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Beytagh, Bourque win Gravity East opener at Massanutten

The Gravity East season opened with 263 entries at Virginia's Massanutten Resort for the Yee Ha! downhill. The spectacular weather and the off-season improvements to the former World Cup course made for a fast and technical course with plenty of flow that showcased all aspects of a true East Coast downhill course.

Of course, downhill racing has its dangers. And those dangers were exhibited on Saturday morning when defending Gravity East Champion and World Cup competitor Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing) crashed early during his first practice run. The resulting trip to the local hospital revealed that Mulally had a fractured bone between his wrist and elbow, although he was not put in a cast pending an appointment with his personal orthopedist.

Mulally wasn't the only star at Massanutten, however, as Gravity East's best have shown that they are capable of beating him, though not with the frequency that they might desire.

One of those is Morewood USA's Gerritt Beytagh, who blistered the course with a time of 3:12.14 to take the win from Jason Memmelaar (Giant/ HBG/Smith/5TE) by nearly four seconds. Rounding out the podium was Richie Rude, Jr. of Specialized All Ride.

On the women's side, Dawn Bourgue (Chainline Cycles/Roc), started her defense of the Gravity East Pro Women's Title with a win over former cross country star Sue Haywood. But the surprise of the day came in the Women's Cat. 1 amateur class when Anne Galyean (East Coast Gravity Pro) won by over 21 seconds with a time that was faster than all of the pro women on the same course.

Round two of the 2010 Gravity East Series takes place at Pennsylvania's Seven Springs Resort on June 12-13.

Race Notes

- The weekend started on Friday with practice during the day and a foot-down derby and kick-off party at the base of the run. A crowd gathered at the Encounters Lounge to drink beer and soda, eat bar food and watch some of America's best bike handlers try to stay on their bikes while others tried to gently separate them from their machine. The Mulallys showed why they are such a well-known commodity as bothers Neko and Logan dominated the proceedings by winning all 10 rounds, with each brother taking five rounds.

- The kick-off party also included a mini-dual slalom race with grown-up racers competing on kiddie bike. The brothers Mulally went head-to-head with Logan besting his brother and eventually even his Dad in the loosely-played "race".

- The racing went off according to plan for most of competition with one glitch. Race Director Dan McDonald tripped and accidently pulled the electronic cables out of the timing system during the Cat. 1 race. Five riders had to re-run.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Geritt Beytagh (Morewood USA)0:03:12.14
2Jason Memmelaar (Giant/ HBG/Smith)0:00:03.95
3Richard Rude Jr (Specialized Allride)0:00:04.35
4Gavin Vaughan (Giant MTB Team)0:00:05.56
5Trevyn Newpher (Snowshoe Bike Park)0:00:09.13
6Leif Lorenzen0:00:09.26
7Alejandro Ortiz (Morpheus Cycles)0:00:09.72
8James Ford (Hotfire Racing)0:00:09.79
9Josh Clark (Lowry Custom Collisi)0:00:09.88
10Geoffrey Ulmer (Xprezo/Gamut/Gravit)0:00:12.04
11Adam Morse (Voncooper/GT/HBG)0:00:12.36
12Tim White (Voncooper/GT/HBG)0:00:12.37
13Will Collins (E*Thirteen)0:00:15.53
14Tim Price (Grom Racing)0:00:15.55
15David Flynn (FTW Industries/Paul)0:00:15.81
16Justin Gregory (Lets Go Pens/ 7 Springs)0:00:19.25
17Jason Beckley (MMR/Kenda/Fox/Marin)0:00:21.44
18Chris Higgerson (Giant MTB Team)0:00:24.03
19Oliver Levick (Drummer Racing)0:00:24.06
20Brian Yannuzzi (Crash or Win Racing)0:00:24.60
21Alex Moschitti (Team Giant/ Hayes)0:00:24.61
22Robin Klinkert0:00:24.71
23Chuck Pitts (Trek/ Kovachi Wheels)0:00:27.15
24Dennis Yuroshek (Giant HBG)0:00:27.55
25Erik Gosselin (Gravity Project)0:00:29.63
26Greg Nelson0:00:30.91
27John Leslie (High Gear Racing)0:00:31.45
28Matty Komar (Morewood USA)0:00:35.62
29Ethan Quehl0:00:40.20
30Evan Mallory (Windham Mountain)0:04:57.93
DNFDirk Cowley
DNFNeko Mulally (Trek World Racing)
DNFMarvin Scanland
DNFBen Hulse (Morpheus Cycles)

