:51:39
168Joshua Png3:53:42
169Titu Carvalho3:54:21
170Patrick Giddings3:55:40
171Simon Whitehead3:56:46
172David Da Silva Goncalves3:58:06
173Jose Lopes3:59:28
174Rosalie Morgan3:59:43
175James Morgan4:00:28
176Chris Jarvis4:00:42
177Glenn Vey-Johnson4:01:25
178Billy Lynch4:01:29
179Douglas Ruuska4:01:49
180Olivio Mendonca Amaral4:02:19
181Brendan Gibson4:03:03
182Melwyn D'cruz4:04:06
183Robert Harrison4:05:12
184Florindo Moreira4:10:17
185Monty King4:12:28
186Martinho Pinto4:12:38
187Jess Wootton4:13:02
188Tomas Keeler4:13:56
189Nadine Kozakowski4:14:12
190Rachel Poldy4:14:16
191Mario Do Rosario mira Da Costa4:14:17
192Jonathan Stagg4:16:24
193Tim Wallace4:16:39
194Alice Leppitt4:16:42
195Philippe De Meyer4:19:37
196Georgia Ride4:19:43
197Kieran Cook4:20:42
198Mark Adsett4:20:43
199Lucy Lee4:20:45
200Zito Baptista Da Costa4:21:42
201Paul Williams4:23:37
202Toby Gibson4:24:17
203Peter Pearse4:26:41
204Jeremy McNeice4:28:26
205Paul Tyndale-Biscoe4:30:10
206Caroline Tan4:30:29
207Matt Kluck4:32:44
208David Hornigold4:33:10
209Leigh Privett4:33:13
210David Craven4:33:32
211Barry Collins4:35:51
212Adelino Nolasco4:38:23
213Martin Hanssen4:39:47
214James Hardman4:42:55
215Manuel Texeira4:43:25
216Don Matheson4:43:41
217Jim Matheson4:43:44
218Jeff Prime4:45:45
219Fernando Pereira4:46:59
220Corrin Everitt4:49:52
221Jessica Overton4:50:35
222Greg Crowley4:52:46
223Niel Bosman4:56:36
224Harold Foo4:56:38
225Patience Shirley4:56:45
226Francelina Cabral4:57:49
227Abe Yoga4:57:51
228Camilio D.C. Quelo Colo5:02:48
229Pat Jonklaas5:07:10
230Manuel Soares5:09:22
231Joanna Meakins5:10:11
232Shane Morton5:10:12
233Marcos Martins5:14:16
234Mateus Quelo Colo5:14:28
235Samuel Hyson5:29:46
236Steph Maxwell5:38:24
237Wai Khay Chong5:38:34
238Leslie O'Brien5:38:55
239Andrew McQueen5:41:57
240Simon Flowers5:45:17
241Michael Schultz5:45:24
242Leonito Martins5:51:16
243Alexander Roberts5:52:44
244Rupert Doney5:52:46
245Mary Finlay-Doney5:52:47
246Jose Soares6:00:14
247Francisco Gusmao6:01:26
248Tom Pearse6:02:10
249Samuel Quintao Da Silva6:09:42
250Zeferino Mira Belo6:09:45
DNFGracie Elvin7:09:45
DNFMark Hudson
DNFPng Zhi Quan Ellery
DNFPaul Aubrey
DNF(Andrew) Kim Bunny
DNFRobert Owen
DNFJoshua De Bono
DNFSteven Healy
DNFToni Spinks
DNFJustin Heath
DNFHelio De Carvalho Ramos Da
DNFDavid Wynn
DNFFrancesca Sanders
DNFTim Ainge
DNFThomas De Leon
DNFJames O'Brien
DNFJoanico Lopes
DNFKaren Myers
DNFKristi Stinson
DNFWayne Leathem
DNFRobert Williams
DNFCatharina Williams-van Klinken
DNFRoger Bade
DNFRowena Headlam
DNFMarcelino Manu
DNFAnthony Rosengren
DNFDomingas Guteres
DNFAbel Barros
DNFAgostinho Amaral Gusmao
DNFAndreana Manifold
DNFAshwin Subramaniam
DNFAustin O'Hearn
DNFBeth Gilfillan
DNFChee Keong Ong
DNFClark Toes
DNFCristian Da Costa Dias
DNFDan Gosling
DNFDomingas Elly
DNFDomingas Martins
DNFFatima Da costa
DNFGenevieve Perkins
DNFHelena Das Dores Alves
DNFJacinto Da Costa Soares
DNFJames Tierney
DNFJeremy Dyson
DNFJoachim Babo
DNFJoao Pedro Gomes De Araujo
DNFJoao Da Conceicao
DNFJustin Arthur
DNFLeonito Da Costa
DNFLiliano Madeira Musquita
DNFLuzidoro Quintao Casimiro
DNFMaria Soares Marcal
DNFMervin Jumawan
