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McCauley adds to Subway-Avanti's success

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Gordon McCauley (Subway-Avanti) won the three-man sprint for stage honours.

Gordon McCauley (Subway-Avanti) won the three-man sprint for stage honours. (Image credit:
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Jack Bauer of Share the Road is the new leader of the Tour of Southland

Jack Bauer of Share the Road is the new leader of the Tour of Southland (Image credit: Pete Bruggeman)
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Riders shelter from the cold wind behind the race directors vehicle before the start of stage five

Riders shelter from the cold wind behind the race directors vehicle before the start of stage five (Image credit: Pete Bruggeman)
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The peloton battles strong head winds

The peloton battles strong head winds (Image credit: Pete Bruggeman)
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Heath Blackgrove from Zookeepers-Cycle Surgery in the leaders yellow jersey

Heath Blackgrove from Zookeepers-Cycle Surgery in the leaders yellow jersey (Image credit: Pete Bruggeman)
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Gordon McCauley of the Subway-Avanti team has his race face on

Gordon McCauley of the Subway-Avanti team has his race face on (Image credit: Pete Bruggeman)
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The peloton is strung out in the blustery conditions

The peloton is strung out in the blustery conditions (Image credit: Pete Bruggeman)
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The field is in pieces as they battle the strong wind along the coast

The field is in pieces as they battle the strong wind along the coast (Image credit: Pete Bruggeman)
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Zookeepers-Cycle Surgery leading the break

Zookeepers-Cycle Surgery leading the break (Image credit: Pete Bruggeman)
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Plenty of media attention for this year’s Tour of Southland

Plenty of media attention for this year’s Tour of Southland (Image credit: Pete Bruggeman)
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Heath Blackgrove will lose the leaders jersey this afternoon

Heath Blackgrove will lose the leaders jersey this afternoon (Image credit: Pete Bruggeman)
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Gordon McCauley wins by the narrowest of margins, Tom Findlay of Bici Vida will have to settle for 2nd place

Gordon McCauley wins by the narrowest of margins, Tom Findlay of Bici Vida will have to settle for 2nd place (Image credit: Pete Bruggeman)
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Gordon McCauley being interviewed after the race

Gordon McCauley being interviewed after the race (Image credit: Pete Bruggeman)

National road champion Gordon McCauley (Subway Avanti) took out this afternoon’s fifth stage from Tuatapere to Winton after yellow jersey holder Heath Blackgrove (Zookeepers-Cycle Surgery) missed the break when a select group split in strong crosswinds 25 kilometres from the finish. Nelson’s Jack Bauer (Share The Road) got among the super six in the break, finishing third behind McCauley and Tom Findlay (Bici Vida) to claim the tour leader’s yellow jersey.

He has a 14 second advantage over Olympic medallist Marc Ryan (ColourPlus) who had to settle for fifth today just behind the winner after riding with a slow flat over the final few kilometres.

US-based kiwi Jeremy Vennell (Bissell Pro Cycling) moved to third 19 seconds back after a strong day, with Blackgrove now fourth at 26 seconds. McCauley’s win promotes him to fifth rider inside a minute of the leader's general classification time.

After recovering from broken bodies and bikes on the first day, the Subway Avanti team made its move in this afternoon’s 102km stage to Winton after a group of 20 rode clear after 20 kms. The group, reaching speeds of 60 kilometres per hour, with a mix of tail and cross winds, peeled back to an elite pack of 11 riders until they turned into strong crosswinds at the 75 km mark.

Joe Cooper (Subway Avanti) made his attack when five riders were caught out, including Blackgrove. Six riders edged clear, comprising Cooper, Ryan, McCauley, Bauer, Findlay and Vennell.

With five kilometres remaining they had built a safety buffer of 30 seconds. Cooper attacked again with one kilometre remaining, setting things up superbly for his team captain McCauley to sprint home from Findlay and Bauer.

“The tour didn’t start well for us with four of us crashing on that first day and finishing with sore bodies and bikes held together with hose clips,” McCauley said. “Today was great for our Subway Avanti team with Josh second in the morning and then my win today, which was set-up really well by Jo Cooper. My teammates were fantastic today.

