Blair and Douglas win MTB Enduro

The final stage result of the Ingkerreke Commercial Mountain Bike Enduro was not as dramatic as past stage finishes, but it was just as fitting. The lead trio of Andy Blair, Aiden Lefmann and Jason English crossed the line abreast to confirm overall standings in that order.

Racing as a pack and knowing podium places would not be affected, the trio pre-arranged a neutralised sprint about two kilometres out from the line in memory of their mountain biking mates James "Willo" Williamson and Alice Springs-born Tavis Johannsen, who both passed away last year. Both riders had competed in the Enduro.

The line-up finish meant that none of the top riders will receive the normal time credit bonuses and all three names will be engraved on the Tavis Johannsen memorial trophy presented to the winner of the last stage.

With no time difference changes between the three for the 40km stage 7, final disparities overall will remain the same as yesterday: Blair a mere 38 seconds ahead of Lefmann after five days and 250km of desert racing, and English another 1:18 astray.

"Jason (English) went up front early and set the tempo - he was a bit upset about yesterday," said Blair. "But he couldn't shake us, then he had a bit of a mechanical, so we got away. That's when we had a chat about dedicating the stage to Willo and Tavis by coming in together. Jase caught us up and he was happy to come in on it.

"I think it was a special moment for all of us - we'd had a minute silence at race start for them and I've probably been waiting over a year to dedicate a race to Willo - he was a close friend."

"It (the three abreast crossing) also showed a bit of solidarity between riders. We've been racing so hard and close all week, I think it's a fitting way to finish a final stage together. When it comes down to just a handful of seconds after five days of riding, that shows we've had to earn it."

After the drama of yesterday's night stage, it was a more considered ride from both female contenders today, with Anna Beck recovering well from a huge unsaddling in the dark to power home today in first place for the stage ribbon.

But the overall MTB Enduro title goes to former World 24-hour solo mountain bike champion, Jess Douglas, who played it safe and consistent today, knowing she had a nine-minute buffer. Douglas crossed the line two minutes behind Beck, smiling and happy that her "mountain biking holiday" has turned out so successfully.

"I just kept thinking, it's the last stage, it doesn't matter how much pain you're in, it doesn't matter because I can have a wine tonight," said a stoked Douglas. "I thought she can't possibly gain nine minutes on me, I just have to be honest. So I took my time through some techy stuff and just tried to find the flow."

And is she happy to keep the yellow jersey? "Absolutely, because it stinks of me anyway! Actually I booked this event in as a bit of a holiday reward after winning the 24-hour World Solo title over 12 months ago, so I was here to have fun as much as anything else. To win it is just a big bonus."

There were some tense moments for followers of the junior category, as Alice Springs rider Ryan Standish chased Billy Sewell's lead. He needed to find nearly six minutes and pushed hard to cross the line first. Five and a half minutes later, Sewell crossed the line with a final solo sprint to maintain a rough 30 seconds and the category crown.

