Bruni and Pugin win in Leogang

On the weekend, the Out of Bounds Festival celebrated its 10-year-anniversary in Leogang/Austria. In addition to the FMB-Gold-Contest 26Trix, it also marked the start of the iXS European Downhill Cup.

In 2006, Leogang acted as the host for the iXS European Downhill Cup for the first time. In the following years it gained more and more attention within the mountain bike scene. After last year's world championships, there will be some more highlights in 2013. One of them is already in the books: the first race of the iXS European Cup series. With 415 starters from 29 different nations on the list of participants and even more riders on the waiting list, the perfect conditions for an exciting weekend were already prepared and the list of favorites included more than just a few big names.

This year, the timetable of the weekend was slightly changed. After an early track walk on Friday, the riders had enough time for a first official training session in the afternoon. The 2.3km course with its 480-meter-difference in altitude was well-known among the riders from previous years and presented itself as dry and therefore really fast. But - as every rider knows - conditions can change very fast. And they did change in Saturday's seeding run. Whereas it seemed to be a short shower in the beginning, it got heavier in time for the elite men's category.


Already on Friday, the course check with Floriane Pugin (Gstaat-Scott) and Emilie Siegenthaler (Gstaad-Scott) gave a first impression of Pugin's eager ambitions. In the seeding run, she dominated elite women's category with a masterful performance and a confident 14-second lead, while the elite men's category was led by Loic Bruni (Lapierre Gravity Republic). The reigning junior world champion was followed by Aurélien Giordanengo (Topcycle by Trek) in second place. Although the seeding run result only serves as such, it proved to be more than just a prognosis.

Men finals

In the finals on Sunday, the weather was on its best behavior again and the sunshine lured numerous spectators into the bike park who were eager to witness some fast downhill action. The first rider who stayed in the hot seat for more than just a few minutes was Bryn Dickerson (John Foord valuation), who came down with a time of 3:24.820, approaching Bruni's best time of the previous day.

Later, he had to give way to Noel Niederberger (Gstaad-Scott) who finished 3 seconds faster and took the lead until Robin Wallner (Team W-Racing) set the best time of 3:19.854 for the time being. After Markus Pekoll (MS Mondraker) reached the finish line, the hot seat holders changed faster: Wallner was edged out by Pekoll, until Harry Molloy (Madison Saracen DH Team) took over and was beat by Giordanengo shortly after that.

But in the end, the previous day's prognosis was confirmed and Bruni finished first with a new best time of 3:16.012. The top five was rounded out by Aurélien Giordanengo and Harry Molloy, followed by Markus Pekoll and Robin Wallner.

Women finals

In the elite women's category, Floriane Pugin was the odds-on favorite in the finals. Even if the lead was not as big as in the seeding run, she succeeded with a seven-second lead and a time of 3:39.082. Her teammate Emilie Siegenthaler finished in second and was followed by Fionn Griffith (Kenda/Alpinestars) who was the fastest British rider in her category.


Sara Böhm (Team Green DH. Racing) was the only rider in the U17 female category but managed to edge out some of the elite women's participants. The U17 male category was dominated by Loris Revelli's (Argentina Bike) time of 3:33.968. Alex Marin (FOX Giant) and Brad Swinbank (Steve Peat Syndicate) finished in second and third.


Nino Antic started first in the Mmasters category due to a flat tire on the previous day and stayed in the hot seat for nearly the whole race. It was not until the top three that he had to give way to Štencel Rostislav (Bikeplac racing) who remained in the hot seat for the rest of the race. Paolo Alleva (Team Scout/Nukeproof) came down in second and Ruben Castro Carril (Evil XMS Racing) went third.

Due to changes in the regulations in Austria concerning safety gear and equipment, some of the riders were not able to take part in the race. As these regulations apply to Germany, France, Czech Republic and Switzerland as well, every rider should know that any "failure to comply with gear regulations will result in disqualification".

