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White wins Northampton CX

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The men's podium in Northampton

The men's podium in Northampton (Image credit: Angelica Dixon)
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Jack Kisseberth leads on the run-up

Jack Kisseberth leads on the run-up (Image credit: Angelica Dixon)
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Curtis White chasing Jack Kisseberth

Curtis White chasing Jack Kisseberth (Image credit: Angelica Dixon)
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Spencer Petrov (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld)

Spencer Petrov (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld) (Image credit: Angelica Dixon)
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Spencer Petrov (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld) in the lead

Spencer Petrov (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld) in the lead (Image credit: Angelica Dixon)
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The sprint for second went to Petrov

The sprint for second went to Petrov (Image credit: Angelica Dixon)
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Spencer Petrov (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld) after a tough race

Spencer Petrov (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld) after a tough race (Image credit: Angelica Dixon)

Curtis White (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld) claimed the opening day's victory in Northampton, extending his lead in the NECXS series.

White topped teammate Spencer Petrov, who out-sprinted Jack Kisseberth (Garneau Easton p/b Transitions) over a minute behind the race winner.

White credited his win to the work of Petrov and fourth-placed Sam Noel, who helped foil the competition.

"It was a good race to race as a team," White said. "At the beginning, it was kind of pack racing. The three of us and Jack Kisseberth made the selection. I pressed it a couple of times, and got a gap and left the group from that. I got to see that the two behind were racing like teammates so that was great to see. Cannondale, one, two and four, I was happy with that."

While White, who last week won the Pan-American Championship, profited from a small gap, leaving Kisseberth to chase alone with Noel (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld Devo Team) and Petrov.

"It was Curtis [White], Spencer [Petrov] and I. Spencer sort of bobbled, I got stuck behind him for a second and Curtis got maybe five seconds out of that. Then they all sat on my wheel while I tried to bring it back to Curtis on the straightaways which is a difficult game to play.

"And so after about a lap of that, it was pretty clear that we were not going to catch him so from that point towards the end, it was really tactical, no one really wanted to pull in the wind so we were all sort of sitting around, waiting for somebody to go."

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Curtis White (USA)1:03:30
2Spencer Petrov (USA)0:01:08
3Jack Kisseberth (USA)0:01:09
4Sam Noel (USA)0:01:12
5Justin Lindine (USA)0:01:42
6Max Judelson (USA)0:02:08
7Jeremy Powers (USA)0:02:09
8Nicholas Lando (USA)0:02:17
9Scott Smith (USA)0:02:28
10Merwin Davis (USA)0:02:39
11Ben Frederick (USA)0:02:40
12Daniel Chabanov (USA)0:03:22
13Patrick Collins (USA)0:03:26
14Kevin Bouchard-Hall (USA)0:04:10
15Alfred Thoft Christiansen (Den)0:04:16
16Trent Blackburn (USA)0:04:23
17Christian Sundquist (USA)0:04:34
18Allan Schroeder (USA)0:04:52
19Andrew Nicholas (USA)0:05:09
20Zachary Curtis (USA)0:05:15
21Adam Myerson (USA)
22Benjamin Ryan (USA)0:05:29
23Finnegan O'Connor (USA)0:05:32
24Andrew Frank (USA)0:05:33
25Addison Minott (USA)0:05:45
26Matthew Owens (USA)0:05:47
27Mads Weiss Nielsen (Den)0:05:49
28Michael Marston (USA)0:05:50
29Andrew Borden (USA)0:06:23
30Daniel Vaughn (USA)0:06:33
31Peter Thidemann (Den)0:06:55
32Brendan Lehman (USA)0:06:56
33Matthew Curbeau (USA)0:07:12
34Travis Wold (USA)0:07:33
35Jacob Leblanc (USA)0:07:34
36Clyde Logue (USA)0:08:32
37Sean Curran (USA)
38Doug Thorp (USA)
39Robert Marion (USA)
40Donald Seib (USA)
41James Norris (USA)
42Geno Villafano (USA)
43Andrew Gardner (USA)
44Christian Norvold (USA)
45Peter Bradshaw (USA)
46Daniel Fitzgibbons (USA)
47Erik Saunders (USA)
DNSChristopher Niesen (USA)
DNSShawn Mottram (USA)
DNSDylan Mcnicholas (USA)
DNSBreeze Keller (USA)
DNSMichael Landry (USA)
DNFMichael Owens (USA)
DNFAndy Scott (USA)
DNFKale Wenczel (USA)
DNFCesar Gallego (USA)
DNFRobert Nash (USA)
DNFColin Reuter (USA)
DNSIan Gielar (USA)


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