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Schurter wins battle with Absalon at Heubach Bundesliga round

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Elite men's podium: Moritz Milatz, Julien Absalon, Nino Schurter, Florian Vogel, Rudi van Houts

Elite men's podium: Moritz Milatz, Julien Absalon, Nino Schurter, Florian Vogel, Rudi van Houts (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower)

Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower) (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Moritz Milatz (BMC)

Moritz Milatz (BMC) (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Julien Absalon (BMC) leads

Julien Absalon (BMC) leads (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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The start of the elite men's race

The start of the elite men's race (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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The start of the elite men's race

The start of the elite men's race (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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The elite men are off

The elite men are off (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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The start of the elite men's race

The start of the elite men's race (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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The start of the elite men's race at Bike the Rock

The start of the elite men's race at Bike the Rock (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Julien Absalon (BMC) follows Nino Schurter (Scott-Swisspower)

Julien Absalon (BMC) follows Nino Schurter (Scott-Swisspower) (Image credit: Erhard Goller)
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Maja Wloszczowska (Giant Pro XC)

Maja Wloszczowska (Giant Pro XC) (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Maja Wloszczowska (Giant Pro XC) leads in the forest

Maja Wloszczowska (Giant Pro XC) leads in the forest (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower)

Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower) (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Moritz Milatz (BMC)

Moritz Milatz (BMC) (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Elite men's podium: Moritz Milatz, Julien Absalon, Nino Schurter, Florian Vogel, Rudi van Houts

Elite men's podium: Moritz Milatz, Julien Absalon, Nino Schurter, Florian Vogel, Rudi van Houts (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Elite men's podium: Moritz Milatz, Julien Absalon, Nino Schurter, Florian Vogel, Rudi van Houts

Elite men's podium: Moritz Milatz, Julien Absalon, Nino Schurter, Florian Vogel, Rudi van Houts (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Elite men's podium: Moritz Milatz, Julien Absalon, Nino Schurter, Florian Vogel, Rudi van Houts

Elite men's podium: Moritz Milatz, Julien Absalon, Nino Schurter, Florian Vogel, Rudi van Houts (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower) wins Bike the Rock in Germany

Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower) wins Bike the Rock in Germany (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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A triumphant Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower)

A triumphant Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower) (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower) wins the Bike the Rock

Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower) wins the Bike the Rock (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Julien Absalon (BMC)

Julien Absalon (BMC) (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Julien Absalon (BMC)

Julien Absalon (BMC) (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Julien Absalon (BMC) on the climb

Julien Absalon (BMC) on the climb (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Julien Absalon (BMC)

Julien Absalon (BMC) (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower) in the lead

Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower) in the lead (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Maja Wloszczowska (Giant Pro XC) leads Jolanda Neff

Maja Wloszczowska (Giant Pro XC) leads Jolanda Neff (Image credit: Erhard Goller)

After another battle with Julien Absalon (BMC), world champion Nino Schurter (Scott-Swisspower) took the victory in the 13th edition of the Bike The Rock Festival, round three of the MTB-Bundesliga International. Schurter's teammate Florian Vogel finished third.

Just like last week, Maja Wloszczowska (Giant Pro XC) won women's race in front of Adelheid Morath (Sabine Spitz-Haibike). Third place went to London Olympic silver medallist Sabine Spitz (Haibike).


The men's race provided the expected duel between two big names of the sport - Julien Absalon and Nino Schurter. It began in the second lap of the six-lap race. No one could follow their blistering pace.

"It was a hard fight between us, with the luck on my side," Schurter said later. His luck was the bad luck of Absalon. The Frenchman started to have problems with mud in his front derailleur. In lap four of six, Absalon had to jump off the bike and Schurter rode away.

"I only could shift the chain by foot or by hand," Absalon said as to why he had no chance of closing the gap again to Schurter. "But I am happy with my shape. I think we are both in a good shape. I am excited for the World Cup opener in Albstadt."

Schurter crossed the finish line as the winner, 43 seconds in front of Absalon. "I felt tip top. The descent was very tricky, but funny. I took a bit more risks on the downhills," said Schurter, who is the number-one ranked rider in the world.

Florian Vogel was able to leave the chase group to take the third spot on the podium. "I think it's getting better and better. After the Cape Epic, I was sick, but my coach was very clever, and now I am heading in a good direction toward Albstadt," Vogel said.

