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South Africa's Anderson claims stage win

Today was the longest stage of Trans Portugal 2010, and even then the top-ranked athletes rode it almost in leisure like fashion (if this can ever be said for at trail with 172km and 3000m of accumulated climbs). Indeed today the fastest riders all rode together in one big group and went down the Alentejo plains in a relaxed rhythm, much lower than their usual one. From the top-ranked ones, only Greg Anderson and Ricardo Melo chose to ride isolated and harder.

The riders started very early from Castelo de Vide, ready to face a very long day in the plains and hardships of the middle and upper Alentejo. Right at the start the steep medieval causeway getting out of the village offered them a good warm up while getting to the top. A fast and long decent got the riders to the second steep ascent of the day to Carreiras and the hills of São Mamede. Like in past years the race photographers love this zone, because of the splendid shots they always get in the forested hillsides.

The group went toward Monforte and the plains of Sousel, just before getting through CP6C in Santa Vitoria do Ameixial. Then came the biggest challenge of the day, with the very tough climb to Évoramonte. The four kilometres to the top get steeper and steeper the closer you get to the summit and conquering the 500m hill and getting to the village is a very rewarding struggle.

The ride down Évoramonte to Évora was a fast one and on this stretch the positions of the strongest athletes changed. Milan Spolc managed to escape from the main group and reached the village isolated. However Greg Anderson rode the all day ahead of this group, came to Évoramonte 20 minutes before the chasing party and was able to manage this advantage to eventually win the stage. Ricardo Melo came second after making a huge effort to catch the winner and to keep in front of the group behind him. Milan Spolc was third. In a perfect display of sportsmanship the athletes who rode in a group all day passed the finish line together.

The next stage will be from Évora to Albernoa, passing some more “hot-spots” in deep Alentejo. Expect are fields of sunflowers as far as the eye can see and skies of solid blue contrasting with the white and orange of Alentejo’s villages. The stage highlights are the views of the Alvito dam from Viana do Alentejo and the passages thought the characteristic villages with colourful fields all around. Given it will only have 107km with 1269m of climbs, the day will be relatively easy when compared to all the previous ones. It is the perfect stage for the riders to recharge theirs strengths and prepare for the hard journey from Albernoa to Monchique that will take Trans Portugal on next Saturday to the Algarve. 


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Anderson (RSA)7:44:50
2Ricardo Melo (Por)0:14:06
3Milan Spolc (Cze)0:18:52
4Lionel Marchesin (Fra)0:27:54
5Marco Almeida (Por)0:27:55
6Thomas Vandendaele (Bel)
7António Brissos (Por)
8Luis Leão Pinto (Por)
9David Warren (GBr)
10Carlos Vieira (Por)
11Tiago Silva (Por)
12Telmo Nunes (Por)0:48:15
13Lindsey Haak (Bel)0:49:26
14Stijn Fonck (Bel)0:49:29
15Francisco Carneiro (Por)0:57:58
16Gonçalo Correia (Por)1:02:27
17Raes Dave (Bel)1:15:18
18Nicholas Stephenson (RSA)1:15:19
19Jason Luque (USA)1:17:24
20Alfredo Azevedo (Por)1:18:37
21Rui Cardoso (Por)1:20:17
22António Pereira (Por)
23Joshua James (Can)
24Sven Michiels (Bel)1:22:32
25Helder Carvalho (Por)1:25:57
26José Pedro Abreu (Por)1:28:23
27Wayne MacFarlane (RSA)1:55:17
28Jorge Damas (Por)
29John Ramsden (Can)
30Trevor Linden (Can)
31Graham Tutti (Can)
32Peter Verkest (Bel)2:13:23
33Shane Peters (RSA)2:16:00
34Paolo Beltramo (RSA)2:16:15
35Anthony Cole (RSA)
36Graham Denny (RSA)
37Thys Neser (RSA)
38Brett Sachs (RSA)
39Sérgio Martins (Por)2:51:27
40Artur Dias (Por)2:54:08
41Paulo Ferreira (Por)
42Carlos Sérgio Pinho (Por)2:55:58
43Hugo Noronha (Por)2:57:36
44Carlos Martins (Por)2:58:19
45James Arthur (RSA)2:59:48
46Rod Cairns (RSA)
47Wayne Brunyee (RSA)
48Jan Hnizdo (RSA)
49Paul-Hervé Theunissen (Bel)3:00:30
50Anne Van den Broeke (Bel)
51Greg Mckennis (USA)3:01:30
52André Malha (Por)
53Suzana Ramalho (Por)
54Suzie Ketene (Can)3:18:51
55Jaclynn Derosier (USA)3:42:53
56Koen Lasuy (Bel)3:43:26
57Francisco Cardoso (Por)3:49:33
58Achim Schwarzkopf (Spa)4:11:10
59Mark James (Can)
60Paul Player (Can)
61Toru Watanabe (Jpn)
62Petrus Knibbe (Ned)
63Gustavo Bachi (Bra)
64João Baptista (Por)
65Carlos Rui Ferreira (Por)
66Nuno Luz (Por)
67Calindy Ramsden (Can)
68Dean Derosier (USA)
69Jarrett Pech (RSA)

