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Holloway defends title at Athens Twilight Criterium

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Dan Holloway tops the men's podium

Dan Holloway tops the men's podium (Image credit: Dave Gill)
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Holloway takes the win

Holloway takes the win (Image credit: Dave Gill)
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The breakaway in action

The breakaway in action (Image credit: Dave Gill)
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Athens crowds never disappoint

Athens crowds never disappoint (Image credit: Dave Gill)
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A crash on course

A crash on course (Image credit: Dave Gill)
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The men are ready to race

The men are ready to race (Image credit: Dave Gill)
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The men on the start line

The men on the start line (Image credit: Dave Gill)
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43-year-old and retiring Adam Myerson

43-year-old and retiring Adam Myerson (Image credit: Dave Gill)
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Dan Holloway takes the win

Dan Holloway takes the win (Image credit: Dave Gill)
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Thomas Brown along teammate Frank Travieso

Thomas Brown along teammate Frank Travieso (Image credit: Dave Gill)
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The crowds are huge during the Athens Twilight

The crowds are huge during the Athens Twilight (Image credit: Dave Gill)
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Emile Abraham (Texas Road House) leads the group up the hill

Emile Abraham (Texas Road House) leads the group up the hill (Image credit: Dave Gill)
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The early break that eventually lapped the field, Daniel Holloway of Alto Velo, Rueben Companioni of team Stradelli

The early break that eventually lapped the field, Daniel Holloway of Alto Velo, Rueben Companioni of team Stradelli (Image credit: Dave Gill)

Daniel Holloway (Alto Velo-SeaSucker) defend his title at the Athens Twilight Criterium held on Saturday night in Georgia. The elite criterium champion lapped the field and out-sprinted his breakaway companion Ruben Companioni (Stradalli Cycle p/b Safetti) to take the win. Frank Travieso (UnitedHealthcare/706 Project) was third.

From the starting gun of the men’s event, Holloway was active on the front, trying to force a break on the .69-mile course. He eventually got his way early on with German track rider Christian Grasmann from the imposing Majola/Pushbikers squad in tow.

Six riders took up the chase, with local Georgia racer Thomas Brown (UnitedHealthcare of Georgia p/b The 706 Project) leading the charge. The move was a strong one, with multiple teams represented in the breakaway.

The break eventually lapped the field, and incredibly with 45 laps to go, Holloway pushed through to the front once more and attacked, this time taking Ruben Companioni (Stradelli) along for the ride.

Holloway and Companioni, who had crashed earlier in the race, established a break with 27 laps to go, and quickly eked out 20 seconds, taking advantage of disorganized teams back in the pack.

It was a titanic effort as Holloway, who started the original breakaway, and continued to push more and more of an advantage out on the field led by UnitedHealthcare-706 Project and Astellas.  

Even though Astellas chased hard, they couldn’t chase down the duo as gap extended to 44 seconds.

When Holloway and Companioni hit 10 laps to go, only 15 seconds separated them from making contact with the back of the pack.

"We were by ourselves in the last 10 laps and it looked good," Holloway said about his lead with Companioni, "But this kind of course can still eat you up and spit you out, I tried to recognise that and stayed smooth."

As the laps ticked away, the duo eased off the pedals giving them a clean opportunity to sprint it out together and dealing with the chaos of the pack.

"I had told him ‘Let’s not get crazy. Don’t get wild. Don’t crash or overdue it just because we’re out. Let’s just have the respect to get to the finish line.'"


