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Evans becomes first rider to successfully defend Crater Cruise title

During the past weekend in Parys, Kevin Evans (MTN-Energade) added another first to his palmares by becoming the first rider to defend his MTN Ride Crater Cruise ultra marathon title successfully. Being the first mountain biker to win the South African individual time trial, as well as the first mountain biker to win a road tour, are just two more items on Evans's long list of firsts.

However, moments after his victory in the MTN Ride Crater Cruise, Evans made it clear that too much of a good thing can get tiresome. "I cannot remember ever feeling so 'broken' after a mountain bike race. It was really hard. I have had enough for this year. It is time for me to get off my bike and take a well-deserved break," Evans said.

"My only motivation throughout the race was that I did not want to go back home with empty hands after being away for more than three weeks.

"Have a look", Evans said, pointing to the stem of his mountain bike.

"I stuck the name of my daughter, Ruby, on the bike's stem. There were quite a few times during the race when I was wondering why I am punishing myself so much. At times like that, I just looked down and when I saw Ruby's name I was motivated again. I owed it to her and my wife to take home some Christmas spending money."

"To have Kevin winning five out of the six MTN Ultra Marathon events he raced this season is nothing short of phenomenal. He has been an exceptional performer all season on the road and off it and a true ambassador for MTN. Evans and teammate Adrien Niyonshuti will be in action again next week at the Cape Pioneer Trek," said Bernard Pieters, senior sponsorship manager at MTN South Africa.

Evans's winning time for the MTN Rider Crater Cruise over 101 kilometers was three hours, 38 minutes and 10 seconds. Jacques Janse van Rensburg (DCM) finished second, Brandon Stewart (DCM) was fourth and Ben-Melt Swanepoel (Specialized/Mr Price) fifth.

To say that Evans dominated this year's MTN Ultra marathon series will be putting it mildly. His victory in five of the seven races could possibly be another first. The only event in which he was beaten was the Barberton. He did not race the 50-Miler.

Saturday's race boiled down to a battle among eight men. From about the 40 kilometer marker, Mannie Heymans and Philip Buys (both Garmin-adidas) drove the breakaway while Evans, Janse van Rensburg, Stewart, Pieter Seyffert (DCM), Swanepoel and Marc Bassingthwaighte (Garmin-adidas) rode slipstream to preserve themselves.

Heymans was relentless in the way he set the pace up front, but with hindsight it is doubtful whether that was the right tactic to follow, especially when it became clear that the three DCM riders were all sitting behind, enjoying a free ride. Their excuse was that they were deliberately holding back because they were hoping that Max Knox would catch up with them.

What they did not realize was that Knox had already crashed out some time ago.

However, to make a long story short, the Garmin-adidas riders were certainly the biggest losers of the day, because when Evans attacked for the first time, about 15 kilometers from the finish, it was game over for them. Heymans, Buys and Bassingthwaighte were first to be dropped, along with Swanepoel and Seyffert.

That left Evans, Janse van Rensburg and Stewart to battle it out for the overall victory. With a two to one advantage, one would have expected the DCM riders to work Evans over a bit to exhaust him, but they chose not to do so. Instead Evans received his second free ride of the day, because Janse van Rensburg was pacing in front, with Evans sitting second wheel and Stewart racing in the third place.

Evans managed to drop both DCM riders with his second attack, just before the last really technical stretch, about seven kilometers from the finish.

Afterwards Evans said that his victory was basically a carbon copy of what happened in 2009. "I attacked exactly at the same places as last year."

Van Rensburg admitted that there was no way that he could stay with Evans after his second attack.

"The mistake I made was to pace in front when there were just the three of us. I thought Brandon was still strong and I was hoping to set him up for the victory. By the time I realized that his legs were gone, it was too late to change tactics. In a way I justified myself by finishing second again. It proved that last year was no fluke."

Even though Janse van Rensburg finished second overall last year, he was disqualified for accepting a drink outside a feeding zone.

Swanepoel, the only other rider who had won the MTN Ride Crater Cruise twice, said that Saturday's race was certainly the hardest. "Every rider who managed to finish definitely deserved his medal."

Knox, one of the pre-race favourites, might be excused if he should consider himself jinxed as far as the MTN Rider Crater Cruise is concerned. He flatted within the first few kilometers. Luckily a teammate was on hand to give him his wheel.

"After my puncture, I was about a minute down on the leaders, but my race finished the moment we reached the first really rough section. I was trying to go too fast in my effort to overtake riders. There were all kinds of boulders and potholes along the single-track section. In my eagerness to catch up, I rode into an anthole at about 45km/h.

"The next moment I flew over my handlebars and landed on my back, getting badly winded in the process. I must have been lying on the ground for about 10 minutes before I had recovered sufficiently to get up again. For me it was race over."

