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Huber wins Dolomiti Superbike

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Race leaders

Race leaders (Image credit: Dolomiti Superbike)
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Urs Huber wins the Dolomiti Superbike

Urs Huber wins the Dolomiti Superbike (Image credit: Dolomiti Superbike)
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Women's podium: Pia Sundstedt (2nd), Erika Dicht (1st), Sally Bigham (3rd)

Women's podium: Pia Sundstedt (2nd), Erika Dicht (1st), Sally Bigham (3rd) (Image credit: Dolomiti Superbike)
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Men's podium: Mirko Celestino (2nd), Urs Huber (1st), Mike Felderer (3rd)

Men's podium: Mirko Celestino (2nd), Urs Huber (1st), Mike Felderer (3rd) (Image credit: Dolomiti Superbike)

Urs Huber (Team Stöckli - Craft) and Erika Dicht (Wheeler IXS Swiss Team) won the 16th Dolomiti Superbike in Niederdorf on Sunday.

Huber finished the 119.9km distance in 4:50:06, ahead of Italians Mirko Celestino (Semperlux Axevo Haibike) and Mike Felderer (Full Dynamix). It was Huber's second win at this race and his third one in Niederdorf.

"I said yesterday that I want to win and I have shown today that I can," said Huber, who has won the Crocodile Trophy. "Despite the sun and the heat, I started to attack 40km from the finish line and managed to get away from Mirko Celestino and Mike Felderer."

"I was surprised this morning how many spectators were already out at 7:30 am waiting for the start. That was motivation."

Celestino improved upon his fourth position of last year by finishing second. Similarly, Felderer landed in third place.

Felderer wanted to be on the podium. "I was leading in the front, but in Silvestro I had to switch down a gear. I would like to have caught Mirko as I noticed he was plagued by cramps, but it was not possible. Urs and Mirko were simply in better form. However, I am totally happy with third place."

At the race, Celestino announced that he will be racing the TransAlp together with Marzio Deho at the end of July.

The women's even ended with another Swiss victory thanks to Erika Dicht, who crossed the line in five hours, 44 minutes and six seconds - ahead of Finland's Pia Sunstedt (Craft Rocky Mountain) and Britain's Sally Bigham (Topeak Ergon).

The 29-year-old from Switzerland was in her first race of the season as until now, she has been busy with her education. That was all the more reason for the winner to claim it as a super race, but very hard "because I was often alone for long distances".

Yet, she was aware of the strong competition from the likes of Sunstedt, who frequently trains nearby on Flüela pass in the summers.

"If you don't have a good day, you can't be number one," said Sunstedt. "Erika was super today. I asked myself again and again in the middle of this race 'why I am doing this?' I must be crazy to come back here voluntarily every year. The Dolomiti Superbike is one of the toughest races where we have to climb a total of almost 4,000 meters."