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dawn Bourque (Chainline Cycles)0:04:12.19
2Sue Haywood (SBC)0:00:06.43

Cat. 1 Men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Logan Mulally (Troy Lee Designs)0:03:35.49
2Dylan Conte (Team I-Ride/Jimmz)0:00:02.84
3Damon Morin (Highland Mtn)0:00:09.04
4Benjamin Calhoun (Grom Racing)0:00:09.83
5Jay Fesperman (Grom Racing)0:00:16.53
6David Milkiewicz (Gravity Project)0:00:17.85
7Luca Shaw (Grom Racing)0:00:18.67
8Peter Mcnulty (Gravity Project)0:00:26.43
9Ray Syron (Sinister UnitedFreer)0:00:26.90
10William O'brien (Grom Racing)0:00:27.88
11Nick Gragtmans (Sycamore Cycles)0:00:28.53
12Alex Couture (Giant MTB Team)0:00:29.48
13Max Hautaniemi (Gravity Project)0:00:31.91
14Sam Pensler (Grom Racing)0:00:38.45
15Cody Wilkins0:00:38.48
16Hunter Budd (Sinister UnitedFreer)0:00:40.19
DNFMike Gross
DNFWalker Shaw (Grom Racing)

Cat. 1 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Harrison Reynolds (Spin Bike Shop & Hor)0:03:28.79
2Ryan Gardner (Beacon Bombers)0:00:02.94
3Peter Mihalick (Giant HBG)0:00:06.71
4Dan Ennis (Sycamore Cycles)0:00:06.74
5Chris Patton (Gravity Project)0:00:07.29
6Eric Bercume0:00:07.81
7Willem Cooper (
8Rod Haske (Lowriders)0:00:11.89
9Vance Nonno (Nema International)0:00:13.68
10Thomas Wilkinson0:00:15.52
11Nicholas D'emidio0:00:15.79
12Geoffrey Ayr (FTW Factory Team)0:00:18.34
13Jake Baxter (
14John Normand0:00:19.63
15Matt Mchale (Mountain Man Outdoor)0:00:20.83
16Philip Noto (Magic Cycles)0:00:24.83
17Jason Nixon0:00:25.12
18Colby Nugent0:00:26.58
19Christopher Brown (Hot Fire Racing)0:00:30.67
20Max Syron (Sinister UnitedFreer)0:00:31.48
21Ross Ciminelli (Design Physics)0:00:31.78
22Richard Patty (Oliver Racing/ Wayfa)0:00:46.14
23Jacob Roy0:00:51.36
24Peter Mills (Industry Nine Wheels)0:00:58.74
DNFMicah Vanhorn
DNFTylor Bowes

Cat. 1 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fred Heinly (Reading Racing)0:03:39.60
2Todd Nicholas (661/NEMA/Fluid/Tbr)0:00:04.34
3Donnie Roberts (FTW Factory Team)0:00:04.47
4Kevin Liebig0:00:06.78
5Andrew Farrell0:00:10.04
6Shawn Metcalf (Mongoose Tribe)0:00:13.96
7Wesley Boucher (Trailsend)0:00:14.45
8John Pentecost0:00:18.05
9Jason Rudy0:00:18.12
10Michael Hummel0:00:18.31
11Harley Addair (Wired)0:00:18.79
12Scaat Lapanne0:00:20.75
13Delmar Dale0:00:29.40
14Chris Kring (High Gear Racing)0:00:30.24
15Neil Demaio0:00:34.50
16Jed Mcdonald0:00:44.35
DNFMancil Gray (Team Chainsmoke)
DNFJohn Stewart (
DNFMatt Adams (Cycle Therapy)

