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Crawforth keeps hopes alive in round five

Jody Crawforth kept alive his slim hopes of defending his National Trophy Cyclo-Cross Series title with victory in the penultimate round at Peel Park in Bradford on Sunday.

The same course where the 29-year-old from Leatherhead in Surrey won the 2009 National Championships, it was a happy return to Peel Park for Crawforth who won by 43 seconds over series leader Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing) after a race-long battle.

"To be honest it was one of those weekends where I didn't feel too great," said Crawforth afterwards. "My legs didn't feel good and I was just going to see how it went.

"On the first couple of laps I tried to stay out of trouble, and when it split early on I knew the winner would come from that group.

"I changed me bike a couple of times early on. I didn't have a very good tyre so I changed that and started getting more grip on the corners, which boosted my confidence."

Crawforth was an early leader alongside Paul Oldham, while regular National Trophy visitor Jan Van Dael was flying the flag for Belgium just a few seconds behind. He took his turn at the front as did fellow Belgian Angelo de Clerq, but after gaining some good grip Crawforth battled on.

He dropped Oldham, and after Van Dael tagged onto his wheel he did so again, and the effort told as the Belgian dropped back and was then overtaken by Oldham.

Crawforth was a clear winner, while Oldham was also alone in second spot with Van Dael 37 seconds back.

Rob Jebb (Wheelbase) took fourth, while just three seconds separated the next three riders with top under-23 de Clerq taking fifth from Lewis Craven (Wheelbase) and Stuart Bowers (Hargroves Cycles).

"It's nice coming to the course where I won my first national championship," added Crawforth afterwards. "It was a pretty good course - it was more technical and slippery than the championship course. It didn't used to be one of my favourite courses, but I quite enjoy it now.

"I'm probably a bit far down on Paul to win the overall now, but we will see. You never know what might happen. But it's a long time to the next round.

"The big aim for me at the moment is the National Championships, and then hopefully the Worlds in Czech Republic at the end of January. I really want to break into the top 15 in the Worlds, I think when I'm on top of my game I can achieve that, but first I've got to do well at the nationals."

Veterans Trophy Series leader Chris Young secured another victory, he JD Cycles rider from Keighley in West Yorkshire being cheered on by a partisan crowd as he crossed the line five seconds ahead of Coventry RC's Darren Atkins, while Geoff Giddings (Raleigh Avanti) was third.

Halfords Bikehut's Annie Last was best of the women, crossing the line 42 seconds ahead of Lily Matthews (100 Per Cent ME), while Team Corridori's Corrine Hall was third, ahead of series leader Hannah Barnes in fourth.

Elite Men
1Jody Crawforth (Arctic - Premier RT)0:57:53
2Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing)0:00:43
3Jan van Dael (Sunweb Pro-Job - Belgium)0:01:20
4Rob Jebb (
5Angelo de Clerq (Belgium)0:03:10
6Lewis Craven (
7Stuart Bowers (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI)0:03:12
8Stuart Wearmouth (MTS Cycle Sport/Indbuild)0:03:18
9Daniel Booth (Cult Racing)0:04:02
10Nick Craig (Team Scott UK)0:04:51
11Ben Eedy (Team Empella
12Jamie Harris (Cult Racing)0:05:27
13Jamie Newall (VC Meudon)0:05:46
14Daniel Duguid (Sigma Sport/Specialized/Sportful)0:06:01
15Dave Collins (Hope Factory Racing)0:06:15
16Steven Ward (MTS Cycle Sport/Indbuild)0:06:21
17William Bjergfelt (Sportbeans/Willier)0:06:27
18Ben Roach (Cult Racing)0:06:33
19Philip Dixon (
20Crispin Doyle (Swindon RC)0:06:55
21Matthew Barrett (Raleigh Avanti RT/Michelin/High 5)0:07:16
22Tim Baldwin (Paul Milnes/Bradford Olympic RC)0:07:17
23Tom Payton (Cult Racing)0:07:22
24Thomas Lowe (Raleigh Avanti RT/Michelin/High5)0:07:31
25Stuart Reid (
26Lee Shunburne (Matlock CC/Impsport/Farmers/Wards)0:08:25
27David Nichols (Arctic - Premier RT)0:08:49
28Michael Groves (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI)
29Andrew Nichols (Cambridge University CC)
30Keith Murray (Hope Factory Racing)
31Gary Lingard (London Phoenix CC)
32Rob Parkin (Heanor Clarion CC)
33Michael Warner (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI)
34Stephen Adams (Langdale Lightweights RT)
35Damian Smith (
36Neal Crampton (Crosstrax)
37Matt MacDonald (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI)
38Nathan Miller (Lotto Olympia Team Interbike)
39James Thompson (Sheffrec CC)
40David Haygarth (
41Malcolm Lewis (MTS Cycle Sport/Indbuild)
42Simon Maudsley (Crosstrax)
43Paul Bethell (Macclesfield Wheelers)
44Robert Smail (Mid Devon CC)
45Edward Sneddon (Sigma
46Ben Spurrier (Team Mule Bar)
47James Furniss (
48Kyle Burleigh (Nottingham Clarion CC)
49Jeremy Hicks (Rugby Velo)
50Anthony O'Boyle (Team Torq/Kona)
51Andrew Waterman (Dulwich Paragon CC)
52Robert Watson (Paul Milnes RT/Bradford Olympic)
53John Whittington (University of Bath CC)
54Callum Chamberlain (Mountain Trax RT)
55Andrew Dilkes (VC Meudon)
56Jonathan Limebear (Batley CC/Hargreaves)
57Jason Hawkins (Coventry RC/
58Matthew Hall (Heanor Clarion CC)
59Jonathan Hobson (Team Chevin Cycles)
60James Dalton (Thetford MTB Racing)

