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Lakata and Mennen take fourth consecutive TransAlp stage win

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Stage winners Alban Lakata, right and Robert Mennen of Topeak Ergon Racing

Stage winners Alban Lakata, right and Robert Mennen of Topeak Ergon Racing (Image credit: TransAlp)
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Teams of two in the TransAlp

Teams of two in the TransAlp (Image credit: TransAlp)
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Racers negotiate a switchback

Racers negotiate a switchback (Image credit: TransAlp)
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Racers out on course

Racers out on course (Image credit: TransAlp)
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Racers during stage 5 of the TransAlp

Racers during stage 5 of the TransAlp (Image credit: TransAlp)
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Andreas Kugler and Hannes Genze of Multivan Merida Biking

Andreas Kugler and Hannes Genze of Multivan Merida Biking (Image credit: TransAlp)
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Breakaway group on climb to Pass da Costainas with Alban Lakata in the lead, Robert Mennen, Markus Kaufmann and Thomas Stoll following

Breakaway group on climb to Pass da Costainas with Alban Lakata in the lead, Robert Mennen, Markus Kaufmann and Thomas Stoll following (Image credit: TransAlp)
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The start of stage 5 in Scuol

The start of stage 5 in Scuol (Image credit: TransAlp)
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The women's leaders roll out for stage 5

The women's leaders roll out for stage 5 (Image credit: TransAlp)
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Food at the finish of stage 5

Food at the finish of stage 5 (Image credit: TransAlp)
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Senior Master stage winners Renato Burch and B

Senior Master stage winners Renato Burch and B (Image credit: TransAlp)
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Team Bulls, fourth men team today, arrives in Livigno, in front Karl Platt, Tim B

Team Bulls, fourth men team today, arrives in Livigno, in front Karl Platt, Tim B (Image credit: TransAlp)
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Some TransAlp singletrack

Some TransAlp singletrack (Image credit: TransAlp)

Facing a bluebird sky for the first time this week, Alban Lakata and Robert Mennen have built up the pressure on the overall leaders by bringing home their fourth consecutive stage win. Team Topeak Ergon Racing clinched the fifth stage of the TransAlp, which led over 70km and 2,531 meters in elevation from Scuol, Switzerland to Livigno in Italy, in 3:11:15.

With another successful day of racing, the Austrian-German pro team reduced the gap to the race leaders Markus Kaufmann and Thomas Stoll by two minutes.

However, the Centurion-Vaude/BiXS iXS Pro Team, which came in third today (3:13:14) right behind of runners-up Urs Huber and Konny Looser of Team Stöckli (3:12:42), has still some 1:16 advantage on their main pursuers.

With the queen's stage coming up tomorrow, the two leaders are willing to defend their top position. "We have been doing well in the downhills and the technical trail sections, but we had to go to our limit in the climbs," said 2009 Transalp champion Thomas Stoll.

But it's mainly the climbs like today's Pass da Costainas (2,251m), Passo del Gallo (2,280m) and Passo Alpisella (2,270) separating the wheat from the chaff at a TransAlp stage race - and Topeak Ergon tried to push it there again.

"Right in the first ascent, we upped the tempo. We wanted to keep the pressure high on the leaders," said Mennen.

But although the tactic worked out pretty fine, Mennen is keeping it real. "It will be a hard and tight battle until the end. We will give everything every day to finally get those yellow jerseys."

Indeed, their main competitors are willing to defend their lead although Stoll knows that his rivals are currently having the momentum. "From now on, the lead doesn't count anymore. Now, it's all about racing. We just have to make sure to make it."

Landtwing and Bigham keep on dominating women's race

In the women's category, Milena Landtwing and Sally Bigham of Centurion-Vaude/Topeak Ergon still have no real competitors. The two ladies tied up stage win number 5 in the time of 3:52:15.

The second spot went to Catherine Williamson and Louise Stopforth of Bizhub-fcf (4:28:36), rank three to Andrea Kuster and Angelika Niklaus of Metz-Kraftwerk (4:32:59).

Mixed category gets re-shuffled due to crashes

"Just making it" is a maxim every team tries to meet, but not everyone achieves this goal. Today, two top mixed duos experienced it the hard way.

The first team on the ground was team Mountain Heroes with Katrin Neumann and Daniel Jung. The Bavarian racer didn't see a stone in her way and went down hard. Although the 2011 women's category TransAlp winner tried to keep going, the 30-year-old had to give up.

Former mixed team leaders Katharina Alberti and Matthias Gärtner of Black Tusk Racing by toMotion were the second mountain bikers who crashed and thus lost contact with the other teams.

In the end, both had to settle with the ninth rank (4:27:40) coming in 34 minutes later than the winning mix thus also losing the runner-up position in the ranking.

"We did quite well and had a good rhythm," said Matthias Gärtner. "But then someone pushed me to the side, and I snagged to Katharina's bike." Both crashed, got hurt and had to handle a badly bent front wheel.

However, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Riding the first time in the orange leaders' jerseys, Antonia Wipfli and Patrick Jauch of Team Gisler claimed their second consecutive stage win in 3:53:27.

Lorenza Menapace and Claudio Segata of Press Riva del Garda finished third (3:59:25) and thus took over the second position in the mixed classifier.

Team Adamelloski logs a five-peat in masters' category

Also on day five, the two master category leaders Massimo De Bertolis and Marzio Deho didn't seem to be tired at all. Like a clockwork, the two men in the blue jerseys reeled the kilometers off, thus also mixing it in the elite class. Team Adamelloski's winning time of 3:13:03 was the third fastest overall.

Asked if they think that they could be able to bring home an elite stage win, former marathon world champion De Bertolis said, "Topeak Ergon is a class of its own. But you never know. At the moment, everybody is talking about tomorrow's queen's stage but no one thinks of the stage thereafter. We might have a chance if everybody has sore legs then."

Andreas Laner and Johann Grasegger of Team Scott (3:30:22) finished in second position while Heinz Sommer and Peter Brommler of Schwarzwälder Bayerische Versuchung celebrated their first podium result as third (3:43:59).

BiXS Suisse takes second win in senior master category

Bearing the green senior masters' leaders' jerseys for the first time, Renato Burch and Bärti Bucher claimed a back-to-back win in 3:49:10.

Georg Niggl and Walter Perkmann of CRAFT & Friends 7 (4:06:39) as well as Thomas Herrmann and Hartmann Stifter of Team Sigma (4:10:40) rounded out the podium as second and third.

