Shaw claims stage 3 for Canada

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rhae-Christie Shaw (Can) Canadian National Team3:26:17
2Evelyn Arys (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team0:00:11
3Yulia Iliynikh (Rus) Russian National TeamRow 2 - Cell 2
4Mascha Pijnenborg (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping TeamRow 3 - Cell 2
5Kimberly Buyl (Bel) Steeds Vooraan KontichRow 4 - Cell 2
6Kendall Ryan (USA) US National TeamRow 5 - Cell 2
7Aude Biannic (Fra) BretagneRow 6 - Cell 2
8Pascale Jeuland (Fra) Vienne FuturoscopeRow 7 - Cell 2
9Dorte Lohse Rasmussen (Den) Team OCK LadiesRow 8 - Cell 2
10Elena Utrobina (Rus) Russian National TeamRow 9 - Cell 2
11Leah Guloien (Can) Canadian National TeamRow 10 - Cell 2
12Ana Usabiaga Balerdi (Spa) LointekRow 11 - Cell 2
13Jeaun-Mari Breytenbach (RSA) MTN QhubekaRow 12 - Cell 2
14Nathalie Jeuland (Fra) BretagneRow 13 - Cell 2
15Anna Potokina (Rus) Russian National TeamRow 14 - Cell 2
16Roxane Fournier (Fra) ASPTT Dijon - BourgogneRow 15 - Cell 2
17Coryn Rivera (USA) US National TeamRow 16 - Cell 2
18Karol-Ann Canuel (Can) Vienne FuturoscopeRow 17 - Cell 2
19Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spa) Debabarrena - GipuzkoaRow 18 - Cell 2
20Eneritz Iturriagaechevarria Mazaga (Spa) LointekRow 19 - Cell 2
21Emilie Blanquefort (Fra) LointekRow 20 - Cell 2
22Cinthia Lehner (USA) US National TeamRow 21 - Cell 2
23Jenifer Letue (Fra) Vienne FuturoscopeRow 22 - Cell 2
24Annick Van Leuven (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters MalderenRow 23 - Cell 2
25Dunja Ceulemans (Bel) Dura Vermeer LadiesRow 24 - Cell 2
26Thalita De Jong (Ned) Dura Vermeer LadiesRow 25 - Cell 2
27Julie Beveridge (Can) Vienne FuturoscopeRow 26 - Cell 2
28Inge Roggeman (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling TeamRow 27 - Cell 2
29Mélanie Bravard (Fra) Team GSD GestionRow 28 - Cell 2
30Siobhan Horgan (Irl) Team GSD GestionRow 29 - Cell 2
31Alexandra Burchenkova (Rus) Russian National TeamRow 30 - Cell 2
32Charlotte Bravard (Fra) Team GSD GestionRow 31 - Cell 2
33Nina Kessler (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping TeamRow 32 - Cell 2
34Joanne Duval (Fra) ASPTT Dijon - BourgogneRow 33 - Cell 2
35Elien Vercamer (Bel) Steeds Vooraan KontichRow 34 - Cell 2
36Emmanuelle Merlot (Fra) Vienne FuturoscopeRow 35 - Cell 2
37Oriane Niay (Fra) Ile de FranceRow 36 - Cell 2
38Rebecca Talen (Ned) Dura Vermeer LadiesRow 37 - Cell 2
39Mayuko Hagiwara (Jpn) AsahiRow 38 - Cell 2
40Ludivine Emile Loze (Fra) Debabarrena - GipuzkoaRow 39 - Cell 2
41Henriette Christensen (Den) Team OCK LadiesRow 40 - Cell 2
42Lise Olivier (RSA) MTN QhubekaRow 41 - Cell 2
43Marie-Laure Cloarec (Fra) Ile de FranceRow 42 - Cell 2
44An-Li Pretorius (RSA) MTN QhubekaRow 43 - Cell 2
45Ashley James (USA) US National TeamRow 44 - Cell 2
46Elodie Le Bail (Fra) AsahiRow 45 - Cell 2
47Michelle Lauge Jensen (Den) Team OCK LadiesRow 46 - Cell 2
48Béatrice Thomas (Fra) ASPTT Dijon - BourgogneRow 47 - Cell 2
49Charlotte Van Der Merwe (RSA) MTN QhubekaRow 48 - Cell 2
50Emma Silversides (GBr) Sengers Ladies Cycling TeamRow 49 - Cell 2
51Mireia Epelde Bikendi (Spa) LointekRow 50 - Cell 2
52Véronique Fortin (Can) Canadian National TeamRow 51 - Cell 2
53Aodez Le Fourn (Fra) Bretagne0:00:37
54Jacquelyn Crowell (USA) US National TeamRow 53 - Cell 2
55Pauliena Rooijakkers (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Team0:01:11
56Liesbeth Verbeeck (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters MalderenRow 55 - Cell 2
57Coralie Demay (Fra) Bretagne0:01:15
58Kim Wouters (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping TeamRow 57 - Cell 2
