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Sauser wins second straight stage, increases overall lead

Elite men: Back-to-back wins for Sauser

By bringing home his second consecutive stage victory at the 2012 Trans Germany, Christoph Sauser (Specialized) is one step closer to earning the general classification title for the third straight year. The Swiss rider, the reigning marathon world champion, finished 13 seconds ahead of Matthias Leisling (Black Tusk Racing) while Markus Kaufmann (Team Centuiron Vaude) rounded out the top three at 28 seconds.

Sauser know leads the elite men's general classification by 1:56 on South Africa's David George (Nedbank Team 360life), who finished in seventh place today but was able to cement his lead in the best climber classification having earned 45 out of a maximum of 100 points so far. Thomas Dietsch (Team Bulls), the fifth place finisher in stage 2, moved up to third position overall, 2:56 behind Sauser.

Sauser was pleased with the outcome of the 73.4km stage from Pfronten, Germany, to Lermoos, Austria as the 36-year-old Swiss had to close the gap to several breakaways and wasn't able to launch an attack himself against his general classification rivals in the leading group until the very last descent.

"The level of riding is outstanding this year, there is no resting at all," said Sauser. "Today it was a back and forth and also very tactical, but I was able to break away when I attacked on the final downhill."

On the descent into Lermoos Sauser took advantage of his technical abilities and his knowledge of the terrain: "It was right at the same spot where I attacked last year and I finally was able to gain some more seconds."

Increasing his general classification lead has made Sauser feel more secure about his prospects of winning overall for the third straight year. "That's very important. You can have a flat on the very last day and lose everything very quick," said Sauser.

Elite women: Brandau takes stage, Landtwing remains overall leader

Elisabeth Brandau, the 2010 women's Trans Germany winner, won stage 2 of the 2012 edition with a 1:42 advantage over runner-up and overnight race leader Milena Landtwing (Team Centuiron Vaude). Silke Schmidt ( placed third at 7:51.

Landtwing continues to lead the women's general classification and holds a 8:10 lead Brandau with Schmidt in third overall at 10:10.

Brandau had a very difficult opening stage, but bounced back for the victory today.

"I didn't feel good at all," said Brandau of her result yesterday in stage 1. "I had some back problems and had to walk quite often. Today was way better, although I still noticed my back. However, I was able to outpace Milena [Landtwing] on the last climb after we had been head-to-head for the whole race."

Defending Trans Germany champion Pia Sundstedt of Craft – Rocky Mountain has had a miserable title defense in 2012. Sundstedt suffered from stomach ailments yesterday which didn't get better over night. As a result the Finnish racer was finally forced to withdraw from the race today.

Laner wins masters 40+ stage – Strobel extends overall lead

Andreas Laner (Team Scott) has secured his first Trans Germany stage win today with a narrow two-second victory over Andreas Strobel (Team Centurion Vaude). Strobel, the 40+ masters general classification leader, was in turn 2:25 ahead of today's third ranked rider Carsten Bresser (Craft-Rocky Mountain), who is still Strobel's closest rival overall.

After two stages Strobel leads Bresser by 2:26, while Heinz Zörweg (Team Factory Cube) holds third at 6:43.

Perkmann again best masters 50+ rider

In the category for the oldest participants, Walter Perkmann was again unbeatable. The Craft and Friends rider finished 4:46 ahead of Henrik Cohen (Team Geels) with Werner Hoepperger (Team Tiroler Zugspitz Arena) placing third at 8:03.

Perkmann extended his overall lead to 14:14 over Cohen and 18:00 ahead of Hoepperger.