Full Results

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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Loic Bruni (Fra)0:03:16.01
2Aurélien Giordanengo (Fra)0:00:00.69
3Harry Molloy (GBr)0:00:02.07
4Markus Pekoll (Aut)0:00:03.01
5Robin Wallner (Swe)0:00:03.84
6Patrick Thome (Fra)0:00:03.98
7David Trummer (Aut)0:00:04.71
8Manuel Gruber (Aut)0:00:04.93
9Ziga Pandur (Slo)0:00:05.22
10Wyn Masters (NZl)0:00:05.48
11Noel Niederberger (Swi)0:00:05.89
12Lutz Weber (Swi)0:00:05.95
13Marcus Klausmann (Ger)0:00:06.39
14Loris Vergier (Fra)0:00:06.52
15Miran Vauh (Slo)0:00:07.06
16Joe Connell (GBr)0:00:07.17
17Faustin Figaret (Fra)0:00:07.29
18Boris Tetzlaff (Aut)0:00:07.67
19Johann Potgieter (RSA)0:00:07.84
20Jacques Bouvet (Ger)0:00:07.96
21Jure Zabjek (Slo)0:00:07.97
22Bryn Dickerson (NZl)0:00:08.81
23Benny Strasser (Ger)0:00:09.06
24Luke Ellison (Aus)0:00:09.16
25George Gannicott (GBr)0:00:09.30
26Matej Charvat (Cze)0:00:09.41
27Niklas Wallner (Swe)0:00:09.46
28David Mcmillan (Aus)0:00:09.64
29Lars Peyer (Swi)0:00:10.13
30Gianluca Vernassa (Ita)0:00:10.58
31Felix Klee (Swi)0:00:10.85
32Gregoire Pazdziorko (Bel)0:00:11.03
33Antti Lampen (Fin)0:00:11.66
34Christian Textor (Ger)0:00:11.90
35Innes Graham (GBr)0:00:11.91
36Alexander Kangas (Swe)
37Josh Lowe (GBr)0:00:12.20
38Joe Vejvoda (Aus)0:00:12.26
39Attila Liszi (Hun)0:00:12.38
40Dominik Gspan (Swi)0:00:12.62
41Matthias Stonig (Aut)0:00:12.93
42Maxime Chapuis (Swi)0:00:13.14
43Basil Weber (Swi)0:00:13.17
44Tommy Herrmann (Ger)0:00:13.31
45Billy Caroli (Swi)0:00:13.62
46Samuel Bull (RSA)0:00:14.88
47Daniel Prijkel (Ned)0:00:15.50
48Alexander Kurz (Aut)
49Martin Lebl (Cze)0:00:15.72
50Adi Van Der Merwe (RSA)0:00:15.81
51Stefan Garlicki (RSA)0:00:16.17
52Pascal Tinner (Swi)0:00:16.22
53Pascal Engel (Aut)0:00:16.48
54Jan Cepelak (Cze)0:00:16.61
55Nicolau Alemany Suau (Spa)0:00:16.67
56Felix Heine (Ger)0:00:16.72
57Fabian Bieli (Swi)0:00:16.85
58Joshua Barth (Ger)0:00:17.11
59Jerome Caroli (Swi)0:00:17.29
60Markus Planitzer (Aut)0:00:17.49
61Timo Pries (Ger)0:00:17.52
62Gerd Skant (Aut)0:00:17.64
63Lawrence Cawte (NZl)0:00:17.71
64Simon Charvat (Cze)0:00:17.82
65Erich Wieland (Aut)0:00:17.83
66Fabian Heim (Ger)
67Benjamin Rouiller (Swi)0:00:17.91
68Nicolas Cherik (Swi)0:00:17.92
69Nicolas Walser (Swi)0:00:18.02
70Daniel Ludwig (Ger)0:00:18.06
71Manuel Marty (Swi)0:00:18.26
72Tim Kaelin (Swi)0:00:18.29
73Mark Van Lankveld (Ned)0:00:18.72
74Manuel Widmann (Aut)0:00:18.75
75Maximilian Bender (Ger)0:00:18.88
76Michael Spence (GBr)0:00:18.89
77Herbert Brugger (Aut)0:00:18.94
78Angel Suarez Alonso (Spa)0:00:19.07
79Marcell Frey (Ger)0:00:19.38
80Janick Lieberherr (Swi)0:00:19.40
81Patrik Deuss (Swi)0:00:19.43
82Sebastian Moser (Aut)0:00:19.62
83Chris Barlin (Aus)0:00:20.03
84Marcus Hansson (Swe)0:00:20.20
85Tilen Leban (Slo)0:00:20.36
86Leopold Köllner (Aut)0:00:20.41
87Mike Schaer (Swi)0:00:20.44
88Stephan Schneider (Aut)0:00:20.66
89Mario Robmadl (Ger)0:00:20.77
90Raphael Kammlein - Cutler (NZl)0:00:20.93
91Leo Combee (Ned)0:00:21.40
92Sebastian Jensen (Den)0:00:21.51
93Luca Biwer (Ger)0:00:21.66
