Tuft tops time trial

Svein Tuft (SpiderTech p/b C10) was the odds-on favourite to win the Tour de Beauce stage four time trial and he did not disappoint. The six-time Canadian National Time Trial Champion rode the 20kms parcours in a time of 25:26, besting Michael Freiberg (V Australia) in second and Scott Zwizanski (UnitedHealthcare) in third.

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Svein Tuft (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:25:26
2Michael Freiberg (Aus) V Australia0:00:06
3Scott Zwizanski (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:00:10
4Phillip Gaimon (USA) Kenda presented by Gear Grinder0:00:19
5Francisco Mancebo Perez (Spa) Realcyclist.com Cycling Team0:00:29
6Bernardo Colex Tepoz (Mex) Amore & Vita0:00:31
7Brett Tivers (NZl)0:00:36
8Robert Sweeting (USA) Kenda presented by Gear Grinder0:00:50
9Francois Parisien (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:00:52
10Alex Howes (USA) Chipotle Development Team0:00:53
11Christian Meier (Can) UnitedHealthcare Pro CyclingRow 10 - Cell 2
12Glen Alan Chadwick (NZl) Pureblack Racing0:00:54
13Shawn Milne (USA) Kenda presented by Gear Grinder0:00:57
14Nic Hamlton (Can) Canada0:00:59
15Dominique Rollin (Can) CanadaRow 14 - Cell 2
16Rob Britton (Can) CanadaRow 15 - Cell 2
17James Sparling (Can)0:01:01
18Benjamin King (Aus) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:01:07
19Arnaud Papillon (Can)0:01:12
20Morgan Schmitt (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro CyclingRow 19 - Cell 2
21Jacob Rytlewski (USA) Kenda presented by Gear Grinder0:01:13
22Aldo Ino Ilesic (Slo) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:01:14
23Taylor Sheldon (USA) V AustraliaRow 22 - Cell 2
24Scott Lyttle (NZl) Pureblack Racing0:01:18
25Charles Wegelius (GBr) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:01:21
26Benjamin Day (Aus) Kenda presented by Gear Grinder0:01:27
27Rémi Pelletier-Roy (Can)Row 26 - Cell 2
28Timothy Gudsell (NZl) Pureblack Racing0:01:30
29Joris Boillat (Swi) Champion System0:01:34
30Aaron Kemps (Aus) V Australia0:01:36
31Richard Handley (GBr)Row 30 - Cell 2
32Alexey Shmidt (Rus) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:01:38
33Owen Harrison (Can)0:01:39
34Robbie Squire (USA) Chipotle Development TeamRow 33 - Cell 2
35Jean-Michel Lachance (Can)0:01:44
36Hayden Brooks (Aus) V Australia0:01:47
37Jamie Riggs (Can)Row 36 - Cell 2
38Michael James Northey (NZl) Pureblack Racing0:01:49
39Ian Burnett (USA) Realcyclist.com Cycling Team0:01:51
40Antoine Duchesne (Can)0:01:52
41David Boily (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:01:54
42Jonathan Patrick Mc Carty (USA) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:01:55
43Sam Witmitz (Aus)0:02:00
44Daniel Dominguez Barragan (Spa)0:02:01
45Daniel Summerhill (USA) Chipotle Development Team0:02:05
46Garrett Mcleod (Can)0:02:06
47Robert Bush (USA) Chipotle Development Team0:02:11
48Zachary Garland (Can)Row 47 - Cell 2
49Zachary Bell (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C10Row 48 - Cell 2
50James Williamson (NZl) Pureblack Racing0:02:12
51Shem Rodger (NZl) Pureblack Racing0:02:16
52Roman Kilun (USA) Kenda presented by Gear GrinderRow 51 - Cell 2
53Christopher Williams (Aus) Champion System0:02:20
54Daniel Fleeman (GBr)Row 53 - Cell 2
55William Dugan (USA) Team Type 1 - Sanofi AventisRow 54 - Cell 2
56Sebastian Salas (Can)0:02:21
57Darren Rolfe (Aus) V AustraliaRow 56 - Cell 2
58Christopher Jones (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:02:22
59Maxwell Stuart Durtschi (USA) Chipotle Development Team0:02:24
60Serhy Hrechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita0:02:27
61Davide Frattini (Ita) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:02:29