1Christoph Sauser (Specialized)3:05:39
2Matthias Leisling0:00:13
3Markus Kaufmann (Team Centuiron Vaude)0:00:28
4Daniel Geismayr (Team Centuiron Vaude)0:00:31
5Thomas Dietsch (Team Bulls)0:00:33
6Massimo De Bertolis (Team Autopolar Volvo Cannondal)0:00:34
7David George (Nedbank Team 360Life)0:00:36
8Max Knox0:01:11
9Thomas Litscher0:01:19
10Karl Platt (Team Bulls)0:03:19
11Rupert Palmberger (Team Centuiron Vaude)0:03:20
12Stefan Sahm (Team Bulls)0:03:21
13Konny Looser (Team Stöckli-Pro)0:03:24
14Matthias Bettinger (Team Centuiron Vaude)0:04:17
15Robby De Bock0:05:55
16Frans Claes0:05:56
17Torsten Marx (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:06:05
18Tim Böhme (Team Bulls)0:07:05
19Marcus Nicolai (Team Bulls)
20Calle Friberg0:08:14
21Matjaz Budin (Idrija Alpine Town Of The Year)0:08:20
22Philipp Pangerl (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:08:45
23Roland Golderer (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:09:04
24Oliver Vonhausen (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:09:14
25Michael Schuchardt (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:09:15
26Thomas Bundgaard (Racing29Ers)0:11:15
27Tobias Reiser (Notebooksbilliger.De)0:11:25
28Daniel Gathof (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)0:11:28
29Matthias Gärtner (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:11:44
30Timo Modosch0:11:45
31Thomas Holtkamp (Metz Team Davos)0:14:08
32Robert Wittmann (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)0:14:33
33Werner Höbarth (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:15:57
34Peter Reiche (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:16:15
35Paul van der Ploeg0:16:55
36Hutter Michael0:17:10
37Mario Schädle (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:17:11
38Alexander Warthmann (Team Centurion Vaude By Saikls)0:18:14
39Hugo Prado (Oce Brasil)0:18:24
40Benedikt Lärch (Rslc Holzkirchen/Haibike)0:18:29
41Paul Remy (Focus Coaching-System.Fr)0:18:35
42Hallvar Barlaup (Fannefjord Sk)0:18:59
43Torsten Mützlitz (Team Scott)0:19:49
44Steffen Greger (Radwer Racing Team)0:21:34
45Rainer Rettner (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)0:21:38
46Uwe Hardter (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:21:41
47Jochen Weisenseel0:21:43
48Bart Classens (Licht Verzet)0:22:09
49Ulrich Rose (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:22:14
50Matthias Baldauf (RSV Sonthofen)0:22:24
51Thomas Palussek (Velociped-Cube)0:22:31
52Stefan Sulser (Metz Team Davos)0:22:41
53Sjoerd Meijdam (Teamventoux MTB Tilburg)0:22:42
54Blaz Pristovnik (Idrija Alpine Town Of The Year)0:24:23
55Alexander Rebs (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:24:51
56Paul Timmer0:25:00
57Pascal Fontain (Mountain Heroes)0:26:11
58Florian Willbold (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:26:25
59Ludwig Döhl0:26:29
60Uli Zettl0:27:09
61Tobias Friedrich (Ssv Forchheim)0:28:23
62Jan Verboven0:28:45
63Christian Groß (Team Storm Biker)0:28:48
64Tibor Gijssen (Sram)0:30:21
65Christian Baldauf (RSV Sonthofen)0:31:21
66Andreas Schrödl (Race Team Schillig)0:31:29
67Dariusz Miroslaw (Vimar Rzeszow)0:31:38
68Florian Presslauer (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:32:14
69Christian Knappe (Team Scott)0:32:40
70Nikolaus Syc (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:32:58
71Slim Gamh-Drid (Craft And Friends)0:33:55
72Bert Verboven0:34:35
73Tobias Achatz (Craft And Friends)
74Colin Osborn (Honey Stinger/Bontrager Trek)0:35:41
75Guido Thaler (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)0:36:01
76Christian Schneidawind (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:36:23
77Carsten Pflugbeil (Team Punch Cycles)0:36:24
78Christian Burger (Gea Cfs Bühl Kempten)0:36:35
79Lars Vollmer (Brothers-Racing-Team)0:36:58
80Benjamin Michael (Ghost Racing Team)0:37:03
81Marius Ionascu (Dhs-Tibiscus Team)0:37:42
82Miron Elisei0:40:00
83Nelson Luis (Soul Bikers)0:40:06
84Harry Lipp (Qloom Sports)0:40:17
85Bernd Tröbelsperger (RSV Sonthofen)0:41:04
86Erkan Sakallioglu (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)0:42:26
87Kai Gläßer (Nutrixxion MTB)
88Lars Bresche (Craft And Friends)0:43:43
89Michael Tauziet0:45:02
90Jesse Beurskens (Teamventoux MTB Tilburg)0:45:35
91Mario Keller0:45:47
92Markus Jäger (RSV Sonthofen)0:46:03
93Patrick Wolf0:46:30
94Thomas Kleiner (MTB-Club-Karlsruhe)0:46:49
95Ivan Vila0:47:20
96Alex Bellera0:47:39
97Werner Bergmann0:48:15
98Sebastian Jayne0:48:16
99Alexander Bietz (Delta-Bike.De)0:49:14
100Michael Teutschmann0:49:22
101Mike Bredemus (Soul Bikers)0:49:41
102Guido Türks0:49:53
103Christian Schmit (Team Toproad)0:50:09
104Alexej Schulz (Team Sigma)0:50:15
105Holger Bülow (Sebamed Bike Team)0:50:49
106Florian Stock0:51:00
107Marco Beetz (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)0:51:54
108Daniel Hechenblaickner (Team Katzung-Klaus Dengg)0:52:04
109Martin Bill (Thömus Factory Team)0:53:18
110Iroy Cosse (Teamventoux MTB Tilburg)0:53:24
111Alexander Nehls0:53:27
112Marcel Teilich0:54:01
113Michel Tubée (Velociped-Cube)0:54:04
114Christoph Keßler (MTB-Club-Karlsruhe)0:54:13
115Stefanus Hackl (Racerholix Chemnitz)0:54:55
116Oliver Kurz0:55:53
117Björn Heigel (Dextro Energy/Radsport Reuter)0:55:54
118Tore Fallet0:56:11
119Mark Cosijn0:56:37
120Daniel Rossmanith (Team Maxxis & Friends)0:56:47
121Christian Ratzisberger0:56:59
122Michel Pannekeet0:57:07
123Michael Kunz0:57:09
124Alexander Briest (RSV Sonthofen)0:57:12
125Michal Glowacki (Team Webstep)0:58:03
126Marc Sanwald0:58:07
127Tobias Schillig (Race Team Schillig)0:58:28
128Stefan Bastuck0:58:39
128Oyvind Viken
130Daniel Höner0:58:41
131Jan Henrik Hoilund0:58:56
132Martin Thomsen0:58:57
133Davor Kisker (Team2Race)0:59:06
134Mario Brenkers (De Heideroosjes)0:59:19
135Uli Schmittlutz (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)1:00:09
136Stefan Koller (Craft And Friends)1:00:17
137Gilian De Visser1:00:28
138Tor Magnus Kolflaath1:00:32
139Jonas Victorin (Almby Ik)1:01:01
140Sven Krieger (Bayerische Staatsforsten)1:01:05
141Bernd Den Hollander (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)1:01:26
142Marco Eckert (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)1:01:57
143Andreas Warner (Nordic Schenkeldruck)1:02:00
144Johan Grosemans (De Heideroosjes)1:02:08
145Marcus Werf (Bike-Werf)1:03:18
146Christian Canstein (Craft And Friends)1:04:07
147Florian Probst1:04:11
148Tobias Hoffmann (Craft And Friends)
149Daniel Morrogh (Dfar)1:04:28
150Christian Amdahl (Glamdal Sk)1:04:44
151Emile Muijsenberg (Peerkes Bike Team)1:05:37
152Martin Schoch (Dlc Aachen)1:07:12
153Thiago Fernandes (Oce Brasil)1:07:20
154Jasper van de Luytgaarden (26 Inch Is 4 Children)1:07:22
155Remco Govers1:07:43
156Jakub Skala1:08:26
157Nils Höpcke (MTB-Club-Karlsruhe)1:09:13
158Marius Ingjer1:09:17
159Thorsten Birk1:09:51
160Christian Rottmair (Team Autohaus Rottmair)1:09:56
161Marco Umbreit (Dlc Aachen)1:10:11
162Slobodan Markovic (Sbh Cc)1:10:46
163Richard Kelt (4 Square Racing)1:10:51
164Alexander Philipp1:11:46
165Jesper Davidsen (Slagelse MTB)1:11:59
166Daniel Spiess (Tssc 07)1:12:22
167Gabriel Moniz (Fanfiluca Bikestyle)
168Giulliano Mendes (Oce Brazil - Cemig Telecom_V3)1:12:23
169Henrik Tychsen1:13:47
170Wolfgang Denk1:13:57
171Davey Johnston (4 Square Racing)1:14:00
172Tore-Christian Haukland (Ragde Eiendom)1:14:05
173Manuel Neher1:14:14
174Tim Gasseling (Klever-Fahrradprofi.De)1:15:02
175Hans Tranberg (Slagelse MTB)1:15:19
176Stefan Kast (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)
177Marcel Presoli (Team Katzung-Klaus Dengg)1:15:21
178Thorsten Sauren (Dlc Aachen)1:16:31
179Michael Gudmundsson1:16:34
180Jan Bartsch (Fahrrad Xxl Emporon)1:17:09
181Matthias Hüger (RSV Staubwolke Haslach)1:17:34
182Martial Naehring (Stadtkinder)1:17:36
183Jan-Willem Heidmeijer (Teamventoux MTB Tilburg)1:17:43
184Lasse Sommer1:19:37
185Eoghan Carton (Dfar)1:20:56
186Tobias Körber (Bayerwald Bike)1:21:17
187Sven Gaidies (Amc Rodheim-Bieber)1:22:01
188Tomasz Kubiak (Millenium Hall Marma Polskie F)1:22:22
189Markus Honka (Sebamed Bike Team)1:23:24
190Ubbo Kuper (Rhein-Bikers)1:23:35
191Andreas Nicke (Fahrrad Xxl Emporon)1:23:36
192Sven Lattermann (Tssc 07)1:23:37
193Alexander Weith (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)1:23:44
194Frank Hertel1:24:02
195Andreas Wöcker (Team Tretlager)1:24:35
196Jens Enevoldsen (Slagelse MTB)1:24:37
197Thierry Muijsenberg (Peerkes Bike Team)1:24:45
198David Broo (Bike Magazin)1:25:49
199Tino Käßner1:26:03
200Stefan Eckinger (Ortstaferlsprinter Kirchham)1:26:18
201Max Podschun1:26:46
202Kristian Skogsrud (Ragde Eiendom)1:26:52
203Jürgen Purrer1:27:13
204Niclas Nilsson (Almby Ik)1:27:17
205Tilo Eichinger (Eibe Team Grenzbereich)1:28:11
206Markus Schwab1:28:37
207Urs Breinlinger1:28:43
208Nico Bonanni (Bayerische Staatsforsten)1:29:25
209Kevin Stanley (Team MTB Ireland)1:29:48
210Benjamin De Vaal1:30:52
211Mathew Williams (4 Square Racing)1:31:08
212Rune Hellem (Sk Rye)1:31:24
213Ole Andreas Fuglesang (Sportsklubben Rye)1:32:17
214Marcel Mangel1:33:41
215Paul Goroll (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)1:33:42
216Maarten Moonens (Bikeaid.Be)1:33:51
217Christopher Kinzel (Hemer)1:33:56
218Simon Green (4 Square Racing)1:34:24
219Gert Roobaert (Bikeaid.Be)1:34:44
220André Harre (Velociped-Cube)1:35:13
221Sebastian Andres (29Erbikesbayreuth)1:35:49
222Matthias Wasserzier (29Erbikesbayreuth)1:35:52
223Till Clos (Bayerische Staatsforsten)1:36:27
224Maik Frische1:36:35
225Kyrre Skjetne1:38:57
226Michael Schwarz (Mb Team Hopfen)1:39:04
227Patrick Anderle (Turnbeutelvergesser)1:39:26
228Jonas Riebel1:39:38
229Thorsten Rietze (MTB-Verein Zierenberg E. V.)1:39:48
230Alexander Schulze (Sebamed Bike Team)1:39:59
231Voros Benedek1:40:14
232Roman Franke (Roman Franke)1:42:21
233Holm Hofmann1:42:24
234Dirk Henke (Bikedress.De)1:42:32
235Felix Meermann (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)1:43:43
236Tommy Arnoldy (Team Toproad)1:45:34
237Helge Fugmann (Bike Team Baumberge E.V.)1:46:01
238Markus Pauzenberger (Team Alpenstadt Sonthofen)1:48:53
239Ronald Kontek (Turnbeutelvergesser)1:49:55
240Henrik Glendorf (Slagelse MTB)1:50:24
241David Aumüller (Team Autohaus Rottmair)1:50:46
242Daragh Smith (Team MTB Ireland)1:51:38
243Mike Hörner (Team Maxxis & Friends)1:53:41
244Georg Keutzer (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)1:56:10
245Marc Windorfer1:57:53
246Spek Edwin1:57:58
247Espen Berg-Hansen (Fræna Sk)1:58:53
248Martin Grummel (Kuytenbijters)2:01:07
249Patrick Grun (Kuytenbijters)2:01:34
250Rene Schikowski2:04:44
251Juul van Loon2:05:46
252Eric Fuchs (Team Toproad)2:08:06
253Sebastian Einsle (Team Toproad)2:08:07
254Darragh Staunton (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)2:08:30
255Christian Schosser (Bayerwald Bike)2:09:13
256Weiler Luc
257Richard Spierings2:09:43
258Matthias Gummelt (Bike - Team Baumberge)2:10:15
259Ben Morrogh2:10:50
260Sam Bolssens (The Mouseketeers)2:11:26
261Ken Barry2:11:51
262Schütz Pierre-Yves2:13:35
263Pascal Moser2:16:34
264Haase Denny2:18:45
265Sascha Schmitt (Ä-Team)2:18:49
266van der Veen Emiel2:19:07
267Heesakkers Gerton2:19:20
268Robert Romijn (Ftd-Bv)2:20:27
269Bernd Vetter2:28:17
270Schmerler Martin2:29:24
271Baker Tom2:30:18
272Schumacher Matthias2:31:20
273Reiner Buck (Stöber In Motion)2:31:22
274Hursel Patrick2:32:42
275Pratschke Markus2:33:25
276Thielmann Markus2:36:24
277Stanbury Andy2:36:41
278Jost Marc2:37:39
279Den Hutmacher (Team Toproad)2:42:00
280Friis Casper2:42:51
281Roderick Zwijns2:44:38
282Kühnel Thomas2:48:54
283Parga Garcia Abraham2:54:23
284Lösche Rico2:56:00
285Kuiper Tom3:02:33
286Nagengast Matthias3:05:51
287Egger Markus3:09:25
288Menden Marcus3:17:29
289Mitrovic Darko3:18:16
290Schunk Sebastian3:19:32
291Leppmeier Nico3:33:52
292Franke Stefan3:49:14
293Ternek Simon3:49:44
294Röser Günter3:50:17
295Freidler Andre3:54:34
296Moll Marco3:59:09
297Lummes Ryan4:23:13
298Battey Charles
299Witkamp Björn4:43:05
300Schäfer Markus4:59:09