Vogel was also lucky because Sergio Mantecon (Trek Wildwolf) crashed while sitting in third place. He then had a bigger mechanical with his handlebar and lost all his chance of being on the podium.

European Champion Moritz Milatz (BMC Racing) had a very bad first lap, passing the split time on 24th place.

"My legs were kind of dead. Suddenly in the second lap, it made 'plopp' and I could ride how I wanted to. Maybe my training was a bit too hard this week," Milatz said.

Rudi van Houts (Multivan-Merida) defended fifth spot on the podium. "I could ride consistently and felt very confident in the downhills. I am happy to get fifth place, while in the last lap there was a lot of pressure from behind me," said the Dutch man.


The women's race presented two completely different pictures. Every lap when the lead women passed the start / finish area at the bottom of the venue, it looked like Maja Wloszczowska was dominating the race.

However, for those watching at the top of the 2.5-kilometer climb, it looked like the Polish woman was always accompanied by Adelheid Morath.

The 28-year-old Morath, closed the 20 to 30-second gap to Wloszczowska every lap on the climb, including the final lap.

"Adelheid was very strong on the uphill. I knew if I could go into the downhill in the front position, I would have the chance to win, if I didn't make a mistake. [It's] super to win here, the atmosphere was great," said Wloszczowska after her second in as many weeks.

So Wloszczowska put all her energy into a counterattack when Morath passed her at the top.

"I know, my technical skills are my handicap, but I'm working on them. Anyway, I am very, very happy about my the second place in a HC race," said Morath.

Sabine Spitz stepped onto the podium in third spot. The three-time Olympic medal winner was surprised about her result. "I didn't expect that. This is not a course for me, but maybe that's the key. I came to Heubach without any expectations," Spitz said.