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yolandi Du Toit4:12:26
2Yolandè De Villiers0:05:38
3Karien Van Jaarsveld0:10:43
4Carla Rowley0:15:52
5Julia Skea0:19:18
6Caitlin De Wet0:30:28
7Samantha Oosthuysen0:35:36
8Catherine Townshend0:41:18
9Sanet Smal0:47:56
10Jozanne Louw0:52:26
11Bonny Swanepoel0:53:15
12Naomi Visser0:59:06
13Nolene Jackson1:01:21
14Laura-Beth Eicker-Harris1:03:01
15Karin Hendry1:06:01
16Carien Visser1:06:05
17Petruschka Constancon1:10:06
18Geraldine Von Fintel1:11:49
19Idielle Walters1:13:25
20Tanja Oosthuyse1:17:53
21Rene Mulder1:18:52
22Suzie Assenmacher1:18:56
23Cindy Rebello1:19:20
24Paula Hardy1:25:11
25Mattie Viviers1:27:21
26Dagmar Muhlbauer1:27:57
27Carmen Andrews1:31:05
28Ronel Van Wyk1:31:40
29Colette Brighton1:39:12
30Maryna Slabbert1:42:02
31Alison Lingard1:42:05
32Karyn Southgate1:42:16
33Laetitia Botha1:45:07
34Cinzia Du Preez1:58:57
35Nicole Murphy2:00:31
36San-Marie De Beer2:03:14
37Heidi Venter2:03:54
38Janine Stewart2:05:09
39Leentie Mouton2:05:43
40Anette Hermann2:12:37
41Kelly Mccallum2:17:29
42Leandre Du Toit2:18:03
43Derek Schulze2:18:39
44Angie Schutte2:22:13
45Salome Lambrechts2:26:21
46Elize Nieuwenhuizen2:26:33
47Ada Greyling2:27:54
48Vanessa Record2:37:04
49Helen Van Stryp2:46:10
50Adele Van Huyssteen2:50:19
51Zurika Untiedt2:50:50
52Roxanne Hayes2:56:36
53Madelein Barkkhuizen2:57:04
54Brigitta Wessels3:01:00
55Diane Carter3:01:23
56Karin Mortimer3:03:37
57Monique Bird3:03:42
58Jan Smit3:06:55
59Dana Bassani3:11:26
60Josephine Scholtz3:14:02
61Annatjie Ford3:15:34
62Adri Prinsloo3:16:10
63Venessa Kleyn3:20:14
64Donel Van Jaarsveld3:25:20
65Liefie Day3:30:03
66Petro Van Der Westhuizen3:34:36
67Chrisna Van Der Walt3:35:21
68Jenni Green3:48:32
69Lynn Morris3:56:38
70Leigh Anne Varrie4:03:34
71Natalie Dempers4:03:35
72Lenza De Jager4:05:18
73Girtie Steenkamp4:09:21
74Helga Nordhoff4:21:00
75Rianda Steyn4:36:02
76Lizelle Zandberg4:36:03
77Cincia Milbert4:36:29
DNFHelena Van Heerden
DNFHesmar Venter
DNFFrancesca Van Der Merwe
DNFCarin Van Tonder
DNFCollette Conradie
DNFYael Finkel
DNFKaren Pretorius
DNFAnnerie Cornelissen
DNFAnja De Lange
DNFLaura Herd
DNFEszter Erdelyi
DNFMel Hirse
DNFDorothy Maartens
DNFCatherine Andrew
DNFIschen Stopforth
DNFMich Hicks
DNFMariske Strauss
DNFLauren Price
DNFChristi Pienaar
DNFKarina Richter
DNFColette Coetzee
DNFElsa Karsten
DNFLaura Kirker
DNFRetha Uys
DNFKelly Marnewick
DNFMartie Drotsky
DNFBelinda Stephens
DNFLaurin Whitehouse
DNFAngelique Nel
DNFMichelle Huyser
DNFSuzette Kleinhans
DNFPortia Biggs
DNFIda Eloff
DNFElize Pretorius
DNFCila Fourie
DNFKaren Wygers
DNFMarita Williams