1Elisabeth Brandau3:30:36
2Milena Landtwing (Team Centuiron Vaude)0:01:42
3Silke Schmidt (Notebooksbilliger.De)0:07:51
4Andrea Kuster (Metz Team Davos)0:20:37
5Katharina Alberti (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:21:01
6Bettina Uhlig (Team Wheeler-Ixs)0:23:22
7Verena Krenslehner (Conway Racing Team)0:27:44
8Jana Zieschank (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)0:28:47
9Nicoletta De Jager0:28:57
10Daniela Storch (Team Scott)0:29:08
11Andrea Scharrer0:31:04
12Sarah Bosch (Mountain Heroes)0:31:34
13Kristina Weber0:31:38
14Florentine Striegl (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)0:33:50
15Nadine Rieder (Ergon 24/ 2Xu Team Sonthofen)0:34:51
16Sonya Looney (Team Topeak Ergon)0:44:58
17Isabelle Klein (Team Toproad)0:45:38
18Veronika Weiß (Fi`Zi:K Ti:M)0:48:51
19Regina Genser0:51:17
20Sandra Wöhning0:51:25
21Mirjam Horn (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)0:52:38
22Nicole Marcec (Velociped-Cube)0:53:15
23Alexa Hüni (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:53:43
24Sabine Halkes0:54:39
25Berit Barlaup (Molde Cykleklubb)1:06:36
26Irina Koch (Team Centurion Vaude By Saikls)1:06:45
27Sofie Renier1:12:11
28Sarah Runge (MTB-Club-Karlsruhe)1:14:00
29Ellen Blome (Craft And Friends)1:16:23
30Silke Pokrop (Craft And Friends)1:16:41
31Susann Cudok (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:18:50
32Michaela Chmelikova1:21:12
33Claudia Langer (Craft And Friends)1:28:52
34Jennifer Stratmann (Turnbeutelvergesser)1:30:00
35Ute Claus (Unter Falscher Flagge)1:31:20
36Selina Jörg (2Xu Team Sonthofen)1:33:34
37Kerstin Kindler (Craft And Friends)
38Dorothee Richters (Sebamed Bike Team)1:37:08
39Ana Mariutti (T3 Iron Team)1:38:12
40Marcia Cardinali (Oce Brasil)1:46:16
41Andrea Marcellini1:47:09
42Melanie Leveau1:47:10
43Raquel Walty (Fanfiluca Bikestyle)1:47:16
44Mandy Beumer1:50:44
45Michaela Salzgeber (Craft And Friends)1:52:29
46Laura van Leeuwen1:54:01
47Maeve Ogrady1:54:27
48Poullie Sigrid2:03:54
49Anderegg Barbara2:12:46
50Kortenbach Kathrin2:16:23
51Mccoy Taryn2:24:00
52Mccorry Julie2:24:01
53Dietzsch Johanna2:34:55
54Rambach Joëlle2:37:42
55Hawlik Simone2:40:39
56Spek-Hovestad Esmeralda2:40:41
57Pappe Nadeshda2:44:41
58Kroener Ilse2:53:16
59Clulow Katie3:01:44
60Selbeck-Räber Rosi3:02:19
61Ruscheweyh Gerlinde3:04:32
62Sadtler Alexandra3:31:58
63Petzold Sandra3:33:00
64Caspani Lara4:21:33
65Sala Mariapia
66van der Greft Gabriëlla4:29:07