On the downhill, U23 world champion Jolanda Neff (Giant Pro XC) would pass Spitz, but at the end, the young gun couldn't hold the speed. Alexandra Engen (Ghost Factory Racing) took fourth place.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nino Schurter (Swi) Scott-Swisspower Team1:31:10
2Julien Absalon (Fra) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:00:44
3Florian Vogel (Swi) Scott- Swisspower MTB Team0:02:23
4Moritz Milatz (Ger) BMC Mountainbikeracing Team0:02:47
5Rudi van Houts (Ned) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:02:52
6Henk Jaap Moorlag (Ned) Area Giant Pro XC Team0:03:08
7Manuel Fumic (Ger) Canondale Factory Racing0:03:08
8José Antonio Hermida (Spa) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:03:24
9Sergio Mantecón Gutiérrez (Spa) Wildwolf-Trek Pro Racing0:03:52
10Mathias Flückiger (Swi) Stöckli Pro Team0:03:52
11Martin Fanger (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:04:05
12Ondrej Cink (Cze) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:05:25
13Simon Stiebjahn (Ger) Team Bulls0:05:59
14Uwe Hochenwarter (Aut) Focus XC Team0:06:14
15Hans Becking (Ned) Superior-Brentjens Mountainbike Racing Team0:07:05
16Marek Konwa (Pol) Superior-Brentjens Mountainbike Racing Team0:07:06
17Stéphane Tempier (Fra) Team BH Suntour Kmc0:07:08
18Fabian Giger (Swi) Area Giant Pro XC Team0:07:24
19Frank Beemer (Ned) MPL-Specialized0:08:01
20Wolfram Kurschat (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team0:08:03
21Fabien Canal (Fra) Asptt Definitive Tec0:08:18
22Kevin van Hoovels (Bel) Versluys Team0:08:59
23Markus Schulte-Lünzum (Ger) Focus XC Team0:09:13
24Maxime Marotte (Fra) Team BH Suntour Peisey-Vallandry0:09:19
25Sergii Rysenko (Ukr) National Team OfUkraine0:09:47
26Henrique Avancini (Bra) Caloi Team0:10:34
27Marco Aurelio Fontana (Ita) Cannondale Factory Racing0:11:08
28Pierre Geoffroy Plantet (Fra) Equipe Velo Oberland0:11:25
29Christoph Soukup (Aut) Hitec Team0:11:42
30Rab Wardell (GBr) Trek UK0:12:00
31Patrik Gallati (Swi) Focus XC Team0:13:08
32Robby De Bock (Bel) Feenstra-Felt Bike Team0:13:52
33Calle Friberg (Swe) Nordic Cycling-Cannondale0:13:54
34Christopher Maletz (Ger) Fujibikes Rockets0:14:32
35Max Holz (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion0:15:28
36Zdenek Vobecky (Cze) Eleven Rubena Test Team0:15:39
37Shlomi Haimy (Isr) Focus XC Elite Team0:17:19
-2lapsMarcel Fleschhut (Ger) Lexware Rothaus Team
-2lapsMichael Broderick (USA)
-2lapsGerrit Rosenkranz (Ger) Univega Pro Cycling Team
-2lapsMatthias Leisling (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion
-2lapsSherman Trezza De Paiva (Bra) Caloi Team
-2lapsMarco Schätzing (Ger) Fujibikes Rockets
-2lapsDavid Escolar Ballesteros (Spa) Huracan Villarosa C.C.
-2lapsTimo Häfner (Ger) Radwerk-Racing-Team
-2lapsJorgen Flion Bel
-2lapsErik Groen (Ned) Feenstra-Felt Bike Team
-2lapsSimon Gegenheimer (Ger) Rose Ultrasports
-2lapsRafal Hebisz (Pol) Sante Bsa Tour
-2lapsAndi Weinhold (Ger) RSC '93 Marienberg
-3lapsDave Henderson (GBr) GT Muc-Off Racing
-3lapsLionel Vujasin (Bel) Mini Delbecq - Cannondale
-3lapsStefan Schairer (Ger) RSG Zollernalb
-3lapsJochen Coconcelli (Ger) Radwerk Racing Team
-3lapsTim Wijnants (Bel) Toka Print MTB Team
-3lapsTobias Blum (Ger) Fku Serpentine Velosport
-3lapsMykhaylo Batsutsa (Ukr) National Team Of Ukraine
-3lapsSimon Staufner (Ger) Team CMTB
-3lapsMario Matijevic (Bel) Section Luxembourgeoise
-3lapsVitus Wagenbauer (Ger) Team Geiger Medius Bike Base
-4lapsHelgi Winther Olsen (Den) DMK
-4lapsChristian Ludewig (Ger) RSV-Öschelbronn - Holczer Radsport.De
DNFJan Skarnitzl (Cze) Sram Rubena Trek
DNFTorsten Marx (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion
DNFPascal Meyer (Swi) JB Felt Team
DNFCristobal Silva (Chi) Lapierre Chile
DNFTimo Modosch (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion
DNFHarold Flandre (Fra) Ssol Habsheim
DNFDaniel Aspacher (Ger) Team Haico Racing
DNFKasper Overgaard (Den) Team Webike / DMK
DNFRumen Voigt (Ger) Team Mühle Stein Bikes