62Gaël Le Bellec (Fra)0:02:31
63Mathieu Roy (Can)Row 62 - Cell 2
64Andrew Randell (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:02:34
65Adam Thuss (Can) Canada0:02:39
66Philip Mooney (USA)0:02:42
67Daniel Barry (NZl) Pureblack Racing0:02:48
68Cody Campbell (Can) Canada0:02:53
69William Blackburn (Can)Row 68 - Cell 2
70Martijn Verschoor (Ned) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:02:54
71Benjamin Martel (Can)0:02:55
72Liam Holohan (GBr)0:02:58
73Nick Friesen (Can)0:02:59
74Bernard Sulzberger (Aus) V Australia0:03:04
75Frank Travieso (USA) Realcyclist.com Cycling Team0:03:10
76Andrea Grendene (Ita) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:03:11
77Bruno Langlois (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C10Row 76 - Cell 2
78Pierrick Naud (Can)Row 77 - Cell 2
79Andrew Pinfold (Can) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:03:12
80Fabio Calabria (Aus) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:03:15
81Dustin Macburnie (Can)0:03:17
82Matthias Friedemann (Ger) Champion System0:03:25
83Antoine Matteau (Can)Row 82 - Cell 2
84Thomas Rabou (Ned) Realcyclist.com Cycling Team0:03:26
85Shaun Mc Carthy (Aus)0:03:30
86Edgar Nohales Nieto (Spa)Row 85 - Cell 2
87Kin San Wu (HKg) Champion System0:03:35
88Tommy Nankervis (Aus) Realcyclist.com Cycling Team0:03:38
89James Stemper (USA) Kenda presented by Gear Grinder0:03:40
90Philipp Mamos (Ger) Amore & Vita0:03:42
91Vladislav Borisov (Rus) Amore & Vita0:03:43
92Yosvany Falcon (USA) Realcyclist.com Cycling Team0:04:02
93Cody Canning (Can) Canada0:04:12
94Cole House (USA) Realcyclist.com Cycling Team0:04:13
95Michael Tikue (Eri)0:04:14
96Patrik Moren (Swe) Amore & Vita0:04:15
97Holger Burkhardt (Ger) Champion System0:04:16
98Rigo Räim (Est)0:04:21
99Lachlan Holmes (Aus)0:04:38
100François Chabot (Can)0:04:59
101Yutaka Omura (Jpn)0:05:15
102Johnnie Walker (Aus) V Australia0:05:25
103Chris Mcgarity (Can)0:05:41
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General classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Francisco Mancebo Perez (Spa) Realcyclist.com Cycling Team12:28:28
2Bernardo Colex Tepoz (Mex) Amore & Vita0:00:24
3Benjamin King (Aus) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:01:11
4Alex Howes UnitedStates Chipotle Development Team0:01:12
5Phillip Gaimon UnitedStates Kenda presented by Gear Grinder0:01:13
6Svein Tuft (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:01:16
7Scott Lyttle (NZl) Pureblack Racing0:01:21
8Brett Tivers (NZl)Row 7 - Cell 2
9Francois Parisien (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:01:45
10Jonathan Patrick Mc Carty UnitedStates Team Spidertech Powered By C100:01:57
11Robbie Squire UnitedStates Chipotle Development Team0:02:35
12Daniel Fleeman (GBr)0:03:00
13Joris Boillat (Swi) Champion System0:03:37
14Timothy Gudsell (NZl) Pureblack Racing0:06:42
15Dominique Rollin (Can) Canada0:06:50
16Morgan Schmitt UnitedStates UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:07:06
17Robert Sweeting UnitedStates Kenda presented by Gear Grinder0:09:53
18Bernard Sulzberger (Aus) V Australia0:09:57
19Benjamin Day (Aus) Kenda presented by Gear Grinder0:11:51
20Aaron Kemps (Aus) V Australia0:15:18
21Thomas Rabou (Ned) Realcyclist.com Cycling Team0:17:07
22Andrew Randell (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:20:36
23Charles Wegelius (GBr) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:24:09
24Christian Meier (Can) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:24:27
25Jacob Rytlewski UnitedStates Kenda presented by Gear Grinder0:24:33
26Sebastian Salas (Can)0:24:44
27Arnaud Papillon (Can)0:25:48
28Gaël Le Bellec (Fra)0:25:58
29Nic Hamlton (Can) Canada0:26:19