Masters 40+
1Andreas Laner (Team Scott)3:11:40
2Andreas Strobel (Team Centuiron Vaude)0:00:02
3Carsten Bresser (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)0:02:27
4Heinz Zörweg (Team Factory Cube)0:03:10
5Klaus Reinisch (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:03:18
6Stefan Danowski0:04:04
7Hans Grasegger (Team Scott)0:08:31
8Andreas Pircher (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:16:27
9Oliver Gaedicke (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:20:27
10Bernd Demmeler (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)0:21:11
11Jan Olav Beitmyren (Team Merida)0:22:25
12Ulrich Struben (Team Centurion Vaude By Saikls)0:26:37
13Beatus Dietsche (Soq.De-Coldblack)0:30:08
14Gerald Dietrich (Marinbikes.De)0:30:20
15Josef Steurer0:31:08
16Jeroen Spijkerman0:33:32
17Thomas Lauterbach (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)0:34:19
18Björn Glüsing (Dextro Energy/Radsport Reuter)0:35:32
19Stefan Koch (Bike-Aid)0:38:01
20Eric Danner (Rv Röschbach)0:38:19
21Raf Rosius (De Heideroosjes)0:39:29
22Manuel Mehlhorn (Team Storm Biker)0:39:30
23Mario Rembold0:41:49
24Rainer Böck (Team Fit & Squash Bad Wörishof)0:46:05
25Henry Schneider (Rad`N Roll)0:46:59
26Stefan Böhm (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)0:47:38
27Thomas Junk (Teamadidas)0:47:57
28James Rutherford0:48:07
29Henrik Albaek (Team Geels)0:49:52
30Wolfgang Kaim (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)0:51:16
31Olve Skjetne0:51:17
32Albert Preinesberger (Craft And Friends)0:51:18
33Bonde Nordset (Lesja & Dovre Sk)0:52:46
34Michael Lella (Craft And Friends)0:53:10
35Gregor Kruk (Team Bike Special Parts Velber)0:53:44
36Axel Herbrich0:54:03
37Nils Ehrke (Kaptain Donnerschenkel)0:56:12
38Thomas Hechler0:56:37
39Dirk Bangert (Multisport Team Campana)0:56:45
40Bernd Michalke (Craft And Friends)0:57:31
41Felix Weese (Craft And Friends)0:57:32
42Jörg Heinze (Ortstaferlsprinter Kirchham)0:58:15
43Eric Rainer (Tv Bad Orb / Bike-Work Desch)0:58:18
44Armin Schatz0:58:27
45Niklas Domberg (Bike Team Baumberge E.V.)0:58:41
46Jörg Fiedler1:00:49
47Klaus Rübensaal (Team Mr.Bike Cube)1:01:44
48Michael Seargent1:01:55
49René Pennacchio (Soul Bikers)1:03:12
50Roland Ast (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:03:16
51Manfred Gubler (Power Team Seerücken)1:03:29
52Rudolf Bonholzer1:03:35
53Vegard Aaloekken (If Froy)1:03:49
54Rahbek Kreilgaard Morten1:04:12
55Hannes Schierle1:04:42
56Werner Baur (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)1:04:54
57Roland Baudenbacher (Alpenstadt Herisau.Ch)1:06:11
58Christian Kimmling1:07:00
59Jorgen Lokkegaard1:07:12
60Patrick Mollbrink1:07:31
61Roger Brudermann (Sherpa Tensing-Pedalerie)1:07:58
62Ron Mourik (Teamventoux MTB Tilburg)1:09:17
63Harald Hörmann (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)1:09:18
64Hanno Schimpf (Sbh Cc)1:09:24
65Guido Raymann (Bejan)1:09:36
66Andy Salminger (Craft And Friends)1:09:49
67Michael Staiger (Team Modi-Craft)1:09:51
68Arjan Smit (Mulder_Smit Cycling Team)1:10:19
69Hubert Jacobsen (Toten-Kranken)1:11:06
70Roel Tubée (Velociped-Cube)1:11:09
71Albert Rundel (Albrad Featuring Killertal Rid)1:11:27
72Richard Führer (Bikearena Wertach)1:11:31
73Claudio Mata (Oce Brasil)1:12:00
74Jan Sievers1:12:08
75Gerhard Reutzel1:12:40
76Bjorn Tiller (Jarda)1:13:20
77Johannes Larsen (Team Geels)1:13:54
78Werner Bruns1:13:55
79Eddy Jans (De Heideroosjes)1:13:56
80Helmut Rieder (Team Alpenstadtt Sonthofen)1:14:02
81Thorsten Röttgers (Team Centurion Vaude By Saikls)1:14:39
82Michael Scheuer (Slagelse MTB)1:16:21
83Thomas Otte (Ac Marine)1:17:23
84Hansjürgen Horn (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)1:17:27
85Thomas Schierle1:18:14
86Bernd Reimers (Sbh Cc)1:18:19
87Ronald De Graaf (Rhein-Bikers)1:18:32
88Oskar Lindinger1:18:38
89Graham Pinkney1:19:33
90Peter Janschek (Phuthu)1:19:59
91Jens Wegner (Bikeschmiede262)1:20:10
92Stefan Johansson1:20:17
93Stefan Achilles (Biketeam Sonthofen)1:20:21
94Michael Mainusch (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)1:20:24
95Eckhardt Münch1:20:54
96Henrik Kragh (Slagelse MTB/Handelsbanken)1:21:03
97Burkhard Barsikow (Delta-Bike.De)1:21:29
98Theo Mulder (Mulder_Smit Cycling Team)1:21:30
99Argo Kerner (Velo Clubbers)1:23:10
100Marcel Röthlisberger (Power Team Seerücken)
101Jochen Graubner (Rsg Frankfurt)1:23:20
102Peter Wouters (Peerkes Bike Team)1:23:24
103Philip Geudens (Peerkes Bike Team)1:23:26
104Ludger Bruns1:23:52
105Uwe Vogt (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:24:52
106Christian Höchst (R.C. Die Schwalben München 189)1:24:54
107Pedro van de Louw (Teamventoux MTB Tilburg)1:25:00
108Soren Kjær (Rold Skov)1:25:22
109Stefan Kaiser (Fitline Team Monheim Am Rhein)1:28:45
110Roger Meihost (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)1:28:58
111Thilo Hahn (MTBc Wehrheim)1:29:17
112Gilad Kohav (Kohav)1:29:32
113Mark Kidd (Team MTB Ireland)1:30:07
114Frank Mathiesen (MTB-Als)1:30:52
115Wim Geerlinks1:31:03
116Palle Sorensen (Rold Skov)1:31:12
117Markus Stille (Tretmühle Racing Rsc Wetter)1:31:19
118Christian Uhlemair (Team Bikearena Wertach)1:31:22
119Robert Dorroch (Bike Sport Mayer Waging)1:32:29
120Mirko Weinandy1:32:43
121Peter Zott (Craft And Friends)1:33:08
122Jürgen Konrad (Team Bikearena Wertach)1:34:02
123Christian Birle1:34:07
124Jochen Wehrheim (MTBc Wehrheim)1:34:56
125Reiner Ploem (Craft And Friends)1:35:26
126Asbjoern Moen (Jarda)1:35:36
127Ewald Riedl (Ib Company)1:37:11
128Jürgen Hoffmann (Albrad Feautering Killertal Ri)1:37:26
129Arjo Spans
130Markus Müller1:37:34
131Rene Horber1:37:39
132Stephan Scholze (Stöber In Motion)1:37:58
133Roger Bürgisser1:38:33
134Stefan Niederberghaus1:38:37
135Frank Kunold (MTB-Verein Zierenberg E.V.)1:38:54
136Andre Bräuer1:39:51
137Jens Rüschhoff (Bike Team Baumberge E.V.)1:40:16
138Lars Henrik Katteland (Jarda)1:41:59
139Peter Stelzig (Raumgewinn)1:42:05
140Manfred Ismair (Raumgewinn)1:42:06
141Urs Grendelmeier (Schnell (Müde))1:42:13
142Karsten Kraechter1:42:15
143Sascha Nadalin (Sbh Cc)1:44:07
144Uwe Ruscheweyh (Sturm & Drang)
145Steffen Blattert (Probst Racing Lauffen)1:45:36
146Alberto Caponi (De Heideroosjes)1:46:03
147Ray Doyle (Team MTB Ireland)1:46:04
148Soren Palm (Dmk Sram)1:47:05
149Petter Jorman1:47:30
150Peter Uhland (MTB-Team-Daaden)1:48:30
151Johan Gerhardsson (Ck Wheelsucker)1:48:41
152Nils Gieskes (Unter Falscher Flagge)1:50:16
153Michael Stejskal1:50:35
154Jeffry Dominczak (De Heideroosjes)1:50:54
155Roelant Horree1:51:05
156James Stevenson1:51:07
157Heinrich Müller (Müller Räume Zum Wohlfühlen)1:51:27
158Ralf Maciejewski1:52:46
159Roger Nell1:54:44
160Jörg Buggenhagen (Spinning Wheelz)1:55:07
161Leo Muis1:55:08
162Alexandre Mariutti (T3 Iron Team)1:57:07
163Hans-Christian Keller Rix1:57:08
164Petr Spora1:57:31
165Frank Greco1:58:45
166Michael Herzberg (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)2:00:24
167Christophe Crombez2:00:55
168Sven Marien (The Mouseketeers)2:05:22
169Peter Klein2:05:43
170van Haasteren Erik2:06:04
171Axel Lenders2:08:23
172Marcus Euteneuer2:10:38
173Roepke Uwe2:11:46
174Martin Wehner2:13:18
175Thiel Jörg2:13:41
176Peter Mertens2:13:58
177Hermann Hanßen2:14:00
178Kahl Oliver2:14:03
179Harald Hecht2:14:12
180Thomas Hebbel (MTBc Wehrheim)2:14:18
181van der Kloo Hans2:14:33
182Lars Schnell (Statnett Bil Sf)2:14:37
183van den Bergh Barry2:14:43
184Oliver Bergmann2:14:57
185Butschek Achim2:15:01
186Schwulera Erik2:15:23
187Roig Jordi2:15:51
188Niels Mayer (Asses Of Fire)2:16:41
189Erik Kailing (Tv Bad Orb / Bike-Work Desch)2:17:27
190Edgar Haugen (Ragde Eiendom)2:17:58
191Gauss Joachim2:18:20
192Hazelaar Henk2:19:36
193Eichhorn Götz2:19:38
194Claus-Dieter Lang (Stöber In Motion)2:20:24
195Klein Guntram2:23:31
196Milewsky Sascha2:23:35
197Bronislav Skovajsa (Six Monkeys Of The Universe)2:24:05
198Roger Molleman (Swiss Hammer Team)2:24:08
199Hendrik Tesche2:24:20
200Kinzel Michael2:25:00
201Zaborowski Volker2:26:50
202Magermans Noel2:27:06
203Stötzer Ralf2:27:43
204Rotzler Christian2:29:53
205Cullen Owen2:30:20
206Virgilio Alcover (Matamon Trail)2:30:36
207Korhummel Andreas2:31:44
208Bültmann Volker2:32:06
209Lubes Thomas2:34:45
210Schwarz Ralf2:39:17
211Klingseisen Manfred2:39:30
212Hummel Jürgen2:39:32
213van Buul Jo2:40:57
214Husted Hans Henrik2:41:50
215Stefan Mair (Team Katzung-Klaus Dengg)2:42:56
216Jörg Filter2:46:44
217Boezi Roberto2:47:38
218Walter André2:48:56
219Soulas Oliver2:55:27
220Grobbelaar Mike2:55:48
221Eriksson Pär2:55:56
222Hübner Torsten2:58:32
223Maguhn Frank2:59:44
224Huther Oliver2:59:49
225Gomes Rogerio3:00:20
226van Hulst Erik3:01:48
227Bos Marcel3:01:49
228Camille Reding (Team Toproad)3:04:07
229Thomsen Mikael Merlin3:06:55
230Hötger Stephan3:10:14
231van de Zanden Alex3:12:14
232Bloem Armand3:15:06
233Müller Andreas3:17:15
234Akkermans Geert3:18:01
235Taylor Darryl3:20:40
236Linssen Maurice3:21:09
237Roth Matthias3:25:41
238Dinneen John3:28:14
239Heinlein Peter3:30:00
240van Nistelrooy Rob3:30:34
241Brooks Steven3:32:05
242Betzler Jürgen3:33:36
243Hartwich Frank3:41:45
244Dienersberger Robert
245Cappelle André3:42:39
246Doerner Claus3:48:32
247Bauernschmidt Bernd3:57:12
248Garcia Vicente4:07:01
249Becker Joachim4:32:49
250Adolph Andre4:38:43
251Neppl Michael4:49:26

Masters 50+
1Walter Perkmann (Craft And Friends)3:36:14
2Henrik Cohen (Team Geels)0:04:46
3Werner Höpperger (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:08:03
4Ewald Wacker (Soq.De-Coldblack)0:10:08
5Willi Hengartner0:12:15
6Georg Niggl (Craft And Friends)0:12:56
7Michael Fenske0:22:22
8Peter Modosch (Sportteam Buhler)0:26:38
9Reinhold Kotz (Biketeam Sonthofen)0:27:00
10Told Thomas (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:32:08
11Arnold Haas (Rival)0:35:29
12Pino Ferrari (Büli Bike Tigers)0:37:31
13Gabor Rusovszki0:37:51
14Kjell Friberg0:42:08
15Ferdi Koller (Büli Bike Tigers)0:44:54
16Soren Rasmussen (MTB-Team Fussingo)0:48:10
17Poul Jensen0:48:51
18Thomas Bauer0:49:18
19Josef Happach (Biketeam Sonthofen)0:53:44
20Helmut Maier (Biketeam Sonthofen)0:53:51
21Wolfgang Hackl0:54:30
22Kjartan Aas (Raufoss & Gjovik Sykkelklubb)0:56:05
23Leon Wurth (Soul Bikers)0:56:54
24Thor Wiig (Ragde Eiendom)0:57:20
25Rudolf Trumbach0:57:31
26Karl Koller (Sk Rueckenwind Triathlon)
27Lothar Franke (Team Bike Special Parts Velber)0:57:42
28Karsten Olsen (Fredericia Dk)1:06:19
29Michael Beilborn (Delta-Bike.De)1:06:28
30Kurt Poullie1:06:42
31Franz-Josef Hüttemeister (Happychain.De)1:08:50
32Andreas Deusser1:08:58
33Helmut Hupfauer (Race Team Toni's)1:10:52
34Reinhard Bichler (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)1:11:06
35Roland Herterich1:18:23
36Josef Heher (Biketeam-Sonthofen)1:20:15
37Chris Kemmer1:20:36
38Walter Pütz1:20:49
39Heinrich Grebner (Team Mr. Bike - Cube)1:21:39
40Andreas Wittmann (Mr. Bike Lichtenfels)1:21:58
41Pierre Billet1:23:17
42Christoph Müller1:28:49
43Hougs Lind Carsten1:31:44
44Carnett Carsten1:36:05
45Sandor Kocsis1:36:28
46Horst Schwarz (MTB-Verein Zierenberg E.V)1:37:40
47Franz Pohlhammer (Craft And Friends)1:37:52
48Joachim Meyer1:45:24
49Bundgaard Per1:47:40
50Piet van de Wiel (Peerkes Bike Team)1:50:37
51Deene Fons1:51:48
52Gerd Hoehna1:51:54
53Poppe Ralf1:52:29
54Schwulera Reinhold1:55:00
55Tommy Petersen (Team Geels)1:55:12
56Jos Kerkhofs1:55:45
57Michael Marx (City Bike+Fun Oberu)1:56:16
58Gudmundsson Finn2:02:32
59Marquardt Hans-Martin2:04:54
60Higgins John J2:06:07
61Hammer Ulrich2:08:11
62Karl-Otto Walz2:10:18
63Nachtigall Thomas2:10:36
64Schmidt Raimund2:17:38
65Reiners Martin2:18:53
66Lang Manfred2:22:37
67Gaidzik Heinz2:25:23
68Braun Bruno2:30:46
69Queis Sef2:32:06
70Pauwels Dieter2:41:09
71Stingl Rainer2:46:59
72Dorner Hermann2:49:05
73Räber Paul2:50:57
74Wünsch Ulrich2:51:38
75Sauer Robert
76Kastner Richard2:51:45
77Haßkerl Eberhard3:01:27
78Leppmeier Erwin3:03:17
79Känder Manfred3:03:29
80Kaltegärtner Klaus-Bernd3:04:43
81Sing Joachim3:08:06
82Hojland Jan3:24:07
83Glud Michael3:24:08
84Brostrom Peter3:24:09
85Langer Robert3:24:49
86Gemborys Axel3:37:56
87Weipert Ludwig3:44:21
88Kohlhofer Franz3:44:23
89Bub Wolfgang3:58:10
90Oliveira Rogerio4:07:55
91Stein Klaus-Dieter4:34:45