“I’ve won this stage five times and know it like the back of my hand,” he added. “Our manager made the perfect call to attack and it worked. With Marc Ryan riding on spongy tyres, I knew I was the fastest in the sprint.”

Despite the mis-adventure this afternoon, Blackgrove’s Zookeepers-Cycle Surgery team remain on top of the team honours from Subway-Avanti and Bissell Pro Cycling.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gordon McCauley (Subway-Avanti)2:11:08
2Tom Findlay (Bici Vida)
3Jack Bauer (Share The Road)
4Jeremy Vennell (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:02
5Marc Ryan (Colourplus)
6Joseph Cooper (Subway-Avanti)0:00:09
7Peter Latham (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:28
8Kyle Marwood (Praties Cycling)0:00:38
9Ben King (Calder Stewart)
10Romain Fondard (Share The Road)
11Heath Blackgrove (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)
12Glen Chadwick (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)0:01:18
13Josh England (Subway-Avanti)0:04:56
14Westley Gough (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)
15Karl Moore (KIA Motors)0:07:51
16Michael Olheiser (Jackson Plumbing)
17Brent Allnutt (Placemakers)0:07:53
18Douglas Repacholi (Calder Stewart)0:08:12
19Justin Kerr (KIA Motors)0:08:14
20Alex Ray (Bici Vida)
21Sergio Hernandez (NOW - MS Society)
22Nathan Earl (Praties Cycling)
23Chris Macic (PowerNet)
24Kevin Nicol (Jackson Plumbing)
25Aaron Strong (Ascot Park Hotel)
26Jason Rigg (Praties Cycling)
27Patrick Bevin (Ascot Park Hotel)
28Hayden Godfrey (Subway-Avanti)
29Taylor Gunman (Bici Vida)
30Paul Odlin (Calder Stewart)
31Jesse Sergent (Colourplus)
32Brad Hall (Calder Stewart)
33Michael Vink (The Southland Times)
34Daniel Barry (Benchmark Homes)
35Carl Williams (Bici Vida)
36James Ibrahim (Titans Race Team)
37Jeremy Yates (Team Enterprise)
38Mike Henton (Southern Institute of Technology)
39Joshua Chugg (Praties Cycling)
40Leon Hextall (Benchmark Homes)
41Logan Hutchings (Colourplus)
42Blair Martin (Creation Signs)
43Shem Roger (KIA Motors)
44Mark Langlands (Calder Stewart)
45Alex Mcgregor (Sycamore Print)
46Greg Krause (Jackson Plumbing)
47Jason Barlow (Placemakers)
48George Bennett (KIA Motors)
49Wade Mangham (Ascot Park Hotel)
50Cody O'reilly (Bissell Pro Cycling)
51Matt Marshall (The Southland Times)
52Floyd Landis ( - Bio Sport)
53Omer Kem (Bissell Pro Cycling)
54James Mccoy (Benchmark Homes)
55Mike Northey (Ascot Park Hotel)
56Mathew Gorter (PowerNet)
57Karl Murray (Share The Road)
58Jonathon Atkinson (Energy Smart)
59Eric Drower (Subway-Avanti)
60Robin Reid (KIA Motors)
61Brad Carter (Ascot Park Hotel)
62Kevin O'donnell (Sycamore Print)
63Sam Steele (The Southland Times)
64Sam Bewley (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)0:08:29
65Simon Brown (Southern Institute of Technology)0:08:31
66David Evans (Creation Signs)0:08:43
67Jamie Whyte ( - Bio Sport)
68Nick Lovegrove ( - Bio Sport)0:08:51
69Nico De Jong ( - Bio Sport)
70Josh Brown (Team Enterprise)
71Sheldon Gorter (Sycamore Print)0:09:00
72David Treacey (Creation Signs)0:09:59
73Hayden Kegg (Creation Signs)
74Matt Gilbert (Share The Road)0:13:28
75Hamish Bond (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)0:14:09
76Stefan Rothe (Jackson Plumbing)
77Logan Calder (Placemakers)0:14:49
78Corey Farrell (NOW - MS Society)0:14:52
79David Ayre (Winton's Middle Pub)0:21:23
80Andy Hagan (Energy Smart)
81Matt Hinton (Southern Institute of Technology)0:24:54
82Simon Croom (South West Helicopters)
83Samuel Whitmitz (Titans Race Team)
84William Alexander (Team Enterprise)
85Lee Evans (Energy Smart)
86Latham Croft (Titans Race Team)
87Andrew Ballantyne (South West Helicopters)
88Alex Malone (Creation Signs)
89Hamish Presbury (The Southland Times)
90Johno Gee (Energy Smart)
91Jeremy Meech ( - Bio Sport)
92Scott Wilder (Bici Vida)
93Matt Sillars (Benchmark Homes)
94Alasdair Dempsey (Team Enterprise)
95Travis Kane (South West Helicopters)
96Rod Weinberg (Sycamore Print)
97Chris Kendall (Energy Smart)
98Michael Torckler (Team Enterprise)
99Thomas Hubbard (Winton's Middle Pub)
100Russell Gill (PowerNet)
101Michael Stallard (PowerNet)
102Logan Mort (Placemakers)
DNFKieran Hambrook (Sycamore Print)
DNSReon Park (Colourplus)
DNSLogan Edgar (South West Helicopters)

