Bishop and Yeager win Shenandoah Mountain 100

The Shenandoah 100 became a pivotal race for several NUE Contenders as they headed out at 6:30 am into the George Washington National Forest of Virginia, now just two weeks away before the final race that breaks all ties at the Fool's Gold 100 in Georgia. The oldest race in the NUE Series, Shenandoah is a highly anticipated showdown showcasing top level talent in a festive atmosphere with most racers choosing to camp out at the Stokesville Lodge and campground. A threat of thunderstorms had some racers wary but the storms moved eastward for this weekend, leaving blue skies, some cloud cover at times, and a gentle breeze.


Selene Yeager (Rare Disease Cycling) earned her first NUE Series win on Saturday coming in at 8:55:50.

"I came into Shenandoah 100 pretty blind, to be honest. I obviously know about it and had mused about doing it for about 10 years, but something always came up."

Yeager planned to stick with the lead women to keep herself from going out too hard, but she tossed that strategy on the first climb.

"One of the race favorites Laura Hamm (Moonstomper) came around pretty much immediately. I got on her wheel and started thinking. I'd heard she was fast on the descents. It was dry and sketchy, not my favorite descending conditions and I was completely new to the course. If I stuck with her wheel, I might end up chasing out of my element all day. I felt like I could probably climb a bit faster, so I made an early pass and didn't look back, making a revised game plan to climb my heart out on all the big climbs and let it rip on the descents where I felt comfortable, but be conservative when I didn't."

In all, 62 women registered for the race making it one of the largest women's divisions in the NUE Series this season.

Hamm finished second at 9:11:28, 17 minutes faster than last year (9:28:47) when she placed second to Sue Haywood. "I went into the SM100 without much racing or fast riding, but a whole lot of slow miles. I completed the continental divide mountain bike route this summer and then rode from Utah to San Francisco as a mechanic with Bike the US for MS, a charity group that raises money for multiple sclerosis. I just didn't have the legs to keep up with Selene and she got away from me early on but felt great technically and just rode a steady pace the whole time, keeping it in low gear because I didn't have much power. I was happy to finish a little faster than I did last year."

Kaysee Armstrong (Kona/TVB Race) was third at 9:25:05, improving on her fifth place finish last year.


2012 NUE Series Champion Jeremiah Bishop (Sho-Air/Cannondale) crushed it on Saturday to finish 7:08:55, four minutes faster than the winning time set last year by Ben King. With this win, Bishop moved into top contention for the NUE Series title with four wins, including the Cohutta 100, Wilderness 101, and The Hampshire 100. After the NUE Season, Bishop is planning to compete in the Munga Challenge. To prepare for aid stations that are 100+ miles apart, he added some distance both before and after the last two NUE races.

"My plan for my second Munga Challenge was to ride 25 miles out to the race starting at 4:30 am in the morning, compete in the race, then ride for an extra 3-4 hours afterward. I knew this was a little crazy but I'm not afraid to take some risks."

"My play almost went south when Smart Stop Mountain Kakis rider Cameron 'Cogburner' countered a vicious attack from Sam Koerber. The fireworks put me in defense mode."

Bishop made is move later in the race, getting away on the Braley's Pond descent. He time trialed to the finish on his own for the win.

Sam Koerber (Team Industry Nine) finished second at 7:22:49. "What a year it's been and not even over. Trish and I made the trip up for her first year back on course since 2008. With two kids giving us a new perspective and Trish undergoing major surgery earlier in the year to remove a benign tumor, the return had a celebratory feel."

"I've often had the speed to hang with the leaders for a while in the 100s but almost always get shelled at some point. I keep coming back because I want to finish one strong. All in all, it was just a great day out there, trails were spectacular, and the competition was everything I wanted (stiff but mostly barely beatable)."

Just two minutes behind Koerber in a come from behind finish, Brian Schworm (Pedal Power Racing) finished 7:24:37 to capture third place. It was only his second 100-miler.

Gordon Wadsworth got his second straight win with 34x19 gearing at Shenandoah this year, 7:45:57, more than a half hour faster than his winning time last year using the same gearing (8:18:42).

With this win, and wins this season at Cohutta, Lumberjack and the Wilderness 101, Wadsworth has positioned himself for an NUE title showdown with the AJ Linnell (Fitzgerald's Bicycles/Pivot), who also has three wins this season.

"Shenandoah is an important race for me. After a year of racing everybody else's home course, it was good to be near home and racing on a course I know and love, and can win on," said Wadsworth.