Men general classification after stage 2
1Christoph Sauser (Specialized)6:11:26
2David George (Nedbank Team 360Life)0:01:56
3Thomas Dietsch (Team Bulls)0:02:56
4Daniel Geismayr (Team Centuiron Vaude)0:04:55
5Matthias Bettinger (Team Centuiron Vaude)0:05:29
6Markus Kaufmann (Team Centuiron Vaude)0:06:03
7Max Knox0:06:32
8Thomas Litscher0:06:54
9Matthias Leisling0:11:14
10Frans Claes0:11:32
11Karl Platt (Team Bulls)0:12:01
12Stefan Sahm (Team Bulls)0:12:05
13Konny Looser (Team Stöckli-Pro)0:12:07
14Tim Böhme (Team Bulls)0:15:48
15Massimo De Bertolis (Team Autopolar Volvo Cannondal)0:16:25
16Robby De Bock0:16:57
17Roland Golderer (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:21:22
18Marcus Nicolai (Team Bulls)0:22:56
19Matjaz Budin (Idrija Alpine Town Of The Year)0:23:06
20Michael Schuchardt (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:23:31
21Philipp Pangerl (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:24:41
22Torsten Marx (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:24:54
23Calle Friberg0:27:04
24Thomas Holtkamp (Metz Team Davos)0:30:46
25Tobias Reiser (Notebooksbilliger.De)0:31:20
26Timo Modosch0:31:40
27Oliver Vonhausen (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:31:55
28Daniel Gathof (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)0:33:01
29Rupert Palmberger (Team Centuiron Vaude)0:33:12
30Matthias Gärtner (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:34:24
31Thomas Bundgaard (Racing29Ers)0:34:44
32Peter Reiche (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:36:09
33Werner Höbarth (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:36:35
34Uwe Hardter (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:38:17
35Hutter Michael0:40:39
36Hallvar Barlaup (Fannefjord Sk)0:40:49
37Torsten Mützlitz (Team Scott)0:43:19
38Alexander Warthmann (Team Centurion Vaude By Saikls)0:43:59
39Benedikt Lärch (Rslc Holzkirchen/Haibike)0:44:16
40Robert Wittmann (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)0:44:24
41Paul Remy (Focus Coaching-System.Fr)
42Jochen Weisenseel0:44:31
43Mario Schädle (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:46:06
44Matthias Baldauf (RSV Sonthofen)0:46:35
45Paul van der Ploeg0:46:48
46Christian Schneidawind (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:48:41
47Uli Zettl0:49:12
48Ulrich Rose (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:49:54
49Stefan Sulser (Metz Team Davos)0:50:23
50Ludwig Döhl0:52:14
51Guido Thaler (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)0:54:49
52Bart Classens (Licht Verzet)0:55:45
53Sjoerd Meijdam (Teamventoux MTB Tilburg)0:56:17
54Thomas Palussek (Velociped-Cube)0:56:51
55Pascal Fontain (Mountain Heroes)0:58:00
56Alexander Rebs (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:58:48
57Steffen Greger (Radwer Racing Team)0:58:56
58Hugo Prado (Oce Brasil)0:59:37
59Blaz Pristovnik (Idrija Alpine Town Of The Year)1:01:10
60Tobias Friedrich (Ssv Forchheim)1:01:20
61Florian Willbold (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:01:29
62Rainer Rettner (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)1:02:52
63Jan Verboven1:03:50
64Paul Timmer1:04:11
65Florian Presslauer (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)1:04:38
66Christian Baldauf (RSV Sonthofen)1:06:38
67Andreas Schrödl (Race Team Schillig)1:08:52
68Dariusz Miroslaw (Vimar Rzeszow)1:12:50
69Bert Verboven1:15:02
70Slim Gamh-Drid (Craft And Friends)1:17:09
71Christian Knappe (Team Scott)1:17:29
72Christian Groß (Team Storm Biker)1:17:50
73Tibor Gijssen (Sram)1:19:11
74Carsten Pflugbeil (Team Punch Cycles)1:20:20
75Colin Osborn (Honey Stinger/Bontrager Trek)1:20:31
76Lars Vollmer (Brothers-Racing-Team)1:21:14
77Tobias Achatz (Craft And Friends)1:21:40
78Christian Burger (Gea Cfs Bühl Kempten)1:24:10
79Nikolaus Syc (Focus Rapiro Racing)1:27:02
80Erkan Sakallioglu (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)1:29:13
81Miron Elisei1:29:35
82Marius Ionascu (Dhs-Tibiscus Team)1:30:01
83Benjamin Michael (Ghost Racing Team)1:31:01
84Ivan Vila1:34:27
85Markus Jäger (RSV Sonthofen)1:35:25
86Harry Lipp (Qloom Sports)1:37:18
87Michael Tauziet1:37:23
88Alex Bellera1:39:03
89Nelson Luis (Soul Bikers)1:39:11
90Jesse Beurskens (Teamventoux MTB Tilburg)1:39:54
91Kai Gläßer (Nutrixxion MTB)1:40:10
92Bernd Tröbelsperger (RSV Sonthofen)1:42:46
93Iroy Cosse (Teamventoux MTB Tilburg)1:42:59
94Patrick Wolf1:43:05
95Tomasz Kubiak (Millenium Hall Marma Polskie F)1:44:53
96Mario Keller1:44:56
97Lars Bresche (Craft And Friends)1:45:27
98Martin Bill (Thömus Factory Team)1:47:42
99Sebastian Jayne1:48:49
100Thomas Kleiner (MTB-Club-Karlsruhe)1:51:43
101Alexander Bietz (Delta-Bike.De)1:51:47
102Daniel Hechenblaickner (Team Katzung-Klaus Dengg)1:52:17
103Alexej Schulz (Team Sigma)1:52:45
104Marco Beetz (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)1:52:52
105Holger Bülow (Sebamed Bike Team)1:53:09
106Michael Teutschmann1:53:13
107Michael Kunz1:54:07
108Werner Bergmann1:54:31
109Mike Bredemus (Soul Bikers)1:55:12
110Guido Türks1:57:25
111Daniel Rossmanith (Team Maxxis & Friends)1:57:33
112Michel Tubée (Velociped-Cube)1:58:02
113Alexander Briest (RSV Sonthofen)1:58:28
114Florian Stock1:58:43
115Stefan Kast (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:58:58
116Oliver Kurz1:59:35
117Stefanus Hackl (Racerholix Chemnitz)1:59:39
118Alexander Nehls2:02:11
119Christian Ratzisberger2:03:27
120Martin Thomsen2:03:34
121Björn Heigel (Dextro Energy/Radsport Reuter)2:04:09
122Christoph Keßler (MTB-Club-Karlsruhe)2:05:32
123Jonas Victorin (Almby Ik)2:05:50
124Andreas Warner (Nordic Schenkeldruck)2:05:58
125Marcel Teilich2:06:04
126Tor Magnus Kolflaath2:06:22
127Jan Henrik Hoilund2:06:37
128Sven Krieger (Bayerische Staatsforsten)2:07:29
128Uli Schmittlutz (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)2:08:27
130Mark Cosijn2:08:30
131Tobias Hoffmann (Craft And Friends)2:09:32
132Davor Kisker (Team2Race)2:10:19
133Marc Sanwald2:11:05
134Gilian De Visser2:11:14
135Mario Brenkers (De Heideroosjes)2:11:37
136Oyvind Viken2:11:38
137Christian Amdahl (Glamdal Sk)2:13:14
138Michal Glowacki (Team Webstep)2:13:25
139Tore Fallet2:14:09
140Marco Eckert (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)2:14:35
141Stefan Koller (Craft And Friends)2:14:52
142Stefan Bastuck2:15:12
143Marcus Werf (Bike-Werf)2:16:12
144Thiago Fernandes (Oce Brasil)2:17:46
145Christian Schmit (Team Toproad)2:18:34
146Johan Grosemans (De Heideroosjes)2:19:43
147Daniel Morrogh (Dfar)2:19:44
148Michel Pannekeet2:19:56
149Bernd Den Hollander (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)
150Daniel Höner2:20:08
151Martin Schoch (Dlc Aachen)2:20:59
152Florian Probst2:21:02
153Christian Canstein (Craft And Friends)2:23:52
154Christian Rottmair (Team Autohaus Rottmair)2:25:34
155Jakub Skala2:26:34
156Emile Muijsenberg (Peerkes Bike Team)2:27:26
157Marius Ingjer2:28:12
158Nils Höpcke (MTB-Club-Karlsruhe)2:28:24
159Thorsten Birk2:28:44
160Jasper van de Luytgaarden (26 Inch Is 4 Children)2:29:40
161Remco Govers2:30:32
162Richard Kelt (4 Square Racing)2:31:00
163Wolfgang Denk2:31:02
164Tobias Schillig (Race Team Schillig)2:32:33
165Davey Johnston (4 Square Racing)2:33:47
166Gabriel Moniz (Fanfiluca Bikestyle)2:34:28
167Thorsten Sauren (Dlc Aachen)2:34:40
168Tore-Christian Haukland (Ragde Eiendom)2:34:42
169Alexander Philipp2:35:39
170Daniel Spiess (Tssc 07)2:35:41
171Jesper Davidsen (Slagelse MTB)2:36:34
172Jan Bartsch (Fahrrad Xxl Emporon)2:38:35
173Marcel Presoli (Team Katzung-Klaus Dengg)2:38:56
174Lasse Sommer2:39:20
175Andreas Wöcker (Team Tretlager)2:41:47
176Max Podschun2:43:30
177Jan-Willem Heidmeijer (Teamventoux MTB Tilburg)2:43:50
178Martial Naehring (Stadtkinder)2:44:09
179Tim Gasseling (Klever-Fahrradprofi.De)2:44:25
180Giulliano Mendes (Oce Brazil - Cemig Telecom_V3)2:44:58
181Frank Hertel2:47:54
182Tobias Körber (Bayerwald Bike)2:48:07
183Slobodan Markovic (Sbh Cc)2:49:22
184Manuel Neher2:49:35
185Michael Gudmundsson
186Sven Gaidies (Amc Rodheim-Bieber)2:51:18
187Matthias Hüger (RSV Staubwolke Haslach)2:51:49
188Tommy Arnoldy (Team Toproad)2:52:49
189Jens Enevoldsen (Slagelse MTB)2:52:59
190Marco Umbreit (Dlc Aachen)2:53:07
191Urs Breinlinger2:53:30
192Sven Lattermann (Tssc 07)2:54:45
193Markus Honka (Sebamed Bike Team)2:54:49
194Tino Käßner2:55:55
195Juul van Loon2:56:13
196Simon Green (4 Square Racing)2:59:08
197Kevin Stanley (Team MTB Ireland)2:59:36
198Alexander Weith (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)3:00:56
199Hans Tranberg (Slagelse MTB)3:01:23
200Eoghan Carton (Dfar)3:01:24
201Marcel Mangel3:02:26
202Henrik Tychsen3:04:40
203Jürgen Purrer3:05:45
204Niclas Nilsson (Almby Ik)3:06:02
205Ubbo Kuper (Rhein-Bikers)3:07:28
206Kristian Skogsrud (Ragde Eiendom)3:08:25
207Till Clos (Bayerische Staatsforsten)3:09:15
208Markus Schwab3:09:32
209Nico Bonanni (Bayerische Staatsforsten)3:13:26
210Andreas Nicke (Fahrrad Xxl Emporon)3:15:35
211Stefan Eckinger (Ortstaferlsprinter Kirchham)3:17:07
212Maik Frische3:18:23
213Ole Andreas Fuglesang (Sportsklubben Rye)3:18:25
214Mathew Williams (4 Square Racing)3:18:39
215Maarten Moonens (Bikeaid.Be)3:19:25
216Michael Schwarz (Mb Team Hopfen)3:19:43
217Tilo Eichinger (Eibe Team Grenzbereich)3:20:03
218Gert Roobaert (Bikeaid.Be)3:20:18
219David Broo (Bike Magazin)3:20:23
220Thierry Muijsenberg (Peerkes Bike Team)3:20:37
221Markus Pauzenberger (Team Alpenstadt Sonthofen)3:21:38
222Kyrre Skjetne3:24:18
223Paul Goroll (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)3:24:36
224André Harre (Velociped-Cube)3:24:37
225Rune Hellem (Sk Rye)3:27:26
226Sebastian Andres (29Erbikesbayreuth)3:29:35
227Matthias Wasserzier (29Erbikesbayreuth)3:29:37
228Benjamin De Vaal3:30:24
229Christopher Kinzel (Hemer)3:33:30
230Thorsten Rietze (MTB-Verein Zierenberg E. V.)3:34:07
231Felix Meermann (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)3:36:54
232Helge Fugmann (Bike Team Baumberge E.V.)3:39:41
233Sebastian Einsle (Team Toproad)3:40:49
234Alexander Schulze (Sebamed Bike Team)3:42:30
235Martin Grummel (Kuytenbijters)3:43:40
236Jonas Riebel3:43:58
237Roman Franke (Roman Franke)3:46:18
238Georg Keutzer (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)3:46:53
239Holm Hofmann3:47:01
240Dirk Henke (Bikedress.De)3:47:23
241Patrick Anderle (Turnbeutelvergesser)3:51:08
242David Aumüller (Team Autohaus Rottmair)3:56:25
243Patrick Grun (Kuytenbijters)3:57:45
244Henrik Glendorf (Slagelse MTB)3:57:46
245Daragh Smith (Team MTB Ireland)4:02:25
246Eric Fuchs (Team Toproad)4:04:13
247Espen Berg-Hansen (Fræna Sk)4:08:42
248Darragh Staunton (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)4:18:05
249Marc Windorfer4:18:57
250Richard Spierings
251Ben Morrogh4:18:58
252Voros Benedek4:19:15
253Rene Schikowski4:19:22
254Mike Hörner (Team Maxxis & Friends)4:22:55
255Ken Barry4:23:21
256Ronald Kontek (Turnbeutelvergesser)4:24:29
257Matthias Gummelt (Bike - Team Baumberge)4:25:01
258Den Hutmacher (Team Toproad)4:28:09
259Sam Bolssens (The Mouseketeers)4:31:06
260Christian Schosser (Bayerwald Bike)4:31:38
261Pascal Moser4:37:23
262Sascha Schmitt (Ä-Team)4:40:13
263Weiler Luc4:47:41
264Robert Romijn (Ftd-Bv)4:50:42
265Roderick Zwijns4:51:02
266Schütz Pierre-Yves4:52:41
267Bernd Vetter4:53:53
268Haase Denny4:59:50
269van der Veen Emiel5:03:35
270Reiner Buck (Stöber In Motion)5:06:23
271Schmerler Martin5:08:16
272Schumacher Matthias5:08:25
273Jost Marc5:16:08
274Baker Tom5:16:17
275Hursel Patrick5:20:26
276Heesakkers Gerton5:23:11
277Spek Edwin5:23:52
278Stanbury Andy5:28:23
279Thielmann Markus5:34:57
280Friis Casper5:57:38
281Pratschke Markus6:05:31
282Kuiper Tom6:11:38
283Egger Markus6:13:52
284Lösche Rico6:14:22
285Mitrovic Darko6:19:45
286Menden Marcus6:27:33
287Schunk Sebastian6:29:46
288Parga Garcia Abraham6:39:21
289Kühnel Thomas6:46:49
290Leppmeier Nico7:08:43
291Nagengast Matthias7:16:39
292Battey Charles7:34:47
293Röser Günter7:35:14
294Freidler Andre7:39:05
295Moll Marco7:55:14
296Ternek Simon7:58:17
297Franke Stefan8:01:48
298Lummes Ryan8:34:49
299Witkamp Björn9:47:22
300Schäfer Markus10:02:31