1Annie Last (Halfords Bikehut Woma)n0:33:14
2Lily Matthews (Team 100% Me)0:00:42
3Corrine Hall (Team Corridori Woman)0:01:46
4Hannah Barnes (Candi TV/Marshalls Pasta Woman)0:02:21
5Ruby Miller (Forza Cycles Woman)0:03:27
6Joanne McRae (Arctic-Premier RT Woman)0:03:51
7Lauren Creamer (Wolverhampton Whs/Fred Williams Woman)0:04:32
8Marie Stuart (Individual Member Woman)0:04:58
9Louise Day (Fat Birds CC Woman)0:05:18
10Claire Beaumont (Rapha - Condor Woman)0:05:29
11Rachel Moss (Ford CC Woman)0:05:44
12Anna Buick (Thetford MTB Racing Woman)0:06:33
13Lucy Cash (Rugby RCC Woman)0:07:11
14Claire Smith (Swindon RC Woman)0:07:40
15Delia Beddis (Dulwich Paragon CC Woman)0:08:34
16Andrea Halman (Swindon RC Woman)
17Chloe Parrington (Welland Valley CC Woman)
18Rebecca Keogh (Solihull CC Woman)

1Daniel McLay (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI Junio)r0:37:00
2Thomas Moses (Team Wallis-CHH RT)0:00:47
3Joshua Papworth (Cult Racing)0:00:55
4Luke Gray (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI)0:00:57
5Steven James (
6Taylor Johnstone (Team de Ver)0:01:36
7Perry Bowater (CC Giro)
8Luke Grivell(-Mellor Mid Shropshire Wheelers)0:01:54
9Oliver Webster (Crosstrax)0:02:14
10Alec Briggs (Arctic-Premier RT)0:02:32
11Paul Young (Glendene CC/Bike Trax)0:02:33
12Grant Ferguson (Dooley's Cycles RT)0:02:48
13Hugo Humphreys (Mosquito Bikes RT)0:03:05
14Jack Clarkson (Pedal Sport)0:03:18
15Alistair Slater (Bourne Wheelers CC)0:03:35
16Andrew Hargroves (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI)0:04:41
17Martin Woffindin (Sport City Velo)0:05:52
18Joshua Hand (Team