NUE defending Champion, Gerry Pflug (Team Rare Disease) took second at 8:10:20. Seven minutes behind Pflug, Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles) took third.

Masters men

Roger Masse (Rare Disease Cycling) got his third NUE Series win this season finishing 8:25:33 setting him up for a title showdown with defending NUE Champion, Marland Whaley. Seven minutes behind Masse (Henry Loving, Richmond) took second at 8:32:57. Nine minutes later, Alex Hawkins laid claim to third place at 8:41:26, one of just the top three Masters to go sub nine on the day.

What's next

The NUE Championship race at the Fool's Gold 100 slated for September 20 will break any and all ties in this best four of 13-race series.


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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremiah Bishop (Sho-Air / Cannondale)1005175:08:55
2Sam Koerber (Industry Nine)0:13:54
3Brian Schworm (Pedal Power Racing)0:15:42
4Keck Baker (Cannondale/Carytownbicycles P/B Battley Harley)0:19:56
5Cameron Cogburn (Team Smartstop)0:21:47
6Gered Dunne (Pivot Cycles)0:23:37
7Ryan Steers (Pedalers Fork/10 Speed Coffee)0:39:21
8Lee Hauber (Texas Roadhouse Cycling)0:46:05
9Joe Fish (Bon Secours/Endorphin Fitness)0:46:25
10Mike Stewart (Highlands Velo)0:48:24
11Matthew Merkel (Riverside Racing)0:54:31
12Sam Evans (Liberty Bicycles, Asheville Nc)0:58:46
13Jesse Kelly (Rare Disease Cycling)1:00:13
14John Petrylak (Bike Factory Elite Racing/Maxxis/Mtbcoach.Com)1:00:25
15David Reid (Bon Secours Cycling Pb Endorphin Fitness)1:04:56
16Chad Davis (Scott Sports)1:05:40
17Shawn Hall (Highlands Velo)1:08:06
18Nick Bragg1:09:20
19James Mayuric (Toasted Head Racing)1:09:41
20Mike Montalbano (Toasted Head Racing)1:09:42
21Garth Prosser (Specialized)1:12:01
22Scott Gray (Shirk's)1:12:33
23Chris Tries (Piney Flats Cycling)1:16:15
24Dan Kotwicki (Rbs Cycling Team)1:20:09
25Aaron Albright (Swashbuckler Brewing Co. Cycling)1:21:33
26Andy Rhodes (North Mountain Woodworks/Blackdog Bikes)1:22:17
27Clemens Muehlan (Actelion.Com)1:26:00
28Mark Smith (Blue Ridge Cyclery)1:30:22
29Stefan Schwarzkopf (Ncvc/Unitedhealthcare)1:30:43
30Lance Byrd (Adventures For The Cure)1:31:09
31Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor P/B North Tek)1:34:21
32Aaron Mooney (Tryon Bike)1:37:22
33Bruce Meyer (Bmc Builders/Primitive Wear)1:38:07
34Kyle Lawrence (Shenandoah Bicycle Company)1:40:33
35Joe Johnston (Black Bear Cycling)1:40:57
36Jeff Glenn (Moonstomper )1:43:36
37Michael Hosang (Steel Mountain Cycling)1:43:50
38Joel Marshall (Tvb Race)1:44:05
39Geoff Keenan (Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing)1:44:30
40Ross Anderson (Pure Energy - Scott Elite Cycling Team)1:44:36
41Paul Tarter (Adventures For The Cure (Afc))1:46:39
42Simon Koster (Crca/Jlvelo)1:46:41
43Frank Yeager (Richmond)1:46:50
44Kyle Plunkett (East Coasters Jr. Cycling Team)1:47:35
45Towns Middleton1:48:19
46Adam Williams (Pro Tested Gear)1:49:14
47Justin Sotdorus (Nuts About Granola & Hoffman Diecast)1:50:53
48Scott Morman (Stark Velo)1:56:30
49Zane Wenzel (Horst Engineering Cycling Team)1:58:28
50Charlie Storm (Storm Endurance Sports Inc)1:59:05