Women general classification after stage 2
1Milena Landtwing (Team Centuiron Vaude)7:15:31
2Elisabeth Brandau0:08:10
3Silke Schmidt (Notebooksbilliger.De)0:10:10
4Bettina Uhlig (Team Wheeler-Ixs)0:37:12
5Andrea Kuster (Metz Team Davos)0:37:32
6Verena Krenslehner (Conway Racing Team)0:43:30
7Nicoletta De Jager0:55:10
8Andrea Scharrer0:55:55
9Sarah Bosch (Mountain Heroes)0:56:31
10Kristina Weber0:56:34
11Daniela Storch (Team Scott)0:58:52
12Nadine Rieder (Ergon 24/ 2Xu Team Sonthofen)1:06:44
13Katharina Alberti (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:08:43
14Florentine Striegl (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)1:08:49
15Isabelle Klein (Team Toproad)1:16:50
16Regina Genser1:21:01
17Sonya Looney (Team Topeak Ergon)1:21:37
18Jana Zieschank (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)1:22:19
19Veronika Weiß (Fi`Zi:K Ti:M)1:39:29
20Alexa Hüni (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)1:41:04
21Nicole Marcec (Velociped-Cube)1:43:06
22Sandra Wöhning1:46:17
23Mirjam Horn (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)1:47:34
24Sabine Halkes1:48:34
25Irina Koch (Team Centurion Vaude By Saikls)2:15:13
26Berit Barlaup (Molde Cykleklubb)2:22:48
27Sarah Runge (MTB-Club-Karlsruhe)2:30:57
28Susann Cudok (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)2:36:04
29Silke Pokrop (Craft And Friends)2:43:06
30Michaela Chmelikova2:45:55
31Claudia Langer (Craft And Friends)2:54:19
32Dorothee Richters (Sebamed Bike Team)2:59:43
33Kerstin Kindler (Craft And Friends)2:59:59
34Ana Mariutti (T3 Iron Team)3:01:04
35Sofie Renier3:04:42
36Ute Claus (Unter Falscher Flagge)3:06:16
37Selina Jörg (2Xu Team Sonthofen)3:10:50
38Ellen Blome (Craft And Friends)3:11:55
39Melanie Leveau3:22:10
40Jennifer Stratmann (Turnbeutelvergesser)3:25:26
41Mandy Beumer3:25:58
42Raquel Walty (Fanfiluca Bikestyle)3:30:27
43Marcia Cardinali (Oce Brasil)3:32:19
44Maeve Ogrady3:34:47
45Laura van Leeuwen3:37:09
46Michaela Salzgeber (Craft And Friends)3:50:09
47Poullie Sigrid4:13:47
48Anderegg Barbara4:22:03
49Kortenbach Kathrin4:43:44
50Mccoy Taryn4:51:49
51Mccorry Julie4:51:50
52Dietzsch Johanna5:06:10
53Rambach Joëlle5:08:21
54Hawlik Simone5:12:30
55Pappe Nadeshda5:23:14
56Kroener Ilse5:24:38
57Spek-Hovestad Esmeralda5:27:27
58Selbeck-Räber Rosi5:46:27
59Ruscheweyh Gerlinde5:46:37
60Clulow Katie5:54:41
61Sadtler Alexandra6:24:29
62Petzold Sandra7:16:46
63Sala Mariapia8:36:52
64Caspani Lara8:36:55
65van der Greft Gabriëlla8:54:39