British marathon champion Bingham sought a challenge for the day. "After my botched-up time back in 2008, I had to return to Niederdorf. Today, despite the high temperatures, I managed third place. With a little rain, I could have done better," said the racer with a preference for cooler weather.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Urs Huber (Swi) Team Stöckli - Craft4:50:07
2Mirko Celestino (Ita) Semperlux Axevo Haibike0:00:20
3Mike Felderer (Ita) Full Dynamix0:02:26
4Jukka Vastaranta (Fin) Tampereen Pyora Union0:03:25
5Marzio Deho (Ita) G.S. Cicli Olympia0:03:45
6Massimo Debertolis (Ita) Full Dynamix0:07:20
7Stefan Sahm (Ger) Team Bulls0:08:54
8Johann Pallhuber (Ita) Silmax Cannondale Racing Team0:09:20
9Karl Platt (Ger) Team Bulls0:11:02
10Matthias Leisling (Ger) Muskelkater Genesis Team0:13:44
11Thomas Dietsch (Fra) Team Bulls0:14:41
12Walter Costa (Ita) Scapin - Stihl - Torrevilla MT0:14:48
13Jhon Botero Salazar (Col) Scapin - Stihl - Torrevilla MT0:15:20
14Mirko Pirazzoli (Ita) Promo Bike0:16:21
15Manuele Spadi (Ita) Focus Factory Racing Cycling T0:17:13
16Paolo Alberati (Ita) A&G Sporting Test Team0:24:48
17Eddi Andres Rendon Rios (Ita) Scapin - Stihl - Torrevilla MT0:25:37
18Matteo Fabbri (Ita) G.S. Promo-Bik ASD0:27:14
19Mattia Longa (Ita) Club Lombardia Team ASD0:33:12
20Joan Llordella Prat (Spa) Fornells BTT0:35:06
21Luca Ronchi (Ita) lissone mtb asd0:37:53
22Christian Pallaoro (Ita) G.S. Cicli Olympia0:38:43
23Federico Fuser (Ita) G.S. Cicli Olympia0:41:17
24Georg Piazza (Ita) Sunshine Racers ASV Nals0:42:04
25Agostino Andreis (Ita) GS Cicli Olimpia0:42:50
26Hubert Pollinger (Ita) Sunshine Racers Nals0:43:44
27Guido Thaler (Aut) Corratec World Team0:44:27
28Julian Alf Becerra Medina (Col) Focus Factory Racing Cycling T0:46:36
29Gunter Egger (Ita) Profi Bike Team0:46:59
30Damiano Ferraro (Ita) G.S. Termopiave Mecc.2P Cassol0:54:07
31Tiziano Carraro (Ita) Team Pamini ASD0:55:08
32Sascha Schwindling (Ger) Endorfin-Solvis/RSC St. Ingber1:02:41
33Patrick Titus (Ger) Bike Junior Team / FC Wüstense1:04:51
34Davide Coato (Ita) Silmax Cannondale Racing Team1:06:22
35Gianmaria Falasco (Ita) V.C. Torre Vallortigara1:10:08
36Alessio Bisio (Ita) MTB Brondello1:11:24
37Mathias Kallart (Ger) Veloclub Lechhausen1:12:26
38Thomas Forer (Ita) Sunshine Racers ASV Nals1:15:18
39Joaquin Cammisi (Arg) U.C.S. Toffoletto1:15:46
40Jean Biermans (Bel) AS-Group - Quantec1:18:14
41Dario Steinacher (Ita) Profi Bike Team1:24:08
42Bram Vleugels (Bel) Goeman Scott Cycling1:31:30
43Davide Cecchin (Ita) Team Pamini ASD1:38:56
44Oliver Medina Moreno (Ita) Canary-Bike2:02:54
DNFMario Alberto Rojas (Col) Focus Factory Racing Cycling T
DNFMauro Bettin (Ita) Full Dynamix
DNFDiego Beltramo (Ita) MTB Brondello
DNFDaniel Pozzecco (Ita) L`Arcobaleno Carraro Team
DNFLenart Noc (Slo) E-HUB Team
DNFMichael Wiessner (Ger) RC Martin's Bikeshop
DNFMike Blewitt (Aus) Northern Sydney
DNFGiacomo Torleone (Ita) Faenza Hymer Team
DNFFlorian Bolt (Swi) Biketeam Aadorf

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Erika Dicht (Swi) Wheeler IXS Swiss Team5:44:05
2Pia Sundstedt (Fin) Craft Rocky Mountain0:05:25
3Sally Bigham (GBr) Topeak Ergon Racing Team0:11:39
4Birgit Söllner (Ger) Team Firebike-Drössiger0:13:50
5Barbara Kaltenhauser (Ger) Team Radsport-Oberland-Stevens0:18:25
6Katrin Schwing (Ger) Trek0:28:20
7Michela Benzoni (Ita) Lissone MTB0:34:37
8Elena Giacomuzzi (Ita) Team Caprivesi0:34:44
9Barbora Radova (Cze) Studio 20010:37:35
10Carol Rasmussen (Den) Spurtstark0:53:53
11Annika Schirmer (Aut) Union Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol1:03:45
12Jasmin Erhardt (Ger) SIRIUS Team Frankenwald1:58:51
13Manuela Werkle (Swi) RSF Niederlinxweiler2:00:50
DNFAnna Ferrari (Ita) Elettroveneta Corratec
DNFAlessia Ghezzo (Ita) Focus Factory Racing

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