51Daniel McPeake (Blackwater Bikeshop)2:00:45
52Charles Moore2:04:06
53Gabor Szilagyi (Generals)2:04:16
54Chris Lane (Joe's Bike Shop Racing Team)2:06:15
55Michael Cosgrove (Bike Doctor Of Waldorf)2:06:49
56Rob Harris (Clarksville Schwinn P/B Whayne Supply)2:07:09
57Jeff Hackett (Foof B/Blue Ridge Cyclery)2:07:21
58Dustin Sanders2:07:22
59Rob Campbell (Bike Line)2:08:18
60David Olsen (Juggernaut Esf)2:08:35
61Anthony Delauder (Pro Tested Gear)2:08:47
62Wake Fulp (East Coasters)2:10:16
63Kevin Campbell (Spokes-N-Skis)2:10:34
64James Burris (Black Dog Bikes/North Mtn Woodworks)2:10:47
65Stewart Staton (Plum Grove Cyclery)2:11:34
66Donovan Neal2:12:42
67Michael Buchness (The Bike Lane)2:16:36
68Michael Phillips (Eastern Virginia Mountain Bike Association)2:17:42
69Greg Rittler (Joe's Bike Shop)2:18:38
70Bryan Wright (North Mountain Woodworks/Blackdog Bikes)2:22:02
71Joseph Tavani (Svvc)2:25:56
72Collin Vento (Shenandoah Bicycle Company)2:26:08
73R Muoio (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Lsv)2:26:13
74Jeff Plassman (Design Physics Racing P/B Coqui Cyclery)2:26:22
75Mark Peterman (Svvc)2:27:42
76Chris Michaloski (Halter's Cycles)2:29:11
77David Taylor (Marks Bike Shop)2:29:18
78Steve Cundy (Black Dog Bikes/North Mountain Woodworks)2:29:45
79Jeff Mandell (Finkraft Cycling Team)2:30:17
80John Sallah (Pro Tested Gear)2:30:23
81Michael Bucking2:32:15
82Tyler Edwards (Loves To Ride Bikes)2:33:20
83Christopher Brechbill (Bulldog Mountain Bikers)2:33:37
84Matthew Kesecker (Cambo )2:33:55
85Brian Patton (Eastern Panhandle Bicycles // Military Endurance Cycling)2:34:46
86Scott Warren (Bicycle Depot)2:35:20
87Jack Iacoboni Jr (No Teeth/Ltd4Life)2:36:22
88Sam Lindblom (Foof B / Cambc)2:37:07
89Trevor Grant (Bicycle Depot)2:40:00
90Tracy Michaud2:42:58
91Colby Waller (Juggernaut Esf)2:43:43
92Chris Bayne2:47:13
93Gary Bryant (Carytown Bicycle Company)2:48:41
94John Biehn (The Corner Of Rad & Gnar)2:51:02
95Robbie Bruce (Blackwater Bike Shop)2:55:16
96Tom Haines (Design Physics Racing P/B Coqui Cyclery)2:56:31
97Michael Bonsby (Team Mt Airy)2:58:12
98Jon Broyles2:58:24
99Mathieu Sertorio (Trek Store Cincinnati)3:00:17
100Davy Hazlegrove (Blackwater Bike Shop)3:01:10
101Eddie Jones3:04:04
102Garner Woodall (Rock Creek Velo)3:05:43
103Michael Smart (Dcmtb)3:05:46
104Brad Fiala (Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition)3:07:43
105Matthew Donahue (Dcmtb)3:09:29
106Chris Pohowsky (Veloriot)3:09:56
107Ed Serrat (Cycletherapy Racing)3:10:41
108Daniel Sanders (Tvb/Ambc)3:11:56
109Chris Wray (Carytown Bicycle Company)3:12:10
110Travis Williams (Bike Man)3:14:45
111Jason Aytes (Maria's Taqueria)3:16:40
112Jeff Carlson (Cadre Racing)3:16:55
113William McQuate (Coqui Cyclery)3:17:10
114Adam Croft (Red Barn Bicycles / Haro Bikes)3:17:47
115Ross Moorefield (Coqui Cyclery)3:19:32
116Alex Hashem3:20:01
117Joshua Meyers3:21:16
118Steven Jones (Reedy Creek Bicycles)3:22:00
119Chad Hutchings3:24:24
120Frank Dubec (Team Brown Liquor)3:25:50
121John Starr (Afc)3:25:54
122Christopher Clark (Jv Squad)3:26:33
123Ryan Traeger3:27:25
124Ben Brown (Moonstompers)3:29:10
125Steven Boggs (Racing Greyhounds)3:32:33