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Evans3:38:06
2Jacques Janse Van Rensburg0:00:38
3Brandon Alston-Stewart0:02:27
4Melt Swanepoel0:02:49
5Pieter Seyffert0:04:44
6Philip Buys0:05:06
7Mannie Heymans0:08:15
8Marc Bassingthwaighte0:11:52
9Jock Green0:12:50
10Bruce Diesel0:12:53
11Dave Morison0:12:56
12Willem Le Roux0:13:49
13Francois Theron0:15:01
14Justice Makhale0:16:30
15Paul Cordes0:18:37
16Lourens Luus0:19:02
17Rowan Grobler0:20:46
18Erik Kleinhans0:21:39
19Johan Labuschagne0:22:14
20Dana Coetzee0:23:23
21Guylin Van Den Berg0:24:19
22Shaun-Nick Bester0:25:18
23Charles Nienaber0:27:20
24Donovan Lubbe0:28:43
25Jc Jooste
26Jan Withaar0:31:16
27Julius Cobbett0:31:40
28Andre Bekker0:32:14
29Dreyer Van Huyssteen0:32:46
30Renato Sabbioni0:33:31
31Rynard Van Hoven0:33:55
32Jp Jung0:35:37
33Hermanus Krause Van Der Westhuizen0:35:41
34Daniel Paul0:37:41
35Koos Klopper0:38:04
36Patrice Gautier0:38:20
37Darryl Fitzell0:39:44
38Franco Ferreira0:39:49
39Gideon Joubert0:40:09
40Dwayne Klingbiel0:40:28
41Trust Munangandu0:41:04
42Anton Bosman0:41:34
43Greg Wanl0:41:41
44Mark Pellew0:43:53
45Gertjie Harmse0:44:14
46Bridges Mark0:44:25
47Rex Benson0:46:00
48Dirk Maarsingh0:46:03
49Danie Steyn0:48:14
50Shaun Craig Silver0:49:13
51Maarten Van Der Horst0:49:34
52Jonathan Odendaal0:50:26
53Deon Cilliers0:50:36
54Deon Kruger0:51:28
55Henry Uys0:52:09
56Kevin Record0:52:23
57Shaun Leach0:52:38
58Taygan Robson0:54:52
59Mark Pieterse0:56:06
60David Walsh0:56:51
61Henk Watermeyer0:57:20
62Anton Smal0:57:21
63Wilhelm Nauta0:57:28
64Gus Klohn0:58:09
65Martin Buck0:58:17
66John Knox0:58:53
67Jozua De Kock0:59:18
68Manfred Reinhart1:00:05
69George Oertel1:00:17
70Greg Davis1:00:30
71Wynand Mulder1:01:05
72Brian Lennox1:01:19
73Jacobus De Kock1:01:22
74No Data No Data1:01:48
75Timothy Kock1:02:22
76Tinus Scheepers1:02:24
77Hennie Kriek1:02:53
78Rory Attridge1:03:23
79Albert Retief1:03:32
80Mark Langman1:03:57
81Kell Westfehling1:04:23
82Carel Bosman1:06:45
83Duncan Schulze1:06:49
84Roux Coetzee1:06:58
85Carl Lotter1:07:23
86No Data No Data1:08:48
87Zander Van Wyk1:09:02
88Hennie Pelser1:09:07
89Johan Farber1:09:11
90Johan Maartens1:09:16
91Ian Martin1:09:23
92No Data No Data1:09:25
93Johan Renier De Villiers1:10:00
94Andrew Currie1:11:02
95Stéfan Cremer1:11:20
96Etienne De Villiers1:13:29
97Harald Zumpt1:13:53
98Gavin Graham1:14:46
99Larry Class1:15:36
100Graham Momteith
101Marius Garbers1:15:43
102Christo Viljoen1:17:28
103Martinus Victor1:17:56
104Martin Hogan1:18:02
105Patrick Leary1:19:01
106Darryl Fox1:19:11
107Adrian Cooney1:20:16
108Sias Le Roux1:20:47
109Gerhard Fouche1:20:56
110Joshua O Connell Maritz1:21:02
111Francois Du Toit1:21:27
112Paul Gerber1:21:47
113Izak Coetzer1:23:26
114Thomas Grewar1:23:42
115Craig Walker1:24:23
116Leon Naude1:24:31
117Fred Leygonie1:25:07
118Jacques Van Der Merwe1:25:22
119Jaco Lange1:25:51
120No Data No Data1:25:55
121Mark Thijs1:26:16
122Francois Maartens1:26:20
123Chris Du Preez1:26:36
124Francois Genis1:26:56
125Jaco Oosthuizen1:27:39
126Brian Mills1:28:11
127Wayne Booysen1:28:15
128Thys Van Jaarsveld1:28:22
129Pieter Van Wyk1:28:32
130Colin Gibbings1:28:33
131Charles Nieuwenhuis1:28:36
