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Schafer wins in Delphi

Stefan Schafer (LKT-Team Brandenburg) won the queen stage of the International Tour of Greece, with its 10km climb to the finish in Delphi, but remained second in GC just one second behind Ioannis Tamouridis (SP Tableware).

Pous Jaume Rovira (KTM Murcia Kastro) and Jakub Kratochvila (Arbo Gebruder Weiss) finished one second behind Schafer in second and third respectively in the 141.8km stage between Mesologgi and Delphi.

Tamouridis, the national champion of Greece and race leader in the light blue jersey, had a fall just 150 metres before the finish line with Stefan Schafer's teammate, Niklas Arndt.

"It was a very bad finish. At the end they tried to stop me and hit my handlebar on purpose causing a crash. He seemed like a kamikaze," said Tamouridis about his fall.

"They (LKT Team Brandenburg) did not show any kind of respect after all the work my teammates did. SP Tableware was in front of the peloton for almost 120 kilometres to catch the nine guys who attacked. We caught them and after all they did not apply fair play. That's why I had this fall."

Niklas Arndt related his version of the crash. "I was trying to help my teammate, but someone from KTM came next to me and behind him was the guy with the light blue jersey. Our handlebars touched and we both fell. From my point of view it was just an accident as many times happens in cycling. He (Tamouridis) was trying to pass me from the left and we could not avoid the fall."

Tamouridis was given the same time as the front group as he fell within the final three kilometres, but Stefan Schafer gained the bonus seconds and the time difference from Tamouridis was reduced to only one second.

The peloton faces the penultimate stage on Saturday, 172.4 kilometres from Delphi to Marathon.

