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  • Highs: Photochromatic lenses, customisation, ventilation
  • Lows: Alternate bumpers cost extra
  • Buy if: You want a pair of flexible shades that guarantees good coverage and no fogging 

The Fotonyk has a thermoplastic Grilamid frame, that's hypoallergenic and shock resistant, with good flexibility and durability. My 25g Crystal Graphite pair has a clear frame with a grey tint.

There's no additional grippy rubber to help retention, just the inherent flex of the frame, but they slide on and off easily without snagging on helmets, and have remained completely secure on every ride.

Rudy's simple but effective adjustable nosepiece makes the fine positioning of your glasses a cinch, offering great comfort with minimal bulk, and it's replaceable too.

The central frame follows a classic upward sweep that gives good forward vision when your head is angled down, and maintains a useful gap between the brow and glasses to limit sweat or mist problems.

Supplied with ImpactX Photochromic 2 lenses, these glasses are all-rounders, remaining crystal clear in low light or at night, but swiftly darkening or lightening in relation to the ambient brightness.

Should you want to try another of Rudy's comprehensive lens collection, its Quick Change function allows rapid removal, with only an upward flex of the outer frame plus firm grip of the lens needed.

The Vent Controller system includes two vents at the upper outer edge of the lens, which are captive within the frame until the lens is partially released. This lowers the lens, so increasing coverage and protection below the eyes, and makes the corner gap between lens and frame larger. Along with the three slot vents in the outer and lower edges of the lens, ventilation is superb.

Removing the lens also unlocks the individual rubber bumpers, which slot onto the bottom of each lens and are anchored in front of the nosepiece. Designed to protect you in the event of an accident, and the lenses at other times, they're interchangeable with optional spare colours, or can be removed completely. They maintain the lower lens vents, but cover the outer ones, which doesn't lessen their overall effectiveness.

I appreciated the look and feel of the bumpers, but found them distracting when looking down, although that wasn't the case for every tester. Lens clarity and sharpness is as good as any, and the photochromic convenience means there's no worrying about having the wrong lenses fitted.

For dozens of rides in all conditions, I never experienced any fogging, and with the lenses in their lower position, coverage was excellent. 

Full Specifications

BikeRadar score - 4.5/5

BikeRadar verdict
"Stylish, effective and practical glasses to wear all day, all year round" 


  • Name: Fotonyk
  • Built by: Rudy Project
  • Price: £120.00
  • Sunglasses Type:Replaceable Lens
  • Photochromic Lenses:Yes
  • Different Colours Available:Yes

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