132Doug Turvey1:29:01
133Edwin Solomon1:30:11
134James Pieter Reid1:30:18
135Roy Brennon1:30:23
136Ernest Welch1:30:38
137Mark Williams1:31:07
138Carl Van Maanen1:31:57
139Daniel Pienaar1:32:35
140Andrew Westaway1:33:05
141Francois Smith1:34:13
142Juan Smit1:34:34
143David Kretzmann1:35:26
144Benjamin De Wet1:35:46
145Sean Wheeler1:36:11
146Piet Smith1:36:20
147Gerald Heimberg1:36:52
148Robert Malan1:36:53
149Mike Orselli1:37:01
150Marinus Bekker1:37:41
151Glen Baptiste1:38:26
152Adrian Hobbs1:38:30
153Barend Visser1:39:00
154Thomas Truscott1:39:19
155Francois Du Toit1:39:23
156Nico Botha1:39:37
157Graham Hindle1:39:51
158Philip Herselman1:40:02
159Roger Scholtz1:40:19
160Ben Van Der Merwe1:40:51
161Charl Johnson1:41:24
162Kallie Calitz1:41:29
163David Naude1:42:11
164Eduard Herselman1:42:32
165No Data No Data1:42:54
166James Welsh1:43:08
167Anton Maybery1:43:09
168David Du Plessis1:43:10
169Mark Lamb1:43:33
170Gert Koorts1:43:41
171Danie Erasmus1:44:25
172Scott Thorburn1:44:30
173Andrew Klinkert1:44:44
174Jan Steenkamp
175Stephan Spaan1:44:54
176Johan De Klerk1:45:01
177Johann Seyfert1:45:03
178Troy Pople1:45:17
179Ryan Green1:45:22
180Robertoi Gallinetti1:45:40
181Willem Groenewald1:45:42
182Mark Nilsen1:46:11
183No Data No Data1:46:46
184Jaco Du Preez1:47:07
185Reynier Boersma1:47:28
186Justin Glyn Jones1:48:27
187Kenneth Wade1:48:29
188Neel Breitenbach1:49:04
189Ryan Fundaro1:49:08
190Wimpie Rouwenhorst
191Chris Harilaou1:49:15
192Koos Van Rooyen1:49:26
193Marthinus Louis Snyman1:49:59
194Dale Mclean1:50:05
195Danie Erasmus1:50:06
196Gustav Van Tromp1:50:45
197Stan Lingard1:51:46
198Nicolaas Tjaart Van Der Merwe1:52:01
199Eugene Liebenberg1:52:17
200David Shemmed1:52:27
201Johannes Gouws1:52:38
202Martin Ciolkosz1:52:56
203Reghard Roets1:54:20
204J H Coetzee
205Donavan Roscoe1:54:21
206Wayne Champion1:54:25
207Ben Samwell1:54:35
208Richard Marshall1:54:36
209Paul Dijon1:54:37
210Steven Andrews1:54:48
211Theo Oberholzer1:54:50
212Marnitz Nienaber1:55:21
213Marius Strydom1:55:43
214Johan Huyser1:56:31
215Paul Lombard1:56:41
216Johan Malan1:56:56
217Eddy Fournier1:57:41
218Clene Van Wyk1:57:49
219Alex Mason-Apps1:57:50
220Darryl Clifford1:57:52
221Albert Van Der Berg
222Koos Basson1:58:03
223Hano Oberholzer1:58:04
224Warren Ozorio1:58:19
225Mark Johnstone1:58:46
226John Tenderini1:59:06
227Deon Treurnich1:59:35
228Bruce Turvey1:59:52
229Pieter Du Toit
230Dean Badenhorst2:00:01
231Andrew King2:00:11
232Wynand Van Schalkwyk2:00:26
233Arnold Cornelissen2:00:29
234Grant Stephens2:00:37
235Marcus Pieterse2:01:06
236George Janos2:01:24
237Alton Van Putten2:03:09
238Malcolm Schutte2:04:10
239Jacques Kleynhans2:04:12
240Alistair Meyer
241Reinhardt Grobler2:04:40
242Martin Hendriksen2:05:26
243Alex Galvin2:05:43
244Petri Strydom2:05:46
245Craig Du Plessis2:05:51
246Dirk Nel2:05:56
247Maritz Aucamp2:06:11
248Marthinus Els2:07:00
249John Seymour2:07:37
250Beatrice Hogan2:08:43
251Halley Mcormick2:09:29
252Nicholas Dawes2:09:32
253Mark Kleynhans2:09:48
254Kobie Hill2:09:54
255Jaco Strydom2:10:03
256Marc De Fondaumiere2:10:13
257Brendan Grundlingh2:10:19
258Willem Daffue2:10:46
259Craig Chidrawi2:10:59
