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Nielsen overcomes mud, cold for win

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A racer in the opening round of the series in Klinteskoven.

A racer in the opening round of the series in Klinteskoven.
(Image credit: Klaus Bach)
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Rasmus Jessing (Team T-bikes) rides to fourth place in the men's race

Rasmus Jessing (Team T-bikes) rides to fourth place in the men's race
(Image credit: Klaus Bach)

The Danish Mountain Bike Club hosted the opening round of the series in Klinteskoven on Sunday. The UCI category 2 race drew riders from Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Norway and was run in rain and fog.

Klaus Nielsen (Team Mühle-PronghornRacing/DMK) took the most convincing win of the day in the men's elite race, showing he is ready for a good season.

"Unlike last weekend where I was training heavily right up until the race, this week I have been recovering and eating well, so I was ready to give it some gas and show I still belong among the best," said Nielsen.

Annika Langvad and Jonas Pedersen, from Holte MTB club, took wins in the elite women's and under 19 men's races.

Silver medallist at the Masters World Championships, Mads Bødker (JC Cykelklub / Team T-Bikes) won the Masters 40+ category. Technically, he could have raced the 50+ category, but the competition wasn't tough enough, so he chose to race with the younger riders, who had to put up with getting beaten by a gray-haired gentleman over 50 years old.

With more participation than in years, the child and youth classes showed promising talent for the future.

The race marked the first time there was a mojuntain bike race at the Møns Klint.

"Unfortunately it was raining, and that made the tracks soft and muddy, which was seen on and felt by the riders as they finished their race," said Jens Larsson, the man in charge of the race. "Many had had to run sections, but all agreed that the Møns Klint is a beautiful place and will come back, hopefully next time in sunshine."

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Klaus Nielsen (Den) Team Mühle-PronghornRacing1:56:03
2Magnus Darvell (Swe) Team Kalas0:04:12
3Mattias Nilsson (Swe) Team Kalas0:07:46
4Benjamin Justesen (Den) Team T-bikes0:08:02
5Rasmus Jessing (Den) Team T-bikes0:08:33
6Jens Gorm Hansen (Den) HMTBK0:09:56
7Christian Poulsen (Den) Kolding BC0:10:00
8Alexander Vincent Blomqvist (Swe) Alingsås CK0:11:50
9Casper Saltoft (Den) Team T-bikes0:12:55
10Jakob Bering (Den) Team Energi Fyn0:14:57
11Allan Qvortrup Tvilum Bachmann (Den) Aarhus 1900 MTB0:15:09
12Simon Qvortrup (Den) SIF Cykling0:15:57
13Esben Hauerbach Kronborg (Den) Cycling Nord0:16:30
14Thomas W. Madsen (Den) MCV0:17:05
15Kasper Busk (Den) HMTBK0:19:20
16Jacob Agger Troelsen (Den) ÅMK0:19:42
17Mathias Haezebrouck (Bel) Eliza-Orbea0:21:29
18Christian Sloth Christensen (Den) Varde CK0:21:35
19Thomas Bundgaard (Den) Rold Skov MTB0:24:05
20Morten Krogh Hansen (Den) DMK0:24:52
21Rasmus Mose Baltsersen (Den) Rold Skov MTB0:25:54
22Johnni Nielsen (Den) Team T-bikes0:26:11
23Morten Laustsen (Den) DMK0:27:45
24Rumen Voigt (Ger) Team Mühle-PronghornRacing0:29:45
-1lapGreg Saw (Aus) Proteinfabrikken-KTM
-1lapMatthew Duncan Weston (Den) MCV
-2lapsOla Kjøren (Nor) Team Fokus-Danica
-2lapsNiels Bay Petersen (Den) Team T-bikes
-2lapsMichael Iversen (Den) Aarhus 1900 MTB
-2lapsBert Luca (Bel) Eliza-Orbea
-2lapsJoris Garrein (Bel) Eliza-Orbea
-2lapsLasse Olsen (Den) HMTBK
-2lapsDan Andersen (Den) MIC
-2lapsKasper Overgaard Nielsen (Den) DMK
-2lapsThomas Roien Jensen (Den) HMTBK
-3lapsHenrik Andersen (Den) HMTBK
-3lapsHenrik Kirk (Den) Aarhus 1900 MTB
-3lapsKári Brynjólfsson (Den) DMK
-3lapsLars Frederic Nordbakken (Nor) Romeriksåsen SK
-4lapsKenneth Olsen (Nor) Team Fokus-Danica

