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Braumann, Paccard fastest of masters' downhillers

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All the European Masters downhill champions pose for a group shot

All the European Masters downhill champions pose for a group shot (Image credit: Grega Stopar/
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Patrick Sicard (ASEC) is the 55 champion

Patrick Sicard (ASEC) is the 55 champion (Image credit: Grega Stopar/
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A downhiller racing in Slovenia

A downhiller racing in Slovenia (Image credit: Grega Stopar/
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A racer speeds along on the downhill track

A racer speeds along on the downhill track (Image credit: Grega Stopar/
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Slovenian rider Rok Podbevšek (Enduro Maxxis Sram) is a local favorite.

Slovenian rider Rok Podbevšek (Enduro Maxxis Sram) is a local favorite. (Image credit: Grega Stopar/
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Alastair Maclennan (Nukeproof) races to win the 45-49 men's championship

Alastair Maclennan (Nukeproof) races to win the 45-49 men's championship (Image credit: Grega Stopar/
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Eddy Mollier (Fra) CK Racing Santa Cruz) on his way to winning men's 40-44 championship

Eddy Mollier (Fra) CK Racing Santa Cruz) on his way to winning men's 40-44 championship (Image credit: Grega Stopar/
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The downhill podium

The downhill podium (Image credit: Grega Stopar/

Kranjska Gora, a well known winter and summer resort in Slovenia, hosted the European Masters Downhill and Cross Country Championships this weekend for the second time since 2009. Fourteen total titles were awarded to riders from seven countries.

After some rain on Friday, the course was drying out by the hour and for the Sunday finals, it was just perfect for racing. The top forest section, with many roots and a clay surface, still presented a problem for many, white the last pedaling section was just as tough.

There were some super fast runs, and the fastest rider of the day was from France. Yoann Paccard took the title in the 30 to 34-year-old group with the only time under three minutes. In the same group, Slovenian Rok Podbevšek was third and saved the honour of the host nation of Slovenia. Other titles went to Austria, Belgium, France and Great Britain.

A list of title winners is below and complete results by category follow.

Male winners
30-34 years: Yoann Paccard (Fra)
35-39 years: Laurent Georges (Bel) Windose Granville Houffalize
40-44 years: Eddy Mollier (Fra) CK Racing Santa Cruz
45-49 years: Alastair MacLennan (GBr) Nukeproof
50-54 years: Max Schuster (Aut) Muskelkater Genesis
55+ years: Patrick Sicard (Fra) ASEC

Female winners
All ages: Birgit Braumann (Aut) Specialized

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Birgit Braumann (Aut) Specialized Mountainbiker.at0:03:33.441
2Claire Blondeau (Fra) UCHAV0:00:18.078
3Maria Federica Zanotto (Ita) Team Todesco ASD0:01:16.092

Men 30-34
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yoann Paccard (Fra)0:02:57.700
2Grzegorz Zielinski (Pol) SBR0:00:03.991
3Rok Podbevšek (Slo) Enduro Maxxis Sram0:00:06.850
4Giorgio Iannis (Ita) Pedroni Kjub racing team0:00:08.379
5Julien Collet (Fra) Valloire Gaibier VTT0:00:13.356
6Sebastjan Zmrzljak (Slo) MTB Trbovlje/Specialized0:00:14.809
7Michele Pedroni (Ita) Pedroni Kjub racing team0:00:15.569
8Matthias Reichmann (Ger) Doubledragon0:00:16.267
9Joel Duval (Fra)0:00:20.083
10Georg Vit (Aut) Bang Brothers Klagenfurt0:00:21.514
11Dirk August (Ger) Banshee - Royal Bavarian Woodp0:00:27.202
12Damien Duggan (Irl) ChainReactionCycles0:00:28.559
13Diego Motta (Ita) Team Todesco0:00:34.035
14Simon Daniel (Aut) Bang Brothers Klagenfurt0:00:35.250
15Boštjan Vižin (Slo) ŠD Supersnurf Giant0:00:36.068
16Rocco Savani (Ita) Mangusta Bike Team0:00:37.250
17Michal Kotrba (Cze)0:00:42.080
18Michele Pasquali (SMr) San Marino Gravity Team0:00:45.870
19Hannes Fleischhacker (Aut)0:00:54.002
20Nathan Floor (Bel)0:01:28.887
DNFFrédéric Boeglin (Fra) Les Arcs

