Paez wins marathon in Moena, his third victory in a row since worlds

Giacomuzzi fastest in women's marathon

Leonardo Paez won the Val di Fassa marathon in Moena. For the Colombian member of the TX Active-Bianchi team, it was his third consecutive win since the World Marathon Championships in Graz, Austria, in mid-August. Paez's time was 3:03:19. Russian Alexey Medvedev finished second at 4:28 and Italian Tony Longo was third at 5:05.

"I am very pleased with the results I'm getting," said Paez, "and this confirms (that my race in) Graz was just a bad day. Today, I wanted to go hard from the start and leave my opponents rather than keep ace with them as it requires a greater effort."

"When I was in the lead with only Longo with me, I recovered a bit of energy, then went for it on the final climb and finished solo."

Paez will race next in two weeks at the Gimondi Bike.

In the women's race, which was an all-Italian affair, Elena Giacomuzzi won in 3:59:16, followed by Elena Gaddoni in second over two minutes back, and Sandra Klomp nearly 15 and a half minutes behind.


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Col)3:03:19 
2Alexey Medvedev (Rus)0:04:28 
3Tony Longo (Ita)0:05:05 
4Massimo De Bertolis (Ita)0:09:21 
5Julio Humberto Caro Silva (Col)0:10:31 
6Mirko Celestino (Ita)0:11:31 
7Mike Felderer (Ita)0:12:53 
8Walter Costa (Ita)0:13:22 
9Martino Fruet (Ita)0:14:07 
10Riccardo Chiarini (Ita)0:14:39 
11Johann Pallhuber (Ita)0:17:10 
12Oscar Lazzaroni (Ita)0:17:32 
13Jakob Nimpf (Aut)0:20:17 
14Marzio Deho (Ita)0:22:52 
15Ivan Degasperi (Ita)0:23:26 
16Ramon Bianchi (Ita)0:23:56 
17Luca Ronchi (Ita)0:24:21 
18Lukas Platzgummer (Ita)0:25:27 
19Georg Piazza (Ita)0:27:06 
20Michael Schuchardt (Ger)0:28:35 
21Agostino Andreis (Ita)0:31:17 
22Heinz Verbnjak (Aut)0:32:42 
23Mirko Pirazzoli (Ita)0:33:19 
24Roland Golderer (Ger)0:34:44 
25Federico Fuser (Ita)0:37:19 
26Gunter Egger (Ita)0:38:08 
27Paolo Mencacci (Ita)0:38:41 
28German Dorhmann (Arg)0:39:09 
29Daniele Concordia (Ita)0:39:17 
30Alessio Bisio (Ita)0:40:17 
31Fabian Rabensteiner (Ita)0:45:53 
32Alexander Pscheidl (Ger)0:47:33 
33Claudio Cucinotta (Ita)0:55:15 
34Diego Beltramo (Ita)1:04:37 
35Carlo Bruzzone (Ita)1:06:00 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elena Giacomuzzi (Ita)3:59:16 
2Elena Gaddoni (Ita)0:02:18 
3Sandra Klomp (Ita)0:15:23 
4Kerstin Brachtendorf (Ger)0:30:46 


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