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Annika Langvad (Den) HMTBK2:02:24
2Carol Rasmussen (Den) HMTBK0:14:22
3Helle Qvortrup Bachmann (Den) Aarhus 1900 MTB0:19:25
4Heidi Sandstø (Nor) Follo SK0:20:40
5Mette Marie Kronborg (Den) Cycling Nord0:23:25
-1lapTine Maria Henriksen (Den) DMK
-1lapMarianne Agerholm (Den) Aarhus 1900 MTB
-2lapsLine Lind (Den) ÅMK

Under 19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jonas Pedersen (Den) HMTBK1:41:14
2Frederik Kjeldsen (Den) Team T-bikes0:07:28
3Niklas Blach Bangsbro (Den) Varde CK0:09:01
4Alexander Laugesen (Den) DMK0:19:03
5Frederik Mørkeberg Mikkelsen (Den) Team T-bikes0:21:14
6Joachim Thrane (Den) DMK0:27:33
-1lapNicklas Gormsen (Den) DMK
-1lapJesper Sune Strodl (Den) DMK
-2lapsThomas Aarrup (Den) MCV
-2lapsJacob Nissen (Den) DMK
-3lapsAsbjørn Kragh Andersen (Den) Team Knudsgaard

B men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rune Hemmingsen (MIC)1:54:19
2Søren Arnfeldt Andersen (HMTBK)0:00:46
3Kenneth Vedsted Larsen (Slagelse MTB)0:01:27
4Emil Rye Wøhlk (Cycling Nord)0:02:47
5Claus Fredenslund Mortensen (HMTBK)0:10:16
6Kennet Nielsen (Cykling Langeland)0:12:56
-2lapsKenneth Hansen (Haderslev - Starup)
-3lapsMartin Larsen (NyborgCykleklub)
-3lapsMikkel B. Nørgaard (HMTBK)

C men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sonny Hansen (Varde CK)1:31:50
2Jesper Kamstrup (Slagelse MTB)0:00:38
3Mikael Munkebo Schrage (HMTBK)0:01:04
4Mikkel Sommer (DMK)0:03:32
5Jesper Thomsen (CK Kronborg)0:04:47
6Benjamin Ter-Borch (Holbæk Cykel Ring)0:05:56
8Jakob Lindgaard (HMTBK)0:07:33
9Jan Vestergård (Viborg Cycling)0:08:23
10Niels Bjørnsteen (MCV)0:09:02
11Anders Kunze (HMTBK)0:09:54
12Anders Tranberg Andreasen (HMTBK)0:10:33
13Mads Ilum (Cykling Odense)0:11:02
14Jonny Højdam (MCV)0:11:29
15Klaus Lund (Varde CK)0:11:34
16Esge Andersen (HMTBK)0:11:44
17Ryan Staunslev (CK Kronborg)0:11:52
18Ole Iversen (Holbæk Cykelsport)0:11:58
19Rasmus E. Andersen (Rungsted CK)0:13:37
20Ole Jespersen (Holstebro CC)0:14:15
21søren østergaard jepsen (Varde CK)0:15:59
22karsten lund andresen (HFCK)0:17:18
23Thomas Albertsen (Holstebro CC)0:19:12
24Jesper Nystrup Jørgensen (Kolding BC)0:19:42
25Niels List Hansen (ÅMK)0:20:06
26Simon Scheibel (HMTBK)0:21:31
27Nicolai Nielsen (Varde CK)0:26:57
28Max Roed Simonsen (SIF cykling)0:27:22
29Nicolai Overgaard (Viborg Cycling)0:32:19
30Jannik Kryger Jørgensen (DMK)0:42:08
31Asmus Sand (ÅMK)0:42:38
-1lapPeter Tue Christiansen (Rungsted CK)
-1lapSkipper Hermansen (Holbæk Cykel Ring)
-1lapMads Herschend (HMTBK)
-1lapPoul Haahr Klemmensen (ÅMK)
-2lapsChristian Löwenstein (Aarhus 1900 MTB)
-2lapsMarkus Hejlesen (Aarhus 1900 MTB)
3lapsMartin Rank Andersen (ÅMK)
3lapsThomas Rodtwitt (JC Cykelklub)

40+ men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mads Bødker (JC Cykelklub)1:28:56
2Lars Storgaard (Varde CK)0:00:55
3Tyge Rasmussen (Cycling Nord)0:01:14
4Kaj Pedersen (Varde CK)0:03:58
5Peter Vincent Blomqvist (Alingsås CK)0:05:25
6Ole Klemmensen (Varde CK)0:06:13
7Kim Blach (Varde CK)0:06:53
8Jens Tousgaard0:07:07
9Søren Christensen (HMTBK)0:07:21
10Henrik Hammelsø (DMK)0:10:19
11Rolf Kjøller (HMTBK)0:10:45
12Mike Young (HMTBK)0:12:41
13Morten Møller Thomsen (CC Hillerød)0:14:20
14Carsten Kristiansen (HMTBK)0:15:51
15Kurt Sørensen (Fredericia C.C.)0:21:01
-2lapsJan Rasmussen (Varde Cykelklub)
-2lapsKeld Pedersen (Slagelse MTB)
-3lapsRune Rasmussen (HMTBK)
-3lapsjonny jørgensen (randers ck 1910)