General Classification after Stage 6
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luis Leão Pinto (Por)33:24:40
2Tiago Silva (Por)2:00:37
3Marco Almeida (Por)2:26:45
4Ricardo Melo (Por)3:03:40
5Greg Anderson (RSA)3:16:41
6António Brissos (Por)4:11:52
7Carlos Vieira (Por)4:49:46
8Lionel Marchesin (Fra)5:07:02
9Lindsey Haak (Bel)5:45:26
10David Warren (GBr)5:59:40
11Stijn Fonck (Bel)6:11:20
12Telmo Nunes (Por)6:39:41
13Helder Carvalho (Por)6:41:57
14Raes Dave (Bel)7:14:49
15Gonçalo Correia (Por)7:41:34
16Francisco Carneiro (Por)8:55:22
17António Pereira (Por)9:33:21
18John Ramsden (Can)9:34:16
19Rui Cardoso (Por)9:48:12
20Jason Luque (USA)10:02:44
21Nicholas Stephenson (RSA)10:53:09
22Alfredo Azevedo (Por)11:03:12
23Anne Van den Broeke (Bel)11:28:07
24Graham Tutti (Can)11:40:44
25Paul-Hervé Theunissen (Bel)11:47:13
26Trevor Linden (Can)12:14:30
27Artur Dias (Por)12:30:35
28Shane Peters (RSA)12:59:18
29Jorge Damas (Por)13:20:44
30Paulo Ferreira (Por)13:43:59
31Sérgio Martins (Por)13:51:26
32Peter Verkest (Bel)13:59:47
33Carlos Sérgio Pinho (Por)14:05:53
34André Malha (Por)14:09:43
35Hugo Noronha (Por)14:42:05
36Wayne MacFarlane (RSA)14:48:17
37Anthony Cole (RSA)14:56:21
38Thys Neser (RSA)
39Brett Sachs (RSA)
40Sven Michiels (Bel)15:04:24
41Graham Denny (RSA)15:27:07
42Suzie Ketene (Can)16:14:29
43Greg Mckennis (USA)16:25:16
44Carlos Martins (Por)17:39:23
45Rod Cairns (RSA)17:43:05
46Wayne Brunyee (RSA)17:43:08
47Jan Hnizdo (RSA)17:43:09
48Jaclynn Derosier (USA)17:50:00
49James Arthur (RSA)18:40:22
50Paolo Beltramo (RSA)16:43:34
51José Pedro Abreu (Por)14:31:49
52Milan Spolc (Cze)4:34:27
53Suzana Ramalho (Por)18:30:47
54Mark James (Can)14:41:37
55Paul Player (Can)15:48:58
56Dean Derosier (USA)18:32:44
57Francisco Cardoso (Por)20:07:14
58Thomas Vandendaele (Bel)9:53:58
59Koen Lasuy (Bel)19:55:01
60Joshua James (Can)16:52:09
61Petrus Knibbe (Ned)22:03:57
62Calindy Ramsden (Can)19:24:20
63Toru Watanabe (Jpn)22:45:11
64Gustavo Bachi (Bra)16:00:04
65Nuno Luz (Por)19:35:01
66Achim Schwarzkopf (Spa)22:51:51
67Jarrett Pech (RSA)22:07:21
68Carlos Rui Ferreira (Por)23:23:21
69João Baptista (Por)23:47:19


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