General Classification after Stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Bauer (Share The Road)10:51:26
2Marc Ryan (Colourplus)0:00:14
3Jeremy Vennell (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:19
4Heath Blackgrove (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)0:00:26
5Gordon Mccauley (Subway-Avanti)0:00:56
6Tom Findlay (Bici Vida)0:01:10
7Romain Fondard (Share The Road)0:01:13
8Peter Latham (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:01:18
9Glen Chadwick (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)0:01:57
10Joseph Cooper (Subway-Avanti)0:03:15
11Ben King (Calder Stewart)0:03:16
12Westley Gough (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)0:07:59
13Mathew Gorter (PowerNet)0:08:46
14Michael Vink (The Southland Times)0:08:54
15Jesse Sergent (Colourplus)0:09:06
16Karl Moore (KIA Motors)0:09:09
17George Bennett (KIA Motors)0:09:20
18Patrick Bevin (Ascot Park Hotel)0:09:28
19Aaron Strong (Ascot Park Hotel)0:09:29
20Blair Martin (Creation Signs)0:09:33
21Nathan Earl (Praties Cycling)0:09:35
22Daniel Barry (Benchmark Homes)0:09:47
23Sam Bewley (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)0:09:50
24Brad Hall (Calder Stewart)0:09:52
25Michael Olheiser (Jackson Plumbing)
26Shem Roger (KIA Motors)0:09:59
27Hayden Godfrey (Subway-Avanti)0:10:03
28Matt Marshall (The Southland Times)
29Jeremy Yates (Team Enterprise)0:10:22
30Justin Kerr (KIA Motors)0:10:35
31Eric Drower (Subway-Avanti)0:10:40
32Douglas Repacholi (Calder Stewart)0:10:51
33Alex Ray (Bici Vida)0:10:53
34Brent Allnutt (Placemakers)0:10:54
35Josh England (Subway-Avanti)0:11:04
36Floyd Landis ( - Bio Sport)0:11:18
37Paul Odlin (Calder Stewart)0:11:23
38Sergio Hernandez (NOW - MS Society)0:11:33
39James Ibrahim (Titans Race Team)0:11:37
40Mike Northey (Ascot Park Hotel)0:11:39
41Taylor Gunman (Bici Vida)0:11:43
42Wade Mangham (Ascot Park Hotel)
43Cody O'reilly (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:11:49
44Joshua Chugg (Praties Cycling)0:11:54
45Mark Langlands (Calder Stewart)0:12:03
46Omer Kem (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:12:22
47Robin Reid (KIA Motors)0:12:25
48Leon Hextall (Benchmark Homes)0:12:35
49Sam Steele (The Southland Times)0:12:39
50Nico De Jong ( - Bio Sport)0:12:44
51Carl Williams (Bici Vida)0:12:49
52Jonathon Atkinson (Energy Smart)0:13:03
53Chris Macic (PowerNet)0:13:58
54Greg Krause (Jackson Plumbing)0:14:29
55Jason Rigg (Praties Cycling)0:14:36
56Jamie Whyte ( - Bio Sport)0:14:39
57Karl Murray (Share The Road)0:15:23
58Alex Mcgregor (Sycamore Print)0:16:12
59David Evans (Creation Signs)0:17:27
60Simon Brown (Southern Institute of Technology)0:17:48
61Jason Barlow (Placemakers)0:18:02
62Josh Brown (Team Enterprise)0:18:19
63James Mccoy (Benchmark Homes)0:18:24
64Nick Lovegrove ( - Bio Sport)0:18:30
65Matt Gilbert (Share The Road)0:18:53
66Logan Hutchings (Colourplus)0:19:21
67Kevin Nicol (Jackson Plumbing)0:19:25
68Stefan Rothe (Jackson Plumbing)0:19:43
69Sheldon Gorter (Sycamore Print)0:23:57
70Hamish Bond (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)0:25:19
71Matt Sillars (Benchmark Homes)0:28:44
72Andy Hagan (Energy Smart)0:30:11
73Michael Torckler (Team Enterprise)0:30:36
74David Treacey (Creation Signs)0:30:40
75Alasdair Dempsey (Team Enterprise)0:35:48
76Hamish Presbury (The Southland Times)0:36:08
77Corey Farrell (NOW - MS Society)0:37:40
78Mike Henton (Southern Institute of Technology)0:37:59
79Scott Wilder (Bici Vida)0:38:44
80Brad Carter (Ascot Park Hotel)0:41:04
81Simon Croom (South West Helicopters)0:42:06
82Hayden Kegg (Creation Signs)0:42:11
83Kevin O'donnell (Sycamore Print)0:43:34
84Russell Gill (PowerNet)0:45:22
85Alex Malone (Creation Signs)0:45:30
86Matt Hinton (Southern Institute of Technology)0:47:15
87Logan Mort (Placemakers)0:47:49
88Kyle Marwood (Praties Cycling)0:49:02
89David Ayre (Winton's Middle Pub)0:49:16
90Samuel Whitmitz (Titans Race Team)0:53:44
91Michael Stallard (PowerNet)0:55:36
92Lee Evans (Energy Smart)0:57:25
93Latham Croft (Titans Race Team)0:58:08
94Thomas Hubbard (Winton's Middle Pub)0:58:12
95William Alexander (Team Enterprise)0:59:20
96Rod Weinberg (Sycamore Print)0:59:50
97Logan Calder (Placemakers)0:59:57
98Johno Gee (Energy Smart)1:05:43
99Travis Kane (South West Helicopters)1:27:41
100Jeremy Meech ( - Bio Sport)1:37:43
101Andrew Ballantyne (South West Helicopters)1:39:53
102Chris Kendall (Energy Smart)1:41:38