Masters 40+ general classification after stage 2
1Andreas Strobel (Team Centuiron Vaude)6:26:13
2Carsten Bresser (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)0:02:26
3Heinz Zörweg (Team Factory Cube)0:06:43
4Klaus Reinisch (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:10:54
5Stefan Danowski0:16:04
6Hans Grasegger (Team Scott)0:20:04
7Andreas Laner (Team Scott)0:23:49
8Andreas Pircher (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:33:29
9Bernd Demmeler (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)0:41:00
10Jan Olav Beitmyren (Team Merida)0:46:20
11Oliver Gaedicke (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:52:31
12Ulrich Struben (Team Centurion Vaude By Saikls)0:59:50
13Beatus Dietsche (Soq.De-Coldblack)1:02:54
14Gerald Dietrich (Marinbikes.De)1:10:10
15Thomas Lauterbach (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)1:15:09
16Josef Steurer1:15:47
17Jeroen Spijkerman1:19:00
18Björn Glüsing (Dextro Energy/Radsport Reuter)1:28:17
19Stefan Koch (Bike-Aid)1:28:32
20Raf Rosius (De Heideroosjes)1:28:39
21Manuel Mehlhorn (Team Storm Biker)1:31:09
22Eric Danner (Rv Röschbach)1:31:17
23Stefan Böhm (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)1:36:10
24Rainer Böck (Team Fit & Squash Bad Wörishof)1:38:09
25Henrik Albaek (Team Geels)1:41:59
26Wolfgang Kaim (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)1:44:12
27Mario Rembold1:46:59
28James Rutherford1:47:03
29Albert Preinesberger (Craft And Friends)1:47:52
30Thomas Junk (Teamadidas)1:47:55
31Henry Schneider (Rad`N Roll)1:50:03
32Olve Skjetne1:52:06
33Bonde Nordset (Lesja & Dovre Sk)1:52:20
34Bernd Michalke (Craft And Friends)1:54:06
35Niklas Domberg (Bike Team Baumberge E.V.)1:55:00
36Felix Weese (Craft And Friends)1:55:26
37Nils Ehrke (Kaptain Donnerschenkel)1:56:13
38Armin Schatz1:58:23
39Dirk Bangert (Multisport Team Campana)2:00:32
40Gregor Kruk (Team Bike Special Parts Velber)2:02:27
41Axel Herbrich2:03:44
42Klaus Rübensaal (Team Mr.Bike Cube)2:05:36
43Jörg Fiedler2:09:33
44Thomas Hechler2:09:51
45René Pennacchio (Soul Bikers)2:14:10
46Roland Baudenbacher (Alpenstadt Herisau.Ch)2:14:56
47Rudolf Bonholzer2:16:48
48Gerhard Reutzel2:17:17
49Vegard Aaloekken (If Froy)2:17:45
50Jörg Heinze (Ortstaferlsprinter Kirchham)2:19:48
51Werner Baur (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)2:19:59
52Harald Hörmann (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)2:20:16
53Roger Brudermann (Sherpa Tensing-Pedalerie)2:20:59
54Patrick Mollbrink2:21:35
55Eric Rainer (Tv Bad Orb / Bike-Work Desch)2:22:25
56Rahbek Kreilgaard Morten2:23:07
57Roland Ast (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)2:23:08
58Hannes Schierle2:23:28
59Albert Rundel (Albrad Featuring Killertal Rid)2:24:46
60Jorgen Lokkegaard2:24:54
61Michael Seargent2:25:08
62Roel Tubée (Velociped-Cube)2:25:14
63Christian Kimmling2:28:47
64Manfred Gubler (Power Team Seerücken)2:29:51
65Hanno Schimpf (Sbh Cc)2:30:32
66Claudio Mata (Oce Brasil)2:30:41
67Guido Raymann (Bejan)2:31:54
68Andy Salminger (Craft And Friends)2:32:47
69Ron Mourik (Teamventoux MTB Tilburg)2:32:53
70Richard Führer (Bikearena Wertach)2:33:19
71Stefan Johansson2:37:18
72Thorsten Röttgers (Team Centurion Vaude By Saikls)2:37:33
73Arjan Smit (Mulder_Smit Cycling Team)2:37:34
74Jan Sievers2:38:04
75Helmut Rieder (Team Alpenstadtt Sonthofen)2:39:06
76Hubert Jacobsen (Toten-Kranken)2:40:18
77Thomas Otte (Ac Marine)2:41:16
78Johannes Larsen (Team Geels)2:41:18
79Peter Wouters (Peerkes Bike Team)2:41:59
80Philip Geudens (Peerkes Bike Team)2:42:01
81Bjorn Tiller (Jarda)2:42:34
82Graham Pinkney2:43:34
83Michael Staiger (Team Modi-Craft)2:44:21
84Eddy Jans (De Heideroosjes)2:44:41
85Eckhardt Münch2:46:42
86Bernd Reimers (Sbh Cc)2:47:02
87Werner Bruns2:47:24
88Stefan Achilles (Biketeam Sonthofen)2:48:21
89Michael Lella (Craft And Friends)2:48:59
90Michael Scheuer (Slagelse MTB)2:50:23
91Hansjürgen Horn (Team Oberfranken/Komdsl)2:51:01
92Thilo Hahn (MTBc Wehrheim)2:52:29
93Theo Mulder (Mulder_Smit Cycling Team)2:52:36
94Ronald De Graaf (Rhein-Bikers)2:53:39
95Argo Kerner (Velo Clubbers)2:54:27
96Jochen Graubner (Rsg Frankfurt)2:55:30
97Thomas Schierle2:55:33
98Uwe Vogt (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)2:55:53
99Soren Kjær (Rold Skov)2:56:41
100Burkhard Barsikow (Delta-Bike.De)2:57:44
101Ludger Bruns2:58:14
102Peter Janschek (Phuthu)2:58:20
103Henrik Kragh (Slagelse MTB/Handelsbanken)2:58:23
104Stefan Kaiser (Fitline Team Monheim Am Rhein)2:59:28
105Oskar Lindinger2:59:30
106Christian Uhlemair (Team Bikearena Wertach)3:02:00
107Robert Dorroch (Bike Sport Mayer Waging)3:02:12
108Palle Sorensen (Rold Skov)3:02:33
109Michael Mainusch (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)3:02:53
110Gilad Kohav (Kohav)3:04:36
111Jens Wegner (Bikeschmiede262)3:04:43
112Christian Höchst (R.C. Die Schwalben München 189)3:06:52
113Roger Meihost (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)3:07:36
114Markus Stille (Tretmühle Racing Rsc Wetter)3:08:28
115Pedro van de Louw (Teamventoux MTB Tilburg)3:10:36
116Lars Henrik Katteland (Jarda)3:11:02
117Mark Kidd (Team MTB Ireland)3:11:08
118Frank Mathiesen (MTB-Als)3:12:21
119Asbjoern Moen (Jarda)3:17:25
120Wim Geerlinks3:18:16
121Jochen Wehrheim (MTBc Wehrheim)3:19:53
122Frank Kunold (MTB-Verein Zierenberg E.V.)3:20:31
123Jürgen Konrad (Team Bikearena Wertach)3:20:44
124Stefan Niederberghaus3:21:11
125Arjo Spans3:21:51
126Jens Rüschhoff (Bike Team Baumberge E.V.)3:21:57
127Markus Müller3:21:59
128Peter Zott (Craft And Friends)3:22:02
129Christian Birle3:23:50
130Reiner Ploem (Craft And Friends)3:24:21
131Rene Horber3:24:30
132Marcel Röthlisberger (Power Team Seerücken)3:24:46
133Mirko Weinandy3:25:19
134Andre Bräuer3:27:36
135Jürgen Hoffmann (Albrad Feautering Killertal Ri)3:28:22
136Alberto Caponi (De Heideroosjes)3:28:56
137Karsten Kraechter3:30:08
138Sascha Nadalin (Sbh Cc)3:31:56
139Soren Palm (Dmk Sram)3:32:25
140Uwe Ruscheweyh (Sturm & Drang)3:33:42
141Petter Jorman3:36:54
142Roger Bürgisser3:37:55
143Heinrich Müller (Müller Räume Zum Wohlfühlen)3:38:34
144Stephan Scholze (Stöber In Motion)3:39:23
145Steffen Blattert (Probst Racing Lauffen)3:39:29
146Johan Gerhardsson (Ck Wheelsucker)3:39:39
147Urs Grendelmeier (Schnell (Müde))3:40:27
148Peter Uhland (MTB-Team-Daaden)3:42:49
149Roelant Horree3:46:16
150James Stevenson3:46:18
151Ray Doyle (Team MTB Ireland)3:48:07
152Alexandre Mariutti (T3 Iron Team)3:50:21
153Ewald Riedl (Ib Company)3:51:12
154Leo Muis3:51:33
155Edgar Haugen (Ragde Eiendom)3:51:47
156Jeffry Dominczak (De Heideroosjes)3:52:52
157Michael Stejskal3:53:57
158Nils Gieskes (Unter Falscher Flagge)3:55:34
159Roger Nell3:56:30
160Jörg Buggenhagen (Spinning Wheelz)3:56:54
161Manfred Ismair (Raumgewinn)3:58:43
162Peter Stelzig (Raumgewinn)
163Michael Herzberg (Craft - Rocky Mountain Team)4:01:15
164Frank Greco4:03:37
165Ralf Maciejewski4:08:13
166Hans-Christian Keller Rix4:08:17
167Christophe Crombez4:12:20
168Marcus Euteneuer4:15:26
169Erik Kailing (Tv Bad Orb / Bike-Work Desch)4:15:38
170Sven Marien (The Mouseketeers)4:16:15
171Petr Spora4:17:27
172Oliver Bergmann4:18:58
173Axel Lenders4:21:23
174Peter Klein4:22:58
175Peter Mertens4:26:31
176Lars Schnell (Statnett Bil Sf)4:26:49
177Hermann Hanßen4:27:00
178Bronislav Skovajsa (Six Monkeys Of The Universe)4:30:15
179Claus-Dieter Lang (Stöber In Motion)4:32:55
180Harald Hecht4:34:40
181Thomas Hebbel (MTBc Wehrheim)4:34:53
182Hendrik Tesche4:36:06
183Martin Wehner4:39:21
184van Haasteren Erik4:41:09
185Niels Mayer (Asses Of Fire)4:41:25
186Roepke Uwe4:42:55
187Butschek Achim4:43:21
188Schwulera Erik4:45:50
189Gauss Joachim4:47:11
190Roger Molleman (Swiss Hammer Team)4:47:30
191Hazelaar Henk4:47:41
192van den Bergh Barry4:49:49
193Eichhorn Götz4:52:30
194Thiel Jörg4:52:32
195Klein Guntram4:56:08
196Milewsky Sascha4:56:12
197Virgilio Alcover (Matamon Trail)4:57:25
198Jörg Filter4:57:48
199Zaborowski Volker5:01:08
200Stefan Mair (Team Katzung-Klaus Dengg)5:01:43
201Kinzel Michael5:02:05
202Magermans Noel5:06:04
203Bültmann Volker5:08:27
204Rotzler Christian5:09:58
205van der Kloo Hans5:10:26
206Kahl Oliver5:13:40
207Cullen Owen5:17:36
208Roig Jordi5:23:40
209Schwarz Ralf5:26:02
210Camille Reding (Team Toproad)5:26:28
211Husted Hans Henrik5:27:45
212Korhummel Andreas5:33:23
213Eriksson Pär5:36:23
214Hübner Torsten5:37:48
215Klingseisen Manfred5:39:33
216Hummel Jürgen5:39:35
217Grobbelaar Mike5:42:54
218van Buul Jo5:43:33
219Boezi Roberto5:43:47
220van Hulst Erik5:48:30
221Bos Marcel5:48:31
222Lubes Thomas5:51:50
223Thomsen Mikael Merlin5:52:50
224Walter André5:54:37
225Soulas Oliver5:56:25
226Maguhn Frank6:00:13
227Gomes Rogerio6:00:30
228van de Zanden Alex6:02:40
229Hötger Stephan6:08:49
230Bloem Armand6:13:09
231Betzler Jürgen6:13:26
232Stötzer Ralf6:32:05
233Akkermans Geert6:35:41
234Dinneen John6:40:51
235van Nistelrooy Rob6:42:41
236Taylor Darryl6:43:59
237Huther Oliver6:48:58
238Müller Andreas6:49:43
239Brooks Steven6:56:16
240Heinlein Peter7:03:05
241Linssen Maurice7:04:07
242Dienersberger Robert7:19:10
243Hartwich Frank7:19:11
244Roth Matthias7:21:18
245Doerner Claus7:24:17
246Cappelle André7:27:37
247Bauernschmidt Bernd8:04:49
248Garcia Vicente8:18:05
249Becker Joachim8:49:39
250Adolph Andre9:32:22
251Neppl Michael9:40:26