Elite and U23 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Maja Wloszczowka (Pol) Team Area Giant Pro XC Team1:32:41
2Adelheid Morath (Ger) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team0:00:39
3Sabine Spitz (Ger) Sabine-Spitz Haibike Pro Team0:02:39
4Alexandra Engen (Swe) Ghost Factory Racing0:02:59
5Jolanda Neff (Swi) Area Giant Pro XC Team0:03:08
6Katrin Leumann (Swi) Ghost Factory Racing0:04:50
7Hanna Klein (Ger) Lexware Rothaus Team0:05:23
8Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Ghost Factory Racing0:06:01
9Githa Michiels (Bel) Toka Print MTB Team0:07:07
10Mary Mcconneloug (USA)0:08:21
11Nina Wrobel (Ger) Fujibikes Rockets0:09:13
12Linda Indergand (Swi) Strüby MTB Kader0:11:25
13Lena Putz (Ger) Solutionxxl0:11:50
14Kathrin Stirnemann (Swi) Sabine Spitze Haibike Pro Team0:12:28
15Paula Gorycka (Pol) Polish National Team0:12:44
16Corina Gantenbein (Swi) Fischer-BMC0:16:08
17Ramona Forchini (Swi) Strüby MTB Kader0:16:22
18Nadine Rieder (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team0:17:22
19Hielke Elferink (Ned) Wheeler-Ixs-Team0:18:14
20Heidi Rosasen Sandstoe (Nor) Norwegische Nationalmannschaft0:18:26
21Aleksandra Podgorska (Pol) Polish National Team0:20:21
22Regina Genser (Ger) Craft Rocky Mountain / Bsb Bayreuth0:20:21
23Britt van den Boogert (Ned) Cube Nutswerk Team0:20:39
24Majlen Müller (Ger) Fujibikes Rockets / Landeskader Nrw0:21:21
25Iryna Popova (Ukr) National Team Of Ukraine0:21:58
26Marta Tereshchuk (Ukr) National Team Of Ukraine0:22:38
-1lapStefanie Dohrn (Ger) Bergisch Brooklyn Racing Team
-2lapsNina Krauss (Ger) Merida Deutschland
-2lapsManon van Hees (Ned) Merida Bassa Biking Team
-2lapsPerrine Clauzel (Fra) Team Focus Totor Coatchingsystem
-2lapsLaura Turpijn (Ned) Sbj Bike Team
-2lapsSaskia Hauser (Ger) Team Weiss Automotive
-2lapsJasmin Kansikas (Fin) Medilaser-Specialized MTB Team
-2lapsNoora Kanerva (Fin) Korson Kaiku
-3lapsVanessa Kleih (Ger) Merida-Schulte
-3lapsAsuman Burcu Balci (Tur) Rivamad
DNFGunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Nor) Multivan Merida Biking Team
DNFJenny Rissveds (Swe) Falu Ck Sweden
DNFAnja Gradl (Ger) Team Bulls
DNFYana Belomoina (Ukr) Brentjens Mountainbike Racing Team
DNFBarbara Benko (Hun) Focus XC Team
DNFAnnefleur Kalvenhaar (Ned) Giant MTB Dealerteam
DNFChiara Eberle (Ger) MHW-Cube-Racing-Team
DNFMonika Zur (Pol) Polish National Team
DNFSamara Sheppard (NZl) Toka Print MTB Team
DNFIda Olsson (Swe) Alingsås Sc
DNFVanessa Fernandez Vidueira (Spa) Huracan Villarosa C.C.
DNFHannah Traupe (Ger) Bicycles And More/Fliesen Heukäufer
DNFCemile Trommer (Ger) Team Cologne Bike