260Jacques Leach2:11:51
261Paul Hunter2:11:55
262Bennie Du Plessis
263Dirk De Bruin2:12:16
264John Cullen2:12:26
265Coenraad De Bruin2:13:13
266Guy Pearce2:13:23
267Cornel Korff2:14:06
268Allen Mee2:14:25
269Stephan Reid2:14:32
270Hayden Hochfelden2:15:19
271Andre Stephens2:16:02
272Willie Mouton2:16:19
273Benjy Stoch2:16:28
274Ryan Kowalsky
275Shaun Jericevich2:16:35
276Michael Jacks2:16:46
277Hannes Wessels2:17:01
278No Data No Data2:17:24
279James Cullen2:17:25
280Stephan Grobler2:17:29
281Mike Thomson2:18:13
282Wayne Rebello2:18:15
283Dederick Jhan Luus2:18:26
284Johan Botha2:18:52
285Wikus Du Plessis2:19:00
286Mark Dankworth2:19:13
287No Data No Data2:19:21
288Wynand Baard2:19:30
289Daniel Pienaar2:19:35
290Richard Raymond2:19:41
291Millar Nienaber2:19:42
292Louis Maritz2:19:54
293Garron Mosley2:20:02
294Christo Barkhuizen
295Coillard Ford2:20:05
296Rudi Haarhoff2:20:35
297Willem Johannes Jacobs2:21:22
298Andre Gadney
299No Data No Data2:21:56
300Alan Pleace2:22:10
301No Data No Data2:22:22
302Alwyn Steenkamp2:22:32
303Marthinus Muller2:22:46
304Dave Buck2:23:20
305Rene Venter2:23:29
306De Villiers Groenewald2:23:33
307Max Pelser2:23:36
308Graham Cooper2:24:13
309Clinton Halsey2:24:17
310Drew Murphy2:24:19
311Richard Wijnberg2:24:24
312Matthew Simmonds2:24:35
313David Vermeulen2:24:40
314Andrew Woodburn2:24:44
315Craig Kirton2:24:45
316Ian Crozier2:24:50
317Simon Grimbeek2:25:11
318Johan Botha2:25:32
319Henegan Brent2:25:44
320Daniel Marnewick2:25:54
321Quinton Van Wyngaardt2:25:57
322Andre Lombaard2:25:59
323Niel Miller2:26:30
324Robert Hayes2:26:58
325No Data No Data2:28:00
326Gavin Robinson2:28:28
327Richardt Schoonwinkel2:29:11
328Gustav Thompson2:29:12
329Franswua Van Staden2:29:23
330Wouter Maree2:29:24
331Ivor Hambridge2:29:29
332Bennie Pienaar2:29:36
333John David Cawood Kettlewell2:29:42
334Dawie Howell2:29:51
335Wayne Mcclelland2:30:04
336Garth Flanders2:30:15
337Markus Loesch2:30:53
338Chris Fourie2:31:09
339Bernhard Westra2:31:12
340Louis Kirsten2:31:43
341Chris Guldenpfenning2:31:54
342Mark Tessendorff2:32:32
343Dieter Von Staden2:32:47
344Nic Du Preez2:33:18
345Grant Harding2:33:19
346Alistair Stewart2:34:17
347Graham Kendall2:34:41
348Ronald Lotz2:34:45
349Iain Lindsay2:34:46
350No Data No Data2:34:51
351Sean Dobson2:34:52
352Paul Candelaria2:35:01
353No Data No Data2:35:42
354Albert Terblanche2:36:20
355Nigel Legge2:36:25
356Clive Moore2:36:28
357Abrie Laufs2:36:35
358David Sieff2:36:39
359Anton Bouwer2:36:50
360Brett Atkins2:36:53
361Kevin Walker2:36:56
362Mark Stokoe2:37:07
363Glen Ramsden2:37:12
364Marius Claassens2:37:17
365Stefan Maree2:37:18
366Jb Van Den Berg2:37:21
367Alfie Dos Santos2:37:24
368Etienne Kirsten2:37:47
369Brendan Barry2:37:56
370Kevin Lombard2:38:06
371Keith Sutcliffe2:38:09
372Marius Van Wyk2:38:51
373Colin Hendriks2:39:15
374Jon Smith2:39:36
375Dawie Griesel2:40:16
376Marcel Keyser2:40:30
377No Data No Data2:40:37
378Jaco Redelinghuys2:40:40
379Jan Adriaan Swanepoel2:40:42
380Pieter Conradie2:41:09
381Theo Riekert2:41:12
382Johan Van Staden2:41:27
383Franco Rizza2:42:08
384Dennis Nathrass2:42:15
385Zhann Meyer2:42:23
386Ray Roodt2:42:30
387Danie Louw2:43:14
388Reon Hillebrand2:43:26