Youth Boys
1Samuel Lowe (Raleigh Avanti RT/Michelin/High5)0:31:22
2Hugo Robinson (Ipswich BC)0:00:37
3Adam Martin (Activ Cycles - Fentimans RT)0:00:55
4Harry Franklin (VC Londres)0:00:56
5Luke Cowley (Swindon RC)0:01:10
6Jonathan Dibben (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI)0:01:38
7Joe Kirkham (VC Long Eaton)0:01:46
8Edward McParland (JD Cycles Ilkley)0:01:54
9William Worrall (Towy Riders)0:02:02
10Billy Harding (Paul Milnes RT/ Bradford Olympic)0:02:04
11Joseph Fox (Solihull CC)0:02:21
12Thomas Armstrong (Ribble Valley CRC - Juniors)0:02:28
13Jack Finch (VC Deal/Activ/Hammond/Rowland/Nicosport)0:02:29
14Harvey Lowe (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI)0:02:30
15Jacob James (Halesowen A & CC)0:02:50
16Jake Womersley (Sowerby Brothers CRT)0:02:53
17Joseph Moses (Bronte Whs/Neophix Engineering)0:03:18
18Kieron Tennyson (Heanor Clarion CC)0:03:25
19Ryan Fenwick (Stewartry Wheelers)
20Nicholas Barnes (Seacroft Wheelers)0:03:32
21Jack Humphreys (Red Rose Olympic CC)
22Tom Arnstein (Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers)0:03:49
23Daniel Murphy (Team Keyne - Trek)0:04:09
24Callum Ferguson (Halesowen A & CC)0:04:27
25Dylan Kerfoot(-Robson Rhos on Sea CC)0:04:32
26Joshua Parkin (Herne Hill Youth CC)0:04:42
27Stuart Wilcox (Innerleithen MTB Racing/I-Cycles)0:04:48
28Jack Ravenscroft (Solihull CC)0:05:02
29Samuel Broughton (Leicestershire RC)0:05:03
30Ross Wilcox (Innerleithen MTB Racing/I-Cycles)
31Tom Young (Leicestershire RC)0:05:16
32Ben Miller (Individual Member)0:06:02
34Benjamin Pygott (Pedalsport CC)0:06:22
35Jordan Gell (VC Lincoln/Pygott&Crone/B&O/SPS/Impsport)0:06:25
37Stuart McCluskey (VC Glasgow South/Bisland Cycles)0:06:35
38Alan Trolove (West Suffolk Wheelers)
40Liam Cowell (VC Londres)0:07:00
42Sebastian Marsh (Seacroft Wheelers)0:07:11
43Iain Paton (Square Wheel Cycles)0:07:13
44Arthur Green (Matlock CC/Impsport/Farmers/Wards)0:07:16
45Edwyn Oliver(-Evans East Bradford CC)0:07:46
46Sean Dunlea (PCA Ciclos Uno/Squeezy/Isaac)0:07:50
47Jacob Kelly (Lichfield City CC)0:07:56
48Joe Dransfield (Wakefield Junior Tri Club)0:09:10
50Leon Gledhill (Holme Valley Wheelers)0:09:34
51Ashley Clitheroe (Red Rose Olympic CC)0:09:49
52Christian Braybrooke (Eastlands Velo)0:10:07
53Daniel Fox (Solihull CC)0:10:13
65Thomas Craig (Team Scott UK)
66Alex Braybrooke (Eastlands Velo)
67Robert Armstrong (Ribble Valley CRC - Juniors)
68Sam Dransfield (Wakefield Junior Tri Club)
69Gregg Booker (Matlock CC/Impsport/Farmers/Wards)
70Fabian Brennan (Salt Ayre Cog Set)
71Christopher Barnes (Seacroft Wheelers)
73Sean Noon (Edinburgh RC/The

Youth Girls
1Amy Roberts (Cardiff Ajax CC)0:36:30
2Lucy Garner (Leicestershire RC)0:00:17
3Hannah Payton (Stourbridge CC)0:00:39
4Bethany Crumpton (Halesowen A & CC)0:00:53
5Alice Barnes (Palmer Park Velo)0:03:16
6Emily Barnes (Palmer Park Velo)0:04:21
7Hannah Layland (VC St Raphael/Waite/Hewitt)0:05:09
8Rosie Blount (Derby Mercury RC)0:05:20
9Imogen Buick (Thetford MTB Racing)0:06:13
10Ffion James (Abergavenny RC/Lane/Govilon/Gateway)0:06:15
11Harmonie Waterman (Holme Valley Wheelers)0:06:24
12Zoe Armstrong (Ribble Valley CRC - Juniors)0:06:31
13Grace Garner (Leicestershire RC)0:07:35
14Emily Nelson (Lichfield City CC)0:07:51
15Ana Gill (Heanor Clarion CC)0:08:02
16Sarah Lomas (Matlock CC/Impsport/Farmers/Wards)0:08:52
17Amira Mellor (Holme Valley Wheelers)
18Rosie Crumpton (Halesowen A & CC)
19Saskia Hook (South Pennine RC)