126Peri Garite (Pc Racing)3:32:59
127Marc Genberg (The Bike Lane)3:33:47
128Eric Magrum (Foof B)3:34:22
129Paul Johnston (Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition)3:35:42
130Benjamin Martin3:35:43
131Matt Spence (Adventures For The Cure)3:37:50
132Roger Clark3:37:53
133Jonathan Marshall (Cool Breeze Team)3:40:31
134Michael Burton (Hug-N-Tug Racing/Coqui Cyclery)3:41:13
135Todd Green (Design Physics Racing)3:42:27
136Randy Larrison (Cadre Racing)3:45:24
137William Riley3:46:20
138Chris Green3:47:14
139Brian Lancaster (Ncvc/Unitedhealthcare)3:47:39
140Rob Issem (Virginia Ultra Endurance Series)3:47:50
141Jeffrey Plusen (Cville Klunkers)3:47:52
142Andy Bacon (Odyssey/Halfwaythere/Adventureaddicts)3:47:54
143Cliff Hatchett (Moonstomper/Ves Factory Team)3:49:56
144Vashek Vancura (Ncvc/Unitedhealthcare)3:50:44
145Javier Diaz3:50:51
146Walter Hunt3:50:53
147Jesse Epstein (Team Marty's)3:51:09
148Jamie Myers (Bicycle Depot)3:51:10
149Gavin Kline (Dire Wolf Racing)3:52:41
150Bruce Wickham3:54:15
151Bilal Zia (Bike Rack Racing)3:55:22
152Jason Grigg (Blue Ridge Cyclery)3:56:07
153Sean Mallahan (Blackwater Bike Shop)3:56:08
154Jared Trinkaus (The Bike Shak Cycling Team)3:56:45
155Matt Whitford3:59:07
156Edoardo Buenaobra3:59:13
157Patrick Peddy (Team Platypus)3:59:41
158Jeff Cheng (East Coasters / Moonstompers / Green)4:01:36
159Thomas Peddy (Joes Bike Shop)4:02:13
160Adam Susong (Left4Dead)4:03:53
161Nick Hamilton (Tennessee Valley Bikes)4:04:14
162Christopher Proper (Shenandoah Valley Riders)4:04:23
163Thomas Hash4:05:02
164Ben Casella (East Coasters Junior Cycling Team)4:06:36
165Keith White (Cadet Investments)4:06:44
166Aaron Workowski (East Coasters)4:09:31
167Sean Workowski (East Coasters)4:09:33
168Pete Devries4:09:51
169Matthew Lee (Gripped Racing P/B Racedots)4:09:55
170John Stratiou4:09:57
171Robert Duggan4:11:40
172James Earl (Dcmtb)4:11:51
173Matthew Olearchick4:11:58
174David Carleton (Blue Ridge Cyclery)4:13:08
175Heath Thumel4:13:20
176Shawn Cooper (Bicycle Outfitters Indy)4:13:57
177Vince Bowman (Denis's Destroyers)4:14:34
178Blake Fahl (Team Heroes)4:15:05
179Alex Hoffman4:15:21
180William Hartmann4:15:24
181Jeffrey Wise4:17:38
182Kent Baake (Dcmtb / Continuum Solar)4:20:17
183Keith Duncan (Team Ed Racing/Bike Zoo)4:26:02
184Daniel Hockenberger (Jrvs)
185Scott Harvey (Abrt)4:29:43
186Brian Murray4:30:32
187David Nolletti (Velosports Racing)4:31:08
188Russell Spaulding (Tfm_Bc)4:33:08
189Michael Taliaferro (Hug Life)4:34:09
190Ed Ross-Clunis4:35:08
191Jerico Slavin (Fambe)4:35:10
192Thomas Mankovich (Cbbc)4:35:53
193Martin Leska (Afc)4:36:32
194Jared Harris (Ride2Recovery)4:37:05
195Ben Whaley4:37:57
196Scott Miller (Ellicottville Bike Shop)4:39:17
197Jason Mah4:39:56
198Bryan Sims4:40:18
199Alan Dyer4:40:36
200Jonah Merriam (Crosshairs/Spy/Bike Dr. Waldorf)4:40:59
201Brad Hawk (Twinsix / Ex2 / Hammer Nutrition)4:42:43
202John Bolecek (Hug And Tug Racing)4:42:44
203Angus Mackenzie (Cycleluv)4:45:05
204Wes Watkinson4:45:56
205Douglas Hickey4:50:53
206Michael Bowen4:50:54
207Chris Whitmore4:51:29
208Michael Amato (Black Dog Bikes/North Mountain Woodworks)4:53:55
209Chip Harris (Cycles De Oro/Gvc)4:54:48