Full Results
1Stefan Schafer (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg3:39:34
2Pous Jaume Rovira (Spa) KTM Murcia Kastro0:00:01
3Jakub Kratochvila (Cze) Arbo Gebruder Weiss
4Alberto Di Lorenzo (Ita) Meridiana - Kamen
5Rodrig Wilches (Col) Meridiana - Kamen
6Evgeni Gerganov (Bul) Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo0:00:02
7Andreas Keuser (Ger)
8Andi Bajc (Slo) Manisaspor
9Jeremy Yates (NZl) Manisaspor
10Marek Canecky (Svk) Manisaspor
11Markus Fothen (Ger) Team NSP0:00:03
12Emanuele Bindi (Ita) Meridiana - Kamen
13Esad Hasanovic (Srb) Partizan Powermove
14Stafano Zanichelli (Ita) Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo0:00:11
15Florian Bissinger (Ger) Arbo Gebruder Weiss0:00:15
16Martin Riska (Svk) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein0:00:19
17Sergiu Cioban (Mda) Tusnad Cycling Team
18Guillaume Bourgeois (Swi) Champion System-Hong Kong
19Alexander Braico (Mda) Tusnad Cycling Team
20Joris Boillat (Swi) Champion System-Hong Kong
21Konstantinos Konstantinidis (Gre) National Team of Greece
22Christoph Springer (Ger) SP Tableware
23Kenny Van Der Schueren (Bel)
24Zsolt Der (Srb) National Team of Serbia0:00:29
25Van Der Berg (Ned) OWC Global Team
26Ruud Kooijmans (Ned) Babydump-Lemmers-Wilvo
27Jacob Arnold (USA) Equipe CMI/BST
28Jovan Zekavica (Srb) Partizan Powermove
29Stefan Stadler (Aut) Arbo Gebruder Weiss
30Stanislav Zaraliev (Bul) Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo
31Georgi Georgiev (Bul) Tusnad Cycling Team
32Daniel Petrov (Bul) Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo
33Mustafa Sayar (Tur) Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo
34Polychronis Tzortzakis (Gre) National Team of Greece
35Christoph Sokoll (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein
36Iannis Tamouridis (Gre) SP Tableware0:00:01
37Periklis Ilias (Gre) SP Tableware0:00:52
38Ahmet Akdelek (Tur) Manisaspor0:01:19
39Anastasios Kourmpetis (Gre) National Team of Greece
40Marian Frunzeanu (Rom) Dinamo Buchurest
41Jacob Fiedler (Fra) Team NSP
42Predrag Prokic (Srb) National Team of Serbia0:01:35
43Michael Weicht (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg
44Daniel Reiter (Aut) Arbo Gebruder Weiss0:01:53
45Gabor Kasa (Srb) Manisaspor
46Georgios Pattes-Toumanis (Gre) National Team of Greece0:02:09
47Georgios Bouglas (Gre) KTM Murcia Kastro
48Clemens Fankhauser (Aut) Champion System-Hong Kong
49Csicsaky Tamas (Rom) Dinamo Buchurest
50Aleksandar Milivojevic (Srb) National Team of Serbia
51Marko Stankovic (Srb) National Team of Serbia
52Dragan Spasic (Srb) Partizan Powermove
53Benjamin Hoeber (Ger) Profiline0:02:32
54Mariano Giallorenzo (Ita) Meridiana - Kamen
55Felix Dehmel (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg0:02:54
56Dimitrios Polydoropoulos (Gre) National Team of Greece0:03:01
57Julien Schick (Fra) Equipe CMI/BST
58Petros Gkazonis (Gre) Worldofbike.gr0:04:06
59Harald Gruber (Aut) Profiline0:04:19
60Neof Sakellaridis-Magkouras (Gre) SP Tableware
61Apostolos Bouglas (Gre) KTM Murcia Kastro
62Pavlos Chalkiopoulos (Gre) National Team of Greece
63Nebojsa Jovanovic (Srb) Partizan Powermove
64Zbigneiw Gucwa (Pol) Equipe CMI/BST
65Nieck Busser (Ned) Babydump-Lemmers-Wilvo
66Ferry Bruckner (Aut) Profiline
67Ivan Stevic (Srb) Partizan Powermove0:04:38
68Sebastiaan Kamphuis (Ned) OWC Global Team0:04:44
69Alexandru Niculae Ciocan (Rom) Dinamo Buchurest0:05:06
70Lars Pria (Rom) Arbo Gebruder Weiss0:05:22
71Sebastiaan Beens (Ned) Babydump-Lemmers-Wilvo0:05:45
72Dejan Maric (Srb) National Team of Serbia0:05:49
73Werner Riebenbauer (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein0:06:25
74Wouter Groot (Ned) OWC Global Team0:07:01
75Carol Eduard Novak (Rom) Tusnad Cycling Team0:07:07
76Goran Smelcerovic (Srb) National Team of Serbia0:07:27
77Stavros Papadimitrakis (Gre) KTM Murcia Kastro0:07:31
78Alexandros Papaderos (Gre) KTM Murcia Kastro
79Dean Podgornik (Slo) Manisaspor0:07:39
80Pavlin Balinski (Bul) Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo0:08:31
81Tino Thomel (Ger) Team NSP0:09:59
82Lucas Schadlich (Ger) Team NSP
83Sven Forberger (Ger) Team NSP
84Rene Obst (Ger) Team NSP
85Gernot Auer (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein
86Jan Sokol (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein
87Harmen Mijnen (Ned) Babydump-Lemmers-Wilvo
88Charalampos Kastrantas (Gre) Partizan Powermove
89Georgios Karatzios (Gre) SP Tableware
90Konstatntinos Efstathiou (Gre) KTM Murcia Kastro
91Mart Ojevee (Est) Champion System-Hong Kong
92Mark O'Brien (Aus) SP Tableware
93Darko Blazevic (Cro) Meridiana - Kamen
94Bruno Radotic (Cro) Meridiana - Kamen
95Simeon Green (GBr) Equipe CMI/BST
96Guillaume Soula (Fra) Equipe CMI/BST
97Thijs Poelstra (Ned) OWC Global Team
98Andreas Graf (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein
99Tobias Barkschat (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg0:11:28
100Tino Meier (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg
101Marcel Ternovsek (Slo) Tusnad Cycling Team
102Nandor Lazar (Rom) Tusnad Cycling Team0:11:42
103Mihai Varabiev (Rom) Dinamo Buchurest0:12:05
104Job Smit (Ned) Babydump-Lemmers-Wilvo0:12:45
105Mihail Rusu (Rom) Dinamo Buchurest0:14:00
106Chistos Katrakis (Gre)
107Benjamin Trouche (Fra) Equipe CMI/BST0:15:04
108Marien Wallink (Ned) OWC Global Team0:18:04
109Peter Agtmaal (Ned) OWC Global Team
110Nikias Arndt (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg0:01:19
DNSGlenn Van De Maele (Bel)
DNSNikolaos Nomikos (Gre)

Sprint 1 - Tolofontas
1Mart Ojevee (Est) Champion System-Hong Kong3pts
2Gabor Kasa (Srb) Manisaspor2
3Marcel Ternovsek (Slo) Tusnad Cycling Team1