Tomorrow brings the sixth and thus the queen's stage, which leads over 106km and 3,451 meters in elevation from Livigno, Italy, to Ponte di Legno, Italy.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alban Lakata & Robert Mennen (Topeak Ergon)3:11:16
2Urs Huber & Konny Looser (Stöckli Pro Team)0:01:26
3Markus Kaufmann & Thomas Stoll (Centurion-Vaude/Bixs-Ixs Pro Team)0:01:59
4Karl Platt & Tim Böhme (Team Bulls)0:04:42
5Mirko Celestino & Luca Ronchi (Avin-Axevo Pro Team)0:09:41
6Andreas Kugler & Hannes Genze (Multivan Merida Biking Team)0:09:56
7Bram Rood & Ramses Bekkenk (Team Mitsubishi)0:12:28
8Mattia Longa & Francesco Figini (Livigno-Titici-Lgl Pro Team)0:12:41
9Torsten Marx & Matthias Leisling (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:13:13
10Uwe Hardter & Michael Schuchardt (Team Texpa-Simplon I)0:14:54
11Daniel Rubisoier & Thomas Strobl (Team Tirol)0:15:05
12Thomas Bundgaard & Erik Skovgaa Knudsen (Racing29Ers)0:16:28
13Florian Willbold & Philipp Pangerl (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:16:57
14Oliver Schär & Patrick Tresch (Gu-Plus/Thomyk)0:24:46
15Daniel Gathof & Guido Thaler (Craft-Rocky Mountain Team 2)0:26:40
16Gerald Klocke & Norman Carl (Nrt / Badbikes)0:28:07
17Peter Reiche & Timo Modosch (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:28:36
18Roman Cech & Klaus Hannawald (Sebamed)0:29:11
19Bart Damen & Theo Eltink (Peerkes Bike Team 2)0:29:57
20Alexander Speisekorn & Johannes Thumm (Maxxis)0:31:03
21Ken van den Bulke & Wouter Cleppe (MTB Langdorp # Ram)0:31:14
22Alexander Stark & Florian Schön (Team Scott Genius Generation)0:32:19
23Robert Gorgos & Alexander Geelhaar (Redheads Team I)0:32:21
24Kristof Wijckmans & Tom Wouters (Après-Bikers)0:33:52
25Thomas Forer & Diego Perathoner (Sunshineracersjunior)0:33:54
26Pavel Blagikh & Ale[ey Pichugin (Merida Russia)0:34:08
27Leander Hamelink & Rudy Vos (Vos Joins Hamelink)0:34:27
28Rupert Palmberger & Daniel Geismayr (Team Centurion Vaude)0:34:49
29Silvio Büsser & Sämi Jud (Wheeler/Bixs - Ixs Team)0:35:21
30Andy Leistner & Rico Leistner (Vogtland Bike 1)0:35:50
31Klaas Vanmoortel & Bjorn Rondelez (Versluys-Baik)0:37:43
32Karl Egloff & Galo Tamayo (Ecuador Etapa-Herbalife)0:38:44
33Kevin Haselsberger & Martin Moser (Rad Und Service MTBo Team Austria)0:40:21
34Matthias Rehmann & Armin Kiebacher (Team Sexten-Dowe Sportswear)0:41:27
35Mathias Hjärtström & Michael Johansson (Team Hymer Sweden)0:42:47
36Eugenie Kirillov & Pavel Andreev (Triatleta-Forward)0:45:13
37Frank van Hoof & Remco van Bekkum (Peerkes Bike Team 1)0:46:25
38Robert Hotter & Marco Conter (Craft=Austroitalia X Nora)0:47:50
39Paolo Maganzini & Diego Fenaroli (Team Madonna Di Campiglio)0:48:39
40Matej Kainz & Primoz Lindic (Bicikel.Com Prek Alp)0:49:07
41Danny Götze & Johannes Nipperdey (Nrt-Bad Bikes)0:50:01
42Walter Reusser & Sascha Wälti (Stöckli Fun)0:50:45
43Fabian Spielmann & Markus Peter (Www.Bikeschule-Olten.Ch/Team Pink)0:51:16
44Marcus Kröning & Sebastian Golz (Kröning Factory & Focus Bad Salzdet)0:51:32
45Tim-Christop Stahnke & Nikolaus Syc (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:51:32
46Slim Gamh-Drid & Stefan Koller (Craft And Friends 3)0:53:16
47Tom Schöler & Felix Pembaur (Team Campana)0:54:16
48Andre Pinto & Pedro Lourenco (Aventura Team)0:55:38
49Stephan Estermann & Stefan Meyer (Auf Nach Riva)0:56:02
50Pierpaolo Pascucci & Massimo Marani (Team Bike & More 6)0:56:54
51Pierre Bischoff & Frederick Thöni (Tema Nauders)0:57:12
52Tobias Achatz & Tobias Hoffmann (Craft And Friends 1)0:57:19
53Matthias Winkler & Markus Bless (Bachtel-Biker 1)0:58:28
54Christoph Zaller & Hannes Kocher (Team Dowe Sportswear)0:58:43
55Hans Planckaert & Bram Saeys (Smart Cycling Team)0:58:49
56Matej Kobera & Alexander Kobera (Kobera)0:59:14
57David Facchini & Janis Facchin (Team Bäckerei Wörndle)0:59:39
58Thomas De Rycke & Wouter van Caneghem (Wielertoerist.Be)1:00:36
59Mike Fridelance & David Zimmermann (Jura-Swiss-Team)1:00:59
60Giuliano Pinchietti & Daniele Spinelli (Team Bike & More 4-Isolmant)1:01:41
61Vojtech Kacena & Jan Bulin (Zdar Bar)1:02:17
62Gijs Botterblom & Berend Prins (Trainingshulp.Nl 2)1:02:39
63Luca Wesley & Wouter Declerq (Trust MTB Team)1:03:29
64Jason Mcavoy & Andrew Hall (Radical Lights Factory Racing)1:03:56
65Pascal Tanner & Matthias Hug (Www.Bikeschule-Olten.Ch/Team Green)1:04:26
66Martin Heissenberger & Georg Heissenberger (Rc Komptech)1:06:13
67Fabio Belotti & Piceni Massimiliano (Axevo)1:06:24
68Matthias Brenner & Felix Eberle (Holzwinkel-Racer)1:07:39
69Stefan Loibl & Jochen Coconcelli (Bike-Magazin)1:08:53
70Riku Vaahtera & Ville Miettinen (Hi5Bikes.Fi)1:09:30
71Bernd Wagner & Manfred Handl (Team Tretlager)1:10:44
72Gareth Barnes & Neil Walker (Walkers Cycles)1:11:52
73Rafa Ruiz Del Portal & Renaud Schindelholz (Swiss Hornet)1:12:42
74Waldemar Fuchs & Bernd Sudhoff (Burn Baby)1:12:55
75Sven Brust & Martin Süße (Team Pirna)1:13:38
76Corne van de Voort & Rolf Vetter (Peerkes Bike Team 3)1:13:45
77Mike Seidel & Philipp König (Vogtland Bike 2)1:14:04
78Markus Stephani & Chris Schmidts (Cube Multicycle & Zwillingscraft St)1:14:29
79J van de Luytgaarden & Erwin Bakker (Team High 5)1:14:43
80Chris Pedder & Nick Herlihy (Awcycles.Co.Uk)1:16:17
81Andreas Osterrieder & Andreas Kreichgauer (Speedbuam)1:17:09
82Aman Ewout & Emiel Willems (Sportvoedingwebshop.Com)1:17:19
83Martin Huwiler & Simon Bürgi (Www.Vc-P.Ch/Falk_Outdoor)1:18:23
84Flemming Neumann & Clemens Coenen (Stevens 29Er Power Lemgo)1:18:38
85Sipho Madolo & Azukile Simayile (Exxaro Academy)1:18:52
86Lars Messerschmidt & Lars Meier (Ddmc Solling)1:18:56
87Rudy Prandi & Alessio Prandi (Team Riva Del Garda)1:19:55
88Patrick Bews & Daniel Erke (Team Marrying)1:21:14
89Wolfgang Kistler & Tobi Schmid (Team Fizik)1:21:34
90Markus Kersten & Christian Fieseler (Rad-Net.De)1:22:37
91Benedikt Hegemann & Christoph Blisch (Peak-Ms.De1)1:22:40
92Martin Hönigsberger & Johannes Körrer (Elektrotechnik Körrer)1:23:32
93Stepan Svatek & Jiri Maly (Sponser_Sport_Food)1:24:59
94Marcel Ender & Philipp Gerner (Liechtenstein)1:25:35
95Andre Paschke & Andre Ahamer (Team Bonsai Bikes)1:25:40
96Kaj Slenter & Ben Slenter ('Toma Cycles Specialized Conceptsto)1:26:15
97Michael Opper & Christian Nebel (Santos-Rohloff)1:26:25
98Jakob Britz & Christopher Kragl (Rad-Salon/Fervor)1:28:37
99Nicholas Stephenson & Gareth Rees (Pcc Uno)1:29:06
100Wouter Peeters & Yves Desmet (26Inchcollective.Be)1:29:11
101Roger Loser & Adam Perry (Bachtelbiker.Ch)1:29:48
102Wim Verbiest & Ief De Peuter (Xc Bikers)1:31:55
103Paul Meijboom & Joep Houten (Witte Tonnies)1:33:36
104Bert van Ittersum & Eelke Raven (Trainingshulp.Nl.1)1:34:24
105Domini De Leersnyder & Piet Dejonckheere (Dompie)1:34:28
106Ulf Wahlers & Marco Morgenstern (Santos-Rohloff)1:34:58
107Michael Strauß & Philipp Hoheisel (Team Dradesel)1:35:06
108Arjan Kampf & Wouter van Keulen (Easyriders)1:36:05
109Torsten Bahnert & Sebastian Döring (Kröning Factory Team)1:38:39
110Martin Lanzer & Bernd Dorrong (Team Dorrong Sponsored By Radsport)1:40:07
111Thomas Kneifel & Andre Hosinner (Nutrixxion)1:40:08
112Tobias Schneider & Clemens Klug (Rhön)1:41:42
113Michael Goessler & Markus Zechner (Betriebsrat At&S / Diesel Sport)1:41:42
114Jochen Hebel & Christian Theysohn (Pfalzrock)1:42:00
115Rui Cardoso & António Pereira (Salta Pocinhas X+Iii)1:43:24
116Roberto Tanotti & Gian luca Schiavo (Team Bike & More 8)1:45:12
117Erik Farstad Odd & Hans Olav Skogstad (Hedmarksmafian)1:45:20
118Carlos Salazar & Manu Ramirez Cordero (Volcán Turrialba-Costa Rica)1:47:02
119John Spapens & Stephan Coppelmans (Brabikers)1:47:20
120André Hager & Franz Bucher (Signgate Powered By Leuchter Ag)1:47:47
121Bart De Ridder & Nik Dezillie (Outmates+)1:49:10
122Veit Susallek & Dirk Vobbe (Team Vapiano)1:49:44
123John Grace & Stephen Kelleher (Team Cooley)1:50:59
124Sven Lattermann & Daniel Spiess (Tssc)1:51:43
125John Prentice & Stuart Prentice (Lumicycle)1:53:40
126Manuel Rojas & Alexander Torres (Volcan Turrialba Costa Rica)1:54:18
127Stefano Filauri & Alberto Di Giorgio (AvezzanoMTB-Fast)1:54:23
128Jakob Smits & Dimmen Wellens (Team Ibex)1:54:31
129Bjorn Beldman & Henk Nieuwenhuis (Team Sp)1:54:38
130Wolfgang Reichert & Alexander Schmidt (Und Ewig Dauert Der Berg)1:55:13
131Dominik Schwaiger & Alexander Schramm (Unterschleißheim 2012)1:55:35
132Gregor Iwanoff & Maik Böing (Au Revoir)1:55:37
133Darren Murray & Adam Lyons (Lm Racing)1:56:23
134Olaf De Cock & Joris Segers (Oljo)1:56:45
135Petr Pibyl & Tomas Sykora (Ok MTB Team Pardubice)1:57:58
136Frank Stoiber & Jens Stoiber (Lengschter Team Vader & Sohn)1:59:47
137Aito Iraizoz Oyarzun & Bor Blanco Rodriguez (Tilos)2:00:01
138Gorka Astiz & Roberto Reta (Tilos)2:00:14
139Rene Grabsch & Joris Schulz (Kuredu Express)2:00:32
140Andrè Pfennig & Andreas Hartmann (Salzabiker Team 2)2:01:19
141Andreas Stückler & Jürgen Steiner (Auch Schon Im Ziel)2:02:08
142Peter van Hove & Luc Wouters (MTB P)2:02:45
143Michael Scherrer & Markus Binderszewsky (Jtri.Ch)2:04:11
144Jordi Garcia Lascorz & Xavier Gazo Germa (Gu Energy Team)2:04:41
145Eric Verswijvel & Michael Baker (Fat Boys 2)2:04:42
146Chris Caulfield & Jon Hynes (Team Mbcc)2:05:03
147Claudio Cominetti & Andrea Dell Oca (Team Zoolander)2:06:50
148Marc Zubler & Stanko Grbic (Zusta 2000)2:07:26
149Rainer Helfenberger & Andreas Helfenberger (Team Helfi)2:07:38
150Bram Borgoo & Danny De Speigeleer (De Tandenbijters)2:08:49
151Michael Seller & Stefan Uhlmann (Klubkasse.De)2:10:18
152Michael Geyer & Christoph Moosmair (Mini-Hofbräuhaus)2:11:43
153Jürgen Lovranich & Gerhard Lovranich (Team Lovi Razing)2:13:11
154Matthias Große & Kim Kammel (Laktatjunkies)2:16:13
155Bernhard Müllauer & Markus Trimmel (Radweg-Rowdys)2:16:18
156Johannes Beusker & David Rudzicki (Peak-Ms.De 2)2:16:19
157Stefano Toffoletti & Michele Miani (Team Granzon-Barbari)2:18:18
158Paulo Ferreira & Hugo Pereira (Tugas01)2:21:57
159Manuel Pasqualini & Simone Lepre (Team Granzon-Barbari 2)2:23:27
160Niall Evans & Jason Deane (Craft South Afrcia Ii)2:24:46
161Poul Kristensen & Jesper Amsinck (Team Ryttergaarden)2:25:02
162Unai Allende Urones & Gonzalo Gomez Saez (Ciclos Getxo Team)2:26:43
163Martin Ciolkosz & Andrzej Lipinski (Lwp)2:26:57
164Boris Feist & Marco Lezajic (Low Performers)2:28:05
165Thoma Brandl-Ruttner & Roland Schaffer (Oldfox.At)2:28:20
166Matthias Günther & Alexander Schubert (Quadzillas)2:30:35
167Jörg Sturm & Michael Sturm (Die2Stuerme)2:32:14
168Robin Lutter & Rico Böhmer (Elbtaler)2:36:52
169Lars Tausch & Christoph Jacobs (Phast Racing Team)2:46:50
170Vincent Schümann & Malte Claussen (Mountain Heroes Friends)2:48:06
171Werner Ertl & Ronald Österreicher (Sione)2:48:30
172Harald Frühwirth & Daniel Panian (Smokies)2:49:28
173Floris Huyben & Jef Huyben (Endurance)2:53:07
174Pieter Potters & Stefan Jacobs (Rennsport)3:05:16
175Albert Terblanche & Colin Hendriks (Swamp Knobs)3:09:17
176Johannes Stockner & Michael Pilz (Heavy Biking)3:23:31
177Rainer Schmitt & Robert Scherthan (Liftxpress)3:28:47
178Dvir Almog Elmekles & Joan Viladrich (Team Israel-Spain)3:59:11
179Ulrich Bahnmüller & Grambes Salzer (Problembärchen)4:02:35
180Gabriel Degenhardt & David Degenhardt (Aufstiern & Obegamsn)4:08:56
181Dirk Müller & Thomas Fahl (Lowrider Germany)4:09:57
182Graham Rogoff & Pieter Du Plessis (Wtf)4:10:30
183Istvan Bartha & Gabor Gaszner (Mozgasvilag.Hu)4:11:14
184Thomas Schäfer & Pasquale Russo (Bikefreunde Hegau Ii)4:15:35
185Josef Mészáros & András Magyar (Kiz Group)4:17:46
186Brett Hochfeld & Javier Campllonch (London Dynamo)4:41:26
187David Fernandez & Francisco Izquierdo (Survivor Dr)4:42:27
188Stephan Böhm & Andreas Graf (Bikefreunde Hegau)5:48:44
188Andreas Masuch & Jan Knies (Vf-Racing-Team)