210Eric Mierzejewski (Achieve Chiropractic)4:55:31
211Jeff Ryan (Foghorn Leghorn Productions)4:56:58
212Paul Leeger (Design Physics Racing P/B Coqui Cyclery)5:01:18
213Matt Hassman (Sbc/Pulp)5:01:24
214Aaron Oswald (Trek Store Cincinnati)5:01:49
215Fenton Carey5:02:17
216Morgan Cruthirds (Brc Racing P/B Reynolds Gm/Subaru, Crc P/Bblue Ridge Cyclery)5:02:20
217Kyle Coleman (Mark's Bike Shop)5:04:41
218Alec McKenzie5:08:02
219Phillip Johnson5:08:39
220Bill Atkinson (Halter's Cycles)5:09:48
221Michael Youngblood5:12:05
222Chad Lane5:13:58
223David Carney (Blackwater Bike Shop)5:15:10
224Joseph White (Cambo)5:18:33
225Ron Cruse5:19:34
226Michael Klasmeier (Trail Werks Cyclery)5:20:08
227Brian Phillips (Phabb Racing)5:21:09
228Joseph Traill (Joe's Bike Shop)5:21:10
229Jeremy Powers5:27:14
230Chris Rowe5:29:11
231Dave Pryor (Notubes Trans-Sylvania Epic / Lone Wolf Cycling Brigade)5:29:24
232James Gaughan5:31:25
233Ryan Kleman5:34:54
234Roy Pruett (Brc)5:36:17
235Sam Cordero5:40:26
236Chris Tharp (Team Dipshit)5:40:54
237Dave Kirschner5:43:36
238Noah Flaxman (Wicked Wash Racing)5:44:37
239Evan Steele (Team Honky)5:48:48
240Michael Willi (Skyfall)5:49:02
241Guy Debrun (Jmu Adventure Programs)5:51:43
242Dane Paris (Jolly Roger Mtb Club)5:52:23
243Tim Edmands (J T T)5:53:50
244Tom Neumann (Wicked Wash)5:54:34
245Carter Teague (Team Stew)5:54:38
246Paul Edmonds (Borgwarner Turbo Systems)5:54:42
247Juan C Paredes5:55:57
248AJ Kray (Wicked Wash Racing)5:57:22
249Raphael Silvestro (Evolution Cycling Club P/B Long & Foster)5:59:54
250Jason Gull (Thursday Morning Hangover)6:00:11
251C.R. Langhorne6:04:41
252Wirun Sae-Lao6:09:22
253Ray Haislip (Ex2 Adventures)6:10:37
254Jaroslaw Kowal6:11:40
255Jonathan Albert6:22:07
256Riki Whiting6:22:32
257Charles Kearns (Cajun Cyclists)6:26:23
258Thomas Dahbura (Gone Squatchin)6:28:39
259Nathan Taylor6:29:41
260Thomas Howe (Wicked Wash Racing)6:29:47
261Erik Olshall (Piedmont Flyers)6:29:58
262Dana Lehman6:34:44
263Brian Poston6:37:33
264Jonathan Zawacki6:43:16
265Jeremy Haag (Nuts About Granola/Hoffman Die Cast)6:58:27
266Lyons Davidson (Kanier)6:58:28
267Steve Lawrence (Rhinegeist)6:59:41
268Andrew Aiello (Rhinegeist)6:59:42
269Jimmie Lobley6:59:44
270Scott Person (Wicked Wash Racing)7:01:56
271Beav (Evma)7:04:25
272Oscar Vazquez (Bidciclista)7:04:27
273Ethan Cummings (Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition)7:05:34
274Travis Baisden7:12:39
275William Miller7:19:24
276Brandon Reynolds (Team Woodfish)7:25:34
277Jonathan Basham (Team Woodfish)7:25:42
278Sean Norville7:29:30
279Jason Thomas (Crankbreaker Racing)7:34:32
280David Weathington (C'ville Klunkers)7:35:08
281Anthony Griffin (Bicycle Depot)7:38:22
282Jacob Fleming7:40:34
283Fran Lenahan7:45:09
284Eric Fingerhut7:45:51
285Shane Rauch (Sbr Cycling)7:47:47
286Carlos Espinoza (Jackie's Jym)7:49:40
287Andrew Bidwell7:49:50
DNFRob Spreng (Rare Disease Cycling)
DNFCharles Snyder (Champion System Cannondale)
DNFChris James (Dcmtb)
DNFAlexander Kurland (Bike Factory Racing, Maxxis, First Endurance)
DNFDavid Pike (Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing P/B Reynolds Gm/Subaru)
