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Holloway wins Dana Point Grand Prix

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Daniel Holloway (Mike's Bikes) claims the win in the final stage of the Sea Otter Classic pro stage race on Sunday in yet another win for the scrappy NorCal amateur team.

Daniel Holloway (Mike's Bikes) claims the win in the final stage of the Sea Otter Classic pro stage race on Sunday in yet another win for the scrappy NorCal amateur team. (Image credit: Wil Mattthews)
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Daniel Holloway will race with Mike's Bikes, but hopes to go back to the pro level

Daniel Holloway will race with Mike's Bikes, but hopes to go back to the pro level (Image credit: Martina Patella)

Athlete Octane’s Daniel Holloway won the bunch sprint at USA Cycling’s National Criterium Calendar (NCC) Dana Point Grand Prix on Sunday in California. Luke Keough (UnitedHealthcare) placed second and Fabrizio Vonnacher (KHS-Maxxis-Jakroo) placed third.

"I'm stoked," said Holloway, who came off of a winning streak at the USA Crits Speed Week on the east coast. "It's a snowball rolling downhill and gaining ground. We are setting our goals and meeting them. We want to keep that happiness going. A happy rider is a fast rider."

The pro men competed for more than $17,000 in cash, primes and prizes, and for additional points toward NCC series ranking.

UnitedHealthcare's Carlos Alzate went into the race as the NCC leader, after the first three rounds; Sunny King Criterium, Charlotte-Belmont Omnium and Winston-Salem Classic Criterium. His team was also leading the overall team competition.

The men raced on a fast, six-turn, L-shaped course through Dana Point neighborhoods that overlooked the harbor. An early breakaway of five riders gained a small lead on the peloton, however, it was all back together with an hour of racing still to go. During the last half of the race, riders continued to attack and short-lived breakaways reshuffled.

One of the breakaways included Holloway. Ultimately, it was UnitedHealthcare's dominant lead-out train the brought the field back together before the final sprint. It was Holloway who took the convincing win at the line. "I thought that move might have stuck. I got back in the field, took a few deep breaths, and got on the back of their train," he said.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel Holloway (Athlete Octane Cycling)1:16:29
2Luke Keough (UCI PCT/WPT: UnitedHealthcare)
3Fabrizio Vonnacher (KHS-Maxxis-JAKROO)
4Cory Williams (KHS-Maxxis-JAKROO)0:00:01
5Logan Loader (UCI CT: Amore e Vita - Selle SM)
6Karl Menzies (UCI PCT/WPT: UnitedHealthcare)
7Christain Tamayo (Incycle Predator)
8James Laberge (Team Mike's Bikes p/b Equa)
9Isaac Howe (UCI CT: Champion System - Stans)
10Benjamin Swedberg (California Giant Cycling)0:00:02
11Matt Schaupp (Stage 17 Racing)
12Justin Williams (UCI CT: Astellas Cycling Team)
13Dana Williams (Team Mike's Bikes p/b Equa)0:00:03
14Anthony Canevari (Athlete Octane)
15Samuel Snipe-Grove (Incycle Predator)
16Eder Veal (Garnequ-Quebecor)
17Diego Sandoval (Incycle Predator)
18David Santos (KHS-Maxxis-JAKROO)0:00:04
19Tyler Coplea (Gateway Harley-Davidson)
20John Mckinley (Team Velocity)
21Kyle Gritters (Team Velosport-CA)
22Rahsaan Bahati (Bahati Foundation/WinTeam Racin)
23Roberto Rodriguez (Velo Club LaGrange)0:00:05
24John Bergmann (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)
25James Esser (R5 - Rock Racing)0:00:06
26Eder Frayre (Incycle Predator)0:00:07
27Derek Brauch (SPY GIANT RIDE p/b MRI)
28Remi Pelletier-Roy (Garnequ-Quebecor)
29Jared Barrilleaux (California Giant Cycling)
30Andrew Bosco (SPY GIANT RIDE p/b MRI)0:00:08
31Daniel Katz (Stage 17 Racing)
32Steven Davis (KHS-Maxxis-JAKROO)0:00:09
33Paul Amey
34Tommy Robles Team Velo Sport)
35Shawn Daurelio (Bike Religion)
36Victor Riquelme (Body by Vi p/b Velo Vie)
37Andrew Clemence (Team Cycleton)
38Marco Aledia (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:00:10
39Brandon Gritters (Team Velosport-CA)
40Efren Ortega-Rivera (Incycle Predator)
41Ruud Cremers0:00:11
42Travis Lyons Team Mike')
43Randy Bramblett (Pinnacle-Reactor p/)0:00:12
44Randall Coxworth (Monster Media Racing)0:00:13
45Benjamin Dilley (UCI PCT: Team Novo)
46Evan Stade (
47Andrew Dahlheim0:00:19
48Martin Adamczyk SkyFlash Racing)0:00:21
49Adam Leibovitz (UCI CT: Champion System)
50Sean Mackinnon (Garnequ-Quebecor)0:00:22
51Guy East0:00:23
52Brian Forbes Body by Vi p/b Velo Vie)
53Ben Bertiger (Stage 17 Racing)
54Nathanael Christensen (Pinnacle-Reactor p/b JL Velo)
55Brian Mcculloch (KHS-Maxxis-JAKROO)
56Kayle Legrande (Surf City Cyclery)0:00:24
57John Van Dyke (Bike Religion)0:00:27
58Bradley White (UCI PCT/WPT: UnitedHealthcare)0:00:32
59Samuel Pedder (R5 - Rock Racing)0:00:36
60David Koesel (Audi/Felt Cycling Team)
61Mathew Merrington
62Tyler Locke
63Roman Kilun
64Steven Muhle Athlete Octane)0:00:38
65Karl Bordine (Monster Media Racing Team)
66Charles (Joe) Eldridge (UCI PCT: Team Novo Nordisk)0:00:40
67Nicholas Hamilton (Garnequ-Quebecor)0:00:50
68Nicholaus Schreiber (Body by Vi p/b Velo Vie)0:00:54
69Mark Shimahara (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)0:00:55
70Giddeon Massie (Bike Religion)
71Michael Johnson (Monster Media Racing Team)
72Anthony Morrow (s2c primal)0:00:56
73Aaron Wimberley (SPY GIANT RIDE p/b MRI)
74Devan Dunn (UCI CT: Jelly Belly Cycling)0:00:58
75Thomas Jondall (KHS-Maxxis-JAKROO)
76Daniel Harm (Stage 17 Racing)0:00:59
77Kyle Torres (Stage 17 Racing)
78Mario Frayre0:01:02
79Andrew Sjogren UCI CT: Jelly Belly Cycling)
80Chris Demarchi (Monster Media Racing Team)
81Adrian Hegyvary (UCI PCT/WPT: UnitedHealthcare)0:01:06
82Luis Zamudio (Leopard scadattle)0:01:09
83Eric Losak (SPY GIANT RIDE p/b MRI)0:01:13
84Philip Tinstman (Monster Media Racing Team)0:01:22

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