Sprint 2 - Itea
1Mart Ojevee (Est) Champion System-Hong Kong3pts
2Jan Sokol (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein2
3Dean Podgornik (Slo) Manisaspor1

Mountain 1 - 22km
1Gabor Kasa (Srb) Manisaspor3pts
2Marcel Ternovsek (Slo) Tusnad Cycling Team2
3Jan Sokol (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein1

Mountain 2 - 42km
1Gabor Kasa (Srb) Manisaspor3pts
2Marcel Ternovsek (Slo) Tusnad Cycling Team2
3Gernot Auer (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein1

Mountain 3 - 101km
1Gabor Kasa (Srb) Manisaspor3pts
2Jan Sokol (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein2
3Nebojsa Jovanovic (Srb) Partizan Powermove1

Special sprint
1Marek Canecky (Svk) Manisaspor

1Meridiana - Kamen10:58:47
3Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo0:00:37
4Arbo Gebruder Weiss0:00:40
5Tusnad Cycling Team0:01:02
6SP Tableware0:01:06
7National Team of Greece0:02:02
8Partizan Powermove Sebia0:02:36
9Champion System-Hong Kong0:02:42
11National Team of Serbia0:04:08
13KTM Murcia Kastro0:06:24
14RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein0:07:08
15Equipe CMI/BST0:07:44
16Dinamo Buchurest0:08:29
19Team NSP0:11:16
20OWC Global Team0:12:09