DNFCabell Hatchett (Moonstomper/Ves Factory Team)
DNFJoel Wilson
DNFBarry Nobles (Teamhalfwaythere.Com/Spokes,Etc.)
DNFMick Ferraro (Mdub)
DNFDennis Golden (Ashby Arms)
DNFChris Burgess (Crosshairs Cycling)
DNFJohn Russell (Old Line Velo)
DNFSean Sharff
DNFHerbert David Cox (Team Dipshit)
DNFMichael Moscato (Wnymba)
DNFKevin Hames (Finish Strong Endurance Team)
DNFMike Goertzen
DNFWilliam Klick (Rocktown Bicycles)
DNFKenneth Palmer
DNFCharlie Bezilla
DNFChris Dobroth (Wicked Wash Racing)
DNFKevin Willis
DNFJason Willis (Blackwater Bike Shop)
DNFJohn MacKay
DNFAdam Steinman (Road Holland)
DNFRichard Posada
DNFAnthony Covacevich
DNFShaun Strippel (Evma)
DNFRick Webb (Old Line Velo)
DNFDavid Silva
DNFPatrick Felton (Team Bbc)
DNFJonathan Newton
DNFSteve Roell (Rhinegeist)
DNFPeter Caprise (Team Dipshit)
DNFPatrick Norton (Blue Ridge Cyclery)
DNFTodd Henson (Queen City Wheels)
DNFMatthew Hutman
DNFJacob Fengya (The Bike Lane)
DNFJeremy Falck (The Bike Lane)
DNFAnthony Grinnell (Dirty Harry's & Highland Training)
DNFBernard Etherly
DNFNicolas Berthiaux
DNFHaydar Bolonmez
DNFJohn Kromis (Wicked Wash Racing)
DNSBruce Stauffer (Cycle Works)
DNSChristian Tanguy (Rare Disease Cycling)
DNSLee Simril (Motor Mile Racing)
DNSScott Fitzner
DNSChristopher Matthews
DNSLynn Gray (East Bank Cyclery)
DNSEthan Frey (Joe's Bike Shop)
DNSCharles Dix
DNSElliott Jennings
DNSJason Yount
DNSJosh Lewis
DNSBenjamin Teller (Ncvc/Unitedhealthcare)
DNSMatthew Curtin
DNSRobert Burch
DNSAndrew Pecsok
DNSChris Tennant
DNSPete von Loewe (The Bike Lane)
DNSMike Atkins (Bikenetic)
DNSEric Knight (Ncvc/Unitedhealthcare)
DNSTitus Mott (Potomac Velo Club)
DNSMark Hammel (8 Skate Donate)
DNSKenneth Wiley (Acidotic Racing)
DNSSam Roach (East Coasters Jr Team P/B Blue Mtn Sales)
DNSGary Roach (East Coasters)
DNSJaques Palin (Sco/Bike Zoo)
DNSTom Curran
DNSJamie Lamb (Cyclesmith - Oakley)
DNSJeffrey Simms (Bike Monkey)
DNSJason Oliviero (Team Tony)
DNSJon Burgess (Oakley Atlantic Racing)
DNSErin Gay (Legacy Financial Group, Llc)
DNSDustin MacBurnie
DNSDavid Sanders (Saddleblock)
DNSAdam Heil
DNSNick Sparler (Saddleblock)
DNSGreg Lovelace
DNSJesse Epstein (Team Marty's)
DNSVadim Filimonov
DNSTerrence Gleason (Totalcyclist Mountain Bike)
DNSChad Dally (Rva Racing)
DNSMartin Oakhill
DNSRuss Adams (The Bike Lane)
DNSRobert Rocha
MIAJonathan Gdowick (Race Pace Bicycles/Old Line Velo)
MIADaniel Atkins (Old Line Velo)
MIAJonathan Posner (Old Line Velo/Race Pace Bicycles)
MIACollin Becker (Old Line Velo)
MIAZach Morrey
MIAPat Miller (Race Pace Bicycles/Old Line Velo)
MIABuck Keich (Gettysburg Cupcake Factory)
MIATony Vachino (Race Pace/Old Line Velo)
MIAChad Miller (Race Pace Bicycles/Old Line Velo)
MIANate Shearer (Shenandoah Bicycle Company)
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Selene Yeager (Rare Disease Cycling)1005176:55:50
2Laura Hamm (Moonstomper/Ves Factory Team)0:15:38
3Kaysee Armstrong (Kona/Tvb Race)0:29:15
4Trish Koerber (Industry Nine)0:52:26
5Carla Williams (Joe's Bike Shop Racing Team)0:56:15
6Linda Shin (Blacksmith Cycle)1:01:02
7Anne Pike (Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing P/B Reynolds Gm/Subaru)1:11:01