U23 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anton Cooper (NZl) Cannondale Factory Racing1:19:30
2Jens Schuermans (Bel) Belgian National Mountainbike Team0:00:23
3Jeff Luyten (Bel) Belgian National Mountainbike Team0:00:44
4Bart De Vocht (Bel) Goeman Scott0:00:50
5Keegan Swenson (USA) Cannondale Factory Racing0:02:00
6Truls Engen Korsaeth (Nor) Norwegische Nationalmannschaft0:02:03
7Jonas Pedersen (Den) HMTBk0:03:11
8Didier Bats (Bel) Toka Print MTB Team0:03:28
9Rens De Bruijn (Ned) Sbj Biketeam0:03:46
10Andri Frischknecht (Swi) Scott-Swisspower Team0:03:55
11Olivier Bruwiere (Bel) MTB Team Langdorp0:04:04
12Christian Pfäffle (Ger) Lexware Rothaus Team0:04:15
13Aaron Beck (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team0:04:52
14David Simon (Ger) Bergamont0:05:09
15Erik Jonsson (Swe) Allebike Sweden0:05:55
16Thijs Zuurbier (Ned) Feenstra-Felt Bike Team0:06:10
17Martin Stosek (Cze) Ceska Sporitelna Specialized Junior MTB Team0:06:22
18Martin Frey (Ger) Team Bulls0:06:52
19Sturla Aune (Nor) Norwegische Nationalmannschaft0:07:25
20Jochen Weisenseel (Ger) Craft Rocky Mountain Team/ESV 1927 Regensburg0:07:56
21Robbert De Nijs (Ned) Feenstra-Felt Bike Team0:08:02
22Ben Zwiehoff (Ger) Bergamont Racing Team/Landeskader Nrw0:08:25
23Louis Wolf (Ger) Team Cube0:08:50
24Fredrik Fang Lilland (Nor) Norwegische Nationalmannschaft0:08:50
25Rick Reimann (Swi) Orbea Suisse MTB Team0:09:10
26Markus Siebert (Ger) SC Hausach Neumayer Tekfor0:09:12
27Oliver Laudenberg (Ger) Merida Schulte0:09:14
28Anselm Wüllner (Ger) Team Merida Schulte0:09:20
29Maxi Maier (Ger) Merida Team Schulte / MTB-Club München0:09:28
30Jeroen van Eck (Ned) Mpl Specialized MTB Team0:10:05
31Ole Hem (Nor) Norwegische Nationalmannschaft0:10:13
32Tobias Bremser (Ger) Team Bergamont0:10:36
33Axel Lindh (Swe) Härnösands Ck0:10:39
34Mathias Cloostermans (Bel) Bike Inn Team Herentals0:10:46
35Robin Vanden Abeele (Bel) Cube Spie Douterloigne Ct0:10:47
36Adrian Sauer (Ger) SC Hausach Neumayer Tekfor0:11:39
37Jonas Loretz (Swi) Thömus Racing Team0:11:49
38Sondre Kristiansen (Nor) Norwegische Nationalmannschaft0:12:12
39Thomas Rasmussen (Den) MCV0:12:27
40Heiko Hog (Ger) Lexware Rothaus Team0:12:35
41Yannik Brischle (Ger) Racextract. Werksteam0:12:38
42Nicklas Gormsen (Den) DMK Sram0:12:51
43Jorgen Scheerens (Bel) Trek - Kmc Uci Trade Team0:12:51
44Sam Weber (Ger) MHW-Cube-Racing-Team0:13:09
45Artem Shevtsov (Ukr) National Team Of Ukraine0:13:50
46Michael Feinauer (Ger) MHW-Cube-Racing-Team0:13:58
47Jonas Müller (Ger) MSC Wiesenbach0:14:59
48Roy Beukers (Ned) Feenstra-Felt Bike Team0:15:36
49Stefan Braun (Ger) SC Hausach0:15:52
50Ludwig Söderquist (Swe) Cykloteket Racing Team0:16:08
51Alexander Gläser (Ger) RV Adler Lüttringhausen0:16:15
52Perttu Pärssinen (Fin) Team Medilaser0:18:01
53Robert Traupe (Ger) Bicycles And More/Fliesen Heukäufer0:18:41
54Ralph Federer (Swi) MTB-Team Frifag-Gaetzi0:18:54
55Pirmin Kuss (Ger) Wheeler-Ixs-Team0:19:35
56Pontus Fagerhill (Swe) Kopparbergs Ck/Team Nishiki0:20:30
57Manuel Pfaff (Ger) Wheeler-Ixs-Team0:21:43
58Tobias Sindlinger (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team0:22:11
-1lapChristopher Platt (Ger)
-2lapsFelix Legler (Ger) Schwalbe Team Sachsen
-2lapsAlessandro Sepp (Ger) Wheeler-Ixs Team
-2lapsMarcel Lehrian (Ger) Snb Bergstrasse
-2lapsWenzel Boehm (Ger) Focus XC Elite Team
-2lapsMarvin Schmidt (Ger) Bockshop Racing Team
-2lapsChristoph Wachter (Ger) RSV Sonthofen
-2lapsChristian Schöllhorn (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team
-2lapsTeemu Uusi-Piuhari (Fin) Team Medilaser
-2lapsFabian Obrist (Swi) Stevens Bikes/Zwikdsport
-2lapsJoachim Thrane (Den) Danish Mounitainbike Klub (DMK)
-2lapsYannick Runhart (Ned) Giant Uci Dealerteams
-2lapsLukas Holtkamp (Ger) Bicycles And More/Fliesen Heukäufer
-2lapsJannik Simon (Ger) RSV Schwalbe Ellmendingen E.V.
-2lapsMarkus Schrempp (Ger) Team Lombardo Corsa Germany
-2lapsDaniel Waibel (Ger) Team CMTB
-3lapsFlorian Happ (Ger) Pauls Bikeshop Racing Team
DNFRuben Scheire (Bel) Feenstra -Felt Bike Team
DNFKevin Panhuyzen (Bel) Belgian National Mountainbike Team
DNFSimon Schilli (Ger) Racextract. Werksteam
DNFPieter Geluykens (Bel) Merida Wallonie MTB Team
DNFNiklas Petersen (Den) DMK
DNFFlorian Kortüm (Ger) Mbc Bochum, Landeskader Nrw
DNFMatthias Baldauf (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion
DNFChristoffer Kvist (Swe) Borlänge Ck
DNFMarcel Pöter (Ger) Team Rose
DNFKevin Krieg (Swi)
DNFMartin Gluth (Ger) Lexware Rothaus Team

Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Philipp Bertsch (Ger) MHW-Cube-Racing-Team1:04:39
2Jan Vastl (Cze) Ceska Sporitelna Specialized Junior MTB Team0:00:01
3Niels Rasmussen (Den) Danish National Team0:00:52
4Milan Vader (Ned) National Team Holland0:01:09
5Georg Egger (Ger) Bike Junior Team, Powered By Milka0:01:22
6Sven Strähle (Ger) MHW-Cube-Racing-Team0:01:40
7Louis Bendixen (Den) Danish National Team0:02:22
8Luca Schwarzbauer (Ger) Lexware-Rothaus Team0:02:56
9Johannes Bläsi (Ger) Lexware Rothaus Team0:03:44
10Tobias Eise (Ger) Team Hwg Gedern0:04:08
11Jakob Hartmann (Ger) Team Baier Corratec Landshut0:04:20
12Sebastian Carstensen (Den) Danish National Team0:04:48
13Gustav Höög (Swe) Ck Bure0:04:50
14Léon Eisenkoll (Ger) Procraft-Racingteam0:05:58
15Jonas Grossmann (Ger) Sirius X-Ice Team0:06:16
16Kenneth Coomans (Bel) Trek-Kmc Trade Team0:06:36
17Rik Jansen (Ned) National Team Holland0:06:40
18Adrian Siarka (Pol) Polish National Team0:06:41
19Kjell van den Boogert (Ned) Cube Nutswerk Team0:06:44
20Mikkel Juhler (Den) Gl Rye MTB0:06:58
21Oleksii Zavolokin (Ukr) National Team Of Ukraine0:07:10
22Filip Kubin (Cze) Ceska Sporitelna Specialized Junior MTB Team0:07:19
23Luis Blattner (Ger) Rogi-Bike/Merida0:07:22
24David Horvath (Ger) Lexware Rothaus Team0:07:23
25Nils Dillmann (Ger) Merida-Schulte0:07:37
26Max Ruckriegel (Ger) Merida-Schulte0:08:20
27Sylwester Seweryn (Pol) Polish National Team0:08:53
28Patrick Obert BAD Wheeler-Ixs-Team0:08:53
29Wiebe Scholten (Ned) National Team Holland0:08:56
30Lukasz Winiarski (Pol) Polish National Team0:09:05
31Jan-Philipp Ebertz (Ger) Team Merida Schulte0:09:36
32Benedikt Kipka (Ger) Lombardo Corsa Germany0:09:37
33Anders Bregnhj (Den) Team Webike-DMK0:09:57
34Johannes Frey (Ger) Team Wheeler-Ixs0:10:31
35Kostyantyn Prykhodko (Ukr) National Team Of Ukraine0:10:36
36Nick Vanpol (Bel) B650 Granvill Factory Team0:10:37
37Fabian Bauer (Ger) Liquid-Life Heros0:10:38
38Felix Klausmann (Ger) SC Hausach Neumayer Tekfor0:11:26
39Raven Hilderts (Ger) Rvn-Freising0:11:39
40Robin Wendelen (Bel) Team Dw Bikes0:11:49
41Lucas Arnhold (Ger) Schwalbe Team Sachsen0:11:56
42Marvin Bovendorp (Ned) Nationaal Team Holland0:12:15
43Sean Christopher Feldhaus (Ger) MSV Steele 2011 E.V.0:12:27
44Julian Braun (Ger) Liquid-Life Heroes0:12:28
45Julian Dunst (Ger) Steinlach Wiesaz0:12:57
46Lasse Juls Nielsen (Den) DMK0:13:47
47Steffen Wild (Ger) SC Hausach Neumayer Tekfor0:14:07
48Andreas Egger (Ger) VC Mindelheim, Cube Factory Co Pilot0:14:21
48Marco Thalhofer (Ger) MSC-Wiesenbach
50Nico Fechtmann (Ger) Ghost Racing Team0:14:45
51Louw Kriel (RSA) Contego|Giant0:14:51
51Tobias Wagner (Ger) Bergamont
53Philip Schnurr (Ger) SC Hausach Neumayer Tekfor0:14:53
54Tim Nafcz (Ger) TSV Böbingen0:14:54
55Jan Nägele (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team0:15:01
56Max Egon Engel (Ger) Kraichgau-Biker Waibstadt E.V.0:15:29
57Jonas Tiede (Ger) TSV Böbingen0:15:49
58Ethan Huber (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team0:16:18
59Till Bönisch (Ger) Procraft-Racingteam0:16:29
60Tim Streckenbach (Ger) Radwerk Racing Team0:17:11
61Marc Dürr (Ger) Bike Team Oberallgäu0:17:39
62Florian Suess (Ger) Team Messingschlager,Fc Wüstenselbitz0:17:57
63Niels Vanpol (Bel) Granvill 650 B Facyory Team0:18:08
64Sebastian Reichle (Ger) Procraft Racingteam0:18:11
65Leon Kaiser (Ger) Liquid-Life Heroes0:20:06
66David Lenz (Ger) Ebe-Racing Team/Tsg Münsingen0:20:45
67Denis Böttle (Ger) Tv Mosbach0:22:01
68Simon Theisen (Ger) Bikeaid0:22:54
69Roman Schindler (Ger) Team Weiss Automotive0:27:32
-1lapMirko Fabera (Ger) Tu-Sports Centurion
-1lapDaniel Dröge (Ger) Liquid-Life Heroes
-2lapsNick Wichmann (Ger) RSV Blau Gelb Oberhausen/2Rad-Backhaus
DNFLukas Baum (Ger) Fiat-Rotwild
DNFLucas Mikkelsen (Den) Danish National Team
DNFRobin Thyrstedt (Swe) Allebike Sweden
DNFEdgar Schurig (Ger) Schwalbe Team Sachsen
DNFMatthias Pfundstein (Ger) SC Hausach Neumayer Tekfor
DNFDaniel Voitl (Ger) Bike Junior Team Powered By Milka
DNFMarvin Kapalla (Ger) MTB-Team Wolfsburg
DNFMarinus Krug (Ger) SC Rosenheim E.V.
DNFNils Fuisting (Ger) TSV Böbingen Fun Riders
DNFTimo Reith (Ger) Wheeler-Ixs-Team

Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Bauer (Ger) Merida Schulte1:01:09
2Sofia Wiedenroth (Ger) Team Fiat Rotwild0:00:54
3Alessandra Keller (Swi) Strüby MTB Kader0:01:49
4Diana Hordiiuk (Ukr) National Team Of Ukraine0:03:52
5Marlo Koevoet (Ned) Mpl Specialized MTB Team0:05:37
6Annemarie Worst (Ned) VV Giant Dt Benelux0:05:42
7Henriette Elvrum Handal (Nor) Norwegische Nationalmannschaft0:05:45
8Darya Tkachova (Ukr) National Team Of Ukraine0:05:56
9Anika Buhl (Ger) Lexware Rothaus Team0:07:28
10Anke Schmid (Ger) Bike Junior Team Powered By Milka0:07:33
11Frida Helena Rönning (Nor) Norwegische Nationalmannschaft0:07:33
12Veronika Brüchle (Ger) Stevens Schubert Team0:08:39
13Caroline Fagerhill (Swe) Kopparbergs Ck/La Pierre0:09:10
14Marlena Drozdziok (Pol) Bolmet-Trek0:09:56
15Isabell Lange (Ger) Lombardo Corsa Germany/ Tsg Münsingen0:11:22
16Sophie von Berswordt-W (Ned) Giant Dealer Teams (Gdt)0:11:24
17Antonia Rödel (Ger) Team Merida Schulte, RSC Hengen0:12:11
18Theresia Schwenk (Ger) MHW-Cube-Racing-Team0:14:38
19Marta Wesoowska (Pol) Bolmet-Trek0:16:00
20Hanna Leersch (Ger) Bicycles And More/Fliesen Heukäufer0:16:20
21Mara Steffen (Ger) Nrw Ladeskader0:18:09
22Aurelia Höbel (Ger) Bike Team Oberallgäu0:20:26
23Agnieszka Jastrzbska (Pol) Bolmet-Trek0:21:08
24Marla Krauss (Ger) SV Reudern /Snake Bikes0:25:08
25Isabel Jonk (Ned) Giant Benelux0:26:02
26Amelie Etzel (Ger) MTB Neuffen0:30:39
-1lapMijntje Minkema (Ned) VV Giant Dt Benelux
DNFRomy Schmid (Ger) Stevens Schubert Racing Team
DNFJessica Schweizer (Ger) TSV Laichingen/Ski U,#.Biketeam
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