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Zandstra beats Jette at Walden Ski Club round of Canada Cup

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Derek Zandstra (Can)1:36:17
2Cameron Jette (Can)0:00:15
3Antoine Caron (Can)0:02:01
4Jeremy Martin (Can)0:02:13
5Geoff Kabush (Can)0:02:20
6Mitchell Bailey (Can)0:02:24
7Evan Mcneely (Can)0:03:32
8Raphael Gagne (Can)0:04:24
9Leandre Bouchard (Can)0:05:26
10Peter Glassford (Can)0:05:39
11Patrick Chartrand (Can)0:06:16
12Marc-Antoine Nadon (Can)0:06:43
13Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (Can)0:06:59
14Evan Guthrie (Can)0:08:19
15Emmanuel Boily (Can)0:08:22
16Jacob Mcclelland (Can)0:09:33
17Sébastien Cadieux-Duval (Can)0:10:05
18Mathieu Belanger Barrette (Can)0:10:15
19Julien Gagne (Can)0:11:15
20Steven Noble (Can)0:11:57
21Ross Davis (Can)0:12:19
22Alexandre Vialle (Can)0:13:02
23Andrew L'esperance (Can)0:13:52
24Pierre-Olivier Veillette (Can)0:14:20
25Tim Gale (Can)0:14:28
26Patrick Martin (Can)0:14:41
27Scott Lynch (Can)0:15:12
28Andrew Watson (Can)0:15:24
29Samuel Tremblay (Can)0:16:22
30Jon Winfield (Can)0:16:31
31Jon Slaughter (Can)0:16:45
32Preston Wagler (Can)0:17:30
33John Couchi (Can)0:17:33
34Tyson Wagler (Can)0:18:26
35Corey Brioschi (Can)0:19:55
36Timothy Carleton (Can)
37Trent Meyers (Can)
38Jean-Daniel Boily (Can)
39Stephan Boily (Can)
40Maxime Lemay (Can)
41Erich Baumhard (Can)
42Michael Hermanovsky (Can)
43Simon Wagler (Can)
44Gavin Clark (Can)
45Gregory Van Moorsel (Can)
46Spencer Skerget (Can)
47Steven Turcotte (Can)
48Jonathan Cantin (Can)
49Jarrod Forrest (Can)
50Jamie Wagler (Can)
51Bretton Matthews (Can)
52Daniel Varga (Can)
53Steve Prosser (Can)
54Cotey Hakkers (Can)
55Dave Reid (Can)
56Chris Fruetel (Can)
57Robin Wallar (Can)
58Matthew Farquharson (Can)
59Brendan Mackillop (Can)
60Massey Baker (Can)
61Andrew Savard (Can)
62Alex Lefebvre (Can)

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sandra Walter (Can)1:36:21
2Mikaela Kofman (Can)0:01:33
3Andréanne Pichette (Can)0:02:00
4Amanda Sin (Can)0:02:33
5Frederique Trudel (Can)0:03:08
6Karlee Gendron (Can)0:03:09
7Emily Batty (Can)0:04:08
8Sue Trimble-Haviland (Can)0:04:27
9Jean Ann Berkenpas (Can)0:05:37
10Andreane Lanthier-Nadeau (Can)0:06:06
11Catherine Fleury (Can)0:06:52
12Rebecca Beaumont (Can)0:07:45
13Heather Gray (Can)0:08:13
14Cayley Brooks (Can)0:10:23
15Valerie Meunier (Can)0:10:40
16Mandy Dreyer (Can)0:12:07
17Maghalie Rochette (Can)0:12:17
18Laurence Harvey (Can)0:13:35
19Katlyn Dundas (Can)
20Denise Hill (Can)
21Frédérique Larose-Gingras (Can)
22Elyse Nieuwold (Can)
23Laura Bietola (Can)
24Kristina Laforge (Can)
25Rosalie Auger (Can)
26Samantha Wagler (Can)
27Veronica Huggard (Can)
28Catherine Harnden (Can)

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