DNFNatalia Gusmao
DNFPhilip Dotti
DNFRyan Li Fong Neu
DNFSally Pannifex
DNFsathanantham sachithanantham
DNFShirley Don Hapuarachchi
DNFYasmine Khater
DNFZildo William

General classification after day 2(for all categories combined)

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Adrian Jackson7:37:32
2Daniel McConnell0:00:59
3Steele von Hoff0:02:12
4Scott Liston0:09:05
5Neil van der Ploeg0:12:48
6Shahrin Amir0:16:02
7Ashley Hayat0:26:57
8Ben Mather0:36:48
9Nor Shahriel Haizat Ahmad Nazali0:38:18
10Simon Knowles0:53:36
11Rowena Fry0:59:08
12Alex Denham1:01:41
13Andrew Bell1:02:52
14Rohin Adams1:08:59
15Chris Loynes1:13:27
16Yew Meng Lim1:13:33
17John Henderson1:17:40
18Jacinto Da Costa1:18:03
19Orlando Da Costa1:20:12
20Tim Retchford1:27:32
21Naomi Hansen1:27:33
22Samuel McGregor1:42:21
23Stuart Gee1:42:22
24Stephen Draper1:45:38
25Andrew Thornton1:48:53
26Nicholos Minol1:49:31
27Ben Randall1:51:18
28Erick Martin Peterson1:51:42
29Masziyaton Mohd Radzi1:56:10
30Libby Adamson1:56:56
31Murray Brady1:57:01
32Andrew Johnson1:57:21
33Daniel Foo2:05:35
34Phillip Brownscombe2:05:42
35Alvin Lim2:07:05
36Tim Nelson2:08:16
37Kelly Bartlett2:10:35
38Katherine O'Shea2:18:30
39Jenni King2:18:33
40Antonio Almeda Pereira Martins2:21:11
41Mark Mathews2:22:26
42Feliciano De Araujo2:23:12
43Gregory Moore2:23:58
44Andreas Hansmann2:24:58
45Ben Kennedy2:27:37
46Jo Williams2:33:42
47Victor Camus2:37:03
48Campbell Townsend2:39:12
49Amity McSwan2:39:17
50Jo Wall2:39:28
51Achim Hupperts2:40:56
52Chris Szpojnarowicz2:44:39
53Daniel Uden2:46:24
54Rowan Smith2:46:30
55Fraser Morrison2:47:28
56Dalen Court2:54:16
57Alberto Dos Santos2:59:08
58Murray Thornton3:00:09
59Greg Newton3:00:13
60Ryan Butler3:00:14
61Russell Whipp3:00:48
62luke tennent3:01:07
63Johnny Andreas3:01:16
64Robert Meek3:05:49
65JR Stanly Jalin3:07:56
66James Anderson3:14:39
67Karl Albrecht3:23:36
68P'an-Tau Jiricek-Scott3:24:26
69Sirko Schroeder3:29:51
70Martin Prichard3:29:55
71Aaron Caden3:29:57
71Phil Blum
73Robert Andrews3:30:26
74Owen Ronalds3:33:02
75Claire Aubrey3:37:52
76Susan Kleven3:39:05
77Nicole Jeffries3:42:32
78Pedro Figueiredo3:42:47
79Edmund Gralton3:42:55
80Mark Pink3:46:24
81Rachel de Zoete3:46:39
82Ben Hendy3:50:04
83Lachlan George3:52:22
84Grant Morgan3:52:37
85Scott Horvath3:54:02
86Andrew Brownscombe3:54:09
87James Sloan3:56:25
88John Oliveri3:57:28
89Carlos Alberto Lopes4:00:44
90Anne Broadbent4:03:23
91Cameron Dalton4:04:11
92James Fordyce4:06:48
93Andrew Spencer4:07:15
94Cameron McDougall4:08:12
95Ian Donnelly4:10:44
96Tome Soares4:12:17
97Silas Everett4:13:16
98Kurt Proctor-Parker4:15:50
99Alison Wright4:18:57
100Jose Almeda de Arougo4:21:23
101Paulo Grilo4:22:56
102Brett Reedy4:26:04
103Martin Browne4:28:37
104Octaviano Costa De Carvalho4:31:29
105Stephen Harries4:32:51
106Joshua Png4:33:35
107Robert Rutherford4:34:21
108Turi Berg4:34:53
109Hugh Williams4:37:42
110Mark Luscomb4:39:12
111Andrew Graf4:42:06
112Gorge De Carvalho Ramos Da4:42:39
113Takakazu Ito4:44:19
114Daniel Rake4:44:56
115Melinda Jackson4:45:12
116Simon Atkinson4:48:03
117Brendon Morrison4:52:54
118Julian Edwards4:53:31
119David Lyons4:54:04