Men 35-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Laurent Georges (Bel) Windose Granville Houffalize0:03:01.919
2Markus Bast (Ger) Propain Bikes/ Sixpack Racing/0:00:01.307
3Wojciech Koniuszewski (Pol) Totalbikes SBR0:00:02.272
4Michael Cowan (Irl) ChainReactionCycles.com0:00:04.003
5Paolo Alleva (Ita) Valsesia bike0:00:04.896
6Oscar Colombo (Ita) Team Scout Da Bomb0:00:06.444
7Cyril Meslier (Fra) Trek0:00:08.564
8Jiri Knap (Cze) Mondraker 661 e13 KTMAR team0:00:10.336
9Gaël Gougne (Fra)0:00:11.096
10Daniele Simonetti (Ita) ASD Bikeland 20030:00:11.379
11Boštjan Felc (Slo) Sloga 1902 Idrija0:00:13.087
12Saša Merljak (Slo) DEŠ Fleš0:00:13.819
13Primož Štrancar (Slo) Orbea Geax0:00:14.752
14Werner Jessner (Aut) Specialized Mountainbiker.at0:00:18.648
15Milan Cižinsky (Cze) MAD0:00:18.662
16Christoph Grill (Aut) Revolution Racing Team0:00:21.047
17Aljoša Martinjaš (Slo) Calcit bike team0:00:22.617
18Carsten Portsch (Ger) Royal Bavarian Woodpacker0:00:24.321
19Patrick Schickengruber (Aut) BC Stoahupfa Leibnitz0:00:25.029
20Olivier Moine (Fra)0:00:26.997
21Renzo Ottina (Ita) Eli-Ca RRide0:00:29.517
22Marcello Pedroni (Ita) Pedroni Kjub racing team0:00:51.906
23Matteo Ambrosi (Ita) Pedroni Kjub racing team0:00:53.635

Men 40-44
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eddy Mollier (Fra) CK Racing Santa Cruz0:03:05.412
2Nicolas Vaxelaire (Fra)0:00:07.773
3Neil Wilson (GBr) Glentress Riders0:00:11.360
4Stéphane Routin (Fra) Trek0:00:14.860
5Enrico Carlassara (Ita) Team Todesco ASD0:00:18.914
6Gianluca Vigna (Ita) Valsesia bike0:00:19.976
7Rene Van Der Heide (Ned)0:00:20.674
8Roberto Piropo (Ita) ASD Sport Bike-DDS0:00:24.369
9Burkhard Steffens (Ger) Bodenhaftung0:00:27.948
10Rafal Wypior (Pol)0:00:36.750
11Fabrice Delanzy (Fra)0:00:42.682
12Georg Danner (Aut) Revolution-Racing0:01:03.571
13Gabriele Incaudo (Ita) Valsesia bike0:01:18.851
14Marcel Kramer (Ned)0:02:00.815

Men 45-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alastair Maclennan (GBr) Nukeproof0:03:08.533
2Giuseppe Lividini (SMr) San Marino Gravity Team0:00:07.281
3Jirí Cila (Cze) Shaman0:00:20.656
4Stefano Caiola (Ita) Pedroni Kjub racing team0:00:28.333
5Jean-Paul Alberti (Fra) Ventoux Sports0:00:30.421
6Grzegorz Gora (Pol)0:00:30.550
7Mats Andersson (Swe) Sportson CK0:00:32.935
8Samuele Roma (Ita) Valsesia bike0:00:33.201
9Mark Mackarel (GBr) Mojo Suspension0:00:35.294
10Gianluca Piazzi (Ita) Team Scout Da Bomb0:00:36.042
11Michael Krüger (Ger) Team Bodenhaftung0:00:37.316
12Massimo Tosadori (Ita) Pedroni Kjub racing team0:00:38.010
13Mauro Marini (Ita) Vallone delle Cese0:00:38.820
14Milan Suchomel (Cze) DH Brutal team Frýdek Místek0:00:45.624
15Flavio Zallocco (Ita) Smile Bike Team0:00:48.307

Men 50-54
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Max Schuster (Aut) Muskelkater Genesis0:03:21.294
2Benoît Fellay (Swi)0:00:07.667
3Miroslav Pek (Cze) Peksport Specialized Concept S0:00:07.780
4Philippe Da Silva (Fra) Ryde-Racing0:00:09.107
5Stephan Mangelsdorff (Ger) ChainReactionCycles.com0:00:22.085
6Raffaele De Pietro (Ita) ASD Sport Bike-DDS0:00:22.444
7Giuseppe Lorenzoni (Ita) Mangusta Bike Team0:00:41.070

Men 55+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Sicard (Fra) ASEC0:03:34.194
2Rolf Von Steinhausen (Swe) Länna Sport / Scott0:00:07.474
3Ernesto Pedroni (Ita) Pedroni Kjub racing team0:00:26.947
4Francesco Cotta (Ita) ASD Sport Bike-DDS0:00:35.973
5Claude Gex (Swi)0:00:44.503
6Peter Popham (Irl) Bespoke Cycles0:00:53.804


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