Cat. 1 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Charles Morin (Highland)0:03:42.81
2Tom Shomper0:00:02.21
3Phillip Cook (Racers Edge/ NEMA)0:00:04.84
4Mark Overby (Mock Orange Bikes)0:00:13.53
5Jacob Dallegro (Sinical Racing)0:00:13.70
6Joe Bell0:00:18.74
7Reid Kinivy (Michelin - 661)0:00:20.77
8Julian Cabreana (High Gear Racing)0:00:21.12
9Robert Safrit (Snowshoe)0:00:28.35
10Stefan Daney0:00:28.75
11Ian Starr0:00:34.43
12Richard Rude0:00:43.43
13Bob Beuard (Horns Hall Collertiv)0:00:44.28
14George Ulmer (Gravity Project - Pl)0:00:48.84
15Paul Labarbera (Eli)0:00:53.87
16Gary Moon (NEMA)0:00:58.29
DNFDavid Ciminelli (Design Physics/ Rowl)
DNFTed Briggs (Hayes/NEMA/LEATT)

Cat. 2 Men 18 & Under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ace Savarese (Nema/Bicycle)0:03:46.82
2Ryan Gregory0:00:01.57
3Richard Maree0:00:03.77
4Max Hoffman0:00:16.74
5Sam Skidmore0:00:21.96
6Jimmy Leslie (7 Springs)0:00:30.89
7Shane Leslie (High Gear Racing)0:00:32.66
8Eric Vest (Grom Racing)0:00:40.02
9Ben Bodycoat0:00:48.46
10Travis Whitt0:00:49.50
11Ian Turner0:00:53.03
12Kevin Martin0:00:58.07
13Gustan Zimmerman0:01:57.51

Cat. 2 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Justin Steiner (Dirt Rag)0:03:41.39
2Steven Czaplicki0:00:05.04
3Alex Kliesh (Knapps Cyclery)0:00:05.27
4Mike Monger (Race Pace Bicycles)0:00:06.24
5Thomas Hermon (Bike Source)0:00:07.07
6Joe Cymbaluk0:00:07.87
7Nathan Parrish (Iron City Bikes)0:00:13.63
8Scott Bureau (Oliver Racing/ Devil)0:00:13.66
9Mike Fields (Race Pace Bicycles)0:00:16.89
10Robert Monjure (UNCC Downhill)0:00:17.61
11Drew Barringer (UNCC Downhill)0:00:22.65
12Daniel Siegfried0:00:24.06
13Danny Waskeiwicz (
14Charlie Brand0:00:27.24
15Geoffrey Allen0:00:29.40
16Dennis Throckmorton (Design Physics)0:00:30.96
17Chris Obrien0:00:31.08
18Tom Nieri (Knolly Bikes)0:00:31.47
19Justin Mchenry0:00:36.35
20Michael Oliver (Oliver Racing)0:00:36.78
21Jonathan Howlette0:00:42.00
22Clayton Schaefer0:00:51.11
23Anthony Viselli (Canfield Bikes)0:00:58.18
24Anthony Coluccio (Knapps Cyclery)0:00:59.24
25Michael Gnarou (Ridetopia)0:01:07.40
26Colin Million0:01:08.75
27Trent Mckenzie0:01:16.31
28Guy-Phillipe Goth0:01:26.44
29Alan Tarwater (Team Fat Kids)0:01:29.70
30Stuart Childress0:01:57.43
DNFRoss Johnson
DNFJeffrey Nelson
DNFTodd Colligan

Cat. 2 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephen Gray (Blackwater Bike Shop)0:03:51.91
2Scott Metz0:00:02.58
3Merritt White (Re!Cycles)0:00:10.25
4Luke Wenschhof0:00:11.73
5Todd Cholerik (Team Angel)0:00:15.39
6Brandon Barber (Cycle Therapy)0:00:20.25
7Jason Hague0:00:26.76
8Brian Phillips0:00:34.04
9Ritch Ricker0:00:42.09
10Jacob Mcglauflin (Blackwater Bike Shop)0:00:43.64
11Joseph Orsini (Cycleworks)0:00:46.39
12Neil Lee0:01:17.76
13Jaoquin Canizales (Team Marty's)0:01:26.93
14Gino Groft0:01:31.90
DNFMike Trumble
DNFBrian Hosesapple