389Erik Stockter2:43:35
390No Data No Data2:43:58
391Graham Rogoff2:44:07
392Craig Goddard2:44:19
393Hugh Clark2:45:36
394Kevin Malan2:45:43
395Emile Van Tonder2:46:06
396Leonardes Scheepers2:46:23
397Paul Kotze2:46:27
398Johan Veldsman2:46:29
399William Van Der Lith2:46:59
400Brian Price2:47:05
401Werner Schade2:47:27
402Renier Van Noggerenderg2:47:37
403No Data No Data2:47:40
404Gavin Richardson2:48:05
405Johannes Wessel Beukes2:48:11
406Ruan Nagel2:48:14
407Louis De Waal2:48:15
408William Rodewijk2:49:02
409Kobus Kotze2:49:07
410Peter Blomefield2:49:16
411Craig Mcbain2:50:00
412Jorge Rodrigues2:50:31
413Pieter Cordier2:50:51
414Johann Van Rooyen2:50:59
415Johann Retief2:51:24
416Eric Goodall2:51:29
417Roderick Benard2:51:41
418Rogan Duffy2:51:48
419Craig Thompson2:51:50
420Justin Arnoldi2:51:51
421Andre Du Preez
422Hansie Van Der Westhuizen2:52:46
423Arnold Steyn2:54:06
424Roberto Redaelli2:54:36
425Chris Trehearn Trehearn2:55:23
426Carel Kilian
427Willem Grove2:55:32
428No Data No Data2:55:41
429Wimpie Gouws2:55:51
430No Data No Data2:56:53
431Ivor Clucas2:57:11
432Chris Kritzinger2:57:30
433Warick Bekker2:57:40
434Venter Jaap2:58:37
435Andries Gous2:58:57
436David Holoak2:59:01
437Gottlieb Venter2:59:06
438Barto Du Plessis2:59:19
439Schalk Windt3:01:49
440Daniel Rifkind3:01:58
441Darren Noche3:02:01
442Brandon Nathan3:02:24
443Graeme Plint3:03:39
444Nel Johann3:04:44
445Dana Murray3:04:49
446No Data No Data3:05:23
447Russell Haworth3:05:28
448Christopher Mark Gill3:06:22
449Jonmarc Loureiro3:06:25
450Jaco Du Plessis3:06:32
451Garry Hoare3:06:36
452Andrew Robinson3:06:42
453Helgard Muller3:06:55
454Byron Grant3:09:03
455David Henning3:09:06
456Rodney Goosen3:09:57
457Dirk Visser3:10:08
458Carel Van Heerden3:10:19
459Andre Martin3:10:42
460James Raymond3:11:11
461Marius Viljoen3:11:26
462Kobus Cilliers3:11:49
463Ivin Greyling3:12:02
464Christopher Kien3:13:10
465Gerrit Pretorius3:13:35
466Jan Frederick Van Der Merwe3:14:00
467Rico Van Der Merwe3:14:01
468Gareth Pearson3:14:03
469No Data No Data3:14:43
470Jannie Pretorius3:15:22
471Charl Lishman3:16:02
472Gerhard Myburgh3:16:15
473Willie Esterhuizen3:17:04
474Ogies Cornelissen3:17:07
475Pierre De Bruin3:17:15
476Abrie De Clercq3:17:18
477Chris Addinal3:17:21
478Jonathan Lowick3:17:22
479Anton Kirsten3:18:04
480Dirk Uys3:18:36
481Eugene De Bruin3:19:58
482Thinus Kilian3:21:03
483Elbert De Kock3:21:28
484Derek Duffield
485Werner Teichler3:21:56
486Dewald Teichler3:21:57
487Reuben Roets3:22:12
488Werner Klingenberg3:22:13
489Rian Smit3:22:18
490Russell Goosen3:22:22
491Gideon Bosch
492Eddie Van Staden3:22:45
493Koot De Klerk3:24:40
494Rob Mcgloughlin3:24:52
495Paul Boshoff3:24:57
496Leon Froneman3:25:15
497Ryan Duffy3:25:58
498Pieter Bielderman3:26:04
499Gerald Martin3:26:07
500Andrew Comley3:26:09
501Frank Solomon3:26:31
502Matthew De Jongh3:26:54
503Kevin Crichton3:27:14
504Schalk Willem Burger3:27:33
505Roland Egger3:28:14
506Terry Bantack3:28:28
507Johan De Jager3:30:07
508Johan Coetzee3:30:25
509Peter Mitchell3:30:52
510Jacobus Bezuidenhoudt3:31:34
511Daryn Bekker3:31:39
512Robert Batey3:31:40
513Dylan Nielsen3:31:41
514Deon Steyn3:33:13
515Craig Brown3:33:48