8Misty Tilson (Pro Tested Gear)1:12:15
9Simona Vincenciova (Hammer Nutrition)1:19:35
10Denelle Grant (Bike Factory Elite)1:30:32
11Jordan Salman (Pisgah Tavern/Oskar Blues)1:41:01
12Lindsey Carpenter (Sbc/Pulp)2:01:14
13Kim Ely (Eect/Live Love Velo)2:09:09
14Karen Talley Mead (The Bike Lane)2:17:18
15Kathleen Sheehan (Joe's Bike Shop Racing Team)2:19:43
16Francine Rapp (Richmond Bicycle Studio)2:25:53
17Kelly Paduch (Hurdlehoney)2:28:33
18Tricia Davis (Faster Performance Center-Scottsdale)2:43:17
19Beth Del Genio (Ellicottville Bike And Bean)2:52:23
20Robin Clifford (Blackwater Bike Shop)2:52:31
21Whitney March (Shenandoah Bicycle Company)3:14:28
22Michelle Faucher3:17:04
23Leslie Keck (The Bike Lane)3:17:55
24Brandy Adams3:25:45
25Kathy Judson (Green Mountain Sports)3:26:10
26Melissa Taylor (Sbr Cycling)3:28:18
27Carrie Parker3:30:46
28Esther Schaftel (Adventures For The Cure)3:38:42
29Evelyn Cooper (757Cx)3:42:22
30Elizabeth Spencer (Coqui Cyclery)3:48:27
31Christine Guarino (Bicycle Depot)3:56:49
32Ellen Kasiske3:57:22
33Ellen Hoechstetter4:16:48
34Loreen Mattson (Off The Front Racing)4:33:11
35Laurie Johnson (Wicked Wash Racing)4:39:25
36Anne Gray5:38:42
37Laurie Collins5:52:40
38Cheryl Morrison (Sbr Cycling)6:00:50
DNFJennifer Tillman (Joe's Bike Shop Racing Team)
DNFKristen Wimmer (Joe's Bike Shop)
DNFKathy Kurland (Bike Factory)
DNFKatie Ann Oswald (Trek Store Cincinnati)
DNFJulie Guy (The Bike Lane)
DNFKerry Combs (Zanconato Racing)
DNFJessica Fletcher
DNFJennifer Wolfe (Hollyloft/Alfies)
DNFDana Napurano (Team Mtbnj.Com-Halter's)
DNFGina Inocencio
DNFDiane Miller (Unattached)
DNFErin Phelan (Potomac Velo Club)
DNFZuzanka Michalcova
DNFChristina Buerkle (Thick Bikes)
DNFMary Dobroth (Wicked Wash Racing)
DNSBrenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)
DNSKaren Potter (Mtbracenews.Com)
DNSTeresa DeWitt
DNSKim Pooley
DNSMary Isaac (Bike Zoo)
DNSCarol Cohen (Bicycle Pro Shop)
DNSTracy Betts (The Bike Lane)
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Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gordon Wadsworth (Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing)1005175:45:57
2Gerry Pflug (Team Rare Disease)0:24:23
3Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles, Twin 6, Was Labs)0:31:45
4Daniel Rapp (Toasted Head Racing)0:39:54
5Donald Powers (Pro Bikes / Twin Six)0:45:08
6Dennis Baldwin (Ellicottville Bike Shop)1:06:44
7Dwayne Goscinski (Team Noah Foundation)1:08:50
8Watts Dixon (The Revolting Cogs)1:17:31
9Todd Ace (Racing Grayhounds)1:20:56
10Peat Henry (Team Noah Foundation)1:35:00
11Bob Sowga (Orange Cat)1:36:51
12Douglas Cubbage1:39:06
13Scott Pendleton (Topanga Creek Bicycles)1:39:24
14Scott Smith (Tvb Race/Tomato Head)1:48:38
15Chase Barnhart (Marietta Adventure Company)1:59:25
16Rich Dillen (Faster Mustache P/B Refresh Technologies)2:02:17
17Gary Chambers (The Bike Zoo/Team Ed Racing)2:03:26
18Martin Griffin (Twin Six / Bulldog Mtbers)2:06:38
19Blake Walker (Jv Squad)2:09:59
20Wilson Hale (Richmond Bicycle Studio Racing)2:12:30
21Eric Sauer (The Revolting Cogs)2:23:09
22Regis Ricketts (Super Relax)2:28:33
23Chris Merriam (Crosshairs/Spy/Bike Dr. Waldorf)2:30:25