Stage 7 Results

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Women open 18-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anna Beck2:20:14
2Jessica Douglas0:02:45
3Anne Antrecht0:11:53
4Jo Wall0:11:59
5Josie Simpson0:19:30
6Maggie Synge0:19:47
7Claire Stevens0:22:54
8Georgina Landy0:25:18
9Merle Weber0:34:34
10Lisa Barry0:38:49
11Bethany Thompson0:39:42
12Jane Clifton0:40:25
13Brooke Cunningham0:46:04
14Jenny Kjar0:58:19
15Rachel Nolan1:10:40
16Lauren Branson1:15:36
17Kiah Mcgregor1:21:12
18Lesley Sutton1:28:22
19Jade Forsyth1:28:23
20Lauretta Howarth1:28:24
21Bec Gooley1:32:53
22Lee Skerke1:57:20
23Rebecca Dobbs2:21:59
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Women veteran 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kerstin Oelckers2:43:58
2Juliet Plumb0:05:25
3Jane Ollerenshaw0:09:01
4Jo Riley0:11:37
5Jackie Ellis0:27:05
6Joanne Oliver0:42:48
7Ciara O'sullivan0:54:11
8Jacque Lawrence0:56:31
9Chris Keir1:04:41
10Sarah Lodge1:30:37
11Jo-anne Gardiner1:54:51
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Women vintage 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carolyn Jackson2:54:35
2Sharon Tucker0:30:29
3Pia Larque0:57:27
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Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan Standish1:54:46
2Billy Sewell0:05:29
3Sebastian Jayne0:11:33
4Jack Hazelgrove0:43:27
5Jacques Jacobie2:06:12
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Men open 18-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Aiden Lefmann1:50:49
2Andrew BlairRow 1 - Cell 2
3Jason EnglishRow 2 - Cell 2
4Nick Both0:06:23
5Dan Macmunn0:07:23
6Ken Allen0:08:49
7Steven Cusworth0:10:06
8Chris Hanson0:10:16
9Jarrad Burrell0:12:00
10David Wood0:12:13
11Mike Blewitt0:13:22
12Ray O'shaughnessy0:13:23
13Andrew Bell0:14:38
14Simon Frederiksen0:14:54
15Michael Kerklaan0:15:32
16Craig Findlow0:16:28
17Grant Brow0:18:36
18David Atkins0:19:08
19Rohin Adams0:20:02
20Rik Symes0:20:05
21Glenn Stewart0:20:40
22Scott Chancellor0:22:30
23Stephen Alegria0:22:44
24Tom Barry0:25:06
25Michael Crummy0:27:23
26Mark Hudson0:28:29
27Benjamin Bruce0:29:15
28Warren Burgess0:29:42
29Shane Jenkin0:30:11
30Mark Hussey0:31:36
31Vaughan Sketcher0:32:18
32Adam Nicholson0:36:35
33Brendon Skerke0:40:52
34Dan Harris0:40:54
35Seb Dunne0:42:12
36Rodney Angelo0:45:39
37Robert Waters0:46:31
38Richard Sonnerdale0:49:15
39Kim Mason0:50:13
40Bryan Wilson0:50:44
42Nic French0:50:59
41Matt KingRow 41 - Cell 2
