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Youngsters climb to Australian titles

The Australian under 15 and under 17 Mountain Climbing Championships heralded a new era in junior cycling. It was the first time the mountain climbing format has been included on Cycling Australia’s national championship calendar, offering competitors a significant challenge compared to what they’ve competed in before.

Over 100 competitors descended on Mount Buffalo in North East Victoria for the inaugural event with an individual time trial contested on the Saturday and a road race on the Sunday. Several riders showed their domination over the two days by winning both events with others just missing out on taking out both races.

Victorians Liam Hood in under 15 men and Thomas Hamilton in the under 17 men’s category were able to take home both national titles. Hood crossed the line in a tight five rider sprint while Hamilton’s victory was more comfortable, crossing 2:41 minutes in front of team-mate Alexander Morgan.

Hollee Simmons from Bathurst took out the under 15 women’s time trial and just missed out on the gold on Sunday. Caulfield Carnegie’s Courtney Field crossed the line first in the road race, just in front of Simmons.

The women 17 winner on Saturday was Tasmanian Georgia Baker while Jessica Mundy from South Australia crossed the line first in a four rider bunch sprint on the Sunday. Two seconds separated the top four with Bendigo’s Antonia Abbisogni in second place, Georgia Barker third and Alexandria Nicholls fourth.

The medal tally for the weekend saw Victoria dominate proceedings with a total of 13 medals, more than half of those on offer during the event.

The weekend also incorporated the ‘Alpe d’ Buffalo’ junior Tour for 15’s, 17’s and 19’s. Like the championship events, the tour’s overall classification was dominated by several Riders.

Calvin Watson showed his class by winning both the time trial and the road race in the men 19’s as did Stephanie Hansen in the women 19 category. Hamilton was a clear general classification winner in the men 17’s as was Hood in the men 15.

Baker’s domination in the time trial saw her win the under 17 women’s tour while Simmons also took out the GC in the under 15’s.


U15 Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Hollee Simons (Bathurst CC)0:10:29
2Courtney Field (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:00:36
3Emma Bilston (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:00:44
4Emily Nicholls (Tamworth CC)0:01:09
5Emma Brown (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:01:45
6Kate Brown (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:02:02
7Ruby-May Mundy (Norwood C.C.)0:02:07
8Nicole Clark (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:02:18

U15 Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Liam Hood (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:16:35
2Angus Lyons (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:00:15
3Pierce Connor (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:00:18
4Lucas Hamilton (Ararat&District Cycling Club)0:00:40
5Andrew Hinkley (George Town CC)0:01:02
6Harrison Bailey (Northern Sydney CC)0:01:04
7Bryce Holloway (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:01:53
8Jay Castles (Shepparton Cycling Club Inc)0:01:58
9Tomarsh Loki (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:02:03
10Joshua Liston (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:02:04
11Mitchell Greenway (Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club)0:02:14
12James Pane (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:02:16
13Lex Munoz (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:02:20
14Michael Stringer (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:02:28
15John Cochrane (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:02:46
16Christian Molinia (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:03:02
17Thomas Verleys-Donk (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:03:05
18Drew Morey (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:03:07
19Angus Flood (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:03:08
20Hamish Haynes (Shepparton Cycling Club Inc)0:03:15
21Kurt Santagada (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:03:18
22Nicholas Abels (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:06:04

U17 Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Georgia Baker (Northern Districts CC)0:17:33
2Alexandria Nicholls (Tamworth CC)0:01:04
3Samantha Fromentin (South Coast C.C.)0:01:08
4Antonia Abbisogni (Bendigo & District CC)0:01:16
5Lauretta Hanson (Macedon Ranges Cycling Club Inc)0:01:45
6Emily Wordiethompson (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:01:55
7Madeleine Cardillo (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:01:58
8Lucy Kirk (Vikings Cycling Club ACT)
9Jessica Mundy (Norwood C.C.)0:02:19
10Briony Cole (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:02:49
11Victoria Snibson (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:02:52
12Grace Fryer (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:03:31
13Ebony Clarke (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:03:40
14Jessica White (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:04:07
15Meg O'doherty (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:06:06

