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Kent-Spark wins Melbourne to Warrnambool

Geelong's Oliver Kent-Spark notched up the biggest win of his career, taking out the 99th Melbourne to Warrnambool, outpacing Commonwealth Games gold medallist Alex Edmondson (SASI) in the 273km event. Defending champion Sam Horgan (Budget Forklifts) finished third.

"I can't believe this has happened, it's absolutely incredible," Kent-Spark said. "This is 100 per cent the highlight in my career.

"I had 'always believe in yourself' in my head which is actually what my mum said to me this morning - the power of the mind is amazing."

Kent-Spark was part of a late 12-man breakaway that formed with 40 kilometres remaining and gained a one minute advantage on the peloton.

The group included Horgan, Edmondson, Jacob Kauffman (Budget Forklifts), Wesley Sulzberger (Drapac), Mark O'Brien (Avanti Racing) and Jeremy Cameron (African Wildlife Safaris) and began to splinter on the run into Warrnambool, with Horgan and Kent Spark caught out following an aggressive attack from O'Brien.

With five kilometres remaining, Edmondson, Kauffman, Cameron and O'Brien looked set to contest the finish between them, before Horgan and Kent-Spark dug deep and rejoined the group with three kilometres left to race.

"I was yo-yoing off the back of the break, we kind of came back together on a little downhill and it was Alex Edmondson who led the sprint out half-heartedly.

"I thought I was racing for second at best, the uphill sprint is better for me than a flat one but even that's not great for me, but everything changes at the end of 273 kilometres, it's a big day," Spark said.

Two-time track world champion and Commonwealth Games gold and silver medallist, Edmondson, was disappointed to have come so close to victory.

"It's pretty hard to race almost 280 kilometres and be rolled on the line, but I gave it all I had and I guess I got beaten by a better bike rider on the day," said Edmondson.

"I take my hat off to the search2retain guys and Ollie Kent-Spark. He's such a nice guy and did a lot of the work when we got into that small breakaway at the end."

Kent-Spark's victory is the third on the trot for his team following Patrick Bevin taking out the National Capital Tour and Tour of Tasmania.