Sprints Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Bevin (Ascot Park Hotel)45pts
2James Mccoy (Benchmark Homes)30
3Cody O'reilly (Bissell Pro Cycling)24
4Kyle Marwood (Praties Cycling)24
5Samuel Whitmitz (Titans Race Team)21
6Gordon Mccauley (Subway-Avanti)16
7Karl Murray (Share The Road)13
8Jack Bauer (Share The Road)13
9Mark Langlands (Calder Stewart)11
10Ben King (Calder Stewart)8
11Romain Fondard (Share The Road)8
12Stefan Rothe (Jackson Plumbing)7
13Karl Moore (KIA Motors)6
14Josh England (Subway-Avanti)5
15Brad Hall (Calder Stewart)5
16Jeremy Vennell (Bissell Pro Cycling)4
17Matt Sillars (Benchmark Homes)4
18Alex Ray (Bici Vida)4
19Tom Findlay (Bici Vida)4
20Glen Chadwick (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)3
21David Treacey (Creation Signs)3
22Aaron Strong (Ascot Park Hotel)3
23Hayden Godfrey (Subway-Avanti)2
24Heath Blackgrove (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)2
25Westley Gough (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)2
26Latham Croft (Titans Race Team)2
27Michael Stallard (PowerNet)2
28Mike Northey (Ascot Park Hotel)2
29Logan Calder (Placemakers)2
30Michael Olheiser (Jackson Plumbing)2
31Jonathon Atkinson (Energy Smart)2
32Marc Ryan (Colourplus)1
33Jesse Sergent (Colourplus)1
34Logan Hutchings (Colourplus)1
35Douglas Repacholi (Calder Stewart)1
36Robin Reid (KIA Motors)1
37James Ibrahim (Titans Race Team)1
38Daniel Barry (Benchmark Homes)1
39Jeremy Yates (Team Enterprise)1
40Michael Torckler (Team Enterprise)1
41Mathew Gorter (PowerNet)1

