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UCI and Zwift reveal schedule for Olympic Virtual Series cycling events

Zwift Olympic Virtual Series
(Image credit: Zwift)

A month after the UCI announced its partnership with Zwift to host the inaugural Olympic Virtual Series cycling events, the event schedule has now been unveiled. With a focus on mass participation rides and social experiences, the UCI and Zwift invite cyclists from all over the world to join in the festivities.

The Olympic Virtual Series — a new virtual event launched by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) — will run from 1-27 June, and aims to offer something for everyone. 

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Zwift Olympic Virtual Series

(Image credit: Zwift)

Social rides with Olympians

Among the many ways to participate will be a series of social group rides, where thousands of cyclists are expected to join, as well as group workouts and a series of podcast rides with past Olympic athletes. These podcast rides will comprise workouts inspired by the athletes’ racing specialities. These include Nino Schurter, Sir Chris Hoy, Anna van der Breggen, Nelson Vails, and more.

Group workouts for all

The Olympians have also designed the Group Workouts, which offer cyclists the chance to train together in a group setting, regardless of their ability, and aim to help them reach the next level in their training.

Chase Races

For those who prefer a little friendly competition, there will be Chase Races for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. The aim of the Chase Race is to cross the finish line first, but with the strongest riders — among whom will be Olympians — starting last, the real goal is to not get caught.

On 18 June, a unique Chase Race will be broadcast, and will see Olympians pitted against celebrities, plus a few lucky community members.

Zwift Olympic Virtual Series

(Image credit: Zwift)

Ride the Yumezi map

On 23 June, the full Yumezi map in the Makuri Islands world will be available to ride. So far the world is available as a guest world, but we’re yet to see what else it has to offer. To mark the official launch of Yumezi, there will be 24 mass participation group rides every hour, and each group will be hosted by Olympians and other special guests.

Unlockables in Zwift
Anyone who completes an OVS event will unlock the exclusive Olympic Virtual Series-inspired kit, as well as the Bridgestone Anchor RS9s — the official bike of the Olympics.

Making Zwift accessible

In order to ensure no one misses out on what’s looking likely to be a huge virtual event, the IOC and UCI will offer new Zwifters free access to the platform throughout the Olympic Virtual Series event. You can now register for an access code through the UCI’s website.

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