Nash trashes the rest with win number five

Dombroski continues consistent run with second

Katerina Nash (Luna Chix) put on another show today in Portland, riding away from the best cyclo-crossers in North America. A feisty Amy Dombroski (Clement-Primus-Mootry) did her best to chase Nash down, but came up a bit short. Canadian champion Alison Sydor (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain) out-sprinted US National Road Champion Meredith Miller (California Giant Berry) to take the last spot on the podium. Miller was fourth.

The weather was spectacular for the racing at Portland International Speedway. Racers are normally treated to a muddy track at this venue, but on this occasion, the course was mostly fast and dry. As a special treat, the course designer utilized a section of an adjacent motocross course. The racers rode a long series of whoops before heading into the woods for a more conventional track.

Alison Sydor lad the women's field into the motocross park with Nash and a long train of riders close behind. A steep run-up provided some separation, but Nash clung to Sydor's wheel. Within a lap, she was able to get around Sydor. Once she did, her lead was never in jeopardy again.

Dombroski, who was sixth coming through the motocross course, slowly picked off riders for the next couple of laps. Once she passed Sydor, she set her sights on closing down the gap to Nash.

Dunlap, Sydor and Miller found themselves in a chase group as Dombroski motored away. All three were riding well until Dunlap punctured, ending her chances at a podium.

There was some confusion on the part of some racers, including Dombroski, as to how many laps remained at the end of the race. "I was happy with my race, but I wish it had gone longer. It went by really fast," said Dombroski. "When there was actually one lap to go I thought there were two to go," she added.

"Amy was super strong," said Nash. "I had a few bobbles, so that made the race more exciting. It's kind of fun to go over all those bumps and figure out the best technique, whether to pedal or try to jump them. I was trying different things every lap."

In one of the most exciting moments of the race, Alison Sydor came onto the finishing stretch of pavement with Meredith Miller. The 40-something Sydor got out of the saddle led the whole way to the line. Miller was obviously impressed and congratulated Sydor at the finish.

With the absence of Luna teammate Georgia Gould, Nash essentially has the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross (USGP) series wrapped up. When asked if it would change how she will race tomorrow, she said, "I like winning races. It doesn't get old so I'll probably jut go out and try hard again."

On Sunday, the elite women will race in the USGP final. For the American racers, it is there last tune-up before the national championships next weekend in Bend, Oregon.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katerina Nash (Cze)0:38:13 
2Amy Dombroski (USA)0:00:09 
3Alison Sydor (Can)0:00:54 
4Meredith Miller (USA)  
5Alison Dunlap (USA)0:01:25 
6Kelli Emmett (USA)0:01:41 
7Susan Butler (USA)0:02:01 
8Linda Sone (USA)0:02:25 
9Barbara Howe (USA)0:02:26 
10Maureen Bruno Roy (USA)0:02:47 
11Kaitlin Antonneau (USA)0:02:53 
12Deidre Winfield (USA)0:03:12 
13Kristin Wentworth (USA)0:03:30 
14Alice Pennington (USA)0:03:38 
15Lisa Curry (USA)  
16Kristi Berg (USA)0:03:55 
17Kari Studley (USA)0:04:01 
18Coryn Rivera (USA)  
19Wendy Williams (USA)0:04:26 
20Elizabeth Frye (USA)0:04:51 
21Anissa Cobb (USA)0:05:05 
22Ann Knapp (USA)  
23Megan Faris (USA)0:05:10 
24Abby Jenkins (USA)  
25Joele Guynup (USA)0:05:31 
26Serena Bishop (USA)0:05:32 
27Katrina Baumsteiger (USA)  
28Jenni Gaertner (USA)0:05:39 
29Tina Brubaker (USA)  
30Shannon Gibson (USA)0:05:49 
31Amy Frykman (USA)0:06:02 
32Devon Haskell (USA)0:06:05 
33Jadine Riley (GBr)0:06:16 
34Shannon Holden (USA)0:06:23 
35Corey Coogan (USA)0:06:34 
36Veronica Vega (USA)0:06:45 
37Marian Jamison (USA)0:07:26 
38Amy Breyla (USA)0:07:48 
39Sarah Maile (USA)0:07:54 
40Patricia Dowd (USA)0:08:26 
41Karen Oppenheimer (USA)  
42Sami Fournier (USA)  


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