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Milena Landtwing & Sally Bigham (Centurion Vaude/Topeak Ergon Team)3:52:15
2Catherine Williamson & Louise Ischen Stopforth (Team Bizhub-Fcf)0:36:21
3Andrea Kuster & Angela Niklaus (Metz - Kraftwerk)0:40:44
4Sarah Bosch & Kristina Weber (Mountain Heroes 2)0:49:06
5Manuela Werkle & Tina Urnau (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:10:40
6Claudia Langer & Gaby Reuter (Craft And Friends 9)1:29:58
7Sabine Stampf & Anja Knaub (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:30:40
8Barbara Lichtenegger & Anita Krenn (Goiserer Mittwochrunde)1:33:25
9Monika Sudhoff & Nelia Fuchs (Burn Baby 1)1:45:32
10Sabine Loacker & Petra Zeller (Follow Me!)1:55:11
11Olga Kasatkina & Anna Novikova (World Class Outdoor)2:00:21
12Eva Haskova & Jana Kubacova (Hannah Moab)2:15:43
13Raffaela Hoffmann & Christina Baganz (Team Burn Baby)2:42:17
14Tanja Oswald & Claudia Schalk (Team Sport Reischmann)3:00:04
15Iris Auerbach & Anna Weyer (Craft-Rocky Mountain Team 6)5:07:45

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Jauch & Antonia Wipfli (Team Gisler)3:53:27
2Claudio Segata & Lorenza Menapace (Press Riva Del Garda)0:05:58
3Torsten Mützlitz & Daniela Storch (Scott Freaky Fi`Zi:K Friends)0:09:19
4Elisabeth Brandau & Markus Reichle (Notebooksbilliger.De By Tomotion)0:15:49
5Thomas Wickles & Katrin Leumann (Ghost Factory Racing)0:17:48
6Mike Blewitt & Hansen Naomi (Subaru-MarathonMTB.Com)0:18:42
7Olivier Guth & Danièle Troesch (Fiat Rotwild / Batibois)0:27:20
8Andrea Fässler & Othmar Fässler (Rmv Hochdorf Giant)0:31:53
9Katharina Alberti & Matthias Gärtner (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:34:13
10Cornelia Hug & Roger Wenger (Imboden Bike-Crazy Velo Shop)0:38:47
11Danny Flies & Sara Mertens (Los Rabtitos)0:40:51
12Sabina Compassi & Paul Bühler (Lumpaz)0:42:22
13Heinz Locher & Michele Wittlin (Wilo)0:44:51
14Sven Meier & Andrea Meier (Soq.De-Coldblack)0:47:46
15Barbara Liardet & Olivier Baumgartner (Team Hérens)0:47:47
16Paolo Paci & Nadia Pasqualini (Team Bike & More 7-Paolo E Nadia)0:49:00
17Ronald Andraczek & Agnes Nauman (Frm-Racing.De)0:49:42
18Hanspeter Abegg & Nadine Imhasly (Pink Crocs)0:51:11
19Ilona Meter & Fred van Zanten (Giant)0:59:00
20Susanne Füßinger & Axel Kienberger (Wsb)1:05:45
21Andreas Jocham & Birgit Happenhofer (Styria MTB Club)1:06:21
22Peter Winfield & Meg Carrigan (Black Sheep)1:06:47
23Elena Wagner & Michael Heubner (Sebamed Craft Bike Team)1:08:15
24Kirsten Maas & Harald Behr (Nur Die Liebe Zählt)1:10:45
25Dominik Hug & Esther Graweid (Www.Bikeschule-Olten.Ch/Teamyellow)1:11:24
26Galina Balagurova & Igor Baronas (Merida Russia 2)1:13:15
27Alamo Candrian & Moema Lüthy (M&M)1:13:25
28Christoph Zimmermann & Nicole Kuttruff (Craft-Rocky Mountain Team 5)1:13:27
29Bart Aan Den Toorn & Marieke De Leede (The Dutch Hug Team)1:16:32
30Bernd Wernicke & Steffi Wernicke (Rennsteig Racer)1:17:49
31Sandra Knoll & Klaus Eschenbeck (Cube-Flitzer)1:20:04
32Sara-Diane Gorges & Werner Dreger (Craft-Rocky Mountain Team 4)1:23:31
33Markus Gisler & Manuela Jenny (Stöckli-Velorado Racing Team)1:31:00
34Günther Rosenkranz & Gabrie Wagner Ulrike (Old Giants)1:31:48
35Martin Fiorello & Chantal Pequignot (Team Jurassic)1:33:59
36Erik Knoetze & Wielie Frick (Team Dream Come True)1:35:15
37Niklaus Zippert & Nicole Koller (Ibw)1:37:31
38Hugh Shakeshaft & Denise Shakeshaft (2 Shakes)1:42:36
39Gerhard Wegener & Monika Rasche (Team 101)1:45:07
40Silvia Brouwer & Marco Douma (Ontour)1:46:54
41Jörg Simm & Carina Simm (Racing Småland)1:48:50
42Peter Mallmann & Judith Mallmann (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:50:07
43Janet Weller & Michael Weick (Team Modi-Craft)1:51:24
44Daniel Widera & Madlen Diesner Naima (Team Velo-Sport Göttingen)1:51:27
45Nicola Mann & Derek Shiers (Trailhead Athletics)1:51:30
46Glen Haw & Tamika Haw (Joberg2C)1:51:46
47Nora Rosenberg & Ewald Clavadetscher (Strenflex World Champions)1:54:45
48Dietmar Herrenkind & Marion Müller (Herrenberger Gäuflitzer)1:58:59
49Hannes Michel & Stefanie Pederiva (Alpenrausch)2:00:28
50Bas Hurenkamp & Laurence Metelli (Mbc Bar-End)2:01:22
51Christine Roth & Hans-Jörg Roth (Rothmild)2:05:46
52Petra Bödder & Tristan Willbrandt (Tritratrrulllalla)2:07:49
53David Alvarado & Daniela Martinez (Pura Vida)2:16:31
54Bruno Richner & Karin Suter (Brunellos)2:19:09
55Michael Springer & Simone Springer (Fuhneschucken)2:24:51
56Martin Voigt & Jill Janz (Craft-Rocky-Mountain)2:33:42
57Herman Messelt & Berit Messelt (Team Messelt)2:44:26
58Jürgen Heitzmann & Tanja Habersatter (Die Huggls)2:48:50
59Roman Franke & Ramona Franke (Franke)2:59:38
60Katharina Kern & Romed Staggl (Karo On Tour)3:22:18
61Geert-Jan Moors & Marlie Hilgers (Moors-Gijsman Assurantiën)3:22:53
62Stephan Uhlmann & Andrea Uhlmann (Bergzicke)3:47:39
63Mila Kusmenko & Christoph Gotthardt (Äppler)5:06:33
63Michael Wilson & Sandra Ohagan (Celtic Warriors)

