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Hart blasts to downhill win in Portugal

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World Champion Tracy Moseley gets ready to race to another win.

World Champion Tracy Moseley gets ready to race to another win. (Image credit: Trek World Racing)
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Neko Mulally finished second overall and as the top junior.

Neko Mulally finished second overall and as the top junior. (Image credit: Trek World Racing)

Gouveia in Portugal is recognized by many as the unofficial season opener for international downhill racing and some top riders were on hand to test their early season legs. Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing) and Danny Hart (Giant Factory Team) won the elite women's and men's contests. The track in Gouveia is notorious for the high speed rocky sections throughout, and during the week it claimed many riders, bikes and wheels.

In the men's race, Hart posted the fastest time of 2:47.90. He beat Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing) by 3.70 seconds and Robin Wallner (Team Are Bikepark Powered By W-Racing) by 5.34 seconds.

Hart, a 19-year-old rising star in downhill racing, finished eighth overall in the World Cup series last year, his first year competing at the elite level.

Mulally's second place overall finish gave him the win in the junior category. "Danny was too fast for me here, but after improving in the final, I'm really happy to be where I am right now," said Mulally.

Moseley, wearing her rainbow striped jersey, crashed and destroyed her helmet in training, but was ok and went on to win the race.

In qualifying, she had to pass two slower riders before setting a time of 3:19.13, which she promptly bettered in the finals, posting a 3:16.15. In the finals, Moseley beat Zarja Cernilogar in second by a large 18.64-second margin. Third placed Maria Michalogiannaki (Unior Tools Team) was 23.05 seconds back from the winner.

"Job done. I came here wanting to get more comfortable on the downhill bike after a long winter, and even though I did some sections better in practice than in the race, it felt good to be back on the bike in the sun!" said Moseley.

"I've been coming here on and off for the past seven years, and it's always good to be on the top step here."