Cat. 2-3 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephen Coleman0:03:39.23
2Jeff Haight0:00:30.50
3George Bodycoat0:00:37.20
4Mike Calhoun0:00:43.44
5Rick Burchfield (Mongoose Tribe)0:00:47.55
6Brian Quillen0:00:47.84
7John Graichen0:00:52.03
8John Shomper0:00:52.54
9Chip Gray0:01:00.36
10Ed Mcdaniel0:01:01.60
11John Irvin (Sinical Racing)0:01:03.23
12Doug Tate (Chainsmoke Cycles)0:01:05.44
13Alan Daum (Nittany
14David Gray (Bike Line)0:01:08.95
15Frank Wuerthele0:01:32.18
16Rob Valasquez (OC Racing/ A-1 Cycling)0:01:41.34
17Joe Olivas0:02:56.25
18Bruce Mccann (Team Amigos Reser By)0:03:41.47

Cat. 3 Men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carter Dameworth0:04:12.57
2Jeff Culp0:01:16.46
3Sam Cookson0:01:54.40
4Pierce Taylor0:02:05.61
5Grayson Morin (Highland)0:03:26.85

Cat. 3 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Trek Vandecar0:04:11.62
2Arik Wolf0:00:05.24
3Corey Willard (Re!Cycles)0:00:09.97
4Adam Wolf0:00:15.35
5Brett Cullen0:00:29.78
6Jon Obrien0:00:33.33
7Matthew W. Furlong0:00:33.74
8Jacob Leaf0:00:38.56
9Clayton Miller (Re!Cycles)0:00:46.71
10Kenneth Karle Jr0:00:47.43
11Thomas Velasquz0:00:55.85
12Tj Hiney (Drummer Racing)0:01:08.25
13Phil Thai0:01:10.19
14Michael Gregerson0:02:51.01

Cat. 3 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Steven Beuchert0:04:19.57
2Dave Huff (Horns Hall)0:00:27.96
3Keith Obrien0:00:37.61
4Walter Connare (Josh Clark Carpet)0:01:17.16
5Robert Buchan0:01:37.37
6Scott Hohowski0:01:44.37
DNFJulian Macovei

Open men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dennis Yuroshek (Giant HBG)0:03:31.25
2Matt Griffen (SEI Racing/Morewood)0:00:04.34
3Butch Greene0:00:05.94
4Corey Greeneltch (
5Edward Buchan0:00:19.60
6Craig Folsom (Cycle Therapy)0:00:20.24
7Matt Hofherr0:00:24.21
8Mark Wallace0:00:28.09
9Michael Valach (Snowshow)0:00:29.54
10Brett Ferguson0:00:33.22
11Todd Cholerik (Team Angel)0:00:33.44
12Tim Richardson (SBC)0:00:33.68
13Jessee Mcmath0:00:40.15
14Bradley Smith (Chainsmoke)0:00:52.56
15Joseph Burkell (
16Ryan Sullivan0:00:59.46
17Bryan Courtright0:01:02.95
18Blanton Unger0:01:10.00
19Adam Cain (
DNFEllen Adams
DNFJoe Visalli (Sinical Racing)
DNFCollin Vento
DNFJeremy Wishart
DNFStephen Ryan

Cat. 1 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anne Galyean (East Coas Gravity)0:04:08.27
2Lauren Daney (Grom Racing)0:00:21.66
3Rebecca Bagley (FTW Factory Team)0:00:49.53
4Hannah Trimble (Morpheus Cycles)0:10:11.53

Cat. 1 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Becky Gardner (Beacon Bombers)0:04:42.95

Cat. 2-3 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Taylor Allison0:04:59.89
2Caroline Westray0:00:06.22
3Samantha Williams (DCMTB)0:00:08.27
4Stephanie Teleski (Re!Cycles)0:00:34.00
5Elixandria Porru0:01:16.18
6Maggie Keller0:01:38.70
7Jennel Ortiz (Team Marty's)0:03:14.70
DNFKelly Hazlegrove

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Zachary Price0:06:09.45
2Thomas Moore0:00:06.23


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