50+ men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Peter Andersen (Randers Cykleklub af 1910)1:32:26
2Bo Falck Hansen (HMTBK)0:01:23
3Karsten Olsen (Fredericia C.C.)0:09:07
4Max Storgaard (Varde CK)0:11:20

Under 17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Søren Kragh Andersen (Middelfart CC)1:27:41
2Niels Rasmussen (MCV)0:00:39
3Louis Bendixen (DMK)0:07:48
4Nichlas Rasmussen (Varde CK)0:09:07
5Ramus Florczak (DMK)0:23:57
6Morten Langeskov Bøge (RMK)0:27:39
7Sigurd Klemmensen (Varde CK)0:39:56
8Anders Mathies Odgaard (RMK)0:42:26
9Emil Wang (CK Fix)0:44:13
10Ebbe Holm Broch (Varde CK)0:45:00
11Victor Fuglsang Bygholm (ÅMK)0:46:00
12Alexander Rafael Lavilla Labial (Kolding BC)0:49:18
-1lapSimen Laugesen (Aarhus 1900 MTB)
-1lapSebastian Fini Carstensen (DMK)
-2lapsFredrik Fang Liland (Romeriksåsen SK)
-2lapsChristian Lundager (MCV)

Under 17 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christina Maria Rosing Hansen (SIF cykling)1:01:01

Under 15
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Magnus Bak Klaris (Amager Cykle Ring)0:54:40
2Oliver Sørensen (Grenaa Cykle Club)0:02:43
3Tobias Mørch Kongstad (Amager Cykle Ring)0:04:33
4Anders Peter Ellingsøe (MCV)0:06:02
5Simon Andreassen (Cykling Odense)0:10:02
6Niels Svane Nielsen (Varde Cykelklub)0:10:22
7Emil Oliver Falck Giraldi (HMTBK)0:11:47
8Emil Toudal (Bornholms Cykel Club)0:15:01
9Jonas Wang (CK Fix)0:15:20
10Kasper Seiersen (Aarhus 1900 MTB)0:15:39
11Magnus Rahbek V. Petersen (HMTBK)0:21:51
12Martin Leth Kjeldsen (MCV)0:32:25
13Mads Leidersdorff (HMTBK)0:34:25

Under 13
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jonas Lindberg (Gl-Rye MTB)1:05:43
2Christian Duus Storgaard (Varde CK)0:05:24
3Jonas Heide Rasmussen (DMK)0:09:44
4Andreas Lorentz Kron (DCR-Ballerup)0:12:37
5Niklas Letholm Patino (Holbæk Cr)0:14:33
-1lapAndreas Lund Andresen (HFCK)
-1lapAnton Bødker (HMTBK)
-1lapEmil Holm Broch (Varde CK)
-1lapAnders Leth Kjeldsen (MCV)

Motion men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ulrik Andreassen (WeBike/Vision)0:58:10
2Rasmus Bjørn Jensen (DMK)0:05:45
3Kristian Knudsen (Knudsen MTB)0:10:27
4Henrik Olsen0:10:50
5Anders Lind0:12:18
6Morten Wennecke (Team Citrix Online)0:13:42
7Jørn Dahl Sørensen (Rold Skov MTB)0:14:09
8Arne Rasmussen (DMK)0:14:30
9Christian Wang (CK Fix)0:15:29
10Michael Madsen (BRIF Mountainbikers)0:22:19
11Jannik Kaas0:24:17
12Maks Bragt0:27:32
-1lapNils Natorp (GMK Møn)

Motion women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sanne Svendsen (Rold Skov MTB)1:22:39
-1lapLine Holst Thomsen (Rold Skov MTB)

Under 11
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Magnus Fleron Juncker (ck fix)0:29:47
2jacob lunding smith (HMTBK)0:04:34
3gustav lunding smith (HMTBK)0:16:10
4Ludvig Fabricius (HMTBK)0:19:04
-1lapNicolay Duus Storgaard (Varde CK)

Under 9
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rasmus Ulrik Niekrenz (HMTBK)0:27:36
-1lapHans Landbo (HMTBK)


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