U17 Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Hamilton (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:19:17
2Alexander Morgan (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:00:36
3Benjamin Fox (Inverell Cycle N Tri. Inc.)0:01:49
4Clement Boydell (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:01:53
5Jacob Restall (Townsville Cycle Club)0:02:06
6Brendan Hill (SUNSHINE COAST CC)0:02:09
7Nathan Hinkley (George Town CC)0:02:14
8Munro Boydell (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:02:36
9Nicholas Schultz (SUNSHINE COAST CC)
10Lachlan Nolte (Portland CC)0:02:45
11Oliver Martin (Launceston City CC)0:02:47
12Christopher Aitken (Kooragang Open CC)0:03:04
13Jake Klajnblat (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:03:16
14Richard Irwin (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:03:20
15Zane Hunter (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:03:22
16Luke Youngman (Lidcombe Auburn CC)0:03:23
17Nicholas Yallouris (Central Coast CC)0:03:32
18Hayden Eynaud (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:03:53
19Michael Hale (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:04:16
20Mitchell Barry (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:04:19
21Robert Oakenfull (Bendigo & District CC)0:04:40
22Philip Jermyn (Canberra Cycling Club)
23Cam Fraser (Hawthorn Citizens Youth Club)0:04:41
24Mark Kelly (Horsham Cycling Club Inc)0:04:45
25Callum Munro (Mersey Valley Devonport CC)0:04:52
26Lachlan Jones (Macedon Ranges Cycling Club Inc)0:04:55
27Will Allen (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:05:51
28Hugo Tolliday (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:05:53
29Kyle Thompson (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:06:04
30Bryce Morey (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:06:10
31Jamie Rose (South Coast C.C.)0:06:25
32Aidan Bowe (Bendigo & District CC)0:06:27
33Joshua Lind (Canberra Cycling Club)0:06:50
34James Fox (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:06:59
35Timothy Van Der Schans (Camperdown Cycling Club Inc)0:07:01
36Jack French (Hawthorn Citizens Youth Club)0:07:17
37Tyson Breen (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:07:52
38Matthew Cooper (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:08:17
39Sean Mciver (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:11:37
40Dominic Geoghegan (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:12:30
41Conor Dickson (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:27:09

U19 Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephanie Hansen (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:25:40
2Monica Kelly (Horsham Cycling Club Inc)0:03:43

U19 Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Calvin Watson (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:32:42
2Ciaran Conaughton (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:00:17
3James Boal (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:00:34
4Liam Dove (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:00:38
5Aaron Eynaud (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:02:15
6Jack Haig (Bendigo & District CC)0:02:56
7Alexander Meyland (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:03:29
8James Cummings (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:03:47
9Conor Murtagh (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:03:57
10Mark White (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:04:16
11Stephen Cousins (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:05:14
12James Crafter (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:05:52
13Mitchell Cooper (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:05:57
14Callum Fryer (Carnegie Caulfield CC)
15Brad Maccallum (Bendigo & District CC)0:06:00
16Alex Santagada (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:08:03
17Ben Abels (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:12:43
18Brendan Hood (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:21:39

U15 Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Courtney Field (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:49:29
2Hollee Simons (Bathurst CC)0:00:01
3Emily Nicholls (Tamworth CC)0:00:02
4Emma Bilston (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:00:05
5Emma Brown (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:02:37
6Kate Brown (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:08:39
7Nicole Clark (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:09:19