516Casper Grove3:34:22
517Carel Strydom3:36:01
518Eduard Le Roux3:36:21
519Andrew Murphy3:36:52
520Dinos Kastanos3:37:31
521Carlo Hayes3:37:42
522Chris Dorfling3:37:49
523Gert Johannes Agenbag3:38:09
524Paul Mosenthal3:38:25
525Francois Loubser3:38:31
526Anthony Fineberg3:40:39
527Alan Goldblatt3:40:42
528William Schreiber3:43:12
529Karl Olivier3:43:57
530Phillip Koekemoer3:44:41
531Wimpie Le Roux3:46:02
532No Data No Data3:46:41
533Gerhard Bester3:48:05
534Leon Klopper3:48:06
535Petri Nienaber3:48:07
536Ferdi Myburg3:49:02
537Alwyn Prinsloo3:50:33
538Terry Boolsen3:52:33
539Lourens Gouws3:52:50
540Christopher Comodikes3:53:01
541Grant Whitfield3:53:17
542Stephanus Van Staden3:53:32
543Michael Horn3:53:34
544Charles Myburgh3:53:36
545Tinus Kleyn3:54:24
546Wikus De Klerk3:54:35
547Neil Greyling3:58:19
548Andre Erasmus3:59:18
549Richard Leonard Momberg
550Pieter Lafras Uys3:59:19
551Barry Van Jaarsveld3:59:24
552Zane Geldenhuys4:00:08
553Eugene Naude4:00:21
554Hendrick Heyns4:00:27
555Nico Wassermann4:01:56
556Bruce Gillespie4:03:21
557Johnny Botha4:04:01
558Craig Bracken4:04:55
559Johann Deyzel4:05:07
560Mc Stoman4:05:37
561Andre Ross4:06:23
562Wicus Opperman4:06:42
563Eugene Beyleveld4:08:19
564Niel Beyleveld4:08:23
565Kobus Van Der Wath4:08:51
566Omrich Wassermann4:09:21
567Stefan Nordhoff4:09:56
568Pieter Kleinhans4:09:57
569Nico Smit4:10:00
570Michael Gemmell
571Pieter De Villiers4:11:09
572Johannes Marthinus Van Der Merwe4:12:12
573Nico Loubser4:13:29
574Paul Venter4:13:57
575Stanley Sansom4:15:30
576Eric Foster4:15:54
577Manfred Zwecker4:21:28
578Dale Hattingh4:21:42
579Leon Jordaan4:22:23
580David Westraat4:22:59
581Barthlo Barnard4:26:39
582Chris Walden4:29:33
583Brian Smith4:29:59
584Louis Hugo4:32:57
585Johan Gous4:38:08
586Nico Coetzee4:47:34
587Dirk Biggs4:47:38
588Liversage Allen4:49:42
589Gareth Tennick4:53:44
590Buks Brand4:54:58
591Johan Fourie4:55:13
592No Data No Data4:58:23
593Francois Bezuidenhout5:00:02
594Daryle Harwood5:02:12
595Sean Delport5:10:38
596Marc Von Wilmsdorff5:32:03
DNFAlex Swarts
DNFJade Mynhardt
DNFMark Van Niekerk
DNFWillis William-John
DNFErik Wandrag
DNFGrant Wing
DNFPeter Joughin
DNFGerhard Van Aswegen
DNFVictor Nunes
DNFPieter Cloete
DNFStefan Van Den Heever
DNFPiet Prinsloo
DNFAttie Koekemoer
DNFHeinrich Du Toit
DNFLee Pieter Beukes
DNFRudi Rademeyer
DNFDanie De Kock
DNFHenk Cilliers
DNFColin Brent
DNFJohan Agenbag
DNFCraig Sampson
DNFMarthinus Bekker
DNFMorne Styger
DNFMichel Strydom
DNFRobin Kelly
DNFRodney Gidish
DNFTian Van Den Heever
DNFWayne Grieveson
DNFDeon Konig
DNFDe Wet Vlok
DNFJaco Liebenberg
DNFOckert Oosthuizen
DNFAndre Du Preez
DNFPeter Mitchley
DNFBen De Lange
DNFRobert Dersley
DNFIan Williams
DNFNeal Tennick
DNFDawie Michael Swarts
DNFMartin Thomas Bain Venn
DNFDavid De Lima
DNFAb Van Der Walt
DNFTiaan Swart
DNFShaun Ward
DNFDana Coetzee
DNFCollen Rautenbach
DNFPeter Assenmacher
DNFCarl Van Der Merwe
DNFSarel Van Der Merwe
DNFEddie Solomon
DNFDouglas Smith
DNFWaldi Joubert
DNFNick Bester
DNFKobus Venter
DNFMax Knox
DNFRobbie Mcintosh
DNFFerdie Potgieter
DNFScott Mckenzie
DNFCraig Cothill
DNFGerhard Myburgh
DNFTalmud Mark
DNFRobert Bie