Masters 50+ general classification after stage 2
1Walter Perkmann (Craft And Friends)7:16:30
2Henrik Cohen (Team Geels)0:14:14
3Werner Höpperger (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:18:00
4Georg Niggl (Craft And Friends)0:25:33
5Ewald Wacker (Soq.De-Coldblack)0:27:57
6Willi Hengartner0:34:50
7Michael Fenske0:54:47
8Reinhold Kotz (Biketeam Sonthofen)1:02:43
9Peter Modosch (Sportteam Buhler)1:04:39
10Told Thomas (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)1:07:14
11Arnold Haas (Rival)1:22:09
12Gabor Rusovszki1:22:13
13Pino Ferrari (Büli Bike Tigers)1:23:07
14Kjell Friberg1:30:29
15Thomas Bauer1:37:33
16Soren Rasmussen (MTB-Team Fussingo)1:43:01
17Poul Jensen1:43:43
18Ferdi Koller (Büli Bike Tigers)1:49:10
19Thor Wiig (Ragde Eiendom)1:50:55
20Kjartan Aas (Raufoss & Gjovik Sykkelklubb)1:51:25
21Wolfgang Hackl1:52:01
22Helmut Maier (Biketeam Sonthofen)1:55:19
23Josef Happach (Biketeam Sonthofen)1:56:37
24Karl Koller (Sk Rueckenwind Triathlon)2:01:38
25Michael Beilborn (Delta-Bike.De)2:02:30
26Rudolf Trumbach2:02:51
27Karsten Olsen (Fredericia Dk)2:11:49
28Leon Wurth (Soul Bikers)2:17:29
29Lothar Franke (Team Bike Special Parts Velber)2:18:58
30Helmut Hupfauer (Race Team Toni's)2:24:35
31Franz-Josef Hüttemeister (Happychain.De)2:27:24
32Reinhard Bichler (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)2:32:22
33Roland Herterich2:33:44
34Kurt Poullie2:37:49
35Chris Kemmer2:39:57
36Heinrich Grebner (Team Mr. Bike - Cube)2:40:55
37Andreas Wittmann (Mr. Bike Lichtenfels)2:41:14
38Andreas Deusser2:48:45
39Josef Heher (Biketeam-Sonthofen)2:53:25
40Walter Pütz2:55:07
41Sandor Kocsis2:59:59
42Hougs Lind Carsten3:05:49
43Pierre Billet3:06:01
44Christoph Müller3:09:15
45Horst Schwarz (MTB-Verein Zierenberg E.V)3:23:03
46Franz Pohlhammer (Craft And Friends)3:25:41
47Joachim Meyer3:29:46
48Tommy Petersen (Team Geels)3:32:28
49Piet van de Wiel (Peerkes Bike Team)3:40:35
50Gerd Hoehna3:40:40
51Karl-Otto Walz3:50:28
52Jos Kerkhofs3:54:43
53Poppe Ralf3:54:49
54Michael Marx (City Bike+Fun Oberu)3:54:52
55Bundgaard Per3:56:32
56Schwulera Reinhold3:58:17
57Carnett Carsten4:02:28
58Deene Fons4:07:27
59Marquardt Hans-Martin4:13:27
60Nachtigall Thomas4:23:07
61Reiners Martin4:25:02
62Hammer Ulrich4:27:00
63Higgins John J4:27:40
64Schmidt Raimund4:27:41
65Gudmundsson Finn4:44:55
66Gaidzik Heinz4:45:33
67Lang Manfred4:49:28
68Braun Bruno4:56:59
69Dorner Hermann5:02:26
70Queis Sef5:06:54
71Pauwels Dieter5:11:10
72Räber Paul5:24:38
73Wünsch Ulrich5:27:38
74Sauer Robert5:30:42
75Stingl Rainer5:32:41
76Haßkerl Eberhard5:43:33
77Sing Joachim6:01:22
78Kastner Richard6:02:44
79Leppmeier Erwin6:03:38
80Hojland Jan6:08:34
81Glud Michael6:08:37
82Brostrom Peter6:09:18
83Känder Manfred6:15:06
84Kaltegärtner Klaus-Bernd6:22:59
85Langer Robert6:40:13
86Weipert Ludwig6:55:53
87Kohlhofer Franz6:55:57
88Gemborys Axel7:07:51
89Bub Wolfgang7:12:36
90Oliveira Rogerio7:53:49
91Stein Klaus-Dieter9:08:53

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