120Steve Cook4:54:05
121Andrew Choma4:54:51
122Peter Arnott4:58:29
123Januario Fernandes Soares5:02:27
124Matthew Schmidt5:05:11
125Anthony beven5:05:41
126Patrick O'Sullivan5:07:45
127Leigh Partridge5:08:23
128Eugenio Manuel dos Santos5:08:37
129Carlos Da Silva Godinho5:10:09
130Karri Golding5:10:46
131Simaeo Fernandes5:12:03
132Vanessa Rowell5:12:19
133Helge Suhr5:17:15
134Kwang Chien Ang5:17:39
135Marcelo De Araujo5:18:41
136Neil Dawson5:19:03
137Jeff Filip5:23:51
138Mukhtar Asis5:25:11
139Steve Mckay5:25:25
140Nathan Dalton5:25:58
141Andrew Cook5:26:07
142Timothy Stats5:26:26
143Stephen Malloch5:27:52
144Alexander Cullen5:32:18
145Andrew Bell (Singapore)5:35:28
146Joaeo Matos5:36:49
147Robert Brangwin5:39:54
148Robert Harrison5:43:27
149Jesse Shapiro5:44:41
150Chris Jarvis5:44:59
151Domingos Ornai Pereira DV5:46:25
152Chris Snell5:51:56
153Peter Mitchell5:52:14
154Paul van Emmerik5:58:23
155Jade Forsyth6:00:59
156Patrick Giddings6:03:32
157Melwyn D'cruz6:04:05
158Jeremy Logan6:11:09
159Stephen Stewart6:12:46
160Scott Price6:16:10
161Cipriano Bere Soares6:16:38
162Billy Lynch6:17:35
163James Morgan6:22:24
164Joao Ramos Da silva6:28:40
165David Da Silva Goncalves6:30:13
166Tomas Keeler6:31:07
167Titu Carvalho6:31:18
168Simon Whitehead6:33:45
169Michael Polis6:35:24
170Douglas Ruuska6:38:43
171Antony Chenhall6:40:18
172Leandro Soares6:41:12
173Martinho Pinto6:44:13
174Manuel Texeira6:45:55
175Georgia Ride6:49:36
176Tony West6:52:32
177Leigh Privett6:57:10
178Kylie Jenkins7:00:08
179David Hornigold7:01:30
180Alice Leppitt7:01:56
180Tim Wallace
182Monty King7:02:42
183Paul Williams7:08:01
184Lucy Lee7:11:00
185Jose Lopes7:12:39
186Jonathan Stagg7:13:03
187Jeff Prime7:13:52
188Jess Wootton7:16:45
189Toby Gibson7:19:29
190Jeremy McNeice7:20:33
191Paul Tyndale-Biscoe7:22:21
192Martin Hanssen7:24:19
193Caroline Tan7:29:01
194Glenn Vey-Johnson7:30:59
195Rachel Poldy7:34:33
196Francelina Cabral7:34:41
197Abe Yoga7:34:42
198Brendan Gibson7:35:17
199James Hardman7:35:39
201Marcelino Fernandes7:36:41
202Adelino Nolasco7:43:33
203Domingos Seran7:44:06
204Olivio Mendonca Amaral7:44:33
205Simon Flowers7:45:57
206Mario Do Rosario mira Da Costa7:48:22
207Patience Shirley7:49:13
208Pat Jonklaas7:53:56
209Philippe De Meyer7:55:20
210Kieran Cook7:57:19
211Peter Pearse7:58:53
212Nadine Kozakowski8:06:06
213Rosalie Morgan8:07:04
214Florindo Moreira8:08:36
215Matt Kluck8:11:26
216Corrin Everitt8:13:52
217Don Matheson8:14:10
218Jim Matheson8:14:14
220David Craven8:21:43
221Greg Crowley8:26:13
222Fernando Pereira8:29:33
223Barry Collins8:30:02
224Shane Morton8:33:31
225Joanna Meakins8:33:32
227Zeferino Mira Belo8:41:21
228Marcos Martins8:42:12
229Mark Adsett8:44:05
232Leslie O'Brien8:56:10
233Alexander Roberts8:58:04
234Niel Bosman8:58:14
235Rupert Doney9:00:10
236Mary Finlay-Doney9:00:12
238Manuel Soares9:12:22
239Samuel Quintao Da Silva9:14:41
241Jessica Overton9:16:55
242Harold Foo9:20:12
243Mateus Quelo Colo9:21:31
244Jose Soares9:22:46
245Camilio D.C. Quelo Colo9:22:54
246Andrew McQueen9:23:21
247Michael Schultz9:30:01
248Tom Pearse9:30:39

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