24Josh Hepler2:34:49
25Joseph Stroz (Stroz Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab)2:36:35
26Erik Strahl (Chenango Point Cycles)2:41:24
27Rob Lochner (Pro Bikes)2:43:16
28Allen Campbell (Blackwater Bikeshop)2:45:29
29Matthew Hellmers (Joes Bike Shop Racing Team)2:52:23
30Craig Foster (Flp )2:53:01
31Jim Kuhn (Ellicottville Bike N Bean)2:55:53
32Joseph Ashman (Walts Bicycle & Fitness)3:09:21
33Wayne Lewis (Gigantic Hawk)3:14:55
34Brad Coffman (Sbr Cycling)3:41:57
35Todd Bauer (Single Speed Outlaw/Bicycle Escape)3:54:11
36Andy Cremeans (Pro Mountain Outfitters)3:56:22
37Luke McCall (Foghorn Leghorn Productions)4:05:27
38Scott Dennis4:22:43
39Ken Kazmierczak (Ellicottville Bike N Bean)4:47:35
40John Meek (Team Sorba Chattanooga)5:35:22
41Nathaniel McKinnon6:30:23
42Bryan Racine6:58:53
DNFDerek Zimmerman
DNFJohn Weigel (Gvc)
DNFMike Cordaro
DNFClay Chiles (Bikeflights.Com)
DNSDavid Tompkins (Leprechaun Racing/East Coasters Bike Shop)
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Masters men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Roger Masse (Rare Disease Cycling)1005176:25:33
2Henry Loving (Richmond)0:07:24
3Alex Hawkins0:15:53
4Anthony Hergert (Reality Bikes Ambassador Team)0:52:06
5Michael Ramponi (Firefly Bikes)1:09:46
6Terry Blanchet (North American Velo)1:14:05
7Michael Boyes (Team New River Bikes)1:38:33
8David Jolin (Stark Velo)1:42:39
9Jim Miller (Kelly Benefits Strategies / Lsv)2:11:15
10Joseph Baremore (Team Beyer Auto)2:12:17
11David Kelnberger (Bike Doctor Waldorf)2:14:05
12Alain Simard2:15:00
13Gregory Cimmino (Bethel Cycles)2:18:13
14Vick Dyer (Team Ed/Bike Zoo)2:30:34
15Jon Mullen (Team Mullen)2:30:42
16Albert Greene (Dcmtb)2:34:08
17Mark Drogalis (Toasted Head Racing)2:52:48
18Larry Camp (More)3:14:36
19William Lane (Marietta Adventure Company)3:17:50
20Mike Bender (The Bike Lane)3:31:04
21David Bos (Wnr)3:42:14
22Kevin Zirkle3:51:26
23Paul Worley4:02:58
24Larry Cautilli (The Bike Lane)4:03:11
25Mark Sullivan4:21:16
26Marc Ehrler (Bike Lane Team)4:28:46
27Ed Mccalley (Team Ed/Bike Zoo)4:42:31
28Chris Danahy (The Tavern)4:48:04
29Mike Kline4:48:20
30Jeff Niner (Wicked Wash Racing)4:48:47
31David Lachniet4:49:55
32Richard Hultstrom4:59:16
33Keith Garrett (Hugntug Racing)5:22:00
34Frank Steiner (Tryon Bike)5:27:47
35Jeff Steiner (3 S Racing)5:47:44
36Kevin Jones (Wnr)6:09:01
37Steve Rogers6:31:18
288Peter Rajcani7:58:38
DNFMatthew Davies (Team Bikeway Mtb)
DNFMick Lynn (Patapsco Bike & Sport)
DNFDana Taylor (Pawn Emporium)
DNFWilliam Gilmer (Celerity Cycling P/B Brooks Systems)
DNFRobert Travers (Hampton Raiders)
DNFRafeal Ortiz (3 S Racing)
DNFRichard Wiegert (Hammer Nutrition / Swmg)
DNFRobert Eiserman (Cambo Racing)
DNFTed Kaehler (Unknown)
DNFCarroll Thumel
DNFCurtis Cillo
DNFMike Hufhand (Matthews Bicycles)
DNFJim Matthews (Toasted Head Racing)
DNFThori Wolfe (Juggernaut Esf)
DNSTim Sharff (Cycles Ed)
DNSPhil Rice
DNSHenry McCullough (Team Trappe Door)
DNSRob Woodward
DNSPaul Wood
DNSTony Papandrea (Team Mt Airy / T.R. Racing)
DNSMonte Hewett
DNSDirk Long
DNSDon Rose (Team Hammercross)
DNSSteve Saltzman

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