General classification after stage 3
1Iannis Tamouridis (Gre) SP Tableware10:12:20
2Stefan Schafer (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg0:00:01
3Markus Fothen (Ger) Team NSP0:00:47
4Jakub Kratochvila (Cze) Arbo Gebruder Weiss0:01:25
5Evgeni Gerganov (Bul) Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo0:01:37
6Polychronis Tzortzakis (Gre) National Team of Greece0:01:45
7Zsolt Der (Srb) National Team of Serbia0:01:48
8Esad Hasanovic (Srb) Partizan Powermove0:01:59
9Pous Jaume Rovira (Spa) KTM Murcia Kastro0:02:07
10Nikias Arndt (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg0:02:10
11Mustafa Sayar (Tur) Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo0:02:28
12Florian Bissinger (Ger) Arbo Gebruder Weiss0:02:30
13Martin Riska (Svk) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein
14Alberto Di Lorenzo (Ita) Meridiana - Kamen0:02:44
15Jeremy Yates (NZl) Manisaspor0:02:45
16Ruud Kooijmans (Ned) Babydump-Lemmers-Wilvo0:02:53
17Jacob Fiedler (Fra) Team NSP0:02:54
18Sergiu Cioban (Mda) Tusnad Cycling Team0:02:55
19Periklis Ilias (Gre) SP Tableware0:02:58
20Christoph Sokoll (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein0:03:05
21Andreas Keuser (Ger) Worldofbike.gr0:03:07
22Michael Weicht (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg0:03:12
23Christoph Springer (Ger) SP Tableware0:03:13
24Marek Canecky (Svk) Manisaspor0:03:22
25Joris Boillat (Swi) Champion System-Hong Kong0:03:33
26Daniel Petrov (Bul) Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo0:03:35
27Guillaume Bourgeois (Swi) Champion System-Hong Kong0:03:47
28Stanislav Zaraliev (Bul) Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo
29Emanuele Bindi (Ita) Meridiana - Kamen0:03:54
30Andi Bajc (Slo) Manisaspor0:03:58
31Konstantinos Konstantinidis (Gre) National Team of Greece0:03:59
32Stefan Stadler (Aut) Arbo Gebruder Weiss0:04:14
33Georgi Georgiev (Bul) Tusnad Cycling Team0:04:16
34Anastasios Kourmpetis (Gre) National Team of Greece0:04:28
35Van Der Berg (Ned) OWC Global Team0:04:33
36Mariano Giallorenzo (Ita) Meridiana - Kamen0:04:42
37Ahmet Akdelek (Tur) Manisaspor0:04:51
38Kenny Van Der Schueren (Bel) Worldofbike.gr0:04:56
39Clemens Fankhauser (Aut) Champion System-Hong Kong0:04:59
40Rodrig Wilches (Col) Meridiana - Kamen0:05:00
41Alexander Braico (Mda) Tusnad Cycling Team0:05:18
42Gabor Kasa (Srb) Manisaspor0:05:21
43Jovan Zekavica (Srb) Partizan Powermove0:05:28
44Dimitrios Polydoropoulos (Gre) National Team of Greece0:05:38
45Benjamin Hoeber (Ger) Profiline0:05:59
46Marko Stankovic (Srb) National Team of Serbia0:06:06
47Marian Frunzeanu (Rom) Dinamo Buchurest0:06:16
48Dragan Spasic (Srb) Partizan Powermove0:06:21
49Aleksandar Milivojevic (Srb) National Team of Serbia0:06:24
50Georgios Pattes-Toumanis (Gre) National Team of Greece0:06:34
51Jacob Arnold (USA) Equipe CMI/BST0:06:47
52Neof Sakellaridis-Magkouras (Gre) SP Tableware0:06:50
53Stafano Zanichelli (Ita) Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo0:06:51
54Ivan Stevic (Srb) Partizan Powermove0:07:18
55Felix Dehmel (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg0:07:20
56Predrag Prokic (Srb) National Team of Serbia0:07:31
57Pavlos Chalkiopoulos (Gre) National Team of Greece0:07:38
58Daniel Reiter (Aut) Arbo Gebruder Weiss0:08:00
59Petros Gkazonis (Gre) Worldofbike.gr0:08:10
60Nebojsa Jovanovic (Srb) Partizan Powermove0:08:26
61Nieck Busser (Ned) Babydump-Lemmers-Wilvo0:08:33
62Apostolos Bouglas (Gre) KTM Murcia Kastro0:08:48
63Julien Schick (Fra) Equipe CMI/BST0:08:50
64Sebastiaan Kamphuis (Ned) OWC Global Team0:08:55
65Zbigneiw Gucwa (Pol) Equipe CMI/BST0:08:56
66Csicsaky Tamas (Rom) Dinamo Buchurest0:09:12
67Alexandru Niculae Ciocan (Rom) Dinamo Buchurest0:09:35
68Werner Riebenbauer (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein0:09:57
69Harald Gruber (Aut) Profiline0:10:08
70Lars Pria (Rom) Arbo Gebruder Weiss0:10:19
71Ferry Bruckner (Aut) Profiline0:10:35
72Andreas Graf (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein0:10:55
73Dean Podgornik (Slo) Manisaspor0:11:12
74Sebastiaan Beens (Ned) Babydump-Lemmers-Wilvo0:11:31
75Goran Smelcerovic (Srb) National Team of Serbia0:12:30
76Mart Ojevee (Est) Champion System-Hong Kong0:12:32
77Jan Sokol (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein0:12:39
78Tino Thomel (Ger) Team NSP0:13:38
79Rene Obst (Ger) Team NSP0:13:40
80Dejan Maric (Srb) National Team of Serbia0:13:41
81Mark O'Brien (Aus) SP Tableware0:14:05
82Georgios Karatzios (Gre) SP Tableware0:14:33
83Bruno Radotic (Cro) Meridiana - Kamen0:14:50
84Darko Blazevic (Cro) Meridiana - Kamen0:15:02
85Tobias Barkschat (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg0:15:17
86Alexandros Papaderos (Gre) KTM Murcia Kastro0:15:36
87Gernot Auer (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein0:15:46
88Tino Meier (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg0:16:12
89Guillaume Soula (Fra) Equipe CMI/BST
90Marcel Ternovsek (Slo) Tusnad Cycling Team0:16:14
91Lucas Schadlich (Ger) Team NSP0:16:22
92Simeon Green (GBr) Equipe CMI/BST0:16:57
93Job Smit (Ned) Babydump-Lemmers-Wilvo0:17:54
94Harmen Mijnen (Ned) Babydump-Lemmers-Wilvo0:19:36
95Georgios Bouglas (Gre) KTM Murcia Kastro0:22:01
96Carol Eduard Novak (Rom) Tusnad Cycling Team0:25:07
97Benjamin Trouche (Fra) Equipe CMI/BST0:25:20
98Peter Agtmaal (Ned) OWC Global Team0:25:51
99Sven Forberger (Ger) Team NSP0:27:25
100Stavros Papadimitrakis (Gre) KTM Murcia Kastro0:31:51
101Wouter Groot (Ned) OWC Global Team0:33:47
102Nandor Lazar (Rom) Tusnad Cycling Team0:35:39
103Thijs Poelstra (Ned) OWC Global Team0:35:47
104Pavlin Balinski (Bul) Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo0:36:35
105Mihai Varabiev (Rom) Dinamo Buchurest0:36:44
106Charalampos Kastrantas (Gre) Partizan Powermove0:36:57
107Konstatntinos Efstathiou (Gre) KTM Murcia Kastro0:38:13
108Marien Wallink (Ned) OWC Global Team0:41:01
109Mihail Rusu (Rom) Dinamo Buchurest0:51:43
110Chistos Katrakis (Gre) Worldofbike.gr0:52:11