94Siegfried Zellner (Ger)0:00:22.45
95Kevin Falko Dewinski (Ger)0:00:22.65
96Myles Weber (Swi)0:00:23.33
97Thomas Düber (Ger)0:00:23.69
98Dennis Scharf (Ger)0:00:23.85
99Lachlan Mckillop (Aus)0:00:23.86
100Nicola Friedli (Swi)0:00:24.18
101Tom Bersselaar (Ned)0:00:24.38
102Robin Van Goubergen (Bel)0:00:24.44
103Marius Neuffer (Ger)0:00:24.58
104Jens Steinsberger (Ger)0:00:24.74
105Fabian Kuttel (Swi)0:00:24.86
106Fabio Jungen (Swi)
107Juan Otero Pastor (Spa)0:00:25.12
108Christoph Felix Schnettler (Ger)0:00:25.34
109Jens Bayer (Ger)0:00:25.54
110Erwin Aydin (Aut)0:00:25.62
111Maximilian Gast (Ger)0:00:25.79
112Christoph Reiser (Ger)0:00:26.39
113Gino Schlifske (Ger)0:00:26.40
114Christian Schlothauer (Ger)
115Domenic Luiz (Ger)0:00:26.50
116Willi Lutzeler (Ger)0:00:26.81
117Philipp Podbrecnik (Aut)0:00:26.95
118Patrik Kuster (Swi)0:00:27.12
119Joel Andrey (Swi)0:00:27.53
120Nils Puschendorf (Ger)0:00:27.56
121Florian Nagele (Aut)0:00:28.23
122Max Kruse (Ger)0:00:28.30
123Vito Tschenett (Swi)0:00:28.48
124Erik Zwartek (Ger)0:00:28.78
125Martin Höller (Aut)0:00:28.80
126Berni Bindels (Aut)0:00:28.87
127Hardy Haenel (Ger)0:00:29.12
128Martin Mitvalsky (Cze)0:00:29.20
129Raffael Maltrovsky (Aut)0:00:29.35
130Richard Lesiak (Aut)0:00:29.47
131Moritz Stroër (Ger)0:00:29.60
132Nicolas Simon (Bel)0:00:29.65
133Julius Sauer (Ger)0:00:29.72
134Florian Wilhelm (Aut)0:00:30.16
135Stefan Mauser (Aut)0:00:30.27
136Manuel Schatz (Ger)0:00:30.57
137Georg Wolf (Aut)0:00:30.71
138Luca Bolkenius (Ger)0:00:31.08
139Bjorn Stukenkemper (Ger)0:00:31.09
140Lukas Kuffer (Ger)0:00:31.11
141Dominic Tinner (Swi)0:00:31.21
142Ruben Torenbeek (Ned)0:00:31.38
143Orlando Sarioglou (Gre)0:00:31.71
144Heico Pfisterer (Aut)0:00:31.74
145Nico Koelbl (Ger)0:00:31.90
146Christian Heilwagen (Ger)0:00:31.99
147Julien Rossé (Swi)0:00:32.10
148Erwin De Visser (Ned)0:00:32.11
149Ondrej Fiala (Cze)0:00:32.19
150Fabio Gangi (Ita)0:00:32.60
151Stephan Schelling (Swi)0:00:32.62
152Alex Deuschl (Aut)0:00:32.69
153Martin Kägi (Swi)0:00:33.14
154Daniel Tulla (Aut)0:00:33.21
155Marco Hermann (Ger)0:00:33.31
156Florian Kulike (Ger)0:00:33.34
157Daniel Godard (USA)0:00:33.89
158Johannes Hagele (Ger)0:00:34.02
159Roman Kumpers (RSA)0:00:34.63
160Benjamin Scharfetter (Aut)0:00:34.68
161Thomas Stemplinger (Ger)0:00:34.72
162Mario Steiner (Ger)0:00:34.75
163Fabian Kuster (Swi)0:00:34.93
164Ronny Quittschalle (Ger)0:00:35.36
165Paolo Rubino (Ita)0:00:35.60
166Martin Baumgartel (Ger)0:00:35.68
167Michael Pfaff (Ger)0:00:36.62
168Philipp Tinkhauser (Ita)0:00:36.78
169Marco Lenz (Ger)0:00:36.79
170Joachim Krug (Ger)0:00:36.99
171Radek Matejik (Cze)0:00:37.17
172Pascal Stenger (Ger)0:00:37.41
173Philipp Ostermann (Aut)0:00:37.42
174Peter Pingitzer (Aut)0:00:37.47
175Per Tautorat (Ger)0:00:37.49
176Marcus Allacher (Aut)0:00:37.85
177Michael Jolk (Ger)0:00:38.22
178Samuel Blenkinsop (NZl)0:00:38.42
179Alan Turin (Swi)0:00:38.43
180Jorge Toledo Lopez (Spa)0:00:38.45
181Benno Froehlich (Ger)0:00:38.53
182Maximilian Harrich (Aut)0:00:38.90
183Sebastian Fuchs (Ger)0:00:39.31
184Martin Barisitz (Aut)0:00:39.63