The Subaru National Road Series concludes on October 25 with the Grafton to Inverell.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Oliver Kent-Spark ( Cycling Team)7:00:21
2Alexander Edmondson (SASI Cycling Team)
3Samuel Horgan (Team Budget Forklifts)0:00:01
4Jacob Kauffmann (Team Budget Forklifts)
5Mark O'brien (Avanti Racing Team)
6Jeremy Cameron (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)0:00:02
7Jesse Kerrison (Team Budget Forklifts)0:00:05
8Jonathan Cantwell (Drapac Professional Cycling)
9Angus Tobin ( Cycling Team)
10Brenton Jones (Avanti Racing Team)
11Tommy Nankervis (Team Budget Forklifts)
12Sean Whitfield (Team Scody Downunder)
13Alexander Smyth (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)
14Stuart Shaw ( Cycling Team)
15Jason Lowndes (Team Seight)0:00:06
16Liam White (Pat's Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team)
17James Mowatt (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
18George Tansley (SASI Cycling Team)
19Dylan Pierre-Humbert (Wormall Civil CCS)
20Daniel Nelson (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
21Anthony Collins
22Lee Burchell (Bike Gallery - Lexus Blackburn)0:00:06
23Hamish Schreurs (Subaru Albion NRS Development Team)
24Luke Parker (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
25Christopher Luxton
26Tom Leaper (Croydon Cycleworks/Pick-a-Part)0:00:06
27Neil Van Der Ploeg (Avanti Racing Team)
28Kyle Thompson
29Lachlan Glasspool
30Scott Sunderland (Team Scody Downunder)0:00:06
31Daniel Bonello (GPM Stulz)
32Nick Miller (Team Scody Downunder)
33Russell Gill (Wormall Civil CCS)
34Tom Sacre
35Dylan Hately (Team Seight)0:00:06
36David Rugendyke
37Daniel Strauss (Bike Gallery - Lexus Blackburn)0:00:06
38Tyler Spurrell (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
39Christopher Fuller (St Kilda)
40Malcolm Rudolph (Drapac Professional Cycling)
41Tyson Chambers (Croydon Cycleworks/Pick-a-Part)
42Julian Paynter (St Kilda)
43James Rendall (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
44Jake Magee (CharterMason Giant Racing)
45Darcy Woolley (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
46Sean Lake (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
47Chris Jory (GPM Stulz)
48Ryan Cottrell
49Timothy Roe (Team Budget Forklifts)0:00:06
50Joshua Taylor (CharterMason Giant Racing)
51Vaughan Bowman (Team Seight)
52Bernard Sulzberger (Drapac Professional Cycling)
53Benjamin Johnson (Footscray)
54Kris Johnston (Cellarbrations Racing Team)
55Nicholas Graham-Dawson (Wormall Civil CCS)
56Joel Walsh
57Russell Van Hout
58Zane Hunter (Team Seight)0:00:06
59Daniel Herrewyn
60Andreas Nielson (Cellarbrations Racing Team)0:00:06
61Todd Buschkuehl (Team Scody Downunder)
62Samuel Witmitz (Team Budget Forklifts)
63Mason Austen (Hawthorn)
64Ryan Thomas (GPM Stulz)
65Chris Harper
66Darryn Benn (Blackburn)0:00:06
67Thomas Patton (GPM Stulz)
68Tom Robinson (Avanti Racing Team)
69Nicholas Bien (Pat's Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team)
70Nicholas Wood
71Jack Anderson (Drapac Professional Cycling)0:00:06
72Darrin Jones (Port Fairy *)
73Ricky Smedts (Bike Gallery - Lexus Blackburn)
74Daniel Barry (Team Budget Forklifts)
75Keegan Aitchison (Subaru Albion NRS Development Team)
76Michael Vink (Team Budget Forklifts)
77Mark Crawford (GPM Stulz)
78Cameron Mcdonald (Bike Gallery - Lexus Blackburn)
79Tom Paton
80Jordan Payne
81Josh Berry (Cellarbrations Racing Team)0:00:06
82Michael Troy (GPM Stulz)
83Fergus Sully (Pat's Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team)
84Jake Klajnblat
85Mitchell Barry (Croydon Cycleworks/Pick-a-Part)0:00:06
86Josh Aldridge (Subaru Albion NRS Development Team)
87Aaron Watts (Cellarbrations Racing Team)
88Edward White (GPM Stulz)
89Lauchlan Stewart
90Mitchell Mulhern (Team Scody Downunder)0:00:06
91Travis Meyer (Drapac Professional Cycling)
92Joseph Cooper (Avanti Racing Team)
93Justin Gassner
94Todd Satchell (Anchor Point South Coast Cycling Team)0:00:06
95Glenn O'shea (SASI Cycling Team)
96Tom Kaesler (SASI Cycling Team)
97David Kelly (TRH)
98Cameron Bayly ( Cycling Team)
99Miles Scotson (SASI Cycling Team)
100Matt Boys (Croydon Cycleworks/Pick-a-Part)
101Thomas Donald ( Cycling Team)
102Harry Carpenter (SASI Cycling Team)0:00:12
103Mitchell Dedman
104Jacob Langham
105Kane Walker (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)0:00:12
106David Mclean (Team Seight)0:00:15
107Joel Strachan (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)
108Christopher Lee (Bike Gallery - Lexus Blackburn)
109Stuart Smith ( Cycling Team)
110Patrick Shaw (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)0:00:17
111Mitchell Cooper (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)
112Angus Morton (Pat's Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team)0:00:19
113Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Professional Cycling)0:00:20
114Lachlan Norris (Drapac Professional Cycling)
115Wesley Sulzberger (Drapac Professional Cycling)
116Jayden Copp (Wormall Civil CCS)
117Guy Kalma (Wormall Civil CCS)
118Jack Beckinsale (Avanti Racing Team)0:01:39
119Stephen Fairless (Shepparton)
120Aaron Donnelly (Avanti Racing Team)0:01:55
121Benjamin Hill (CharterMason Giant Racing)0:02:58
122Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (Avanti Racing Team)
123Sam Crome (CharterMason Giant Racing)0:03:51
124Ian Johnston (Rockhampton)0:08:13
125Jay Phillpotts (Croydon Cycleworks/Pick-a-Part)0:09:46
126Daniel Molyneux (Subaru Albion NRS Development Team)0:12:17
127Dylan Lindsey (Anchor Point South Coast Cycling Team)0:17:52
128Ryan Vecht (St Kilda)0:21:10
129Samuel Hill
130Michael Mcgee (Anchor Point South Coast Cycling Team)0:21:10
131Samuel Rix
132Allan Satchell (Anchor Point South Coast Cycling Team)0:21:12
133Gary Mclennan (Sunshine Coast)0:26:30
134Steve Duggan (Brunswick)
135David Bingley (Launceston City)
136Christopher Harney (St Kilda)
137Chris Smith (Southern Masters)
138Dean Heathcote (TRH)
139Steven Payne (Preston)
140William Murray (Footscray)
141Ashley Dawson
142Matthew Sydes (Northern Vets)0:26:30
143Thomas Mcdonough (Coburg)
144Daniel Hamblin (ADF Cycling)
145Chris Mason (St Kilda)
146Andrew Ward
147David Hill (Alpine)0:26:30
148Christopher Joustra (Latrobe City)
149Colin Aitken (Latrobe City)
150Mark Scouller (Anchor Point South Coast Cycling Team)
151Glenn Landers (St Kilda)
152Andrew Kaye (Albury-Wodonga)
153Adam Mulford (Carnegie Caulfield)
154Gordon Kenneway (Bike Gallery - Lexus Blackburn)
155Chris Hellman (St Kilda)0:26:38
156Angus Thomson (St Kilda)
157Tim Mcgrath (St Kilda)0:26:45
158Michael Walsh (Launceston City)0:26:48
159Dane Frey (Wormall Civil CCS)0:26:51
160Simon Frost (Carnegie Caulfield)0:27:21
161Conor Murtagh (CharterMason Giant Racing)0:28:11
162Kip Gabriel (Melbourne University)0:49:50
163Justin Leske (Bendigo & District)0:49:52
164Richard Hale (Mildura-Coomealla)
165David Foster (Southern Masters)0:50:01
166Lee Lindsay (Southern Masters)1:16:01
167David De Pedro (Dirt Riders)
168Kris Gill (Bendigo & District)
DNFJacob Restall (CharterMason Giant Racing)
DNFRowan Dever (CharterMason Giant Racing)
DNFJulian Hamill (GPM Stulz)
DNFStuart Grimsey (Pat's Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team)
DNFBen De Groot (Subaru Albion NRS Development Team)
DNFJacob Sutherland (TRH)
DNFBen Marshall
DNFMick Millar (Southern Masters)
DNFCosta Chronis (St Kilda)
DNFPatrick Mcintyre (Italo Australian)
DNFRobert Cater (Randwick Botany)
DNFJustin Vincent (Warrnambool *)
DNFGavin Buechler (Hamilton Pine River Wheelers)
DNFRussell Church (Carnegie Caulfield)
DNFDaryl Stewart (Bendigo & District)
DNFScott Wells (Carnegie Caulfield)
DNFMark Mclaren (Hamilton)
DNFTodd Baxter (Camperdown)
DNFLeigh Stott (Dirt Riders)
DNFAsh Flint (Northern Vets)
DNFSydney Anstee (Bendigo & District)
DNSMorgan Smith (CharterMason Giant Racing)
DNSAlexander Malone (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)
DNSSamuel Volkers (Team Scody Downunder)
DNSAlistair Crameri (Pat's Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team)
DNSNicholas Squillari (TRH)
DNSLuigi Vecchio (TRH)
DNSJason Rigg
DNSMichael Smith
DNSConnor Hughes
DNSCraig Porter (Carnegie Caulfield)