Masters 80+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marzio Deho & Massimo De Bertolis (Team Adamelloski)3:13:03
2Andreas Laner & Hans Grasegger (Scott)0:17:19
3Heinz Sommer & Peter Brommler (Schwarzwälder Bayrische Versuchung)0:30:57
4Viktor Paris & Thomas Piazza (Sunshineracers Nals)0:31:09
5Adrian Enthoven & Shan Wilson (Craft South Africa)0:32:26
6Thorsten Damm & Bojan Bohorc (High5)0:40:00
7Anton Warter & Heinz Zörweg (Cube Factory Team)0:43:10
8Stefan Vaes & Stefan Achten (Bikes Claessens)0:56:09
9Thomas Gruner & Dietmar Müller (Stevens Master Team)0:57:58
10Peter Vas & Jozsef Kis (Merida Maraton Hungary)0:58:21
11Franz Trattler & Josef Huber (Wic-Team)1:04:01
12Martin Altermatt & Alex von Euw (Chälbli)1:06:34
13Jens Martin & Volker Gieß (Flyinglegs.De)1:07:31
14Andreas Guignard & Heinz Posch (Www.Gasthofseefeld.Ch)1:08:22
15Daniel De Bruin & Eric Kooistra (Team Trainingshulp.Nl 3)1:08:40
16Wim Kwakkel & Bas Bloeming (Mulder_Smit Cycling Team)1:09:41
17Marcus Werf & Wolf-Thorsten Witt (Bike-Werf.De)1:10:02
18Dirk Maarsingh & Peter Stopforth (Squirt Lube Masters)1:10:38
19Uwe Gollmann & Mathias Morawe (Biketeam Elbtal)1:10:44
20Petr Gunther & Miroslav Brabec (Bikebrdy)1:10:58
21Shaun Ellis & Merlyn Claym Jackson (Cadence Capital)1:13:16
22Pedro Vieira & Hugo Arraiolos (Salta Pocinhas V)1:13:18
23Peter Wouters & Philip Geudens (Peerkes Bike Team 4)1:15:54
24Robert Thooft & Edward Nicholson (Nandos)1:16:32
25Andreas Jansen & Stefan Koelsch (Radsport Smit)1:16:58
26Jeff Cummings & Joseph Brown (Kona-Cascadia)1:19:25
27Kenny Scheepers & Paul Micklewood (Three Point Seven)1:19:48
28Hans-Jürgen Stauber & Martin Staiger (Extreme Moonrider)1:19:53
29Orazio Casaccio & Gian Antonio Ducoli (Team Livigno)1:20:06
30Richard Enthoven & Luke Beuchat (Cycle Nation)1:20:29
31Wim Lewi & Koen van Genechten (Reetzweters)1:20:37
32Horst Laslop & Jens Wischnewski (Bmc-Scott/Wein-König)1:21:18
33Christian Schatz & Christian Hafele (Imst Tourismus)1:22:31
34James Hinsby & Andy Leivers (Squirt Lube)1:22:51
35Marco van den Helm & Geert Swinkels (Mcoss)1:22:59
36Robert Baust & Bernhard Rossi (Bunkerbiker)1:23:09
37Andreas Kühl & Danilo Giulieri (Palo Alto Fidibc)1:23:32
38Stephan Hummitzsch & Alexander Hummitzsch (Craft-Rocky Mountain Team 3)1:24:10
39René Hartmann & Reini Buchle (Banditbike.Ch)1:25:01
40Alberto Vitali & Andrea Massaccesi (Team Bike & More 5)1:25:35
41Matthias Rixner & Roland Ast (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:27:37
42Stefan Schnaible & Uwe Rutkalneit (Sg Stern Gaggenau)1:28:00
43Jochen Hauschel & Harry Strobel (Team-Injoy-Mabitz)1:28:48
44Gerhard Steinberg & Peter Mühl (Bikeworks)1:28:51
45Martin Stemberger & Philip Mark (Urguat.At)1:28:55
46Emiel Blok & Dolf Okkerman (Dirty Hill)1:30:11
47Bernd Vockenroth & Mirco Holz (Team Powerslide Minden)1:31:32
48Marco Hohmann & Richard Offord (Rhönraketen)1:33:59
49Damian Fulvia & Diego Piccin (Team Crazy Sport-Elastic-Interface)1:34:21
50Hugo Derks & Marco De Jonge (Deining Kudde)1:36:25
51Michael Goffin & Peter Zauner (Redheads Team Ii)1:36:28
52Michele Berta & Roberto Rogate (Team Corripirla)1:37:03
53Christian Pfeifer & Matthias Bauer (Bikesportbühne Bayreuth)1:37:17
54Andreas Lehner & Roland Derntl (Austrian Trailhunter)1:39:14
55Thomas Röttger & Hagen Grütze (Sonntagsfahrer)1:40:23
56Christian Drews & Micha Weishaupt (Rsc 88 Velo Total)1:40:46
57Thilo Hahn & Bert Hergenhahn (MTBc Wehrheim)1:41:16
58Hermann Blaser & Markus Baumann (Albis-Belchen Biker)1:42:06
59Werner Schick & Jürgen Henninger (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:43:16
60David McKeown & Declan Mc Cabe (Cooleybulls)1:43:17
61Gary Sheils & Seamus Mcavoy (Team Cú Chulainn)1:43:31
62Mark Lauzon & Aniello Bove (Team Spirit)1:44:25
63Stephan Bakker & Paul Howarth (Team Hollandgb)1:46:31
64Tom Sneyers & Luc van Ende (Etk1)1:46:55
65Arn Vanden Wijngaert & Ronny Schrijvers (Arnito Team Belgium)1:47:40
66Jürgen Domaschky & Michael Schmidt (Team Gonso-Rawoflex / Rsg-Zollernal)1:47:40
67Markus Angstwurm & Daniel Franke (Isar-Express)1:49:24
68Karl Johan Watne & Ragnar Aasgaard (Team Bck)1:49:34
69Colin Du Plessis & Berend Maarsingh (Talisman Hire)1:49:52
70Gerald Vogel & Alexander Ernst (Salzabiker)1:50:18
71Rüdiger Janson & Andreas Henning (Team Enzensteiner)1:51:06
72Detlef Guenther & Alexander Kiessling (Die Tiefstapler)1:51:12
73Gregor Trottmann & Urs Christ (Dynamo Sport)1:51:23
74Pascal Klein & Silvio Kluge (Team Neumann Brilon)1:53:50
75Frank Klenke & Ulrich Haupt (Bike Against Bone Cancer)1:57:16
76John Beale & Martin Anzenhofer (Bergziege)1:57:38
77Patric Mauritzon & Kristian Norrby (Team Södra)1:58:35
78Izak Visagie & Stephan Gous (Andersontransport)1:59:36
79Michael Gardner & Tim Molema (Box Hill)1:59:48
80Joost Bakker & Chris Drevel (Bultnbroezers)2:00:27
81Holger Sperb & Johann Sappl (Bergzeit.De)2:02:05
82Stephan Kleinbeck & Peter Hofmann (Hassberge 1)2:03:25
83Ulrich Voll & Oliver Birnbaum (Kanuklubber)2:03:26
84Volker Dinkelmeyer & Rene Wild (Team Revo)2:05:51
85Heiko Klein & Jens Schönbohm (Rc Endspurt Herford)2:06:13
86Homero López & José Maria Alonso (Berimbau)2:07:01
87Patrick Hassing & Pascal Vergeer (Team Likesport.Nl)2:07:12
88Patrik Heim & Dieter Holztrattner (Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol)2:08:29
89Thomas Reichenberger & Bene Fischer (Power Cloud 2)2:09:05
90Bart Fortkamp & Ruud Onink (Fit4All)2:09:47
91Lars Erdt & Achim Wolf (Team Einrich)2:10:46
92Nick Ffoulkes & Ray Pepe (Cocks)2:13:52
93Michael Weber & Sascha Eglseder (Team Dowe Sportswear Masters / Saar)2:14:10
94Alessandro Baiesi & Marco Cavazza (Team Bike & More 1-Onlyoff Due Rout)2:14:13
95Barry van den Bergh & Peter Mertens (Peerkes Bike Team 5)2:14:13
96Alfred Hundertpfund & Holger Pohle (Lanza-Eleven)2:14:23
97Christian Krieger & Andreas Schmidt (Bierdeckelbrothers)2:15:32
98Frank Bräuer & Christoph Martin (Champion System)2:15:42
99Karsten Wulf & Sebastian von Eltz (Lernen Fürs Leben)2:16:02
100Nic Rohmann & Thomas Schulze (Tri Brandenburg)2:17:41
101Volker Hess & Albert Preinesberger (Craft And Friends 4)2:18:10
102Karsten Kraechter & Josh Pavlic (Lt Bittermark Dortmund)2:18:24
103Tom van Tellingen & Robert Vogelzang (Bushbikers)2:18:39
104Stefan Kreischer & Andreas Neulinger (Austrian Trailhunter)2:19:13
105Ulf Köhler & Andreas Beyer (Meininger-Tornados-2012-)2:19:26
106Nic Kohler & Martin Pienaar (Saffers)2:20:25
107Harry van Wijk & Geert Braam (Team Epic)2:20:54
108Robert Rieger & Ivica Kaurinovic (Citius Altius Fortius!)2:23:11
109Michael Mannes & Thomas Günther (East-West Connection)2:23:14
110Jesper Mathiasen & Michael Dall (Team Ryttergaarden)2:23:15
111Adriaan Strauss & Fransois Strauss (Rockspiders)2:23:22
112Arthur Collins & Sandy Inglis (Lyttelton Rebuild)2:23:33
113Wolfgang Bourges & Horst Wolf (Nubert Speaker Factory Ii)2:24:48
114Marc van der Linden & Stef De Bruin (Flappy)2:24:55
115Patrick Faust & Niels Mayer (Asses Of Fire)2:25:51
116Leigh Durham & Gavin Roy Wilkinson (Craft Kzn)2:26:52
117Gregg Daniel & Daniel Jonti (Beezem Rats)2:27:05
118Ahmed Zaid Mahomed & Waleed Baker (Pitstop)2:29:29
119Peter Warwick & Jon Seddon (Mountain Mania/Pidog)2:30:15
120Oleg Naumov & Konstantin Eremin (Baikal)2:30:46
121Heiko Fröhlich & Jochen Rodemann (Rodefrö)2:31:12
122Nuno Rapaz & Jose Abreu (Saltapocinhas)2:31:47
123David Macready & Dion Ocuinneagain (Craft South Africa)2:31:53
124Manuel Gallardo & Roger van Hagen (Team Ninerd)2:35:25
125Algis Bartaska & Alexander Marsch (Team Spritz)2:38:05
126Andreas Görtler & Oliver Liedtke (Nubert Speaker Factory)2:38:40
127Stephen Field & Richard Mann (Double Dutch Pancake Bar Uk)2:39:17
128Joachim Birkenheier & Maik Frische (Das Rad Koblenz)2:40:56
129Marco Mekelburg & Dirk Schilling (Dimex)2:41:39
130Han Kempenaar & Michael Loendersloot (Ad8)2:42:06
131Jürgen Possart & Mario Gröbner (Austrian Trailhunter)2:43:01
132Matthias Hunecke & Holger Kraft (Landliebe)2:44:16
133Guy Rousseau & Patrick Roberts (Patguy)2:44:19
134Nick Towers & Stuart Staples (Surgihoney Lutterworth Cycle)2:44:58
135Mario Fellner & Daniel Deutscher (Pedalerie Deufel)2:46:18
136Jurgen Olislagers & Pascal Olislagers (Chainbrothers)2:48:28
137Hae-Woon Choi & Woon Park Sang (Ls-Biclo)2:50:35
138Kevin Wapnick & Dave Linder (Team Craft Joberg2C)2:51:38
139Manuel Hetzl & Eduard Hetzl (Cpulohn)2:53:00
140Carsten Friedrich & Ingo van de Vorle (Stickprimus Racing Team)2:55:59
141Christ Putzenlechner & Hubert Wiederer (Burning Wheelz)2:56:53
142Claus Peikert & David Rolain (The French Touch)3:01:15
143Jörg Waldmann & Richard Hermanek (Ritchey-Moots)3:02:33
144Jan Kozák & Martin Simacek (Kc Nove Straseci)3:04:28
145Sjoerd Couperus & Auke Kramer (Sjak)3:04:44
146John Tatum & Jeff Plank (Reality Bikes)3:07:48
147Klaas Seegers & Wijnand Nijboer (Myb Uffelte)3:08:19
148Jan Faisst & Joachim Bauske (Never Give Up)3:10:18
149Roland Wank & Peter Bundschuh (Schieberhoch)3:12:54
150Pierre Erasmus & Erhardt van Du Toit (Moov)3:12:54
151Manuel Setz & Jürgen Leidner (Giant Testcenter Pfälzerwald)3:13:23
152Andreas Herrmann & Steffen Schairer (Lovetoeatright.Com)3:13:56
153Pieter Eeckhout & Christophe De Weerdt (Cameleon Bike Team)3:14:59
154Gianluca Sirchi & Giancarlo Pericoli (Team Bike & More 3-Marinelli Ferret)3:21:25
155Mark Harr Cotterrell & Richard Kolbe3:22:30
156Mark Corrigan & Bruce Willia Collins (Corrigan/Maouris)3:22:34
157Robert Sturbej & Urban Majcen (Speed Nails)3:23:57
158Spyridon Koutromanou & Oliver Gilbert (Koutromanou/Gilbert)3:23:57
159Hans-Michael Krepold & Joachim Grau (Team Oberbayern)3:34:12
160Matityahu Eldad & Guy Clumeck (Team Israel 1)3:34:16
161Wim Monteny & Geert Monteny (Montenietjes)3:35:30
162Bernd Bauernschmidt & Thomas Kühnel (Zahngesundheit)3:38:29
163Siegfried Haas & Arnim Krefft (Kloppholz)3:40:51
164Giancarlo Rossi & Francesco Catani (Anomalo Team)3:54:04
165Rainer Kopp & Markus Dietz (Problembären)3:57:31
166Gil Almog & Doron Di Castro (Team Israel 2)5:46:57
166Lee Choi Cheul & Joo Kim Ok (Team MTBland)