30Rémi Pelletier-Roy (Can)0:27:40
31Liam Holohan (GBr)0:27:45
32Garrett Mcleod (Can)0:28:00
33Hayden Brooks (Aus) V Australia0:28:15
34William Dugan UnitedStates Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:28:21
35Nick Friesen (Can)0:28:39
36Glen Alan Chadwick (NZl) Pureblack Racing0:28:46
37Fabio Calabria (Aus) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:28:50
38Owen Harrison (Can)0:28:51
39Antoine Duchesne (Can)0:28:57
40Alexey Shmidt (Rus) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:29:26
41Vladislav Borisov (Rus) Amore & Vita0:29:36
42Antoine Matteau (Can)0:30:32
43Shawn Milne UnitedStates Kenda presented by Gear Grinder0:30:38
44Mathieu Roy (Can)0:31:01
45Benjamin Martel (Can)0:31:06
46Philipp Mamos (Ger) Amore & Vita0:31:09
47Dustin Macburnie (Can)0:31:11
48Rob Britton (Can) Canada0:31:23
49Davide Frattini (Ita) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:31:40
50Jean-Michel Lachance (Can)0:31:42
51Patrik Moren (Swe) Amore & Vita0:31:43
52Taylor Sheldon UnitedStates V Australia0:32:13
53Christopher Jones UnitedStates UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:32:14
54Jamie Riggs (Can)0:32:15
55Michael Freiberg (Aus) V Australia0:32:24
56Zachary Bell (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:32:35
57James Sparling (Can)0:33:19
58Darren Rolfe (Aus) V Australia0:33:20
59Cody Campbell (Can) Canada0:33:22
60Edgar Nohales Nieto (Spa)0:33:29
61Andrea Grendene (Ita) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:33:51
62Kin San Wu HongKong,China Champion System0:33:55
63David Boily (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:33:56
64Zachary Garland (Can)0:33:57
65Shaun Mc Carthy (Aus)0:33:59
66Richard Handley (GBr)0:34:03
67Maxwell Stuart Durtschi UnitedStates Chipotle Development Team0:34:24
68Robert Bush UnitedStates Chipotle Development TeamRow 67 - Cell 2
69Martijn Verschoor (Ned) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:34:58
70Adam Thuss (Can) Canada0:35:10
71James Williamson (NZl) Pureblack Racing0:35:57
72Scott Zwizanski UnitedStates UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:36:01
73Daniel Summerhill UnitedStates Chipotle Development Team0:37:00
74Roman Kilun UnitedStates Kenda presented by Gear Grinder0:37:04
75Andrew Pinfold (Can) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:37:43
76Shem Rodger (NZl) Pureblack Racing0:37:47
77Daniel Barry (NZl) Pureblack Racing0:38:18
78Serhy Hrechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita0:38:35
79William Blackburn (Can)0:39:28
80Matthias Friedemann (Ger) Champion System0:39:44
81Bruno Langlois (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:39:45
82Holger Burkhardt (Ger) Champion System0:39:47
83Cody Canning (Can) Canada0:39:56
84Michael Tikue (Eri)0:40:27
85Ian Burnett UnitedStates Realcyclist.com Cycling Team0:40:34
86Johnnie Walker (Aus) V Australia0:41:51
87Tommy Nankervis (Aus) Realcyclist.com Cycling Team0:42:07
88Lachlan Holmes (Aus)0:43:21
89James Stemper UnitedStates Kenda presented by Gear Grinder0:45:30
90Michael James Northey (NZl) Pureblack Racing0:46:05
91Pierrick Naud (Can)0:46:24
92Chris Mcgarity (Can)0:47:07
93Aldo Ino Ilesic (Slo) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:47:35
94Yosvany Falcon UnitedStates Realcyclist.com Cycling Team0:48:05
95Cole House UnitedStates Realcyclist.com Cycling Team0:48:43
96Daniel Dominguez Barragan (Spa)0:50:39
97Frank Travieso UnitedStates Realcyclist.com Cycling Team0:51:35
98Philip Mooney UnitedStates0:53:08
99Rigo Räim (Est)0:55:05
100Yutaka Omura (Jpn)0:55:53
101Sam Witmitz (Aus)0:58:05
102François Chabot (Can)0:58:56
103Christopher Williams (Aus) Champion System1:00:38

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