Mountains Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben King (Calder Stewart)30pts
2Karl Moore (KIA Motors)14
3Mark Langlands (Calder Stewart)10
4James Mccoy (Benchmark Homes)8
5Michael Vink (The Southland Times)8
6Cody O'reilly (Bissell Pro Cycling)6
7Brad Hall (Calder Stewart)6
8Heath Blackgrove (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)6
9Patrick Bevin (Ascot Park Hotel)6
10Jack Bauer (Share The Road)6
11Glen Chadwick (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)4
12Mike Northey (Ascot Park Hotel)2
13Jonathon Atkinson (Energy Smart)2

U23 rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tom Findlay (Bici Vida)10:52:36
2Ben King (Calder Stewart)0:03:16
3Westley Gough (Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery)0:07:59
4Michael Vink (The Southland Times)0:08:54
5Jesse Sergent (Colourplus)0:09:06
6George Bennett (KIA Motors)0:09:20
7Patrick Bevin (Ascot Park Hotel)0:09:28
8Nathan Earl (Praties Cycling)0:09:35
9Daniel Barry (Benchmark Homes)0:09:47
10Shem Roger (KIA Motors)0:09:59
11Matt Marshall (The Southland Times)0:10:03
12Douglas Repacholi (Calder Stewart)0:10:51
13Alex Ray (Bici Vida)0:10:53
14Taylor Gunman (Bici Vida)0:11:43
15Wade Mangham (Ascot Park Hotel)
16Leon Hextall (Benchmark Homes)0:12:35
17Sam Steele (The Southland Times)0:12:39
18Chris Macic (PowerNet)0:13:58
19Alex Mcgregor (Sycamore Print)0:16:12
20Josh Brown (Team Enterprise)0:18:19
21James Mccoy (Benchmark Homes)0:18:24
22Sheldon Gorter (Sycamore Print)0:23:57
23Hamish Presbury (The Southland Times)0:36:08
24Corey Farrell (NOW - MS Society)0:37:40
25Brad Carter (Ascot Park Hotel)0:41:04
26Logan Mort (Placemakers)0:47:49
27Lee Evans (Energy Smart)0:57:25
28Thomas Hubbard (Winton's Middle Pub)0:58:12

Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Zookeepers - Cycle Surgery32:42:46
3Bissell Pro Cycling0:02:07
4Share The Road0:06:10
6Calder Stewart0:15:11
7Bici Vida0:15:22
8Praties Cycling0:17:05
9KIA Motors0:19:41
10Ascot Park Hotel0:22:02
11The Southland Times0:23:10
12Benchmark Homes0:25:54 - Bio Sport0:29:24
14Jackson Plumbing0:29:25
15Creation Signs0:48:30
17Team Enterprise0:50:05
19Sycamore Print0:59:35
20Energy Smart1:31:52
21Southern Institute of Technology1:34:33
22Titans Race Team1:54:40
23South West Helicopters3:03:34


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