Senior Masters 100+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bärti Bucher & Renato Burch (Bixs Suisse)3:49:10
2Georg Niggl & Walter Perkmann (Craft And Friends 7)0:17:29
3Thomas Herrmann & Hartmann Stifter (Team Sigma)0:21:30
4Thomas Rüegg & Max Bertschinger (Thomax Bike Team)0:32:24
5Pino Ferrari & Ueli Schürmann (Büli Bike Tigers Vsport.Ch)0:39:13
6Franco Martini & Edoardo Bonvecchio (Team Rttr)0:47:22
7Johnny Mccabe & Aiden Mcdonald (Cuchulainn/Green Bikes)0:51:32
8Tom Schnabel & Matthias Müller (Team Action Sports)0:54:32
9Thomas Fiedler & Klaus Kanski (Rsg Würzburg Tom & Jerry)0:59:04
10Reiner Scherer & Michael Jungmann (Team Bike Sport Scheidt Saar-Bermud)1:07:41
11Roland Rombach & Jürgen Kohler (Sport & Bike Hostel Kirchzarten)1:09:35
12Antonello Cassi & Fabrizio Magnani (Team Bike & More 2-Gb Sport Torrile)1:14:27
13Cor Linstra & Gert-Luuk Wiersma (Team Hekman)1:17:30
14Marco Orsini & Stefano Romani (Team Bike & More 9)1:20:20
15Otta Matousek & Ales Kilnar (Itchallenge)1:20:50
16Rainer Heppeler & Ralph P. Moog (Die Energiewerker)1:25:20
17Steffen Allert & Oscar Schickl (Bibi)1:32:36
18Eckhardt Münch & Thomas van Marwick (Tomeck)1:40:29
19Holger Hoffmann & Michael Lella (Craft And Friends 5)1:43:29
20Eamon Mcconvey & Eamon Mcconvey (Mcconvey Cycles 25Th Year)1:45:47
21Hanspeter Heiniger & Ernst von Känel (Emmebikers)1:49:35
22Erwin Leppmeier & Ralph Ziegler (John + Jane Doe Team)1:53:47
23Eberhard Steiner & Gerald Tretter (Ammergauer Alpen)1:58:18
24Frank Raschke & Christian Reinike (Die Netten Jungs)2:00:32
25Fons Deene & Piet van de Wiel (Peerkes Bike Team 6)2:04:22
26Beat Eberhard & Georges Marti (Team Häxe-Tanne.Ch)2:09:32
27Uli Bock & Michael Rendler (Trapper John And His Kid)2:20:24
28Andreas Fritzsche & Guido Scholz (Stortrec)2:25:01
29Joe Smyth & Joe Smyth (Glendale Dreamers)2:27:20
30Ulrich Herrmann & Joachim Colditz (Mtv Eibenstock)2:45:44
31Terence White & John Marsden (2Old&2Slow)2:52:32
32Steffen Schmidt & Wilfried Radmacher (Team Greyhound)2:57:52
33Mike Wijnberg & Zach De Beer (The Bullets)3:22:19
34Jan Ulvesten & Knut Mostervik (Team 100)3:31:55
35Gu Seo Sang & Hong Kim Jin (Team MTBland)3:39:03
36Ido Merfeld & Itzhak Gabbay (Team Israel 5)3:47:19
37Rolf Helmreich & Ulf Stephan (Flow Pirates)4:09:41
38Martin Förster & Hans-Georg Förster (Die Fabelhaften Förster Boys)5:10:50
38Len Dikker & Rokus van den Hoek (Dutch Speed)