Points classification
1Dean Podgornik (Slo) Manisaspor9pts
2Ivan Stevic (Srb) Partizan Powermove6
3Mart Ojevee (Est) Champion System-Hong Kong6
4Gabor Kasa (Srb) Manisaspor5
5Alberto Di Lorenzo (Ita) Meridiana - Kamen4
6Esad Hasanovic (Srb) Partizan Powermove3
7Jan Sokol (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein2
8Marcel Ternovsek (Slo) Tusnad Cycling Team1

Mountains classification
1Gabor Kasa (Srb) Manisaspor9pts
2Periklis Ilias (Gre) SP Tableware7
3Alberto Di Lorenzo (Ita) Meridiana - Kamen7
4Iannis Tamouridis (Gre) SP Tableware5
5Marcel Ternovsek (Slo) Tusnad Cycling Team4
6Marek Canecky (Svk) Manisaspor3
7Ivan Stevic (Srb) Partizan Powermove3
8Jan Sokol (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein3
9Andreas Keuser (Ger) Worldofbike.gr2
10Dean Podgornik (Slo) Manisaspor2
11Rodrig Wilches (Col) Meridiana - Kamen1
12Nebojsa Jovanovic (Srb) Partizan Powermove1
13Gernot Auer (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein1

Young rider classification
1Polychronis Tzortzakis (Gre) National Team of Greece10:14:05
2Nikias Arndt (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg0:00:25
3Mustafa Sayar (Tur) Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo0:00:43
4Gabor Kasa (Srb) Manisaspor0:03:36
5Jovan Zekavica (Srb) Partizan Powermove0:03:43
6Dimitrios Polydoropoulos (Gre) National Team of Greece0:03:53
7Jacob Arnold (USA) Equipe CMI/BST0:05:02
8Neof Sakellaridis-Magkouras (Gre) SP Tableware0:05:05
9Felix Dehmel (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg0:05:35
10Daniel Reiter (Aut) Arbo Gebruder Weiss0:06:15
11Petros Gkazonis (Gre) Worldofbike.gr0:06:25
12Apostolos Bouglas (Gre) KTM Murcia Kastro0:07:03
13Sebastiaan Beens (Ned) Babydump-Lemmers-Wilvo0:09:46
14Jan Sokol (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein0:10:54
15Dejan Maric (Srb) National Team of Serbia0:11:56
16Georgios Karatzios (Gre) SP Tableware0:12:48
17Tobias Barkschat (Ger) LKT-Team-Brandenburg0:13:32
18Alexandros Papaderos (Gre) KTM Murcia Kastro0:13:51
19Gernot Auer (Aut) RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein0:14:01
20Job Smit (Ned) Babydump-Lemmers-Wilvo0:16:09
21Georgios Bouglas (Gre) KTM Murcia Kastro0:20:16
22Nandor Lazar (Rom) Tusnad Cycling Team0:33:54
23Pavlin Balinski (Bul) Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo0:34:50
24Mihai Varabiev (Rom) Dinamo Buchurest0:34:59
25Charalampos Kastrantas (Gre) Partizan Powermove0:35:12
26Konstatntinos Efstathiou (Gre) KTM Murcia Kastro0:36:28

Teams classification
2SP Tableware0:00:05
3Konya Torku Seker-Vivelo0:01:39
4Arbo Gebruder Weiss0:02:30
6Meridiana - Kamen0:02:51
7National Team of Greece0:02:59
8Partizan Powermove Sebia0:05:10
9Tusnad Cycling Team0:05:21
10Champion System-Hong Kong0:05:41
11RC Arbo Wels Gourmetfein0:06:38
12National Team of Serbia0:08:07
14KTM Murcia Kastro0:09:34
15Team NSP0:10:09
17Equipe CMI/BST0:17:08
18Dinamo Buchurest0:18:48
19OWC Global Team0:20:20

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