1Billy Harding (Paul Milnes RT/ Bradford Olympic)
2Harvey Lowe (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI)
3Dylan Kerfoot(-Robson Rhos on Sea CC)
4Jack Ravenscroft (Solihull CC)
5Sebastian Marsh (Seacroft Wheelers)
6Arthur Green (Matlock CC/Impsport/Farmers/Wards)
7Sean Dunlea (PCA Ciclos Uno/Squeezy/Isaac)
8Jacob Kelly (Lichfield City CC)
9Leon Gledhill (Holme Valley Wheelers)
10Christian Braybrooke (Eastlands Velo)
11Daniel Fox (Solihull CC)
12Thomas Craig (Team Scott UK)
13Alex Braybrooke (Eastlands Velo)
14Robert Armstrong (Ribble Valley CRC - Juniors)
15Sam Dransfield (Wakefield Junior Tri Club)
16Gregg Booker (Matlock CC/Impsport/Farmers/Wards)
17Fabian Brennan (Salt Ayre Cog Set)
18Christopher Barnes (Seacroft Wheelers)
19Sean Noon (Edinburgh RC/The

1Chris Young (JD Cycles Ilkley)0:38:27
2Darren Atkins (Coventry RC/
3Geoff Giddings (Raleigh Avanti RT/Michelin/High5)0:01:21
4Philip Roach (Coventry RC/
5Noel Clough (Fietsen Tempo/The House/Chapters)0:01:52
6Keith Sheridan (Corinium CC)0:02:49
7Kevin Knox (Dulwich Paragon CC)0:03:13
8Matthew Denby (
9Antony Green (GA Cycles)0:03:33
10Nigel Hay (Pedal Power Loughborough)0:03:43
11Jonathan Watson (
12Mike Young (Pedalsport CC)0:04:47
13Darrell Bradbury (Norton Wheelers)0:05:02
14Jonathan Marshall (Belper BC)0:05:24
15Steve Barron (VC Lincoln/Pygott/B&O/SPS/Impsport)0:05:39
16Chris Green (Matlock CC/Impsport/Farmers/Wards)0:05:57
17Stephen Brazier (MTS Cycle Sport/Indbuild)0:06:04
18Julian Gould (
19Richard Atkinson (Hambleton RC)0:06:26
20Mick Rowson (JD Cycles Ilkley)0:06:33
21Steve Barnes (
22Alan King (MTS Cycle Sport/Indbuild)
23Kevin Payton (Stourbridge CC)0:07:00
24Charles Warren (Individual Member)0:07:01
25Richard Cross (Individual Member)0:07:15
26Neal Preston (Halesowen A & CC)0:07:34
27Paul Whatmough (Shepherds Cycles)0:07:41
28Martin Worner (Teesdale CRC)0:07:52
29Craig Beech (Lotto Olympia Team Ionterbike)0:07:53
30David Garrett (Rugby Velo)0:08:08
31John Mein (Derwentside CC)0:08:30
32Dave Headon (Horwich CC)0:08:40
33Alan Dorrington (Here come the Belgians)0:09:02
34Julian Hodgson (Individual Member)0:09:06
35Ian O('Brien Wakefield Tri Club)0:10:12
36Keith Dilly (Individual Member)
37Graham Piccavey (Huddersfield Star Wheelers)
38Andrew Metcalfe (Individual Member)
39Mike Farrar (Coventry RC/
40Garry Townsend (Endura/Thule/24/7/Kinesis/MI Racing)
41Simon Pickard (JD Cycles Ilkley)
42Paul Dalton (Matlock CC/Impsport/Farmers/Wards)
43Peter Lifford (Becontree Wheelers)
44Phillip Braybrooke (Sport City Velo)
45Kevin Hickie (Bronte Whs/Neophix Engineering)

1Ian Wright (Raleigh Avanti RT/Michelin/High5)0:42:04
2Martin Eadon (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI)0:00:13
3Barry Kipling (MTS Cycle Sport/Indbuild)0:01:15
4Douglas Fox (Crawley Wheelers)0:01:29
5Cliff Featherstone (MTS Cycle Sport/Indbuild)0:01:32
6Peter Wilkin (Fietsen Tempo/The House/Chapters)0:01:40
7John Galway (
8Dave McMullen (Evans Cycles RT)0:02:42
9Michael Perrin (Ashfield RC)0:03:38
10Duncan Stuart (
11Tim Stowe (Endura/Thule/24/7/Kinesis/MI Racing)0:04:06
12Philip Buick (Thetford MTB Racing)0:04:16
13Andrew Jones (Wolverhampton Whs/Williams)0:04:37
14Philip Helliwell (Bradford RCC/Lynn Motors)0:05:20
15Tim Butler (Ipswich BC)0:07:48
16Mick Ives (Endura/Thule/24/7/Kinesis/MI Racing)0:08:49
17John Dowell (Heanor Clarion CC)
18Garry Marsh (Seacroft Wheelers)


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