Men general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Stoll & Markus Kaufmann (Centurion-Vaude/Bixs-Ixs)15:41:50
2Robert Mennen & Alban Lakata (Topeak Ergon)0:01:16
3Tim Böhme & Karl Platt (Team Bulls)0:15:52
4Konny Looser & Urs Huber (Stöckli Pro Team)0:26:08
5Hannes Genze & Andreas Kugler (Multivan Merida Biking Team)0:30:09
6Matthias Leisling & Torsten Marx (Black Tusk Racing)0:40:32
7Luca Ronchi & Mirko Celestino (Avin-Axevo Pro Team)0:41:13
8Ramses Bekkenk & Bram Rood (Team Mitsubishi)0:56:55
9Michael Schuchardt & Uwe Hardter (Team Texpa-Simplon I)1:04:06
10Erik Skovgaard Knudsen & Thomas Bundgaard (Racing29Ers)1:19:51
11Francesco Figini & Mattia Longa (Livigno-Titici-Lgl Pro)1:20:08
12Daniel Geismayr & Rupert Palmberger (Team Centurion Vaude)1:29:58
13Philipp Pangerl & Florian Willbold (Black Tusk Racing)1:30:52
14Guido Thaler & Daniel Gathof (Craft-Rocky Mountain Team)1:36:01
15Johannes Thumm & Alexander Speisekorn (Maxxis)2:05:26
16Timo Modosch & Peter Reiche (Black Tusk Racing)2:11:32
17Norman Carl & Gerald Klocke (Nrt / Badbikes)2:20:12
18Sämi Jud & Silvio Büsser (Wheeler/Bixs - Ixs Team)2:21:24
19Thomas Strobl & Daniel Rubisoier (Team Tirol)2:25:03
20Theo Eltink & Bart Damen (Peerkes Bike Team 2)2:30:36
21Wouter Cleppe & Ken van den Bulke (MTB Langdorp # Ram)2:30:43
22Patrick Tresch & Oliver Schär (Gu-Plus/Thomyk)2:38:59
23Diego Perathoner & Thomas Forer (Sunshineracersjunior)2:42:20
24Bjorn Rondelez & Klaas Vanmoortel (Versluys-Baik)2:47:08
25Florian Schön & Alexander Stark (Team Scott Genius)2:49:41
26Klaus Hannawald & Roman Cech (Sebamed)2:53:03
27Alexander Geelhaar & Robert Gorgos (Redheads Team I)2:54:08
28Rico Leistner & Andy Leistner (Vogtland Bike 1)2:57:24
29Ale[ey Pichugin & Pavel Blagikh (Merida Russia)2:57:58
30Rudy Vos & Leander Hamelink (Vos Joins Hamelink)3:02:46
31Galo Tamayo & Karl Egloff (Ecuador Etapa-Herbalife)3:04:19
32Armin Kiebacher & Matthias Rehmann (Team Sexten-Dowe)3:05:46
33Tom Wouters & Kristof Wijckmans (Après-Bikers)3:21:04
34Martin Moser & Kevin Haselsberger (Rad Und Service MTBo Team)3:22:53
35Remco van Bekkum & Frank van Hoof (Peerkes Bike Team 1)3:24:35
36Bram Saeys & Hans Planckaert (Smart Cycling Team)3:26:14
37Diego Fenaroli & Paolo Maganzini (Team Madonna Di Campiglio)3:27:23
38Johannes Nipperdey & Danny Götze (Nrt-Bad Bikes)3:40:55
39Michael Johansson & Mathias Hjärtström (Team Hymer Sweden)3:42:55
40Hannes Kocher & Christoph Zaller (Team Dowe Sportswear)3:58:17
41Marco Conter & Robert Hotter (Craft=Austroitalia X Nora)3:59:25
42Sascha Wälti & Walter Reusser (Stöckli Fun)4:05:28
43Nikolaus Syc & Tim-Christopher Stahnke (Focus Rapiro Racing)4:07:11
44Stefan Meyer & Stephan Estermann (Auf Nach Riva)4:09:25
45Primoz Lindic & Matej Kainz (Bicikel.Com Prek Alp)4:14:13
46Markus Peter & Fabian Spielmann (Www.Bikeschule-Olten.Ch)4:15:41
47Pedro Lourenco & Andre Pinto (Aventura Team)4:21:13
48Felix Pembaur & Tom Schöler (Team Campana)4:24:28
49Sebastian Golz & Marcus Kröning (Kröning Factory & Focus)4:26:09
50Wouter Declerq & Luca Wesley (Trust MTB Team)4:31:24
51Stefan Koller & Slim Gamh-Drid (Craft And Friends 3)4:33:48
52Markus Bless & Matthias Winkler (Bachtel-Biker 1)4:34:04
53Pavel Andreev & Eugenie Kirillov (Triatleta-Forward)4:34:47
54Jochen Coconcelli & Stefan Loibl (Bike-Magazin)4:35:55
55Wouter van Caneghem & Thomas de Rycke (Wielertoerist.Be)4:37:53
56Andrew Hall & Jason Mcavoy (Radical Lights Factory)4:51:13
57Berend Prins & Gijs Botterblom (Trainingshulp.Nl 2)4:51:20
58Tobias Hoffmann & Tobias Achatz (Craft And Friends 1)4:51:53
59Rolf Vetter & Corne van de Voort (Peerkes Bike Team 3)5:08:26
60Jan Bulin & Vojtech Kacena (Zdar Bar)5:12:59
61Janis Facchin & David Facchini (Team Bäckerei Wörndle)5:13:07
62Massimo Marani & Pierpaolo Pascucci (Team Bike & More 6)5:13:17
63Piceni Massimiliano & Fabio Belotti (Axevo)5:15:31
64Matthias Hug & Pascal Tanner (Www.Bikeschule-Olten.Ch)5:17:21
65Andre Ahamer & Andre Paschke (Team Bonsai Bikes)5:17:45
66Daniele Spinelli & Giuliano Pinchietti (Team Bike & More 4)5:20:26
67Frederick Thöni & Pierre Bischoff (Tema Nauders)5:21:57
68Alexander Kobera & Matej Kobera (Kobera)5:30:00
69Manfred Handl & Bernd Wagner (Team Tretlager)5:37:10
70Simon Bürgi & Martin Huwiler (Www.Vc-P.Ch/Falk_Outdoor)5:45:27
71Dirk Vobbe & Veit Susallek (Team Vapiano)5:46:32
72Georg Heissenberger & Martin Heissenberger (Rc Komptech)5:51:50
73Lars Meier & Lars Messerschmidt (Ddmc Solling)5:58:52
74Martin Süße & Sven Brust (Team Pirna)6:00:58
75Ville Miettinen & Riku Vaahtera (Hi5Bikes.Fi)6:01:08
76Philipp König & Mike Seidel (Vogtland Bike 2)6:10:45
77Andreas Kreichgauer & Andreas Osterrieder (Speedbuam)6:14:51
78Bernd Sudhoff & Waldemar Fuchs (Burn Baby)6:17:25
79Chris Schmidts & Markus Stephani (Cube Multicycle)6:19:38
80David Zimmermann & Mike Fridelance (Jura-Swiss-Team)6:21:48
81Nick Herlihy & Chris Pedder (Awcycles.Co.Uk)6:25:45
82Erwin Bakker & Jasper van de Luytgaarden (Team High 5)6:34:21
83Azukile Simayile & Sipho Madolo (Exxaro Academy)6:35:53
84Renaud Schindelholz & Rafael Ruiz Del Portal (Swiss Hornet)6:36:01
85Franz Bucher & André Hager (Signgate)6:37:08
86Neil Walker & Gareth Barnes (Walkers Cycles)6:37:52
87Philipp Hoheisel & Michael Strauß (Team Dradesel)6:39:38
88Ben Slenter & Kaj Slenter ('Toma Cycles Specialized)6:40:55
89Felix Eberle & Matthias Brenner (Holzwinkel-Racer)6:42:20
90Johannes Körrer & Martin Hönigsberger (Elektrotechnik Körrer)6:44:25
91PranDi Alessio & Rudy Prandi (Team Riva Del Garda)6:51:08
92Clemens Coenen & Flemming Neumann (Stevens 29Er Power Lemgo)6:54:11
93Tobi Schmid & Wolfgang Kistler (Team Fizik)7:02:23
94Christoph Blisch & Benedikt Hegemann (Peak-Ms.De1)7:05:07
95Daniel Erke & Patrick Bews (Team Marrying)7:08:43
96Christian Fieseler & Markus Kersten (Rad-Net.De)7:19:34
97Marco Morgenstern & Ulf Wahlers (Santos-Rohloff)7:20:10
98Emiel Willems & Aman Ewout (Sportvoedingwebshop.Com)7:24:48
99Joep Houten & Paul Meijboom (Witte Tonnies)7:28:21
100Gareth Rees & Nicholas Stephenson (Pcc Uno)7:28:49
101Christian Nebel & Michael Opper (Santos-Rohloff)7:32:34
102Adam Perry & Roger Loser (Bachtelbiker.Ch)7:33:02
103Stanko Grbic & Marc Zubler (Zusta 2000)7:36:57
104Yves Desmet & Wouter Peeters (26Inchcollective.Be)7:45:11
105Eelke Raven & Bert van Ittersum (Trainingshulp.Nl.1)7:48:53
106Christopher Kragl & Jakob Britz (Rad-Salon/Fervor)7:55:50
107Sebastian Döring & Torsten Bahnert (Kröning Factory Team)8:05:39
108Piet Dejonckheere & Dominique de Leersnyder (Dompie)8:07:35
109Clemens Klug & Tobias Schneider (Rhön)8:08:59
110Markus Zechner & Michael Goessler (Betriebsrat At&S / Diesel)8:10:01
111Philipp Gerner & Marcel Ender (Liechtenstein)8:16:40
112Jiri Maly & Stepan Svatek (Sponser_Sport_Food)8:20:13
113Ief De Peuter & Wim Verbiest (Xc Bikers)8:22:27
114Henk Nieuwenhuis & Bjorn Beldman (Team Sp)8:22:46
115Alexander Schubert & Matthias Günther (Quadzillas)8:27:58
116Wouter van Keulen & Arjan Kampf (Easyriders)8:32:09
117Alexander Schramm & Dominik Schwaiger (Unterschleißheim 2012)8:34:52
118Hans Olav Skogstad & Odd Erik Farstad (Hedmarksmafian)8:39:13
119Stuart Prentice & John Prentice (Lumicycle)8:55:54
120António Pereira & Rui Cardoso (Salta Pocinhas X+Iii)8:57:54
121Gian Luca Schiavo & Roberto Tanotti (Team Bike & More 8)9:01:44
122Andre Hosinner & Thomas Kneifel (Nutrixxion)9:04:26
123Stephen Kelleher & John Grace (Team Cooley)9:08:31
124Michele Miani & Stefano Toffoletti (Team Granzon-Barbari)9:08:41
125Nik Dezillie & Bart de Ridder (Outmates+)9:10:03
126Andreas Hartmann & Andrè Pfennig (Salzabiker Team 2)9:21:48
127Alberto Di Giorgio & Stefano Filauri (AvezzanoMTB-Fast)9:22:02
128Stephan Coppelmans & John Spapens (Brabikers)9:23:40
129Luc Wouters & Peter van Hove (MTB P)9:25:01
130Bernd Dorrong & Martin Lanzer (Team Dorrong)9:25:46
131Jürgen Steiner & Andreas Stückler (Auch Schon Im Ziel)9:31:07
132Andreas Helfenberger & Rainer Helfenberger (Team Helfi)9:33:59
133Borja Blanco Rodriguez & Aitor Iraizoz Oyarzun (Tilos)9:35:01
134Tomas Sykora & Petr Pibyl (Ok MTB Team Pardubice)9:40:05
135Roberto Reta & Gorka Astiz (Tilos)9:40:07
136Daniel Spiess & Sven Lattermann (Tssc)9:42:48
137Joris Segers & Olaf de Cock (Oljo)9:47:46
138Hugo Pereira & Paulo Ferreira (Tugas01)9:50:44
139Alexander Torres & Manuel Rojas (Volcan Turrialba Costa Rica)9:54:37
140Adam Lyons & Darren Murray (Lm Racing)10:14:17
141Markus Binderszewsky & Michael Scherrer (Jtri.Ch)10:21:45
142Jens Stoiber & Frank Stoiber (Lengschter Team Vader)10:28:00
143Xavier Gazo Germa & Jordi Garcia Lascorz (Gu Energy Team)10:29:49
144Simone Lepre & Manuel Pasqualini (Team Granzon-Barbari 2)10:32:39
145Jesper Amsinck & Poul Kristensen (Team Ryttergaarden)10:33:38
146Gerhard Lovranich & Jürgen Lovranich (Team Lovi Razing)10:44:39
147Joris Schulz & Rene Grabsch (Kuredu Express)10:45:04
148Dimmen Wellens & Jakob Smits (Team Ibex)10:45:26
149Jon Hynes & Chris Caulfield (Team Mbcc)10:47:47
150Christian Theysohn & Jochen Hebel (Pfalzrock)11:06:51
151Christoph Jacobs & Lars Tausch (Phast Racing Team)11:11:23
152Maik Böing & Gregor Iwanoff (Au Revoir)11:11:33
153Kim Kammel & Matthias Große (Laktatjunkies)11:13:02
154Manuel Ramirez Cordero & Carlos Salazar (Volcán Turrialba-Costa Rica)11:14:38
155Alexander Schmidt & Wolfgang Reichert (Und Ewig Dauert Der Berg)11:17:26
156Michael Baker & Eric Verswijvel (Fat Boys 2)11:27:30
157Danny De Speigeleer & Bram Borgoo (De Tandenbijters)11:35:31
158Stefan Uhlmann & Michael Seller (Klubkasse.De)11:38:43
159Daniel Panian & Harald Frühwirth (Smokies)11:55:00
160David Rudzicki & Johannes Beusker (Peak-Ms.De 2)11:58:51
161Jason Deane & Niall Evans (Craft South Afrcia)12:06:30
162Gonzalo Gomez Saez & Unai Allende Urones (Ciclos Getxo Team)12:11:12
163Michael Sturm & Jörg Sturm (Die2Stuerme)12:20:11
164Marco Lezajic & Boris Feist (Low Performers)12:22:52
165Christoph Moosmair & Michael Geyer (Mini-Hofbräuhaus)12:24:29
166Markus Trimmel & Bernhard Müllauer (Radweg-Rowdys)12:42:57
167Roland Schaffer & Thomas Brandl-Ruttner (Oldfox.At)12:45:04
168Ronald Österreicher & Werner Ertl (Sione)12:45:52
169Jef Huyben & Floris Huyben (Endurance)12:47:19
170Andrea Dell Oca & Claudio Cominetti (Team Zoolander)13:34:19
171Stefan Jacobs & Pieter Potters (Rennsport)13:35:43
172Malte Claussen & Vincent Schümann (Mountain Heroes Friends)14:12:49
173Andrzej Lipinski & Martin Ciolkosz (Lwp)15:00:37
174Robert Scherthan & Rainer Schmitt (Liftxpress)16:21:10
175Rico Böhmer & Robin Lutter (Elbtaler)16:41:42
176Colin Hendriks & Albert Terblanche (Swamp Knobs)17:16:25
177Pasquale Russo & Thomas Schäfer (Bikefreunde Hegau Ii)17:42:09
178Michael Pilz & Johannes Stockner (Heavy Biking)18:34:52
179Joan Viladrich & Elmekles Dvir Almog (Team Israel-Spain)18:36:57
180Pieter Du Plessis & Graham Rogoff (Wtf)18:45:43
181Grambes Salzer & Ulrich Bahnmüller (Problembärchen)19:59:53
182David Degenhardt & Gabriel Degenhardt (Aufstiern & Obegamsn)20:39:40
183Thomas Fahl & Dirk Müller (Lowrider Germany)20:49:47
184András Magyar & Josef Mészáros (Kiz Group)21:15:07
185Gabor Gaszner & Istvan Bartha (Mozgasvilag.Hu)21:34:20
186Francisco Izquierdo & David Fernandez (Survivor Dr)21:53:18
187Hochfeld Brett22:42:11
188Andreas Graf & Stephan Böhm (Bikefreunde Hegau)23:05:12
189Jan Knies & Andreas Masuch (Vf-Racing-Team)25:39:40

Women general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sally Bigham & Milena Landtwing (Centurion Vaude/Topeak Ergon)18:50:11
2Louise Ischen Stopforth & Catherine Williamson (Team Bizhub-Fcf)2:24:35
3Angela Niklaus & Andrea Kuster (Metz - Kraftwerk)3:32:13
4Kristina Weber & Sarah Bosch (Mountain Heroes 2)4:50:57
5Anja Knaub & Sabine Stampf (Black Tusk Racing)6:30:55
6Anita Krenn & Barbara Lichtenegger (Goiserer Mittwochrunde)6:35:40
7Tina Urnau & Manuela Werkle (Black Tusk Racing)7:25:24
8Gaby Reuter & Claudia Langer (Craft And Friends 9)7:44:46
9Petra Zeller & Sabine Loacker (Follow Me!)8:39:07
10Nelia Fuchs & Monika Sudhoff (Burn Baby 1)8:45:33
11Anna Novikova & Olga Kasatkina (World Class Outdoor)9:25:27
12Jana Kubacova & Eva Haskova (Hannah Moab)9:34:54
13Claudia Schalk & Tanja Oswald (Team Sport Reischmann)13:16:57
14Christina Baganz & Raffaela Hoffmann (Team Burn Baby)13:56:06
15Anna Weyer & Iris Auerbach (Craft-Rocky Mountain Team)23:02:04