43Mark Phillips0:52:06
44Carlos Aberasturi0:52:26
45Andrew Bennett0:52:35
46Marcus Bridle0:55:31
47William Sargent0:56:04
48Mark Grubert0:56:35
49Scott Hamilton1:01:21
50Patrick Kinsella1:04:01
51David Higham1:08:03
52Kristian Russet1:14:32
53Angus West1:15:20
54Nicholas Barnes1:16:49
55Richard Kjar1:27:44
56Peter Wallis1:28:43
57Tim Wallace1:28:51
58Nicolas Borchardt1:30:08
59Chris Turnbull1:37:12
60Mark Branson1:44:53
61Raymond Choi1:45:01
62Matthew Whitehead1:56:15
63Evan Rohde1:57:35
64Simon Frost1:57:50
65Michael Norman1:57:52
66Dean Ballinger2:10:09
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Men veteran 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Roelof Burger2:06:02
2Tim Jamieson0:00:15
3Paul Brodie0:03:55
4Gary Harwood0:05:05
5Ron Whitehead0:12:57
6Richard Sinclair0:13:55
7Vaughan Andrews0:15:22
8Duncan Markham0:15:25
9Morten Hansen0:17:32
10Glenn Taylor0:19:43
11Malcolm Lindsay0:19:57
12Peter Svara0:20:09
13Mark Hardy0:23:30
14Andrew Perry0:24:32
15Greg Blackman0:26:32
16Aj Power0:32:14
18Alan Hainsworth0:32:51
17Damian TiceRow 17 - Cell 2
19Jason Rolfe0:32:52
20Finbarr Dowling0:33:21
21Matthew Aldridge0:33:32
22Ken Donovan0:36:00
23Kim Bunny0:36:53
24Brett Richardson0:37:41
25Lester Hamilton0:42:33
26Andrew Luedecke0:43:17
27Bradley Roylance0:46:31
28Steve Munyard0:46:57
29Robert Sewell0:46:58
30Peter Pearse0:53:38
31Mike Compton0:56:34
32Tony Marker0:57:51
33Andrew Stone0:58:34
34Duncan Rose1:00:30
35Richard Fear1:04:17
36Tim Fryer1:04:24
37Brett Parker1:11:48
38Michael Heyburn1:13:28
39Maurice Antonelli1:20:20
40Scott Wilson-Haffenden1:22:21
41Mark Ashley1:26:37
42Stephen Brady1:32:07
43Kerrod Cronin1:42:33
44Mick Armstrong1:47:07
45Christo Jacobie1:54:56
46Gary Fry2:12:03
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Men vintage 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Allison2:13:19
2Ronald Horne0:07:23
3Charlie Bottero0:09:16
4Mark Knowles0:12:48
5Robert Rhodes0:13:42
6John Travers0:14:42
7Lars Spangberg0:23:37
8Paul Hamilton0:25:30
9Frank Mcgoldrick0:26:13
10Michael Tyrrell0:26:29
11Dave Sutton0:30:42
12Micheal Lentas0:32:10
13Allan Stancombe0:34:05
14Ron Guascoine0:34:36
15Geoffrey Clarke0:35:06
16Wayne Maher0:45:05
17Alfred Bluch0:57:17
18Bill Vandendool0:59:09
19Leigh Onions1:05:53
20Greg Smith1:09:15
21Neil Kinder1:11:53
22Tony Branchflower1:14:41
23Colin Hall1:18:42
24Ian Stanley1:23:13
25Richard Tustin1:32:08
26Michael Styring1:45:31
27Shane Mulcahy2:08:53