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Danny Hart (GBr) Giant Factory Off-Road Team0:02:47.90
2Neko Mullaly (USA) Trek World Racing0:00:03.73
3Robin Wallner (Swe) Team Are Bikepark Powered By W-Racing0:00:05.34
4Emanuel Pombo (Por)0:00:05.43
5Antonio Ferreiro Pajuelo (Spa)0:00:06.90
6Claudio Loureiro (Por)0:00:07.32
7Francisco Pardal (Por)0:00:08.51
8Jorge Aguin Castro (Spa)0:00:09.17
9Harry Heath (GBr) Unior Tools Team0:00:09.42
10Cesar Rojo Vidal (Spa)0:00:10.56
11Daniel Pombo (Por)0:00:11.09
12Luis Paulo Vicente Ferreira (Por)0:00:11.47
13José Silva (Por)0:00:13.13
14Stuart Jenkinson (GBr)0:00:13.60
15Niklas Wallner (Swe) Team Are Bikepark Powered By W-Racing0:00:13.99
16Greg Williamson (GBr)0:00:14.98
17Mario Perez Bernad (Spa)0:00:15.05
18Francisco Silva (Por)
19Andres Fernandez Latorre (Spa)0:00:15.78
20Helder Padilha (Por)0:00:15.92
21Robert Williams (GBr)0:00:16.00
22Ralph Jones (GBr)0:00:16.10
23James Stock (GBr)0:00:16.18
24Joel Diogo Marques Ferreira (Por)0:00:16.44
25Iago Garay Tamayo (Spa)0:00:17.86
26Sion Witecross (GBr)0:00:18.10
27Marcio Ferreira (Por)0:00:18.19
28Gonçalo Gaspar (Por)0:00:18.39
29Miran Vauh (Slo)0:00:19.20
30Ruben Martins (Por)0:00:19.21
31Pol Romero Perich (Spa)0:00:19.47
32Bruno Diogo (Por)0:00:20.32
33Carlos Castro (Por)0:00:21.32
34Paulo Domingues (Por)0:00:21.64
35Marco Fernandez Garcia (Spa)0:00:21.96
36Luis Miguel Carballo Ubeira (Spa)0:00:22.55
37João Gois (Por)0:00:23.08
38Andrew Lewis (GBr)0:00:23.22
39Pedro Seco (Por)0:00:23.59
40Rhys Evans (GBr)0:00:24.01
41Alex Holowko (GBr)0:00:24.56
42Daniel Pinto (Por)0:00:24.63
43Bruno Freitas (Por)0:00:24.80
44Guillermo Gil Sebastian (Spa)0:00:25.12
45José Vasconcelos (Por)0:00:25.13
46Aaron Bello (Spa)0:00:25.26
47Ruben Villanueva Perez (Spa)0:00:25.46
48André Califórnia (Por)0:00:25.51
49Paulo Basilio (Por)0:00:25.54
50Marcelo Costa (Por)0:00:25.75
51Luis Ribeiro (Por)0:00:25.84
52Blaz Hölcl (Slo)0:00:26.47
53Victor Esplugas (Spa)0:00:26.59
54Luís Fortunato (Por)0:00:26.89
55Rafael Gonçalves (Por)0:00:27.02
56Rui Sousa (Por)0:00:27.17
57Duarte Medeiros (Por)0:00:27.78
58Sergio Castro (Spa)0:00:28.73
59Aurélio Domingos (Por)0:00:29.13
60Francisco Soares (Por)0:00:30.05
61Tiago Luís (Por)
62João Andrade (Por)0:00:30.10
63Ricardo Viana (Por)0:00:30.23
64Gabriel Alonso (Spa)0:00:30.34
65Javier Veja (Spa)0:00:30.70
66Flavio Silva (Por)0:00:30.72
67Juan Otero Pastor (Spa)0:00:31.44
68Hugo Silva (Por)0:00:31.73
69Ales Virtic (Slo)0:00:32.01
70Fernando Aires (Por)0:00:32.83
71Cesar Brito (Por)0:00:33.46
72Carlos Delgado (Spa)0:00:33.90
73Ruben Iglesias (Spa)0:00:34.72
74Emanuel Ventura (Por)0:00:35.01
75Ruben Perez (Spa)0:00:35.26
76João Monteiro (Por)0:00:35.61
77Angel Barral (Spa)0:00:36.33
78Antonio Garcia (Por)0:00:36.42
79Ezequiel Martins (Por)0:00:36.53
80Manuel Banos Beneitez (Spa)0:00:36.57
81Rui Oliveira (Por)0:00:36.72
82Fernando Silva (Por)0:00:36.73
83André Adrião (Por)0:00:36.90
84José Nunes (Por)0:00:37.20
85Martin Schelberger (Aut)0:00:38.07
86Jesus Alonso Molina (Spa)0:00:39.04
87Juan Carballo (Spa)0:00:39.09
88Gonçalo Brito (Por)0:00:39.67
89Rodney Duarte (Por)0:00:40.06
90Ivan Torro (Spa)0:00:40.42
91Fábio Ferreira (Por)0:00:40.99
92João Baptista (Por)0:00:41.07
93Yago Bea Besada (Spa)0:00:41.27
94João Peres (Por)0:00:41.69
95Andrew Heston (GBr)0:00:42.25
96João Ferreira (Por)0:00:42.35
97Gilberto Marques Antunes (Fra)0:00:43.31
98Jack Shannon (Irl)0:00:43.61
99Jesus Vila (Spa)0:00:43.91
100Samuel Rojo Villasante (Spa)0:00:44.04
101Henrique Pedrosa (Por)0:00:45.26
102Lucas Diez Garcia (Spa)0:00:46.04
103Luis Ferreira (Por)0:00:46.37
104Daniel Alonso (Spa)0:00:46.74
105Leandro Liberal (Por)0:00:47.07
106Victor Martin (Spa)0:00:47.78
107Rui Domingues (Por)0:00:48.02
108Noel Pazo (Spa)0:00:48.11
109Pablo Lago (Spa)0:00:48.36
110Vitor Barros (Por)0:00:48.77
111Victor Garcia (Spa)0:00:49.06
112Benito Gircildez Sousa (Spa)0:00:49.50
113Fábio Jorge (Por)0:00:51.20
114Jose Gonzalez (Spa)0:00:52.50
115Vitor Morais (Por)0:00:54.21
116Luis Pinto (Por)0:00:55.34
117Alexandre Alves (Por)0:00:59.12
118Daniel Gatnau (Spa)0:01:14.24
119Franck Jacob (Fra)0:01:15.84
120Alejandro Martin Carrobles (Spa)0:01:17.49
121Morgan Adam (GBr)0:01:27.84
122Diogo Costa (Por)0:01:34.84
123Alexandre Cunha (Por)0:02:38.50
DNSAlberto Alonso Garcia (Spa)
DNSMauricio Perez (Spa)
DNSRafael Villalba (Spa)
DNSJuan Manuel Ochoa Cano (Spa)
DNSAndré Bertilsson (Swe)
DNSIsaac Martin (Spa)
DNSMathieu Da Costa (Fra)
DNSPedro Jose Hernandez (Spa)
DNSGonzaga Seijo Moya (Spa)
DNSLuis Feijó (Por)
DNSJoão Pereira (Por)
DNSLeonel Henrique (Por)
DNSLuis Goncalves (Por)
DNSJose Manuel Hernandez (Spa)
DNSJavier Pino Gonzalez (Spa)
DNSKeny Ortiz Rodriguez (Spa)
DNSMarcos Quiros Manzano (Spa)
DNSDaniel Sanchez Paniagua (Spa)
DNSRicardo Trancon Rivera (Spa)
DNSTiago Carvalho (Por)
DNSCarlos Vicente (Spa)
DNSJosé Costa (Por)
DNSAntonio Filipe Rodrigues (Por)
DNSDiogo Alexandre Lopes (Por)
DNFMarco Fidalgo (Por)
DNFPedro Silva (Por)
DNFAnxo Lemos (Spa)
DNFHugo Vila Novoa (Spa)

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tracy Moseley (GBr) Trek World Racing0:03:16.15
2Zarja Cernilogar (Slo)0:00:18.64
3Maria Michalogiannaki (Gre) Unior Tools Team0:00:23.05
4Carmen Martinez (Spa)0:00:38.11
5Eva Garrido Castro (Spa)0:01:19.31
6Ana Guedes (Por)0:06:22.58


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