Mixed general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Antonia Wipfli & Patrick Jauch (Team Gisler)18:55:55
2Lorenza Menapace & Claudio Segata (Press Riva Del Garda)0:25:44
3Matthias Gärtner & Katharina Alberti (Black Tusk Racing)0:36:12
4Daniela Storch & Torsten Mützlitz (Scott Freaky Fi`Zi:K Frie)1:11:55
5Markus Reichle & Elisabeth Brandau (Notebooksbilliger.De)1:30:03
6Hansen Naomi & Mike Blewitt (Subaru-MarathonMTB.Com)1:42:55
7Katrin Leumann & Thomas Wickles (Ghost Factory Racing)1:54:44
8Danièle Troesch & Olivier Guth (Fiat Rotwild / Batibois)2:32:18
9Othmar Fässler & Andrea Fässler (Rmv Hochdorf Giant)2:49:52
10Roger Wenger & Cornelia Hug (Imboden Bike-Crazy Velo)3:05:41
11Paul Bühler & Sabina Compassi (Lumpaz)3:43:26
12Andrea Meier & Sven Meier (Soq.De-Coldblack)3:44:02
13Agnes Nauman & Ronald Andraczek (Frm-Racing.De)3:44:57
14Sara Mertens & Danny Flies (Los Rabtitos)4:13:36
15Olivier Baumgartner & Barbara Liardet (Team Hérens)4:27:49
16Nadia Pasqualini & Paolo Paci (Team Bike & More 7-Paolo)4:47:16
17Michele Wittlin & Heinz Locher (Wilo)4:49:02
18Nadine Imhasly & Hanspeter Abegg (Pink Crocs)4:50:29
19Birgit Happenhofer & Andreas Jocham (Styria MTB Club)5:09:43
20Meg Carrigan & Peter Winfield (Black Sheep)5:13:55
21Manuela Jenny & Markus Gisler (Stöckli-Velorado Racing)5:33:20
22Harald Behr & Kirsten Maas (Nur Die Liebe Zählt)5:34:47
23Esther Graweid & Dominik Hug (Www.Bikeschule-Olten.Ch)5:46:53
24Axel Kienberger & Susanne Füßinger (Wsb)6:07:45
25Fred van Zanten & Ilona Meter (Giant)6:07:47
26Igor Baronas & Galina Balagurova (Merida Russia 2)6:28:21
27Derek Shiers & Nicola Mann (Trailhead Athletics)6:30:20
28Michael Heubner & Elena Wagner (Sebamed Craft Bike Team)6:40:15
29Nicole Kuttruff & Christoph Zimmermann (Craft-Rocky Mountain Team)7:08:16
30Steffi Wernicke & Bernd Wernicke (Rennsteig Racer)7:10:22
31Moema Lüthy & Alamo Candrian (M&M)7:12:14
32Marieke De LeeDe & Bart Aan Den Toorn (The Dutch Hug Team)7:12:31
33Naima Madlen Diesner & Daniel Widera (Team Velo-Sport Göttingen)7:21:35
34Klaus Eschenbeck & Sandra Knoll (Cube-Flitzer)7:24:55
35Chantal Pequignot & Martin Fiorello (Team Jurassic)7:51:40
36Nicole Koller & Niklaus Zippert (Ibw)8:05:49
37Ulrike Gabriella Wagner & Günther Rosenkranz (Old Giants)8:10:40
38Michael Weick & Janet Weller (Team Modi-Craft)8:38:31
39Denise Shakeshaft & Hugh Shakeshaft (2 Shakes)8:46:01
40Monika Rasche & Gerhard Wegener (Team 101)8:51:30
41Werner Dreger & Sara-Diane Gorges (Craft-Rocky Mountain Team)9:07:21
42Judith Mallmann & Peter Mallmann (Black Tusk Racing)9:15:35
43Marco Douma & Silvia Brouwer (Ontour)9:22:48
44Laurence Metelli & Bas Hurenkamp (Mbc Bar-End)9:44:59
45Wielie Frick & Erik Knoetze (Team Dream Come True)9:49:55
46Hans-Jörg Roth & Christine Roth (Rothmild)9:54:56
47Tristan Willbrandt & Petra Bödder (Tritratrrulllalla)9:56:37
48Ewald Clavadetscher & Nora Rosenberg (Strenflex World Champions)9:59:23
49Tamika Haw & Glen Haw (Joberg2C)10:12:42
50Carina Simm & Jörg Simm (Racing Småland)10:39:40
51Marion Müller & Dietmar Herrenkind (Herrenberger Gäuflitzer)10:45:43
52Stefanie Pederiva & Hannes Michel (Alpenrausch)11:31:03
53Karin Suter & Bruno Richner (Brunellos)12:21:35
54Simone Springer & Michael Springer (Fuhneschucken)12:29:28
55Tanja Habersatter & Jürgen Heitzmann (Die Huggls)12:31:12
56Berit Messelt & Herman Messelt (Team Messelt)13:21:19
57Marlie Hilgers & Geert-Jan Moors (Moors-Gijsman Assurantiën)14:35:54
58Jill Janz & Martin Voigt (Craft-Rocky-Mountain)15:06:51
59Daniela Martinez & David Alvarado (Pura Vida)15:21:33
60Ramona Franke & Roman Franke (Franke)16:10:04
61Romed Staggl & Katharina Kern (Karo On Tour)18:10:41
62Christoph Gotthardt & Mila Kusmenko (Äppler)18:54:33
63Andrea Uhlmann & Stephan Uhlmann (Bergzicke)19:57:08
64Sandra Ohagan & Michael Wilson (Celtic Warriors)22:52:26