U15 Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Liam Hood (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)1:16:27
2Andrew Hinkley (George Town CC)
3Pierce Connor (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)
4Lucas Hamilton (Ararat&District Cycling Club)0:00:01
5Bryce Holloway (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)
6Angus Lyons (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:00:09
7James Pane (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:01:17
8Harrison Bailey (Northern Sydney CC)0:01:58
9Tomarsh Loki (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:02:09
10Drew Morey (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:02:37
11Joshua Liston (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:04:28
12Angus Flood (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:06:46
13Mitchell Greenway (Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club)
14Jay Castles (Shepparton Cycling Club Inc)0:12:21
15John Cochrane (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)
16Michael Stringer (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:12:23
17Lex Munoz (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:12:41
18Thomas Verleys-Donk (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:12:53
19Kurt Santagada (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:13:22
20Christian Molinia (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:18:00
21Hamish Haynes (Shepparton Cycling Club Inc)0:18:07
22Nicholas Abels (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:27:22

U17 Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jessica Mundy (Norwood C.C.)1:20:59
2Antonia Abbisogni (Bendigo & District CC)
3Georgia Baker (Northern Districts CC)
4Alexandria Nicholls (Tamworth CC)0:00:02
5Samantha Fromentin (South Coast C.C.)0:03:11
6Lucy Kirk (Vikings Cycling Club ACT)0:04:09
7Lauretta Hanson (Macedon Ranges Cycling Club Inc)0:04:19
8Emily Wordiethompson (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:09:12
9Jamie Leigh Edwards (Geelong Cycling Club)0:10:07
10Briony Cole (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)
11Jessica White (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:10:59
12Victoria Snibson (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:11:46
13Grace Fryer (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:13:12
14Madeleine Cardillo (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:13:13
15Ebony Clarke (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:14:50

U17 Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Hamilton (Carnegie Caulfield CC)1:30:15
2Alexander Morgan (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:02:41
3Brendan Hill (SUNSHINE COAST CC)0:03:09
4Jacob Restall (Townsville Cycle Club)0:04:58
5Nicholas Schultz (SUNSHINE COAST CC)0:04:59
6Zane Hunter (Carnegie Caulfield CC)
7Christopher Aitken (Kooragang Open CC)
8Nathan Hinkley (George Town CC)0:05:00
9Nicholas Yallouris (Central Coast CC)
10Oliver Martin (Launceston City CC)
11Munro Boydell (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:06:58
12Clement Boydell (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:07:00
13Jake Klajnblat (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:08:54
14Cam Fraser (Hawthorn Citizens Youth Club)0:08:55
15Luke Youngman (Lidcombe Auburn CC)0:09:17
16Mark Kelly (Horsham Cycling Club Inc)
17Hayden Eynaud (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:09:18
18Richard Irwin (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:09:25
19Lachlan Nolte (Portland CC)0:16:11
20Kyle Thompson (Carnegie Caulfield CC)
21Michael Hale (Carnegie Caulfield CC)
22Lachlan Jones (Macedon Ranges Cycling Club Inc)0:16:13
23Philip Jermyn (Canberra Cycling Club)0:16:36
24Mitchell Barry (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:16:57
25Conor Dickson (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:17:34
26Hugo Tolliday (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:18:06
27Callum Munro (Mersey Valley Devonport CC)
28Aidan Bowe (Bendigo & District CC)0:19:56
29James Fox (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:24:45
30Joshua Lind (Canberra Cycling Club)0:25:00
31Timothy Van Der Schans (Camperdown Cycling Club Inc)0:26:04
32Robert Oakenfull (Bendigo & District CC)0:26:56
33Jamie Rose (South Coast C.C.)0:26:58
34Bryce Morey (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:27:51
35Tyson Breen (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:28:31
36Matthew Cooper (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:29:16
37Jack French (Hawthorn Citizens Youth Club)0:29:25
38Sean Mciver (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:47:33
39Dominic Geoghegan (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:55:09

U19 Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephanie Hansen (Carnegie Caulfield CC)1:32:00
2Monica Kelly (Horsham Cycling Club Inc)0:08:02

