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Fraser posts fastest time at Canada Cup downhill race

Panorama Mountain Village hosted the final race of the 2011 Canada Cup downhill series, also a BC Cup mountain bike race, under beautiful blue skies and in front of cheering supporters.

One hundred and ninety two entries ranged from first time "Citizen" category racers to last weekend's Canadian Downhill Mountain Bike Champion Andrew Mitchell, who competed in the "Elite" category.

Rob Fraser won the Canada Cup men's category. Fraser had the fastest time of the day at 03:24.60 on a course he described as rough and physical.

"It was a good length and wicked track," said Fraser. "I feel like I made it up in the middle rock garden."

The Canada Cup women's category went to Lauren Rosser with a time of 03:51.67. She also won the Canadian Downhill Mountain Bike Championship at Panorama last weekend.

"The World Cup will be my last race this season," she said. "These two wins will give me the points I need to get there and give me the confidence to know I can do really well at Worlds."

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rob Fraser (Can)0:03:24.60
2Matthew Beer (Can)0:00:00.38
3Ryan Vanderham (Can)0:00:01.38
4Kyle Sangers (Can)0:00:01.57
5Riley Suhan (Can)0:00:01.61
6Tyler Allison (Can)0:00:02.08
7Andrew Mitchell (Can)0:00:02.38
8Dean Tennant (Can)0:00:02.41
9Luke Stevens (Can)0:00:03.08
10Remi Gauvin (Can)0:00:03.34
11Daniel Sims (NZl)0:00:04.12
12Forrest Riesco (Can)0:00:04.18
13Jeffery Bryson (Can)0:00:05.52
14Ken Faubert (Can)0:00:06.02
15Sheldon Smith (Can)0:00:06.13
16Adriano Digiacinto (Can)0:00:06.27
17Cory Brunelle (Can)0:00:07.40
18Sidney Slotegraaf (Can)0:00:07.60
19Kirk Mcdowall (Can)0:00:08.03
20Jamie Biluk (Can)0:00:08.84
21Harrison Duxbury-Sleep (Can)0:00:10.87
22Nick Grimm (Can)0:00:12.16
23Robert Venables (Can)0:00:12.46
24Adam Mantle (Can)0:00:12.81
25Ross Roseingrave (Irl)0:00:13.39
26Kip Shortreed (Can)0:00:13.75
27Adam Kral (Can)0:00:14.30
28Cody Ratte (Can)0:00:14.38
29Jeff Hunter (Can)0:00:14.71
30Tyler Gorz (Can)0:00:15.10
31Daniel Banks (Can)0:00:15.93
32Sky Gustin (USA)0:00:17.11
33Grant Lestock-Kay (Can)0:00:17.27
34Bas Van Steenbergen (Can)0:00:18.37
35Cameron Porteous (Can)0:00:18.41
36Braeden Oncuil (Can)0:00:18.56
37Tim Coleman (Can)0:00:18.58
38Justin Dale (Can)0:00:19.52
39Taylor Rowlands (Can)0:00:20.03
40Joe Esnouf (Can)0:00:21.83
41Bryden Rigets (Can)0:00:22.02
42Andre Volard (Can)0:00:22.65
43Tyler Paksi (Can)0:00:22.93
44Daniel Anderson (Can)0:00:25.08
45Kylar Highe (Can)0:00:25.17
46Jay Boysen (Can)0:00:26.43
47Nicholas Le Mare (Can)0:00:26.55
48Trevor Leblanc (Can)0:00:27.94
49Evan Blackwell (Can)0:00:31.45
50Trevor Thew (Can)0:00:32.42
51Max Horner (Can)0:00:32.59
52Cameron Storcheski (Can)0:00:36.36
53Jordan Hodder (Can)0:00:41.36

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lauren Rosser (Can)0:03:51.67
2Miranda Miller (Can)0:00:07.63
3Danice Uyesugi (Can)0:00:13.71
4Jaime Rees (USA)0:00:30.87
5Kelsey Begg (Can)0:00:34.45
6Lindsay Trimble (Can)0:00:36.87
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