Final general classification

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Women open 18-39 final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jessica Douglas12:38:22
2Anna Beck0:06:22
3Jo Wall0:35:09
4Anne Antrecht0:58:30
5Maggie Synge1:32:57
6Josie Simpson1:46:13
7Claire Stevens2:26:04
8Jane Clifton3:13:24
9Georgina Landy3:20:37
10Lauretta Howarth3:30:07
11Bethany Thompson3:43:21
12Jade Forsyth3:58:31
13Brooke Cunningham4:00:43
14Jenny Kjar4:06:09
15Merle Weber4:30:18
16Rachel Nolan5:46:49
17Lesley Sutton6:00:00
18Kiah Mcgregor6:16:07
19Bec Gooley8:25:10
20Lee Skerke8:55:16
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Women veteran 40-49 final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kerstin Oelckers14:51:27
2Jo Riley0:06:59
3Juliet Plumb0:38:16
4Jane Ollerenshaw1:08:58
5Jackie Ellis2:11:14
6Joanne Oliver3:18:22
7Ciara O'sullivan3:20:22
8Chris Keir4:25:26
9Sarah Lodge5:13:16
10Jo-anne Gardiner9:23:57
11Carolyn Jackson0:45:46
12Sharon Tucker3:04:24
13Pia Larque7:35:47
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Junior men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Billy Sewell10:50:36
2Ryan Standish0:00:23
3Sebastian Jayne0:52:18
4Jack Hazelgrove3:05:39
5Jacques Jacobie11:08:12
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Men open 18-39 final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Blair10:16:05
2Aiden Lefmann0:00:38
3Jason English0:01:58
4Dan Macmunn0:36:44
5Steven Cusworth0:41:52
6Ken Allen0:45:05
7Chris Hanson0:45:06
8Mike Blewitt0:53:02
9Simon Frederiksen0:57:59
10Nick Both0:58:01
11Rohin Adams0:58:35
12Andrew Bell1:05:33
13Jarrad Burrell1:08:04
14David Wood1:09:47
15Craig Findlow1:09:54
16Ray O'shaughnessy1:13:07
17Glenn Stewart1:14:50
18Michael Kerklaan1:17:29
19Scott Chancellor1:32:09
20Grant Brow1:33:44
21David Atkins1:41:27
22Stephen Alegria1:50:03
23Michael Crummy2:06:30
24Rik Symes2:14:04
25Benjamin Bruce2:17:55
26Mark Hussey2:25:29
27Seb Dunne2:26:34
28Matt King2:27:36
29Mark Hudson2:32:08
30Shane Jenkin2:37:25
31Brendon Skerke3:08:40
32Adam Nicholson3:09:26
33Robert Waters3:18:55
34Vaughan Sketcher3:31:55
35Rodney Angelo3:33:23
36Dan Harris3:40:47
37Nic French4:03:40
38Richard Sonnerdale4:27:53
39Evan Rohde4:35:49
40Andrew Bennett4:47:54
41Mark Phillips4:54:29
42Bryan Wilson4:59:39
43Scott Hamilton5:04:30
44William Sargent5:11:27
45Mark Grubert5:14:26
46Nicolas Borchardt5:17:39
47Angus West5:18:00
48Kim Mason5:23:24
49Carlos Aberasturi5:30:49
50Michael Norman5:48:00
51Nicholas Barnes6:05:40
52Richard Kjar6:18:11
53Kristian Russet6:46:02
54Patrick Kinsella6:47:39
55David Higham7:22:35
56Tim Wallace7:45:02
57Chris Turnbull7:47:49
58Peter Wallis7:56:59
59Simon Frost7:58:14
60Matthew Whitehead8:41:19
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Men veteran 40-49 final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tim Jamieson11:25:48
2Roelof Burger0:08:44
3Paul Brodie0:35:18
4Stephen Fortuyn0:52:58
5Gary Harwood0:53:05
6Duncan Markham0:57:09
7Ron Whitehead1:20:10
8Mark Hardy1:32:29
9Malcolm Lindsay1:33:33
10Morten Hansen1:39:01
11Steve Munyard1:45:29
12Vaughan Andrews1:46:15
13Duncan Rose1:47:22
14Peter Svara1:48:22
15Glenn Taylor1:52:11
16Andrew Perry2:12:33
17Greg Blackman2:25:08
18Damian Tice2:41:12
19Matthew Aldridge2:47:22
20Jason Rolfe2:54:18
21Finbarr Dowling2:57:49
22Kim Bunny2:59:42
23Ken Donovan3:11:55
24Aj Power3:12:42
25Lester Hamilton3:17:22
26Brett Richardson3:26:00
27Andrew Luedecke3:35:57
28Bradley Roylance3:36:03
29Robert Sewell4:06:54
30Peter Pearse4:19:22
31Kerrod Cronin4:45:29
32Mike Compton4:48:15
33Tony Marker4:50:39
34Michael Heyburn5:14:31
35Richard Fear5:22:51
36Andrew Stone5:39:58
37Maurice Antonelli6:29:35
38Scott Wilson-Haffenden6:41:58
39Tim Fryer6:49:50
40Stephen Brady6:51:02
41Mark Ashley8:37:56
42Mick Armstrong9:02:38
43Gary Fry9:57:49
44Christo Jacobie10:09:53
45Chris Wright10:49:25
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Men vintage 50+ final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Allison12:14:16
2Charlie Bottero0:33:03
3Ronald Horne0:47:39
4Robert Rhodes0:56:58
5Mark Knowles1:03:00
6John Travers1:14:15
7Paul Hamilton2:05:44
8Frank Mcgoldrick2:09:38
9Allan Stancombe2:37:14
10Michael Tyrrell2:45:16
11Dave Sutton2:59:23
12Geoffrey Clarke3:03:03
13Ron Guascoine3:04:17
14Alfred Bluch3:17:23
15Micheal Lentas3:57:40
16Wayne Maher4:13:21
17Bill Vandendool4:46:48
18Leigh Onions4:56:47
19Richard Tustin4:58:12
20Tony Branchflower5:03:28
21Greg Smith5:39:14
22Neil Kinder5:53:21
23Ian Stanley8:11:44
24Shane Mulcahy10:30:53

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