U19 Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Calvin Watson (Carnegie Caulfield CC)2:18:21
2James Boal (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)0:00:01
3Ciaran Conaughton (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:00:05
4Conor Murtagh (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:02:28
5Jack Haig (Bendigo & District CC)0:02:31
6Alexander Meyland (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:03:41
7Aaron Eynaud (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:06:49
8James Crafter (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)0:08:01
9Brad Maccallum (Bendigo & District CC)0:08:37
10Callum Fryer (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:10:12
11James Cummings (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:14:27
12Alex Santagada (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:16:06
13Mitchell Cooper (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)0:19:23
14Liam Dove (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)0:26:10

15 Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Hollee Simons0:49:30
2Courtney Field0:00:01
3Emma Bilston
4Emily Nicholls
5Emma Brown0:02:36
6Kate Brown0:08:38
7Nicole Clark0:09:18

U15 Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Liam Hood1:16:27
2Pierce Connor
3Angus Lyons0:00:09
4Lucas Hamilton0:00:01
5Andrew Hinkley
6Bryce Holloway0:00:01
7Harrison Bailey0:01:58
8James Pane0:01:17
9Tomarsh Loki0:02:09
10Drew Morey0:02:37
11Joshua Liston0:04:28
12Mitchell Greenway0:06:46
13Angus Flood
14Jay Castles0:12:21
15Michael Stringer0:12:23
16Lex Munoz0:12:41
17John Cochrane0:12:21
18Thomas Verleys-Donk0:12:53
19Kurt Santagada0:13:22
20Christian Molinia0:18:00
21Hamish Haynes0:18:07
22Nicholas Abels0:27:22

U17 Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Georgia Baker1:20:59
2Alexandria Nicholls0:00:02
3Antonia Abbisogni
4Jessica Mundy
5Samantha Fromentin0:03:11
6Lauretta Hanson0:04:19
7Lucy Kirk0:04:09
8Emily Wordiethompson0:09:12
9Briony Cole0:10:07
10Victoria Snibson0:11:46
11Jessica White0:10:59
12Madeleine Cardillo0:13:13
13Grace Fryer0:13:12
14Ebony Clarke0:14:50

U17 Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Hamilton1:30:15
2Alexander Morgan0:02:41
3Brendan Hill0:03:09
4Jacob Restall0:04:58
5Nathan Hinkley0:05:00
6Nicholas Schultz0:04:59
7Oliver Martin0:05:00
8Christopher Aitken0:04:59
9Zane Hunter
10Nicholas Yallouris0:05:00
11Clement Boydell0:07:00
12Munro Boydell0:06:58
13Jake Klajnblat0:08:54
14Luke Youngman0:09:17
15Richard Irwin0:09:25
16Hayden Eynaud0:09:18
17Cam Fraser0:08:55
18Mark Kelly0:09:17
19Lachlan Nolte0:16:11
20Michael Hale
21Lachlan Jones0:16:13
22Mitchell Barry0:16:57
23Philip Jermyn0:16:36
24Kyle Thompson0:16:11
25Callum Munro0:18:06
26Hugo Tolliday
27Aidan Bowe0:19:56
28Robert Oakenfull0:26:56
29James Fox0:24:45
30Joshua Lind0:25:00
31Timothy Van Der Schans0:26:04
32Jamie Rose0:26:58
33Bryce Morey0:27:51
34Tyson Breen0:28:31
35Jack French0:29:25
36Matthew Cooper0:29:16
37Conor Dickson0:17:34
38Sean Mciver0:47:33
39Dominic Geoghegan0:55:09

U19 Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephanie Hansen1:32:00
2Monica Kelly0:08:02

U19 Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Calvin Watson2:18:21
2Ciaran Conaughton0:00:05
3James Boal0:00:01
4Jack Haig0:02:31
5Conor Murtagh0:02:28
6Alexander Meyland0:03:41
7Aaron Eynaud0:06:49
8James Crafter0:08:01
9Brad Maccallum0:08:37
10Callum Fryer0:10:12
11James Cummings0:14:27
12Alex Santagada0:16:06
13Mitchell Cooper0:19:23
14Liam Dove0:26:10

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