DNFJon-Anton Oosthuyse
DNFBilly Bridge
DNFHendrik Kruger
DNFJaco Swanepoel
DNFCharles Stander
DNFNeil Frazer
DNFPeter Stiff
DNFJason Teasdale
DNFBrett Hillary
DNFGary Acres
DNFHenk Spoormaker
DNFAndrew Mclean
DNFPaul Conradie
DNFDonovan Jackson
DNFStewart Shaw-Taylor Shaw-Taylor
DNFChristiaan De Vries
DNFPaul De Muelenaere
DNFDe Wet Roets
DNFLouis Odendaal
DNFCarel Le Roux
DNFRichard Willis
DNFIain Macaulay
DNFShaun Ellis
DNFBruce Arnold
DNFBrett Dickson
DNFJohannes Lachmann
DNFDanie Kieser
DNFPhillipus Gouws
DNFGerhardus Step Hefer
DNFSteven Hendry
DNFDerik De Jager
DNFWerner Kammeyer
DNFVickus Van Zyl
DNFKevin Buchler
DNFRichard Lombard
DNFMario Greyling
DNFPaul Gravett
DNFNico Bell
DNFGlen Finkel
DNFNorman Koekemoer
DNFMike Du Toit
DNFJustin Dowdle
DNFDanie Marais
DNFJoseph Labuschagne
DNFColin Donian
DNFChris De Beer
DNFChe Lue
DNFHeinrich Richter
DNFDirk Meyer
DNFFanie Coetzee
DNFFerdi Myburgh
DNFGrant Usher
DNFJacques Le Roux
DNFJacques Rossouw
DNFOliver Munnik
DNFLeon Van Rooyen
DNFJohn Matthews
DNFBrad Cochran
DNFSteve Collins
DNFFreddy Mitchley
DNFGeorg Van Gass
DNFJustin Hampson
DNFManus Grobler
DNFBrent Mahoney
DNFJohann Fritz
DNFJohan Vorster
DNFHeinz Thieroff
DNFCraig Phillip Franklin
DNFJan Vorster
DNFKobus Venter
DNFDarryl Irvine
DNFDanny Pringle
DNFFanie Hattingh
DNFDehan Meyer
DNFRiaan Nieman
DNFErnst Eloff
DNFJacques Paul Meyer
DNFMarco Korkie
DNFClinton Barrow
DNFFrans Jooste
DNFJuan-Pierre Bosman
DNFAlbert Heyns
DNFLinton Behari-Ram
DNFPieter Van Zyl
DNFNicholas Motlhoki
DNFBraam Van Heerden
DNFTheuns Davidts
DNFWilly Flynn
DNFChristo Fourie
DNFFranzua Van Den Heever
DNFNico De Lange
DNFMike Walters
DNFShaun Rosenthal
DNFPierre Van Der Walt
DNFPaul Choritz
DNFAndre Barnard
DNFMatt Schnelker
DNFMichael Whitehouse
DNFPetr Samanek Surname
DNFMichael Klipin
DNFPieter Nel
DNFMichael Goldblatt
DNFEben Van Der Linde
DNFBernard Nienaber
DNFShawn Van Onselen
DNFSven Iversen
DNFGerrit Coetzee
DNFKevin Mcevoy
DNFJohan Cronje
DNFBryan Charters
DNFDavid Van Straaten
DNFDeon Potgieter
DNFMorne Jacobs
DNFRichard Burnham
DNFJapie Van Zyl
DNFDavid Henning
DNFLafras Heron
DNFDeon Barkhuizen
DNFNeil Venter
DNFRyan Ashford-Smit
DNFMichiel Scheepers
DNFJohan Luus
DNFSimon Marland
DNFRichard Van Waardenburg
DNFAlfred Horne
DNFCorne Stevens
DNFGuillermo Gonzalez Bermudez
DNFCornelius Francois Swanepoel
DNFEtienne De Villiers
DNFCasper Troskie
DNFKenneth Cockcroft
DNFGerhard Cruywagen
DNFPaul Theron
DNFJohan Du Plooy
DNFSean Gallick
DNFJaco Kruger
DNFIzak Pienaar
DNFWolfram Zwecker
DNFColin Wainer
DNFRaymond Pretorius
DNFAndre Nel
DNFJulian Damstra
DNFHenrico Erasmus
DNFPhilip Mostert
DNFIan Gerrit Van Der Walt
DNFPaul Steyn
DNFDesmond Young
DNFKeith Binge
DNFJohannes Fourie
DNFPaul Van Zweel
DNFIvan Noel Currie
DNFJohan Kleynhans
DNFAlwyn Olivier
DNFBob Haagner
DNFFrans Wolters
DQGareth Johnson
DQGavin Williams
DQAndrew Bradford
DQLloyd Priestman
DQJohn Hayes
DQHardus Blignaut
DQBrocco Terrence
DQChad Prinsloo
DQCraig Barratt
DQJohan Roos
DQFritz Van Barkenhuizen
DQMark Scriven
DQRonel Van Straaten
DQCindy Jordaan
DQRuan Retief
DQDe Villiers Groenewald
DQFrits Eloff

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