Sprint 1 - Teesdale
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Samuel Hill3pts
2Patrick Shaw (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)2
3Angus Morton (Pat's Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team)1

Sprint 2 - Cobden
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Samuel Hill3pts
2Glenn O'shea (SASI Cycling Team)2
3Tyson Chambers (Croydon Cycleworks/Pick-a-Part)1

Mountain 1 - Camperdown
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Samuel Hill
2Stuart Smith ( Cycling Team)
3Patrick Shaw (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)
4Angus Morton (Pat's Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team)

Sprint classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Samuel Hill6pts
2Glenn O'shea (SASI Cycling Team)2
3Patrick Shaw (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)2
4Tyson Chambers (Croydon Cycleworks/Pick-a-Part)1
5Angus Morton (Pat's Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team)1

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Budget Forklifts21:01:10 Cycling Team0:00:03
3Avanti Racing Team0:00:05
4SASI Cycling Team
5African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team0:00:07
6Team Scody Downunder0:00:10
7Drapac Professional Cycling
8Team Seight0:00:11
9Wormall Civil CCS
10Bike Gallery - Lexus Blackburn
11GPM Stulz
12Croydon Cycleworks/Pick-a-Part
13Pat's Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team
14Subaru Albion NRS Development Team
15Cellarbrations Racing Team
16Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:00:25
17CharterMason Giant Racing0:03:03
18Anchor Point South Coast Cycling Team0:39:01


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