#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Daniel Holloway (Altovelo-SeaSucker)
2Ruben Companioni (Cub) Stradalli Cycle p/b Safetti
3Frank Travieso (Team UnitedHealthcare / The 706 Project)
4Brendan Rhim (California Giant / Specialized)
5Ryan Aitcheson (Astellas Cycling Team)
6Stephen Hyde (Astellas Cycling Team)
7Christian Grasmann (Maloja/Pushbikers)
8Zachary Kratche (J.Brown p/b Ms.Roses)
9Ben Renkema (Team Finish Strong Elite Cycling)
10Hector F. Aguilar (Southern Crescent Cycling)
11Martin Reinert (Maloja/Pushbikers)
12Emile Abraham (Texas Roadhouse p/b Stradalli)
13Adam Farabaugh (Isagenix / SeaSucker / Guttenplan Coaching)
14Kyle Perry (Texas Roadhouse p/b Stradalli)
15David Guttenplan (Isagenix / SeaSucker / Guttenplan Coaching)
16David Duquette (
17Michael Hernandez (Hot Tubes Junior Development)
18Martin Hacecky (Maloja/Pushbikers)
19Brendan Cornett (LITESPEED-BMW)
20Shane Braley (
21Matthew Salpietro (Texas Roadhouse p/b Stradalli)
22Matt Moosa (Team Finish Strong Elite Cycling)
23Stefan Schafer (Maloja/Pushbikers)
24Cristian Torres (CRCA/Foundation)
25Norlandy Taveras (CRCA/Foundation)
26Rafael A. Meran (CRCA/Foundation)
27Michael Stoop (Van Dessel Factory Team)
28Nolan Tankersley (Team Finish Strong Elite Cycling)
29Andrew Reardon (Sonic Cycling)
30Adam Koble (Team UnitedHealthcare / The 706 Project)
31David Arteaga (Giant-Crater Maui Hawai'i)
32Diego Goromito (EDD Contractor)
33Paul Morris (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)
34Matic Strgar
35Cole Archambault (GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar)
36Ed Veal (Real Deal/Gears p/b WaspCam)
37Anthony Rizzo (Revolve Residential P/B
38Stephen Hoffman (Clif Bar)
39Thomas Brown (Team UnitedHealthcare / The 706 Project)
40Andy Scarano (Team UnitedHealthcare / The 706 Project)
41Blake Anton (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)
42Jared Nieters (Van Dessel Factory Team)
43No name
44Landen Wark-Acebo (ENGVT-Untapped)
45Hogan Sills (Astellas Cycling Team)
46Adam Myerson (Astellas Cycling Team)
47Peter Olejniczak (Astellas Cycling Team)
48Alex Kellum (J. Brown p/b Ms. Roses)
49Fletcher Lydick (ATH Devo)
50Brock Mason
51Chris Uberti (Team UnitedHealthcare / The 706 Project)
52ryan joyce (TBS Racing / Buffalo Bicycling Club)
53Sam Rosenholtz (GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar)
54Tommy Schubert (Extract.Coffee/Rocket Espresso)
55Mathew Meunier (Extract.Coffee/Rocket Espresso)
56Austin Ulich (ATH Devo)
57Dave Warner (GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar)
58Anthony Rodriguez (CRCA/Foundation)
59Artur Sagat (J. Brown p/b Ms. Roses)
60Jesse Keough (CRCA/Foundation)
61Justin Meade (Team Finish Strong Elite Cycling)
62David Goodman (ATH Devo)
63No name
64No name
65Marco Aledia (Altovelo-SeaSucker)
66Chad Hartley (Altovelo-SeaSucker)
67Justin Pfaff (Pioneer Mortgage Funding Pb
68Jack Drake (Isagenix / SeaSucker / Guttenplan Coaching)
69Grayson Brookshire (Greenlife-Organic Valley p/b Hiball Energy/Globalbike Elite Team)
70Juan Pimentel (UCI CT: Champion System - Stans's NoTubes)
71Hunter Resek (Team KBC Devo/Aubrey's Restaurants)
72John Butler (J.Brown p/b Ms.Roses)
73Andrew Crater (
74Juan Carlos Arias (Southern Crescent Cycling)
75Richard Rainville (Furman University Cycling)
76David Grundman (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)
77Dimitri Lemus (Team Beyer Auto)
78Stefan Mastaller (Maloja/Pushbikers)
79Brian Hill (Team UnitedHealthcare / The 706 Project)
80Nate Morse (RACE CF)
81Isaac Strickland (Velocity Racing)
82Joshua Friedman (GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar)
83JD Bergmann (Clif Bar)
84Broderick Hartley (Vie 13)
85Justin Lowe (J.Brown p/b Ms.Roses)
86Hank Booth (Team Finish Strong Elite Cycling)
87Chris Mojock
88A.J. Moran (GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar)
89Brandon Pruett (LITESPEED-BMW)
90Brandon Borth (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)
91Andrew Fairman (Revolve Residential p/b
92Brock Denis (Team Finish Strong Elite Cycling)
93Dominic Caiazzo (GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar)
94Alex McLaughlin (Texas Roadhouse p/b Stradalli)
95Brian Suto (CT Cycling Advancement Program)
96Jonathan Atkins (Velocity Racing)
97Adam Alexander (CRCA/Foundation)
98Myles Lietzke (J.Brown p/b Ms. Roses)
99No name
100Ted Horwitz (Hobbie)
101Jake Andrews (Cherry St. Cycles)
102Benjamin Bryant (NGCA-Team Mission Source)
103Chris McGovern (Team Novo Nordisk Development)
104Brad Reed
105Davio Novak (EC Devo)
106Henry Willis (Orlando Velo)
107Abel Quintana
108Matthew Miller (Atlanta Cycling Racing PB New England Financial)
109Osias Lozano (Robson forensics/ hilton head cycling)
110David Monismith (Pioneer Mortgage Funding Pb
111Kellen Goodell (J. Brown p/b Ms. Roses)
112Bobby Lea (Maloja/Pushbikers)
113Scott Cugno (Pioneer Mortgage Funding Pb
114David Varela (Team Novo Nordisk Development)

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