59Ane Santesteban Gonzalez (Spa) Debabarrena - Gipuzkoa0:01:44
60Annelies Dom (Bel) Steeds Vooraan Kontich0:01:51
61Beata Sandström (Swe) Team OCK Ladies0:01:56
62Kaitlin Antonneau (USA) US National Team0:02:56
63Margot Ortega (Fra) ASPTT Dijon - Bourgogne0:03:16
64Belen Lopez (Spa) LointekRow 63 - Cell 2
65Fanny Riberot (Fra) LointekRow 64 - Cell 2
66Irene San Sebastian Lasa (Spa) Debabarrena - GipuzkoaRow 65 - Cell 2
67Amy De Ridder (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters MalderenRow 66 - Cell 2
68Delphine Rousseau (Fra) BretagneRow 67 - Cell 2
69Cara Gillis (Can) Canadian National TeamRow 68 - Cell 2
70Maëll Mainguy (Fra) BretagneRow 69 - Cell 2
71Karen Elzing (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping TeamRow 70 - Cell 2
72Karen Verhestraeten (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team0:05:52
73Stéphanie Viel (Fra) Ile de FranceRow 72 - Cell 2
74Mao Chino (Jpn) AsahiRow 73 - Cell 2
75Lina-Kristin Schink (Ger) Team GSD Gestion0:08:20
76Katy Curtis (Can) Canadian National Team0:08:23
77Danielle Bekkering (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Team0:09:25
78Katrien Van Looy (Bel) Steeds Vooraan KontichRow 77 - Cell 2
79Ingrid Preteseille (Fra) Ile de FranceRow 78 - Cell 2
80Inma Rafael (Spa) Debabarrena - Gipuzkoa0:11:13
81Inge Alaerts (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen0:13:15
82Tessa De Moyer (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen0:13:40
83Marie-Pierre Thonon (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen0:14:08
84Olga Demidova (Rus) Russian National Team0:23:50
85Ludmila Zhgarova (Rus) Russian National Team0:23:52
86Izaro Lasa (Spa) Debabarrena - Gipuzkoa0:23:59
87Geraldine Gill (Irl) AsahiRow 86 - Cell 2
88Suzan Simons (Ned) Dura Vermeer Ladies0:24:54
89Chantal Verstraten (Ned) Dura Vermeer Ladies0:25:54
DNFNathalie Cadol (Fra) Team GSD GestionRow 89 - Cell 2
DNFMia Eskebjerg (Den) Team OCK LadiesRow 90 - Cell 2
DNFAnnette Berg (Den) Team OCK LadiesRow 91 - Cell 2
DNFJulia Verwulgen (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling TeamRow 92 - Cell 2
DNFAnouk Rockx (Ned) Dura Vermeer LadiesRow 93 - Cell 2
DNSMonique Ludovicy (Lux) Team GSD GestionRow 94 - Cell 2
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General classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alexandra Burchenkova (Rus) Russian National Team7:18:56
2Karol-Ann Canuel (Can) Vienne Futuroscope0:00:28
3Rhae-Christie Shaw (Can) Canadian National Team0:01:02
4Jacquelyn Crowell (USA) US National Team0:01:06
5Yulia Iliynikh (Rus) Russian National Team0:01:12
6Mayuko Hagiwara (Jpn) Asahi0:01:43
7Thalita De Jong (Ned) Dura Vermeer Ladies0:02:23
8Aude Biannic (Fra) Bretagne0:02:45
9Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spa) Debabarrena - Gipuzkoa0:02:48
10Julie Beveridge (Can) Vienne Futuroscope0:02:59
11Coryn Rivera (USA) US National Team0:03:08
12Elena Utrobina (Rus) Russian National Team0:03:12
13Eneritz Iturriagaechevarria Mazaga (Spa) Lointek0:03:13
14Mascha Pijnenborg (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Team0:03:18
15Ashley James (USA) US National Team0:03:19
16Evelyn Arys (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team0:03:21
17Rebecca Talen (Ned) Dura Vermeer Ladies0:03:25
18Anna Potokina (Rus) Russian National Team0:03:29
19Kendall Ryan (USA) US National Team0:03:33
20Joanne Duval (Fra) ASPTT Dijon - Bourgogne0:03:38
21Siobhan Horgan (Irl) Team GSD Gestion0:03:43
22Mélanie Bravard (Fra) Team GSD Gestion0:03:45
23Lise Olivier (RSA) MTN Qhubeka0:03:48
24Inge Roggeman (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling TeamRow 23 - Cell 2
25Pascale Jeuland (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope0:03:50