185Yannik Thomas (Ger)0:00:39.71
186Nils Verhoeven (Ger)0:00:39.93
187Andrej Domiv (Bul)0:00:40.38
188Nico Kasper (Ger)0:00:40.53
189Roger Keller (Swi)0:00:40.72
190Jonathan Debus (Ger)0:00:40.88
191Tomas Thurl (Cze)0:00:40.94
192Marco D'oro (Swi)0:00:41.27
193Steffen Lennartz (Ger)0:00:41.29
194Michael Grohmann (Aut)0:00:41.32
195Patrick Heller (Ger)0:00:41.61
196Jiri Krystof (Cze)0:00:41.86
197Peter Marcina (Svk)0:00:41.99
198Sebastian Ramirez Dupuy (Chi)0:00:42.27
199Samuel Lantschner (Ita)0:00:42.98
200Philipp Gerlach (Bel)0:00:43.02
201Ken Zimmermann (Swi)0:00:43.16
202Marcel Bergelt (Ger)0:00:43.75
203Quentin Deloye (Fra)0:00:44.15
204Johann Brunner (Ger)0:00:44.54
205Marco Ebner (Ger)0:00:44.85
206Roberto Tognini (Ita)0:00:45.71
207Tobias Gundolf (Ger)0:00:45.94
208Ben Schram (Lux)0:00:46.29
209Fabian Edlinger (Aut)0:00:47.15
210Frederic Kindervater (Ger)0:00:47.48
211Yannik Fejfar (Ger)0:00:47.94
212Sandro Ender (Swi)0:00:48.79
213Louis Zari (Ger)0:00:48.81
214Bernhard Maier (Aut)0:00:49.21
215Stefan Strohmayer (Aut)0:00:49.73
216Gabriel Hammerschmidt (Aut)0:00:50.01
217Sanny Louis Sudhoff (Ger)0:00:50.37
218Lukas Mihalkovits (Aut)0:00:52.22
219Tobias Heuschkel (Ger)0:00:52.23
220Julian Lemme (Ger)0:00:52.36
221Karel Sliksbir (Cze)0:00:53.05
222Georg Aumüllner (Aut)0:00:53.54
223Paul Mitterhauser (Aut)0:00:54.41
224Jerremy Buesch (Ger)0:00:55.09
225Kevin Pöhlmann (Ger)0:00:55.25
226Stanislav Sehnal (Cze)0:00:55.28
227Benjamin Glanzer (Aut)0:00:55.62
228Daniel Buchta (Aut)0:00:57.08
229Andreas Becker (Ger)0:00:57.26
230Marco Rudolph (Ger)0:00:57.37
231Tim Wagner (Ger)0:01:00.02
232Harry Bowman (GBr)0:01:00.87
233Lukas Tautscher (Aut)0:01:01.44
234Anton Rumyantsev (Rus)0:01:01.77
235Conor Ingham (GBr)0:01:02.39
236Francisco Goerke (Ger)0:01:03.99
237Björn Simon (Ger)0:01:08.96
238Andreas Winkler (Aut)0:01:08.97
239Max De Simone (Ger)0:01:10.46
240Jiri Cermak (Cze)0:01:14.60
241Florian Blumör (Ger)0:01:14.64
242Paul Schmidt (Ger)0:01:15.08
243Henry Weiland (Ger)0:01:15.99
244Philipp Burger (Ger)0:01:19.81
245Marcel Smolcic (Ger)0:01:19.91
246Kevin Klein (Ger)0:01:20.81
247Philipp Steiert (Ger)0:01:21.20
248Sebastian Kanik (Ger)0:01:23.05
249Sven Siats (Ger)0:01:23.47
250Nicolas Mogicato (Ger)0:01:47.43
251Dominik Dierich (Ger)0:01:51.02
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Floriane Pugin (Fra)0:03:39.08
2Emilie Siegenthaler (Swi)0:00:06.86
3Fionn Griffiths (GBr)0:00:11.10
4Zarja Cernilogar (Slo)0:00:11.73
5Jana Bartova (Cze)0:00:13.09
6Alanna Columb (NZl)0:00:18.42
7Martina Bruehlmann (Swi)0:00:23.46
8Elke Rabeder (Aut)0:00:25.61
9Alba Wunderlin (Swi)0:00:27.30
10Kim Schwemmer (Ger)0:00:28.82
11Sandra Rubesam (Ger)0:00:30.87
12Spela Horvat (Slo)0:00:33.49
13Karin Pasterer (Aut)0:00:35.53
14Veronique Sandler (NZl)0:00:36.18
15Steffi Marth (Ger)0:00:39.05
16Katrin Karkhof (Ger)0:00:45.12
17Eline Nijhuis (Ned)0:00:46.51
18Katharina Klos (Ger)0:00:58.90
19Yvonne Birker (Swi)0:01:18.55
20Lisa Thierbach (Ger)0:01:18.63
21Tatiana Shunyaeva (Rus)0:01:22.83
22Sophie Tyas (NZl)0:03:49.40


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