Masters 80+ general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Massimo De Bertolis & Marzio Deho (Team Adamelloski)16:00:38
2Hans Grasegger & Andreas Laner (Scott)1:04:13
3Heinz Zörweg & Anton Warter (Cube Factory Team)1:57:44
4Thomas Piazza & Viktor Paris (Sunshineracers Nals)2:00:51
5Shan Wilson & Adrian Enthoven (Craft South Africa)2:35:03
6Peter Brommler & Heinz Sommer (Schwarzwälder Bayrische)3:04:01
7Bojan Bohorc & Thorsten Damm (High5)3:15:53
8Miroslav Brabec & Petr Gunther (Bikebrdy)4:26:04
9Bas Bloeming & Wim Kwakkel (Mulder_Smit Cycling Team)4:30:03
10Stefan Achten & Stefan Vaes (Bikes Claessens)4:34:21
11Jozsef Kis & Peter Vas (Merida Maraton Hungary)4:41:28
12Wolf-Thorsten Witt & Marcus Werf (Bike-Werf.De)4:49:03
13Dietmar Müller & Thomas Gruner (Stevens Master Team)4:49:58
14Josef Huber & Franz Trattler (Wic-Team)4:59:08
15Alex von Euw & Martin Altermatt (Chälbli)5:11:05
16Gian Antonio Ducoli & Orazio Casaccio (Team Livigno)5:25:27
17Mathias Morawe & Uwe Gollmann (Biketeam Elbtal)5:34:19
18Eric Kooistra & Daniel de Bruin (Team Trainingshulp.Nl 3)5:36:23
19Volker Gieß & Jens Martin (Flyinglegs.De)5:38:33
20Peter Stopforth & Dirk Maarsingh (Squirt Lube Masters)5:47:32
21Heinz Posch & Andreas Guignard (Www.Gasthofseefeld.Ch)5:54:07
22Hugo Arraiolos & Pedro Vieira (Salta Pocinhas V)6:00:44
23Philip Geudens & Peter Wouters (Peerkes Bike Team 4)6:03:50
24Stefan Koelsch & Andreas Jansen (Radsport Smit)6:12:07
25Koen van Genechten & Wim Lewi (Reetzweters)6:15:08
26Martin Staiger & Hans-Jürgen Stauber (Extreme Moonrider)6:15:50
27Alexander Hummitzsch & Stephan Hummitzsch (Craft-Rocky Mountain Team)6:16:32
28Christian Hafele & Christian Schatz (Imst Tourismus)6:18:57
29Markus Baumann & Hermann Blaser (Albis-Belchen Biker)6:19:05
30Edward Nicholson & Robert Thooft (Nandos)6:19:49
31Mirco Holz & Bernd Vockenroth (Team Powerslide Minden)6:28:06
32Paul Micklewood & Kenny Scheepers (Three Point Seven)6:35:04
33Joseph Brown & Jeff Cummings (Kona-Cascadia)6:36:53
34Merlyn Claymore Jackson & Shaun Ellis (Cadence Capital)6:39:39
35Andrea Massaccesi & Alberto Vitali (Team Bike & More 5)6:41:50
36Andy Leivers & James Hinsby (Squirt Lube)6:46:05
37Luke Beuchat & Richard Enthoven (Cycle Nation)6:47:29
38Philip Mark & Martin Stemberger (Urguat.At)6:48:26
39Geert Swinkels & Marco van den Helm (Mcoss)6:48:56
40Roland Ast & Matthias Rixner (Black Tusk Racing)7:00:19
41Uwe Rutkalneit & Stefan Schnaible (Sg Stern Gaggenau)7:00:22
42Danilo Giulieri & Andreas Kühl (Palo Alto Fidibc)7:10:38
43Peter Mühl & Gerhard Steinberg (Bikeworks)7:11:01
44Roberto Rogate & Michele Berta (Team Corripirla)7:14:20
45Dolf Okkerman & Emiel Blok (Dirty Hill)7:14:53
46Harry Strobel & Jochen Hauschel (Team-Injoy-Mabitz)7:23:38
47Bernhard Rossi & Robert Baust (Bunkerbiker)7:30:17
48Richard Offord & Marco Hohmann (Rhönraketen)7:32:51
49Daniel Franke & Markus Angstwurm (Isar-Express)7:33:54
50Micha Weishaupt & Christian Drews (Rsc 88 Velo Total)7:36:30
51Reini Buchle & René Hartmann (Banditbike.Ch)7:38:46
52Jens Wischnewski & Horst Laslop (Bmc-Scott/Wein-König)7:39:14
53Marco De Jonge & Hugo Derks (Deining Kudde)7:41:35
54Diego Piccin & Damian Fulvia (Team Crazy Sport-Elastic)7:51:55
55Peter Zauner & Michael Goffin (Redheads Team Ii)7:53:30
56Seamus Mcavoy & Gary Sheils (Team Cú Chulainn)8:03:56
57Declan Mc Cabe & David Mc Keown (Cooleybulls)8:08:19
58Michael Schmidt & Jürgen Domaschky (Team Gonso-Rawoflex)8:09:31
59Matthias Bauer & Christian Pfeifer (Bikesportbühne Bayreuth)8:16:23
60Martin Anzenhofer & John Beale (Bergziege)8:18:06
61Roland Derntl & Andreas Lehner (Austrian Trailhunter)8:21:20
62van EnDe Luc & Tom Sneyers (Etk1)8:21:35
63Bert Hergenhahn & Thilo Hahn (MTBc Wehrheim)8:22:16
64Alexander Ernst & Gerald Vogel (Salzabiker)8:27:04
65Paul Howarth & Stephan Bakker (Team Hollandgb)8:27:12
66Ragnar Aasgaard & Karl Johan Watne (Team Bck)8:31:42
67Aniello Bove & Mark Lauzon (Team Spirit)8:32:59
68Hagen Grütze & Thomas Röttger (Sonntagsfahrer)8:38:54
69Ronny Schrijvers & Arne Vanden Wijngaert (Arnito Team Belgium)8:46:52
70Jürgen Henninger & Werner Schick (Black Tusk Racing)8:49:00
71Berend Maarsingh & Colin Du Plessis (Talisman Hire)8:59:16
72Dieter Holztrattner & Patrik Heim (Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol)9:05:21
73Urs Christ & Gregor Trottmann (Dynamo Sport)9:06:33
74Ulrich Haupt & Frank Klenke (Bike Against Bone Cancer)9:09:52
75Alexander Kiessling & Detlef Guenther (Die Tiefstapler)9:11:00
76Tim Molema & Michael Gardner (Box Hill)9:11:34
77Pascal Vergeer & Patrick Hassing (Team Likesport.Nl)9:15:48
78Rene Wild & Volker Dinkelmeyer (Team Revo)9:16:53
79Sascha Eglseder & Michael Weber (Team Dowe Sportswear)9:24:26
80Andreas Henning & Rüdiger Janson (Team Enzensteiner)9:25:02
81Silvio Kluge & Pascal Klein (Team Neumann Brilon)9:32:46
82Stephan Gous & Izak Visagie (Andersontransport)9:35:17
83Jens Schönbohm & Heiko Klein (Rc Endspurt Herford)9:38:20
84Chris Drevel & Joost Bakker (Bultnbroezers)9:54:27
85Johann Sappl & Holger Sperb (Bergzeit.De)9:55:13
86Michael Dall & Jesper Mathiasen (Team Ryttergaarden)9:59:34
87Jose Maria Alonso & Homero López (Berimbau)10:15:25
88Albert Preinesberger & Volker Hess (Craft And Friends 4)10:15:39
89Ruud Onink & Bart Fortkamp (Fit4All)10:15:52
90Sandy Inglis & Arthur Collins (Lyttelton Rebuild)10:18:48
91Bene Fischer & Thomas Reichenberger (Power Cloud 2)10:23:24
92Marco Cavazza & Alessandro Baiesi (Team Bike & More 1)10:31:57
93Gavin Roy Wilkinson & Leigh Durham (Craft Kzn)10:37:08
94Peter Hofmann & Stephan Kleinbeck (Hassberge 1)10:53:49
95Christoph Martin & Frank Bräuer (Champion System)
96Achim Wolf & Lars Erdt (Team Einrich)11:03:37
97Stuart Staples & Nick Towers (Surgihoney Lutterworth)11:06:08
98Andreas Schmidt & Christian Krieger (Bierdeckelbrothers)11:08:15
99Peter Mertens & Barry van den Bergh (Peerkes Bike Team 5)11:08:52
100Horst Wolf & Wolfgang Bourges (Nubert Speaker Factory)11:13:25
101Andreas Beyer & Ulf Köhler (Meininger-Tornados-2012)11:18:26
102Oliver Birnbaum & Ulrich Voll (Kanuklubber)11:18:59
103Ray Pepe & Nick Ffoulkes (Cocks)11:29:09
104Andreas Neulinger & Stefan Kreischer (Austrian Trailhunter)11:37:00
105Geert Braam & Harry van Wijk (Team Epic)11:41:48
106Jochen Rodemann & Heiko Fröhlich (Rodefrö)11:42:35
107Konstantin Eremin & Oleg Naumov (Baikal)11:48:23
108Maik Frische & Joachim Birkenheier (Das Rad Koblenz)12:04:49
109Thomas Günther & Michael Mannes (East-West Connection)12:09:24
110Kristian Norrby & Patric Mauritzon (Team Södra)12:09:56
111Richard Mann & Stephen Field (Double Dutch Pancake)12:12:25
112Mario Gröbner & Jürgen Possart (Austrian Trailhunter)12:13:14
113Stef De Bruin & Marc van der Linden (Flappy)12:17:08
114Dion Ocuinneagain & David Macready (Craft South Africa)12:18:02
115Holger Pohle & Alfred Hundertpfund (Lanza-Eleven)12:18:57
116Fransois Strauss & Adriaan Strauss (Rockspiders)12:19:49
117Urban Majcen & Robert Sturbej (Speed Nails)12:25:26
118Sebastian von Eltz & Karsten Wulf (Lernen Fürs Leben)12:34:24
119Daniel Jonti & Gregg Daniel (Beezem Rats)12:36:00
120Oliver Liedtke & Andreas Görtler (Nubert Speaker Factory)12:36:06
121Jon Seddon & Peter Warwick (Mountain Mania/Pidog)12:36:25
122Martin Simacek & Jan Kozák (Kc Nove Straseci)12:53:29
123Josh Pavlic & Karsten Kraechter (Lt Bittermark Dortmund)12:55:41
124Roger van Hagen & Manuel Gallardo (Team Ninerd)12:57:55
125Martin Pienaar & Nic Kohler (Saffers)13:04:45
126Niels Mayer & Patrick Faust (Asses Of Fire)13:05:57
127Patrick Roberts & Guy Rousseau (Patguy)13:09:54
128Waleed Baker & Ahmed Zaid Mahomed (Pitstop)13:14:59
129Robert Vogelzang & Tom van Tellingen (Bushbikers)13:15:49
130Christophe De Weerdt & Pieter Eeckhout (Cameleon Bike Team)13:18:37
131Alexander Marsch & Algis Bartaska (Team Spritz)13:21:13
132Jose Abreu & Nuno Rapaz (Saltapocinhas)13:22:47
133Ivica Kaurinovic & Robert Rieger (Citius Altius Fortius!)13:34:27
134Holger Kraft & Matthias Hunecke (Landliebe)13:36:45
135Pascal Olislagers & Jurgen Olislagers (Chainbrothers)13:50:31
136Jürgen Leidner & Manuel Setz (Giant Testcenter)14:00:17
137Eduard Hetzl & Manuel Hetzl (Cpulohn)14:13:43
138Michael Loendersloot & Han Kempenaar (Ad8)14:16:48
139Thomas Schulze & Nic Rohmann (Tri Brandenburg)14:17:59
140David Rolain & Claus Peikert (The French Touch)14:18:28
141Dirk Schilling & Marco Mekelburg (Dimex)14:18:33
142Dave Linder & Kevin Wapnick (Team Craft Joberg2C)14:35:42
143Richard Hermanek & Jörg Waldmann (Ritchey-Moots)14:48:32
144Sang Woon Park & Hae-Woon Choi (Ls-Biclo)14:49:20
145Ingo van De Vorle & Carsten Friedrich (Stickprimus Racing Team)15:10:41
146Hubert Wiederer & Christian Putzenlechner (Burning Wheelz)15:11:38
147Steffen Schairer & Andreas Herrmann (Lovetoeatright.Com)15:13:35
148Peter Bundschuh & Roland Wank (Schieberhoch)15:15:50
149Auke Kramer & Sjoerd Couperus (Sjak)15:16:33
150Joachim Bauske & Jan Faisst (Never Give Up)15:25:47
151Wijnand Nijboer & Klaas Seegers (Myb Uffelte)15:32:44
152Giancarlo Pericoli & Gianluca Sirchi (Team Bike & More 3-Marine)15:36:52
153Bruce William Collins & Mark Corrigan (Corrigan/Maouris)15:46:43
154Oliver Gilbert & Spyridon Koutromanou (Koutromanou/Gilbert)15:55:42
155Erhardt van Reene Du Toit & Pierre Erasmus (Moov)15:58:56
156Richard Kolbe & Mark Harry Cotterrell ()16:17:05
157Jeff Plank & John Tatum (Reality Bikes)16:44:24
158Daniel Deutscher & Mario Fellner (Pedalerie Deufel)16:44:47
159Joachim Grau & Hans-Michael Krepold (Team Oberbayern)17:25:38
160Thomas Kühnel & Bernd Bauernschmidt (Zahngesundheit)17:58:30
161Geert Monteny & Wim Monteny (Montenietjes)18:23:00
162Arnim Krefft & Siegfried Haas (Kloppholz)19:28:54
163Markus Dietz & Rainer Kopp (Problembären)19:39:33
164Guy Clumeck & Matityahu Eldad (Team Israel 1)20:07:23
165Francesco Catani & Giancarlo Rossi (Anomalo Team)20:09:06
166Doron Di Castro & Gil Almog (Team Israel 2)24:44:27
167Ok Joo Kim & Lee Choi Cheul (Team MTBland)24:45:14

Senior Masters 100+ general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Renato Burch & Bärti Bucher (Bixs Suisse)18:48:13
2Walter Perkmann & Georg Niggl (Craft And Friends 7)0:53:12
3Hartmann Stifter & Thomas Herrmann (Team Sigma)1:45:21
4Max Bertschinger & Thomas Rüegg (Thomax Bike Team)2:11:03
5Ueli Schürmann & Pino Ferrari (Büli Bike Tigers Vsport)3:23:21
6Aiden Mcdonald & Johnny Mccabe (Cuchulainn/Green Bikes)3:47:12
7Edoardo Bonvecchio & Franco Martini (Team Rttr)3:50:57
8Klaus Kanski & Thomas Fiedler (Rsg Würzburg Tom & Jerry)4:59:50
9Matthias Müller & Tom Schnabel (Team Action Sports)5:06:01
10Jürgen Kohler & Roland Rombach (Sport & Bike Hostel)5:56:23
11Michael Jungmann & Reiner Scherer (Team Bike Sport Scheids)6:09:09
12Gert-Luuk Wiersma & Cor Linstra (Team Hekman)6:45:15
13Michael Lella & Holger Hoffmann (Craft And Friends 5)6:48:47
14Eamon Mcconvey & Eamon Mcconvey (Mcconvey Cycles 25Th Year)6:53:51
15Fabrizio Magnani & Antonello Cassi (Team Bike & More 2-Gb)6:58:45
16Stefano Romani & Marco Orsini (Team Bike & More 9)7:01:52
17Ales Kilnar & Otta Matousek (Itchallenge)7:21:22
18Ralph Moog & Rainer Heppeler (Die Energiewerker)7:45:51
19Oscar Schickl & Steffen Allert (Bibi)7:49:02
20Thomas van Marwick & Eckhardt Münch (Tomeck)7:53:53
21Gerald Tretter & Eberhard Steiner (Ammergauer Alpen)8:55:33
22Christian Reinike & Frank Raschke (Die Netten Jungs)9:01:25
23Ralph Ziegler & Erwin Leppmeier (John + Jane Doe Team)9:19:42
24Ernst Von Kanel & Hanspeter Heiniger (Emmebikers)9:20:22
25Georges Marti & Beat Eberhard (Team Häxe-Tanne.Ch)9:29:38
26Piet van De Wiel & Fons Deene (Peerkes Bike Team 6)9:49:45
27Michael Rendler & Uli Bock (Trapper John And His Kid)11:02:34
28Guido Scholz & Andreas Fritzsche (Stortrec)11:26:31
29Joe Smyth & Joe Smyth (Glendale Dreamers)12:47:41
30Joachim Colditz & Ulrich Herrmann (Mtv Eibenstock)13:17:50
31Knut Mostervik & Jan Ulvesten (Team 100)15:11:50
32John Marsden & Terence White (2Old&2Slow)16:13:32
33Wilfried Radmacher & Steffen Schmidt (Team Greyhound)16:24:32
34Zach De Beer & Mike Wijnberg (The Bullets)17:51:23
35Itzhak Gabbay & Ido Merfeld (Team Israel 5)18:31:15
36Ulf Stephan & Rolf Helmreich (Flow Pirates)20:01:57
37Jin Hong Kim & Gu Seo Sang (Team MTBland)20:05:48
38Rokus van den Hoek & Len Dikker (Dutch Speed)20:37:10
39Hans-Georg Förster & Martin Förster (Die Fabelhaften Förster)21:09:34
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