26Emma Silversides (GBr) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team0:03:52
27Ludivine Emile Loze (Fra) Debabarrena - Gipuzkoa0:03:53
28Marie-Laure Cloarec (Fra) Ile de FranceRow 27 - Cell 2
29Michelle Lauge Jensen (Den) Team OCK Ladies0:04:01
30Dorte Lohse Rasmussen (Den) Team OCK Ladies0:04:05
31Emmanuelle Merlot (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope0:04:07
32Véronique Fortin (Can) Canadian National Team0:04:14
33Pauliena Rooijakkers (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Team0:04:15
34Dunja Ceulemans (Bel) Dura Vermeer Ladies0:04:16
35Jenifer Letue (Fra) Vienne FuturoscopeRow 34 - Cell 2
36Béatrice Thomas (Fra) ASPTT Dijon - Bourgogne0:04:18
37Henriette Christensen (Den) Team OCK LadiesRow 36 - Cell 2
38Kimberly Buyl (Bel) Steeds Vooraan Kontich0:04:29
39Roxane Fournier (Fra) ASPTT Dijon - Bourgogne0:04:37
40Leah Guloien (Can) Canadian National Team0:04:43
41Nina Kessler (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Team0:04:51
42Mireia Epelde Bikendi (Spa) Lointek0:04:53
43Ana Usabiaga Balerdi (Spa) Lointek0:04:55
44Oriane Niay (Fra) Ile de France0:05:00
45Emilie Blanquefort (Fra) Lointek0:05:11
46Nathalie Jeuland (Fra) Bretagne0:05:20
47Elien Vercamer (Bel) Steeds Vooraan Kontich0:05:25
48Jeaun-Mari Breytenbach (RSA) MTN Qhubeka0:05:28
49An-Li Pretorius (RSA) MTN Qhubeka0:05:29
50Charlotte Van Der Merwe (RSA) MTN Qhubeka0:05:47
51Kaitlin Antonneau (USA) US National Team0:06:30
52Margot Ortega (Fra) ASPTT Dijon - Bourgogne0:07:10
53Aodez Le Fourn (Fra) Bretagne0:07:13
54Ane Santesteban Gonzalez (Spa) Debabarrena - Gipuzkoa0:07:18
55Cara Gillis (Can) Canadian National Team0:07:39
56Irene San Sebastian Lasa (Spa) Debabarrena - Gipuzkoa0:08:28
57Belen Lopez (Spa) Lointek0:08:38
58Delphine Rousseau (Fra) Bretagne0:09:06
59Karen Verhestraeten (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team0:10:31
60Beata Sandström (Swe) Team OCK Ladies0:10:54
61Lina-Kristin Schink (Ger) Team GSD Gestion0:11:17
62Liesbeth Verbeeck (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen0:11:53
63Mao Chino (Jpn) Asahi0:11:58
64Coralie Demay (Fra) Bretagne0:12:33
65Katrien Van Looy (Bel) Steeds Vooraan Kontich0:12:46
66Danielle Bekkering (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Team0:13:35
67Cinthia Lehner (USA) US National Team0:13:57
68Annick Van Leuven (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen0:14:08
69Amy De Ridder (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen0:16:40
70Inma Rafael (Spa) Debabarrena - Gipuzkoa0:16:52
71Fanny Riberot (Fra) Lointek0:17:18
72Maëll Mainguy (Fra) Bretagne0:17:58
73Tessa De Moyer (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen0:18:48
74Stéphanie Viel (Fra) Ile de France0:20:04
75Karen Elzing (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Team0:20:41
76Charlotte Bravard (Fra) Team GSD Gestion0:25:23
77Elodie Le Bail (Fra) Asahi0:25:53
78Annelies Dom (Bel) Steeds Vooraan Kontich0:27:24
79Kim Wouters (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Team0:27:40
80Inge Alaerts (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen0:28:31
81Ingrid Preteseille (Fra) Ile de France0:28:43
82Olga Demidova (Rus) Russian National Team0:29:48
83Chantal Verstraten (Ned) Dura Vermeer Ladies0:32:57
84Katy Curtis (Can) Canadian National Team0:36:10
85Ludmila Zhgarova (Rus) Russian National Team0:38:58
86Geraldine Gill (Irl) Asahi0:39:37
87Marie-Pierre Thonon (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen0:41:17
88Izaro Lasa (Spa) Debabarrena - Gipuzkoa0:51:34
89Suzan Simons (Ned) Dura Vermeer Ladies0:51:43

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